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My fanfic...and day....



Well, my name's Josh. I've had a lot of awesome ideas for fanfics and they turn out pretty cool. I just need some people to read half of one that I'm working on. I'm pretty new to Fimfiction.net. I haven't posted my first fanfic yet, but i promise you I won't disappoint you. The one I'm working on is called 'Hiding the Sonic Rainboom.' Long story short my OC is the second pony to ever be able to perform a Sonic Rainboom and perform a Triple Rainboom. You shouldn't really worry though, he can't open a portal to another dimension. My first one will not be as good as the other ones I'm working on. If you pay attention to my first fanfic you can notice an easter egg that points out to some of my future Fanfics. Pay attention and you'll get it. If you would like to volunteeringly read my Fanfic, just tell me and I'll pm it to you. I wouldn't like to take up space.

I should, however, tell you one of the future fanfics I'm going to do. It's about a lost OC idea of mine. His name is Fuego, meaning fire in Spanish. I come from a descent of Latinos so yeah.....Fuego is a half blind pony that was born with an eye problem. One of his eyes were coloured differently, one pink, the other green. The doctors said it wouldn't affect him, but it did. He went back to the doctors at the age of a colt receiving glasses for eyesight. The glasses were abnormal, they were shades. The shades discoloured everything and made them black and white. Thanks to my lovely friend Gentlemen, he's allowed me to use one of his OCs. Her name is Snow Glow, she is a blind pony. The two fall and love and Fuego's age expectancy is at a young one. This is the story of how he spends his last three days with his love. There you go! That's one of my fanfic ideas. I write lots of other things.....I'm writing a story about the zombie apocalypse.

Well, onto my day. It's storming right now, and there is an inch of hail out there. Did i mention that my town is being invaded by Gremlins? My math teacher told me that my town was being invaded, during school.....I'm struggling right now with something else. The girl i like so much hates me, she says I'm to demanding. That's why. She doesn't even talk to me. My dog just scared me while i was typing this right now. I have my music turned up high so i can't hear the thunder and my dog is asking me to get under the covers....well....i couldn't resist....i let her in. Well that's my day for you and stuff....


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