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  2. *gets bag of Doritos* I'm ready!
  3. An Otaku, actually. Someone who is allergic to something weird.
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  5. Tavi smiled sincerely, hiding her knowledge of their squabbling, "Wonderful, can't wait to play along side you. Shall we show you to you're rooms-" She began as a second carriage approached them. The air practically went still as Tavi, Kasey, and Viola went wide in shock. Oakly hopped down from the front seat, he waved to Strkyer and Spring before continuing to tend to the horses. Stryker and Spring waved back awkwardly in unison, wondering how he missed his twin atop the stairs. Kasey felt his legs move on their own as he stepped down the stairs, approaching the young man who resembled him so much. Oakly paused with what he was doing as he heard footsteps closing in, he turned slowly on to come face to face with a mirror image of himself starring back at him. Oakly then starred past his look alike, seeing the beautiful woman and the young girl, a familiar feeling washing over in waves. All his life, Oakly only knew his Father to be is only family, now he had a mother and two siblings. Not only that, but he had a twin. Oakly swallowed nervously, feeling his body shake a little, "I..." He began before his twin suddenly hugged him, "Its been a long time, Oakly, the rest of the Family's been waiting for you. My names Kasey, and behind is our mother, Octavia, and our little sister, Viola." Kasey told him as he let go. Oakly was frozen with shock, tears began to form in his eyes, "I... I have a Mother... a Brother... and a Sister?" He muttered softly. Tavi had tears rolling down her face, this was the first time she was seeing her Son since he was born, a Son she wasn't able to nurture and love. Viola suddenly ran down and jumped onto him happily, "Hi big brother! Its so good to finally meet you, you can just call me Vi or Lil Sis!" Oakly had caught her and dropped to his knees before he broke down crying as he held his Sister. Kasey bent down and joined the hug, "Be easy on him Vi." Spring and Stryker smiled as they watched, happy for Oakly. Tavi wiped her tears away and motioned for them to follow, "Shall we go inside to show you to your rooms?" She said attempting to sound formal through her much joy and excitement.
  6. Luna and killjoy just stood with a blank face "Luna...?" Killjoy whispered "yes love?" She whispered back "I thought you said they needed a violinist...but there is one right there..." she whispered now more annoyed "pianist, violinist, same thing..." Luna replied as her smile twitched "Luna...those are completely different, I haven't perfected playing the piano yet. I was supposed to play the violin!" Their whispers got louder slowly making it obvious what they were arguing about. Luna huffed "then improvise, just pick songs you know well and work with what you got!" She said as they both growled at eachother. "Fine!" Killjoy whisper yelled. Killjoy looked at Octavia "I'll be playing the piano." She said acting out a higher voice tone to cover her identity. "I'm not very good, but there are a few songs I can play well."
  7. Nightly smiled. "Glad to see you happy again!" She takes his hoof. "C'mon!" She then rushes to T.D's base with Angel and Mischief following. Vincent understood and held him tightly. "Oh my gosh... He certainly is your son... thats for sure..." Charade pondered. "Maybe... then I guess we'll have to find other ways..." He sighs. "You really make stuff like this difficult daddy!"
  8. Yes. I have a splitting migraine from lack of coffee and probably pain killers from yesterday. I saw a sign that said "Raising the Bar" and I thought it said "Raisin G the Bar."
  9. Dusk slurped up the strip of meat inbetween her jaws and gave him a lopsided smirk, then watched her stallion show off his multi hued plumage and as always admired it, rewarding his boasting with a warm kiss, holding it for a moment before pulling away, replying to him. "Sure love we can mix the colors for our home, that is no problem at all you will stick to your beloved purple and crimson shades I dare guess?" Then she trotted alongside her proud bird as she nodded at his demands. "Very well dear you can purchase our furniture, think we should also get some more basic things like bath salts, shampoo and mane conditioner? Oh and ofcourse I need to visit the local pharmasy to get a potion."
  10. “It is quite well then that I am only questioning one, lest they leave me only three-fifths of a pony post-negotiation,” Daedalus chuckled. Ah yes that would be quite the sight wouldn’t it? An entire congress of draconequui, a gaggle of goofs, a flock of flamboyant fools, an assembly of the asinine. One Discord was quite enough. Daedalus was uncertain if he could handle a dozen or more, or however many would compose a legislative body for chaos. "It was too quiet in Equestria so I thought I'd love it up. But the resident princesses were quite good at defying me and usurping my attempts to usurp! Go figure. You could say one thing led to another and I grew short with their constant interference. It is the epicenter of Harmony after all. Why wouldn't a god of chaos not reside in the heart of it?" He pressed his claw to his chest, cocking his head as if it was a simple task to make sense of him. “I cannot logically prove or disprove a negative. You might be able to do so, but seeing as I am bounded by logic in this mortal coil, I doubt it would be comprehensible to anyone outside yourself; hard solipsism exempted.” “Why wouldn’t” was never so much a question as it was a dodge. No one answered a question with a reversal like that unless they were shifting burdens of proof and in turn avoiding answering the question to begin with. The Kastroti philosophical education kicked in and Daedalus again had to remind himself that he was dealing with the equivalent of an omnipotent child. He sighed. There would be no true answers to his questions, would there? "Please. Do you think Griffons needed me? They managed to fell their own monarchy in a matter of years toss around a few gold crowns you had in hoof and you'd think I spat at their idol. Equestria was a challenge I wasn't willing to lose… Ah, but ce la vie." “I find it funny that you leave out the unification of Aquellia and the establishment of a griffon democracy. Ancient griffon kings might have squabbled over gold and gem, but I find their current bureaucracy a bit more robust than you give them credit for, if opaque.” He quickly added, “Not that I’m inviting you to topple democracy. Regime change fomented by external means is always so messy.” Again, it was said mostly in jest. He was certain Discord had the capability to manipulate factions against each other and create a civil war with the snap of a finger and Daedalus was not about to encourage him to do so. If a minor apocalypse involved blowing up Twilight’s castle and most of Ponyville, destroying the Aquellian government and sending the neighboring country spiralling into civil war would be a cataclysm of world-shaking proportions. Civil wars should never be initiated before you’re ready for them. He thought to himself. "As for my questions little pony. If you don't think Celestia is the sun itself… why are you here in Equestria? It is obvious you've your own sense of affliction." “I think you underestimate mortal ponies if you think their lives are dedicated to kissing Celestia’s hooves.” He said, following Discord’s trail. “A good friend to her people and capable diplomat as she might be, she is no deity. As for my reason on the mainland, I seek knowledge as I travel. Kastrot sought to limit what I could study, so I came to Equestria for the freedom to pursue what I desired instead of being hopelessly pigeonholed.” “Personally, I am content to remain in the castle, but if you have other ideas, I am open to them. After all, I am shackled to you for the day and not visa versa.” And now a question of his own. Discord loved his games and he loved talk. So what better to occupy a draconequus than to leave him talking about himself? Daedalus had little confidence he could find a reliable ally in Discord if push came to shove, but he supposed that someone on amicable terms was better than a belligerent by any stretch. Besides, his scholar's curiosity was still tingling. “So how exactly does a god of chaos come to be? I could assume that you are merely eternal, but you already know what happens when one assumes…”
  11. Ryuichi, I...
  12. Trax pointed at five locations on the map of Equestria near the border, a good 20 miles separated each pinned location, no towns or settlements nearby. "Leaked information. We're going to spill these five locations to the Shinokage, and let them come to us. I will send a clone with each team, disguised as Tahlia, to ensure they fall for it. The teams will be as followed; Kane and Autumn, Silver and Black, Flint, Myself, Blade, and our Young Trio here." Trax explained as he pointed to each team and ending with Oakly, Venom, and Tahlia. "Oakly, you and Venom are only to protect Tahlia, do not stop moving locations. Until I come get you." He told his Son as he glanced at Oaklys belt where his tagged kunai knife rested. Oakly nodded in acknowledgment, Tahlia grabbed Venoms shirt tightly with worry. Trax looked up to them again, "I also received word from Canterlot, we will be receiving some support from then. Captains Octavia, Echo, and Stryker along with Second Lieutenant Hazel. They'll be split up among our teams, I do not know who will be with who, so be flexible on the back up. That's it, you have served me well in the little time I've been your Prophet, I couldn't have asked for better. Now, Lets go save the world, shall we." Inside the Shinokage's HQ, Obito layed out a map of the border, pinned on it were five locations. "New information suggests these five locations of where they hiding the girl, obviously its a set-up by their Prophet, expecting us to accept their challenge. Ally has already scouted out the routes, and has confirmed the identity of the target, at all five spots. Using clones to ensure we are forced to split up due to time. Mistress Rose has grown tired of waiting, therefore we will be splitting up. The teams are as follows; Silent and Mara, Slipknot, Uchiha, Myself, Caesar and Ally. Brutus, you will be chasing a possibility of a constantly moving sixth location, use your power to sniff them out. Show them no mercy, give them nothing, and take from them... Everything."
  13. Trax sighed, not sure if he should feel honored or annoyed at having to take on such a big role as he was still new to the wall, "Well, it'll be a drag, but you learn by doing."
  14. Oakly crossed his sabers to block, the force caused him to slide his foot back, "Correction, I'll show you what I've honed!" Oakly pushed Soul off and then spun around swinging his sabers about in a fluid wave of blue and orange, even some of the Masters were impressed by such skill and accuracy, a move like that could backfire and injure the wielder. Through all Souls guarding, Oakly felt time slow as he saw the opening he was looking for, he switched the grip on his orange saber and slid in under Soul aiming for his side, but there was a hesitation to Oaklys movement. It was as if Oaklys very soul convinced him otherwise, and instead of using his saber, Oaklys withdrew it and punched with his clenched fist. As a consequence for his hesitation, Souls movement back triggered the white saber to come down and score over Oaklys right eye and then barely grazing his lower chin and down his neck. The Burning sensation caused Oakly to fall and roll back, he halted gritting his teeth in agony as his wounds were instantly cauterized. The large hall of the Temple grew silent, all eyes on the fight, awaiting the outcome, good or bad. Oakly stood up shivering, keeping his body from going into shock from the pain, his struggled to open his right eye. When he did, the eye was bloodshot from the heat damage around it. He began to pant heavily as he shook off the pain, "That... was a warning,... next time.. I won't be so merciful." He said coldly, attempting to play off his mistake as a purposeful mercy strike, when in truth he had hesitated to kill someone he considered Family. Oakly lit up his orange saber again, "Now, let me go, ... before I really do decide to kill you..." He said between pants of exhaustion, he was putting all his strength into keeping from collapsing, hoping he could bluff his way out. Hazel was on her knees in awe, it was a first for her to see two Masters of the blade, square off as practically equals. Her conflicting feelings mad it impossible to pick a side, all she wanted now was for no one to die. The Council watched patiently, trusting Soul to finish this. The Temple Sentinels now covering every exit and surrounding Soul and Oakly in a giant circle.
  15. ((Sounds good, they could all have spoken the night before without Flint and Trax to discuss about confronting him about it.)) Flint took the lead as he lead them down the mountain, once at a good spot, he used his magic to separate a slab of rock beneath their feet and controlled their speed as they slid down the mountain at a faster pace. Tavi glanced at Blade and the others, remembering their talk the night before about confronting Flints actions two months ago. Why had he suddenly turned evil? Trax stood still balancing with his cane, sensing the others nervousness, he decided against saying something about it. From the awkward silence, he could tell he would soon find out.
  16. Soul rolled his eyes at the banter before looking at Killjoy. "I think that is a wonderful idea, Killjoy. I will allow it. Trax will be a ranger, an instructor and castle enforcer in your place." Kane looked at his father and Trax, feeling better about his time here now that they were in charge. "Let us all return to the castle. I want all the men summoned in the main hall and Killjoy can depart with Princess Luna."
  17. Soul quickly parried most of the strikes from both of Oak's lightsabers, but his orange saber sliced through the hilt of his own lightsaber and destroyed it, creating a small blue explosion as it broke in half. Soul growled as he just barely avoided losing his hand. He grabbed Oak in a powerful force grip and threw him against a nearby wall. He closed his eyes and sighed and he reached into his robe, pulling out a long, chrome hilt and held it in front of him. "I loved you, Oakly. I didn't want this." He said to himself as a long bright white blade ignited from the chrome hilt. It was one of the ancient lightsabers from the first Jedi council thousand of years ago. Only a handful existed in the galaxy, and Soul had earned the honor to carry the only one the Jedi Order had recovered when he wiped out a coven of Sith by himself and saved a planet from enslavement. He chose never to use it in battle unless he absolutely had to. "Come show me what you've learned." Soul said charging with the white ancient blade.
  18. "Please be safe..." Autumn said softly to Kane, a nervous sound to her voice. Kane softly kissed her for a brief moment. "I promise." He said. Autumn hesitantly turned to go with the others. "Be safe. Tell everybody back at school I said hey." He told them. ((So while Kane is away are the others going back to Canterlot? I was thinking they'd try to investigate why Flint turned once they got back or something.))
  19. The Death Knights entered the room with the others. "We don't have long to keep the beast locked up. How to we fight the Shinokage now?" Kane said, his body remembering the fight with the assassins.
  20. "I have to agree. It seems that avoiding Neighponese influence in these outfits might be for the best." Sunrise said, giving a sigh. She was looking forward to trying out their styles, but she supposed there was always other opportunities for that. "The ships certainly are impressive. They are not the first caribou ships I have seen however." She said, frowning a bit at the memories that resurfaced. "Unfortunately, the first were from that horrible attack on the Crystal Empire." She paused briefly before getting on the boat, her new friends getting her past her hesitation quickly. She boarded the ship with Sigrun's help, smiling thankfully at her. She was confused a bit as Sigrun disembarked again, calling out like someone was following them. -------- Sandā had eventually flown her way to a cloud as they boarded one of their boats, not wanting to get too close. Besides, she could move a cloud, she couldn't move a roof. Unfortunately, her movement seemed to draw attention, as Sigrun assumably called out to her. With a quiet growl, she emerged from the cloud, landing in front of Sigrun heavily. She was currently wearing nothing, so there was no way they could recognize her based on physical characteristics. In either case, she said nothing yet, keeping her gaze firmly and determinedly locked with Sigrun's own.
  21. Yūrei blinked as she heard the announcement about ramen, leaning out from her seat to get a better look. Well, that pony certainly looked the part. Being a ryuma certainly helped with that, but it wasn't everything. The 'pegasus' stood up from her seat, bringing the cup of tea with her as she approached the other mare. "Ramen you say? Well, I am not too hungry at the moment, but I am sure my friends would like some. Would you mind coming with me?" She said, looking over the mare more closely. There was something about her that suggested more than a simple ramen maker. The muscle, lithe and something she was all too familiar with in her life. She couldn't exactly just ask about it though. "By the way, what is your name? And do you do other work? I feel I have seen you before." Yūrei added, tilting her head curiously.
  22. In other news, @Dio has maid a new imperial dragonhorse for us:
  23. "Ha! You're truly a kind one, Miss Sunrise." Sigrun chuckled warmly through her mate's hoofkerchief, "But there's no need to worry, I'm not about to let some shrubs be the end of me." The cow continued along on the walk with her mate and their new companion, only stopping twice to sooth an itchy snout and the sighing in relief once the walk was past the devious greenery. Halvard's worries did not fall on deaf ears, It didn't take much time for her to ealilze he was correct. While the 'debate' itself had ended in what she'd hoped she had to agree that the long silence in the middle was worrying. She could see she'd struck a nerve somewhere, but determining what was still problematic. Honestly her own clan had a colorful history with the neighponese back when the collective forest clans united. A lengthy cyclical war having been started by a weakened but emboldened neighponese empire after they had made their place on their current lands brought the fight to the forest dwellers and some areas of the south as well. All of it was before Sigrun's lifetime but this was something her clan was still trying to get past. "I'm unsure if they ever will... The Shogun seems the type to keep certain things to himself and his advisers. " She looked back to Sunrise, "Maybe we should simply stick to Caribou and Equestrian styles." Her voice sounded slightly less cheery. She brightened up again as they rounded the third corner and found themselves before the sails of the magnificent Skeid: one of the largest types of Caribou Longboat. This one in particular was one built by the shipwrights of Askr as a show of good faith for their new allies in Clan Breen. The vessel had been made of the very anti magic wood that the caribou used so often, producing a sort of invisible field around the vessel that disabled magic for those who stepped on board. Ascending the gangplank with Sunrise and Halvard, Sigrun offered the unicorn a hoof to help her on board if need be: the steps on the boarding stairs were made with large creatures in mind after all. Once the fashion loving friend was on board though, the chieftain swore she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. "Excuse me a moment... " She hopped off the boat and looked to the skies, oblivious to the puck like golem moving toward her and the vessel. "Is someone out here?" She asked in a slightly commanding tone, "If you've any honor I'd ask you show yourself."
  24. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  25. For the first time in a good while, Harmony wore a hope filled smile. Then what are we waiting for? He asked with newfound enthusiasm Let's go find Baddy! Prototype eyed the child as it continued to smirk and look about the room. You might want to tighten your grip on him. Mischief is coming and it'll be here soon Bad Harmony sighed in annoyance. Some of it was directed at himself, the rest went toward the situation in general. Yeah, not sure if you know this Ice, but my wife slash ex-wife is a time traveler. Right now she, Harmony, and the two rugrats, are quite a few decades in the future. Chances are that my math is wrong and their a few hundred years, if not more. You lose track after being in that stupid time machine for so long. He was going to end it there, but remember one small detail. Also, when we traveled back; Charade, you should have remembered this, I rigged the time machine so that it would return back to the timeline we came from. So getting to them is literally impossible. They would have to come to us and I don't see that happening any time soon.
  26. should I mix dry apple cinnamon oatmeal in melted peanut butter would that be good
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