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    Its on my bucket list to rock up to Ma's workplace randomly, order something stupid and make a fool of myself.
  3. "No, we already tried that. Cross it off the list." Admittedly, his response was more brusque than he'd intended. But Daedalus was a bit high strung after hours in the lab wrestling with anomalous test results, hardware-breaking aetherochemical reactions, and a less than adequate supply of coffee. He'd never really scold Kyanaster with any malice. Instead, his sharpness was a product of his frustration. The familiar had become invaluable for her assistance to him since their... acquaintance. Kyanaster beeped in a disapproving tone. Daedalus sighed and tuned back to the list floating beneath her, half-expecting a lecture on attitude. Instead the followup series of beeps and tones indicated something even more vexing. "What do you mean there's no list?" He looked at the list he had been checking off as he'd worked. He blinked. He blinked twice. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at it. "Give me that!" Seizing it with his magic, he floated it directly to his face. It was not a trick of the eye, nor was it a product of his exhaustion. The flowing script simply stated: "YOU'RE INVITED!" A swirling bit of flourish at the end of the text was looped into a cartoon facsimile of Discord's face. Daedalus glared at it. It winked at him. "Discord, no." He cursed. The text changed, the lines rearranging themselves on the page and leaping off into empty air. They flashed neon pink in front of his face before both they and the letter were shredded by the swirling shear of twisted reality around him. As he was sucked into the portal, he made crude simulacra of pegasus wings, each flashing a rude gesture at the sign; the sign reading: "DISCORD, YES!"
  4. Frozen Stars

    The sound of Ice Storm's voice pulled Luna's eyes away from the sets of armor to settle upon the mare. "It's of no issue. I'm glad to be able to offer something," she replied and faltered, a small frown crossing her face. What Ice's artifacts could do if they were removed was worrying. Anypony who figured that out could easily destroy Ice, though, Luna reminded herself, they'd have to catch the mare by surprise if they wanted to do so. They wouldn't be able to get close enough to try, otherwise, not without being frozen. The mental image of a pony being frozen by magic was an unpleasant one, but Luna didn't dwell on it. Studying the armor again, she frowned in thought. If none of it was to Ice's liking, or looked as proper on her as the unicorn would no doubt prefer, then something new could be made. Though, what? Something darkly colored would let Ice blend in a little more in the dark, and while silver would look fetching against Ice Storm's blue palette, it would be a bit.. flashy, perhaps? Luna wasn't entirely sure how well it'd work out. "Is it possible that we can make something like the necklace you have for the orbs for armor, or should we have armor made with a lower neck to allow room for your necklace?" The moon princess questioned, glancing back towards Ice. "And please, do feel free to nose through the armor sets. Try them out and see what fits. If none does.. we can simply have something fitted and made, perhaps with this idea in mind if it will work," she suggested, her head lifted slightly in a curious tilt.
  5. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Her ears flattened back against her starry mane, watching as her sister tore down all the aged golden tapestries woven by the unicorn tribe so long ago. Many have stood up to the wear of time well enough, though they still showed signs of damage and fraying. Others were more torn, either by their fight a millennia ago, or because of heavier exposure to time and weather. Even her own tapestries showed the same degree. They could be saved, she thought, and without such a halfhearted effort as she could see in them; she'd presume that would be Rarity's attempt. Luna bided her time, waiting until Celestia was finished tearing down her golden tapestries. "There are signs of both of us here, and you've -- torn down most of yours." Having seen what her sister had done, Luna couldn't help but find a sadness in it. She didn't want to tear her sister down to become equal, not anymore, and she didn't want Celestia to tear herself down either. Swallowing back a lump in her throat, she stepped down off of the thrones' platforms, and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "I.. I don't want to bring it up, not on your birthday, but I did mention during the princess summit we had recently that there were some things I wanted to talk to you about. I.. perhaps, we, can talk about it and work to improve everything as it is somehow," she ventured hesitantly, studying Celestia's face closely. Luna could see the glitter of tears in her eyes for the second time that day, a sight that pained her. "We can always discuss it another time, mind. I don't want to see you so unhappy," she added, finally willing her hooves to bring her close to Celestia. Luna wasn't afraid of bringing it up, or upsetting Tia, but it just felt like the wrong time. Yet.. the opportunity to air everything that'd been bothering her for some time was one she could take while they were still alone.
  6. That One Question (Private)

    “I’m pretty much open to most foods.”, the mare proudly stated, “Well, maybe not anything with raspberries....Which I don’t care for.”, the officer groaned, “And mangos. I’m sort of allergic to that..But not deathly...I just break out into hives.” She discovered that during one vacation that ruined a summer for her. Poor thing managed to return to full health just a day before school started. Typical. “And I could never do a griffon diet...As they eat fish...”, Nasty little things all wet and slimy. She watched as Zelda and her family gobble up a few dozen fish with their heads and bones all intact. Yuck-Supreme! Gefilte fish was even nastier. When is 'poached' ever used with something good? Poached eggs? Yuck. "I believe our tastes are basically about the same. Although you're probably more used to fancy, rich type of foods." "They had sushi for ponies during that big world expo that went on a few years ago. Spicy Shiitake Mushroom Roll. Sweet Potato Wild Rice Cinnamon Sushi and Avocado Sushi and Spicy Eggplant Sushi. Yum." It had been a very hot day and the pair turned what was supposed to be an interactive underwater sport into a pool they just spent time floating about..Enjoying the cool, cool water. They made a few new friends, and Swift went into the water fully dressed. "Thank you Oak Branch.", the Pegasus pony was pleased to see Swift's trusted Stallion-Servant with some goodies. "Considering I'm from an military family, sweets were rather rare....Although it's rather hard to keep them away from Wind Walker as there's a few candy stores within trotting distance from their house. Not only was there the famous Sugar Cube Corner, an sweet mare named Bon Bon runs a small, artisan candy shop cleverly named Bon Bon's Bonbons (and Chocolates). Thankfully, the little blue squirt wanted to be in the Wonderbolts so badly that she was usually very good with her diet." She took a sip from her mug. Oh, the steward stallion new how she liked her tea. Fire Walker listed to her stallion for a moment. "I just wonder if Princess Celestia was behind the whole thing....She sent Twilight to 'supervise' the Summer Sun Celebration...She had to know her sister was free and was incredibly weak due to her imprisonment...So you just needed a group of unlikely heroes and some powerful MacGuffins to blow the last bits of evil from Luna.", she had remembered catching a glimpse when the princess of the moon had returned. She looked so delicate...So small..And even her coat was so faded. Thankfully she got better very quickly! Just in time to terrify Ponyville residents at Nightmare Night. "Ha!", she laughed, "I actually gave Punk Walker one of those calendars last Hearth's Warming Eve. My favorite is 'A stallion in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he's finished.'.", the fiery pony said with a wink before she took in another nuzzle. "That they are.."
  7. Frozen Stars

    Ice nodded when the princess told her that they could see what they could do. From there they got quiet as they began to move through the door and out of the observatory. Ice made sure to turn around and make sure that the door was locked behind them. She was anxious to follow the princess, but not to the point where she would carelessly forget something like that. Once locked, she followed and began to look around the castle a bit. It was intriguing. She had the route from the entrance to the observatory memorized, but she didn't dare try to venture into other parts of the castle. One, she never had permission to up until this point, and two, she was fairly certain that without being with somepony that knew the castle like the back of their hoof, she would get very lost. There were so many stained glass murals through the hallways projected some of the vast history that Equestria had. Ice had seen some of these before on the way to the throne room to meet Celestia the one time that she had summoned her. These were a bit.... more though... It showed a lot more emotion to the history that was presented. A lot of them showed.... sorrow? She wasn't sure what to make of it, but she followed the princess in Silence. AS they started to get closer to their destination, she noticed that the murals started becoming more... consistent. There were banners of shields, with different crests, banners with swords, pikes, you name it. IT was clear they were getting close to the armory and that the armory here in the castle took pride in their work. The walk there though was entirely silent. Something that had been a drastic difference to most of the time that they had spent in the observatory. As the princess lead her, she couldn't help but notice that some of the guards definitely took notice of her and kept an eye on her. It was then that she remembered that her spheres were still orbiting her. With a simple flick of her mind, the orbs ceased orbiting and took their places inside the necklace. There were a few others that looked to ice with a bit of surprise, wondering if they possibly had a new hire in their ranks. In truth, they did in a way. It was just there was a lot more that she had to do, than just stand guard. At this point though... STAR really was just a secret extension of the Lunar Guard now. If the princess mentioned a plausible target to her, and she had some intel to confirm it, Ice would strike immediately. When they got to the armory, there were... many sets of armor there and she heard the princess tell her to go ahead and look them over. She added that whatever part of the armor didn't fit, that they could look into having something made and styled to fit to her needs. At that she gestured to the necklace with one of her wings. She finished by saying the crafts pony that worked on the armor could stand to have something new to do. Ice smiled and nodded. "I appreciate this princess. The necklace does pose a bit of a fitment problem, but if I remove it, then I have no way to keep the spheres inactive as they are now. I also cannot remove them nor can they be forcefully removed from me. Well... they can be forcefully, but.... I wouldn't do that... from what research I've done, and what little Twilight's been able to do, because they were made with my aether, they are permanently bound to me. IF they are removed, or broken, they would react explosively, releasing every bit of magic that is inside of me, and all four spheres out at once.They are very powerful, but they don't come without their price. I have to have a way of halting them and pulling them into the necklace if things get to dire for them to be orbiting too much," Ice explained.
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    I baked twice today, even though I don't bake today for work!
  9. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    Ice Storm frowned a bit as the charges went off. They were effective, but perhaps a bit too much so. Still they definitely weren't going to be a problem from this point on. She just hoped they would actually be okay. After all, their end goal was still protection. That's why they were doing this after all. Still things were set in motion and there wasn't time to dwell. They had to move. That kind of distraction would prove to be a double edge sword. Once they realize it was a distraction, they will realize someone is here. They will also have others coming to see what's going on. They were very much on a time limit. With a quick spell, In'ei had them secluded in the shadows which helped them a lot as they moved towards the stairs. It was a simple straight shot and with the distraction outside, there was no pony in the area that would be capable of noticing them. Once at the stair well, they opened the door leading into it and Ice froze it shut behind them and turned and made a wall of Ice on the landing next to them that filled the width. No pony was going to be following them from this point forward. At least, not using this set of stairs. "Let's keep moving. they can't follow us from here." she said as she started up the stairs.
  10. [Age of Heroes] Love and Distain. Again. [OPEN]

    It wasn't until the Prince stopped to take yet another admiring look at himself in a shopfront window that he first caught sight of di Nerezza. Her reflection stood out to him, no small feat to a stallion so normally obsessed with his own. Her presence immediately shifted him from narcissistic to neurotic, his flawless demeanor suddenly becoming positively rife with flaw. *Gah, I have strains of mane out of place! Is my tail brushed? Oh Faust, what is that between my teeth?* A few hasty moves of hooves and magic sought to put these all straight, after which he took a deep breath. Right, attractive mare behind him. Attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, pegasus mare. Boy, he could only imagine what those wings would look like fully splayed.... Deep breath, deep breath, and he started off again, taking peeks into storefronts again, watching for the approach of a reflection not his own...
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  12. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    What Fire Walker said was very true. The couple were indeed impressive. The land was torn by strife and it would be reasonable to assume that any such coupling in this time would be done quickly, as fearful of the red dawn as any other. But they had done things in a more...well, to Twilight's mind, Equestrian way. That had led them to this happy, happy day. “Same here. I can't imagine two caribou who deserve this more,” she said before giving Fire's dress another look. She was right there too. Rarity was the best in the world, she'd say. Some Neighponese seamstresses might beg to differ but Twilight would take Rarity in any professional competition. “She did well with you. Beautiful, Fire Walker,” Twilight complimented once more as the alert for the start of the ceremony went out. Twilight's eyes lit up as she trotted to her seat, excited to get to work! Her horn barely lit up as she tried to hide it as best she could, and it made sense given the spell she cast. Those around in her immediate area could see the faintest outline of a transparent notebook and quill hovering in front and below her, telepathically doing the proper work needed. After all, she was here as a friend but she was also here to learn. The books on Caribou wedding customs were hundreds upon hundreds of years old and contained outdated phrasing and detailing. No doubt large segments of it may still ring true, but that didn't mean that corrections were out of the equation. No doubt the passing of aeons had also meant the addition or subtractions of customs as well. She had a literal front-row seat to it all. This was a researcher's paradise, and to think she hadn't even marked this down as a research expedition on her calendar. That meant her self-imposed restriction on how much of her time could be taken up by such pursuits was not in any way affected. How awesome was that? She took her seat and allowed them to fill around her, making sure Chipper got his. She was always on the look-out for ponies she could help and it was obvious he was in need of...something. His lifestyle and what he seemed proud of spoke to a lot of backstory deserving of qualified research and psychiatry, less to 'fix' him and more to understand him. That was what ponies like him needed more than anything else, and she could at least attempt that. After the ceremony of course, which she watched with hawkish intensity hidden by a joyful mask of friendliness.
  13. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    "Redecorating properly. All this gold is obscene and its making me angry that there is so much here with my own cutie mark on it while yours gets ignored. This was meant to be our castle together, we built it together and I hate what it looks like with so little of you in it." She spoke calmly enough, but continued to tear down her own tapestries until the only ones left were Luna's. That done she stood there and snorted softly. There were some remains of her influence, window paintings or a rug here and there. But the major decoration was Luna's own marking. And then one could see it. A tear in the corner of her eye. Tia had never really cried, at least anywhere when somepony could see her. She was fighting it. Resisting the urge to show emotion again. Trying to be the parental figure that was immune to pain.
  14. "I'd been meaning to visit Poninawa for ages... I just never managed to find the time. I hear it's a very pretty place... mostly from Niju, she's told me she visited a couple times." The stallion scritched his chin a moment in thought before remembering that they'd been hoping to see the village. He couldn't be dwelling on his potential vacations now: he had a tour business to run! Nensho's word's made taira's ear's perk for a moment. He'd thought about such a thing himself but... experience told him it would have to be done very carefully. Neighpon's Yokai poaching industry may have become less prominent, but it was still going on as far as Taira knew. The older kirin gestured down the path and lead the group down towards the town by the falls. "I'd love to see the yokai out and about again sometime too, but I think Neighpon has a ways to go before they'd come back out. tracking and catching Rare yokai still happens even today... I heard an okami with a tail made of rainbow ribbons was snatched up by a bandit queen not long ago." The group's guide's tone was noticeably sadder the longer he spoke, once he changed the subject he would swap back to his more chipper manner of speaking. "I think Niju and I could stand to have someone watching our backs... but let's save any more business talk for after the tour, Nensho-san." A brisk walk later and soon the group made it to the village. Like Taira had told them it had been abandoned long ago and it certainly looked like it. Roofs had fallen in likely worn down by years of rain and wind, Walls had crumbled and rotted away and were replaced by climbing vines and other forms of wildlife. "Watch your step around here. Snakes sometimes make nests underneath bits of wreckage here and there. Once a while you might see a wild boar with some piglets waddling through... keep your distance if you see one of those, they can be meaner than timberwolves."
  15. K, me and Dragon are waiting with bated breath. Yes, bated, not baited, I prefer most fish cooked, not raw, though sushi is good... Not pointing anything out or anything, just putting out a psa... ever since I learned the difference, it's bugged me in stories when people use baited...
  16. Generic Interest Check

    Hiya! Your characters seem pretty interesting and I'd be interested in rping with you. c: I've got a few OCs I haven't had a chance to rp with yet, since I've been mostly using Sombra and Luna in WoE xD Here's Yuna, as well as Rose, and Elysium, the ones I've set up so far anyway~.
  17. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    The smile that crossed Luna's muzzle was a small one, but no less genuine. It was a memory they could both now look back upon fondly, and with amusement, although the moment didn't last long. It flitted by them like a gust of wind, and was gone. When Luna looked back over at her sister, she could see the mixture of emotion in Celestia's eyes. Fondness and.. what she would presume to be guilt. Luna knew why. Her smile was gone just as quickly as their amusement was, and it was soon replaced by a look of shock as Celestia began to tear down the tapestries within the remains of the throne room- mainly her own, golden ones. It hadn't escaped Luna's eyes either that Celestia's tapestries had been a little better repaired than her darker ones, and -- she knew why that was too. Her sister's sole rule on the throne for a thousand years had unfortunately cemented her sister as the favorite, the princess everypony looked to and worshiped, a fact that did Luna's still-sore heart no good. Perhaps ponies weren't worth the time, but it didn't stop her from wishing that she was treated equally to Celestia. "What're you doing, sister?" she dared to query, growing worried. Maybe they shouldn't have come to this place, if it was upsetting her sister on her birthday. It was true that they both would have many, many such days celebrating their birth to come if times were good, but she didn't want any one experience to sour all future birthdays. For either of them. And she could tell, by the slight shift in her sister's usual sunny magic that she was -- angry. Whether Celestia was angry at herself, or something else, Luna couldn't tell.
  18. Hey! I've finished two of my OC's character sheets as of writing this and I figured it was time to throw my line out there for some RP shenanigans! My OCs: Spinelnut, a grumpy engineer of a Crystal Pony with some major unicorn-centered issues, & Mint Sprig, a perky fortune telling Earth Pony ready to befriend. I prefer to see what sort of character I'm working with before figuring out a plot/set up. I've purposely given my characters excuses to be about anywhere and I'm open to playing with any sort of OC. I just like to see my OCs interact with a variety of character, tbh, so the table is open for anything and everything. Just post here if you want to try to figure something out and I'll message you to plot!
  19. Frozen Stars

    The princess made a soft noise of agreement in her throat over the mentioned show of power and started towards the door to the observatory, the one that lead into the castle, rather than the one she'd arrived from. "We'll see what we can do," she promised. The door opened at her magic's touch and Luna stepped through, heading into the castle without much more to be said. After the course of a couple of years of living here, she'd come to learn it's maze-like layout; even more familiar were the paths she usually took. To the throne rooms, the kitchens, the dining room.. sometimes the armory. She never got to get too involved in battling Equestria's many foes these days, but if she was going to keep herself in fighting shape, to keep herself from getting as rusty as her sister no doubt was, she had to practice. Usually she practiced at the odd hours of the night in a secluded area of the grounds, testing out a few different weapons when she had the free time to. Yet, the skills she'd been trying to keep honed never got to see use these days, not when Twilight and her friends were now the new Bearers and most of those who sought to take Equestria for their own often caught Luna and Celestia by surprise. It was an embarrassment that hung over her head like a dark cloud, to know that she could be caught so easily. Though, Luna had to admit to herself, Tirek was an exception. Her thoughts wandered on the way to the castle armory, and Luna only waved them aside once they'd reached it. There hadn't been much of a reason for her to fill the silence along the way, and she didn't want to waste words on idle talk. Heading inside, Luna made her way towards the night guards' section of the armor and eyed the extra sets of armor. From her point of view, she saw them as neither feminine or masculine. They were simply armor to her. Yet, she could understand some of Ice Storm's point of view. A caster would need light, but durable, armor that was flexible. They'd need to be able to move in it, as would the winged ponies. It was perhaps only the armor made for earth ponies that was heavier and more protective; earth ponies didn't need the maneuverability so much, and their strength could bear it. "Go ahead and look through them. Whatever part of the armor does not fit, we can look into having something made differently, styled to fit you and your needs." Luna's voice broke the silence at last, and she gestured towards Ice Storm's necklace with a slight gesture of her wing. "The craftspony who works on the armor could stand to have something new to do."
  20. Mint Sprig

    Name: Mint Sprig Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Baby blue Coat: A bright mint green. Mane/Tail: Her mane is a soft shade of lilac and is kept about shoulder length, though the front part of her mane is cut short to her brows to form bangs. Her tail is allowed to grow out with the occasional trim to keep it off the ground. Both her tail and mane have a natural flip to them. Physique: Mint Sprig would be considered above average than most fillies her age in height, but is otherwise completely average in every way. Residence: The Ground District of Las Pegasus Occupation: Fortune Teller Cutie Mark: A white, sparkling sphere on a golden stand. Unique Traits: Mint Sprig makes the best cup of tea of any fortune telling, mint green, lavender maned pony in Las Pegasus! But, no, really, Mint is pretty good at serving a nice brew, though she mainly does it to perform a tea leaf reading. Aside from that, she's excellent at reading other ponies and can spot a pony in need of guidance (read: customer) from a mile away! She's been capable of intuiting the mental state of even the most stone-faced of ponies, though errors can be made here and there... (Not even a cutie mark can make someone perfect, after all!) History: Mint Sprig's home and heart will always be in her hometown, Ponyville. She was born and raised there, after all! She was the oldest foal of four brothers and sisters and, as a result, spent much of her time growing up watching after them. She had her bad and good days with the extra responsibility, but Mint eventually grew to love the times she spent with her family. This became especially evident to her when everyone started growing up and moving away! Despite being the oldest, Mint Sprig ended up being the last pony to leave her parent's home and find her own place. It wouldn't be a lie to say that she hesitated on moving out for so long to try to squeeze in as many moments with her baby brothers and sisters as she could before they escaped from their smothering, overprotective big sister. But, once they had all went to greener pastures, Mint Sprig decided it was time to find a way to better use her greatest talent. When Mint Sprig was a young foal, she had an obsessive hobby with all things pseudoscience—and this didn't mean magic, either. Mint Sprig loved the stuff that had nothing to do with the very scientific use of magic and had all to do with intuition and the powers of the universe. Things like cleromancy, alectromancy, crystallomancy, and so many more. One day after school, having grown bored of playing with her origami fortune teller, Mint decided to invest some of her allowance into a genuine crystal ball. She initially couldn't figure out how to work with the device—there were no numbers or colors or anywhere to write the fortune on! So, she allowed the ball to gather dust in her room, only deciding to drag it out for show and tell on a whim. While showing the crystal ball to her classmates, she prompted a foal to allow her to demonstrate the art of scrying for fun. When he had approached, little Mint had looked at the reflection of her classmate on the crystal ball and was overwhelmed by a strange urge. If pressed, Mint Sprig would admit that she doesn't know if it was the power of the universe or if she had just been struck by inspiration, but the advice she gave that foal did turn out for the better. He met his beloved wife and started on his path to becoming the best hot air balloon operator in all the land by sticking to what Mint Sprig told him. More importantly, Mint Sprig graduated from her blank-flank days and earned her cutie mark. Mint Sprig went on to do all kinds of readings, now driven to explore the various ways one can communicate to the universe. But, there were only so many clients she could find in Ponyville and Mint couldn't help but feel she wasn't benefiting ponykind as much as she could have been. So, once her siblings had grown up and moved away, Mint Sprig packed her bags for Las Pegasus, a tourist hot spot full of ponies who could use some advice! Needy, rich ponies who could pay her lots of bits to let her travel around the continent to bug her siblings. Mint Sprig's traveling stand in Las Pegasus became well known as a quirky tourist hot spot, drawing in her pick of customers. She would have preferred to use this popularity to pick only the ones that gave her that unique sensation of a true fortune, but, more often than not, Mint would pick whoever had the nicest things and settle with a good tip over personal fulfillment. Character Personality: Once shy and withdrawn, Mint Sprig has developed into a spunky, carefree pony with a wild imagination. She's pretty energetic and easily excited about trying new things or meeting new people. She has a fondness for foals and critters and can easily attach herself to just about anypony she encounters. She's the type of pony who considers one good conversation about the weather a sign of a strong bond and has a habit of approaching acquaintances as best pals. Some might consider her standards of what makes a good pony to associate with low, but Mint Sprig just views it as being open-minded. In truth, Mint Sprig views other ponies in extremes, sorting them as either best pal for life or monstrous villain with little evidence of either. She's darn loyal to her labels, too, so falling in or out of either category can be a difficult mission indeed. Character Summary: Mint Sprig is a friendly, energetic earth pony originally from Ponyville who likes critters and foals. She now lives and works in Las Pegasus as a fortune teller. Art by Unichan, Base by Klewgcg
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    Meh, laws are laws and I'm not missing out
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  23. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia covered her mouth with a hoof to stifle a giggle at remembering that. "Yes indeed. I remember that event well. If I may say, it corrected her attitude quite nicely that day. I was never one for pomp and circumstance. All the finery she wore gave me a headache just looking at her." Celestia took a moment to look over the thrones a bit more. Her hoof caressed the stone work as she whispered something, and then turned to her sister. She looked at Luna with a fondness, though not like she normally did. There was guilt in her eyes. She hid it well enough, but she was feeling it after all these years. After a moment she looked up toward the ceiling where the tapestries hung. The girls had restored some of them, though more of hers than Luna's. After a moment, Celestia's horn lit up and she ripped one of her tapestries down. looking at it in disgust before tossing it aside and snorting at it. All the things that came between her and her sibling, all the pain it caused. Princesses indeed, she thought. After a moment, she looked to the others and her horn lit up again. She was...angry. Rarely did that emotion ever cross her face. And even then it barely lasted a few moments. But this time it lingered and there was a definite feel of it in her magic as she ripped down another tapestry and tossed it aside.
  24. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    Stormstride held up her hoof tapping the air as if she were counting down. "Shield your eyes," she whispered, and ten seconds later the first trap went off. The explosion was enough to actually shake dust form the walls as lighting arced out in a dozen directions, striking ponies and objects within a few feet from it. She shot forward, low to the ground and moving like the wind. Her path was not straight, but angled and zigging all over the place. No sooner had she reached the door than the second blast hit, sending screams up pain up with it as several of the guards were caught in the blast. Blinded, unconscious, and deafened by the volume they staggered about as their pleading and the blasts drew others toward them. Coming to the door, she leaned on the wall out of the way in case some pony came out to check that door. While there, her horn lit up with her magic, glowing and covered in the electric energy of lightning.
  25. Neen Router / Armystuntman AKA The Unhappy Orchestra

    WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
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    I think that if you're smart/understand moderation, you're good. Laws like these exist because the poor choices of the few spoil it for the many.
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    Doesn't "no drinking age" imply that there is no age of which you are fit to drink?
  28. Alright, I might actually make Shining Armor's reply to the letter the start of the Crystal Empire's thread; will link here when I get to writing it up.
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