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Chillin' Peachy
© Art and character by me.

Chillin' Peachy

This be an old sketch I applied some color to. I kinda wanted to see what it looked like when I didn't use any layers. The results are pretty good considering.

This was originally a random pony, but I realized how much he looked like Peachy and decided to go with that. So here is a rare sight of a chilling Peachy Keen without any of his usual accessories. I didn't add his cutie mark since I don't think it would be visible from that angle.


© Art and character by me.
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It sorta reminds me of Rarity under the influence of Creation Manifestation

I would flee equestria if that actually happened to Peachy. A fashionista is one thing. But a painter given the power of creation? Unless I want to end up as a pony version of Edvard Munchs "The Scream". It would probably be best to wait for the world to end. Or for the magic to ware off. Which ever comes first.

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