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Same pic as earlier. Just added a little background and a shadow. Antlers were redone into a more carribou style.

From the album:

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This makes me a happy Alaskan!

Those antlers are amazing. There are probably not many people in the general population who know that they are asymmetrical.

Note that caribou are relatively light members of the deer family, and have splayed hooves that allow them to walk on top of snow, while the heavier moose have to trudge through it with their more compact hooves. That may be what is happening beyond that little mound, but it is tough to tell.

By the way, are you aware of the clicking noise Caribou make when walking?

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On the hooves that should be the case. Im having trouble figuring out how to draw them properly for this picture so i took the easy way out and just obscured them XD

While i have seen a few of the animals (especially last winter) never got close enough to notice of the clicking noise. Interesting

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Thats pretty interestin. Will make sure to add that in when i rp.

As for the antlers i originally did have them as symmetrical but after some looking around realized that was not the case. For Snowdrifts pair i kinda got lazy and copied them from a front of a quarter i had nearby (canadian). Ill probably make a more irignal set eventually but for now im really liking the look.

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Ah, well, whatever it takes to make them look good.

I'm a bit embarrassed that I won an art competition by taking a lot of inspiration from another piece. But I was 10 at the time, so I'll extend myself some grace for that one.

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