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  2. To say that Dodge Junction Elementary was...a rather elementary facility would be an understatement. It had opened when the settlement was small and new and not at all up to the standards of other cities. A single building with a single classroom only a few subsidiary rooms to make up its bulk, it had never been much of a priority. As Dodge Junction became a major transport hub and its residents had easy access to academies and schools of high learning it fell even more by the wayside. It was used of course but only generally until ponies got their cutie mark or found employment in local business. Those who sought something more could simply take the unending trains to those places of education that suited them. But the school still existed and students still learned there. It had fallen into a state of relative disrepair. It wasn't in danger of falling over but the floorboards were broken in places, the bookcases were more hope than reality. Many of the books were out of date and supplies were critically low. Indeed, the last class of students had done well considering how poor the situation was. But it was clear to all involved that the city needed something more and that had to start with leadership and superior quality of teaching. Even the single teacher who called this place work knew he was no longer up to the task- being an ancient stallion certainly didn't help him keep up to the whippersnappers. And so they searched for a teacher who could come in and help teach the young ones of Dodge Junction effectively and maybe do something for the building itself. Sadly, not many teachers looked at a small western town known for farming and transportation and thought it was something they wanted to be involved in. But after a nice, long search they found a teacher from Ponyville looking for a change of pace not too long before the school year was set to start. It was part of an exchange program- though he was too old to really travel and it was more of a loan, with Baltimare providing an extra teacher heading to Ponyville. Princess Twilight was pushing this national exchange program; hopefully it worked for the former frontier town. While he set about dusting and doing some basic cleaning the day before she was set to arrive, the teacher was given free travel and a nice budget with which to start the year off with. And with a nice little class coming in this year she would need it. The stallion took one last look at the building and took a deep breath, walking away with a small suitcase of old materials away. And with that the building was silent...until the teacher and her pupils showed up, anyway!
  3. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    Twilight ate her food in a chipper mood. Something about being back at her home base sent the mare about her activities large and small in a good mood. Being surrounded by such a vast reservoir of knowledge and capability always did wonders for her attitude. Knowing that around them swirled the answers to thousands of important questions and a thousand more questions they didn't even know needed to be asked, this was her idea of a spa resort. She had the capability to get up and work on any one of a thousand artifacts, each one unique and strange in its own way. The world was her oyster and the oyster was a reality-warping space-fold. She was just happy to be here, safe and sound, in the safest place she could imagine surrounded by the most dangerous items in Equestria. All hers to study, understand, and make safe for Equestria. It was a fascinating place. Yet it seemed to matter very little to her in this moment. Her mind wandered to other subjects, more immediate and physical, the demands of the moment's socialization overriding her basic sense of adventure and scientific curiosity that lay at the very core of her being. Instead it seemed to venture over to the other side of the table. Deadalus, and indeed the little magical artifact he had, were so unique in their own way that she couldn't help but feel more than a small twinge of curiosity that was somewhat more silly, slightly more deliciously malicious than she would normally have prescribed herself. What made then tick? A playful series of queries danced in her head for a few moments. She felt herself blush and then shake her head free out of her revue, her guest, friend, and Keeper seemingly more on task than her. Had to focus. “Yes. We must understand this artifact. Truly it is...unique, and powerful, though I'm not sure if it is dangerous. It seemed oddly...protective. Of itself mostly, but not in a harmful way. A sentience was there. Thought. Where you have thought you have planning and consideration. While it would be a stretch to call it living, I don't think it would be wrong to assign some manner of intelligence to it,” she began, continuing to eat. “But whatever the case may be, the artifact is now in our possession and it can be studied at any time. We have been working on it and the after effects of it for a while now. Perhaps we should take a break, return to this when our minds have been cleared of the fog of direct action and impact?”
  4. Applejack felt like she and Fire Walker had miscommunicated but that was just as well. She was always happy to learn a little about a friend- and after all they'd been through, she felt just fine calling Fire Walker a friend. She would imagine that being such a fine mare, Fire would have to deal with a few of her charges taking it upon themselves to flirt. That must've been uncomfortable even before her relationship with Squall took off in the way it did. She didn't think she could deal with having to be polite in such a situation but that just spoke to Fire's professionalism, she supposed. If you had her on your flank for a day you could rest easy knowing that no matter what tomfoolery you had decided to take part in you would be secure and safe under her care. She wondered if she had been a hassle. Maybe that was why Fire had decided to tell Applejack almost anything other than attempt to answer her question about what she got out of this mission other than a job well done. Maybe that was enough for her, but Applejack couldn't help but feel- and maybe this was just the emotion leeches playing tricks on her, had to be- that the truth was a bit grimmer. She didn't answer because the answer was poor. She didn't get anything out of this experience. It was a waste of time and effort. Protecting Applejack had been a job, almost like having to protect some 'Little Lord Fauntleroy'. She had done it because she was a weather-worn professional of the highest degree and out of her immense respect for 'Lady' Applejack and what she had done. Or maybe simply because she had been ordered to by a Princess. She shook her head free of such thoughts as she looked up at the clear sky overhead. It was all the emotion leeches preying u[on a mare who was already in an inner tumult between joy and sorrow in an attempt to feed off of the more negative of the duo. She would have to allow the words and emotions of earlier to sustain her as she kept up a brave enough face for her friend. “Well, Ah suppose bein' out here is a bit more excitin' than bein' in Canterlot. When Ah was in Task Force Suntrot and Ah was stationed briefly in Canterlot Ah was plum bored. Ain't much ta do thar unless you like payin' way too much for way too little,” she chortled, getting back up and rowing heavily when she felt the craft slow against the current ever so slightly.
  5. Applejack had to blush at the compliment. It was all true though! She wasn't the one for a nice brag but she sure as shine took of herself. And there wasn't such a thing as an ugly Apple so when you looked at it that way, well, he was just being truthful. She wasn't quite sure that he could get the year down just pat but that mattered little in the grand scheme of things. “Hmm- if Ah recall Ah had a few years on Apple Bloom. Not too many- she's sproutin' up real fast now. Even has herself one of them fancy debutante balls planned up for her coming up real soon,” Applejack said as she looked at her young sister talking to an unusual colt in line. The crows seemed centered on him- she'd have to keep an eye on him! Back to Boulder. He wanted some Honeycrisps? She had some left. Not much though. If he was wanting, say, two or more bushels then it may be an issue. But she could supply a bushel, you bet she could. “Well, Ah wouldn't wanna miss out on making yer mom feel like a thousand bits. Good choice, these Honeycrisps are deeee-lish!” She said with a chortle, getting the bushel together pretty dang quickly. In short time she was finished and presented it to Boulder. “Five bits gets ya this here bushel and a fine kiss ta boot.” He sure was a...loud fella. Nothing wrong with that! He also looked and smelled like he spent plenty of time outdoors. That was fun! She wanted to spend even more time in the mid-day sun but dang school always got in the way of proper outdoorsin'. That didn't seem to get in the way of anything this Chipper Demise fella had going on. He seemed like a pretty interesting little guy. “Hey there Chipper, Ah'm Apple Bloom! That there is mah big sister, Applejack, mah big brother Big Mac, mah Granny, mah nephew is sleepin' away ahn' mah dog is somewhere...” she looked around and whistled. “Winona'll be here in a minute, hehe. So, Ah ain't never seen y'all here before. New in town?” She asked. A moment later his own question sunk in...maybe. “You never had an apple before?!!” *Boulder Dash is up* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
  6. The Family Feud SteelEagle/PM to join

    She was escorted in due time to the barn where Rocky was working. Twilight allowed her mind to wander while she was being led there. She was lucky enough to still have both her parents, loving and upper-middle class ones at that. Her foalhood was worry free and nothing but full of support and love. She never had to deal with the pain of losing even one of them. She couldn't imagine the pain and sorrow with losing her father. And she certainly couldn't imagine losing both of them when she was a filly like Applejack had. It took a certain amount of strength to just continue on after such a trauma as a little one. She didn't know how or why so much of their life was the way it was or how they thought they were coping, but she did know what needed to be done. She had seen it before, heard about it before. And yes, she had read about it before. She entered the barn, her hoofsteps soft but still more than noticeable. It wasn't as if she was trying to sneak up on him, after all. When he turned around he would catch the Princess of Friendship standing not too far away, looking at the scene with a smile. “Oh, Bessie? I suppose that is a nice name for a cow. Seems to fit her- oh, my apologies. I didn't mean to interrupt,” she said sheepishly, though she was still warm and friendly. “I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle. I've never been here before- this is a nice place, from what I've seen at least. I haven't had the chance to make your acquaintance. Rocky, if I have my names correct?” She said, offering her hoof for a shake. She wasn't being completely honest with him but the greater good had many qualifications and she wasn't expected to be the element of Honesty, after all.
  7. The First Moon: that was the name the Long Sun gave to the very first lunar cycle of the year... the dawn of a New Year. For 15 days between the first new and full moons of the year, beings all across the Dragon Kingdom celebrated the First Moon with family gatherings, dumplings, firecrackers, pageants, and all other possible methods of expressing revelry. The venerable serpent dragons also celebrated these holidays, and so it was a common sight for the youth among their kind to fly down dance in the streets of Long Guo's cities along with the qilin and longma. While it was customary for many shops and establishments throughout the country, things were business as usual over at the Imperial Palace. From the windows of Empress Yuè's bedchambers, the sounds of festivities were but faint echoes from across the Forbidden Lake. Although the royal qilin had always marked the First Moon with the importance it deserved, it had been a long time since she had actually gone out on the streets to join in the partying; not since entering adolescence. Two weeks ago had been the closest Yuè had gotten to the action in many years... this time as Empress, standing on top of a lofty gatehouse overlooking the Imperial Square as to the cheers of thousands, she officially declared the First Moon to have arrived. ...That was typically the one time each year the average commoner could catch sight of their sovereign. Although tonight the First Moon would cultivate in a lantern festival that even the Palace servants partook in, Empress Yuè had more important plans. She had a very busy day scheduled tomorrow, but inconveniently the greatest and loudest fireworks were always reserved for the final night... this night. The Empress needed to wake extra early the following morning and so she wanted to get in bed right after supper, theoretically giving the mare plenty of time to fall dead asleep before the fireworks had a chance to boom and disrupt this process. A part of Yuè wished she could stay up longer to catch the show, but as empress, she was better than lamenting about such things. And so Yù Yuè, already undressed, was giving the twilight sky and rising full moon one final glance from her balcony before intending to retreat to her luxurious empress-sized bed....
  8. That One Question (Private)

    "But it wasn't a secret Moto, and I certainly not chose to be called that way. How to put it? Well I never attended one but you did. You certainly knew somepony that got one of those nicknames in school? And despite everything it stuck, following him or her even after graduating? That's what 'Emerald Flash' is for me. While it's inherently part of who I am, it's also reminds me of some...unpleasant things." Squall explained. "Oh yes, I can see you playing part of bouncy mare. You already are, in all the right places." unicorn said with a smirk while his gaze shifted to his fiancée hindquarters. "...Although to be honest I couldn't see you as another Foxglove. You agreed to go along with it? It had to be too close to your high-school phase to really enjoy it. And Moonligh Raven....Good Harmony, who would name his daughter that? It's so edgy I feel that my ears bleed just from hearing it, ughhh..." he winced. "No wonder REIN had so much trouble before EPIC was founded. At times they have subtlety of a sledgehammer." Swift didn't missed opportunity to throw a roast at the intelligence part of Equestria military. "You don't need to tell me that Dear. You know that I know better." noblepony reminded his wife-to-be. "Hmmm yes I can see the reasoning behind this. Even if that was a terrible waste of perfectly good cake." Squall mused. "Too bad I can't do anything least within Equestria borders.These days I have to look 'respectable' and 'dignified', country wealthiest businesses-stallion and all. At least that's what my Public Relations specialist tells me." noblepony said regretfully. "Well that's true, defeat is a better teacher. However...." Swift started "...from what you said your father would want to know more about his future son-in-law. If that is the case, then I won't be the one doing studying today." he said with confidence. Squall could only be stunned in surprise as he heard his Beloved delight. What could possibly...? "Well of course I did. We have similar mane length so I predicted you would run out while we in 'ville. And Saddle Arabia is nice place to visit. It's also not true that it's just a desert and ancient tombs. There are forested regions at the coast with unique flora and Shatt al-Iblis delta near Saddlelon is a swampland thriving with life. The upper mountain regions on that continent are also pleasant, if you can get over thinner air." unicorn explained, an insight that could only come from experience. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Swift Squall faced many challenges in his life. Ancient traps in long lost tombs, choking air of the thickest of jungles, evil sorcerers, trained assassins, pirates, blizzards, raging seas, merciless caribou warriors and at least a dozen of monsters kinds for every letter in the alphabet. So why was his heart hammering so much in his chest, as the Fire's parents house grew larger as they approached it? "Dear." noblestallion started, clearly nervous. " many of your family could be present right now?" he asked.
  9. It's a wonder that no one apped Age of Heroes version of Cadance yet. Or other two of Main Six for that matter.

  10. Fish Aren't Always Friends [Invite]

    Tourism? How droll. The fins on the side of his narrow skull seemed to flatten. Painted the same magenta hue as his primary crest the side fins likely were his ears, just so thin they had the dark coloration of his inner workings. It did to keep the warm water fish cool, but here it just aided in chilling him to the bone. He did to keep the folds tucked away. As for his crest it stood on display with its bright color, strongly contrasting his scaled. He eyed the other, those predatory slits he had as pupils examining the sea pony with judgement. He was brighter than Night in comparison, but that much was obvious. The hunter couldn’t stand out lest be spotted before his approach. When you lived in the dark depths it was always a simple task to stalk the shadows until opportunity swam your way. His silence seemed to linger as his gils silently opened and closed, bubbles building up at the edges of the openings. His whispers danced against the currents as he bobbed up and down, keeping steady his placement. His brows curled up as he rolled his head, fins spreading out allowing his body to drift down before he did a roll and flicked his tail. The motion allowed him to shoot forward so he moved in on Clef. Melodia huh? He’s heard that place is just as bright as ol’ Clef here. He could not help but scrunch his face at the unpleasant idea of loud, bright sea horses just bucking about making a swirl of things. He rather serenity, something of which was difficult to come by with faceless rules imposing impious laws and selfish decrees that unfocused a country from reaching ever higher. Alas … His tongue dipped out to brush over his sharp, pearl white fangs before he snorted. While dismayed by the loss of the coral he sought, this was just another opportunity. A Melodian, huh? And who said the stars shunned him? Too many, many of which would pay soon enough for such reckless accusations. “A most unwitting tourist.” He cooed, his speech slow, deliberate as if he measured each word he spoke. He hummed softly, exhaling a stream of bubbles, his usually flaring nostrils shut to prevent water from rushin down his rarely used lungs. “I myself have come afar from Okeanos. Came in search of ...coral--” He paused and looked to the side, flapping his flipper uselessly in the direction they had lost that piece… He grunted and shrugged his shoulders before focusing his muzzle directly at Clef. “I am Night Prophecy, an abrupt pleasure.” He was assured it was not, but keeping up pretenses and all. You had to remain polite if nothing else. “My search simply lead me here.” Nothing too extravagant. “Though I was hardly expecting the traffic.” He motioned above to where several ships and other irritating sorts of fishing nets and lines lay to trap unsuspecting visitors. One would think ponies would have no conscience to do such things.
  11. Last post wins

    Oh, you need some Chapter 44? Here you go!
  12. The My Little Pony Movie (Spoilers)

    I saw it...The animation was nice..But cripes...There were just so many characters they did not need. They could have cut both the Storm Lord and Grubber and focused on Tempest, who I really liked. And ugh. Must all animated movies end with the characters getting together and clapping along (and or singing along) to some song? This bit even managed to ruin the one GOOD thing they did to the Storm Lord during the ending.
  13. The My Little Pony Movie (Spoilers)

    Well, I've caught up with the rest of the world and watched My Little Pony: The Movie. And I have to say, for a feature-length FiM feature, it's pretty good! It's reminiscent of the Disney Renaissance films, and I like the sort of CGI/animated approach of the art style - kind of like When the Wind Blows but without the practical sets. All in all, worth a watch!
  14. Symphy is taking requests! (Limited space)

    Welp. No where to go but down from here. Clearly, no drawing will ever top the tomato potato one ever.
  15. Symphy is taking requests! (Limited space)

    I'm fine without tattoos.
  16. Star vs. the Forces of Evil

    I really need to get into this. I watched the first four episodes and then fell off. The Theme is amazing.
  17. Symphy is taking requests! (Limited space)

    Forgot to ask: with or without tattoos?
  18. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta's eyes widened at the question, at first she looked confused, then baffled, and finally, she burst into laughter. The immature mentor shook her head as she slowly composed herself, "Of course not~! You all signed up for the hero course and you got it, you all were placed in my care because you're the best of the best... I am the best teacher, ahaha~! I am here not to be your mother, your friend, your sister- I am here as your teacher and my duty is to educate you all!" "The only way for you all to learn is for me to turn it into those thick skill of yours~ If that means being the cruelest, worst, the most horrible teacher to ever walk on U.A. ground... So be it, I am going to crush all those little fairies in your heads and form you into real heroes! A hero has no time to focus on making a truce with a villain, their main priority is to evacuate the premises and protect those who can't protect themselves... Once those who need it are safe, then I suppose a conversation or truce with the villain is negotiable depending on the hero... Although heroes like me don't care, we just lock them up for good!" Magenta turned back to Moonlight, "Once again, you all signed up to become heroes... Not mice. If you can't handle my methods, you're more than welcome to drop out of the program, it will be your loss because those who are patient and work through the harshness of my words and techniques will prevail and become Number One." Ace gave a smile, though, her eyes held that same hollow stare, "Does that answer your questions, Moonlight?"
  19. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Moonlight swallowed her food and stood straight. She hoped she wouldn't get yelled at for this, or get assigned more laps. "Well..I just thought uh..aren't you a little harsh..?" she squeaked, waiting for her mentor to assign her more laps. Moonlight could only imagine worse things she could do. Miss ace seemed like a normal pony on the outside, but she must be a hero/demon in the inside. She must care about her students A LOT to act like this to care..
  20. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    The immature teacher pulled yet another tin of applesauce from her bag, slurping it happily for it seemed to be the only thing holding her within Sanity, Magenta peered down at Moonlight, narrowing her eyes before turning to face a student who finished their laps. She instructed them to get their lunch and quickly return, giving them a gentle pat on the back. Once again, Ace turned to Moonlight, narrowing her solid and... Soulless yellow eyes, "You're looking at me funny," She paused and sipped her sauce, "Got something to say? Let it out, I'll find out sooner or later... I always do..." The mare's eyes narrow more as she slurps at her applesauce with ease. Magenta was easily able to read emotions or minds... Well, not actually read their minds, she could just read them based on actions and such. Based on Moonlight's facial expressions and actions, she could tell the young student had something to say, "While I may look and act like some monster, I am all ears when it comes to my students... I am being hard on you because I want to shape you all into not only heroes... But Number One heroes~!"
  21. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Moonlight just stood there, eating and staring at her mentor. Had she lost her mind? I mean, Moonlight figured out by now that she had a dark side, but that's just weird. Moonlight guessed it was her way of teaching of some sort. As for the truce with a villain, Moonlight always believed that there was goodness in ponys. It helped with balance. There was always evil in darkness, and light in darkness. This was represented by the yin yang symbol. Moonlight wanted to say something to her mentor, but she just kept her mouth shut and continued eating. She guessed this was a good idea.
  22. I ate three bags of blue Fun-Dip...


    I accidentally bit off a piece of the stick and it ruined the fruity, sour dance party in my mouth...

    1. szalhi


      liek dis if u cri evrytiem 

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      Three bags?! Insane. I can barely manage a few licks before I'm sugar'd out and -done-.

  23. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta watched as Moonlight sat beside her, watching her peers just like she was. Magenta turned back to the remaining students, finishing her applesauce with a grin, "I can smell the blood, sweat, and tears from here..." She muttered before standing and turning to those who were with her, "Let this be a warning for those who are getting too comfortable! I am a very unpredictable teacher and will throw anything your way, so don't be too confident... Because that might just be your doom." "When it comes to being a hero, you never know what the villain has in store... You could either win or lose, there is no such thing as a truce with a villain... YOU MUST CRUSH THEM!" Magenta grinned and laughed happily, "Anyways, just keep in mind... You don't want to be where they are now... I am ought to make each and every one of you fail in some shape or form, you learn from your mistakes~!"
  24. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Moonlight gulped and nodded as she began walking back to class to grab her lunch. She looked through her saddlebag a bit, and finally found the brown bag. Moonlight could tell her teacher was one of a heck a dark pony. Even though she's a superhero, she has a dark side. After all, Moonlight had NEVER heard of a thing such as '10.5th place'. She could surely tell Miss ace made it up. But, she couldn't argue with the teacher. That would just result with more laps, which Moonlight did not enjoy. She grabbed a water bottle that she had previously packed and inserted it into the brown bag and held with her snout as she walked back. She stood beside Miss ace and ate her lunch, watching the remaining students finish their laps. Moonlight felt bad for them as she watched them run in pain. She could tell they were exhausted and wanted to pass out. But, sadly she could do nothing about it.
  25. Hi! I Need A Little Help

    I forget my way around here every so often- SO MANY COLORS!!! But, if you ever need advice on what NOT to do; Fell free to get a hold of the odd pony. I can help
  26. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta Ace made herself comfortable, allowing those who passed to have lunch outside as they waited for those who didn't to finish with their punishment. Magenta happily ate her pouch of applesauce, seeming content with her actions and ways of teaching... What better way to shape a hero than to make them dread it? Those who are overwhelmed are more than welcome to drop out of the program, while those who diss the overwhelming obstacle will further their success. The winning students simply ate and chatted with one another, watching as the others ran laps. Ace looked up at Moonlight, seeing that the young student was finished with her Ten Laps... If Ace was honest, she would have admitted to the fact that she just wanted to get on one of the student's nerves and put them in place 10.5 which wasn't an actual place... She made it up. It was an evil yet satisfying piece to Magenta's personality. Ace continued sipping at her applesauce, eyeing the student for a few seconds before letting out a sigh, "Go get your lunch and come right back, the last thing I need is to come running after a student who wants to ditch class... Which if that was your intention, you'd be running laps 'til the next day." Ace went back to eyeing the rest of those who were running, her solid eyes showing slight hints of joy and appeal.
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