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  2. Ah, the good ole' facial expression study. Always got a kick out of them.
  3. kawaii~
  4. So cute in all of them!
  5. *first comment* the cutest patootiest
  6. From the album The Character Bin

    I've been wanting to upload one of these for a while. I don't really show many diverse expressions in my work so I give my newest character a chance to shine. I'll probably use some of these in Rp at some point. From Top to bottom, Left to right the expressions are... 1: WHAT THE BUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY MANE?! 2: Irritated 3: Saddened 4: Embarassed 5: Cheerful 6: Sleepy
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  8. Laptop broke. I wont be able to post until further notice.

  9. Thanks! I studied a screenshot of the game to try and get the feel of the old animation studio.
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