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  2. Laughter: smartbrony Kindness: Monokuma Honesty: Loyalty: Generosity: Magic: We'll put you down for it right now. If no one else is a unicorn, we may have to make Sanar Magic. I mean, we don't need to use a unicorn for magic. We could have someone play a earth pony who's like... Way gifted with magic, idk.
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  4. "To forgive and to tolerate are two entirely different things." Akairo shot back, feeling herself shift into 'debate mode.' It was exciting, the closest one could get to guerilla combat in a civilized society. Also, it had the added bonus of severely ticking off her teachers at the Naval Academy. She wasn't sure how well Discord would take it, but she didn't care. "We must decide a point at which we cease hostility; the Revolution is a means to an end; that is, it has to end sometime, with the goal accomplished. I don't mean to reduce my country to a smoking ruin, merely break its bad habits, and liberate those it has kept under unlawful hoof." She was willing to concede the point of rising above her oppressors, though; that need was obvious. Akairo was a one-mare movement, in need of power. Hopefully, Discord would offer some. And the god of Chaos was apparently making an offer, but in an annoyingly metaphorical way. The exact nature of his wares on display, she had no real way of interpreting. Obviously, the fire, flower, and stachel all represented something, but what? The last was probably gold, economic power. The first, possibly force, with the flower being persuasion. If that were the case, though... "I don't see myself succeeding without all three, and I question therefore your arbitrary limitations." She said at last. Discord would probably force her to choose anyway, but she couldn't afford to be any more hasty or less wise than she could help.
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  6. Feng winced slightly at Xiu's pleas, his ill-considered attempt at a not-quite-joke having evidently fallen flat. He was content enough to let it lie, having no wish to cause more distress for his healer friend. Holding his head still enough to sip the offered tea without spilling any scalding drops took up most of his attention, before he settled back with a relaxed sigh, feeling the heat of the liquid run down into his core. It did serve to warm him up, and a few more sips later, Xiu would have been able to feel some re-kindling of his inner fires. Her breath and her tea were beginning their good work. "Thank you." His smile reached his eyes this time as he looked up into Xiu's features. He was close enough to see the delicate flush beginning to bloom around her face and neck; had she drank that hot tea too quickly? Yes, surely that must be it. There was little in his talk of his own dream that would have caused that, at least for her. Feng's own memory of it was... slightly troubled, though. "I commanded the winds with my very breath. I could blow the long sun below wheresoever I wished, even if I didn't wish it. I... couldn't stop myself, I was always using the full extent of my power, and I was terrified. Panicking only made it worse, of course; I'd lost control, and couldn't get it back, lost in the middle of the storm..." He motioned for another sip of tea, not wanting to spend more time in reminiscence. "I wonder if that long we saw was experiencing the same thing. It's... awful to be frightened of yourself. You can't run, you can't hide."
  7. My start date in the new position is on the 3rd!
  8. Yeah, but I would be okay with that. At least one day.
  9. If nothing happened, that would still be something.
  10. <Flops> is it possible to have one day where nothing happens? I would just like a day where nothing happens.
  11. I saw one in my driveway and it seemed to be talking, so probably.
  12. They can at least talk, right?!
  13. Sorry to burst your bubble, but yes. Their legs are shorter irl.
  14. What the hell. It was a lie?!
  15. Bluemoon had only recently arrived in Ponyville, a pleasant little village that had always offered a nice country experience. However, the village seemed to be much bigger then she remembered. Reaching into her saddle pack, Bluemoon pulled out a map and checked it. She was certain she was in the right place but it never hurt to make sure." Huh, guess it grew up. But hey! A bigger village, means more things to see! " She told herself. As she continued wander the Pony village of Ponyville, Bluemoon eventually got face to face with what had to be the largest jungle gym she had ever seen in her whole pony life. She stared in awe of this magnificent structure. As she stared, visions of all the fun a single pony could have in such a place zoomed and flashed through her head. " This is the best possible thing that could've happened. " She said, trying desperately to hold back the tears of joy. " I have to get in there! " Bluemoon frantically looked around searching desperately for a way in. After mere seconds of investigation, she noticed a building was attached to this work of art. Bluemoon ran her way around the building desperately looking for a way into it. When she finally did find the door, she threw them open noticed a herd of other ponies and asked. " Is this the line for the jungle gym!? "
  16. Garbage posted in 3-2-1
  17. I don't think Mordecai was portrayed as a true-to-life Blue jay.
  18. Mordecai was pretty smart! Except when it came to dating and girls, lol
  19. Never said they were smart.
  20. My Mum ran into one of those last year. Little sucker divebombed into her bumper.
  21. I want Sanar to be kindness cause he's a healer. And I plan on making him a caring and compassionate person. Though it looks like Sanar is the only unicorn so idk if I can be Kindness.
  22. Blue jays are the best.
  23. I have no idea how! And I'd have to remove a chunk of the insolation.
  24. Get that shit cleaned! Mold is no joke. I'ma making stirfry. Hellfire stirfry.
  25. So I found a bunch of mold in my new room! Summer is gonna great you guys!
  26. Good stuff, I'm a big fan of Mad Hatter. Listen to it every night!
  27. Laughter: smartbrony Kindness: Honesty: Loyalty: Generosity: Magic:
  28. I was hoping to be the Knight of Laughter. Was planning on him being a sort of clumsy rogue character.
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