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Lost to the Ages

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Haven't done a speed paint in a long while, so I tried my hand at a ruins/jungle type thing, based on an upcoming RP. About an hour and a half of work.

Buildings are definitely not my forte...even ruined ones. I have trouble visualizing all the different divots and dips and wedges, so they're difficult for me. Kinda like how the jungle came out though, even though I ended up darkening it too much and hiding the tree roots along the path.

Dunder © Dunder

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I do love a good jungle adventure. Despite the roots not being as noticeable, I can still see them just enough. It kind of gives them that lurking, surreal quality of things you might expect in a location that you prooooooooobably shouldn't be searching for in the first place.


I like it.

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once again, I must compliment your shading. and I'd say you actually did great on the ruins! I also like the waterfall, it's very nice....  honestly, there are too many things you did great on for me to talk about them all :razz:

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Backgrounds that are painted softly and sort of vaguely are my absolute favorite. Instead of adding every single crack, pebble, or blade of grass, the artist just relies on their keen sense of lighting and shape to paint the perfect amount of details were the viewer can very clearly tell what's been painted despite it not having as many details as it could have. That's what I'm seeing here and I freaking love it! The vines really help set the tone and I love how the it goes from dark inside the forest to bright out by the waterfall. And that light resting on the edges and the roots! It's got a fantastic atmosphere. I also love the title. Very awesome work! <3

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