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A Very Blue Day



blog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegblog-0159506001359482410.jpegA Very Blue Day

I'm Lyra Heartstrings, a unicorn mare, and I live in Ponyville. My best friend's name is Bon Bon, but we weren't always best friends. I wasn't always happy, either, but now I am! I hope this story will help whoever reads it to understand how I got to this point in my life.

I guess I'll start with my time at Ponyville Elementary. I didn't have any friends, see, because I was a blank flank, and everypony else already had their cutie marks!

The popular fillies of my class were Trixie Lulamoon and Bon Bon. Trixie was a unicorn, like me, except that her coat was a darker blue colour, and she liked to wear this hideous purple cape all the time, I remember it had stars on it...I used to stare at Trixie and Bon Bon alot, wishing I could fit in with them...

Bon Bon was a little nicer than Trixie. She was an Earth Pony, so she had no wings OR horn, and her mane was layered: dark blue, pink, and dark blue again. The ends were curly, and her tail was the same way. Her coat was a cream yellow colour, her cutie mark was three wrapped candies, blue and yellow--and I remember that because her eyes were a similar shade of blue, almost silvery or grey. Her eyes fascinated me, and often times I fancied they smiled at me, even when her face was a scowl of disapproval.

I kept to myself, mostly, since nopony wanted to talk to me. I bent my head over my studies, and I really applied myself, but some ponies just aren't scholars, and so it was with me. I made passing grades, but just barely so. My parents suggested I join some extra curricular activity...and so began my career in music.

My first instrument was a Triangle (yeah I know, right? Who buys their daughter a TRIANGLE?) but they weren't accepted in the school band, so I finally talked my parents into getting me a flute.

Like everything else in my life at the time, no matter how hard I worked at music, I just wasn't any better than anyone else. I was just another cog in the machine, another notch in the tree. Another tree in the forest. But I was determined (and my daddy was determined) that I would become more than that. That I would become, if nothing else, the tallest tree in the forest. Or at least one that produced sweet-tasting fruit.

I graduated elementary school, and moved on with the next phase of my life. I still attended band practise, though I would need to try a different instrument. I tried everything. Music was my outlet, my way of venting all the terrible emotions I felt at the hooves of others.

During my last year of schooling, the Band Teacher decided he would take a different approach, (I wasn't good enough to actually be in the band, I was a back up's back up for one of the celloists) and added to the band's arsenal a Lyre. (What is a Lyre? Well, it's a harp of sorts.)

I remember that day better than any of the others. It was the day I got my cutie mark, which is also a Lyre. The sky was a deep curulean blue, not a cloud in sight. I entered the school building with my usual defeated sigh, for another day had just begun. I trotted down the blue-tiled hall, down a flight of cements stairs, and into the large, empty basement that was the entrance to the band room. A janitor's closet sat to the left of the door I entered through, and on the oppise wall was the door leading to the instrument room.

My focus, though, was on the table in the middle of this first room. It was covered in sheetmusic, all of which pertained to Lyre players. And then I saw the Lyre. Bon Bon was holding it, and the rest of the class was gathered around her, the teacher giving instructions. The music coming from the thing in Bon Bon's hooves was like...nails on a chalkboard, if the pony dragging the nail down the board was also screaming because she had been lit on fire second before. It was horrible.

And yet...something about that golden, U-shaped, diamond stringed instrument caught my eye. I took my place with the others, and everypony had a chance to play. Some of them made the music sound nice...but never more than that. Just..."nice".

When my turn came around, I plucked the strings with the hoof not holding the instrument to my lap. The sounds was like...well almost like a rubber band pulled taut and then strummed; nothing special.

The teacher rolled his eyes. As if he had been expecting anything different from "Loser Lyra". He told me I had tried my best, though his voice was so unconvincing, you didn't need to see him smile while the students snickered to know he was of like opinion about me.

I wasn't ready to quit. I remembered seeing a unicorn gutarist once, during the Summer Sun Celebration. He had played using magic. I took a leaf from his book, and closed my eyes. My horn began to glow. I levitated the little harp out in front of me, and just...felt.

I thought to the harp the raging torrent of my heart. It was as though I were a dam, and the harp an a crack which widened until the dam burst, and outrushed a powerful, gushing, moving song, designed to pull at one's heartstrings.

The Lyre conveyed my sorrow to the room. The sound reverberated throughout the entire school, seeming to echo around inside me, coming from everywhere, and yet nowhere. I felt hot, scorching, bitter tears sliding down my cheeks, even when I opened my eyes to see my classmates were also tearing up...and smiling. Some were even clapping.

I caught Bon Bon's eye as I played, and saw understanding. Her silvery eyes were shimmering with tears, and hers was the only face not smiling. She looked down. Her ears drooped.

When I finished playing, I found a Lyre had appeared on my flank. It was my cutie mark. I smiled. A true smile, for the first time in my life. I had finally gotten my cutie mark! No one would have a reason to mock me, to scorn me anymore! I fit in.

Bon Bon approached me after class. She was nervous, pawing at the floor with a hoof, and her ears still drooped.

"Listen, Lyra," she said softly, "I...I'm sorry I never talked to you before. I really did want to be friends, it's just..."

"Don't worry," I interrupted cheerfully, smiling at the Earth pony, "all that matters to me is, you want to be friends now."

Bon Bon smiled then, not a really happy smile yet, but an almost smile. An I-could-be-happy smile.

"So...what are you going to call that song?" she asked me.

I thought about that. The song had been my life story, all tearing out of me at once. My life had been unhappy, but that was all behind me now, just as a bad day is behind you when the sun sets.

"I think I'll call it...A Very Blue Day."


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