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  2. I've been sick in a way I can't explain.

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      Well, I wish you have a speedy recovery for whatever ails you.

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  4. *poof* an old, moldy Mars Bar pops into your hand. It is covered in lint, dirt and a plethera of unknowns. I wish I had a billion dollars in my bank account.
  5. Flaire saw the unicorn just as he was about to run into her. He would have been unable to stop himself in time, but thankfully, she had noticed him in time, and stepped aside. Flaire skidded to a stop, narrowly avoiding embarrassingly falling on his face. "Sweet Celestia!" He exclaimed "I am so sorry! I usually don't gallop blindly about the street." he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head "I nearly lost my list, and I really need that." He looked at the mare who he'd almost knocked over. She was holding his list with her magic. "Oh, Thank goodness!" He breathed "You caught it!" He righted himself, cleared his throat, and generally attempted to salvage what was left of his dignity. He reached out a hoof in greeting. "The name's Dramatic Flaire." he introduced "but everypony calls me Flaire." He smiled at her "What's your name, if I may be so bold?"
  6. Boulder Dash nodded as Rarity walked through the door. He knew she had expensive tastes and thus made sure to find the most expensive restaurant in town. Yes it would break him for a few days, but he knew she was worth it and his Ma had insisted on it. Following her into the restaurant he approached a fancy, pencil mustached pegasus in a waiter's uniform. "Boulder Dash, party of two please?" he said to the waiter. The pegasus looked up and gave Boulder Dash the once over. Like a piece of produce on display at the market, Boulder Dash felt so out of place as the Stallion looked at him. The waiter nodded as he looked at his book, nodding in approval before seeing Rarity next to him. "Ah Madameoselle Rarity! Your truly grace us with your presence and that of your guest! To have the most premiere Pony of culture and fashion grace us with her presence is a true honor" the waiter said as he grabbed two menus and bowed to Rarity. Boulder Dash stood to the side feeling a bit out of place. He wasn't used to these fancy dinners, a hayburger and a pint of ale was all he needed to call a meal. But he knew how much this dinner meant to Rarity and thus tried not to do anything to embarrass her.
  7. "Well, I think that just about does it for today," The unicorn looked over her check list as she backed out of the front door of Carousal Boutique. She looked over the top of her red framed glasses and smiled. "Spike! That's enough for one day!" The dragon was always such a good helper and now that he had wings he could do even more than before. The best part was he always seemed to be falling all over himself with a will to get done whatever she needed. He certainly was a good friend. One in a million in fact! "Ok Rarity! Just getting this last corner..." Spike flew back to the ground and trotted to the closet to deposit a feather duster and apron. "All finished!" He smiled as he made his way outside and allowed Rarity to lock the door. "Thank you so much Spikey Wikey! I certainly do appreciate your help. I find less and less time to come and check on the Boutique what with everything going on at my other stores. The Canterlot location certainly is a bit more grand but Carousal Boutique will always have a special place in my heart," She nodded fondly towards her establishment. "Ok then, I guess I'll go back over to the castle and see if Twilight needs anything else..." He drug his foot claws through the soft grass. "Thank you again Spike," She bent down and gave him a little peck on the cheek. Spike blushed and turned to the side with embarrassment. "Anything for you Rarity!" With that the dragon made his way back to the Castle of Friendship. Rarity smiled softly as he went. Spike really was a good friend. As she turned to make her way home a sudden breeze caused a slip of paper to press up against her leg. The unicorn used her magic to remove the paper just as her eyes caught a figure barreling straight for her! "Oh my Celestia!" She cried out in shock as she neatly side stepped, nearly missing a collision!
  8. Oof..that's a lot of questions...I'll have to make some notes about that on my phone and then add it on this form.
  9. "I bet if I wear this costume, people won't think twice about the stolen goods in my bag."
  10. @SymphonicFire You thought it'd be a person with a weird allergy. But it was me. Kait. Someone with four limbs. ....okay, fine. Someone who agrees that pineapple on pizza is an abomination.
  11. from -10 to 10? Well, I'd give myself a -3, then. I'm not "give people nightmares, traumatize children, make babies cry" ugly, but I'm not exactly dating material lol
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Stellar Drift Sex: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Blue Coat: Light grey Mane/Tail: Blue to grey gradient Physique: Average Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Astronomer Cutie Mark: The pegasus constellation in front of a moon. Unique Traits: Wears glasses History: When Character Personality: A generally introverted book worm, lately, he's trying to be more outgoing. Quirky and a bit awkward. Character Summary: Stellar Drift is a booksy pegasus with a knack for astronomy who sometimes has a hard time with socialization.
  13. A good evening to you, madame. I am but a weary traveler who humbly wishes to inquire on the status of a certain thread of intrigue taking residence here.
  14. Just when I think I'm out...I get tempted back in <<

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  15. Okie Dokie. I look forward to rping with you. ^v^ And Szalhi, I have another OC (who doesn't have as many peripherals. lol) That I'm going to make an app for later, and I look forward to using him. Perhaps you could join me on that one, when it happens. If you want, I'll PM you before I make the Sign up post to give you first dibs.
  16. The sun hung lazily in the west, still shining brightly over Ponyville, but beginning to approach the end of Celestia's day. A large, old caravan lumbered along the dirt road on its way into town. The paint, somewhat faded from years of sun, depicted a stylized stage with lights around it. Emblazoned over this display, were the words "Tour d'Equestria" in large ornate letters. Under which it said "Touring Theatre". The vehicle swayed side to side gently, pulled by a very large, sturdy Earth Pony riddled with scars. He smiled as he crested the hill and saw the town come into view. He stopped a moment and stomped thunderously on the ground. "What is it, hoof?" called a voice from inside "Are you tired?" He stomped once. "Just a moment." the voice requested. some rustling from inside and a crash then out came a grey pony "What is it?" He asked Hoof gave him an expectant look. "Sorry" the grey pony said "he's asleep" Hoof pointed to the town down the hill. "Thunderhoof," The grey one started "get ready for a real bed. We're here." Hoof stomped excitedly, and continued on. Grey went back inside. Inside, grey pony walled over to a sleeping unicorn and gently shook him awake. "Stage!" he whispered "Stage, wake up. We're almost there!" Stage stirred, spoke a few words in French before "Flaire, please. Let me sleep. It has been a long week." He grumbled "Wait. We are here?" he asked "Almost." Flaire answered "Maybe 5 minutes." Stage groaned. "I tell you what. You know where the list is, yes?" he offered "Yes, director, of course. I'll take care of it, you guys can sleep." Flaire answered "Don't forget the grease. That wheel has been driving me up the wall." "Don't worry, I've got this." He was met with snoring. "Alright. I've got this." Flaire said to himself. A few minutes later, the caravan stopped moving, and he heard a heavy thud outside. He grabbed his saddle bag, and climbed out to the driver seat to check on Thunderhoof. He heard loud snoring coming from the ground. He looked down and saw Hoof crumpled in front of the caravan sleeping soundly. "It really has been a long week." Flaire chuckled. He climbed down the short ladder from the seat down to the axle, and jumped to the ground. They'd made it to the outer edge of the small town. Flaire could see the star-shaped spire in the distance that belonged to the castle of friendship, signifying that he was, indeed, in Ponyville. He looked around. There were a couple of ponies still up and about. The day was not yet done, but time was not on his side. Flaire trotted down the street looking about the houses and businesses for the stores he needed. As he looked, his face slowly contorted from an excited smile for a new place into one of confusion and mild concern. until, all at once, he stopped and quietly exclaimed. "Oh, Fi!" he complained "I don't see what I'm looking for anywhere! Maybe I should've waited for Stage to help me after all." He reached in his bag and pulled out a list in his teeth, putting it in his hoof to look through. "Do we really need that many apples?" He questioned. Then, thinking about Thunderhoof's insatiable appetite, said "Actually, better get more, to be safe." Then a gust of wind blew the paper away "Ah!" he exclaimed "get back here!" He began galloping after it with reckless abandon. Paying such little attention, he didn't notice the pony he was barreling straight for.
  17. Although I would love to have you on it, too, my tiny brain can only handle so many characters at a time, and Foxxy was first. I don't think I can do two additional ones. Sorry, sweety. And Foxxy, sorry about the delay getting the rp up. I got real busy suddenly. I'm getting back on it, now. Hopefully be done soon barring any further distractions lol.
  18. Oh yeah, I'm ALWAYS overthinking about ponies. Always. But you'll be surprised what sort of stuff they sneak in.
  19. Oh god, another RP? Damn, I really shouldn't be joining more roleplays, I'll inevitably kill them off in the end. But my twins Tranquility and Placidity are almost always in Ponyville, and they've been dormant for a bit. God forbid I remember how to play them, although they are really fun to use.
  20. “Indeed. Of course I suspect that they're doing it with more generosity of spirit towards one another than before, thanks to Starlight. Even the best of us are prone to make mistakes,” she said with a titter. It was rather common for the girls to share the details on their exploits and adventures with one another and she'd admit to being a little less than overjoyed at hearing how the Princesses conducted themselves. She might not have ever been as reverent as Applejack was regarding the monarchs of Equestria but she shared the majority of her country's view of them as idealistic leaders and virtuous to a fault. This view was proven consistently to be somewhat naive as they had their own foibles that undermined their grandeur. Starlight's brief tale of their sisterly struggle was only slightly less disappointing as the resolution was fantastic. She enjoyed the sweet breeze in the evening air as they sauntered down the middle of Ponyville. She knew that some would speak about this night with gossip[ firmly entrenched on their tongues and she had little desire to prevent it. After all, she did enjoy the attention! It was also a better avenue for Boulder Dash and her to be spoken about than before. They had no idea this was an apology dinner for a much more embarrassing incident! Strike her down if that ever became common knowledge. No, this was better. At the very least this rumor mill involved her having a wonderful night out rather than having a hoof inelegantly glued to her...anyway. The night was lovely so far and she had no intention of ruining it with ill-fated memories. The red Sky was not very far away when she allowed herself to ignore the possibilities inherent tonight and enjoy her polite company. Of course, this was a rather pale imitation of the Canterlot restaurant. Not that it was bad- indeed, ponies who didn't frequent high dining in Canterlot as often as religiously as Rarity would be fooled. The atmosphere and experience were all the same but the Canterlot location had several of the city's best chefs and the highest quality ingredients. The Ponyville location most certainly had talented chefs and excellent ingredients, but the difference could be tasted to a trained tongue and her tongue was certainly well trained. Still, that didn't change the meaning of coming here or how grateful she was. "Oh, an excellent choice. This will be a meal to remember!"
  21. I'll quote what I said earlier: "Ask yourself some questions and allow them to inform your writing! How was her rule? How did she come into the position? How did she lead?How did she meet the stallion who helped her start a family? What were her parents like, her subjects like? What was the relationship between her and her citizens?What crisis situations, what disasters, what events transpired under her watch and how did she react? What was she like beyond direct canon sourced information?What hopes did she harbor, hobbies did she have, flaws, strengths, and fears?"
  22. Oh, my. I like all those options! Take your pick, and surprise me. I still need to finish typing up my intro, tho, so you'll see it posted later today. (I'll also reply here so you get a notification)
  23. Hi I'd be happy to join in a 'showing around town' type of thread. My Pinkie, Rarity, or maybe even Sweetie Belle would be fun if you're interested in interacting with cast. I've also got a couple OC's that would work if you'd rather interact with OC's. My dragon Rivulet comes to mind. He's shown others around his favorite town before. Anyhoo, let me know if you're interested.
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