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Riff Raff

Behold the most adorable diamond doggie! I'm a little out of practice right now and decided to draw some stuff before I start the Peachy thread. This one is a little experiment. I didn't use layers and just painted over the sketch. It's quick, fun, and looks good so I think I might be using this style for the portrait thread.

I don't think this is Riffy's actual hairstyle, but by the time I noticed it was too late. ^^

Riff Raff belongs to Zeig

(There was an error the first time I tried to upload this so there might be duplicates.)

From the album:

Request/trades/gift art

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*deep inhale*

How do you make your stuff so shiny, it's ridiculous. Like, if Raff's eyes were any brighter and cuter, he'd probably sear a hole straight through my screen. And, I would be a-okay with that. 

aklsdhbflsdf thanks so much for the gift art, McDerp! Your technique has gotten so good it's ridiculous, especially when I look back on your older pictures to see the progress from just a year ago. I still remember that Inkbrand drawing you did for me when you were first starting to experiment with soft shading, and now look at this. His snout, his paws, the fluff on his tail - it's all perfect. I wish I could write down all my thoughts in a coherent manner, but honestly, my brain is kind of a puddle of goo at the moment, so I'm slowly lozing teh abilie to th1nzk fleekjfs en. 

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