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Blaze Bright (Redux)

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Yeah, this is this piece's second uploading. It's not a cheap trick for extra views, I just got frustrated with the problems in the last image, so I went to fix it and reupload it.

This is ApollineAllura's OC. He came up with the colors and the theme. I designed around that, with some improvisations of my own.

A before and after of my previous upload compared to this, (with zooms) are here: http://i.imgur.com/qUV3F.png

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From the album:


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I kinda like the backlight on her nose in the original, but her face definitely looks like it has depth now. (Also, are those two stars supposed to be transparent?)

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The backlight was a neat effect, yeah, but difficult to leave in. The effect would be really subtle, and would requite a line thinner than I could do. Perhaps not impossible, but not something I felt like spending another 20 minues on.

In the Before-After Image, I just did a quicky job in paint, and the fireworks (stars) "bleed" white off the edge of the image. When I put in the grey fill, it filled those stars in, and I didn't catch it until the upload. I didn't bother to fix it since the actual FINAL above didn't have that problem. It worked for comparison's sake.

But for the sake of uploading a zoom without weird artifacts:


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