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Ooookaaaamiii! (Best)


By popular demand, here is the fourth and final Okami picture, of course saving the best for last. Notice the elegant swirls of ink as they protrude from every graceful leap and bound, permanently tattooing the landscape wherever he passes. You are all lucky to behold his inked visage.

This came out the best out of all my Okami drawings, and I say that with all the objectiveness of an unbiased and unattached artist.

(And then there's actual, but this one is obviously an unrealistic representation)

From the album:

OC Art

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Wow I love this! I seen your new icon and had to look for it in your gallery. I can't stop staring at the way the paint strokes looks so pretty on the mane. That pose is super awesome too. So elegant. And the cutie mark symbol in the corner and the textured paper. Eeee it's just so perfect! I could almost see it in motion. <3

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