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  2. Not being able to do my regular job has got me working on something I've been wanting to do for a long time! ^_^
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    you are on a roll with all this art!
  5. Midnight wore her typical clothes, a black shirt, black coat and even pants and boots. But the girl, unlike many times before, had a soft smile on her face. Ever since the battle from the train, the faunus had been making an effort to get along with her team, admittantly the orders of her leader were the reason...Not that her team had to know. She'd applogised to Tehengu, although she didn't have the heart to pretend to date him, even that much was too mean. She got along, ok with Slash and Andrea was tolerable if she 'played' along with the humans teasing. She had to admit, it was a struggle. But she thought it was going ok. Armed wih her swords over her back, as well as the shield, the girl stretched her arms out above her head. "You know, i was wondering, do you guys remember who we're fighting today....?" The girl let out a sigh as she continued her stretching. Like many mornings, Midnight had refused to leave her bed until she had too and as always, was a little bit of a grumpy kitten in the morning.
  6. Dash sighed "I'm just a racer, not some politics scientist" she said, sincerely "but I can give you some basic info on some of them, and I can get a pony who can tell you more about the specifics. I have a large staff, some of them are ponies with an education in politics and history" she paused "From what Rad and others said... the main divergence in our world started around fifty years ago when Storm found some way to create the magic liguid called Lay" she walked over to the same machine and pushed another series of buttons and it dispensed a capped vial of a glowing blue liquid, which she handed to morgan "from what I understand, this is related to the energy unicorns use to cast spells and it sparked a revolution in technology. Today all technology runs off it... from our smartphones and TVs to life-saving laytech hearts and other organs that keep a lot of ponies alive... well almost all the tech. Rad found some way to power our tech without lay... which is important because the lay is running out" she explained "From there other points of divergence include the dark sea and Luna's island. Luna, or then Nightmare Moon did something horrible there - I dont really know the details, but she made what we call Dark Ponies - their like bat ponies but they can suck out a normal pony's soul, transforming that pony into a dark pony, and they use these souls to cheat death somehow. As you can guess some time after Nightmare Moon was banished, the dark ponies broke free of the secret island and started coming to the mainland, stealing souls... this lead to the shadow wars. That was why Luna was not welcome back to equestria when she finally escaped the moon, Even though now she's working hard to fix the mess she started. Somehow there was a piece of nightmare moon in every dark pony, and luna is now removing that. They're still Dark ponies and they still can chest death, but they cant steal souls anymore, and they arent as violent or evil... but its a slow process. Rad was working with Luna to try and find a way to cure all the dark ponies at once, since right now Luna can only cure them one at at time" She paused again "Any questions so far?" she asked
  7. Morgan would think on it,his hoof stroking that's beard of his. This was definitely a step up from the usual adventure,definitely something more serious. However,as he would hear about celestia being a psycho he decided to ask. "Now look ere,lassy...ah may be not from round ere but ah can definitely tell something wrong ere...now if ahm goin te find yer sister" he decides to trot closer to dash,hoof up as if to shake hers or the like "Ahm goin te need to be told bout everything that has happened....as well as what tragedies occurred" Morgan didn't like this as much as anypony but he had to have some clue about the current world...otherwise he'd be making the wrong assumptions about people...he may not look to be a smart pony but he definitely knew he needed more information. As well as a lead...although some suspects he feared to be the culprit more than others.... "If ye tell me bout these possible suspects fer this hiding then it's gonna make it that much less of a monument te erect,if ye ken what ahm sayin...and once that is taken care of...ah'll help he find yer wee sis."
  8. Dash reached over and picked up the remote and pointed it at the screen. An image came up showing a group of four ponies, three of which would look familiar to Morgan. One was clearly another Rainbow Dash, but she had massive dragon wings and wore a red hooded cloak, the hood pulled back, that had her cutiemark on the back of it. Oddly enough her eyes were not magenta but blood red, and despite the fact she was smiling, those eyes told the story of a pony who had been through a very hard life and done things she regretted. The second pony was a small orange filly with purple hair and tail, lacking a cutiemark, her eyes though instead of their familiar color were a piercing blue seeming to glow they were so light, she seemed happy and excited. The third pony was black of fur, mane, and tail, but had a grey skunkstripe in it of gray, with batwings and a horn, she wore a black low-cut bodysuit and boots along with three small hoops in the other sides of her ears and a pair of silver studs, 'snakebites', under her lower lip, her smile showed a mouth of fangs instead of normal pony teeth. It wouldn't take much to realize this was some batpony form of Twilight Sparkle. The fourth pony though, she was a mystery. Dark grey fur and blacke mane and tail, bat wings, and military fatigues, though in a black-and-gray cammo. This pony was not smiling but did not seem particularly unhappy and was standing especially close to the bat-pony-twilight, clearly sompony special to her. "This was a photo taken before they left on their mission" explained Dash, "As you see we have my sister, Rad, Scootaloo, Midnight Sparkle, and Dark Star, apparently now known as Nova and with some changes to her appearance, including now being a stallion" her voice cracked a little at first as she mentioned her sister "They were sent on a mission by that... by Storm to another universe to retrieve something-or-other for him. However just as they were pulled back, the universe collapsed... They were all presumed... d... d..." she paused a moment "gone" she finally said "that was a month ago. Roughly a week ago Mid returned, babling almost incoherantly, and after Luna spoke to her and calmed her down... well their mission had been wild and ended badly..." Dash sighed and closed her eyes "...Rad is still alive. She and I are linked in a way I cant explain... but I can feel her life essence... and... and dammit, she's a Rainbow Dash, we're the most awesome pegasai in any universe! If mid could make it back, I know rad could too!" This was the first time Dash swore, and the first time morgan would see that familiar fire in her eyes that was the signature of a Rainbow Dash. She might be more mild than he was used to but there was no question she was a true dash. "I dont know what happened. I dont know if Storm has her... or the Ice Queen... or Luna... or that psycho Celestia... or hell maybe she's even somewhere else like Stalliongrad or in the Redline... but I know she's alive... and your the only one who has no alliance to any of them. So I can trust you to look for her without hiding anything from me to appease your masters... I cant trust the others... not even Luna or even my old friends... dont get me wrong, I still love my friends, I speak with Chairman Applejack every other week and the Ice Queen even more often... but Rad was important. She had found some way to save our dieing world... and because of that, any or all of them might be hiding her away somewhere."
  9. Lamp smiled as Cane mentioned the cleanliness and coziness of the inn. "I'm glad you chanced by! This place is just perfect in storms." He glanced at the hearth and used his magic to stoke up the flickering flames within. He also levitated a couple ceder planks into the fire, causing the room to fill with sweet aromatics. "Welcome to the Honest Hearth by the way," He mentioned as he watched the stallion glance back out towards his ruined cart and supplies. "A pity about your cart..." She let a sad smile play on his muzzle. As Cane mentioned he'd like the small suite Lamp nodded and used his magic to dip the golden quill on the and move it over to Cane. He pressed the sign in book around to face his customer and nodded. "Please sign here if you would?" He tapped a hoof at and empty spot in the ledger. "And you'll attend dinner, wonderful!" He came around the counter now that business was taken care of. The other stallion did look a little warmer now that they were out of the rain but far from fully comfortable. "You'll be in the Heather Way suite." He trotted to the door, inviting Cane to follow. "Down this corridor," He nodded down the cobble stoned corridor that branched out into numerous small paths leading to the rooms. They were all covered from the rain but it certainly was no as warm out there as it had been in lobby. "Take the first right and you'll see the name of the suite painted on the door. Oh!" He chuckled. "Almost forgot. Your hoof please?" Lamp used a quick incantation on Cane's front hoof. "Just place this hoof on the door and it will open for you. Incantation keys are one of the small comforts of the Honest Hearth!" He waved Cane towards his room. "As for helping, perhaps you could assist with dessert preparations? Meet me at the kitchens when you're ready, they're just over here." He pointed to a door leading into the kitchen that was across from the lobby. --- The Heather Way suite was done out in the style of country comfort. It was modeled after one of Lamp's favorite rambles through the countryside outside of Ponyville. The room was sparkling clean and smelled like sweet oats with a dash of honey. All the comforts of home could be found within. As with most of the rooms within the Honest Hearth everything Cane could want to make himself comfortable could be found in the drawers, closets, and bathroom cabinets. When the incantation was placed on his hoof, the Inn could then provide the wants and needs of the guests. --- While Cane was in his room Lamp trotted back into the street. He cleared his throat and set to work on the remains of the cart. Cane seemed like a nice sort of fellow, and not bad to look at either! Lamp had always enjoyed helping others and perhaps he could salvage some more from the wreckage in front of him. Pieces and parts from the cart and supplies levitated from the mud. It wasn't long before Lamp had as much as he could of the cart and supplies into the work shop at the back of the Inn. He could work with this... --- A while later Lamp nodded at his work and made his way back to the kitchen to meet up with Cane...
  10. Morgan would seem to look saddened and somewhat....disorientated when they mention they were once good pony folk. “A-ahm Sorry lassy...I didn’t know....” ...and the story she told would seem to make him clench a hoof....it was as if the story she told, the horrors she had explained...it was as if they lit a fire within the paladin. Dash could see that there was a spark of someone familiar to dash...a certain other element she had befriended through competition. ”Aye, me mind may need expandin...but the same evils still remain,ere or there” Morgan would unclench the hoof,a little crackle being heard from it...was that electricity? ”Aye,ah’ll help ye...though ahm gonna need te start someplace...any idea where she was last seen an wot she looked like?” one could already tell he despised this storm person already.
  11. Applejack's jaw pretty much hit the deck when she spied her lovely mare. Of all the outfits the unicorn chose, her favorite of all was the Shadow Spade look! She couldn't help but let her heart beat a little faster as she thought of the charade they were about to play. Sure she would rather just stay but Rarity's side all evening but they had their parts to play! "Wowza darlin'!" She trotted over and gave Rarity a light kiss on the cheek. She'd learned that kissing Rarity right after she'd finished her makeup was a no no. "You look really really nice!" She blushed. "Ta think I'm the mare that get's to stand by yer side...well," She rubbed her hoof over her elbow. "Maybe not tonight." Applejack had done her best to get ready for the gala. A green satin number that matched her eyes, mane and tail brushed to a shine, a lace edged deep green bandanna tied around her neck. She had made sure to pick out on outfit that Rarity had approved of. "I hope I look the part fer the gala!" She glanced at Rarity again and tapped her muzzle in thought. "So, uh..." She raised a brow. "What do ya reckon we should be fighting about?" She laughed. "I could be stubborn on somethin'...that wouldn't be too far off from normal,"
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  13. Glitter watched as he produced a mess kit for her. She was used to this kind of meal. Living in the Frozen North really did a number on one's sense of charms. She levitated the offered can and took a fork to the topmost carrot. The unicorn chewed the mushy orange spear while using her magic to pull the lid back a little more from the contents. "Just the way I like em'..." She swallowed and looked over the choice of spices before opting from a small sprinkle of salt and pepper. "Thank you." She nodded to the food and took another bite. Hmmm, Advanced Spells huh? Well, he wasn't new to magics that was obvious by his age and the fact that he was a unicorn. However, a spell to conjure wings was not easy. She didn't let much go in the form of expression just a slight raise of the eyebrow when he got to the part about wings. She had never gotten anywhere near magic of that level. She had not graduated anywhere near the top of her class and possessed just the standards of unicorn kind. He spoke of unique needs but said nothing more about it. He was certainly going to keep himself to himself and she couldn't blame him. She didn't get much from most the creatures she ran into up here. There was a reason a pony lived in the Frozen North and being extroverted was not one of them. After a few more bites of carrots she set the can down and nodded. "Thanks for dinner." She glanced around again and called Koda to her side. The dog had been resting not far away from her. "We should be on our way." She took a quick sip of the now super chilled cocoa. "Gonna be getting colder soon." They would be fine outside and Glitter knew of a place they could bank down to the night not too far away.
  14. The black spec was nearing and if dash looked hard enough she could make out some strange machine with what looked like a pony riding it, both the pony's outfit, which seemed to be a form-fitting bodysuit and helmet, and the machine itself were black with accents of gray and neon green. The machine got near and just as it hit the beach, the pony on back leapt into the air, her wings fluttering gently so she landed without disturbing a single leaf. "So the great Alchemist finally returns, without Darkstar- I mean Nova... Mid wont be happy about that, but I'm sure she and Luna will both be glad to see you survived" The words sounded familiar, in fact it almost sounded like fluttershy's voice. However this pony... she was far slimmer than fluttershy, to say she was extremely thin would be an understatement, looking at this pony even with the skintight suit on would make most scream at her 'eat something before you starve to death!' it was a miracle that her body could move at all much less perform acrobatics like she did when she arrived. The pony looked at Dash expectantly, waiting for a response as if she knew her fairly well....
  15. Dash was, understandably, very confused as to what was happening, and she was mostly worried about her friends back home. Hopefully whatever dumped her out here left them alone. Looking around as the boat made it's way over, she eventually decided to just stand her ground and see what was coming from the castle. She was confident she could outrun it if it ended up being something bad.
  16. Dash nodded politely "nice to meet you" she said, but then sighed "yes, 'was' is right... after things settled down we kinda all drifted apart..." she paused though, looking a little suprised and a little upset "those... they weren't golems..." she looked pained "They were once ponies... they were the wonderbolts... storm took them and slowly twisted them into his own private police force... some of them got off better than others... I have an alliance with Soaren still... Lightning Dust was saved by my sister and last I heard was recovering... Spitfire..." she sighed "Spitfire completely lost her mind... she became a psychotic pyromaniac... she almost k... k..." dash struggled with the word "...she almost ended me and my family... if not for Rad..." She paused "I saw the way your looking at me. At my back. maybe this will better explain it to you..." she walked over to a small metal pedistol and pressed a series of buttons with her hoof. The ceiling slid away and a pair of robotic arms extended, reaching down to her back where he wings should be and pulling off what would best be described as highly realistic dust-covers, revealing large electronic ports on her back. The arms retracted into the ceiling and a new pair came down carrying what looked at first like amputated wings, but at closer inspection these wings were noticeably larger than usual and they shined of metal, and where they would usually attach to a pony's back were the male electronic connectors. the arms carefully positioned the wings and locked them in place, then retracted. Dash flapped the wings a few times then folded them up along her back and side like a normal pegasus would. "I lost my natural wings in an accident years ago, flying over a garbage dump not unlike the one we're over now. While it saddens me, it turns out that this was a blessing in disguise... as the world progressed, more and more racers were using cybernetic wings, if I had still had my own wings, I'd have been left behind and unable to compete" she spread the wings wide and glowing energy formed between the large metal 'feathers' turning into a forcefield. "This is the world your now in, Morgan. Your mind will soon be expanded" she paused dramatically, posing just as dramatically, before releasing the forcefield and letting the wings fold up again. She sighed and sat down "But the reason I need you..." she said, her eyes starting to redden a little as she forced back tears and steeled her emotions "I need somepony I can trust to find my sister."
  17. A home for my new art style and the OC's I have on the site.
  18. Morgan was definitely familiar with it. However,he wasn’t exactly one to fan girl over something like others would. He would take note of the Pegasis lack of wings and would decide to speak. ”Aye,ahve heard of ye...ye were one of those elements o harmony that had been goin about equestria...an te be honest,ahve had the odd experience with golems before.” He would relax himself and would remove his helm,revealing a grey stallion with a trimmed beard and glorious golden eyes...it was like looking into molten gold orbs. ”Ahm Morgan Greymane...now,wot sort of bloody business would Ye want with a lone wanderin lad?” he would say, straight to the point and not wanting to press her on the matter of her ‘missing limbs’....he lost his tail himself and he knows what pride can be lost from such things.
  19. ~~~Medo Asai~~~ Medo nodded respectfully to the Empress when she said that her attended would show her to the Respected Sir's chambers once their meeting had been concluded. It was at that moment that the Empress sat up from her chair, that she could now see was quite luxurious and probably very comfortable, and made her way over to her. What she told her next was... not completely expected. The weight that was behind what was said though, was unexpected, and the last phrase that the Empress used caught her a bit more off guard, especially with the way that she held her hoof over her heart. Even after everything she said, there was only two things that she could think of that she could request from the Empress, and only one made sense for the moment and could easily, or at least more easily be granted than the other. "I... I do have but one request, your highness. During my studies abroad and my brief stints back at home, I've had little time to make any lasting friendships. Be it the cultural differences or the brevity of time, it is something that has often alluded me. So if it would be possible... I... I request a friend," Medo said with a hopeful smile.
  20. Small slits on the side of the robot opened up and extended cylindrical shapes that spewed fire out the bottom, literally rocketing the robot and his occupant skyward. the other three followed suit. It took nearly a full minute to reach the airship, it was huge, it wasn't an exaggeration that a small town could be contained inside it. the ship itself was decorated in right colors, most of them pastel blue with quite a few small fountains that were releasing liquid rainbows into the bowls below. As the robots lead morgan inside the walls were still following the same pattern, with the ceiling painted to resemble clouds and occasional pillars that were also cloud-like. There were numerous pictures on the wall, some of which were animated, all of them showing a certain cerulean pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail as she won race after race, or simply lounged around or flew. It wouldn't take much brainpower to figure out who the owner of the Prismatic was... Indeed when they reached a central room, they would find the familiar sky-blue pony with rainbow mane and tail sitting on a large couch. the bizarre part though was that she seemed to be an earth pony with no wings! She was watching what appeared to be a massive moving painting that also emitted words! It looked like it was showing scenes from some kind of war, but as soon as morgan entered, the mare on the couch picked up a remote and turned it off. the screen turning black. "Thank you, you can all take your leave now" the robots remained only a moment more before they left, leaving the two in the same room. "Please forgive them, storms experiments tragically left them with barely enough intelligence to follow basic orders" she sighed sadly "I dont know if you know me, since your not from this world. My name is Rainbow Dash" she spoke very calmly and politely, a little quietly. In fact if morgan was familiar with the six 'heroes' he would likely feel that this pony was less like the rainbow dash of his world and in fact closer in demeanor to Fluttershy.
  21. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer did indeed follow him outside of the window to the outdoors. the spacious outdoors where she didn't have to worry too much about blowing something away. She also watched as he made sure that all the sails were tightly wound. that was a good idea that she hadn't thought off. Didn't matter how good the anchors were if she made a hurricane!! Once he was finished, Wind smiled as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "Making sure is good. Any extra precautions are good for in case I get lost in the music, which... is likelier to happen than you'd think... As far as what I would like to hear, I'm okay with anything you wanna play! So if you got new stuff that you're working on I'll be glad to take a listen," she said with a smile.
  22. Iggy just stared, almost in a daze as Ice explained her past. Finally the kirin sighed "I thought I had it rough... growing up a mute in a mute village because of immature leadership, trying to learn magic and take care of my little brother half the time because since we couldn't talk none of us could tell the others what was going on..." she paused and slowly put her arm around ice, as if unsure if the pony would welcome the embrace or not "I had no idea how bad it was for you, ma'am... or for others like jasper... or cloudy for that matter... but I'll let him tell you his story later if he feels like it... I'm so sorry, ma'am" after a moment she sighed, but did not remove her arm from ice's soldier "I dont doubt that you meant jasper no harm, ma'am - he is young and immature and doesn't fully understand the world. He's probably hurt and confused right now... thats why he's treating you like he would any other pony he met, with harsh sarcasm and caustic comments... like I said, give him time and he'll probably get everything figured out in his head... right now he's had a lot to take in, and it like nothing he's ever dealt with... hell I dont think he's ever even seen a changeling, so what you did was completely new territory for him..." It was about this time that she would hear a communication from the guards still in canterlot "We found Harle. She looks like... like she just watched a foal die in her arms or something... she gave us back the communicator and asked to deliver a message to somepony named Singlestone. Message follows" then a string of seemingly nonsensical numbers and letters were spoken, matching no known cipher - completely useless without the decoder, likely even ice and her crew would have no way of making sense of it given it was so short. Meanwhile outside the arguing had gotten quieter, but it was clear that cloudy and Jasper had not come to a conclusion in their discussion yet...
  23. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Yeah, there was definitely something going on. Cloudy and Jasper stepped outside and began arguing, while she listened to Iggy start talking to Ice. How Jasper was born in the dragonlands and that so far his only real interaction with ponies had been them not bothering with him, Helping him, or even acknowledging him. She added that he doubted that they would have gotten along with him if it wasn't for the fact that they were half-breeds themselves. She further added that the whole Frost and herself thing probably didn't help much. To which Ice Sighed. "I tried to warn him, I really did. I was dropping hint after hint without just coming out and doing what I did with you. Mind you, I only did that because we were in the restroom. Had you confronted me out in the open, there's no possible way I could have been so direct about it. It was like I said when we finally got to the restroom. I was happy that someone finally took the bait," she started "As far as what happened to Jasper when he first got to Equestria, that's not surprising at all. For all the talk of harmony and friendship, ponies are vile and vicious creatures. Being a pony, I'll be the first to admit it. What I said in the restroom wasn't hyperbole. I was abandoned by my parents when I was Five because a Noblepony by the name of Golden Hoof, which... ironically as it is, isn't the same Golden Hoof that I'm tracking, came into my parents lives and dumped wealth and status on them. My father, didn't take kindly to the fact that I was five, and that I had yet to show any signs of magic. A unicorn noble family couldn't have a unicorn that couldn't use magic in it, among... other conditions, one of which I never grew out of and never will... So I was considered by my father a blight to the family, and my mother did nothing to stop it." "Mind you, this comes after my family being the most joyous family for the first bit. Golden Hoof Showed up when I was almost four, all of that happened in little over a year my own parents, or well... my father went from loving to maniacally obsessed with bits, wealth, and status. I later found out, once I had everything here set up, that the Golden Hoof responsible for the destruction of my family had made a living doing this kind of stuff. That ever since he had been diagnosed with impotency... he made it his life goal to ruin every family he came across that was happy. My only regret is that somepony else beat me to him." "All of that leads us back to the original topic. I was homeless in Fillydelphia before I was homeless in Canterlot. A homeless filly, mind you... and nopony... not a single one, thought to ask anything about it. Not a single pony offered to take me in, especially not in Canterlot. I went there because I had heard the stories about it and I just knew that a city where the princesses lived, everypony had to be nice there right? Wrong. I spent the next several years sleeping underneath a tree under the park, and bathing in the lake in the middle of it. Eventually a few younger ponies caught on to what was going on, and after about three years of that I was finally brought into a household, and put through magic school. What's become of that since, well... you're sitting in it. So I'm not the least bit surprised that Jasper couldn't find anypony willing to help him when he arrived." "I mean... They don't even help their own, and are racist over what type of pony you are to begin with. A dragon? Unless he found the one perfect individual, or individuals as he did with you and Cloudy, Then that's the reaction he would have gotten. Would I have acted that way when I was younger? Honestly, probably not. I would have seen another creature being lamented by the populace. I would have to say that even then, had our paths crossed I would have at least tried to be his friend, just as I am now if he lets me. But, it's because of what happened to me, what happened to Jasper, and I'm sure what's happened to countless others, that I do what I do." "It was the second reason I founded STAR. To protect Equestria from invasions. Despite all of our issues, no one in Equestria deserves to die or be captured and enslaved. To give a home to those that Equestrian Society have failed should they choose to accept it. Like the Harle's, Like the unreformed changelings, like the ponies whom lost everything they had because someone above them wasn't making enough money to be happy. And then the third reason ties into the second. To hold those who would actively seek harm to others or would willingly make it so a pony would fall into the second rule accountable and make sure that something like that can't happen again." "The only way to do that is by making examples. And I don't mean killing them, no. Any noble that engages in activities to punish those beneath them because they can, because they feel like they're better because life dealt them a better hand, will find out what it's like to be on the lower end stripped of titles and assets and must start anew. Unfortunately, only the princess has that power, so before I can do anything to the individual, I must have substantial evidence, like I do in this instance. I do hope that he can find it within him to forgive me. I never once made it my intention to be dishonest with him, and everything I have done so far, was done with the intent of making Equestria as a whole a better place," Ice finished. Iggy would probably notice at this point that with her spheres docked in her amulet, the aura of cold was no longer present.
  24. Morgans indeed would climb on the beings back. Albeit rather heavy,due to his rather knightly looking armor. It was like carrying another robot on the robots back. Though it could probably lift him due to it being...well,a robot "So where to now,eh metal man?....Ye arent exactly planning on flyin,are Ye?" morgan would say,patting the metal thing with an iron hoof. The robot (and the mare piloting it) would be able to see that his weapon was indeed a metal sword...albeit a rather heavy one. He could probably use a lighter blade in this day and age of lasers and lights. Though the sword he currently wielded looked like it could cleave through a robot just fine through sheer weight,it looked more akin to a large slab of sharpened iron with a pointed tip and crossguard than a normal sword. Something an earth pony would definitely use.
  25. "Once your on the ship where its safe. We're too close to dangerous ponies who can spy on us." responded the Mare The robot lay down "PLEASE CLIMB ON MY BACK" it commanded, presumably it could either teleport or fly one, though it wasn't too clear which since it didn't seem to have a horn or wings.
  26. funny thing was that this stallion had no tail...though he didn't really like people reaching for him. As he heard the mare talk however,he would think on it a bit. "Only one she could trust...this sounded like she was in big trouble." He though to himself. He would look to the mare and would trot over to her,his heavy armor making a clanking sound as he came close. "Alright then lass..let's git to yer ship then" he would say in a calm voice,though still having that signature foreign accent. He understood from her that that she wasn't meaning to be hostile...though he still didn't like it. His cutie mark was covered by armor so she wouldn't be able to see what his talent was but from his height and size,one could assume fighting. He would take a pause before saying... "Ye mind tellin me yer name or are we goin the ahve te go on a date first?" He would joke,his helm hiding the gentle smile he was giving.
  27. "RESISTANCE DETECTED!" announced the robot as it moved to grab the stallion's tail "I said no violence! Just how stupid are you?!" exclaimed the mare, though the sound of her voice made it clear that she was less angry and more upset, she didn't like violence it seemed and she didn't like those under her command being violent to others The robot seemed to scowl, though it was very hard to tell. "Its not safe to talk outside, please, come onto my ship and I'll explain everything. I need your help. Your an unknown, you dont have alliances, your the only one I can trust"
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