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      If you have been experiencing broken images linked in your posts this was found to be a side effect of a setting that served images via IPS proxy.  An IPS bug that was fixed in the latest patch caused proxy-served links to break.  Unfortunately, we cannot mass correct these as the setting actually altered how the links were embedded in posts where the images were linked.   The workaround is to locate images that are broken and relink them as you find them.  Past the direct image links into the editor and CKE will automatically parse them, turning them into displayed images.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


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Here's a drawing for you, a Flutterdash, or, if you prefer, Rainbowshy, shipping picture. Nothing adult, just a cute little hug, and of course, adorable sweaters :)

Hope you like it!

This was recieved VERY well on Deviantart, hope it goes just as good here on Canterlot ^_^


© Me!

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From the album

SkyMunki's Art

  • 45 images

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Flutterdash! I like this pairing. Skymunki: Shipping like a boss.

*nice stuff*

Thankyoouuu <3:D

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hehe, ponies in sweaters, and they're hugging? D'awww. :)

... Ok, now that I've scooped the melted remains of my heart into a bowl, I can take a moment to point out that the way their arms interlock is actually really well done.

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