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Another blog post in so long?

Thats probally what your thinking as you read this, and if so, kudos for reading this.

The truth is I have alot on my plate, as I said in a comment to Hidden Scarf, working on my website takes alot of concentration.

I am going to start posting on my poetry blog again whenever I get the chance, and hopefully get some interaction with others actually done, I feel I've become a little reclusive. Anyway, Vulpis is back in the library, albeit rather quitly

Both my stories are going on a permanant Hiatus due to lack of interest, as well as the story I told you all Im working on, called My Journey, an HIE fanfic, I'll be posting its completed chapters soon for you to read before getting back to my afore mentioned website.

If you do happen to be interested in the website I just mentioned, dont wory, I was about to describe it;

OldWorldLegends.wetpaint.com is a roleplaying forum based in a world named Gaia, the creatures that inhabit it are based on mythology from the nors, premedieval age, and romans. There are also allot of completely origional creatures, and some based lightly off of other rping games.

The system of roleplay is actually invented by me, sacrificing the normal leveling system for a milestone by milestone charting. Every time you reach a milestone, the attributes of your character at that point is what you fall back on if you want to join a different campaign with them. attribute points are self sorted as you earn TP from undertaking tasks like quests and combat, TP marks the way to your milestone and can be spent to increase attributes on a 1 for 1 bases as well as buy features for your character.

The world of Gaia has an in depth History and Tavern Tales pages where any user can apply a story to be written, they'll get full credit for the story and the story will be included in the sight. Every campaign goes into writing the history of the sight and furthering it as a whole.

So basically its a site started by me for an online TableTop/MMO rpg experience, written by the players themselfs.

Sound great, huh, well the site is at its point where I ned alot of help and ideas floating around for how to improve it, unfortunately, not much of that is happening, so its still pretty much a skeleten undergoing beta testing.

So there you have it, a discription of the thing Ive been working on that prevents me from writing fan-fic, as much as I would love to.

~Vulpi out.


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