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  3. Ponyville was a wonderland of possibility when the first snow of the season fell. A few months from now the cold would drive them all indoors and to the safety of a warm fire but for now it was an exciting development. The cold and brief shock of sensation that awaited you when the snow fell on you, the decorating of the town in the soft shades of white, blue, and even the shadowed black that they cost in time, the crunch and the feel after it all compacted just right under your hooves. The snowponies and the fights, the warm cocoa next to a window, so many wonderful things that reminded her of this season and how it made her feel. She could scarcely imagine a more delightful palette for the two mares to paint the town with. It had taken some cajoling to get Fluttershy to come along but Rarity knew that she would enjoy it in the end. Once she made some ponies smile and saw the joy and goodwill a simple song could spread, she would warm up to the idea quickly enough to make Rarity grow concerned about melting the snow! This was a season that brought out the best in everycreature and when it came to the best of any creature it was Fluttershy's sweetness and love of all things that struck her most sincerely. It came through in the way she sang and Rarity could think of no finer companion to go caroling with. They dressed warm and fabulously- Fluttershy made even relatively simple and homely outfits sing with her breathtaking natural beauty- and Rarity made sure to dress well for the occasion herself. "Oh, think nothing of it, Fluttershy. I couldn't imagine a finer pony to share this with. I guarantee that you will have yourself a grand time by the end of the evening. How do my snowboots look?" She asked, stopping in place to show them off. "I was debating between them and something with a nice, festive red but it would have clashed with my hat and I wanted to go with something that would match the soft light of the town, as well as my scarf. Think it works?" She said with a small twirl. Upon what would most assuredly be a positive response, she would sigh appreciatively and look around. "Well, enough time for that. Come now, let us spread good cheer and warm tidings to our beloved town, starting...there!" She said excitedly as she trotted in the direction of Filthy Rich's abode.
  4. Vera wasn’t entirely sure what was going on around here, but that just made him all the more curious to find out. The hippogriff was perched on a roof nearby, bundled up as much as he could as he listened to the two ponies talk about what was going on. Seemed interesting enough, see how long you could last in the cold water before diving for the hot stuff. He nodded to himself, about to go down and sign up when a group of three appeared and caused him to hang back and observe what was going down. And then another pony came in after them. He waited a few more moments before flying down and walking up to the table, waiting his turn to sign in as he looked over the other hippogriff. Didn’t seem to be one he recognized, which was probably for the best since that more than likely was true the other way too.
  5. Fluttershy and Rarity had been out of the singing game for quite some time. Though Rarity would continue to exercise her hobby of being a talented soprano for the Ponytones, Fluttershy would usually only sing to her animal friends, and once at a private show for her friends to see. She wanted to do something nice for the citizens of her town but was persuaded by Rarity to do the traditional thing during Hearth's Warming Fluttershy never looked forward to doing. Sure, Fluttershy could sing songs casually in public, but the moment she took notice that others took notice of her, it struck irrational fear in the yellow pegasus' spine. It was too bad, too. She was a very talented singer in her own right who did it for the right reasons. She enjoyed it. But deciding to go with Rarity on a coralling trip with just the two of them ended up being something she would agree to attempt. And maybe after one slightly uncomfortable holiday evening bellowing out her songs in the first snowfalls of winter in Ponyville, she would be closer to be less afraid of being heard singing. "Thanks for suggesting this idea to go carolling throughout Ponyville, Rarity. It was a good idea." Fluttershy hesitated. "Even though I may not be too excited about singing in front of other ponies." She smirked a nervous smile. Fluttershy was walking away with Rarity from the unicorn's boutique and into the direction of the residential zones of Ponyville proper. The sun had already set and Ponyville's street lamps speckled a friendly constellation along the pathways. Fluttershy was wearing a cozy sweater and a pair of earmuffs with pink flower designs on them. If the paths were clear of the light snow that fell earlier in the day, she would have no problem keeping warming through the evening.
  6. The Plunge sounded simultaneously like the best and worst event ever. From one perspective, it seemed really unsafe and like ponies could get really hurt, but then again, apparently Pinkie Pie was in charge and she was sure it was physically impossible for one to get actually hurt around her. Even though Loose was born in Appleloosa, she spent the majority of her life here and as such she could be considered biologically neutral on the temperature scale. But such an event wasn't just about physical endurance, it was also about mental endurance for one could probably stay in longer than their nervous system wanted to. And how could such a pony of her figure not even attempt this at all? She found out about the event through one of Pinkie's totally not discreet announcements; one of the types where it seemed she hadn't even prepared it yet but was certain it was going to happen. Because of this she felt like she was surprisingly early to the event, normally being late due to lack of communication (no, posters are not a valid form of communication, thank you government.) She was actually lucky when she arrived at the table because she wasn't the only one there. While she was taught how to write her name in print, that only really works if you know where to write it in the first place. "Hey, Cloudy, sorry to run off on you the other day. Had to get the food home before... stuff happened to it you know." That was probably the greatest excuse she could come up with now. "Are those your friends over there. Are they participating too? Which reminds me, can you put me down as well? Kind of hard to do it myself." It was about then that she started getting second thoughts. But she ignored them. "The recovery might be more intense than the actual event. Assuming one of us doesn't go through cold shock." She kind of hoped that wouldn't deter him.
  7. Tiger was walking down the street, whistling a carol to himself as he made his way to this advertised party. His spear held up using a hoof and a shoulder, a bag tied to the far end acting like a bit of a counter-weight. Despite the colder weather, he was still wearing nothing but his typical pants. No point in dressing up for this, not that he really had anything all that fancy he could wear anyways, so whatevs. The earth pony soon enough arrived at the place in question, a rather impressive school, it seemed. He shrugged to himself as he walked in, moving towards the gift table to deposit his present, removing it from the bag. It was a pretty nondescript box, simple red wrapping paper wrapped in a green bow. He put it one the table, glancing over at the vibrating table curiously before looking around the room. Seems there was a fair number of creatures here already, and he decided he'd go hang with that magic mare. Leaning his spear against the wall in a nearby corner, he headed over to Trixie. "Hey there. Name's Tiger Blood, how's it hanging?" He asked as he stopped nearby her, giving a small wink. --------------------- The next guest to arrive was a very purple unicorn. Or, at least she looked like a unicorn. Flux had been bouncing her way down the street, and that didn't change as she made her way inside. She waved happily at all the creatures already inside as her gift hung from her mouth. It was a rather circular package, though also relatively flat. It was wrapped in a sparkly purple paper with a pink ribbon tied around it. She smiled happily, loudly humming Hearthswarming carols as she made her way to the tables and placed her gift with the others. With that accomplished, she started curiously poking the vibrating table, giggling a bit as she did.
  8. Cloudy Skies Jasper Dragon Azure "Iggy" Ignine The happy atmosphere and relative quiet, was soon broken by the sound of a VERY over-excited kirin walking down the hallways at first only a few words were heard, but as they grew closer, the voice grew clearer... and it might have gotten a little awkward for the princess, because the voice was talking non-stop about Twilight being there at the celebration... When the three Entered, indeed the Kirin couldn't hold in her excitement and made a beeline for Twilight, tossing her gift to Jasper, who, thankfully, was expecting this to happen and caught it easily, looking very annoying. Indeed he wasn't the only one, the Hippogryph also seemed glad that they'd arrived and Iggy was heading over to talk to Twilight... no doubt ever since they'd gotten the notice specifically stating that the Princess of Equestria herself would be there, Iggy had not stopped babbling on and on about it... Iggy ran up to Twilight "Your really Princess Twilight Sparkle!" she exclaimed, almost squeeing "Its such an honor and a pleasure to meet you! I've admited you for years and looked up to you and you inspired me to become a magical researcher myself! Its such an honor and a pleasure to finally meet you!" she repeated herself without even realizing it she was so excited "Can you please sign my book? I've read it no less than 17 times trying to learn everything I possibly could!" she pulled out a very well-read copy of the Journal that indeed seemed to have been read many, many times At this point Cloudy sighed "she's making a scene...." he said, his claw going to his face "here, take care of mine too" he said, shoving his gift into jasper arms as well as he headed for the kirin "Iggy... come on, your making a scene" he whispered in her ear as he pulled her away "But cloudy! This is THE Princess Twilight Sparkle! The font of magic herself! The queen of equestria! the princess of Friendship!" whined Iggy as she was drug away By now Jasper made his way to the table, he glanced at spike and smirked a little, giving him a nod since he was a fellow dragon, then glanced at Twilight "Hey. Yeah, sorry 'bout iggy, she's kinda..." he shrugged, he then placed the gifts on the table. Iggy's gift was rather wide and narrow and weighed quite a bit... no doubt Twilight would be able to take one look at it and know exactly what it was... it was wrapped in green paper with a red bow, fairly plain, but done with precision. Cloudy's gift was in a larger box, about 6-inches in each direction, and bizarrely it had a pattern of seaponies wearing hearthswarming hats... strange but appropriate for a hippogryph.. Jaspers gift was completely flat and a large square (clearly a record album) wrapped in the most generic paper with holiday ornaments printed on it. After depositing the gifts, Jasper nodded at the pair and went over to join his family at the refreshments table, where cloudy was still struggling somewhat to keep iggy from running back up there to pester Twilight... -----=====-----=====----- Fleeting Hope The little changeling slowly made her way into the room, looking around one way then the other... she may have been a student there, but she clearly didn't know much about friendship yet, and the fact she was young and still a little nervous about her new form wasn't helping. It was ironic that she had once been so outgoing before she started at the school, but that was pure naivetae and innocence, now that the full reality had come and hit her right in the face, things were a bit more awkward for Hope. She slowly snuck over to the table and placed her gift on it... It was a pine cone with a red ribbon tied around it... clearly she didn't fully understand the idea of the event, but being a changeling who had only lived a short while away from Chrysalis, it wasn't too surprising, and she did at least tie a nice bow around it! -----=====-----=====----- The Great and Powerful Trixie Things were fairly quiet and calm, everyone seemed to be having a good time talking among themselves, but then the lights somehow dimmed, calling attention away from whatever everycreature was doing, and a loud voice rang out "AND NOW, TO FILL YOU WITH HOLIDAY CHEER, THE GRRRRRRREAT AND POWERFULLLLLLL TTTRRRRRIXIE!!!" And with that there was a flash of smoke as magical fireworks lit up the room (thankfully without smoke) as Trixie made her appearance, bowing and levitating not just one gift, but a full EIGHT... all wrapped identically - in paper that was a pale green with a pattern of circles that showed Trixie's face wearing a santa hat... and the ribbon was purple with stars that all glowed brightly. Given the size, shape, and weight, though, clearly all eight were identical... Trixie smiled "Seasons Greetings Equestria!!!" she called out as the gifts made a large circle around the room before landing on the table as the ever-boastfull mare winked and smirked at Twilight as she headed out into the still rather sparce crowd. After all the excitement, ponies might notice that there was now a second empty table near the first one for the gifts, and that table seemed to be shaking slightly....... The trio meerly rolled their eyes at trixie's antics, they'd heard about her and none were impressed...
  9. Cloudy Skies Jasper Dragon Azure "Iggy" Ignine The freshly fallen snow had already been thrown to the side, which was a good thing - it gave the dragon something less to complain about... While jasper was trailing along behind the other two, grumbling to himself, the griff and kirin were looking at the lovely sight of the small town decorated for heartswarming - something else that Jasper didn't particularly understand or care for. "I dont see why we have to do this stupid swimming event, its way too cold!" commented the dragon, wearing a long coat and boots, trying to keep warm "Because its a local tradition and observing tradition will help my studies, it might some how tie in to why this town is a magnet for the bizarre" explained iggy, who herself was wearing a just a scarf, though her thick mane was almost like a coat itself given how large it was. "And friends compromise, Jasper. Trust me, I may have lived in the water in my youth, but it never got this cold there!" commented Cloudy, who was bundled up almost as much as Jasper, in a large coat, hat, boots, gloves, and a scarf. When they got there, though, Iggy was the first to look around confused "I thought this was supposed to be a huge holiday tradition, where is everypony?" she asked, floating a book out from... somewhere... and flipping through it "There should be no fewer than twenty ponies here, possibly as many as fifty, and at least one to three griffons!" "Iggy, we're probably early, and your book doesn't predict the future, you know that" commented cloudy with a smirk "Good reason to turn and go home!" said Jasper, turning, though finding Cloudy had grabbed his tail "Hey!" "Look, jasper, this is important to iggy, you dont want to disappoint her, do you?" asked the hippogryph Jasper sighed "Fine." he said, crossing his arms "doesn't mean I like it" Cloudy nodded as he headed over to the signup table, leaving Iggy and Jasper together to observe the area
  10. "You have to fire it a few times first to charge it up, the heat is what makes the final blast" she said Singlestone shook his head at the overly simplified explanation "On a ship this large I can design a system that doesn require charging up" he explained "on the Captain's gun the heat is producing the electricity, but on a ship of that size, you could devote an entire engine room to producing hte power, though you'd still need the heat ray to guide the blast" he paused "and it must be preciciely calibrated or else when it fires it will either discharge straight into the ground, or, unfortunately likely, it may strike the ship... the beam last only a split second, so if anything's off by fractions of that time...."
  11. Sugar Apple reflected on Earthy’s musings as she finished breakfast and waited to be delivered her bill. As she started counting the bits for both her and her ex’s meals (as if she was going to insist that a down on his luck stallion foot up his half), Mr. Writer proposed another meeting this evening. The mare replied without hesitation; “Sure thing, hun! Ah may run a lil’ late, and ah’ll definitely be pooped as heck, but meet me back hyar at ‘round six or so.” Leaving her money on the table, the pegasus mare got up along with Earth Writer. “Ah suppose ah gotta head off now,” Sugar announced as she put a hoof on one of the stallion’s scruffy cheeks; “Take care, Earthy.” The mare stood there for a moment or so as if unsure what to do, before ultimately giving Earthy a quick peck on his other cheek; “.....Ah missed ya, hun.” With all the changes to her life, Sugar Apple was glad to indulge herself with at least one little bit of happy nostalgia. With nothing else left to do, Sugar started to trot out of Feather Jon’s, but not before giving her former coltfriend one last grin; “Don't be a stranger now, you hear!” *EXIT SUGAR APPLE*
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Brassy Hammer Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: Gray Mane/Tail: Red/Orange Physique: Very Strong (She's a smith, she can practically tear trees in half) Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Resident blacksmith of E.V.I.L.'s base Cutie Mark: Large Smith's Hammer Crossed with Tongs Unique Traits: Formerly a notorious sellsword, she now forges/repairs weapons and armor for Team E.V.I.L. History: Growing up the only foal to a blacksmith, Brassy spent her youth learning the craft. Unfortunately, her father has the misfortune of repairing a sword for a dishonest and cheap pony who first refused to pay, then killed the smith in cold blood. Seeing her father's fate, brassy took a warhammer from the forge and went after the murderer. She tracked him for several weeks and in her broken state, didn't even give him a chance to defend himself, smashing his skull in with her warhammer the first chance she got. Unfortunately he had associates who heard of this, and by the time brassy returned home, they had made sure there was no home to return to, having burned everything made of wood and shattered everything made of stone, even managing to somehow split her anvil in two. So, seeing as she dealt with her father's death by seeking vengeance, Brassy set out with the same goal in mind... her broken mind deciding she rather liked killing - she liked the rush of power knowing she got to choose whether her enemy lived or died, and she became quite infamous across the land, often being called 'bloody hammer' or 'crimson hammer' by those slightly more cultured. In time, this life caught up with her though, she made many enemies and no allies. She was on the verge of ending not only her career but her own life when she was approached by E.V.I.L. - offering her a safe place to resume her smithing duties, free of persecution and protected from the law from her past crimes. She accepted and has been crafting and repairing weapons and armor (mostly forgeries of solar/lunar armor) to this day. Character Personality: Strong, Prideful, but usually cheery. Brassy seems like a typical smith, loving the forge and working metal, always eager to please her customers... but unlike a normal smith she'll also gladly recount her days as a sellsword... While she is slow to anger, that anger burns as hot as her forge, so its best not to tempt her, she didn't earn the name "bloody hammer" for nothing... Character Summary: Former Mercenary and psychopath, time has mellowed out most of Brassy's bloodlust, and she regrets is, though only because it impacted her ability to run a smithy and live a normal life. She now smiths for E.V.I.L. and dreams of a day she might get to walk in the sun again.
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  14. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice watched as the griffon pulled out the weapon in question. The design seemed a bit... Simplistic yet complex. She watched as the first shot was fired. Then a second, then a third. There wasn't much except from smoke from the first few shots but the forth shot... The forth shot was the one that sold her. "I'll need to know more about what exactly the first couple shots can do. If we can use it to disable components of the enemy ship without taking it out, causing collateral casualties on the ground this would be the perfect weapon for the ship. Three warning shots is more than enough to get the point across. If they pursue beyond that well... They bear all responsibility for what happens afterwards. My question is, what is it using to make the shots, and how long, and how much would it take to convert these to that kind of system?" Ice asked. "If nothing else, we'll have to produce those separately and install them after launch once they've been tested. Can put an untested weapon on something of this magnitude."
  15. I wish I HAD military pony to join this. I like brainstorming RP's like that one.


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  16. Shining Armor was frankly relieved to see that his ideas about the source and solution to the REA's ponypower problem was being taken seriously. It had been a bit of a cross-disciplinary research gamble, but doing his homework had paid off. He nodded at the feedback of his suggestion, "Civil Defense Squads is a better name, and Harmony Councils would be the civilian activist equivalent, I'm guessing? I don't think there's going to be a hard-and-fast line between the two, at first. We don't want to kill any organic momentum this idea has through micromanagement of its organizing principles. We also want to give them freedom to experiment, while keeping their efforts organizationally quarantined from our formal military, just in case they don't work out. A one-way gate for innovation, as it were." Already paper was coming out, as they worked out the details regarding this. Shining agreed completely with Twilight about the increase in financial benefits, enough so to tune out long enough to greet Admiral Chaser. "Good to see you, sir." As was to be expected, General Pummel had his own ideas regarding solving the problem of national identity, which Shining dutifully noted. Once he finished jotting it all down and looking at it, he frowned somewhat. "So that's... what, a septupling of the General Education Budget, at least? Add that to the increased pay and benefits- you have cleared these numbers against the treasury, right? Do we have enough bits to pay for all of this?" And that was just the beginning. Equestria ran on hard currency, which made it an attractive place to do business in many ways, but it did mean that inflating the currency to pay for a high degree of spending was just not an option at this point. "I know as far as the Crystal Empire is concerned, we certainly wouldn't, not without grants and donations from the south." That was, more or less, the extent of his concerns. Coming from a family valuing academic achievement so highly, seven years of schooling didn't seem at all excessive to him, as it might have to a pony from a different background... ___________ Next on the Agenda was Internal Logistics, a subject on which Shining Armor had already touched, and could speak on at length. "Obviously, we're going to need to do a lot of public-private partnerships to establish these routes; they're just so capital-intensive we can't do them otherwise. I know for the Crystal Empire, Swift Squall was willing to invest heavily in the creation of a new rail line, and had even floated the idea of a seaport. Of course, the problem is, that constructing either means extensive work outside the hospitable magic field of the Empire, and in the case of the Seaport, in disputed territory. One of the things our royal Crystaller, Sunburst, was working on was a manner of extending the bounds of the Empire in a kind of corridor, to allow easier traffic and rail construction. As for the port... honestly, securing the Northern Shipping route is more in Admiral Chaser's wheelhouse; I don't see us making much progress there until the Whitescar Civil War is settled, and we can sweep the Raiders off the sea. One of the Loyalist Clan leaders, Halvard, wrote to me offering Vakstyra partnership in constructing a seaport and keeping it ice-free in exchange for channeling trade through his clan, again, pending completion of the Civil War. "I'm not so familiar with the problems down south, honestly. Moving Manufacturing to the heartland while keeping our shipping ports in the Strand would automatically incentivize increased transport investment, but I'm not sure how you could direct that." ____________ On Equipment, Shining had a small file to hand over himself. "Some of my own findings. A lot of the Crystal Guard needed Equipment upgrades themselves, but in some cases, our Crystallurgy produced higher-quality products than Equestrian metallurgy, at least in terms of armored materials. Especially magic-resistant equipment. Trouble is, we just don't have that many Crystographers at that level of skill. I've had some thoughts about mechanizing production, but that's likely to be some time in the future. "Oh, and Jarl Sigrun gave us a sample of Askrwood. Have you taken a look at it? Fantastic stuff; if you built a ship out of it, it would just fly, and have a more durable hull than what we have rolling off the production lines currently. But we're not going to get enough of it to do so until that Civil War is resolved..." _________ Shining found he had less to say about either the spatial or organizational layout of the Military Forces, as technically the Crystal Guard was its own command in both. Same with the Fleets in Air and Sea; honestly, Prince Blueblood could advise better than he could on that, civilian though he was. The last and final points, though, roused him from an agreeable and observant silence. "I am familiar, yes. Are you familiar with the loopholes that have existed about as long as the regulations?" He asked his sister, and he would be honestly surprised if the answer was 'no.' "It's true that we haven't had formal Battlemage or OWC units in that time, but that doesn't mean the capabilities have been lost. Technically speaking, I'm a Battlemage, just not in the Dark School. 'Battlemage' simply is a class indicating the offensive or defensive capabilities of a unicorn's magic in a fight. Many of the Magic Guild members also qualify; if you've ever seen the tier rankings in their 'practice duel' tournaments you'll be able to see which of them they are. From time to time, they used to be sworn in as 'special constables' to deal with a particularly huge problem. "Same with OWC. Technically, we still kept a unit that was grandfathered in because they were Commander Hurricane's personal unit, way back in the founding. We just cut their budget down to nothing, and they had to find alternative ways of funding, which they did by turning unorthodox weather control techniques into spectacle stunts." He gave a little smirk towards General Pummel, whose feelings on the unit were well known. "We know them as the 'Wonderbolts' today." "In all seriousness," Shiny concluded, taking up Twilight on her offer of water, "We still have old remnants of both disciplines, though not to their full past strength, that we could mobilize fairly easily. I don't think you'll find as much objection to either as you anticipate. The regs were passed in a panic, but both were too useful to let go of entirely. As for keeping control of both..." He sighed. "I mean, that comes back down to what I mentioned before. A sword can hurt or protect; the question always is the heart of the pony wielding it."
  17. "Weeeee!" Pinkie squealed out with excitement as she slid down a snow embankment. A small green gator clung desperately to her festive hat and a certain pensive magician followed in her wake. "Uhhhh, Pinkie?" He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose as he made his way down the slope himself. "I-i ummm, well I'm not sure if this is such a good idea." "What do you mean Sunny?" She skidded to a halt at the bottom of the snow slope, right at the edge of what was probably to coldest water in all of Equestria! "Of course this is a good idea, it's fun! Not to mention a Pie family tradition!" "I-i don't know how jumping into freezing cold water could be fun." He stared incredulously at the deep steam he himself had conjured in the fountain yard of the School of Friendship. It would only be there until the end of the festivities at which point he would direct the flow of frigid water back into the fountain and remove all the snow banks he'd formed. "I-it just looks ummm, cold." He shivered and glanced at her. "Where's your sense of adventure?" She dapped the water with the edge of her hind hoof. "Brrrr!" Chills ran up her spine and she giggled. "You just have to stay in until the time limit then jump out and go douse yourself in the warm pool you made!" Sunburst now glanced at the spa like impression in the ground not too far from the freezing stream. Steam rose from it and the blue/green depth of it sure did look inviting! "Yeah, I like that pool a lot better than the stream." He still looked skeptical. "You'll see Sunnyburst! Ponies will be all excited to see we have a polar bear plunge! Plus," She nodded to a table laden with trinkets and medals. "There's prizes for the winners and even small gifts for those who try and don't make it all the way to the time limit!" The mage levitated a pile of fresh fluffy towels onto a second table and smiled. "Well, if it's tradition and it's fun, h-how could I say no?" "That's the spirit!" Pinkie pranced in place, hoping there would soon be names on the sign up list! (OOC: For your first post, have your character sign up and give their impressions of the event. Pinkie or Sunny will your character it's their turn. Second post jump into the cold water, stay as long as you can then jump in the warm pool if you wish before drying off. I'll respond letting you know if your character reached the time limit based off your post and a random roll of the dice! Have fun!)
  18. Applejack knew for a fact that anypony who ran a candy stand and had nearly th energy of Pinkie Pie had to be a pony with good taste buds. Well, hopefully. It certainly helped that of all the farms in Equestria and all the mares and stallions who ran them that he came to her, because anypony with even the most ill-defined of discerning tastes knew for a fact that if you wanted quality apples that satisfied in any condition for any job you came to Sweet Apple Acres. She didn't know this Candy Cain from a Candy Cane but she knew ponies who had a keen eye from those who did not and so she liked this fella from the start. Not that it was hard- she liked most ponies at first. A genial sort like that. But he did have some odd mannerisms about him...much like Pinkie in that regard. Candy Cain's Candy what? Shop? Shoppe? Seemed like he had to remind himself to calm himself. An excitable fellow, was he? That seemed par for the course. Ponies far and wide knew that being around candy had to have a an excitable effect on you and she found the evidence in the energy of the confectionary propetiors in her golden life. Luckily he had a mind for business and an ability to keep his mind on the task at hand. She allowed him to work through it, gnoring her desire to jump on in and help him push towards the point of today's engagement. He could take his time. Maybe he was nervous because he was gonna get a kiss? Stallions had an awful habit of getting their wires crossed when it was their turn at the front of the line, she figured. "Well, Ah got everythin' under tha Celestial sun! Macintosh, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden delicious, Fuji, Braeburn, Crispin, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Cameo, Winesap, Jazz, Macoun, Ambrosia, Paula Red, Cortland, Cripps Pink, Arcansas Black, Empire, Autumn Glory, Breeze, Haralson, Celestial Crisp, Pink Pearl, Kiku, Kanzi, Koru, Opal, Lady Alice, Pinova, Roam, Suagar Bee, and even some Smitten. Got anythin' you'd be wantin'! If yer gonna be makin' candy apples you got tha right idea. Got a bushel of Jazz left, a bushel of Fuji left, a bit more empire, and plenty of Red Delicious," she said as she looked down below into the infinite feeling void where an endless day of apples had originated from. It had been a successful day but she had enough apples left to fit the rest of the day's orders, that much she knew. "So you'll need more than a few bushels, but Ah reckon you can give me a better idea on just how many? 'Cause depending on yer specific orders Ah can either get you everything you want or just enough of 'em," she replied honestly. Hopefully it was a big sale but...well, depending on just how big it was she was worried she may not have enough to finish the day. It was, after all, just supposed to be an event to get rid of around a hundred bushels of apples in overstock, not a replacement for their regular deliveries. *Candy Cain* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  19. Harley sighed, rummaging around in her pockets until she found a scrap of wood.... why it was there was not questioned... she tossed it on the ground and then reached into her coat and drew out a large weapon. ot appeared to be a long tube with bulky blocks on either side and a trigger on the grip. she fired it at the wood and smoke rose from it, leaving a nice black dot. Harle though held up her claw to keep ice silenced, and fired again. Now there was a tiny whirring from the weapon and steam was rising from it. Harle fired three more times, and now a lit lit up on the weapon, she flipped the switch, and this time when she pulled the trigger, there was a loud CRACK of electricity as lightning leapt from the weapon into the piece of wood, completely obliterating it. Harley spun the weapon on her claw, though not for show, it was actually to help cool it off before returning it to her coat "So it's not technically a 'death ray' but it usually gets the job done. Also starts fires" she explained ((also, keep in mind, this is not a small weapon, it has a pistol grip, but its more the size of a sawed off shotgun in order to hold enough dynamos and capacitors))
  20. The Heartwarming season was always a magical time in Ponyville. The joy, hopes, dreams, and love spread by family and friends made even the coldest nights light like fire. A fresh snowfall had turned the town a beautiful white that sparkled under the night sky as many of Ponyville's residents and many students from the School of Friendship gathered in the town square. Cheers and gasps of joy went up as the large tree in the town center lit up in a spectacular display of lights and beauty. Beneath the tree, standing at a podium together were Mayor Mare and Starlight Glimmer. Mayor Mare raised a hoof to call for quiet as she nodded happily to the town she had presided over for years. "Mares, Gentlecolts, and all creatures gathered here tonight. I wish to formally welcome you all to the Lightning Festival as we prepare to celebrate our most cherished of traditions, Heartswarming Eve!" Mayor Mare said to the throngs of cheering ponies and creatures. Mayor Mare waved to the crowd before motioning to Starlight Glimmer who nodded happily to the crowd. "First I wish to thank our Festival planner and Grand Marshal Starlight Glimmer for all her hard work and planning this years festival. Please enjoy the evening and for all our fillies and foals.....remember who comes tonight!" she said pointing to a large and styled throne by the large tree. "SCARLET HOOVES!" a loud and happy cry called out in excitement and happiness from the gathered crowd of young fillies and foals who cheered the name of the mythical Earth Pony of charity and kindness who passed gifts out to all the good fillies and foals on Heatts Warming Eve. As the shout carried on the wind it flew up to a hill side overlooking Ponyville where two Earth Ponies and a Pegasus currently were. "Sounds like der gittin ready. Ah ya'll big bro?" Rocky asked as the young Colt adjusted his scarf and walked over to a large Makshift Sleigh with a large bag of charity gifts in it. Sitting on the Sleigh, not in the best of moods was his big brother Boulder Dash who was wearing a crimson red cloak around his large body with a white fur trim. Hos normal blinde mane and tail had been dyed white and a Heartswarming wreath adorned his head like a crown. "How'd I git talked into dis again? Ah! Derpy would ya be careful wid dat thing?" Boulder Dash asked in annoyance to the Grey pegasus fiddling with a white beard that she was placing on his large muzzle to complete the Scarlet Hooves costume. Derpy fluttered in front of him as she made his beard straight, looking at him with her unique eyes. "I think it's because Starlight said you were the only pony in town who could wear the costume and pull it off" Derpy said with a smile as she set the beard right and landed on the Sleigh next to Boulder Dash and hugged his large form. "There! You look perfect! I'd think you really were Scarlet Hooves himself!" Derpy said happily as Boulder Dash grumbled again and scratched at the beard. "I'm glad ya'll find it funny and great, ah feels like a clown and dis here beard itches more den a blue tick on a blood hound" Boulder Dash griped as he looked down to Ponyville looking for Starlight's signal to get this night over with.
  21. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ The revelation seemed to come at a shock to Harle and when she asked about it she couldn't deny the logic in Singelstone's response. When she started talking about the weapons on the shop much to her expectations, Singelstone reacted liked he'd just walked into a candy store. Him and Harle started talking about something like a death ray and it piqued her interests. To the same extent though, if they had something like that... She wonder if it could be adjusted as well. Ice nodded to Harle's comment about possibly being able to deal with the artillery problem. "If you have information on using aether or some other form of ammunition that won't leave devastating craters in the event they miss their intended targets, I'm all ears. As I said, I'm wanting to protect Equestria. An aether cannon would be much more preferable than what I currently have," she stated leading them into the ship. "While we're here I can show you the inner workings of the systems and see if there's anything you can add to make them more efficient that won't add a lot of cost or production time."
  22. To say that Blueblood's mentor was full of surprises was merely to state the corollary of her being an alicorn. That said, her being an actual teacher at some point in her life wasn't so great a surprise to her current student. His compliment, after all, had been sincere. Equally as sincere as any flirting between them, anyway. At least from his side; the Prince was in a very real way, besotted, and Ossia had to know it. "Ooh, I'd like that. We could go out in a matching set! After all, every good team needs it's uniform!" He grinned, lifting his tumbler up in a toast before downing the last of the liquor inside. "And yes, I did read it. It all seemed to be a bit obvious after I'd done with it, but that's the real sign of a brainy chap, isn't it? Being the first to think of that sort of thing." Hm, perhaps it would be wise to wait until that little drink had its full course through Blueblood's system, it was loosening his tongue to a great degree. It didn't affect the steadiness of his magic, however, as he easily retrieved the Glamour Garnet and the Aqua-Marine, the standard issue relic kit for his expeditions. "And to Long Guo? Hardly; they only recently opened up their borders after a period of isolationism. It seems to vary from ruler to ruler, honestly."
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  26. Tehengu wasn’t really sure what to make of the scene in front of him. Midnight seemed completely unharmed, which he was happy for, but for some reason she had left her weapons by the door. He believed that she wasn’t the one to destroy the console, why would she have? She hated Torchwick, she wouldn’t have helped his plan. But why did it look like there hadn’t been a fight at all? Maybe that lady showed up before the two could really get into it, and Midnight dropped the weapons to use the console better? ”Well... I’m glad you’re alright. Let’s get back to the others, come up with another plan.” He said, picking up the weaponry and walking over to give them back. “You are alright, right?” He asked, noticing how she looked as he got closer.
  27. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Desert Rose Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Green Coat: Pink Mane/Tail: Pink/red Physique: average Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Vilian Cutie Mark: Rose bush in a sandstorm Unique Traits: Above-average gardener, professed Master of "Sandstorm" weather magic (always carries a large bag of sand with her for use with said magic). History: Rose was born and raised in a small town in the San Palamino desert where she spent her youth helping to cultivate the sparse farms and gardens of the city. She had a particular skill with the plants that seemed to outshine even the seasoned gardeners. however, it was not an easy life, between the almost ever-present droughts and raiding bandits, her life was hard. The bandits especially gave her family trouble, making rose's blood boil every time the town was forced to hand over their meager food. Like most pegasai, rose studded weather magic, showing talent in controlling wind, but little in making rain - something the village desperately needed. As she grew older, the raids only increased, her studies turning to ways of deterring the bandits. It was thanks to this that she took to wandering far into the desert and learned to create sandstorms. At first little more than dust-devils, but in time their power and magnitude grew until it became a formidable weapon. Knowing roughly when the bandits tended to strike, she honed her skill and prepared... she would finally teach them not to steal from HER village! When the day came, she met the bandits on the edge of town, despite the pleas of her family and friends (not to mention the village elders) and when they refused to back down, she poured everything she had into her magic, creating a sandstorm that would go down in infamy... but after over an hour of battle, the bandits had enough and finally retreated, leaving rose to collapse on the warm sands, excused, but victorious... When she awoke, though, the village had other thoughts on her actions... the sandstorm had been so strong that parts of the village were burred, homes filled with sand, their crops that she had worked so hard to cultivate had been destroyed; leaving her village in even worse shape than if the bandits had completed their raid... it was made clear that she was no longer welcome there... But instead of taking things in step, she lashed out, outraged that after she trained so hard and risked her life to protect them, that they would turn their backs on her. It was a stroke of luck for both the village and Rose that her actions had caught the eyes of others beyond the village... As she argued with the elders and was on the brink of using her magic to make the village utterly uninhabitable, a voice of reason spoke to her. A group of travelers from eastern equestria had been passing through and talked her down, convincing her that her petty vengeance wasn't worth it... and that her skills would be more useful - and more appreciated - elsewhere... So, she left the village, her mind still clouded with rage and joined the travelers as they headed back towards canterlot... towards a new life, but not necessarily a better one... Character Personality: While on the surface Rose seems calm, she is quick to anger and has been known to lash out at friends and foes alike, though careful words will calm her down. She carries a rage in her heart to this day for the ingreatful village she worked so hard to make prosperous and to save... though she has a special place in her heart, in the eye of the storm, for a certain pegasus, and a certain unicorn, whose' words always cut through her rage and make her stop, even if she holds the anger longer than she should... Holding such rage was not good for Rose as it often clouds her mind, giving her trouble even in day-to-day life, making her more klutzy than she would be if she was less focused on the past. Character Summary: A skilled but hot-blooded Aeromancer, Rose is an opponent not to trifle with. She is not above playing dirty and literally throwing sand in her opponents eyes (and ears and nose and....) Holding a grudge that ties her to a past best left forgotten, perhaps one day she will finally let go and finally be at peace.
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