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  2. Sky closed his eyes for a moment to picture the look; Windy in her flight suit with the charm. "I can definitely see that working. Wouldn't take too much for me to work my own into my show get-up. That said, I've never really had much of a signature outfit or look, I've always been focused more on sound than visuals. Any thoughts about that?" It was pretty much impossible for any longstanding relationship between creative artists to not be collaborative, after all. It was a mode of thought that Sky Sailing found himself slipping into easily when he was around Wind Dancer. "I think the Fire and Ice lobby sounds good, at least the last half." He brought up a hoof to wipe sweat from his brow; the poor stallion hadn't been in the city long enough to build up much of a heat tolerance. That, plus his schedule was nocturnal at least half the time, so being out in the sun like this wasn't his habitual mode of being. "I'll definitely drop by Golden Bit's office when the final presses are done; she sounds like the sort that wouldn't mind me putting in good words for my colleagues on the short-wave circuit." It was with some relief that he finally led her into the shade. And if their luck held, well, maybe it would be worth a flutter on the tables, for there was indeed a busker taking in the shade. A older-looking stallion, dressed like an old-time hobo, though that might have just been a part of his act. He was playing a dulcimer with his hooves, an instrument traditionally associated with the lower-classes, but now rare enough to command attention for novelty seekers. They were old songs, songs of the roads and rails, back before this place was anything more than a strip of street and a fever dream.
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  6. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded when Sky said that it was something that she wouldn't want to wear during a show. The chain being that light meant that it could easy snap under force. "Yeah, though I can easily see it going well with most of my flightsuits, so maybe something to wear on the way to the performances and then leave in the greenroom with the rest of my stuff," she smiled. When Sky then mentioned the heat, and talked about how he doubted that there would be many street performers out today because of it, she smiled. "It is a bit warm today, but for most of us that have been here in Las Pegasus for a while are more acclimated to the summers here. Honestly, when you start getting closer to the reservoir, the heat gets worse because you have the water evaporating into the air. Still, it does have the benefit of being a lake so if it ever gets too hot, can just cannonball straight down," she giggled. "That being said, to answer your question. Some of the lobbies do offer some relief to the heat for those that need it, and most of the street performers will rest in lobbies between performances. Naturally, Golden Bit is one of them that will let ponies use the lobby provided that they don't interfere too much with the operation of business. That is to say, the crowd that gathers to watch the performers isn't blocking off access from other patrons to get into the casino. Though if a street performer starts attracting that big of a crowd, she'll usually start recommending that they hire one of her performance halls. After all, with the way that she does her contracts, it's very easy for a performer to make a lot of bits. You'll experience that first hoof when you start doing some of your performances for her. Oh, and if you ever want to plan more performances and try your hoof at bigger stages, she does open interviews every Tuesday. You should check it once your album is finished. Between her marketing and Ice's marketing that she's already doing, I'm sure that you'll attract pretty decent crowds!" Wind said excitedly before pausing a bit and blushing. "Sorry, it was my turn to start rambling, but yeah! Let's head on over to the Mareage, or The Fire and Ice. They are the most lenient when it comes to that kind of stuff. I wonder if Kick Beat is performing today. He's usually around there somewhere," she said giving her suggestions to where to best find some performers if that was what he wanted to do. She herself was okay with anything. She had never really been a picky pony when it came to anything like that, and right now, this was a day for them to just be them.
  7. Why do I have the urge to turn all the musical artists I'm a fan of into OC's?

  8. Aw man! I can't believe I missed out on this!
  9. I'm not so much talking about the episodes as I am talking about the concept overall. I have so many unanswered questions! 1. Are crystal ponies made of crystal, or are they perhaps made of silicates? 2. Why do they live in the arctic, of all places?! 3. Why is it called the Crystal EMPIRE if there's only one city? 4. What are the magic abilities of the crystal ponies? 5. Are they able to survive for long stretches of time away from the crystal heart? 6. Is the Crystal Empire supposed to be Atlantis, but with snow? 7. Can they eat gems like dragons do? What are your theories and headcanons?
  10. Once the teams have arrived at their respective gates, red lights flash to signal the staff to clear the area. "Please stand in a line and don't move" an engineer said before closing the gate. They went over to the control panel and waited for their signal. "This is it!" Slash said with a smirk as he extends his gauntlets to his elbows and tightens the wrapping on his hands. Professor Oobleck and Professor Port were the commentators for the tournament and had just finished wrapping up the last battle. "For the next match, we have Beacon's Team Samaritan versus Atlas's Team Cavity!" Port yelled into the microphone. Vinny inhaled and exhaled deeply to try calm himself, not because he's nervous about the fight, but because of how Allen was getting on his nerves. "You talk to much Allen" he said as he calmly put his hands behind his back and widened his stance. The roof starts to open up above the teams and the platform they were standing on started to raise.
  11. "Celestia will not be looking into this. I am looking into this." Twilight Sparkle entered the throne room from the main doors, which were opened with a purple aura surrounding them. Her eyes were lidded with bags as she quickly scanned the room. Princess Luna was taking the Daycourt today, as expected. She was here for the same cause, among others. She was happy to be dealing with Luna. She had a bit more of a proactive streak to her, something that she herself held in common. It would be easy to act on instinct which was something the crown, for all of its grand qualities, was not apt on doing. Exciting time to work with Luna, considering what was at stake! Then there was Sombra. Or at the very least, this version of Sombra. It was difficult to pinpoint who or what exactly was responsible for his presence. What Twilight did know , however, put her mind at ease. This wasn't the Sombra who had destroyed the Tree of Harmony. This Sombra had even worked to help solve a mystery in the Whitetail Woods and had aided her friend Applejack's little sister after a run in with a basilisk. She couldn't say why he was here but she could say that, for now at least, he was not the problem that she was tasked with trying to solve today.. "The Sorceress is telling the truth," she said as she took her seat on the throne, magically levitating a collection of reports in the air. "I have already collected sixteen incident reports regarding items or break-ins involving the vaults. Fourteen of them are innocent enough or pose no threat. Two of them, however, are not," she said as one by one they vanished, leaving only the two. She turned to Luna. "Which leaves us a bit of deduction to do. It could be either one of these two items," she said with a solemn nod. Indeed, they were the only two that hadn't already been solved or were items of a considerably lesser nature. She turned to Sombra, her eyes clear and focused and her voice. "Tell me, Sombra. If you were seeking to strike at us, what style of magical artifact would you have designs on?"
  12. Yeah, yeah I know I know." Andrea said waving her hands dismissively. " I'm just trying to hype up OUR team." She said with some major sass on her tongue." Can't do that by being a debby downer you know?" Placing her hands on her hips, the girl let out a little laugh." My plan is perfect, I knew it, haha! " Turning her attention toward Midnight though, she scoffed, "You can use whatever so long as you do your job. But just in case you don't know, since well, you're you, a shield generally works better for defense. Someone like you could easily tangle those swords up trying to block with them. " Turning her attention back to Slash, Andrea flashed him a soft smile and a thumbs up. " And I'm sure we'll tough it out through even more. Besides! I'm still here, so you're all safe." Upon hearing the announcement, Andrea didn't even wait or her team mates and started speed walking in the direction she thought she needed to go. " Alright! To battle boys! And Midnight. Let's show those hoity Atlus punks not to mess with us!" MEANWHILE ON MARS! "Come on, we need that team spirit to go up! I know you must all be miserable but we can at least look like we're trained soldiers." Allen Sighed deeply, " You all need to start acting with a bit more professionalism. Quite frankly, You bring shame to the good name of Atlus. They'll all think we were raised by animals! " Upon hearing the announcement that they were fighting right now, Allen was a little taken by surprise. " Well, I guess theirs no time for a quick planning session then. Just right to the jaws of death. I like the way you're thinking Vinny, let's hope they don't embarrass our genius to bad."
  13. anyone wanna put together any kind of rp ideas?
  14. Fire Walker nodded towards the kitchen and in moments, the butler, Oak Branch came out with an cart with cups of very strong coffee and a plate of buttercream cookies. These cookies had a rather adorable 'Discord' theme, with the cookies having a grey coloring with yellow and red colored cream. The draconequus' coffee had a special blend of honey butter. The butler would never create something that would give somepony a belly ache! That's rule #45 of the Butler Code! The coffee was very strong, but Oak Branch thought it was too harsh to the tongue, so he made sure to give it a proper blend of honey and cream that made it far more flavorsome. If Fire wanted it black, she needed to get it herself! He also hoped the good mare would 'mature' into drinking tea more and coffee less! The officer could not help but chuckle at the ancient, magical creature's bragging that he was tops in a school that mostly catered mostly to teenagers. Still, this was a VERY big step away from the horrible King Discord who enjoyed torturing ponies and made their loved ones watch. Swift would be VERY wise not to wake this beast up. "I heard you're also Miss Fluttershy's special friend." Good gracious, the yellow coated mare was probably the prettiest creature to walk on Equestria. She wondered if the whole 'shy' thin was a act to make her more enduring. And Tirek. She had poured through the papers the REA had on him. As terrifying as he was, his past was rather sad. His mother, the Queen had passed and his father remarried. He did not marry another centaur, but a gargoyle! This united two falling kingdoms into one mighty one! Still, young Tirek wanted more than even a kingdom could give him. "Oh yes. Yesterday...Got home, bathed and got some sleep.", she whispered. Discord's magic was on, even when he was not using it. She glanced back at Discord, "What sort of help do you offer?", she asked.
  15. Goldendaze's little images on her posts never fail to give me the diabetes.
  16. Fire Walker looked utterly shocked. Was that Siren speaking the truth? Was the mare’s sudden desire for ‘Picklechimichangas’ and Pear and Blue Cheese Ice Cream a sign? Or was the dangerous aquatic girl messing with her? She also felt rather sore after putting on her armor, not to mention the nausea. She was also starting to feel a little...What was that word? Forgetful! Oh sweet Celestia! "Um.", the mare started to sweat just a little, "Sorry Corporal and er, thank you.", she cleared her throat. She wondered what Swift would say. What her parents would say? Thankfully this wasn't high school. She had a proper job with proper insurance that took care of their soldiers. And she was not the first of her siblings to inform her mother that she would soon be a grandmother. When the eldest told his parents that they would become grandparents, his father was rather proud. His own father did not live long enough to see his first grandson. However, the Walker's mother was horrified! She had become officially old! Finding an card for the 'Canterlot Royal Association of Pensioned Ponies' was just the first part! Then came the grand kids. Then her bones would ache. This caused the poor mare to rush off and have everything dyed and her mane to be removed from that bun! She also took refresher classes in combat and survival. She was rather surprised to run into the Princess' mother in more than a few of those classes. The Red Pegasus shook her head. "I have a feeling the good Siren probably scared away anything that would have tried to menace us, but we should still move with caution...Swift Star.", she called out to the young Pegasus pony, "Please return to the sky and keep an eye out for the stork, ah.. I mean, danger." The mare saluted with her wing and leaped into the air to continue her air reconnaissance. "Corporal Applejack, Protect the rear.". The farmer was by far the strongest in the team, so she was best to serve there as very few would be strong enough to push by her. Once everypony was ready, Fire Walker called the squad to 'proceed with caution' and off they moved. "Forward march." Swift would hopefully be able to spot the temple or its occupants from where she flew. The officer just needed to keep her eyes on the path and not think of what will be happening to her body over the next few months. AJ looked incredible well into her pregnancy, but she has really good genes. As they marched on things were rather nice. No hoof prints. No calls of distress or danger. Just a rather familiar background soundtrack one would hear in a jungle or beach movie. She could even hear a Mourning Warbler! They always inserted those birds in the wrong scenery. Oh wait! That was her stomach!
  17. The impromptu meeting was beginning to break up. Which was fine, the ceremony was mostly done. Unfortunately, Tiger Blood wouldn't get much time to settle in. Truth be told, this would be the last day and night that Blueblood would spend in Canterlot for some time. Just needed to get all the paperwork done, for the most part, before shelling out the bits to get the movers to work on what needed to be brought down. Maids could look after the rest. Speaking of which... "Well, I think you'd best take care of equipping yourself first, Tiger. I can do much of the paperwork before you come back, and you'll just have to sign." Oh Faust, was his new guard literate? He thought so, but couldn't rightly recall. Bringing up the question now would likely be embarrassing for the poor fellow, however. Once Tiger was sent away, The Prince turned his attention back to Niil, waiting until Tiger was safely out of sight before sticking his tongue out at his big kitty. "[Well, the wings certainly are, I'll give you that. But you'll have to clear anything major with the mares in my life too, you know. Otherwise, that will bring harm on me, via relationship.]" Not that Blue didn't think Niilavin was joking, but it never hurt to make things clear. "And now! Sorry to have you on the move so soon after coming back, Star. Still, Ponyville should give our new household member room to move, and generally be less restrictive of a space altogether. We're a household that needs room to move as it is, you know?" He laughed, opening the door to usher those who could fit back inside. It would be a bit of a day arranging the last of the move alongside a new guard, but the day was still young. Plenty of time to get things done, then it was off! (Last post from me; will have an "arrival at Ponyville thread" up soon)
  18. Wind's reluctance to engage with the subject of the darkness surrounding certain musicians was noted, but Sky didn't force the issue. Truth be told, he didn't have the language to himself; he'd never been around specialist ponies who could give him the right language to understand the technical names of inner demons. All he had was the metaphors of amateur singers he knew, which had proven to not be much help right now. As far as he was concerned, though, it was far too bright and happy of a day to let one's thoughts linger in such places! He smiled again, admiring the look of the jewelry around Wind Dancer's wing. "Yeah, but that probably means the chain will snap if it's put under heavy-duty work. Don't want the charm flying into the audience stands during a show!" He laughed a bit at that, shading his eyes against the sun. The Las Pegasus summer was going in full swing, Celestia's sun beginning to scorch. The glass and concrete of the city was not helping either. "I don't there's a lot of ponies out in this; I can respect the buskers, but I don't today would be particularly good for them to be out. I wonder if any of the casinos let them use the lobby? Seems like it would be a good idea on days like this. I know that sometimes is done in cities where it gets cold."
  19. Niilavin rolls his eyes with a groan at Blues remark. He was still regretting that trick he pulled with them it seems. “[The spell may stop me from harming you but nothing says I can’t change you forever in to a sphinx master.]” not that he had a way too do that at all. Or knew where to start. But he was not about too take such teasing laying down! “[Even if that is more of an upgrade then downgrade if you ask me.]” He added with a chuckle. Looking back at Star he nodded his head. “Yes, that sound… Good. Need talk more. Help me do better. Pony talk… is… Weird. Like a song spoken.” He explained before watching blue talk about something with… A Ponyville. That is where the master goes to do some work from time to time. Were they moving there? Did not matter, he had too go wherever the master whent. He just hoped it had more open space, this city was not fit for a growing sphinx. Let alone a full sized pride king that he’d be some day.
  20. A box of nothing? More like, a box of something. He wasn't good at playing stuff off naturally while she- well, she knew all about facades. And he couldn't keep one if his life depended on it. She'd let it slide though. As much as she wanted to poke him about his nothing box full of nothing she'd just accept it. After all, it wasn't like she was a pushy mare. She'd allow him to reveal his something box at a something place sometime later, or something. He tried to play it off like he was just making a pencil holder. Sure, sure. A pencil holder. Well, ya know. It was at least a useful idea. Se wasn't sure it was exactly what Applejack was going for...or maybe it was. Huh. She smirked and with a glint in her eyes briefly looked at the hard-to-see-because-of-blocking-colt object, then looked back up at the cold. "A pencil holder? Sure. I mean, well, we all need them- right?" She said with a laugh. And then a sigh. Because she had work to do! She was working on the chair's supports. If she were really craftsy she'd try and make the supports really festive. Decorative. Interesting. But she wasn't quite that good with woodworking so the seat and back would have to do. She sighed a few times in well-hidden frustration but continued her work, doing what she needed to do. Once in a Lunar moon she'd turn to see what he was doing. He seemed to have a firm grasp of his, you know, mighty construction project of some pencil boxes. Sure, sure. What, did he think she was? Stupid? Pssh. Not gonna snoop? Whaaaat! She'd get to the bottom of this entirely pointless mystery at around the same time as she completed this entirely pointless chair. Around the time her mind ran absentmindedly on how to get him to tell her the world-shattering truth about what he was making, he turned to her and started asking for her help with Miss Rarity. Her class was one of the rougher for a lot of first time students. More so than other professors she was a do as she said not as she did style of teacher and that was hard for others to understand. That and her standards were a bit more exacting. It was all in the name of progress in the art of friendship but she knew why ponies would have trouble. And equally, she understood why they would come to Moonlight for answers. "Oh? Need some help?" She asked coyly before turning around, taking a seat on her mostly finished chair and crossing her rear legs. This was a comfortable chair, for sure! "Well, you came to the right filly. Like, I can't speak for others but I'm preeeety sure I'm Professor Rarity's BSF and I totes vibe with her, right? So, like, if you need some help I can totally help you with that!" She said excitedly as she tested the sides of her chair. More work needed to be done. She heard a sound. She didn't the sound. She got off and started inspecting it for a moment before realizing she forgot to give a time. She popped back up. "Sooooo I have...tonight, I think?"
  21. "Confused. A little scared. But still relieved, knowing this is all a dream," Twilight began before she approached Luna. The elder Alicorn looked...not scared or concerned, but maybe a little surprised? Twilight tried to calm herself. Maybe that would help. "Thank you for doing this. I'm sorry that I'm making this so hard on you." Luna grimaced at the strain of her magic. She rarely enjoyed using this much of her own power to manipulate the illusions around her. "It's alright. I typically will not embrace using such force against a dreamer's psyche. I know that interrupting it may close the door for finding a solution the problem. But this time it seemed overbearing and you haven't woken up yet." Princess Luna began casting a spell with her horn. As she wound up the magic, she seemed to be searching for something, almost as if her horn was a metal detector of sorts. "Give me a moment while I try to bring us back to a familiar, yet peaceful realm." Luna cast her magic into random directions in the void, attempting to hit something that would give her the feedback she needed. She looked back at Twilight Sparkle. "Are you hurt?" Anypony older than a filly would know dreams can't hurt you, but in this moment Luna felt it necessary to establish the all-too-important mood of the dream caster. "I'm fine. I know this is a dream, and dreams cannot hurt me. Physically, at least. And emotionally- well, you've been a lifesaver tonight, even if I don't feel like I'm shaken of my worries," Twilight said as she came and sat down next to Luna. The mare was using a great deal of her power. Twilight knew she couldn't help....well, actually. That wasn't true. This was a dream. "Mind if I help?" Twilight asked innocently as her horn lit, and her magical aura started to wisp itself into Luna's horn. She was bleeding-apart of her aetheric energy into Luna, shoring up her compatriot's magical reserves and hopefully allowing her to feel less strain. Luna was not immediately welcoming of Twilight's assistance. But just like most things Luna didn't initially approve of, she got over her pride and smiled back at the alicorn for her willingness to share the burden. "I just need to get us to a familiar part of your memory. Have you ever experienced lucidity in your dreams? Have you ever found that you can consciously change the way the dream unfolds, or do you always lack control of it?" Princess Luna's lack of proper communicable inflection could have been mistaken as poor attitude. But with all things dreamscape, Luna took it very seriously and wondered if dream manipulation was ever the topic of a book Twilight Sparkle ever came upon during her many years of non-essential magical study. "I've often had lucid dreams. In fact, of the dreams I can remember, I'd say that I used to have them more commonly than any other type," she smiled, not taking offense at Luna's tone. How could she? The mare had done so much for the troubled Princess' psyche tonight and was clearly uncomfortable. It would be silly to take it out on her. "I read about in a book right after I joined Celestia's school. I used to love the lucidity, how everything and anything felt possible. Only in the past few years has it seemingly slipped away from me. Once in a while sure, but not as often. And recently? Recently...never. Especially once they became nightmares." Luna perked at Twilight's positivity in her ability to have lucid dreams. However, the lack of recent experience made Luna feel like tonight would be extra challenging. "Is there anyway you can try to do it now? All you need to do is try and think of a memory or place you were during a time of low stress. Think of a party, or a loving moment." Princess Luna ceased her magic, and returned her magical aura to her horn, and offered Twilight's her's as well. Luna pointed in a specific region of the void in which Twilight should concentrate her energy. It wasn't obvious to even Luna herself that it made much of a difference which direction they aimed. Twilight nodded. She'd try if nothing else. Her mind raced, trying to relive a recent happy memory and directing her magical power to where she was told to. She didn't know if it would really matter if she shot her magic straight up, but why risk it? After a few moments, her eyes lit up. Something recent. Something loving. Something low stress. And a party, all to boot! The magic shot from her horn and started to form the region into something quaint. A mid-sized living room in a house of upper-middle Canterlot make and design. The room was dark, though several figures were hiding... ------- Crescent Sparkle opened the door to his home, yawning and stretching his back as he did so. This moment of blindness meant he did not see a cake, hidden poorly in the darkness, in the middle of his living room. Nor the poorly hidden figures of his wife and children, before the Prince of the Crystal Empire broke the surprise a moment too soon and yelled, "Surprise!" This caused the elder Sparkle to stumble in a panic ad nearly fall, being caught in his daughter's magical aura as his wife turned the lights on to his surprise party. A fissure in the void opened and Luna stepped in, motioning for Twilight to follow. "A family party?" Luna asked with a straight face, appearing unamused. "It'll work. But be vigilant. The nightmare we experienced could still be around." Luna became entertained with Crescent's stumble. A royal family celebration of some sort gave Luna a flashback of her own far distance memories that would share this setting. "When and where was this?" "A few months ago. A surprise party to celebrate my father's birthday," she smiled. It had been a great day. "We hadn't seen each other in a while, and certainly not as a whole family. I felt kind of bad about that. His birthday and Shining and I both took a chunk out of it," she said as she walked around, observing the small details. And slicing two pieces of cake, one of which she sent over to Luna. "Not that he minded, I think." Luna used her magic to hold the imaginary cake and attempted to cut into it with a fork. But when she did so, the cake melted into dry sand and fell off the plate. Luna gave a smirking shrug. "There is something familiar about this place even to me." Luna looked at Twilight as if she had some kind of prior knowledge to the method of bringing them here. Luna stomped her hoof and time began warping backwards, first slowly but accelerated over time. As time in the vision moved backwards in the room, the Sparkles could all be seen getting younger. Glimpses of Twilight and Shining as foals. But eventually, the Sparkles were gone. Or rather they had yet appeared to be there. Several unknown ponies began scattering in the environment showing themselves through time as the two alicorns reversed. Luna looked at Twilight. "It seems this is not just a projection of your memory. But maybe mine as well." Eventually, the warp came to a sudden halt, freezing to a moment in time in which a pony was looking out of a window looking at the moonlit sky. The moon had no mare in it. Twilight had a grasp of time magic and an understanding that this was a dream, both of which were honed to sharper and finer points than most other ponies could dream of. But she had a moment of panic at first as she saw everything start to reverse, wondering if this was once again some manner of mirage that was about to cruelly reveal itself. After all, this had started off as a nightmare and what was lurking in the shadows of powerful minds were powerful fears indeed. But she calmed herself quickly and allowed herself to get closer to Luna as time continued to reverse in increasing speed. It felt like just scant moments before everything stopped itself. The moon was high and with no Nightmare Moon scarring, and the stillness of the scene was almost poetic. Yet what got her attention the most was the pony who was taking in the moonlit sky, the pony for whom this small stretch of reality had focused on. "I know this pony. I remember this moment." Luna started to remember the fullness of the memory. It was her memory. "This pony would pray to me every night, pray that I would protect her in her dreams. But this was the last time I ever noticed her." The pony looked at the wall in her home. A clock was hung at it read that it would be dawn. But no sun rose. The pony became worried. Luna looked at Twilight. "It's finding us. We cannot stay here." She stomped the ground to return to the dreamer's intended memory, but the stomps did nothing. Outside in the distance, a horrifying gackle could be heard.
  22. Sorry, I forgot for a while, and then I had to figure out what to do in the post. I made one now though.
  23. Kireina looked over as the three fillies ran off after the train, which apparently still held the luggage of Gallus. That was unfortunate, and she sympathized with his plight, but trying to catch a moving train was a stupid idea... Sighing to herself, she looked back at the others before taking to the air. "Watch my luggage, please, I shall go help make sure they stay out of trouble." She said to Applejack and Sunburst before flying off after the trio. She was a fairly strong flier, so at least she wasn't getting left behind, but she didn't want to try pushing herself too hard trying to catch up to the pegasus filly out front. "Please slow down, you three! Even if you manage to catch a train, what do you expect to do then? They do not stop easily."
  24. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer's ears folded back a bit when she saw Sky's reaction to what she had said. She wasn't entirely sure what she said wrong but apparently she had said something. He told her that the pain wasn't something that was caused by their music or their fans/ It was cause from their life in both of those to find some relief. He added that this would also go back to the blues, but most of that was about the outside world bringing a pony down. What he was talking about was the inside world bringing you down. She had a couple thoughts on the matter herself, but given her track record for misinterpretations today she decided that it was probably best to just remain silent. She'd gotten a glimpse of that after her accident, but still the inner demons were only there if a pony let the pressures of the outside world push on them too hard. She heard him continue as well, about most of his life being on the inside world. That is where he had found his music. On a somewhat basic level she could relate to that, as most of her dances, even her choreographed ones, were mostly done on instinct and feel rather than any real methodological equations or fancy lingo. Everything was performed based off of feeling. When she heard him talk about how some pains showed no scars, she nodded. She understood that one. She couldn't really say that she fit in that because when she was dealing with her initial bouts of depression right after the accident happened and she was told that she'd likely never be able to fully use her wing again... most definitely had a scar. She often wondered a bit more though, what would cause some of these emotional scars otherwise. She didn't think a pony would be born emotionally broken. "Being a pony that had a few of those scars at one point, I know that often times it is outer world problems that make inner world demons. But you are correct though, the return of Princess Luna really opened the eyes of a lot of ponies in that regard and there are quite a few ponies out there who's sole purpose is to help with those issues," she said. "A few years too late for some," she added in a gentle tone. She was more than sure that she probably said something wrong again though. When they made their way past the souvenir stand, Sky blinked a few times before apologizing for the rambling. She simply smiled and waved it off with her wing. Her wing that she prompted affixed the new winglet to that Sky had just bought her. One he had bought for him that was a golden record, and the other that she was now wearing was a pair of dancing socks. The thought of the socks once again made her blush a bit, but she smiled and let it hang loosely around the base of her right wing. "They are! It is nice and light weight too. most of the time things like this are too heavy for wings," she said with a smile. "Well, for my wings anyway." When Sky told her that he really didn't think of anything else for them to do in the in between. She paused for a moment. He likely had the same mind that she did and that the exhibit here at the museum was going to take longer than it did. When he said that he didn't really get out into the city itself a lot, he asked what she usually did in the city for entertainment. "Most of the time, it's honestly relaxing either at home or in one of the parks. On warmer days I'll usually go and visit the pools at the Mareage, and take in a few of the street acts along the strip and in the park. I was a street performer myself before I made it big, so always night to support those ponies as well and it always makes their day to see myself or ponies like me in attendance. Otherwise, there is some more attractions inside each of the different casinos. Some have bowling alleys, some have mini-golf, one of them has an entire amusement park inside of it! Still not entirely sure how they managed it, but it works! Honestly though, I tend to be easily entertained so we could always wonder around until something catches our interests," Wind said with a smile.
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  26. "Yeeees he did betray you...after you betrayed everyone else. Some friendship student you are." Swift said with a growl, his gaze shifting back and forth between draconequus and the bouquet that was pushed into his grasp. "They may have forgiven you, but they will never forget. The question is, have you forgiven yourself?" noblepony said aloud a painful reminder that surely had to gnaw at Discord's mind. After a moment Squall's stern gaze softened, if only for a moment. "There are no shortcuts for this one. It's something you have do rebuild little by little....until you can look at the mirror again, unashamed." unicorn saidmreflexively touching his chest, where his scars used to be. Despite help of everyone, he still found himself haunted by his guilty conscience...but at least Fire kept the nightmares away. Tooo bad she was leaving soo....wait. "Dear that story about that sewer maniac.....didn't you did that...yesterday?" he asked slowly. He was up all night long. "It...it's Thursday, right?" Swift asked, while taking look at incredibly expensive Long Guo statue calendar. "Right! And you were supposed to that job at Wednesday! This meas that today is you day-off!" noblepony realized. "......You know what, I tell oak to turn on pool heater while you change." he waved at her uniform. Yeeeah, not exactly easy to wash this one. Swift turned to the samurai. "I am sorry for the inconvenience. Things here are usual more...scheduled here. Please allow me to - AT LAST - show you to your rooms." Swift said before throwing glance at draconequus. "Yours as well, Discord." Squall murmured before leading the way. Of course their walk couldn't be silent as bored spirit of chaos kept rambling on and on. "Depends..." Swift mused when the Discord offered his 'help'. "If you know how to break the oligopoly that holds Equestria's shipyard industry while operating withing boundaries of the country law, then be my guest!" Swift growled again, for once venting his frustration on something else the chaotic being. Indeed solving this dilemma was a reason why he didn't shown at bed this night.
  27. "That's... not quite what I mean either." Sky's voice was still soft, but he was growing visibly frustrated at his meaning not coming across to Wind. "Pain isn't something they're getting out of their music or audience; it comes from their life into both of those, in hopes of finding some outlet or relief. Which I suppose goes all the way back to the blues, but a lot of the blues I heard was about the outside world getting you down. What I'm talking about are those whose inside world is getting them down." He sighed, as they made their way to the exit via the gift shop. He paused at the shelves, as if looking for some souvenir to take home, but she would be able to see his eyes staring elsewhere. "I've spent most of my life in the inside world. That's where I found my music. But my dreams are happy ones, not nightmares. Others have pain that shows no scars, and... I just hear a lot more of that than I used to, mostly after Princess Luna's return. I guess because we all suddenly got a public example of what can go on inside a pony's head while nopony pays attention; I suppose its a good thing that we're all more willing to listen now. But what did we miss when we weren't looking?" With a couple of blinks, he came back to the present. "Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on like that." Whether it was out of embarrassment or inspiration, he ended up picking out a pair of matched wing dongles, one for each of them with a symbol of a golden record and dancing sock. "These are just too perfect for us, aren't they?" He said with a laugh, paying for them before going back out on the street. "Well... I don't really know, I hadn't planned for anything. Usually I'm not out on the town when I find myself with spare time. But daydreaming is a lonely activity; what do you usually do?"
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