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  2. Ice Storm nodded when Raven said that she could research the magic herself. That the l because of the way she casted magic, she could figure out the base principles of the spell. “I would like that greatly,” she smiled, though it faded when she sounded hesitant about the sleepover. She stated that she had many unused rooms and that she could host. Ice giggled while she heard Blue speak up. Blue told them that changling magic wasn't the only method of transformation magic that existed. Ice herself knew this to be true from her costume designer. When everything was done her second identity would in fact be all of its own and would still allow her to access her magic. The next task was to get the costume into her armor so that she could activate it on a whim so that she could increase her intimidation factor. When she mentioned the party and how any event that ponies got together for to provide entertainment was a party. Not all of them needed a certain point present and Ice immediately nodded. “I have to agree. While I've only met Pinkie once, and she's not a bad pony, but she can really go a bit over the top. Not every party needs to be fast paced and exotic. Simple sleepovers are fine with makeovers, some games, stories and just talking about whatever, and the mandatory pillow fight, but different ponies have fun in different ways. Not to mention as blue said, we can discuss some more private things that came really be discussed in public,” Ice spoke leaving back a bit and sipping at her tea.
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    Ah, damn that's awkward. All i'm getting you is 8 pounds worth of Tesco's vouchers.
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    Tides Change (OPEN for E.P.I.C)

    “Swifty.”, the red Pegasus pony scooted up next to the stallion and leaned into him...just slightly. “You’ve done plenty of things that have left an impact.”, she assured the noble-pony. “There’s your businesses' that effect creatures from all over, along with your charities that continue to do good...That’s more than most can say they’ve done.”, she paused to listen to what Swift had to say. “I wonder if this ‘Wraith’ simply just broke up...Those involved probably realized there was nothing to gain in hurting others..Or causing disturbances....And they all did some growing up....Either that.”, The officer smirked, “After causing their last round of mischief, maybe someone decided to take them out one by one....When they were at their weakest point...Maybe a few bounties were put up...And even their former teammates took the bait, only to be in turn betrayed by another.” Fire Walker nodded her head as Swift spoke of the others in his group. Pathfinder! That was a name she had not heard from in ages. The mare was more than capable...Brave...Tough...Clever...But there was this whole ‘Daring Do’ disguise. Maybe she was incapable of such feats as her real self....Whoever that was...Her favorite stallion did the same...Only in very small doses. He would throw on a costume that concealed his identity along with a silly name to give himself. There was also her Dunders...What was going on with him? He was another pony capable of greatness....Nearly everything he could do was better than most, but the fuzzy brown stallion seemed to have rather poor self-esteem....Along with this ‘Dunnie’ thing. Fire had hoped they could continue with their yearly tradition....Gather up the gang and hit Muggo’s for a night...His family always decorated the pub for Hearth’s Warning Eve...And they had the best ‘nog. “Well, it’s an odd time to set up a meeting....I was about to crawl out of this uniform and into an tub....”, before she could continue, entered.. And this time through a window. Thankfully it was an open one. The mare turned a slightly darker shade of red after the mention of children. “Kids are a future plan....”, she added, “We still have a few things before that...Marriage....Getting the whole ‘Twilight’' Guard’ thing situated...And Swift and I still have not found the right dog. And then maybe which one of the chairs we really like in the living room.” She smiled at the well dressed mare, “No assassins that I can think of....”, she pondered the latest bits of Ponyville excitement...”We did have a child that nearly destroyed all magic....Which I’m still trying to figure out...” that was probably not their finest moment. “We need to invent an device that warns ponies that magic is about to poof away, so those who are flying can find a safe spot to land....Thankfully the magic in my armor lasted a little longer and protected me from needing to wear a full flank-cast after I fell....The previous time this happened, I had a nice Wonderbolt to land on. Poor guy.”
  6. I am sure many are. We are waiting on a Corsair post, though at this stage anyone in the group is welcome to post.
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    Oh.... So I shouldn't have bought Penby a 600 dollar golden Toilet....?
  8. “Don’t act like this normal!” Arial jibed as Triton seemed to dismiss the event. Flint paused, waiting for all heII to break loose. However, Shade calmly stood back up, looking Leaf in the eye evenly. Leaf glared at him angrily, “That was for my Allies you killed,” She said before smacking him across the face, “That was for Me.” There was a brief pause before Shade attempted to speak, when Leaf suddenly slapped him again. Shade felt puzzled when she didn’t say anything, “What was that one for?” “I Just Felt Like It Shade, who bucking knows, I’m sure I could find a reason!” Leaf yelled with annoyance. Flint just looked on in surprise that Shade was just taking this, then he noticed Leaf’s hand was shaking, and Shades face barely had a scuff. “Is you’re hand alright?” Shade asked blankly. Leafs face exploded a bright red, but Arial was quick on the draw, taking Leaf by the collar and dragging her back as she swung aimless. Spouting off threats like a sailor, her voice trailing away as Arial took her away. With the tent quiet again, Kasey dropped Seven with a disgruntled look, as Ragnorak and Jag split apart with coughs. Flint acknowledged Tritons words, “You can count on it.” He sighed reluctantly. Below the Black Fort, Black Star weaved his fingers in the air, stringing together molten green lava from his Black Magic. With increasing the strength, he couldn’t spawn his original numbers worth, but these would make up for that. Their sturdy stature and destructive force would be just what they need. Black Star smiled wickedly, the blood vessels in his eyes beginning to burst, a repercussion of his excessive use of Black Magic.
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    I think it's a fun little thing not to be overthought (or spent).
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  11. Triton glanced up at the commotion tasing an eyebrow in amusement. Before glancing down at his list writing down Leafs name. He then turned to Flint. “Killjoy is going to lose it when she returns to all this.”
  12. Killjoy walked up to a tomb that nature had long ago retaken as vines, moss, and a plethora of vegetation covered what once was stone. "They could at least had someone clean up a little..." she said to herself as she brushed some vines away to reveal a long staircase that seem to go on forever. Killjoy took a step inside, the torches all along the wall instantly lit up. "Ok...creepy..." she quickly made her way down the stairs. Even with her extreme speed, it took a minute to get to the bottom. Now a large hallways with statues lining the walls. Killjoy noticed the statues all looked like her, but in different heights and equipment. Some in light leather armor, some clad to the teeth in steel. She approached the statue of the ancestor she saw while she was knocked out, something was different. All the other statues had their armor and weapons. She looked back at last ancestor "why is your gear not here...?" She asked wiping the dust off a little. "If only they were still here, they would have done a lot better job than me." Killjoy moved on down the massive hall. "There are so many if them...but Luna said their was..." she cut herself off as she reached the end of the hall and came to face a large wall with symbols and writing as if telling a story. It was very first of Killjoy's bloodline, an alicorn that destroyed a great evil. She scanned all over the wall and saw what looked like a hand print. Killjoy gently pressed her hand onto the print, it instantly started to glow as what sounded like mechanisms behind the wall started to move. Killjoy took a step back as the large wall lowered down onto the floor. Killjoy's eyes went wide as she saw herself in large gold plated steel armor sitting on a throne. She looked as if she was sleeping. Killjoy walked forward not sure what to do or say until she got only inches away. Killjoy put a hand on the side of the woman's neck to feel no pulse. She was indeed dead, but her body was perfectly preserved. Killjoy quickly put two and two together "so this is my first...alicorns dont decay when they die...? Something to ask Luna when I get back I guess." She said noticing a large pendant around the body's neck. On the pendant there was writing on it. "Those who have, know and willing to share the color of pain are ones to be graced with God." Killjoy read aloud. "What does this mean...willing to share the color of pain...are the ones to be graced with...God?" She scratched her head as she took off her ancestor's neck. "We are the same, What's yours is mine right?" She said putting the pendant in her satchel. "This armor..." she said put her hand on the chest plate. Amazed by such craftsmanship. "Not even a spec of rust..." she turned around to look around a bit more and other large doors with same hand print. Killjoy smirked "today should be a good day."
  13. Leaf looked on in confusion before noticing the man Apollo was riding on, “Batkin?....” Shade nodded, “Things have been a little off this past year, indeed it would seem I have found the right path to take.” He said awkwardly again. Arial glanced between the two, to her this was very weird to watch, but to them it was probably normal. The tent flaps opening up brought everyone’s attention, seeing Leaf standing there with a wide look on her face. Shade felt at a loss for words, “Leaf..., Listen I-“ He barely got words out before she stomped across the tent floor, reared her right fist back, and planted it right into Shades face. As Shade flew back onto the ground in utter surprise, Seven leaped up into Kasey’s arms, while Ragnorak and Jag unknownly held onto each other, Oakly just went wide in shock. Arial went white in disbelief, trying to peice together what just happened in front of her. Trax sat down at a table, Shadow sitting opposite of him. The debriefings would take place in a small tent, being sound proofed by two mages outside. “I don’t have to pry do I?” Trax asked him with a sigh. Shadow shook his head, “We’ll leave no detail unmentioned, though I imagine Maelstrom will change everything, He is far removed from being a fool. Also, regarding my kinds feeding habits, we will be looking into an alternative solution.” He told him reassuringly. “Don’t think I’ll let you get off free about that comment Apollo dear, and want to explain your new companion? Noctis Cloud?” Nightmare asked patiently. “Also, the human girl, She’s.... interesting.”
  14. Triton allowed himself a smirk, amused by Shades awkwardness. Triton struggles with the same thing. An extrem intelligence did not always translate the best in social interactions. “That’s right. I’m glad you came. I knew there was more to you.” He said before he reclined in his chair and went back to scribbling their new groups down. Apollo allowed Leaf to fasten the pendant back around his neck. “You’re right it’s an ugly old thing isn’t it? Oh well I’ve always been a sentimental one so I keep it. Thank you leaf. I would head on into camp, you might notice a familiar face.” Apollo said as they continued on, his voice getting quieter as they got further away.
  15. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Blueblood leaned into the nuzzle, breathing deeply of Taira's mountain scent. "I suppose this sort of thing is the price we pay for living. Tragedy strikes so many, and all we can do is offer comfort, aid, and prevention where we can." The Prince stared idly into the fountain, silent in contemplation. Try as he may, it was impossible for him to put the sorrows of his past back into the dark closet of his mind. Nothing for it but let sadness take it's course, and hope to halve it by the sharing. Anypony encountering the pair in the garden now might have been forgiven for thinking the two of them had been friends for much longer than a day, if not closer than that. Blueblood was now resting against Taira's shaggy coat, quietly letting a few tears go, both for his own and the disguised yokai's sorrows.
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    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Not to be a boor or anything but I believe it's Pretzy turn in this topic.... This was rebooted once and I feel Dusty would rather not do this again.
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    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Feeling responsible for the fate of one's parents was hardly exclusive to foals. The notion hit close to home for Taira, although he'd not thought about those feelings in almost a millennia. For a second, Taira was taken back to the night of the great battle with the demon bear on top of the mountains with his pack. His father was the leader back then and he didn't make it through to the end. The night's end saw to it Taira inherited the mantle of his father along with the responsibilities of leading the pack... even though he still thought Ranu would have been a much better candidate than himself. "You... might be surprised how well I can relate to inheriting responsibilites and loss." He gave the stallion a consolatory nuzzle, "I had to take up my father's business after he passed... and not long ago I lost a daughter before I could even get to here her say her first word." There was a sort of resigned sadness in his tone. Here he'd thought his travels might give him some distance from his worries. Seems not.
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    Oooooh sounds fun. I might consider that. I know it'll be a nerve wracking experience when trying to choose what stuff you think/hope the other will like, and then an anxiety experience after I ship it out, thinking constantly "I shouldn't have sent that... Why didn't I send this!?".. I know it's really the thought that counts but, I think it gets to a point where some people's taste in everything is pure trash.
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    Angie is amazing; she sent me a Nick Wilde keychain she made. He's still hustling on my keys! I do enjoy doing the pen pal thing. I have a friend in Washington that I do little gift package swap with periodically. I just sent her some coffee, Scooby snacks, a candy bar, fridge magnets and some other random stuff I've picked up at cons. She fed the treats to her husky (might've already posted this but here it is again): AHHH HE'S SUCH A GOOD BOY! LOOK AT THAT FACEEEEE If any of you wanna do something like this with me, it's a fun little surprise-type thing to do throughout the year, not just the holidays!
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    Angie sent me a couple things many years ago back when we were a packaged deal.. What I sent her was never even close to being as cool as what she sent me... Kinda feel bad about that now haha
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    Angie sent me an Xmas care package a few years back. I’ve been meaning to send one back but I’m terrible at stuff like that. Shotgun Dreamy as my Secret Santa.
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    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    The king grunted softly at Tempest's response, his ear twitching towards the unfamiliar term test goat in the midst of all of it. His eyes flicked up at the potential time table and annoyance briefly rippled through him before his emotions settled again. "If you took a year to locate it, I would consider it a very poor job," he quietly commented, his voice a low rumble of sound that mixed with the Everfree Forest's soft ambience. "You can only sneak a war fleet onto Canterlot when those who live there are too naive to feel concerned over the ships approaching it, who can only gawk in awe and interest at the approach of something so alien, so unfamiliar. You could take them off guard, but to sneak something like that so close to the country's capital?" Sombra scoffed in disbelief, rolling his eyes. That sharp, red gaze of his soon refocused back upon Tempest, his ears perking up as Tempest mentioned something in passing he found interesting. Did she know where to find it, the artifact he sought? If she could find it so soon.. His attention shifted to her challenge. A spar. Tempest wanted to test her might against his, and it intrigued him. A pony wanted to fight him, and a pony with a broken horn at that, but he wouldn't underestimate her. Her attitude and the way she moved alone spoke of well-earned confidence, suggesting that she knew how to fight even if she didn't have as precise magic as he might with his horn still whole. A smirk slowly spread across Sombra's muzzle and his magic briefly flared, unhooking the clasp of his cape at his throat and removing it to set it aside, draping it over the old log that he'd previously been sitting on before their meeting had even started. "If you want to spar to test me, then I happily accept. It's been far too long since I've had a proper fight. If you're not scared, then come at me."
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    Oof that would be money burnt XS I would be the one sending all the Dildos!
  25. They're slowly putting out new Christmas MLP shorts out BTW



    1. Ciraxis


      It seems that for Applejack, her hat is what Oreo's are for Martian Manhunter. This mare seems more willing to part with her kidneys then with her headwear!



      .....I kinda now want to see an RP where she embarks on the rampage in search for her missing stetson.

    2. tacobob


      Considering she has like two hundred of those hats, I''m guessing ' Tallulah' is the hat her father gave her.  Her 'stunt' hats are used when she has to go on ADVENTURE. :roll:

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    Maybe somewhere next year when I'm not poor lol.
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    I feel you on that haha. Obviously it'd be far too expensive and complicated to be any fun at all. But honestly, I think it would stand as a testiment of LPW's dedication if we were ever insane enough to attempt it. I'd be totally down for a secret santa-esque thing!
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