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FFA Adventure RP!



The Derelict
Sailors on airships tell many tales of ghost ships. Their sailframes are made of cobwebs, their masts rotting and decks rusted but somehow still afloat. Through the skies and seas these derelicts drift, borne on currents of air, ocean, and aether. Some say that they are crewed by the souls of the ****ed, others dismiss them as merely products of fiction, mirage, and inebriation. Still others pursue them relentlessly, enticed by tales of fabulous riches and magical treasures on board.

Regardless of what you believe, word has reached you by mouth or print that one such ghost ship as appeared nearby. Somewhere in the Equestrian northern frontier territory, west of Stalliongrad, is a massive airship of unknown origin. It is currently caught in an unusual set of air currents in the mountains near the Trensal River.

With no registration and no legal claim to her by any individual or government, her cargo and running gear are up for grabs by whoever is brave or foolhardy enough to salvage her. You’ve been contracted to survey the ship as part of a salvage team. What mysteries lie within her rusted bulkheads? What strange fate befell her crew? What else lurks in the darkness of her holds? Find out as you explore THE DERELICT.

Stand by for further information...


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