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Hello everypony, my name as you may or may not know is Derpy Hooves and by randomly hitting my head on the keyboard I managed to get on this poor ponies account (Sorry Dusk! I don't have an 'e-mail' or whatever you call it) I will be using this blog to post to everypony can know what I did! I may not post everyday but I will everynow and then or when something interesting happens!

So! Let's begin. (all posts by Derpy were spell checked, edited and grammer checked by Twilight Sparkle)

Today I woke up rather early and started on my route. I hade about thirty letters to deliver and after mysteriously loosing half of them I was stuck with ten (don't ask... I don't know either) So I delivered five of the last letters without a hitch! Only four of them went to the wrong house too! It was amazing! Because of this I spent a little while talking to the princess (how the hay did she end up in Canterlot?) I delivered my last letter (again with the math?...) to Fluttershy! Who was tending to some animals when I crashed through her chicken house and delivered her letter around twelve last night!

So that was my day (wait, her today? or her... I'm not even going to bother)

Thanks everypony!

Derpy Hooves


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