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  2. ". . . Although I’ve got tears in my eyes And I see rain clouds in the sky I can’t deny the light inside Because I’m not saying goodbye" 🎵 .....And that was a wrap for this experimental vocal run-through. As the dawn-like radiance emanating from Sunset Shimmer subsided, she felt confident that her latest melody concept would be liked by her pals in the Rainbooms, and would become the next tune in their repertoire! A quite, heartfelt piece would be a nice change of pace from their usual high-energy rock songs. Besides, this tune would also commemorate the inevitable day when the Rainbooms were destined to go their separate ways in life — which thanks to the structure of society Over There, was approaching all too soon. But that’s a post-graduation crisis for another day. It was the end of the school day at the School of Friendship, and Defense Against Dark Hearts had wrapped up about 30 minutes prior. With no creature around roaming the nearby halls, Sunset Shimmer often used this time to practice her vocal cords without expectation of being eavesdropped on by anybody. There was just something magical about the act of singing... and frequently in her case, quite literally so. That light Sunset just radiated a moment ago for example; that was very much a recent onset. Although her first study into the relationship between music and magic ended in an inconclusive bust, she had found time here and there to do some digging in this world. As it turned out, there IS a documented case in Equestria of a currently-active pop singer capable of involuntarily-triggered musical magic. Granted, it was just a single cutie mark lighting up, but it also meant that the magic that affected the Rainbooms wasn’t just some freak accident either. For that matter, a pony lighting up as if they were the Sun itself was not a sight new to Sunset. Indeed, the unicorn mare witnessed Princess Celestia herself emitting a shine on par with sunlight on a few occasions, although the alicorn was able to control whatever powers were at work there, which didn’t seem to come from the same arcane wellspring as the unicorn spellcasting Sunset was intimately familiar with. Some other force was clearly at play. Still, without any explanation for what was going on with her, Miss Shimmer thought it best to keep this latest “power” under wraps for the time being. In the meantime, the mare proceeded to move towards her desk, intending to scribble some notes onto a paper containing her song lyrics.....
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  4. He returned Terramar's smile as he navigated the current with relative ease. He wasn't as fluid as either of them in the water but it was close enough to flying that a lot of the mechanics worked well enough. "Heh, well, it feels like flying. And I'm not feeling the same crushing fear of claustrophobia when I'm moving this fast, I guess," he said with a smirk as he powered his way forward, his form being well-suited to this type of movement. He surged forward with his power and felt pretty good about it. This was way better and way less awful than being inside of the ocean normally. Feeling the current around him was so similar to a nice jet stream. He'd have to show off once they were up top because as good as he was doing now this was nothing compared to Gallus in the sky! "Think this is cool, wait until we're in the air!" He spread out further, allowing his large form to fully extend. He was quite large all things told. His wings unfurled to their great length even i the water, seemingly specially designed to withstand the rigors of the ocean current. Combined with his large tail and body it was hard to see past or around him as Silverstream swam below him. And close, which allowed him to share a half-smile full of cockiness as she also seemed to pull off her nice backstroking moves without flaw. Of course this whole combination was both intensely flirty and also something that Terramar couldn't see. For the time being though, this was fine. He winked at her. "Hey, wanna see a cool move?" He asked as he moved in closer, hoping she'd say yes. Mostly because he felt like he looked super awesome when he was doing it.
  5. "Of course." Strong Copper offered back to Mr Rich, offering a small smile. "I fully intend to run a clean and friendly campaign. After all, once all is said and done I know we're going to have to work together." In this case, he didn't want to interrupt the filly if she decided to do some more advertising. That would just be rude after all.
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    Pics of the cast of FiM that I draw
  7. Tehengu sighed to himself as he got ready to fight the incoming threat. He could appreciate where Andrea was coming from there, but there were other ways to help that didn't put her in the way. Like what he was likely to be doing, picking them off from a distance and weakening the monsters for Slash and Midnight to finish off. Ranged combat and support, helping out and staying out of the way. He stood at the ready, waiting for a grimm to show up and break this silence.
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  9. Squall caught up quick on what was Twilight was implying. His face expression behind the mask became a grim frown as Princess continued with her explanation. Somehow, Mycus's sudden case of death by poisoning by the hoof of his apprentice stopped being so tragic. For a moment, Sparkle looked like she was going to freak out, but she held herself together - for now. Swift meanwhile, was previously exposed to his own share of horrors - both as the sellsword and as agent of EPIC - so noblepony was less shaken up by the inequine alchemical experiments, although he was uneasy all the same. "....." Swift put his hoof on distressed mare's shoulder, in a reassuring gesture "Steel your heart Sparkle. We have to get to the bottom of this." he advised, before allowing the purple pony to move forward. Stallion looked at the room over his shoulder. After what Twilight had said, he had an urge to scour this place with fire - but this wasn't his call to make from the moment he invited the Princess for this trip. Perhaps later, when they stop the region from exploding..... Leaving the laboratory behind, Squall caught up to Sparkle. They were in a very long corridor - one lengthy enough that they couldn't see the end of it. Perhaps he can uplift his companion's mood by making her brain-cells work a little? "....Extracting magic is a one thing....." unicorn started "Both Tirek and that friend of yours, Starlight Glimmer, showed that it is possible - even if their methods were quite different. What puzzles me is how Thrice-blessed knew it's the alicorn magical essence that what he needs. Roam's record show that they were none alive in his time period - so how could he come to such conclusion? Could he calculate this up?" he questioned. Perhaps the next room will get them some more answers. But 'the next room' didn't seemed any closer. This was odd. By his estimate they had to walk along a mile - and yet there was no sign of door of any kind, or the corridor's end for that matter. Noblepony turned around.... To see that the passage stretches endlessly into the other way too. The lab they explored moments before was nowhere in sight. There was only one explanation for this. "We walked into yet another trap Sparkle. First spell that manipulated time, now magic that stretches or bends space...." Swift guessed.
  10. Oh joy, the next room. Temy REALLY loved that one..... ---------- Sunset Shimmer followed as Tempest Shadow led the way into the next chamber. Right from the get-go, Sunset spotted the architectural impossibility of this room’s existence; there was no way a mere tower like the one they were in now could contain a vast column-lined hallway stretching out past their line of sight, far beyond the Tower’s actual width. But before the unicorn thought to pass a warning along to Tempest, a loud clamor arose from behind. An iron portcullis had slammed shut and sealed the two unicorns inside! “Blast it!” Miss Shimmer strained with her magic to levitate the grating upward, but it was no use! The grating was resistant to magic!!! Sunset portended; “...I have a bad feeling about this.....” Sure enough, a distant primal growl emanated from the void. As she heard ponderous thuds come closer, Sunset started to perceive what looked like a clump of distant nighttime stars grow in luminosity. One star near the top of the ceiling shone brightest of all, and for a moment, the amber unicorn thought she could see the Little Dipper itself. All the while, the growling grew angrier and more... ravenous. “Whatever this thing is Tempest,” Sunset drew up a game plan as she definitely stood her ground; “I need you to hit it with everything you’ve got!!!” ...No response. “.....Tempest?”
  11. Moonlight sat on her haunches, her tail reflexively whipping lightly around her frontside as if a cat. The food did look good. Nice light greens without dressing, important for the figure, and some sweet-smelling pastries (apple-related of course) on the side. It smelled good too. Applejack never failed to provide a wonderful lunch. When Moonlight had worked on the farm, the slave labour that it was, she had known to keep the faith because at the end of the arduous task lay something truly worth the price of admission and that was Applejack's fine country cooking. It felt like any Apple pony or members of the extended family, such as the Oranges, were uniquely made to admire and appreciate what it was that Applejack brought to the table. Even after everything that changed, Moonlight's nose filtered in the best and brightest that Applejack brought forth. "Oh, I'd totally love to join you two. I have, like, the munchies really hard right now," she said as she sat down with perfect posture on her haunches. Like a true lady! She gathered her food. A single sandwich and greens, with a small apple pastry on the side. Not too much. After all, she had a figure to maintain. She felt like a third wheel but the more she thought about it and the more the other two spoke the more she realized this was more for her benefit, pre-planned. Not an interruption but at the very least something Rarity had counted on. That made Moonlight feel a little better, knowing that she wasn't necessarily ruining a private affair. She could feel herself loosen up as she smiled, instantly more at ease. She was nervous around Applejack for a hundred reasons and still a little nervous around Miss Rarity. But at least now this wasn't served alongside thinking she was an intruder! She ate slowly as she thought about the questions her cousin- former cousin?- asked. They deserved a good answer, right? "Well..." she touched her horn. With the Allsource on her horn felt tight and leashed like a dog. She figured it would take some getting used to but everything she was experiencing, down to the way the wind trailed along her pelt and made her feel, would take some getting used to. "It's, like, totally strange, right? I mean, like, you feel everything through your hooves when you're, like, an Earth Pony, right? Like whatever, totally cool. But I don't...like, I don't feel that connection anymore, right? Sooo now I am all, like, feeling through my horn and stuff? Like, I feel all this magic around me, totally not something I was expecting, tca! This Allsource thing is totally bitchin' though. I'm not feeling, like, so...wavy and stuff like I was before," she tried to explain, then shook her head. "It's not really super easy to like say well, ya know?" she responded as she ate. Though truth be told she did wonder why Applejack was taking the whole Moonlight as a filly concept as easy she was...
  12. It took a bit for Shining Armor to translate Barbera's question in his head. Studying Itailian was one of the things he'd taken on to connect with his wife back when she was just his marefriend, but language studies hadn't been his strong suit. Cadence would still sometimes bring up the time he'd ordered the "Jackets required" at the restaurant in Rome he took her to for one of her birthdays. Speaking of Jacket's... there he was, in the formal red-and-blues. As far as he knew, he still fit in them; he wasn't the sort of stallion just to let himself go just because he was married! True love also meant keeping up your exercise routine to look good for your wife. Looking over to her, he could see tears begin to well up, and he could guess what she was thinking. "Not for a while yet, love. Don't miss the present while your head's in the future."
  13. Feng chuckled, "I wish the Empress could hear you talk about the health risks of stressing over trivialities, though no doubt she would have a ready retort about how anything she happened to be worried about was, in fact, a point upon which the whole Jade Throne rested. It's not so much a matter of controlling one's stress, really, as it is of keeping things in perspective. We cannot help but focus our anxieties upon what we perceive as important and at risk." Almost as if he felt a little embarrassed about his wanderings in philosophical medicine, he shrugged, slowing his pace on the way to the college park. "But, then, in my line of business, trivial things do often mean something important going on beneath, so who am I to say? I crossed the ocean to account for a budget line-item!" There were more clouds than blue visible in the sky, but the sun was not yet fully obscured. Some students were out, but it was not the sort of day which presented unanswerable temptations to shirk lectures or studying. Feng tested the grass a bit with his hooves, before taking a trotting start into a takeoff, circling above Medo for one or two loops before coming back to hover beside her. "Ahhh, that's much better. Now, it's actually not all that likely that we would see each other again, if you didn't specifically seek me out. The Palace complex is practically it's own city; the inner circle of those who the Empress meets with directly all know each other, but besides that? Not even the Empress knows everyone. But if you're interested, I am usually outdoors on my off hours. I enjoy long flights, or even taking an hour or two on the training grounds. You wouldn't think it too look at me, eh?" He smiled, though in the back of his mind he began to feel his disguise mentality slip. He really needed to leave soon, lest he blow his whole cover. The lack of danger he could sense around this place was really dulling his instincts...
  14. “I see. Well, thank you, I believe I’m good now.” Magnus said, nodding a bit at that answer. There would have to be an engineer on board to keep the engine maintained. At least he wasn’t a medical doctor doing experiments, especially on a partially captive group of subjects. “I suppose I shall see you later.” With that done, he began heading off to claim a hammock and then spend some time in the practice area.
  15. The glowing caribou remained seated, responding to Ossia's warning with only an unimpressed stare. She then looked down to the dirt she sat upon and began to draw some pattern on the earth in front of her. It was a tic-tac-toe board and she was starting up with the xs. "Take your time. " She said with an unusual calm, "I'm in no rush. Once you are finished with the Toy soldier... we can have words." Just like that her gaze went back to the grid she made on the ground. Lightning's quickly cut off warning did managed to bring the cow's attention back up for a moment, "Hm. The toy soldier can speak... maybe someone at the academy can help you later. If you manage to live through this... I promise that any punishment you recieve will be foals play compared to her." While Lightning's core was building to a possible explosion, the core of the mysterious cow's being was burning hot with something else: purpose. Her divine sphere of influence lent itself towards revenge on behalf of the wronged. Many ponies were hurt in that freak hurricane earlier. The pale huntress couldn't quite tell the full scale of the damage, but the very need for retribution was fueling her to act in this moment... If this explosion happened and by some measure Ossia and this cow survived, things could become quite harrowing very quickly. While she laid on the ground, continuing her game. The cow's muscles were tense and ready, her glow slowly raising in intensity until she was ready to strike.
  16. i;m a magitech engineer" he explained "i'm the one who designd and built the captains lightning gun" he smiled a little, clearly proud of that "I also work on upgrades for the ship, though thos are few and far between"
  17. Only one more slot open in  Pink Lady's Everfree adventure!~

  18. Magnus nodded to himself, looking at the supplies he could see from where he was. He eventually looked back over at Singlestone as the tour ended. “What kind of experiments?” He asked, glancing at the door to the lab.
  19. @Skycoaster *nods* tried to darken mane tail and goatee Let me know if this color is better and if you'd like it as a banner.
  20. They reached the bottom of the ship, and there was a fense that separated all the cargo from the rest of the area, which was locked, as well as another door in the opposite direction, also locked. "This is the cargo bay" explained singlestone "we keep any ancillary supplies here, Myself, Harle, and the first mate all have keys if there arises a situation where you need something" he paused, nodding at the door "That is the door to my laboratory, you'll find me there most nights working on my many different experiments" he paused "So, do you have any questions?"
  21. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice smiled when she heard Luna's response. The words coming from her filled her with confidence. To have Luna's support meant a lot to her. Even if she was l wasn't a princess anymore she was certain that her word still held some weight. Depending on how things went on the future that could prove to be important. When she asked what threats that she was aiming to stop with STAR now that the main threats were in Tartarus or in stone. "Non-Equestrian to put it bluntly. Over the last several years Equestria had suffered from numerous invasions. I had the misfortune of being at the heart of one of them. I saved as many as I could... But I couldn't save them all. I plan on defending the borders and making sure nothing gets through that's not supposed to," Ice commented. When Luna said that she missed her nighty briefings, Ice's smile widened a bit before holding a hoof up. "Hold on a sec," she similes before popping into the guest room and then returning with a small crystal orb and basin. "Here. Take this. This magical device let's myself and other ship captain's way of communicating with each other as well as different sectors of the base. We can use them to keep in touch while we are apart. I could at least give you a brief every night even if it's something small," she smiled. "As far as Las Pegasus goes, it's what you'd expect it to be. It had a lot of potential for those who know how to play, and is the perfect place to cover something up because of the shadiness of the ground district anyway. Profit wise, my hotel and casino has been really really successful and that's a good thing to. The profits from that has funded the entirety of the ship with plenty to spare from the rest of the shops I own. I might be opening another treat store in Baltimare as well," she smiled. "How about yourself? A nice quiet place you and Celestia have managed to find."
  22. Looks great @RainbowFoxxy! my only sugestion is to darken the mane and goatee a tad.
  23. Well, that answered almost nothing. He sighed slightly, going down the stairs to see the weapon deck. Well, at least now he knew there was a place to keep his skills sharp, he’d make good use of this area, that was for sure. Magnus nodded in approval before moving along with Singlestone to check out the next deck. Probably the last one, judging by how far down they’ve already gone.
  24. "You'll find out tonight, It happens last hour before bed, unless we're under attack everyone attends... everyone..." he repeated himself to make sure that magnus understood this wasn't optional. Going lower, they reached a large open deck with the walls all covered in weapons and several armor stands, with a small reinforced door at the end and even an area roped off into a sparing arena "This is the armory" he explained "your free to use any of the weapons for either practice or battle" he explained "Through the door is the smithy, it also gets its heat from the ship's engines. Unless you have skill in working metal you'll probably never go back there" The racks held all manner of weapons, from spears and sword to bows and scimitars, all shapes and sizes of weapon were here, Harle had enough weapons to outfit a small army. Singlestone headed for the final flight of stairs, waiting for Magnus
  25. Cadence replied to Mama’s question in a heartfelt affirmative; “Sì.... all of it.” The power of True Love was indeed undeniable. Just look at Flurry Heart for proof! Speaking of... as the visage of the pink alicorn bride took up more of the screen, the Crystal Princess used this opportunity to gushingly point out to her daughter; “Look sweetie, there’s your mama! Didn- didn’t she and Daddy look lovely on their wedding day?“ Cadence’s eyes started glistening with moisture, as she just got hit with the realization that many moons from now when she was all grown up, Flurry may very well walk down the wedding aisle herself.....
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