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Lián Mei

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Last one last one, at least for a while. My love of cloved-hooved, tufted-tailed mythical equine species has been satiated with the Abada and the Qilin.

Honestly when I started writing for this character, she came out disturbingly close to Yuri in terms of personality - excitable and easily impressed. I toned her down and sideways to make her more worldly and less excitable, but still boisterous and gregarious. Also gave her some major flaws, such as vanity and selfishness. Overall I like how she wrote out, considering that I sort of started with just the picture and later developed the character around it.

I also can't take full credit for the color scheme on her. A friend of mine actually suggested it to me, after watching me try out and fail at about twenty other color schemes.

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It's a good thing she's not excitable and easily impressed... That would have been a bit boring, actually. (I've seen enough anime and stories to notice how dull having multiple, similar, easily impressed characters can be like.)

Good on you for reconsidering her personality and flaws!

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Omg I love all the colors! And the direction of the hair gives such a smooth sense of movement. I especially love the fuzzy cloven hooves. Also that expression is adorable. X3

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