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    Was... was that dragon trying to court Princess Twilight? That was what it looked like to Halvard, though the technique of accompanying a declaration of affection with copious bragging about one's own capabilities seemed a novel tactic. It might work among the caribou, he supposed, provided the courter was prepared to face the courtee in the arena to cash the check their mouth wrote. ...Though if Princess Twilight's sudden embrace was any indication as to her power, the poor flying lizard wouldn't stand a chance. "Whoa! Easy there!" He tried to keep up a smile, but that had really taken him off-guard. "None of us ever had wings, you know. Not quite used to the whole personal flight thing." He chuckled, to signify that he wasn't going to lose his humor over this, though he could well understand Calder seeking shelter behind Sigrun. "Now you know why we decided to seek the path of peace." He spoke in low tones to Calder in northern tongue. He hadn't intended the lesson to be quite so dramatic, but it was valuable nonetheless. Looking up at Sigrun, he smiled at her, hugging her briefly during the nuzzle. "Well, if I'm to serve as a protective shield, it's no more than my duty as Vakstyra." Speaking of guarding duty, here came Fire Walker! Halvard wasn't sure if they had been introduced, but any aid to his mate's clan was a friend of his, and of course welcome to the wedding. "Queen Sigrun? Well, I do rather like the sound of that, should we manage it." Best not to go further than that; politics ruins a party. Not quite so much as loneliness, though, as he couldn't help but notice a hovering pegasus that had so far not really interacted with anypony. In too good a mood to let that stand, Halvard undertook the time honored tradition of calling out the loner at a feast: "Hey you up there!" He called up Ejaz. "Want to bet that you can't drink more eggnog than a caribou bull?"
  3. Slowing down a second [closed]

    Lens carefully listens to her talk on corruption, nodding slightly as she speaks her views and thoughts on the matter, the topic itself raising quite an interesting thought for Lens, this mare had no need for bits, and was decently powerful, so did not view herself as a target for corruption, however it was obvious he had very little in the way of bits and power, which made him silently wonder if perhaps she viewed him as a possible issue, although, very much not a threat considering his lack of power, but nonetheless he knew that if he thought with that train of thought, the matter of the pony he was talking to would eventually come into play, an interesting thought but slightly worrying. "Perhaps, although I do not think it can be so black and white, after all, I have met many a pony who has turned to a life of evil and cruelty to protect those they love and their morals. Sometimes a deed done with the best of intentions can go sour, after all, corruption is not about the reversal of what we stand for, more about tweaking the little motivations that we have for our goals." he comments calmly, before looking outside "Well looks like it's near time for me to get ready for my train back home, otherwise I'm sleeping on a bench in Ponyville tonight. It's been a pleasure meeting you, and I wish you all the best for your work going on from here. Hope it doesn't get too risky for you." he says with a smile as he stands, flicking one of the store leaflets into his pocket. "I'll try and drop by your other branches, see what they are like. So uh, until next time I guess."
  4. Caught off guard before Bolt could look up he be found himself smashed into the ground, luckily the Pegasus was able to save the ladies he dropped during the impact. Having his throat grabbed at again he roared. "I'M SO OVER THIS!" Glaring as he was being chocked out once again Bolt finally decided to stop messing around. His hand became a distorted blur as he sped up his molecules to vibrate so fast they would phase through solid matter. He shoved his hand into Aranak's chest the entire arm passing through, he felt around until his distorted fingers came to rest around around the red dragons heart. He could feel it thumping and pumping blood to everywhere in his body. Bolt looked up his distorted blurry arm passing harmlessly through his chest for now. "No matter how big or strong you are, everything needs a heart to live. You could crush my windpipe and I could stop your heart. The moment I return my arm to normal speed you'll die. I'm not leaving Canterlot! So what's it going to be big guy? We both going out together or you put me down and your heart lives to pump blood another day."
  5. Calder had to say this was somewhat overwhelming! Well he was not shy with talking, far from it as he loved doing so this was just… So much! He was having a hard time keeping up with it all and his lack of skill in how ponys speak did not help. He understand most of it but some parts did go over his head, not helped from all the sound around him. But he must push on and keep a smile, only way to get better is to face the forge after all and judging from the look from Halvard there will be no backing out of this. “No no, i’m sorry Sigrun. It’s just reflex for me to try to get away from something rushing at me… Most of all a big and powerful thing. You did not mean it, my falt for acting like I did.” He says back to her in their native tongue with a nervous chuckle, he felt bad he did that now. He must have really hurt her feelings and that was not something he wanted to do here. But with so much going on he has to move on swiftly, he shall make up for that later. Maybe get some drinks and just talk with her. She did seem like a sweet cow and did mean well. The next problem was… How they reacted to his greeting. She was not in clan Sparkle was she? Was there even a clan Sparkle? … Was the the daughter of Sparkle? No, pony names did not work like that! How did he forget that? What do so many races have weird naming? Same for writing and speaking. It was just a pain. “Greeting strong to you Princess Twilight Sparkle.” He was taken back that she knew his name, maybe Hal sent her a letter at some point? Maybe. “Calder Stormur, nice meetings. Shocked know of me, clanless bull matter not.” He says back, leaving out the last part of his name. Carrson was something he wanted dead and forgotten much like the clan he hails from. He took no pride in being the son of Carr and wished he can replace it for something better like Halvardson. Not that he wanted that big blue bull to be his dad of course not! It’s just one was FAR better to be linked to than the other was. So lost in his thinking he overlooked the passing out of the wedding invitation, he knew about some time ago and was not as shocked as others may be but what did snap him out of his thinking was the odd feeling of his hooves leaving the ground. When he looked down and saw they WERE off the road and snow… Well he panicked! Flying is NOT a thing a bull or cow is ever meant to do and so he let off a scared and startled yelling cry for help even as he was put back down on the road where he stayed still as a rock looking mortified for a few moments. He never, EVER wanted to be picked up like that again. Magic is terrible, horrible and the fact she picked up all three of them so easy made his stomach do back flips. He was honestly terrified of her now and the tall blue thing pulling up the rare was NOT helping. When did that thing get here? Why was her mane stars? Was she the moon god thing he heard about? That was real? What can that THING do? Did it really move the moon? All of this was just to much as Calder moves behind Sigrun for safety without thinking. Never again will he think magic is weak and silly. If that was just an accident… It almost made him go white thinking on what they can do if they meant it. Whatrver the cost he was to never get on grudge list of one of them.
  6. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Lens nods quietly as Twilight explains the nuances of the spell, knowing he made a mistake by suggesting something logical being applied to magical changes. "Oh, sorry. Magic never really was my strong suit." He chuckles slightly, rubbing his head nervously from the mistake, not a fan of making mistakes in word or action, so somewhat understanding Twilight's feelings here. "It still looks beautiful though." he comments casually "Just means I'm going to have to look up to keep an eye on Libra, eh?" he grins as he sits down again, letting himself relax again. He listens to the dragon talk again, the more he heard from this dragon's mouth, the more Lens was convinced that Twilight was his second love, only dwarfed by his love for himself, the dragon either talking about himself, his exploits, his personality, or the 'name' he was making for himself. Though this part interested the detective greatly; the name this dragon was creating could be one of two ways, and Lens had a sinking feeling that this dragon probably did not work with a care for the ponies that his actions may impact upon. He would have to take a trip to the city sometime to investigate this matter, see what he could learn about this sudden new arrival, and what he was capable of, perhaps work with Ice for this one, as there would be no issues of pay split as this was off his own back. But for now, just observe and relax, his two main priorities for the evening. Drop by the boutique on the way out to deliver Rarity's present if she was in.
  7. Ejaz made a sound of surprise as the mares Bolt was holding had been launched up from the energy of Arnak’s attack, the mechanic opening his large wings wide and cracking them like a whip, sending the pegasus towards the group of females faster than standard pegasus sprint speed. Upon reaching them, Ejaz caught the few earth ponies who couldn’t even levitate, and bolted down to the floor to release them before turning and catching a few unicorns who were either too young to use a levitation spell, or didn’t know it. After releasing them, Ejaz grunted as he dived across the floor and took the full impact of a pegasus who was too disorientated to catch herself. Groaning quietly as the mare he rescued got off him, Ejaz stood up and nodding at the “thank you”s that were spoken to him before opening his wings and taking off in the direction the larger dragon had taken Bolt in. As he flew, Ejaz could feel the frown grow on his expression, now it was getting too far, in fact it had gone too far back when the larger dragon had practically poisoned a good section of wildlife. But since Bolt had fled, Ejaz thought it was the end of that conflict. But it seems that now not only did the fight spark back up, but even the city was almost caught in the crossfire. Ejaz didn’t know when the opportunity he could step in and halt the fight would arise, but he hoped it was soon.
  8. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    Aranak felt like he was being followed, but he couldn’t find out if the feeling was correct before he caught sight of Bolt again and got distracted. First he loots them all and now he was putting on a show for them? What was up with this dragon? As soon as he had a clear shot, more out of wanting to make sure he hit Bolt than any worry over the mares he was lifting, Aranak divebombed him, slamming the smaller dragon into the ground over and over. He then went to grab him by the neck again to choke him out and just end this fight.
  9. The Princess of the Night had never been one for large crowds and parties. Sure she was getting better at her social interaction game but it still left her feeling tired and uncomfortable. Even without the fact that she had been imprisoned with not outside contact for ages she still would rather spend time with one or two others that she knew well than a gaggle of princess adoring fans. She longed casually on the offered seat, not even noticing that it was cold. It was a side effect of being the watcher of the night hours. Cold did not register, at least not in a way that caused discomfort. "Yes, was...managed," She let a small smile hover on her muzzle. There had been some mishaps but it had turned out to be a success. The crystalline effect for the magical outburst had still not completely gone from her. Her features were still frosted by crystal glaze, giving her an even more shimmering appearance than usual. "The whole affair is not entirely done, though I have had my fill," He was not wrong in his statement, it was true. Ponies were selfish. Indeed few living things were not. She knew the selfish nature dwelt even inside of herself, though it had been quelled. The raging spirit of Nightmare Moon may have vanished but all her feelings had not left Luna's soul. Indeed deep in herself she longed for power, more than that of her sister. Perhaps a reason why she spent time with this serpent that seemed all too full of magical power and might. But it was not just that fact that attracted her to him. "Why would one not want to partake?" She asked quietly while listening to the carollers missing notes while they watched their Princess taking her ease with Discord. "It is a tradition of this land and though I know much, I do enjoy learning more." She laughed then. "Yes, it is frivolous, but it can be fun..." she looked to the side. "I learned of something called 'eggnog' tonight," "As for receiving gifts?" She eyed him coyly. "I suppose that would have to do with who this admirer was,"
  10. Remember folks, to many waifus could ruin your laifu.

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    Phone died on my way to work this morning. I was thinking that sucks. But I went to check it earlier and suddenly it had 31 percent battery... You coulda told me you just wanted a break phone.
  12. Ejaz sighed as he slowly flew off a little distance from the group of chatting acquaintances and friends and landed next to the library. Try as he might, the stallion just couldn’t fit in, or really even talk to anypony. The reason was always either Ejaz couldn’t bring himself to say anything without feeling awkward, or did and was just accidentally ignored. Whichever did the most social damage was a toss up, but in the end here Ejaz was, once again alone for the Heartswarming holiday without a friend. Most of the time it didn’t bother the mechanic, he knew this was going to be part of the result from living a primarily solitary life, and not having very thoroughly developed social competence (save for a few specific situations), so for most of his lonely years the pegasus didn’t mind. But this year, Ejaz could feel the stinging loneliness, not just in his mind, but in his heart, and it wasn’t like how he read it in books, which describes loneliness as a hole in one’s heart that can’t be filled or anything. What did he feel then? He felt cold, cold in his chest combined with a painful longing, one that just grew stronger the more he thought about it, added on top was a crushing feeling, almost as if the knowledge that he was alone was not only flattening his chest and making it uncomfortable to breathe, but also trapping the pegasus in an invisible cage that seemed to keep any possible companions out, and the stallion himself in. What bothered Ejaz the most is that he knew he felt lonely because he had tried to interact with others to no sucess, and seeing how much those others were having fun with their friends, family, and loved ones seemed to have sparked this bitter and damaging feeling that was unwelcomed by the mechanic who felt it. Was the day over? No it just started, and Ejaz’s mind was being overdramatic and he knew it, but that didn’t stop his heart from sending signals of a phantom pain that couldn’t be healed by any conventional medical means. Which didn’t really encourage Ejaz to try and socialize some more, the most he could do was just listen and observe; take in the word choices, the body language, and the attitudes of those who were socializing, and hope that he could find either an opportunity to enter any of the conversations without feeling awkward, or some social cues and tips that would make him less uncomfortable when it came to face-to-face interactions. So, after pushing his unwarented emotion of loneliness down and locking it up Ejaz hovered back nearby the princesses just to observe, listen, and learn. But then it was at this moment that the mechanic realized how beautiful both alicorns looked, Ejaz could tell that the two looked magnificent even without the crystalization (which only seemed to have enhanced their already majestic appearences). The beige pegasus could feel his cheeks heat up and turn a shade of red as he looked at both Princesses Twilight and Luna, his cheeks reddening the more he looked before Ejaz finally looked away to calm himself. Cursing inside as his newfound interest in the two was going to make it ten times harder to socialize, especially if he ended up talking to either one of those two specifically. Taking yet, another deep breath, Ejaz returned his attention to the conversations happening in front of him, his cheeks turning a tint of red everytime his gaze and attention passed over Luna or Twilight.
  13. Ejaz had been following Aranak, partly due to cautiousness, and partly due to curiosity. The mechanic had an idea that the larger dragon didn’t fancy the idea of being ditched by his opponent in the middle of a fight, but left his mind open to other possibilities. Taking a glance around as he flew, the pegasus couldn’t helo but cringe slightly as he flew over Canterlot, Ejaz didn’t exactly have the best experience when he was here, hence his reaction. Inwardly the mechanic just hoped that this wouldn’t take very long.
  14. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    As a young filly stepped forward excitedly to answer Boulder's call for the tree topper, the big stallion bent down and gave it to her. He then placed the young one on his shoulders and lifted her up to the tree by standing on his hand legs, allowing her to place the star on top of the tree much to her happiness. As he set the young one down he turned to the pony that had addressed him about his father's tomato ornament. "Oh yes you could say just that Suh, it has great sentimental value to me and my family. It belonged to my Pa, and this being the first Hearts Warming I will be celebrating with my family since we lost him. I will be ok, just a little nostalgia popping up like a country bull frog. My name is Boulder Dash and it's an honor to make yer acquaintance" he explained. He then turned to Princess Luna and smiled as he explained, "It's not just your ability to watch our dreams that I am thankful for Ma'am. You see Princess Luna we sailors have a saying that goes, while the wind moves our sails, it is your gift of the Moon that controls the waves." Motioning to the Moon, Boulder Dash walked up to Luna and felt a red blush creep into his cheeks as he said, "Wether I was a mere cook or even the Captain of my own vessel, every night I would lead the crew in prayer to you that you would watch over us and grant us safe passage of Equestria's seas. By doing this I was put more at ease thinking your protection helped steer our ships to safety....and I can say we never lost a ship or sailor under my watch. For that alone you have my thanks."
  15. Bolt opened one eye wide as she hadn't even attempted to opened his second gift yet to see whats inside, after all everybody loves presents right? He clutched the box in his claws before spinning it atop his fingers as he spoke taking any chance he could to show off. "Oh I have a cave in the mountains up north but when you're as fast as I am you don't really call one place home. I'm kind of a drifter, Ponyville one moment Cloudsdale the next. I've been trying to settle in Canterlot recently you know stay in one place for a while make a name for myself. But this guys been making it very hard for me. Don't you worry about that though, I'm going to fix his wagon." Bolt said punching his closed fist into an open palm before remembering who he was talking to. He looked the princess up and down and she was even cuter up close, if scales could blush Bolt would be a perfect pink at the moment, fortunately for him his race allowed him to keep his cool. He went back to wondering why Twilight wouldn't open the box containing the expensive necklace from his horde it almost killed him to give up. Not only was he smitten with Twilight he also respected her, to him she stood as a reminder not all ponies we're insects. Given he wanted to make a good impression he decided to offer a hand in anyway he could. "Hey listen I know you've already got a dragon that helps you out but if you ever need a lift somewhere or a package run to a location in no time feel free to shoot me a scroll. Hell I wouldn't even mind hanging out with your brother or butler whatever he is to you and teaching him about dragon stuff. What I'm trying to say is I'm here to help. I know this Princess gig probably has you up to your eyes in other peoples trouble so I'd like to help lighten the load. I've seen how many people want to talk to you at this party, if you wanted a moment alone with Luna or your..." Bolt chocked out the next word feeling sick as he said it. "Friends I can draw the crowds attention with some stunts if you need a moment." Bolt held out the box once more his eyes wide with hope. "Before I bounce I'd at least like to know what you think, come on open it."
  16. With the 3 hours he'd brought himself Bolt was at town square jumping through rings of fire and lifting heavy objects with a single hand using his amazing dragon powers to impress crowds of Canterlot's upper crust. It seems Bolt not only loved gold but also appulse, he followed up each stunt with something greater that followed. He was currently lifting a cart on one claw filled with eight mares.
  17. Now what in tarnation? Big Mac had only turned his eyes forward for a second and these tykes are spawning all over which way! Now he was sure he counted them up right! This one was way too big to be the same age as the others, least he would consider. It weren't more than a moment that he took to consider his own youth. He had shot up taller than a sapling by Apple Bloom’s age. He'd seem a monster in primary school with his size alone! It helped ya get picked first for sports, but didn't count for much else when the younger ponies right felt you was some otherworldly giant! Now ta count again… he had Kaze, Wind Walker, Apple Bloom, Echo and now Aspen. “Alright.” The older Apple nodded to the griff. “No harm done. Stick close.” He soothed the apologizing bird’s worries. There wasn't a thing to be upset over! So they were a bit late? He was out there… Long Guo was sure a challenge navigating. The Palace may have stuck out but finding the front door was like finding a parent trunk in an orchid's root system! Mac looked to Sī Jīn apologetically. It wasn't the youth’s fault. Maybe it was even a bit his. He could spared another hour to wait for the type, but being tardy didn't hold to his reputation none either. He'd make it up to Aspen a bit later in the day. As they began the tour Mac seemed impressed by the knowledge the hoofmaiden was able to carry! He was interested in books, but much of his literature of choice were books on things like singing, ventriloquism, and all manner of curious so it yourself projects. And that was with what little time he could spare to leisure. Maybe he ought to pick up a history book while here. It seed a sensible thing. He made sure to walk along the middle of the tiny hers so he could keep an eye on the back and front of their little group. He arched a brow at the mention of hidden passages. Honestly it sounded something out of one of his O&O campaigns. We're places like this the fact for the play on fiction? Stranger as fact seemed it was reasonable. What really interested him the mention of food outside the palace. So they did barter and it wasn't some closed off, self sustaining ward… “Uhhh what about apples?” If they were short a few good golden delicious’.. he'd be glad to supply.
  18. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    Aranak sighed to himself as Bolt left back to Canterlot. Honestly, the problem wasn't that he was doing stuff, it was that he was doing it there. Maybe he should just get Bolt to move on to somewhere else, fighting him was proving to be a pain in the ass. The dragon soon took to the sky, beginning to fly back towards the city. ____3 hours later_____ Finally, back in the city. Now to find that stupid dragon and deal with him. Aranak flew above the buildings, scanning the streets and the rooftops to find his opponent.
  19. The slinky spirit hadn't even time to roast his chestnuts, he had spent much of the day dutifully working on his surprise. He had already honed in on one of the carolers, his mischievous stare causing the group to become nervous and slip from their Harmonious tune on occasion. He hadn't even don't anything yet! But the god did take amusement and a measured pleasure in being able to simultaneously spook ponies and do little to cause them great concern. He was reformed after all, so any no do-goodery was quickly put on halt. His tail had been swaying from side to side, the white tuft at the end holding a threatening pose as if he was to snap the puff like he snapped his claws. The action always did cause to make trouble! His ears perked upon hearing a cool, familiar tone. “Good evening!” He cheered, holding out a paw in greeting before floating right off his seat! “Well you're early!” He turned his right foreclaw’s wrist to display his sundial, which was for not as such an hour in the evening. With winter arrived the moon rose to the sky much sooner, leaving him with more time to spend poking and prodding the night princess for playdates. At first it had just been cards on the balcony, but his visits seemed to get longer and longer as he tempted to distract her the whole of each night. One could almost pose the accusation that the spirit wanted her to slack off and get in trouble with her doing and often obstinate sister. Though between the two the timekeeper was actually Kibitz. That Butler could be mistook for an Time Wizard with how he kept the two moving to the seconds. His paw opened, pulling up the stone bench for them to sit on. “Have a seat. I see you and Twilight managed today.” He patted the spot next to him. There was to be no surprise that the seat was cold, but goodness the spirit needed a cooling down! He was stewing in his own fur and feathers at the mare’s approach. He promised himself it was simply the anticipation of presenting his surprise! His paw and claw clasped together as his hind legs dangled off the side of the beach in his sitting position. Those mismatched eyes drifted away from the mare and back to the carolers who seemed to jump in tone at his glance. He chuckled as the ones who seemed more used to his tomfoolery did only to roll their eyes at the disruption as they strongly continued on their singing. “Stupendously merry are these festivities. If I didn't witness it for myself I would have labeled all ponies as selfish.” He was not wrong for his assumptions. As a spirit of chaos he lived in a very grey world devoid of true measures of good and evil. Everything done were base accommodations of greet, gluttony and all the comparable points of a beast. Sometimes he did see ponies as beneath him, unable to surpass the bases of instinct with simple, critical thought. Sometimes he suffered the envious incline of wanting all that they had. Their love, their possessions, their leisure… wholly unattainable to him. While he could manifested anything he desired, with but the blink of his eye -- it meant little without the process of gains they seemed able to work towards with naught but kind words. His paw brushed up behind his mane, sproinging the tough tuft of fur that he kept short and stiff! “So, why did you partake in this silly holiday?” Though give enough time rumor will place him near the center of a gift exchange. “You're a princess. Would you really care to get a gift from an admirer?” He smirked, brushing his paw digit along his muzzle.
  20. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Luna's encouragement did help to some degree. It put to rest the notion that Luna would hold this harshly against her. At least publicly. Twilight's innate worry was still in play and she couldn't help but feel that even if Luna didn't consciously think this decision poor, the fact it was an unwanted impact would spoil further Twilight's reputation as highly skilled in the magical arts in Luna's eyes. “I guess so. Still can't feel like there might be something more. It would be unusual if all our magical power and a mistake results in just some visual change though, right?” She shrugged. “A happy accident is still an accident, but if its happy- does anypony care?” She asked rhetorically, then shook her head. Who knew how this night would be remembered but she was happy to have played a part in making it bright for others. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It took a big heart to be so free with one's emotions and Boulder had the heart to match his stature. Twilight had an idea that something of that sort could be attached to the ornament, though the story behind it was enriching to say the least. You always grew yourself when somepony else shared a story that was near and dear to them and it showed great strength for Boulder to be free and open while also being able to keep it together and turn to her and Spike with a big smile and refocus himself on the holiday. Twilight was proud of anypony who could do so. “Well I hope tonight's festivities help you feel the light and love of family near and far, Boulder. Happy Hearthswarming,” she said, sharing wisdom that her good friend Applejack was always happy to share. He wanted to focus on the tree-topper, and she made herself scarce and friendly so he could take center stage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So he was a detective? Hmm. The pieces were starting to come together. The memory of who he was started to knock around her skull with a bit more ferocity, the answer starting to bubble itself up in due time. On a more immediate note, his comment on how it would look when reflecting the night sky was appreciated, but perhaps incorrect. “Well, I hope so. Fact is since the ground is currently composed of faux magical crystal and not actual crystal, when contacting a light source in greater intensity not present during its creation means it is unlikely to reflect much, if any, of the stars and moon. Of course it also means it will leave an after-image long after the light has faded, so there are some advantages to it,” she responded, pawing at the ground lightly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twilight lifted the vial up in the air with a trained eye. She was not a professional chemist, at least by trade, but she knew more than most. She used her magic to scan the vial for various chemical properties. After a moment or four she lowered it with a smile. “Well, maybe I'm missing something, but I think if I wanted some fruit punch I'd just get some from inside,” she whispered so nopony else could hear. “Thanks for the advice, trying to cheer me up. But actually, I think you've got some stuff that could help out a friend of mine. Well, less of a friend and more like a cousin of a friend, but he's a nice enough colt,” she brought her voice lower again. “Do you have any of that potion that promotes...feminine change?” She asked, being very careful. She could use a spell but that could bring unwanted aetheric changes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He gave some great advice for dealing with the clans. She knew she was apologizing too much but this was such a simple mistake that she felt humiliated. If she had been trying something difficult and made a mistake she could understand it a lot more. But this was so...simple. She should have been able to do this without any real problem. Plus it wasn't like the caribou were experts on apologies. Historically or currently, really. She wasn't about to say anything except try to change the topic when Halvard did it for her, making the occasion change tone dramatically. They were getting married, and she was invited! Of course this was expected. Anypony(or bou) who had followed knew this was a likely route for them. There had been some rumblings from those itching to begin peace talks that Sigrun may be given to a rebel in a sort of arranged marriage situation as one of the many conditions, but with her officially betrothed there was nothing that could be done. Which was just as good- Twilight didn't really have a place of hate in her heart for the Rebels, but she didn't want them to get anything out of any talks that they didn't have to get! She lost herself for a second and pulled both of them off the ground with her magic in a big hug, bringing them in close as easily as a stallion may pick up a flower. “Congratulations! I'm so happy for you two. So much to think about- I'll be excited to experience a real caribou wedding. I mean I read about the wedding rituals of your kind and I studied the post-aetheric wave theory about the effects of love emanating from clans after the wedding season,” she clapped her hooves together, eyes closed, “Oooh, I'm so excited. I am absolutely going! And Spike- you're coming with me, of course,” she giggled. Then realized she was holding all of them- Sigrun, Calder, Halvard, herself, and Spike- up in her magic. “Ooops. Well, I just got excited there,” she nervously laid out, lowering them all to the ground and releasing them. “When's the date, exactly?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bolt was...a creature, to be sure. He was abrasive and rude, sad hallmarks of his species. Many bucked the trend but he apparently was not one of them. He was fast- one of the fastest she had seen, though she'd still bet on Rainbow in any race- and seemed unconcerned with anything other than his immediate interest. His base disinterest in the holiday was palpable as was his lack of knowledge regarding how Equestria functioned. Heck, how magic even worked. Nonetheless, she believed he was at least trying and while his efforts had yet to endear him to the Princess they equally had not earned her ire. That was a good enough start to most friendships. He gave her a copy of his...novel? Well, somepony certainly didn't waste their time. “An unexpected gift. Thank you, Bolt. An unexpected gift from an unexpected source. I haven't seen you around here before. Where do you call home?” She asked, wanting to know more about the guest before she launched into any defense of the holiday. That'd come at her own pace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Naj came in, though not really in the way she would have wanted. She snapped to it just well enough to assuage any concerns Twilight may have had about the one changeling in all of Ponyville managing to harm herself during Equestria's friendliest and most welcoming of holidays. She was indeed the only one anypony knew about and while it had taken longer than Twilight would have wanted, she had eventually become accepted by the townsponies. Hopefully nothing was broken and she could enjoy the night- something she had done perilously little of since a close friend had left. “Naj? I'm so happy you could make. I must admit I was worried you might not, but I'm so happy you chose to attend the party. As for all this,” she waved around town, “it was my mistake. Messed up a spell. At least it was a pretty mistake?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lore was right to a degree. Nopony had been really upset with her but it wasn't as if her actions were entirely without consequence. “Some ponies were hurt. Nopony seriously, nothing even really all that noteworthy. Maybe only a few bloody snouts. But if I hadn't messed up up such a simple spell then nothing would have happened negatively for anypony. Still, you're right. Everything will be fine,” she said, finally having time to survey the crowd. Most everypony was happy. Soon they would start to form their own smaller circles, and when the time was right, the Mayor would arrive and kick off the major events of the evening. Everything was going to be just fine.
  21. Watching the red dragon vanish into a thick shroud of smoke Bolt rolls his eyes and punches the ground. "Seriously!? If you're going to keep using these tricks instead of fighting me head on like a REAL dragon, I'm not sticking around." Bolt calmed down the storm clouds vanishing as he got a wicked smile upon his face. The Pegasus waiting in the hills was about to get his wish and the dragons weren't even aware he existed. The blue and silver reptile shook his head looking at the edge of Ponyville. "I'm heading back to Canterlot, enjoy the 4 hour walk." He said with a large smug grin as he took off letting off a sonic boom that shook the ground disturbing the nearby wildlife. Bolt had arrived back almost 3 seconds after he had taken off. He waltzed back into town head held high as he strutted down the street. "For the next few hours, I can do whatever I like, without that pain in my rear getting in the way." He said as he zipped off to enjoy the cities pleasures.
  22. It was an invitation that had been long overdue. Not that the princess was only just now inviting her to meet with her. That wasn't the case at all. The princess's invitation had been outstanding for a while now. However, everyt time that Ice Storm was going to get an opportunity to finally take the invite up, something else happened and she had to immediately go into something else either with her shops, or for matters of even more importance such as Equestrian Defense missions or the like. Even today something that would normally have pulled her away was prior obligations in Ponyville, but Ice Storm had decided that the waiting had been long enough. She could easily meet with the princess in the morning before heading to the train station and making her way to ponyville for the celebration there. She had already made some plans in Ponyville to help out with the festivities, plus that's were Luna and Twilight were, both of which were ponies that she had a personal history with so she felt it proper to attend the celebration that they were hosting. Plus it was Ponyville. Something always seemed to happen there. That wasn't to say that the celebration here in Canterlot wasn't just as important. Just she knew less ponies here and felt that she would have a better time with the ponies in Ponyville. It had been long enough though since she had seen most of them that she wondered if they would still recognize her. Those thoughts left her mind though as she trekked through the snow-filled streets somewhat early in the morning. She estimated it was only a couple of hours after sunrise. The air was still delightfully crisp and she could taste the moisture and the snow with every breath that she took. She was perfectly content with the chill that encompassed her as she absorbed the sunshine that, thanks to the snow, was bathing her from all angles. Every step she took, the soft crunch of snow under her hooves could be heard as she made her way up the palace steps. Only this time she wasn't heading to her observatory. When she reached the top of the stairs she pulled out the invitation that Celestia had sent to her. "Ahh, Mrs. Storm, we've been expecting you, Permission to enter granted, enjoy your visit," she heard and entered the palace. She almost had to do a double take. She was here at least three nights a week and the Night Guard still looked at her with some sort of suspicion. Perhaps the night guard were just that much more protective. She wouldn't really have any idea why though, but that wasn't really her business. Without a second thought, she made her way to the throne room where she had presumed the princess to be, and awaited permission to enter.
  23. He could feel the glance from the dollar princess. A few lifetimes was naught without gaining a bit of foresight. Her hindsight was as atrocious as ever, but ever the entertainer. Even when it was his fun she made sure not to spoil the game. Looking to Blueblood, who was peppered with praise from his aunt, gave the disguised spirit a greeting. He still had much to learn it seemed. Well better later than sooner. He needn't break out in caution at his every visit. His ears swiveled forward as this dark eyes peered down into the lenses. “My I've heard the rumors but in the flesh?” He seemed tickled pink that Blue took notice of his sweater. He worked hard on the illusion. The reindeer was never in the same place twice. Sometimes the golden snowflakes seemed to fall into the yarn landscape. “Ah why yes, something I think they will delight in.” He spoke with an impeccable sense of self worth that seemed to come natural to the Canterlonian high society, but his -- well his seemed… With the way he cocked his head when he spoke and pursed his lips was intensified by his piercing stare and rugged features. It seemed along with the little Neighponese he met an time and away ago another popped up. He could swear the foal budded right off Ishi with how she slid into existence. The tall unicorn glanced down at Kaze. The mouthy foal seemed to really take advantage of his youth. He listened as the young sprout went off, in an authoritarian manner, that their two groups were, indeed, different. He could appreciate such acknowledgement. It was rare for ponies to see, to remember, they were molded to fit some perfect puzzle. He couldn't help the snort that escaped his muzzle as his magic’s aura began to, once again, shimmer around his horn. He reached into his sweater and pulled from it a rather small box, no wider than a horseshoe and no taller than his snout was long. A rather pathetic looking gift. It had a plain and simple pink wrapper with a lacey blue bow. He dark eye turned up toward the Celestial mistress. Her question stirred up all manner of bumps along, beneath his fur. He'd nearly visibly shiver at the open invitation to -- put a little chaos into the festivities. Tempting. But this… he held his gift to levitate beside Tia’s head, was perfect. He lowered his head in a polite bow as the object in question would be placed into the sleigh where it would bounce a few times before settling somewhere in the middle of it all. Placing his forehooves together he stood to his full height. “Why, there is no doubt. I must say it does me well to see so many fine po.. pupils take the class. Wile a scant few excel at the course, I can assure you that one may even pass this semester.” Both presenting a negative and positive state of possibility in the same sentence. He rolled his eyes at her showing off. So she learned Neighponese. It isn't as if he couldn't if he didn't want to! He stepped back upon hearing more hooffalls all but parade in. Well it seems he wasn't the only one who liked fanfare. Leave it to Rarity to cause a hullabaloo! Generous she may be, but her altruistic and high spirited nature rubbed the -- professor the wrong way. He hated competition, even if it was to do good! He reassured himself his gift was perfect! A brow would arch as the cider sipping stallion offered a whisper of gossip. Hoo, was she the big talk these days? Perhaps he should visit with Tom and see how she's doing. His head canted a bit to return the soft spoken tone to Honeywing, without having to resort to the harsh whispering of school fillies. “She has a boutique in Canterlot, correct? Perhaps I should stop by with a friend. Huge fan, he had a short fling with her a while back, I heard. Though business got in the way of things.” He reached his hoof up to place it on his chin, brushing his beard as ponies got around. The snowy entrance of Snow Dancer had not what caught his attention, nor the colorful couple -- without a little Zap in hoof they were hardly a gpancing focus. He was disguised so it won't do to blow his cover … just yet. Blueblood was rather on point with the speed and accuracy in which he greeted guests. His ears pinned back against his head, white striped, black tail flickering behind him. Yet another Neighponese budded from Ishi, but his eyes caught a speckle of green in the distance. Was thar--? His jaws parted before he craned his neck to look in Celestia's direction. His brow arched, making sure no others were looking his way. He spat out his tongue at the princess before settling beside her. It was hard to tell if he teleported or walked over. His movements had been smooth and mimicking that of a shadow. “I wonder just how many ponies you've lured --” he held his jaws apart before turning his skull a bit away. “...invited, to tonight's festivities. My gift will surely knock more than a few stockings off. You'll be so proud.” Sometimes the busy body mare got on his case about wanting to be … good.
  24. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Equestria. Niradaña could honestly say that she hadn't been there before. Her training and her occupation had kept her in Neighpon for most of her life. There was the short period where she was with the military, but even then She had been stationed in Long Guo for a bit. Now that she was one of the personal guards of a royal family member, her opportunties to leave neighpon were pretty much gone, unless Ishi was also heading to the Festivities such as the events were tonight, or rather this week. The Trip here from Neighpon was a long one, and she could say that she wasn't really too keen with the concept of a ship. As far as she was concerned they weren't safe. It wasn't that she doubted the construction of the craft. She knew that everypony put hard work into making sure they were as safe as they could be. However, enemies of the Royal Family would have no qualms killing an entire ship of innocents in order to strike at the heart of the shogun. She reluctantly agreed to accompany him on this endeavor though, and much to her surprise there was no attack on the ship or anything. Everything ran surprisingly smooth. PErhaps they didn't know that he was on it or something. If that was the case, they could continue not knowing. That was perfectly fine with her. It was then that she heard Ishi address her and mention how he had told her that they knew how to decorate this time of year here. She could only nod now as she looked around. Lights were strown everywhere that the eye could see in some sort of design, yet every design different from the last. It was truly a sight to see. As they pressed forward, they paused in front of a white unicorn, and then in front of one of the Alicorn Rulers themselves. Celestia... she thought her name was. That was the white one right? When she heard her speak though, she was surprised, and impressed. She spoke fluent Neighponese. She however remained silent until asked about how they celebrated in Polohama. Perhaps she was the wrong pony to pony to be asking that question. She loved the holidays, but for the most part, it was just her, Ishi, and maybe a couple of the other guards. She did know the basics of how it was celebrated though. "{Well, back home the focus is more on family than anything else. There are decorations, and the royal house tends to go a bit extreme, but otherwise most decorations are simple and family oriented. Equestria seems to be much more involved in their decorations for the holiday than from what I've seen back at home. I am a royal guard though, so I don't generally leave the Royal Grounds that much.}" Nira spoke in Neighponese, answering the princess. At this time Ishi had brought his gift over to the gift exchange and placed it on the table and she did hers as well. She didn't really know what ponies here likes, but she didn't want to be rude and bring nothing. She only hoped that what she got they would enjoy. As much as Medo would have rather had been at home to spend Hearth's Warming with her own family and her sister. There was simply no way that she could get hom and back in the ammount of time that she had off between the semesters here. Plus there was always the chance of delays like what happened the last time that she tried to go home for the Cherry Blossom Festival. She got stuck in Kyomo instead of being able to go home, so while she got to be with her family for a bit, she missed the holiday entirely. True, she ran into one of her old friends there, which made it easier, but it still stung. Truth be told, she came to this event much like how she had come to the Gala. She was here in hopes to make some friends. Being all the way over here in Equestria, away from her family was starting to dwell on her, and the fact that she had no pony that she could really call a friend yet here... it was starting to dwell on her a bit. Most nights she just stayed in her room studying, waiting and hoping for a knock that somepony might be interested in maybe going and getting tea or something. It's been the opposite however. Her aptitude in her classes, while making her one of the top students in her classes, had also apparently earned her some ire from the other ponies here. She would be more than willing to help them if they were to ask politely but instead would rather make fun of her for her intellectual advancement. She didn't pay any mind to it for the most part, but the loneliness again, pulled on her. She made her way up to the gate in the same shimmersilk dress that she had worn to the Gala, and a second shimmersilk dress inside her gift box for whatever pony managed to obtain it. She only hoped that her gift wouldn't end up going to a stallion... that would be embarrassing. Unless that stallion was able to give it to his special somepony! then she might have just made his day! After all, Shimmersilk was expensive, and very hard to come by in Equestria. The Dress she had was straight from Neighpon! Everything would turn out fine, she was sure of it! Slowly she made her way up through the line before pausing as she heard the very fluint Neighponese from in front of her. When she looked up, she spotted one of the Ōshitsu... and his guard speaking with the princess. She didn't know what it was about these events and attracting royalty to them, but it seemed to be a common thing. After all, the Empress of Long Guo herself was here for the Grand Gallaping Gala. She wasn't really sure what was going to come of this event now... at the very least there were no phoenixes having a territorial battle of sorts and creating an explosion that scattered through the ponies all over. She shook her head of the thoughts. No way was something like that going to happen two royal events in a row right? Surely that was just a fluck and things weren't always that chaotic here in Equestria. She patiently awaited her turn to enter as the line moved forward.
  25. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    "Ok, let's get this done already..." Rainbow huffed as she entered the castle. She would have much rather been in Ponyville right now. But, she couldn't let her friend down. When Rarity had asked herself and AJ to model some of the clothing from the line she was donating she wouldn't take no for an answer. "Why in Equestria did she ask us to model for her?" Rainbow asked her farm mare while flying above her. "I hope the Cake's can handle Zappers and the little ones tonight..." Rainbow took to fretting. She was usually so much fun but right about now she was being annoying and whiny beyond all reason. "Can't we just go back to Ponyville AJ? I'm sure Twi could use our help," She glanced at the cart of cider they had brought along. "Plus, I'm sure they could use the cider more there than here...snooty ponies don't even like cider!"
  26. Luna's quiet hooves moved through the thin layer of snow that covered the gardens. She had slipped off once she knew the party was going well enough. There had been a small magical mishap earlier in the evening but nothing she and Twilight couldn't handle. She smiled softly. "Eggnog..." She mused. "An interesting drink to be sure..." She hadn't had nearly as many glasses as Twilight. She could hear carols wafting through the night air. A breath escaped her muzzle and turned to mist before her. She glanced around, knowing he wouldn't be that hard to spot. He had promised her he would appear in his traditional form. Though she hoped that meant his serpentine body, she wondered if he would assume something else. There, on the bench not far from the group of carolers sat the god of chaos himself. She felt her heart speed up in her chest at the sight of him. He made her feel, excited? Hopeful? The Princess moved forward lightly, her hooves hardly touching the ground until she was close behind him. "Good evening,"
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