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Pony Smileys

A collection of emoticons on which I worked on-and off for many months. These are all poses referenced directly from the show, not originals.

I had wanted to develop a set of smileys better than the current prevailing set here and elsewhere on the web. I found the colours in those quite muddy, and the shrunken-down artwork often obscured details.

For bonus funs, try to identify which episodes each of these are from!

Pretty happy with how these came out, but I am as always open to any thoughts or criticisms.

From the album:


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I should note that these were designed to fit within the board's current 27 pixel tall emoticon size. I modified things, the hair mostly, to keep them within the tight vertical constraints.

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Why don't you make a spam stable game for people to guess the episodes? I con only identify a few of them myself.

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