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  2. Sachadara might be there.
  3. Fear not Bellosh! Because for now and forever, the abomination will remained trapped in the Art Album! There! But seriously, this is really neat design. A cousin species for Breezies perhaps?
  4. Such a cutie.
  5. "Yes, I am sure. Normal, run-of-a-mill wolves don't talk! And besides you one to talk! Around you I am sure even wardrobe would pour stories about it's midlife crisis and kitchen table would gossip how indecorous it's owner were on it." Swift snapped at draconequus. Noblepony started to suspect that Discord real power was not chaos, but an ability to not shut him up. He always had to add his two bits, didn't he? Well in that regard Swift and spirit weren't so different, but at least unicorn wasn't known for turning gravity off for giggles. "Not helping your case Gramps." Swift mumbled before yawning when Discord dismissed possibility of pot plant transformation. Gosh, he really should stop staying up late. "Don't bother." businesspony spoke upon hearing Toboe's question about the map. "If he doesn't want you to leave, you won't. You may very well try to fight against sky itself or passage of time. He's a force of nature given ego." Squall explained. "Look, it's not your jokes that are the problem Discord, at least as long as you make sure you are able to clean after yourself before making a mess." Swift assured while rising his hoof to rub the sleepiness away from his eyes. Unicorn couldn't help but sigh at spirit's attempt at justifying himself. "I know it sounds like 'No, you!' kind of argument - straight out of kindergarten in fact - but it's other way around Gramps. For all your growth you still far from an empath." Squall said. ".....Well I believe you will get that eventually. You hang out with Miss 'Shy a lot after all." Squall stared at Toboe for a second after hearing canine's rebuttal. "Hmph. Fair enough." he said in agreement, the points that she made were indeed sound. "Don't be so sure about lack of time. For him, it's just another plaything. Who knows? Maybe he returned you back the very moment you disappeared." Squall mused before making another, bigger, yawn. Note to self. Must. Have. Caffeine. Squall could only snort when Discord gave him a pointy claw. "Hmph! And what else I supposed to call you? It's not like I have any choice by now." unicorn begrudgingly admitted. Noblepony gave a deep sigh upon hearing Toboe question before answering "Yes...." he confirmed in a resigned tone "Mind you, he has moments when he can be charming and helpful is his own....specific way. The thing is, he's eons old, and as such bored often. And so it happens that his preferred way of alleviating this boredom is getting a rise out of someone. Like right now for example. He really could use some other hobby." Swift only shook his head when Discord spun his tale. "So you calling me hedonist? How shallow. You know nothing about days behind me. You judgment on me is superficial, based on glimpses and fragments you managed to witness. Not to mention hypocritical, coming from a spirit who constantly pursues to fulfill his caprices and desires. It's little disappointing really. I hoped for more insight from being of chaos." noblepony offered quick and brutal rebuttal for Draconequus fable before suppressing another yawn. His eyes felt very sticky. "Offer your wishes in Saddle Arabia Discord. There are more open to the concept there." Squall advised. "As for me, things I desire want would be deemed worthless if given." he added. "This is something you have to understand, you who experienced no mortal needs. Some things only have value because of the effort put in getting or achieving them." Swift explained. Before unicorn could add anymore, he caught a stare of the other stallion, one that seconds later turned golden.\ Before Ōkami disappeared. Well that was unexpected. Swift didn't move. He was in situations similar to this one way too many times to be intimidated. Through he couldn't see, his instinct sharpened through years of facing mortal danger, allowed him to feel the presence around him. As unicorn shot calm glances left and right to assess the situation he spoke in sardonic voice. "So...what happened with 'a nice, peaceful trip'?" Squall asked, while his muscles stiffened. It was just like in the Unyasi, years ago. One slip out from either party will decide the outcome. He really didn't had much to work with. Only the feeling of air currents raised by the speeding yoikai, and twinkle of reflected sunlight. It was enough. Squall didn't know or even pondered what Kamikakushi no Shinrin could be thinking by now. But he probably wasn't expecting to be grippedt as he moved between the pony and the waterway. First by magic then by a hoof. Most ponies wouldn't had reflexes good enough for that. But most ponies weren't nicknamed 'Flash' by Equestria most hardened sellswords. "Slow" Swift whispered as he stared down the golden pair eyes, his weapon already unsheathed and ready to run the Kamikakush through. But suddenly, as if by the touch noblepony could feel the wave of weakness spreading through him. As if weariness of few weeks were thrown on his shoulders in and instant. His limbs felt, and so against himself, Squall let go of the grip he had on the wolf's fur, allowing 'Ōkami' to slip away. Meanwhile his blade clinked against the pavement, with no magic to hold it in air anymore. "Sorcery..." Swift managed to think as his eyes started to close unwittingly. With a few shaky, uncontrollable steps he moved forward, and felt over the ledge separating him from the canal. Before he even hit the water, Squall consciousness already passed the gates of deep, cold slumber.
  6. Please do not post RP-related topics in the Introductions forum. Moving to Out of Character Discussion.
  7. my roleplay is hotel canterlot do what u like as long as its related to the rp
  8. last thursday lost my girlfriend in Barcelona Daesh attacks, her mother phoned me. :'( At least she's in a better place now. I hold no grudge to Muslims, they did a mistake and paid with their lives. holding a grudge would be overkill.

  9. hi

  10. hi

    WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  11. as Kayla walks into hotel canterlot she trips on her luggage for the 5TH TIME "hello name please" says the receptionist "Kayla griffonton" says Kayla "here you go room 302 top floor" says the receptionist "thank you" says Kayla and she enters her room she thinks finally griffonstone was so unkind she unpacks and flops onto her bed and falls asleep
  12. Glad to have ya, things are still pretty slow here, kinda on a hiatus. A pause.
  13. un can i join pls its ok if no so uh pls
  15. thank you
  17. What, we don't need moth ponies, there's no reason to start including fandom made species, come on now. *glances at picture* SO HEY, I was thinking, 'ya know, moth ponies, we should totally have them, I mean they're really just a subspecies of Changelings right? Right?! -steals-
  18. OC application moved back by owner's request for revision purposes.
  19. OC application moved back by owner's request for revision purposes.
  20. Thank you for your interest in our roleplaying forums. I've taken the liberty of transferring this app over to the Free For All section, which is much better suited for casual RP and where you can play as your griffon straight away.
  21. hi

    ima put my oc up now
  22. she is my profile pick
  23. i is the griffen in my profile picshe wishes griffens were more socil and friendly
  24. From the album Muddy's Album!

    Just something I doodled whilst a fair few of us were spitballing ideas in Discord. Moths can be surprisingly colourful.
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