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About this blog

~Dear Diary~


I'm using this as a template for any RPs or any background information for my OC pegasus Lilac Skies. She's the first dorky filly I ever came up with for this franchise, and I'm hoping I'll be able to develop her this way :) 

Hope you enjoy/ read at all lol 



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The Flower Shop

Dear diary   It's been a week or so since I've moved here. 

I'm realizing how big Canterlot is, but I saw Princess Cadance today..! 

I also decided to name the shop "The Filly's Lillies". Creative right? 

That's all, Diary ~Lila




Moving Day

Dear diary   Today I moved in. I finally have a place all my own, and it's adorable! I'm so nervous excited to finally live in Canterlot all on my own with nopony to stop me.. 
Everyone helped move me today too, mom and dad, even Glimmer too. I think she's still upset that I left, but I know it's for the better. There isn't anything for me in Cloudsdale, everypony knows this, and I think Canterlot will be a great place for me to find new friends and maybe new arrangements to try. Oh! I haven't told you the best part, Diary. I moved in right above a flower shop! Isn't it great? I'll be able to live super close to the thing that has been my dream since I was a young filly, so fascinated with Earth Pony dwellings.. I really hope this is the best decision for me, Diary. I don't know what I'd do or where I'd even live if I didn't have this place.. 

Anyway, I really should go to bed now. I've got more unpacking to do tomorrow!  See ya,



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