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Class today was okay. Normally I'm a little more attentive but without my glasses I can hardly see the board and just so you know, I'm not much of an audio learner. I go by visual. Always. So I just sat and 'attempted' to write every word that was being said. Epic fail considering the instructor was practically speaking a mile a minute. Dont you just hate it when the teacher is moving too fast? Slow down for the students at least, ya know? -sigh- So I just sat back and jotted down small little quotes about how bored I was. Thankfully after class, my friend Jacob was willing to let me copy his notes. Heh. Other than that my day was pretty average. -shrugs shoulders- Nothing else to say. So thanks for reading and hope your school days are going a bit better for you. Well for those of you who are still in school... :blush:

-Rocket Flare

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