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  2. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    My character Masquerade can always bring some trouble for heroes, being the Renegade or Unaligned that he is. Yes, not a true villian, rhe unicorn can still bring a few challanges. This is not even bringing in consideration the demons of Mythos' past, very much the sort whose presence would risk harm or danger to civilians and innocents. Them esentually being the core villians of Masquerade's rogues gallery.
  3. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    It is, although it suffers from lack of supervillians.
  4. Might start a few opens to get some interaction beyond just Steel and Foxxy. :P (although they are welcome to respond to those opens themselves!)

  5. Daybreaker's Reign AU

    A "What If?" AU. ☼ ABOUT THE AU In the Equestria that we are all familiar with, Celestia is a benevolent, loving ruler of her subjects who shared the spotlight best she could with her sister whom she adored, Princess Luna. Despite conflict between the two that brought them to fight and forcing Celestia's hoof in sealing her own sister away, she was all too eager to welcome her back. Equestria knew peace once Luna was accepted back among their ranks. But what if Luna had a point? What if Celestia really was intentionally stealing the spotlight from her sister? This AU examines the idea of a chessmaster Celestia who plans on taking the world underhoof. An alicorn desiring power and with an insatiable greed for dominance, she has led her subjects to believing that she is the benevolent ruler that her canon counterpart proves to be. But this Celestia doesn't have the purest of intentions, indeed - and all attacks on her ponies were really meant to dismantle the tyranny that she sought to keep over them. Before the age of remembrance, the soil of the land of Equestria and beyond wasn't claimed by anyone. It was a simpler time for Celestia and Luna, as the two of them generally had the idea of gathering up the pony races, who at the time were fighting as they attempted to claim land for themselves, and uniting them under one banner. Back then, Celestia did have the purest intentions as she wished to benefit her people, and indeed she had when she proposed towns for the races. As her land grew, so too did neighboring lands as well as her own, and as well did the admiration of her subjects directed toward her. Before then, ponies, changelings, yaks, and other races lived without much intersection, generally peaceful toward each other. Together with the pillars, Celestia developed the Elements of Harmony. But the Elements did not prove to be without corruption. Upon use of them, the deep-seated dark magic that lay within them found its way into Celestia's head, poisoning what was previously a love for her people into a disdain for their freedom, and the freedom of creatures around her. She began to see the potential that she could unlock if she had them all working toward one common goal, and especially if that goal benefited her. And as she used the Elements to defend from legitimate threats, such as Discord, more and more, and drank in their powers to be the strongest ruler she could be... She realized that she could be a goddess among her people. Celestia moved in on other territories surrounding theirs, beginning to wipe countries out and brushing it off in the history books as them attacking the ponies first. As a pony who ruled for centuries without any kind of strife, no one had reason to cast doubt in her. No one, of course, except Luna. Luna expressed her concerns to Celestia, stating that she believed her sister has changed, and not for the better. This progressed and spanned over several conversations, until eventually the two of them fought. Luna tried to call upon the powers of the Elements, but they were drawn instead to her sister, and Celestia banished Luna to the moon - where she has since remained, trapped with her word silenced. But she was not the only one; the Pillars who gave her such power had one among them corrupted by Celestia's magic, and they banished themselves to Limbo in order to stop him, being unaware that it was Celestia's doing that he became corrupted in the first place. Celestia since made a lot of changes in order to maintain her rule. First, she disowned the Wonderbolts, who were her elite flying team. She planned on replacing them with a true militia that she would develop over time. After that, she came across Twilight Sparkle, who became her star pupil after Sunset Shimmer was banished by Celestia by seeing through her. Celestia has used Twilight's natural leadership skills as well as her utter worship for Celestia to create a new army, this being of ponies who are the best at their particular abilities, and who are able to use the Elements without corruption. The unfortunate part of this corruption is that although it strengthens Celestia, it also can be difficult to control; the ponies she found could control them better than she ever could. As a result, she sent Twilight over to Ponyville, suggesting to her to prepare a festival with the help of those very specific ponies. She has put them up to tasks together to ensure that they make a close-knit bond so as to make her own rule over them that much more poignant, and to allow Twilight to command them in her stead in the case she cannot. Unintentionally, this brought Twilight to beginning to unite with other ponies in Ponyville, but for Celestia, this just made her job so much easier. She also promoted Twilight's brother to the head of her own Royal Guard. She knows they're incompetent, but it keeps Twilight on her good side. She also made sure to supplant the remaining the remaining alicorn's abilities by aiding Sombra in keeping her and her kingdom completely out of the know. She will do anything in order to keep herself the goddess of the world, and everyone to know and bow down to her name. That being said, it may be possible that ponies are catching on to her plan... ☼ LIST OF CHANGES / TL;DR Princess Celestia is by all means a tyrant. She's a tyrant who plans on taking other countries, destroying homes, and leading under a rule of fear. She has gone mad with power. Princess Luna has been banished to the moon and has stayed there since, though there are whispers that she will return someday... Twilight Sparkle is not a princess within this AU. She is also not an alicorn. The Wonderbolts used to be the elite flight team for Celestia, as well as her airforce, but they have since been disowned by her. They remain as a group of vigilantes now to help keep the peace. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie have met and are friends, but as a result of very slow progression as opposed to Nightmare Moon's return. In addition to that, they are to be the main front line of Celestia's army once she has succeeded in convincing them of her reign. Also, Twilight isn't there to learn 'friendship lessons'; Celestia instead said she's there for some 'out of Canterlot experience', as well as to maintain the library there. Friendship is just a bonus of that. The Cutie Mark Crusaders were never established. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle only know each other as classmates. Right now, the M6 are not suspicious of Princess Celestia. This may change in the future. Princess Cadence and the Crystal Empire are currently under Sombra's rule and completely invisible to anyone who doesn't specifically look for them. The changelings and Chrysalis are far away from their original home. Celestia plans on taking them out completely. Tirek and Scorpan rule an entirely separate kingdom together. They are unaware of what is going on with Equestria. They will soon find out. Celestia currently plans on finding the Alicorn Amulet, which will enhance her magic. ☼ EVENTS / IMPORTANT THREADS N / A - the AU's just started! ☼ RULES ACTIVITY: I don't want this AU to go dead. If you're going to take a canon, you should probably be around at least once a month. I will message you personally about it. If you don't post at least once a month, I may ask for your character to be revoked. SOME LITERACY EXPECTED: I don't need thirty paragraphs of detail, but I am expecting writers to have a good grasp of writing. No one-liners for posts! CANON CHARACTER LIMIT: You may take up to 3 canons for this AU so as to prevent hoarding. ASK BEFORE MAKING IMPORTANT THREADS: Making a thread generally within this AU is completely fine, but if it's going to introduce an element that shakes up the events of the gameplan, be sure to run it by me first. OCS WELCOMED! You don't even need to make a new OC. Go ahead and just adapt your OC to it. CHARACTER EXPANSION ALLOWED: Feel free to make relationships between characters and explore them. There are differences in friendships because of the lack of friendship lessons on top of everything else, so feel free to figure out what that means! TELL ME ABOUT YOUR THREADS HERE! ☼ HOW TO APPLY IF YOU ARE AN OC: All you need to do is tell me how your OC will adapt to the differing situation. You can change them up any way you'd like. That's it. That's all that's required to apply and participate! FOR CANONS: There has been a lot of leg room about differences between canons left in here. Different aspirations, different places they got in life because of the changes made here, etcetera. You're encouraged to think through those differences. Otherwise, I'm wanting people who know a lot about their canons. Here's a form you can use. Send it here in this thread, and if I give you the go-ahead, feel free to use that application in the main application area: NAME: AGE: GENDER: SUMMARY: This is a summary of their personality, aspirations, changes, etc. HISTORY: This can be bulleted. SAMPLE: Must be a sample of you RPing the character. If you already RP a canon here, just link to a post of that character I can read! ☼ CHARACTER LIST NOTE: This list contains canon characters. OCs are automatically assumed to be tailored for this AU, although you are allowed to tell me specifically what your OC will do in it. Cast characters that aren't listed here can be applied for! Feel free to ask and suggest a role for them in this AU! PRINCESS CELESTIA The tyrant herself Played by Scootaloved PRINCESS LUNA The sister betrayed Played by OPEN PRINCESS CADENCE Struggling with a sinking ship Played by OPEN TWILIGHT SPARKLE The loyal student Played by Scootaloved RAINBOW DASH The Element of Loyalty Played by OPEN APPLEJACK The Element of Honesty Played by OPEN FLUTTERSHY The Element of Kindness Played by OPEN RARITY The Element of Generosity Played by OPEN PINKIE PIE The Element of Laughter Played by OPEN SCOOTALOO The lost, flightless pegasus Played by Scootaloved SWEETIE BELLE The lost younger sister Played by OPEN APPLE BLOOM The youngest Apple Played by OPEN
  6. @SteelEagle She had tried to tell her. It's not as if there was any air of mystery - the two of them knew the kind of pony that Daring Do was, and they knew what kind of adventures she went on, and they even knew what her publishing schedule would be. Still, such knowledge appeared not to deter Rainbow Dash, and so that's when the two of them found themselves making their way to Canterlot. Okay, that wasn't the only reason; Twilight Sparkle had been told that she was stressing herself out too much with royal princess duties along with maintaining the school, and had been recommended by her friend to close it down for a teacher's out day. Twilight wasn't sure, in hindsight, that the suggestion had really been in her favor, but rather as a result of Rainbow herself wanting some time off, especially after she'd caught word that Rainbow had Applejack cover for her shift, but she hadn't the heart to question her friend on it. And so the two of them were on a trip to Canterlot, over to the old library (which in hindsight, Twilight hadn't brought any of them to) to see if she had a secret limited edition copy of one of the Daring Do novels, since Twilight had been the avid collector back then. She doubted she had it. She was pretty sure she'd given Rainbow all the copies she knew about. But she knew also that once Rainbow's mind was set on something, she wouldn't be dissuaded. And so they were fluttering over to her old Canterlot home, a large building whose windows appeared especially boastful now that Twilight was visiting it with a friend and made her ears wilt to witness. She became especially subconscious as she was pretty sure she could see from their angle that cobwebs collected within her old home; despite suggesting that she should clean up around there, she apparently hadn't gotten around to it... One could justify it by saying she'd been distracted by her attempt to reconnect with her old friends as well as the emotional energy expended with trying to make it up with Moondancer, but Twilight didn't like making excuses for sloppiness in behavior. She also knew that Rainbow wouldn't mind, but that didn't stop it from being embarrassing... She landed in front of the door and opened it with her magic. "Well, here it is, my old home. I'm sorry for the mess... Apparently when I came back here to look for information on my old friends, I'd forgotten to clean it up. I really ought to get around to that," she sighed. This was supposed to be a break, wasn't it? She still felt rather wired and tense. Maybe it was just this old home in general. Something in the air that got to her. It certainly felt lonely, at least, with how her hoofsteps echoed off the walls.
  7. Cyclone of Revelations[Private:Tempest]

    Tempest pulled the concept image of the ship over to her side of the table and looked it over without showing a hint of emotion… At first. As she looked it over and Ice spoke the grin that keeps finding its way on her muzzle came back with force. One may think she was looking at a pinup poster the way she took in every detail. “I am no engineer mis’ Ice. But give me one or two too… keep my love in line and I can see a few changes to make. First, gone placement. Aiming up does not matter as much as aiming down… In fact that matters the most as few in the world have a proper airfleet to bother with aiming at. Most the time I had to aim the guns down… And AA, we need that to keep flying races in cheek. Heavy guns move too slow. Small guns with grapeshot clear the skies like no other.” Tempest taps the image with a full on smile now. “And of course I’d have to change the decor. Far to… princessy. Needs more black steel… and purple. So maybe I am stealing some of stone-loser colors somewhat bty I do them better than his stupid tail… Can rock his lighting and thunder thing better as well.” She leans back and thinks about the rest of what Ice has too say. Ice was ok with them being tied at the hips it seems. If one of them got tossed in the fire the other one was going to be yanked on in it. Good. “So it’s a deal for us going down together.” she shuts her eyes and thinks about being capture. She hopes it never comes to that. “Never fear Ice, i’m not an easy mare to brake. So long as I have fiath in you saving my flank. But you are good as icecream in summer if you leave me to rot… Oh and if you have to save my flank do me a favor and leave around for few to smash in to a wall… Most of all whichever pony bugged me the most.” The talk of other benefits made her arch an eyebrow. “I’d like to put that to a test later… But you have one… big offer here Ice. Almost all of it in my favor. I’m flattered you think I am worth so much. So tell you this.” She leans close to the table and smirks. “Everything on the table, lifetime of rum and I need a new… second in command. Much like Grubber… but useful this time.” she added with a roll of her eyes. “Oh and I want a caribou servant. I just want you to know that given… what you saw first hoof. I did read up on that battle and understand why you’d not like one around. But I have… Uh…” she waves a hoof and shakes her head. “Never mind, just saying I am going to buy a caribou.”
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    Ugh,Id live to cross play. A hot Gladiolous or Wander! Or maybe a cute Naoto Shirogane and Hinata!
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    The Wolf Mom's love shines so bright it's almost blinding.
  11. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    “What? We can go see your balloon friend later, after we pick up these nails.” Pyro said to the balloon, nodding to Big Mac before entering the store and looking around for the nails. Hopefully they were in here. ————- Ishi blinked a bit at Nira’s test, looking back to see his own mark was crossed out as well. He really didn’t want to test to see if his magic was affected like hers, that would probably just make him more likely to get hurt. “Well, this is an interesting situation, to be sure. Probably a good thing we left Shibo behind, huh? I don’t want to find out how this magic would affect a golem.” The Kirin chuckled slightly as he trotted along with Nira. It wasn’t long before they suddenly had lists, though both with only one item on them. “Looks like it’s time to find a donut shop.” Ishi smiled, looking around a bit more before spotting the chaos noodle and making his way to Discord. “Hello, Discord! How have you been since Blueblood hosted that prince vacation? We should keep in touch more, you are fun to be around.” He called as he got closer, smiling at him.
  12. Yokai Dogs

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    I love and support you, Pemby.
  14. The Twilight Guard's Fire (Closed)

    Twilight listened intently as Fire Walker spoke, always absorbing information from new and varied sources. She could read and study tactics, strategies, and various methods of protection against the dangers of the world but having a valued member of the Guard do so was much better. But in the end it didn't matter what exactly Fire Walker said as long as she didn't freak out. Twilight had many ideas on how to protect Ponyville and the Castle, and truth be told she had a lot of talks with the outgoing Captain. None of that meant that Fire Walker's answers didn't hold Twilight's attention hostage. It just meant that what got Twilight's attention weren't the answers as much as how quickly Fire took to the answering of them. Twilight allowed herself to take in the information as best as she could, though she was mostly just taking mental notes for additions and editing her other plans. All of it was useful. She was right in some important ways, of course. Equestria gained allies after allies almost every time they encountered a new problem, but that wasn't good for Equestrian safety. The Magic of Friendship was truly enticing to all creatures, but had the Storm King not elected to use a pony as his second-in-command, how would that have gone? Reliance on Friendship was of course what she had learned to do over and over again, but she was a pragmatic mare by heart. Ponies needed to know that when villains made their entrance into Equestria that they could be made safe through the application of brave mares and stallions like Fire Walker. It was a source of pride for the Guard and the REA that they believed they were the finest protectors of Equestria. She had to ensure that in the future they could live up to this title. “The truth of the matter was that the Storm King's spies, some of whom were still at large, had been able to lead the Guard away under false pretense. When the attack came, they were too far away to have an impact and were kept in place via threats from the invaders regarding the Princesses. I believe to keep panic to a low level, some commanders decided to keep up with whatever fictional mission they had been sent on in the first place by the spies,” Twilight said informatively, though she was sure that Fire knew it all already. “As for Ponyville, a Militia might be interesting. Applejack always wanted to do so anyway. We'll have to bring it up with Mayor Mare,” Twilight said, hoof to chin in thought for a moment. It would have to be an entirely castle-funded operation of course. The Mayor always had been dead-set on such measures as the town, in her words, 'benefits more when we spend bits on the needy, not the armed'. Twilight was inclined to agree. Onto the real topic. She needed to know more about the castle in order to truly formulate a defense. Twilight smiled. It was a leading topic, of course, with the destination being this very point. “Agreed. You'd need to know a lot more about this castle in order to truly formulate a defensive plan. And I can't be giving out such information very easily to ponies not entrusted with the duties of a Twilight Guard,” Twilight said quickly and earnestly. It was pretty clear where she was going, even if the exact rank would be a mystery. More obvious signs became apparent almost immediately. Twilight's horn lit up and a mannequin appeared next to them, dressed in a new suit of Twilight Guard armor. The mannequin seemed to approximate Fire Walker as well as it could. At the same time, a new document, one offering Fire Walker the position of Captain of the Twilight Guard, appeared in front of her with a quill wet and ready. “Captain Fire Walker, I have followed your career for some time and have selected you from all others to become Captain of the Twilight Guard, Defender of Ponyville and the Castle of Friendship as well as the Princess who lives there. You do not have to accept this position if you do not wish it- I will think no less of you and your career will not be unduly reflected. If you would do me the honor of accepting the offer however, then sign that document and then the secrets of this castle may be revealed to you.”
  15. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Yanhua was given an odd look by the mare who ran the stall. "I'm sorry, yellow? There's no such things as yellow carrots." At least as far as she knew. Orange ones were the best. A pont nearby cleared his throats. "Actually carrots were originally yellow in color before cultivated by ponies." The nasally, know-it-all pony offered, leaving the mare to scowl. "In any case, I don't have yellow carrots, sorry." When the mare rejected Yahuna's attempts the balloon would tug her and point out toward another spot. Pointing its stringy tail up it looked like, atop one of the buildings, a pony wearing sunglasses, a scarf and cap seemed to top it. It seemed strange because it was spring! What did a pony need winter gear for? well after reversing Pyro's abilities -- he did. Pyro, from his precarious perch could predict the possibility of locating what he needed. When Pyro jumped down and came up to Mac the stallion turned around. Huh how come everypony was coming up to him today looking for help? "Eeyup." With that Big Mac pointed to the hardware store. Perfect place to find nails! But it couldn't be that easy, could it? It was than that Squall began his grandstanding parade. The balloon in Pyro's possession squeaked seeing its friend go by who returned the squeak. They tried to tug to the other, but they were held by their respective ponies. The other balloon seemed sad as Squall and his friend danced by towards the daycare. Looking down at Pyro the happy looking balloon frowned. Squall would find the daycare untouched by the madness as it was just out of bounds of his influence. Foals and all. They seemed to be outside playing, oblivious to what was going on! Many of them seemed to be playing with stuffed dinosaurs today and digging about in the sandbox for pretend bones. They were having an archaeology day with the local anthropologist who had his own foal in the daycare. The saddle Arabian pegasus sat at the gate with a book in hoof, trying to manage the foals. Wrangling them was a difficult task! As for Nira, she would be quite lucky to discover the opposing state of he r magics wouldn't be permanent. As she walked off it would do a bit more. The deceased plants would revert back to, instead, seedlings.For in the stead of advancing life, she reversed it so from the ash of the dead grass were brand new seeds that would eventually begin their growth anew. After all Chaos magic wasn't an exactly science. Besides there was a limit to what he allowed in a game. The pair of foreign ponies would find themselves with a list as well. Nira was tasked with finding a donut whilst Ishi a donut hole. Discord clapped his paw and claw together delightfully at Glimmer's response. Good good. Of course it was a matter of luck if the ponies would find the bits.
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    ...kind of? I don't think I'll be watching it in theaters though.
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    Who's excited for the new Avengers movie coming out?
  18. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Dunnie grunted as she was pushed back to the next available square flopping onto the ground but quickly standing back up, resuming her annoyed demeanor. It seemed as though there were a few other red pieces going up against a few blue pieces. A surprising turnout, given the size of the city. Maybe most of the ponies had the intuition to not leave their homes while something was so obviously off. "You!" She turned and pointed her hoof at the hunky kirin, "I want to give a piece of my mind to whoever started all this. And the fastest way to get that done is by winning this game. I don't care who wins as long as I can get my shopping and cafe time in before I have to go back to work!" She turned and tapped her hoof to her chin, "Actually, if you help me get this over with quickly then you and whoever you want are invited to dinner at the Blueblood residency. What do you say?" She clasped her hooves together, slitting on the floor while doing her best to make big puppy eyes to drum up some sympathy.
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    Yaaay! WB!
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    Back from our short little vacation! Back to the daily grind and all that.
  21. Sisterhooves Practice [Closed: SteelEagle]

    It was a good call on Rainbow Dash's part, not that Scootaloo would know about it. She'd been about to deliberate on the mistake she'd made - a pretty feather-brained mistake, at that - when the older pegasus interrupted her thoughts to tell her not to get hung up on something she didn't get the first time around. Scootaloo'd opened her mouth in order to say something in response to that, but before the words could leave her Rainbow Dash scooped her up, which caught Scootaloo off guard (enough to earn her sister-figure a squeak in response, and Scootaloo's face was still hot with embarrassment by the time she'd been perched from that little show of 'coolness') and placed her on her back. Scootaloo scrambled a little to get settled between Rainbow Dash's wings, fighting off the urge to hug her forelegs around Rainbow Dash's neck in order to keep her grip, before settling down with a sigh. So preoccupied had she been by trying to make a position on Rainbow Dash's back that she nearly missed what her sister-figure said to her. "Wha - Oh... Well, okay!" It was difficult to argue with that logic. Working on an empty stomach being a bad idea? She could get that. Scootaloo personally didn't allow herself to gripe too much when she was hungry, though, so she didn't join in Rainbow Dash's own complaint, although she bought it. She didn't give it much thought, expecting Rainbow Dash to tour it herself, instead focused entirely on how comfortable this perch was... And how higher up it was in the air. For somepony so grounded, being lifted off it, even a little, always brought a sense of warmth to her chest, and the little filly was gradually growing more and more relaxed. It helped that the perch she had was a stable, warm body of its own, one she could guarantee would catch her when she fell. She might have sank more into appreciating it if Rainbow Dash hadn't asked her a question, a question that started Scootaloo a little bit since she hadn't expected to be asked. "What I have in mind? We-ell, ummm..." Scootaloo was clearly not used to this sister thing if everything Rainbow Dash asked felt like a pop quiz whose wrong answer would determine her worthiness of presence! Scootaloo mentally kicked herself for freaking out so much about this, and then afterward for blanking out and being unable to come up with an answer, which just led to her beating herself up more than actually come up with something tangible. She tapped her own head with a hoof, which she regretted as her weight shifted and she drew the hoof back into Rainbow Dash's back, digging it in a little unintentionally in an attempt to stay on. "Maybe just a sandwich with hay fries? But, uh, I'm not-" That hungry, but wait, would saying such a thing offend Rainbow Dash? She frowned, then tried again, "I'm good with anything, really!" Yeah, that worked.
  22. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Grim would become a variable inside an already carrying game. Checkers had a rather straight forward set of rules conditioned over years of foalhood play. When the sullen participant begrudgingly budged to partake in the parade he brought with him a piece of the pi... In short Grim was withing earshot of the arguing nobles who thought they could talk the other into jumping the pizzapony! With the nobles too busy arguing they would leave themselves open... Taking Ice Storm's advice he would nod and steel himself. He would jump over one of the nobles and take off to the next space. The one jumped over would blink as he felt s pull and poof! Into the penalty zone! He would appear on the Botique side, seated behind a white line he could not pass. Well at least refreshments were offered... Medo and Earth Writer shared their topics on teaming up. It was a sound refusal, but somepony didn't tell the nobles that! They thought teaming up would better their chances so there were now two, side to side, heading on toward Writer with a grin. Nensho would soon be able to see a deliverypony hop over s noble and send him away, which left Ice Storm, a red piece, and another noble, who was left dumbfounded and angry at the mare. "You're a red piece!" He'd competitively dictated to her. With Nensho being blue that would give him a chance to capture either. Taira and Dunnie has a bit to catch up to themselves. Still nearer the castle entrance many of the more competitive ponies has gone out to win themselves the elusive title!
  23. Always the How, Never the Why (Closed)

    Valen was unmoved by her soft tone. His guard was up. He had seen with his own eyes her manipulative and dark personality, empowered as it was by her friends. He was willing to allow for forgiveness to be in play, ready and able to accept redemption. But he had not come to meet with her as a wide-eyed innocent or naive foal. With ponies like her there were only ever exchanges and deals, the taking and the having. He was here because she wanted something from him, not to give him something. Maybe that was forgiveness. He could hope so. Nonetheless, more than anypony else he had dealt with, his eyes were wide open. He crossed his front hooves and stood up straight, his eyes focusing in on her as he spoke. “Hello, Silver Spoon. It was a shock to receive your letter, but I thought I should at least give you the courtesy of meeting you and letting you speak,” he said, being polite but firm. Indeed, he was willing to hear her out and allow her to say her piece. It cost nothing to be polite. But her actions had been pretty reprehensible and he wasn't going to throw out all of those memories in a foolish attempt at a cleansing of her faults. She had to prove she was worthy of even his attention. She had to show him why she was worthy of even his time. She had been given a chance. By Celestia she better take it. He looked around. The area was weird. Why meet her out in the woods at the edge of town? He assumed she didn't want the other ponies seeing her apologize. She had a certain cachet as a confident pony in town and apologies may not fit into her whole schtick. “Any reason we have to have this meeting in the woods and not in town? Seems...strange,” he said, looking around.
  24. A Little Me Time [Open]

    Jackpot gave a hearty guffaw as Lens won, tapping his hooves together in excitement. “You sure did win! Pssh, no matter. I was gonna give you it anyway! I just really really really really wanted somepony to play with. Most customers don't want to play with the owner of a casino- they probably think I'd cheat- but you were fun to play with,” he laughed happily. He started to lead Lensy past the casino floor and towards the elevator. They entered. The attendant unicorn's horn lit up some gears were turned, and soon the elevator as moving on up. It didn't take long for them to reach the top, Jackpot humming a happy tune all the while. They finally entered Jackpot's room, which oddly enough wasn't even the biggest suite in the hotel. Still, it was plenty big. “Give me a second while I fetch it for ya, Lensy!” he said, trotting into his personal room. It would take a minute, not a second, as he had to go through a lot of clothes he had yet to wear. His eye in the afternoon was certainly bigger than his desire to dress well when he woke up groggily in the morning. Still, after a little bit he came back out with the item in question. It was behind a thin sheen of magic plastic on a wooden hangar, straightened and flattened appropriately. “All right, fair's fair! Here ya go,” he said, hoofing it over. “Just make sure you take super duper uber care of it and return it when you're done, yeah? I'd hate to have anything bad happen to it!”
  25. Time In The Twilight

    Twilight appreciated the ride. She could have done it herself, of course, and teleportation would have been even quicker. But she was thankful all the same. Her body and mind were wearied by the day's experience and the gnawing sense of loss deep within her sat uneasily along her thoughts of success. How would she remember this day? It would be hard to argue as anything less than a painful mystery, one she wanted so desperately to solve yet lacked the capability to do so. Nothing hurt worse than an unanswered mystery clogging up the mind, especially one rife with such dangerous implications for the ponies of Equestria. How could they be safe or breath easy knowing that the chains and safeguards of Tartarus were being broken down in ways that the Princesses didn't yet understand? Cerberus, the Cherufe, and of course Tirek. The bonds of Tartarus were weakened for some reason and she needed to understand it. This would have been an excellent opportunity to do some study on the matter. Alas, that time had passed. It would have to be solved another day. Another day, not now. For now she had a friend to deal with. Judging by his attempted...smoothness...he wasn't put off much by the day's events. Perturbed by his inability to defeat the creature? No doubt. It was another reason she was happy he didn't spend a otl of time in Tartarus. Had the magic taken hold and his...abilities...weakened considerably, he wouldn't have been able to escape. He'd be stuck with creatures he could never truly damage, in a place of eternal imprisonment. Just another reason why today had turned out as fortunately as it possibly could have considering what had happened. “Well, I'm not so sure about dragon's needing to pay back kindness. Spike is certainly a little behind in that regard,” she managed to smile despite herself, pleased enough with her joke. “Maybe some lunches can be in our future. Not much for moonlit strolls. Moonlight makes excellent reading light!” she said happily. While that was true, she also liked playing into the stereotype as the 'nerd' Princess.
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