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Here are some updates about Lovinity Hearts and her role plays

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Lovinity Hearts... now rebirthed as a canon character

Alright exciting news every pony! Since the fall of Lovinity when it came to power (in one of the role plays and from Canterlot's residence inspection), I've thought that I'd have to terminate (kill) Lovinity off for good since she's been rejected in not just here but other places on the internet. That changed. Canterlot here offered a personal trainer for Lovinity, giving her the opportunity to lose the OP, become a realistic character, and not be rejected anymore from places. Only Canterlot offered to do such thing, and so we are grateful. Shoot the coach even gave Lovinity a last name as part of her re-birth. She is now known as "Lovinity Hearts". She is now in World of Equestria since her coaching. However she hasn't role played in there just yet. She's been busy her own, setting up a role play series in Crossovers "My OC Pony: Friendships Untold". The first episode was "attempted" in Free-for-all, but got way too out-of-hand with over-powering spells and such. So that episode fell down... and we're now trying to make a second take of the episode in Crossovers... with much more strict RP rules. In fact, the same rules of World of Equestria will now apply in this Role Play, with the exception that OCs do not need an approved application to join (but to play a cast character you do need one). That is the latest and so we must head off for now. We will talk soon again.



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