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  2. "I can distract them to make it easier for you guys. My semblance and weapon allow for great mobility, especially in the forest" Slash said as he inspected each of their opponent's weapons. "Be wary of other features their weapons might have and their semblances too." The fact that Slash didn't know any of their semblances made him a little nervous since they could be hiding a powerful semblance up their sleeve. Vinny puts his hands on his tonfa behind his back. "I can provide cover fire for Terry and Allen. With the forest as their terrain, they will likely try to draw you in. Separate them and bring them out so that Kat can easily take them down. I'll stay to cover everyone."
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  4. Tongue Twister disembarked at the Ponyville Station, and looked around for the Post Office. Finding it rather quickly (for despite being home to five of Harmony's Chosen, the town wasn't all that large or busy), she made her way over, keeping her corrupted wings hidden under a large, dark blue cape. Setting up a post office box for her new business wasn't difficult - for just a few bits a year, she had a valid mail address so others could contact her. She pinned one of her 'Phantom Consulting, Inc' business cards on the bulletin board, since it never hurt to advertise. And it could be quite some time before she got a response from that "Devil's Business Card" enchantment her father had set up with her. She meandered off to the closest restaurant for something to eat. While waiting for her order of a daisy sandwich and some hay fries, she pondered what she was going to do next. TT looked around the infamous town of Ponyville. "There must be something interesting going on around here somewhere ..."
  5. He was proving to be a particularly prickly customer. While it was normal to be on edge when in a stressful situation, and she could scarcely imagine a more stressful situation than walking into the home of some of your most powerful former enemies, he had done so of his own free will. He had done so in order to warn them of a possible threat, a looming danger to Equestria. Yet despite that it seemed as if his warning was laced with a certain disdain. It was easy to warn friends, but enemies? She couldn't imagine it was easy for him to do so. He had shown great courage in doing so. But now they had hit an impasse. He had given his warning but didn't want to help further. If that was the case however, he could simply leave. There was no reason for this to continue if he didn't wish it too, yet he remained. He even sat on the seat offered to him, though he did not take the water that was offered. She would have to appeal to him in a new way. "If you need a sculpture, you get a sculptor. If you need a forest to be protected, you get a warden," she began as she took another sip of water. "If you need to understand the mind of a possible foe, you use the expertise of a former enemy," she said, emphasizing the former. Despite his past they had current indication that he was a threat to them, and all the evidence pointed to shades or other forms of him that had caused more recent troubles. "If you need to decide how to respond to a great power, you speak to a great power," she said, gesturing to him as she said great power the second time. It was the simple truth: He had been one of Equestria's most daunting foes in the past, and her jaunts in alternate timelines showed her what he could have been again. "You bring a certain mindset and experience to the subject. Plus, you're the only one here who has fought her. I can't think of anycreature more qualified than you to help us create a total threat assessment." She shuffled some papers in front of her, then leaned back in her chair. "Just relax. You came here to warn us. We appreciate it, and are trying to avail ourselves of your great knowledge and experience. In our concern about this Sorceress, we are united. So please, drink some water and relax. You are under no threat here."
  6. Taming timberwolves? Umm. Well, she wasn't sure that was possible, or at least very feasible. They were magical creatures. It was hard to just survive them or fight them. Raising them? Hmm. That would be rather difficult. "Huh. A Timberwolf? An' Fluttershy told you ta talk ta me 'bout that?" She asked as she looked up quizzically. She walked towards a snake that was having trouble fitting under a rock to get into its little hidey hole and lifted the rock up. "Ah mean...it'd be real hard but Ah reckon Fluttershy told you that already. Figure you'd need ta get a pup. An' Ah mean, that's gonna be tough. They run in packs and they have good, long memories. A momma timber once tracked mah sister and lil' nephew ta tha barn after he picked up a stick that turned out ta be part of her pup's leg. An tha pup'll have that same long memory, so it'll be hard to get one and not have it hate you. After that..." She shrugged. "Ah mean, it's a real big wolf. Wild, violent. Ah'm sure ponies have tamed wolves...well, ta some extent. Ah'm also sure ponies have been eaten by wolves that they thought they tamed. Plus you gotta get a handle on their wild magic," she said as she finished, looking down to see the telltale tongue of an appreciative snake slithering its happiness before she gently lowered the rock down. "Ah've been in the woods plenty, that's real true. Certainly beats just bein' on tha farm everyday," she said with a laugh. "But Ah've got a question. Why a Timberwolf?" Apple Bloom asked, though she could venture a few guesses as to why. And only a few of them involved their legendarily good soothing howls at night.
  7. The red mare grinned back at draconequus, "I'd usually say if you hadn't brought your umbrella, it would have rained all day, but the Pegasi of Ponyville made sure there was going to be perfect weather for a perfect wedding so they were all out there getting rid of the clouds earlier today. Even my folks and lil' sister were out there helping out.". Once Wind Walker freshened herself up and got her dress on, she would hopefully get here just in time for the ceremony. And what sort of gift would Discord have? Hopefully a gift card. One that did not try to eat the brides. Ah, the mare's name was Berry Punch. "Heh.", she let out a chuckle, "I could never even picture my father, the 'Old Major' pushing a shopping cart through the local Cantermart while Muzak played on in the background. Nope. He'd probably lose it after a few minutes after trying to figure out what the difference was between ketchup and catsup.", She did raise an eyebrow when the sneaky serpent tossed some garlic into a bowl. She was about to say something but stopped when she noticed a familiar pony via the corner of her right eye. Tempest Shadow, the traitor. The mare who got away from justice. Fire Walker quickly pushed such thoughts from her mind. This was a wedding. Happy thoughts. And besides, she did not know the full story. There had to be more than what she knew. Tempest might have had reasons to do what she did. Thankfully happiness did appear in pony-form. There was the always impressive Fluttershy, Applejack's big and handsome brother, and the farmer's first foal, Zap Apple. "As his mother would say, he's cuter than a speckled pup under a wagon with his tongue hanging out." Did Applejack say that? Or was it the grandmother? Maybe even little Apple Bloom said that? Huh. She simply smiled back at the small group of ponies And then there was her fiancé who was being extra-Swifty today. "Well, considering how many weddings I've been to, I'm probably an expert by now,", she leaned into the nuzzle. There she caught the stallion looking at the broken horned-unicorn. "Relax.", she whispered, "Don't worry about her Swifty..We're just here two celebrate the coming together of two very special ponies. No drama. I'm sure she'll be good." She spied a pony deserving of praise, "Archancellor Bluebelle.", the red officer bowed her head, "Lovely to see you as always." Good gravy! There were too many attractive mares here! From Fluttershy's perfection, Bluebelle's regal magnificence, and even Tempest Shadow's menacing, haunting beauty! Compared to those mares, Fire felt rather old and ugly. Somepony was going to confuse her for Swift's mother. Or grandmother. Or make her sit in the 'mule's section'.
  8. There were comfortable couches in the green room, and even a small fridge with cold drinks. Kahz was certainly inclined to take full advantage of the hospitality shown after a set like that, and what was the value of hospitality if it were not shared? "You want some water or grape juice? I don't have anything else in the fridge; if you want a snack we can go out for something later." He cracked open a bottle, chugging the dark purple liquid for a few seconds before pulling back with a sigh. A smiling one, though, as his looks were complimented. Or, perhaps, his genuineness. "Thanks. My whole life has depended on being both the center of attention, and having no attention at all in alternating periods of time. Nice to know the years have not dulled my charismatic touch!" He gave a wink to the qilin, settling back on the couch. "Eh, life's been good, all things considered. I don't know if you heard about the hot new inter-dimensional island resort that's been getting all the buzz lately? Well, that's the Queen's latest love-farm. Turns out, when take some trouble to make your resource gathering schemes non-hostile, ponies will practically pay you for the privilege of being harvested. They feel good, and those good feels feed us. Nice, but honestly, a little dull. It's practically all calypso, all the time. Not my style, you know? So, her Majesty's loaning me out. Kind of as a goodwill ambassador, though to be fair, I don't know if either word is yet part of her vocabulary."
  9. Three steps... two... one... the chaos noodle seemed to suspect nothing. It would just be the work of a moment for Berry to take hold of the crystal bowl and- "Discord, there you are!" Darn it. Discord might take a sudden juice shower in good humor, but his best friend certainly wouldn't. Not that Fluttershy was the sort to take any drastic revenge by normal standards, but Berry, like all Ponyville residents, had learned to dread the prospect of being gently reprimanded as those aquamarine eyes peered into one's soul. With a sigh, she merely tipped the bowl into a nearby ditch, replacing the emptied receptacle upon the table as she fixed a smile once again upon her face. "Good morning, Fluttershy. Oh, and is this little Zap? My, don't you look handsome today!" The rearrival of Swift Squall would give her a little more backup as regards Discord, but it seemed that his attentions were taken elsewhere by a different mare. She really wasn't sure what that was all about; she'd left Canterlot and any semblance of political engagement behind years ago. No, the more relevant mare for her was a rather younger one, sister to the bride, who seemed a little dejected in her likely drink options. "Now now, Applebloom, it's nothing personal. Nopony gets the hard stuff until after the ceremony. As for age..." She paused, legally access to the harder stuff was restricted until the day a pony got their cutie mark, though custom dictated a longer wait time. But that, truth be told, wasn't even her main concern. "Honestly, I always thought it would be a little gauche for your fist step into the world of adult beverages not be taken in your own family's cellar. I feel Applejack would buck me into next week if I crossed that line!" She gave a desultory chuckle. "But while you're here, could you give a taste of this apple-greenberry punch? I haven't worked with apples much before, and I'd like to know if I'm doing them justice. If so, I'll probably make it a sangria base later."
  10. "Quite a bit! It's been far far too long for my liking." Yù would say with a smile as she stepped her way in, taking a seat as she waved her hoof. "I don't mind even a little bit, the guise is handsome but I like the real you better." perhaps a funny sentiment coming from someone who often hid her own self from nearly anyone, but it didn't mean that it was any less true. "I've learned in my line of work that many ponies can be judgemental of what they perceive as different or what they don't understand even if it's subconscious. It can be so ingrained into generations that they never even know until they're confronted about it." the qilin gave a little knowing nod and a chuckle as she settled in. "To a much less degree than I'm sure you've had to deal with, I've gotten had a few strange looks since moving to Canterlot." It was never anything terrible, gawking, questioning if her horns or scales were real, if her mom or dad was a dragon. All harmless if a bit on the busybody side of thing, it was hardly their business after all, but she could only imagine the things that Changelings had to deal with. Especially given certain prior events. Ponies can also be quite slow trusting at times, but her mind was digressing, there were better things at hoof. "How have you been lately? I must say I've missed you quite a bit, so I'm elated that we've finally had the chance to get together again." Yù was a smart mare, she always did her research. She hadn't met any changelings (that she was aware of) before Kahz. And given those butterflies in her stomach the first time they had met well. She did quite a bit of reading to make sure she wasn't under some magical wiles. She wasn't. She knew better now. Distance made the heart grow fonder. But...Were her feeling truly reciprocated or a facsimile? That she didn't know. 'But...' she thought. 'It doesn't really matter, does it? For once I feel happy, why let a detail I don't know stop that. The illusion that it could be could crash down around me any moment. So why not savor it, put it on the line, and hope for the best?' ((I am SO sorry for the terrible delay. Writer's anxiety has been kicking my ass hard))
  11. My AC island is really bad. I have 0 inspiration
  12. “Yes, I am aware, but those sounded like the most promising subjects.” Dox sighed slightly, falling silent as Sombra moved on and kept talking. He smirked a bit at the talk about the dangers of dark magic. “Well, I don’t have this extended life due to what I was born as, I know the dangers. As for what I can tell you in return, I am sure I have multiple fields of magic I could assist your growth in. One benefit of living so long, I have had plenty of time to amass a large store of knowledge. I would be more than happy to share some with you in return, broaden your magical arsenal and make you stronger.” Dox said, debating wether he should return to changeling form so Sombra had a better idea of what he was capable of. Then again, he didn’t want to put all his cards on the table.
  13. "Well, I said more than that," Sombra thought to correct with a small gesture of his hoof. "The most I could probably teach you is about dark magic, which is always useful to know. Although seeing as I still don't know what you are exactly, you'd probably have to be careful with using it. With ponies, using it too often may begin to corrupt you. How?" Sombra answered his own question with a shrug of his shoulders. As far as he knew, and had read about, there hadn't been many if any ponies suffering from side effects or corruption from too much dark magic usage. It seemed like it wasn't at all commonly used in Equestria, and he was sure the royal pony sisters were responsible for that- keeping it away from their subjects. "What exactly can you offer me in return for this information? What can you tell me about Hou or anything general that I could use?"
  14. Welcome! I hope you have a great time here!! 😀
  15. @Angie Cakes visited my AC town today! I've been visited by the AC Goddess herself!
  16. Tehengu looked over the opposing team, taking note of their weaponry. One long-range fighter, it seemed, he’d have to focus on her first. And bonus, there was little to no cover on the beach side for her to hide behind. He glanced back towards the trees behind his team, appreciating all the cover from that rifle. “Agreed. I’ll focus on her to start. It might be a good idea to draw them closer by hanging back, hiding amongst the trees.” He said, doing his best to assess the situation. ————————— “Matching flowers? Sounds fun, Kat. I’d be down for that.” Terry smiled at the girl before moving his focus onto the fight ahead again. All this open space on their side might be a better arena for melee combat, but that bowman might cause a problem with all those trees to hide in.
  17. "Panicking...Hah! The day you start panicking over something so trivial, is the day trees in your orchard starts bearing dates." She appreciated the compliment and sentiment but she reckoned she was going to have to start selling dates if that was the outcome, 'cause she sure as heck wasn't gonna have any apple trees left. "I know, I know!" Then ya better get back to her, you big goof. "But she's a strong mare - trained soldier all her adult life. Had at least half as much adventures as myself." Well, Applejack could agree there. "And she's big where it counts." This was either a comment on a big flank, a joke about weight which didn't seem likely, or about pregnancy. She'd go with pregnancy. "How far along is she now?" "...Fine one horseshoe then. It's...it just...I was the one who asked her you know? The moment she said 'Yes' made this Nightmare Night the best day of my life. And now she's also mother of my little, unborn daughter. But the closer 'this day' comes I find myself asking - Will I be good enough spouse? Good enough parent?...Mother said that the fact that I ask those questions means I care. But you can care and still screw up. I was looking for some....pointers, I guess?" Why in the name of Celestia's everflowing mane was he asking this of her on her wedding day right before the ceremony? She didn't really know what to say. He was being worried and critical of himself and that was all well and good but relationships were primarily about your heart and your gut. The head was important, sure, you didn't want to be a lousy fool who ruined the one you loved. But it was a secondary element- love was something you understood only when you had it. You couldn't plan on it. The rest of it didn't matter- he was a hero and a provider who could give her anything she wanted or needed. "Well, do you love her? That's...really all you gotta ask yerself. The rest of you won't know until you do it but yer likely worryin' about nothing." "You are only one I know that qualifies. Ice is a divorcee as far as I know, Pathfinder has a spouse but she's almost never home for her, Spring had a horrible breakup, Sparkle is married to the job and I am yet to discover for what in Tartarus Blueblood...Bluebelle?....aims for a relationship...And I shudder at the thought of asking Discord. Does he even Know what romance is? The point is that I...I don't want to screw up. She doesn't deserve it. And I don't ever want to see her cry those kind of tears ever again." A ton of insults mildly tossed about, but she'd keep quiet about it. She wasn't sure it was all warranted and even then she wasn't sure why she had to be the best one for it. She wasn't even married yet. She felt confident in the advice she had given but she also knew how new this all was. He called her the only one that qualified but she wasn't sure that it was all that accurate. "...I am sorry. I shouldn't throw this all down on your lap. Especially today." Yeah, you said it. She smiled. Soon he was less morose and back on the happier topics. He even brought something to drink. She had a dry mouth but she was a little too worried about getting it on her dress- oh Celestia save her- and she was pregnant, but she appreciated it anyway. "Thanks, sugarcube. You just enjoy the wedding, alright?" She asked happily, waving as he left her alone. Her and the drink, in any case. She licked her lips. After all this was done... Moonlight had spent a long time finding just the right dress for this wedding. It wasn't as easy as just looking great and going with your first option, after all. She'd look great regardless but this was a big event! All sorts of ponies would be in attendance, even Princesses. And what was she supposed to do, not stand out and look absolutely stunning? As if! She had gone over catalogues from the famous design shops in Canterlot and Manehattan, even the ones she had to sneak past Rarity to get. She was the best of course but options filly, options. And sure, she worked on her own designs too, and got what she could out of Rarity but that mare was swaaaaaaamped. So in the end she had decided to simply order a dress from one of those catalogues. It had cost more than a few bits but it was totally worth it. She made some final adjustments herself, trying to make sure she looked just right. And really, soft velvet was a sublime choice for what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding. The long-sleeved maxi dress came in marigold and really popped and was fetching and attractice without being too attention grabbing. She had made a few adjustments fr the outdoor nature of it, loosened it ever so slightly for the dancing, and she was off. She was gonna look her best for the wedding- for Applejack, for Rainbow Dash, for friends and family, and whatever it was exactly that Remington qualified as. "Remmy Remmy Remmy!" She said, ending with a giggle as she trotted up to him on her finally crafted shoes. It had been another order- small magical charge kept them mostly spotless for a while. For a while. She'd have to be careful but for now she felt great, complete with black stockings. Gotta have slim legs! "Soooo glad you could make it. Like, when I asked you to be my, like, plus-one I was soooo totally nervous that you'd be all like, 'eww weddings' but then you were all like, 'sure' and that's so tre bien!" She snorted as she sidled up to him, side to side. Her tail reached out to his and pulled on it, tugging on it as it entwined itself in excitement. "Like, have you met some of the other Apples?" She asked. Well it was more of a threat because she started leading him around while having to stay a giggle. "There's Apple Bloom!" Apple Bloom was a little worse for the wear. She had been told she couldn't be a flower filly or a bridesmaid at her own sister's wedding! It was Apple family tradition that you could only be a flower filly before you got your cutie mark and that made sense, and Applejack had her bridesmaids and that was nice and all, but Apple Bloom felt a little put out. She was just an honored guest. Uggh. Not a big deal. And she was super happy her sister was getting married, but it just felt like she was sitting here doing nothing. She was restless, and for more reasons than that. So she was finding herself drawn more and more towards Berry Punch's cart because, well, somepony needed a drink of something. "There's Apple Bloom!" Her head snapped to find who said it, though she didn't need to. Everypony knew the voice of Moonlight by this point. You know what? Apple Bloom was really happy for them. The former Valen and his former Manehattan friend Remington made a cute couple when you slotted Moonlight in Valen's place. Not that they wouldn't have been cute otherwise. Did they always have feelings like this but it was just easier now? Apple Bloom wasn't sure. She just knew it was cute. And lucky Moonlight, having a special somepony. "Howdy Moony! Lookin' great there," she said as she approached the two. She then elbowed Remington and waggled her eyebrows. "Lucky you, eh?" Moonlight giggled. "How are you, Abby?" "Oh, you know. Survivin'. So, this is yer plus one?" "Yep!" Moonlight said as she smiled widely. "You know, Ah'm real proud of you two. A true blue Manehattan power couple!" Moonlight's face didn't flush of color, but it did change. A pause. A laugh. "Oh you," she turned to Remington. "So that's Apple Bloom. Oh! There's Zap! There's Mac!" Moonlight tugged Remington away. Apple Bloom was confused at that reaction, then shrugged her shoulders. Today, she wasn't going to care. She finished her trot towards Berry Punch. "Hey Berry. Ah know we don't have anythin' hard, an' you wouldn't give me it anyway even though Ah'm a big pony now, but what's tha closest ya got?" She asked with resignation in her voice.
  18. The Prench unicorn rubbed her chin in thought, remaining silent for a few more seconds after Granola ended her explanation on Twilight's Castle. "Mmmmh.... Oh!" She gasped softly once she snapped out of her thoughts "Understood. I will give it a try later today then." She then replied with a soft smile. Her smile quickly faded at the next comment though, as she gasped, much louder this time, a blush appearing on her face "Oh dear! Where are my manners?! I am terribly sorry." She said, bowing a little in an apologetic way "My name is Angelis." She then said as she lifted her head again, giving Granola a soft, yet nervous smile, while her blush remained on her cheeks.
  19. I got $500 on amazon a few months ago and it's slowly being drained for burger king giftcards
  20. It don't matter how late you are. You could be days late. You could be 1000 years late. You could be stuck on the other side of the world. You could be stuck in another dimension. Penumbra and Fawkes always find a way back to each other. So i'm never worried if you're late. Because i'll never have to wait forever.
  21. “Hmm, crystals and curses, you say? That sounds like as good a place as any to start out. While it would be intriguing to learn about your innate abilities, perhaps we should start with something I know I can make use of.” Dox nodded to him, floating out a notepad and quill to write down the specifics. He also had to figure out how much he could give in return, especially without getting on Hou’s bad side should things lead back to him.
  22. the only thing better than suffering is succeeding after suffering, only to suffer more afterwards gosh I love this anime I want it to have so many seasons
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