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The Coltaran Chronicles: Chapter 1, Dark Moon Rising



The winds of destiny blow through two worlds, connected by the past, connected by the hearts that reside in both...


The story begins with Black Moon's arrival on a distant, ancient mountain residing outside of Canterlot, where he was told to arrive to obtain his orders by the Empress's daughter, Princess Floweressa, a full-blown Night Child. After arriving on the mountain-top, two Nightingales sacrificed themselves and brought the crystal to life, allowing Black Moon and Floweressa to converse on opposite sides of the dimensional barrier between Coltara and Equestria. Having been given his orders to weaken Equestria by any means necessary, he now begins his plotting to bring down the peaceful nation from the inside...and the Forerunners were born.

After the fourth brutal beating of a noble in Canterlot, captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor, found a mysterious note at the crime scene. Having his hopes raised for the first time in weeks, he had to note taken to be analyzed. With that, he left to explain the Celestia his suspicions of the recent violence in Canterlot, and also explain about the note he had found.


It begins with Silvan Dragoran, Prince of Ravens and son of the Empress Tulipia, visiting the mining/militaristic city-state of Coltan's Rest for inspection. With the increasing rates in crime, death, rape, and other non-desirable events, Silvan has taken upon himself to discover what is happening, and who is behind it. With his oldest and most trusted servant and guard, Silvertongue, beside him, he has traveled to the graveyard outside of the city, to visit an odd stallion by the name of Gallows Gale, who is said to be able to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Is this Silvan's chance to find out what has been happening?

After speaking with the mysterious (and odd) Gallows Gale, Silvan was shown a special sort of Ro'Maga, that allowed communication with the dead. However, there was a price for doing so, but Gallows did not know of it. After convincing Gallows to join him on his journey, Silvan and his new companion, along with Silvertongue, his loyal guard, left the hills surrounding Coltan's Rest and went to the mountains in the east, heading for their next destination.


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