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  4. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    Daedalus’ half-slumber was disturbed by shouting outside the tent. It had been no more than a day since their displacement and not long after their expected return; indeed they were still within their arrival window. Even if word had returned to Canterlot and Stalliongrad that they had been left behind at the crash site, there would still have been lead time for a decision to be made and search parties to be assembled. That a rescue party would find them so soon and with such precision was… suspicious to say the least. Now might be a good time to wake up Twilight. “Twilight,” he whispered, rolling back over. “Twilight--” The space that Twilight had blissfully slumbered in mere moments ago was empty. Daedalus froze. The murmurs outside continued. Quietly, with as little movement as possible, Daedalus reached out an aetheric tendril to check the front flap of the tent. The wards had been undone, an act that could only be done from the inside. Seeing as how there was also little sign of struggle, Twilight was not forcibly extracted from the tent. By all accounts it was safe. But Daedalus still didn’t feel right and something had to be done. He sighed and donned his harness, leaving the tattered remains of the cloak behind. If Twilight was being debriefed by a rescue party he supposed it best to show himself so that they would not assume him hostile. He nosed open the makeshift tent flap and stepped outside. Blinking back the brightness, Daedalus stopped dead in surprise. Standing before him in all of her solar majesty was Princess Celestia herself. Though he had yet to meet her in person, Twilight had gushed endlessly about her mentor and reigning diarch of Equestria. This was certainly a treat -- just not after the escapades of the previous night and the tribulations of the previous day. Having a shower and the opportunity to groom himself into something less disheveled would have been nice. Having the opportunity to collect himself more would have been nicer. One glance at Twilight was enough to put a twinge in his cheeks, partly out of the still-fresh memories of the previous night and partly out of the egregious self-awareness that such a thing was happening. This wasn’t like him. He didn’t get emotional, attached -- infatuated. It was a jumble of emotions and racing thoughts that Daedalus was not used to at all. He had little time to hesitate, however. Twilight embraced the princess warmly, leading Daedalus to dismiss the last of his doubts about the nature of their rescue party in spite of his suspicions. He put on his “game face” on and stepped forward. The sudden clink of metal and shuffle of hooves stopped him dead in his tracks. In an instant, the guards had formed a spear wall between him and the princesses. “Now, now, let’s not be too hasty,” he said, holding up a single hoof in a halting gesture. “Princess Twilight? There appears to be a… misunderstanding here.”
  5. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Halvard was, as one might expect, significantly more disappointed at the lack of response from his customer, but he kept his face smiling as all the little statuettes. "Oh? Well, usually they are built around little hot springs near a village. Of course, when a city grows, the buildings come all around it, leaving it as a kind of bathing-garden in the middle. At least, that seems to have happened here. Since not many have their own tubs in their house, and even if they do hot water is not always easy to come by, many use the public springs. I do myself, partly as a way of letting the locals become familiar with me. We needn't take one today, if you don't feel up to it, but definitely soon." Calder was likely to feel more confident in meeting the locals after being cleaned and groomed, Halvard was willing to bet.
  6. Hide and Seek: East in the Past (Closed: Attn Blueblood)

    Feng only answered her pleading with the sort of wicked grin that only a young colt could muster. "Uh-uh, I'm gonna have to take a bath when I get home, why shouldn't you?" And with that, he began to bounce up and down upon Hanabi's back, aiming to make her loose her paw-grip on the top of the piles and collapse. Of course, this also loosened his own grip, so that a sudden rearing from her could just dump him in the stream. All depended on her presence of mind in that moment...
  7. RainbowFoxxy's Crew

    Zecora Cast WoE (T2) Zebra Mare Role Play Type: World of Equestria PROFILE RP TEXT COLOR: Purple -Threads- Not yet active
  8. Zecora (Ready)

  9. Zap's First Year (Apples and friends)

    Rainbow smiled at her Applejack and gave her a kiss on the muzzle. She took a step back, tilting her head slightly. Something seemed a bit odd with the love of her life... she wondered what it could be. She would ask later, not now. She knew better than to bring up a question that could be tricky in front of relatives and the like. Rainbow had learned quite a bit about AJ over the past year. The strain of raising their little bundle of joy had changed them both. Not for the better or for the worse.. just changed them. She nodded to Grand Pear as he made his introduction. They of course were trying to understand how the little Zappers had been born at all. Magic was really the one and only explanation needed. Granny was sure right about that! Rainbow was glad the family was able to move on from questioning his birth quickly and get to partying. "Hey there Grand Pear! AJ told me all about you! Glad to meet you!" She shook his hoof before her eyes started to follow the crowd to where the party was going to take place. "You like cake I hope!" Rainbow couldn't hide the gleam in her eyes as Zap buzzed his little wings and continued to babble out words. He was gonna be fast! He was gonna be smart! He was gonna be resourceful! He was gonna be well... the best stallion Equestria had ever seen! How could he not be with Rainbow Dash and Applejack as his mommas?
  10. Last post wins

    I don't think WD1 fully understands this thread. The "game" ended a long time ago; this is now a locus of...something else. No coffee? I think trying to explain coffee to someone who was never raised in its wiles won't truly understand how amazing it is. I think it's like...something you're introduced to at a young age, and it grows on you before you discover what it's truly about -- I fostered my love for it early with a mug of coffee presented to me, with lots of milk, as a little girl. Whenever someone at my second job orders a cup of coffee with half the rest of the cup cream and around two cups of sugar, it's clear to me they missed the point a long time ago and their tastes mutated into a lust for this diabeetus-inducing sludge of debauchery and lost hope. All that said, I forgive you, Patch. Keep going without; you don't need know what you're missing, if you never actually missed it.
  11. My Roleplay Introduction (Introduction 2)

    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  12. Hi?

    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  13. Hello ^^

    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  14. Last post wins

    It's pointing to everyone, Patch...everyone....
  15. [Open] A real headcase.

    "Actually I was about to head to the library to browse citizen archived letters. It is a situation of utmost importance, and I'm sure even if they are restricted, I can persuade the appropriate authority of the need." It was funny how coincidences happened. Lore Weaver knew it all too well. It wasn't long ago that upon meeting a future Princess of Friendship and after a tragedy that rocked his life and others in Ponyville that led to him being a librarian in the first place. Maybe certain coincidences were more like fate. Maybe talking to this pony would be another one of these cases. "Utmost importance, huh? Well, I'm not sure how many letters are archived. Usually those are just from ponies who wish them to be stored for a later date when they complete some autobiography or memoir, or they want to pass along their knowledge or way of life in the past. May I ask what this utmost importance is?" While this pony's quest intrigued him, Lore certainly didn't want to ignore the dragon. He was surprised how Kobo was not seen by the unicorn since then. Ponyville after all wasn't as big as say Canterlot and most ponies knew each other's names. That and the fact that seeing a dragon in a sea of ponies would be a red flag. "Ah've lived here for a fair bit mahself, Lore. Ah'm more lost on what ta do at the moment, Ah got no work ta do right now." The little dragon shrugged. "Nice ta meet ya'll though." "Wait, if you're lost on what to do, would you like to help me help Lensblot with his request? Two heads are better than one."
  16. A Little Me Time [Open]

    Lens looks up at the hotel with a whistle, he had never been near this one before; even getting this close was something normally only done by the big shots of society, the heroes and hugely successful, briefly looking over the construction as they walk up towards it, he also studies the paths and ponies around them, until they stood still near the entrance, he sighs "Okay, enough sightseeing." he starts focusing on the areas Rarity points out for him, trying to neglect the fact that this place probably had bathrooms bigger than his current home. In his mind he pictures all the elements, the case at the top, linked to both the hotel, and the other case, he then factors in the security door, and the fact that would separate the case from its owner, and a second was all it took a talented pickpony to make off with goods, the tassels on it would almost certainly attract attention, however the only way to be sure of what was happening was one he was very annoyed about; he knew this would not be an easy task, but it just turned into an adventure. He turns to Rarity "Alright, here's the plan. I reckon there is a pony on this security team who is using their position in an area with so much wealthy luggage to sneak some off site whilst nopony is looking, our perfect target is somepony either low in the chain, or the pony in charge of the top of the chain, as they are the only ones with nopony glaring over their shoulders. I need one large attractively expensive looking bag, I'll hide in it, and you go to check it in, if luck isn't on my side, which it never is, the bag will be swept up by our mysterious thief, and I will be able to take it from there, I shan't ask you to accompany me on this part, it would not be right to put you in such a legally compromising position."
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    Is that supposed to point to me or you Because it's pointing to you
  18. A Little Me Time [Open]

    Lens' self-assuredness was very comforting. Rarity was worried that she would lose the piece and have to whip something up on critically short notice. Could she? Well, she was Equestria's greatest designer if she said so herself, and she did, so she knew she could. But it was the principle of the matter. She had spent so long on it, spent considerable sums and a not-insignificant amount of personal experience helped inflame the passion behind the design. Even if she were to create a piece worthy of the moment and herself however it would never be able to replace the affection and emotion that went into the previous work. "Well, with you on the case I am sure we will retrieve it. I will perish any thought otherwise," she replied with frank joy, pleased and delighted that the directions she had been given with a bit of a joking tint had turned out so well. "I am sure your nose for the truth and hard-bitten ways will come in well for us on this journey," she added, ascribing to him all the traits of the private investigator from a rather rote crime drama. Payment wise, she would keep coy about the specifics for now. She was a generous mare by her nature and this was very important to her, two factors which made for a lucrative reward for services rendered. But there was a vital list of questions being asked and she was going to be as thorough as possible. "I had reservations for the Princess suite of the Royal Grande, one of the most prestigious and, I believed, secure hotels in the city. I had checked in at around noon, ahead of schedule but I was simply so excited I had to get relocated and focused before I could dream of going forward with the rest of my work. The suitcase in question is a dull blue suitcase with a number lock to prevent access, and purple tassels to distinguish it from my other dull blue suitcase with a number lock which has green tassels," she answered in even tones. As she did so they got into a carriage and, in relatively short time, they arrived at the hotel. It was one of the largest hotels in a city famous for them. Several security ponies stood out front with a list, not allowing entry to anypony not on it. There was a hustle and bustle of staff as they met with clients outside of the doors, taking luggage in through a smaller door marked security. Rarity waved towards all assembled. "When I checked in, I remember very clearly it going into that security door. It never left, yet the security supervisors said it never even arrived!"
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    Hello everyone of Canterlot.
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  21. Las Pegasus, the city of a thousand dreams born a minute and a thousand others dashed just as quickly. The city lived large and loud in the sky and ground and the strip was world famous for its ability to enrapture you. It thrived on tourism and was known as an international entertainment capital, perhaps the most well known and extravagant of any to claim that crown. The lure of the bright lights, stage shows to die for, games and parties at all times of the night, combined to create an atmosphere that was always three trots away from the closest sense of responsibility and neck deep in passion and excitement. Everypony seemed to go at least once in their lives and those who made it a regular stop would eventually grow to love the sense of absolute freedom that pervaded it. Perhaps it was this larger than life sensibility that made Cherry Jubilee pick it? No doubt that the previous year had been very successful, as far as Valen knew. The cherry farm was doing exceptionally well while her saloon was one of the most active in the region. The books must have been balanced more than favorably because she had chosen Las Pegasus as her next vacation destination. It may have seemed strange for a country mare like her to choose such a city but the lure was always stronger the less likely you were to enjoy it, Hazel believed, and consistency in character meant truly little when the bright lights and endless shows beckoned you. It could be a truly impressive city. Valen wasn't as impressed, though he was excited to go along with her. She wasn't sure why Cherry had invited him, but Hazel knew in her heart of hearts that it didn't much matter. Going on any vacation with friends and family was always a boon in and of itself. Las Pegasus wasn't as impressive to him since she was a colt of Manehattan, but like any filly of that city, Valen understood that his perception was skewed. The shows of Las Pegasus were definitely more kitsch than the quality of Manehattan's Bridleway, but in the end it didn't matter. They could have gone to Swamp Body Park and a good time would be had. Friendship was a truly impressive measure of quality control. So was eficient packing. Hazel had made a concerted effort to ensure that she fit all of his vacation gear into three suitcases and was somewhat puzzled as to why it had taken even that. Did she need all of these clothes? Did he really believe they'd encounter so many situations? Well, she figured it was best to be prepared. Preparation was why he had done so well here with Cherry. As Hazel Blossom, she had worked as a barmaid to help satisfy Applejack's debt to Cherry Jubilee. That required twenty-four seven passing as a filly, something his career as a supermodel (filly) had prepared her for. It had been...some time later and while the debt had been reduced, he was still working as Hazel. It had become outrageously simple, as if no work was needed at all. Something about it tickled the back of her mind about it, something off, but he brushed it aside. She had a vacation to go on. "I'm ready, Miss Jubilee. Do you need any help or are we ready to go?" Hazel asked, his voice bouncing energetically above the quiet of the house. They had a train to catch ad it was due in town any moment, but it wasn't taking off immediately. It was always better to get the job done and be in place before hoof, however. She was not a procrastinator by nature, a fact emphasized as he grabbed all three of his suitcases and tossed them into the carriage they had rented outside. she ran a hoof through his mane once more, making sure it was as silky smooth as desired- easy challenge, her entire body felt silky smooth whether or not he wanted it too. "I'm very excited. Excellent choice, Miss Jubilee. I think you'll have a grand time in Las Pegasus," Valen said energetically, all too aware that Cherry was in for a blast. He didn't know just how much of Hazel that involved, however.
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