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  3. The cool breeze blew up the high cliffs of the mountain, the birds were singing their final songs of the day, and the sun was just starting to set, casting long shadows and painting the sky a lovely orange and crimson. But for one griffon, the breeze only reminded her of the chill in her heart, the birds lovely songs were a cacophony of former love, and the colors of the sky and land seemed to have faded away and been replaced with darkness. She had lived most of her life for the one pony she loved, she had dedicated every second of her day to fighting her unjust reputation and finding a way to save him from the clutches of his evil family, and now she finds out it was all a lie... and not only a lie, but a lie that he perpetrated while giving his heart to another the whole time... Harle stood at the edge of the cliff, a large boulder next to her with a rope tied around it. The other end was tied around her midsection, holding her wings closed --- though under her coat, even now she took care of that coat; the last gift from her father after they completed building her ship. She took one last look at the sky and the horizon, as tears fell from her eyes, and she began to slowly push that boulder forward, unable to see anything but the pain in her heart, and hoping that when it went over the edge, the pain would finally stop...
  4. Tiger Blood, the newest addition to Blueblood’s diverse group of guards, was currently spending his time leaning against a wall while he watched the crowd make their way inside. The uniform, while present, was about as little of it as he could get away with. He preferred mobility, that was why he never really wore armor. His chosen wall may not have been super close to Blueblood, but he was keeping an eye on the unicorn. He was technically on the job, he supposed, though he didn’t really expect any threats from Ponyville’s residents. The earth pony tilted his head slightly at the sight of another Blueblood, moving closer to the scene to hear better. He arrived just in time for the changeling to reveal herself and explain, earning a chuckle from him as Blueblood responded. And then the changeling gifted a melon, and Tiger’s chuckle turned into a snort of laughter that, to his credit, he tried to keep contained. “Hey, free food is free food, I wouldn’t turn it down.” He said as he approached fully and stopped near Blueblood. “Welcome to the party! Name’s Tiger Blood, what’s yours?” He asked the changeling, smiling over at her. ——————— Kireina was reading a book about the holiday as she made her way towards the castle, trying to discover what was expected of the guests and what to expect in general from the event. Honestly, she should have read it earlier, but she had gotten a bit carried away with her newest bit of poetry, so here she was. Sighing to herself, she looked up at the sound of a voice asking what something was. Thankfully, that gave her plenty of warning to avoid running into a unicorn surrounded by birds, and she took to the air to get a better look at what he was questioning. “Those appear to be candies. Bonbons, I believe.” She spoke, hopefully getting it right. She wasn’t exactly an expert on foreign cuisine, after all, but those looked like them. Looking to the mare behind the counter though, she frowned at the sight of the disheveled pony. “Would you like some assistance, Miss? Perhaps some brushing, at least.”
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  6. 'It never rains, but it pours.' The remark was coined in reference to the weather in Seaddle, but Blueblood was about to see that the metaphorical application to Ponyville's response to any large social event. Only time would tell whether the hastily-prepared shelter of the Prince's preparedness would spring a leak or not. At the first 'raindrop' was one he had some degree of authority over. Not that Gallus would ever dare publicly acknowledge deference to his Archancellor, but for all that, he was good griff. Wouldn't go out of his way to make trouble if one told him just how much the trouble would trouble others. "Well, I won't requisition you for volunteer labor, if that's what you're asking, Gallus." He'd had a tendency, fairly early, to give out tasks for extra credit on a fairly liberal basis, but a talking-to from Applejack had dampened, though not wholly dammed, the flow of extra marks. "I am expecting some new students, however, so please keep an eye out for your future classmates? Some of them may have... little to no familiarity with Equestrian manners or customs. I'm sure you can relate." One such student was expected shortly, but before Blueblood could spare an eye for him, the clouds rained opened up depositing a big three-one sequence on his doorstep. But ingrained hospitality kept the tiles in place upon the roof, and the Prince really needed to get his head out of this metaphor. "And welcome! I'm afraid I never caught your name." He accepted the git with grace, but didn't open it immediately, instead putting it on a table marked "donations." If nothing else, it would serve as a light fixture for the school, whenever the Prince got around to seeing what it was. "This event isn't... quite the same a solstice celebration, or even the old Summer Sun celebration. But I understand Ponyvillle still loves to hold a party this time every year, and I wanted the School of Friendship to be a part of town life." Further explanation wasn't quite possible, as the group began to scatter, and a doppleganger of himself appeared before Blue! The Prince's response... was a slow blink. And a sigh of resignation. It had been such a long day even by now, and this was just the sort of thing that would happen, wouldn't it? Even the revelation that it was a momentarily confused changeling didn't really do much to improve his mood. "No, you've mistaken today for the holiday I've repeatedly lobbied to remove from the calendar." Immediately he regretted his his testy response, and quickly apologies. "Sorry, but it's been a long day. No, wait, that's not- necessary..." He wasn't quite able to prevent Fleeting Hope from giving him a melon. Well, School funding donations were clearly off to a great start... The perils of leaving the young unattended were often exaggerated, with concerned parents freaking out over what the big bad world would do to their precious foal. But in Chipper Demise's case, one might be forgiven for harboring the opposite worry. Oh, sure, he was friendly, outgoing, and cheerful, like any Equestrian pony, but that was a miracle running against his talents and upbringing. Hence, his current guardian's decision that the School of Friendship was the exact education he would need for life. And now, here he was, in Ponyville. His presence was preceded and announced by a pair of raucous crows, flapping and settling on the edges of Bonbon's booth. One of them was staring at her with beady red eyes, while the other took a curious peck at the candies. "Cauw! Caw!" One called out, and the berobed colt answered. "Aw sorry, I thought they were eyeballs. They looked like them from a distance." Trotting up to Bonbon, he explained, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Eyeballs are Muginn's favorite treat. So when I saw a pile of sort-of white balls, I thought I'd give him a little snack. So, uh, what are they?"
  7. Would it be okay If I said that they find a cave? I'll be working on a post tongiht
  8. Midnight's hands tightly curled around her two blades, and let out a deep breath. On the battlefield, cold logic ruled. It wouldn't matter who stood against her, she'd cut them down without hesitation. Not to kill however, that would surely come later. For now, her orders were to put on a good show and win. Surely Kayden's entire plan was based around a simple fact: She was one of the best. She would make her way to finals - The Faunus glanced at her teamleader, for her plan to work...She'd have to be selected to move on... "Stick to the plan" The girls voice came out almost dead, emotionless as her eyes shifted, the spark that came up during times of fun died and was replaced by the soldier inside the girl "I'll draw the fire of their backline and make sure they struggle" ------------------------------------------- Kat wasn't sure how she got onto what was a moving platform, but even she realised combat was about to happen. Letting out a sigh, the ranger picked up the weapon on her back and flicked switch. In a whirl of mechanical devices, the battle-axe becomes a very large sniper rifle. The weapon had a low fire-rate, but made up for it by hitting astonomically hard. For someone with a 'normal' aura, they could maybe survive two-three shots at most before it punched through and made them vunrible. A very powerful weapon. "We should, get matching flowers...a-after this" The girl muttered softly, half to herself and to her team.
  9. Cloudy Skies Jasper Dragon Azure "Iggy" Ignine It might surprise blueblood to see three figures walking towards hte celebration, partly because the group consisted of a Kirin, Hippogriff, and dragon, but even more so because the kirin had a gift wrapped in pastel summer colors with a large sparkling bow on top - something that was more than a little out of place at the festival... The kirin grinned and nodded as they approached "Happy Summer Solstice, your majesty!" she said, clearly also not 100% sure how equestrian titles worked - which wasn't as suprising given the fact all three of them were from different lands "I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to really research the holiday before we arrived, its been a busy week, so we all assumed this was a summer version of the winder solstice festival!" she placed the gift down in front of blueblood as they made their way into the fairgrounds area around the castle. If Blueblood decided to open the gift, he would find that it was a lamp in the shape of the sun... clearly the trinity had taken the name extremely literally... and while they weren't wrong they weren't entirely right either.... Once they were in the castle though, things changed quickly... Iggy was shifting weight from one hoof to another as they ducked into an alcove, clearly excited Cloudy sighed "Remember, Iggy, even if the castle is officially open, dont go sneaking around too much... I know not to bother telling you not to wander off..." Iggy was grinning "Its so much more exciting when I dont have to keep an eye open for guards! maybe I'll even get lucky and find a book or test-tube that Princess Twilight forgot!" The males shook their heads sadly at their kirin friend's obsession... "right..." said cloudy "Jasper, keep an eye on her" The dragon nodded, though he looked quite annoyed at the prospective of having to play foal-sitter to Iggy, he knew how excited she could get it wasn't long before the kirin and dragon had vanished into the bowels of the palace, while Cloudy stayed out in the open to act as a distraction. -----=====----- Fleeting Hope Unfortunately, it wasn't the end of the afternoon's confusion for poor blueblood, only a few minutes later he would see, well... himself! a much scruffier version of himself atleast, mane astray, numerous small cuts on his body, and his clothing torn rush up to him "Thank goodness I found you! you have to run! the Toad Lord has returned and he's about to steal all the spoons in the city! its going to be disastrous!" after a few seconds the not-blueblood-pony giggled though and green fire washed over it to reveal the young changeling Fleeting hope "Suprise!" she said "...this is the day we're supposed to play a prank on somepony, isn't it?" she asked awkwardly "Equestrian history isn't by best subject..." Indeed, while Hope had made tremendous progress over the last year in coming out of her proverbial shell, she still was very awkward, and most of the progress seemed to be towards the adult teachers and staff - she still was very shy and quiet around students close to her own age. Hope then noticed the gift that Iggy had left and gasped "Oh no, was I supposed to bring a gift too?!" she asked, quickly rummaging about in her bags and hastily tying an awkward bow around a large green mellon "Happy Summer Solstice, sir!" she said awkwardly as she placed it at his feet near the other gift. -----=====----- High above the castle floor, on one of the balconies that was sufficiently out of sight, two small flashes of magical energy erupted, revealing a somewhat large purple-cloaked pony and a notably smaller bipedal cloaked figure. "Remind me again why we have to hide like this? I mean you know nearly everypony here, its not like we're sneaking into some secret fortress of ultimate evil or something" commented the smaller figure the large figure sighed "because we dont want to disturb anything, remember we're only going to be here a little while, we have to get back in time for the main ceremony in canterlot" "I still think your pranoia is getting the better of you" said the smaller figure as he pulled back the hood to reveal the familiar face of Spike Quickly a purple glow pulled the hood back up though "we dont want to make a scene!" "I think your paranoia has gotten much worse since you became high-princess" muttered spike "remember, these ponies are your friends, they're more likely to just wave and say 'Hey Twilight, good to see you!' than panic... they're not you" he smirked The other figure sighed "I know spike, but I have a lot of responsibilities now... I just wanted to pop in and check on how things were going, now be quiet before we're noticed, and keep an eye on the magic mirror in case somepony decides to burst into the throne room while we're here" Spile sighed and pulled back one of his sleeves to reveal a small mirror mounted to a band, looking not unlike a wristwatch, that showed an image of the canterlot throne room doors... One thing never changed, and that was twilight's backup-plans for backup-plans for backup-plans...
  10. Roleplay Type: Friendship Is magic Name: Starburst Sparkle Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Pegasi - Citizen of the sky Eye colour: Purple Coat: Yellow Mane/Tail: Blue, pink and purple Physique: Shes short.... but shaped just right Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Starburst loves to spend her extra time with her guy friends. She may have a crush on just one of them... Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: She loves to swim, and play games. There's nothing unique about her, at least not to our understanding History: Starburst is the daughter of twilight sparkle and Flash, if you didnt already know that of course. When she was born her mother cast a protection spell on her. So she didn't end up like aurora am i right? Im just kidding. She put a protection spell on her because at the time. There was an enemy they were trying to defeat at the time and letting them get to her was a huge risk at the time. So soon after she cast the protection spell her mother became very stressed about her protection and thought of a lot of possibilities of her death or injury. So she made her invisible. The spell was sat on starburst for 4 years. After they defeated them which only took 1 week, The spell was still on the child and it lasted for 4 years. Otherwise Twilight would have lifted the spell. But she couldnt. She took 2 years doing research to try to see her little girl. But she had to stop. Her parents learned to accept the fact that their daughter was stuck like that for a few years. But starburst didnt. She became angry. And once she regain her visibility she decided to lash out on the person who made her mother do it, The evil changeling, Queen (formerly) Chrysalis. Her anger drove her to begin to search for the evil...whatever she is. But soon she stopped the search and began to look on the bright-side. She was regular again. She began to go to school, and she tried to make friends, But the girls didnt accept her. They thought she was weird and called her names. She never told her mother or father about the bulling and decided to deal with it on her own. She joined a group of boy friends. And they had her since. Their names were, Prism bolt, Lunar Eclipse, Burning moon, and Thunder bolt. They stuck together like glue. But she had a huge crush on Prism bolt and she never showed any signs of her crush. Character Personality: She is light hearted, Over protective, brave, Chatty, funny, leadership-sssm (Or something _._) Character Summary: She is an excellent pony and wants nothing but the love of her family and to protect them. Appearance:
  11. Gallus wasn't the sort of griffon who spent a lot of time on the hard and noble tasks that involved his livelihood. He wasn't lazy per se but life had taught him to work as hard as he needed to work to do what he needed to do and not do a lick more work without getting paid for it. At least, that's what he liked to believe. The extra credit assignments he did he could always try and explain away. Library late at night, studying for a test? He was just hanging out with his friends. It was always easy to justify effort as selfishness and not have to confront the fact that deep down he really wanted to do well. That meant there would be expectations and he liked not having that weight around his neck. It wasn't like he was interested in the Summer Sun Celebration or anything, nah. He wasn't here to be educated or learn anything. He certainly wouldn't appreciate anycreature trying to give him the scoop as to why it was so important to ponies across time to celebrate it. He was just here for the party. He could never say no to the trappings of any Equestrian party and this one was gonna be held in a castle, so that meant extra room for partying. Yeah, that was why he was gonna go. Not to learn, or to see any of the new students, or see how the Chancellor was managing to cope with castle-sitting, or because he was curious just how many rooms were in the castle. He was going only for the free food and drink. It was as good an incentive as any. So he waited outside the castle door, hoping to see any of his friends show up. When the doors finally opened it was weird not to see the majestic and confident posture of Princess Twilight Sparkle welcoming visitors in, it was the decidedly less confident Prince Blueblood who half-bumbled his way through the invitation. Ponyville was nothing if not wiling to overlook flaws and mistakes however and the crowd cheered excitedly before starting to make their way inside. Gallus allowed himself to be taken in by the crush of creatures for a few moments before gaining flight over the crowd and making his way in that way. "Looks like you have this handled, Chancellor," Gallus offered evenly as he made his way inside. Playfully snide comment or an attempt at encouragement? Not even Gallus fully knew. Bon Bon didn't fully knew what to do either. She had been contacted as a possible vendor for the celebration very late in the process from her point of view. She didn't say no, of course. Outside of the castle on such a busy day? Big bits. She'd be silly to say no. You never said no to an official celebration of a major holiday, even if you were invited to participate only two days before the event was supposed to take place. And you couldn't simply walk in there and offer up your normal wares to the celebrants, no. Not at all. You had to do something special, even if it was just for visual flair. So Bon Bon had worked her tail off to get Bon Bon's Bonbons ready for the party. And it showed. She looked like a hammered mess, mane frizzy and her apron so tightly wound on her she could swear it left lines. Her stand has a slight, multi-degree lean to it that only looked weird if you had working eyesight which Bon Bon didn't at the moment since she had been up for two days straight, working on a new recipe and getting her Celestia and sun themed treats just right. They looked good, unlike her. But hey, at least she was awake and open for business!
  12. "Well, no. We'll save that for the music video!" Sky laughed, but he was only half-joking. If he ever became big enough to commission a film crew for such a venture, he definitely wanted Wind Dancer to be in it. And a 'tornado of stage props' would be just the sort of exciting visual that one would want recorded rather than with a live audience. Sky nodded in agreement with Kick Beat's assessment of Bonk. "He's certainly driven, and I heard he found somepony to pair up with and form a band. They call themselves 'Twenty-One Pegasi,' even though neither of them are. I guess that's part of the joke? I really don't know, but I've put out an offer to help produce their record. Some of their early work is promising, but... well, I get the sense that there's a high ceiling for both of them that they haven't reached yet. It's gonna be kind of exciting to see them soar, wings or not." The drummer's next remark caused Sky to blush alongside his marefriend. "I mean, we haven't... well, um. Don't quite understand why you phrase it like that. It sounds a bit too violent for me; I'm a pacifist by nature and conviction!"
  13. Sensing the awkwardness emerging from the cheetah-patterned citizen, the mustachioed "Emperor" turned to address himself pretty much exclusively towards Zelda. "Ah, a bespoke crafstgriff! Truly, your kind were pillars of the Imperial glory back in the days where it shown; one cannot conceive greater evidence of the present Republican decadence in Aquellia that you had to leave your homeland to find a patron worthy of your art." He might have been slightly hyperbolic in his classification of the Talonopolis regime, but he was right enough as far as history went. The greatest smiths of each Emperor's reign were often listed alongside them in the histories, as the royal glory of both arms and architecture alike were so dependent upon them. "The Imperial Treasury, alas, is not currently of such a state where it can hope to outbid Equestria's for your services. Nonetheless, your efforts at the restoration of our public art have the Gratitude of the Crown. I should be honored to conduct you personally to each remaining edifice. " He even gave a little bow in return, only half as deep as the one Zelda gave to him, of course. Didn't want to allow any confusion as to relative rank. "It is to be hoped that the renewed displays will attract the interest of more than the odd academic; I see little recourse for revenues outside of tourism for the immediate future. It is as much as We can ask of you... but there is one further favor, if you both would not mind." He nodded to Gillian once again. "There are two spaces open at the Imperial Banquet table, and We should love to have you two grace it for lunch." For a moment, the Imperial airs slipped with a chuckle. "Truly, it has been too long since I have treated two lovely young hens to a meal!"
  14. Hi there!! Welcome to Canterlot! Hope to see you around the RP sections!
  15. Howdy! Hope you have a great time here!!
  16. Slide nodded in agreement and ran off in the direction that Arty had motioned, going deeper into the cave. Running and flying to get away from those gang ponies had caused him to break an awful sweat. Thankfully, there was just enough light for him to see into the cave. Finding a large rock, he hid behind it just out of view from the entrance of the cave. Checking to make sure the coast was clear, he examined his wings to make sure they were okay. "Curses. I knew I should have stretched my wings this morning," he muttered as he began to preen his wings. All pegasus ponies have wings that must be examined after a certain time of flying. Slide knew this, but he was certain that after preening of his wings, everything would be okay. Slide was halfway done preening his wings when he heard a commotion from outside the cave. He looked around, trying to glance at what was going on. Listening carefully, Slide could just make out what the gang ponies were saying. "Ow! Ow! You'll be sorry you stupid art pone!" It sounded faint, but Slide knew that Arty must've done something to hold back the gang ponies. Once Slide had finished preening his wings, he curled up behind the rock to get some rest, hoping that Arty would be able to find him. Suddenly, a glimmer of light shown around the cave walls. Waking up from his quick slumber, he looked up from the behind the rock and gasped when he saw Arty. "Arty! I'm over here," he whispered, getting out from behind the rock. After hearing about the status of the gang ponies, Slide was very impressed. "Well done Arty, but we must keep going. We have to get away from those gang ponies before they find us." As they were walking deeper into the cave, Slide began to walk alongside Arty. "Arty, I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you fight off those gang ponies, but I would like to thank you for saving me. How can I ever repay you?"
  17. "I never met her, but I've seen her more than a few times. Impressive flyer. Not a fan of the hair...Eh, it's too much.", she added as she scanned the area for somewhere to stop at, "I have hung around with some of her companions, mostly with the earth pony, an rather impressive gal named Applejack, along with her rather yummy big brother. My heart was broken when he got ma...oh..", she stopped her beaky yammering when she was interrupted. Oh. This was not good. Zelda really did not like to be interrupted when she had food on the brain. But what sort of restaurants did they have here? Did they have any health codes to follow? Would one need to wash the rubble before and after cooking each meal? She had a feeling she would see an old 'friend'. Back in her poor college years, she got stuck with her usual meal of Ramen and a VERY off brand canned Gefilte fish, called 'Paskudnik's Fish In A Can', which was a poached mixture of pickled herring, boiled carp and the rest was a mystery. It tasted horrible, but it was really cheap and filling. She recalled one of her school friends when she took a bite out of her meal. Poor Docket went from white to green in seconds. The be-mustachioed griffon was the emperor? Griffonstone still had one of those? Seriously? Zelda glanced over at her cousin to catch her reaction. Was he the real deal, or was this bird trying to rip her off? He was going to stick out his claw for coins. That was the running joke here. "Yep, I'm her cousin.", the black bird replied. While she might live to regret it later, the feisty female gave the maybe royal griffon a proper bow. "I am Griselda or just 'Zelda', formally of Rockwington, now of Canterlot, where I am a Royal Blacksmith. And also a sculptor. I hoped to view and create full sized versions of the statues here in hopes to make proper copies before the originals crumble into dust and.", she made sure to add, "To see my super-fast cousin." He obviously wanted something. She was guessing, it was small, round and made up (mostly) of gold. "And how could I be of aid to you, good Emperor?", she gave another bow. She was a very proper sort.
  18. "Well somepony's holding a grudge." Discord seemed to contently slather marmalade over a length cut baguette, layering it with cheese, pickles, two English Muffins and three cherries before folding it in half and dunking it into his cup of coffee. "You act as if anypony got hurt or the world ended!" In truth once everypony's magic returned no one was hurt. Except Discord's pride. That was still in repair here and there. There was no guilt, persay, as he was able to stop Tirek, but there is he inkling of concern that his desire for attention seemed to almost hurt those he cared about. After the whole Accord incident. Something like that wasn't needed again! He scoffed at Squall's attempt to corner his dignity in that little box. He took a bite of his monstrous food creation and muttered with a full muzzle, stuffing a few buttecreme cookies in there for good measure. Oooh so tasty, he loved buttercreme cookies! "I'm starting to think you have some unresolved hurt and are projecting, but I can't blame you for wanting my glamorous life full of friendship! Don't worry I'll be your friend, even if everypony else thinks your just some rich pony playing at being a vigilante." He tittered. He slipped his coffee loudly while Squall spoke to Fire Walker, looking to the mare and perking his ears at the lascivious rumor. "Oh please, I'm much too old for those kinds of foalish titles. Fluttershy is just my favorite!" He assured. "She was my first friend in this realm after all." He proceeded to eat the cup and saucer, moving to float after the group. Despite all his oddities there was some measure of expectation from the chaotic noodle, particularly when it came to meddling. Unless he had fun doing it meddling just wasn't as fun as it could be! He oh so did love meddling, though some mistook that for being supportive. The mismatched Chimera would vanish in a puff of smoke, reappearing in the shape of the unicorn, prancing along besides them. "What do you think I just have this face because it looks almost as pretty as me?" The Raccoon settled stop his head as he bounced along. "I am a renowned detective. I'm sure I can find some dirty secrets in the port and reveal some string or another of corruption that you can use!" Ponies did often love coveting priceless magical artifacts and other things. There was no way a monopoly so big didn't have a few open holes to fit a self righteous noblepony in. He grinned at Fire Walker. "Besides as a Knight I'm sure you'd be quite keen on taking down some real evil-doers. I know a few secrets about the wharf district…" What did Discord know?
  19. Mid looked suprised, but not shocked, clearly she knew what this meant "You've only been here a day and you've already spoken to Storm... he must have a lot of faith in you... he used to speak to me and Rad... but... Rad's gone, and I've not heard from him since before we left... I think that since I failed he's given up on me and moved on..." She paused "If storm trusts you... I'll tell you..." she paused a moment to gather he thoughts "Scootaloo is a Fallen - The precursors who fell to this world back in ancient times, their command of technology is so far beyond even what we can comprehend now. They had technology that does not rely on lay, they could travel between stars... they could punch holes in the universe itself... and scootaloo has access to all of that technology... if its small, she has it, if its large she has the schematics of it... and I know she has a slip drive that can punch holes in dimensions and the accompanying shield to protect her from the void... she is the most likely one to have survived, though given she had no time to prepare, I dont know what her odds were... now that I'm thinking about her specifically... probably high... but like I said, despite my mate being a fallen, I have no idea how their technology worked, or even where to find any of it... the only ones left that know anything are Luna - because she and Nova were close and I'm sure she managed to weasel some secrets out of him... and Scootaloo herself, because she's the last of the Fallen"
  20. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Golden will definitely be able to give you should pointers on what can work and what's been tried before that really didn't go over well. As you said, she's put on a lot of shows and tries to at least make a minor appearance at most of them. Still though, you look pretty amazing with what you got. We'll have to coordinate a few things though if we ever do a joint show. Although for the safety of everyone else, probably do a set up like your did at the bistro. I don't wanna accidental make a tornado of stage props," she giggled. Kick Beat tipped his glasses down and appeared to be eyeing over Sky as if to judge good character at a glance. Hearing the conversation, and of course, reading the tabloids it was easy for him to put two and two together. When he heard the praise and the question from him he laughed a bit. "You must mean ol' Bonk man! That dawg is fire man. Taught him most of what I know. Not everything tho. Didn't wanna put myself outta job, know what I'm sayin'," he started. "Course, all musicians are competitive at heart man.Whether the fightin' other bands to show them up, or fightin' themselves it's always a fight. That's what makes music better. It's that drive to be better that encourages ponies to try. Otherwise music will become stagnant and die out. I'm sure if Bonk stays on the right path, maaan shoot... That dawg could be the best drummers this world's seen... Course you gotta be pretty good yourself in order to smash that doll," Kick said with a laugh making Wind blush a bit and smile.
  21. The paladin would pat her on the shoulder,sitting down and thinking..before looking to midnight. "Can i tell you something...since you told me something of a secret, I could perhaps tell you. Its less something real and more...odd" He would sigh before saying. "When i was on the ship..i..i had a little-" He was about to talk about his encounter with the "godlilke power"...however,he seemed worried due to it basically stopping time and his heart as well...basically freezing everything else in time except his mind..."Lets say that i..got an unexpected visit by some...presence or force. It seemed to just freeze everything around me and spoke to me about an..alchemist or the like. I donno bout it but some could that..ah met a god perhaps?"
  22. Mid sighed "Officially the ice queen is working exclusively with celestia... but the truth is she's working to undermine her at every step, If word got back to Celestia that the ice queen was working with Luna and Storm... Celestia might get suspicious and shut her out... and it would be my fault... I already damaged our relationship enough by losing her hat, this would probably end it... along with any hopes of defeating celestia without an all-out war... "...there's one more thing... well... two more things... but I dont know if I can trust you yet..." she said with a sigh "...as important as the ice-queen revelation were... these last two facts are even more dangerous..." she sighed "...but I will say this... if anypony else were more likely to survive... it would be Scootaloo... she has means beyond anything that I or the Ice Queen possess... but the only pony who'd have any hope of finding out where she is... he's probably dead...my mate, Nova" a few tears leaked from mid's eyes again, but she forced the sadness down. Whether she was just trying to put on a brave face and pretend or whether she was really trying to convince herself that nova and the others were still alive was unclear.
  23. Xieye took one of the offered cups after an appreciative bow to the pony serving it. Taking a sip, he mulled over the taste for a moment before letting out a small noise of satisfaction. “Thank you.” He said, taking a cookie as well as Swift began leading them to where they would be staying for now. There wasn’t much for him to say at the moment, so he listened to the conversation between Swift and Discord for now.
  24. "Watch out with that!" It had been a few months, but the archancellor had finally gotten around to moving the rest of their household to Ponyville for long-term residence. Just in time to welcome new enrollee's to the school! Trouble is, Blueblood had cut things a bit close, and with a rushed move- *CRASH*- *tinkle* -came wrack and ruin. "It's OK, that was only one priceless antique. And Twilight probably wouldn't appreciate my attempts to redecorate this place anyhow..." One could only hope that student shenanigans would disrupt neither Blue's move into the Crystal Castle, nor the fundraising event to be held that evening. But, the Archancellor knew their students only too well... Thread is Here!
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