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PrinceBlueblood is one of those guys that consistently shows support for my artwork, liking and commenting on pretty much everything I upload. And since I was in the mood to try and practice my CGing skills, I decided to attempt and draw the one canon character he RPs that I know fairly well, because he's all over the forums. In a good way~


Prince Blueblood, also known as Bluebelle while in female form, was pretty fun to draw, though credit to his genderbent design comes from this picture, which I think is a rather elegant look. Either way, it was good practice, because I normally don't attempt this style of art very often. I still have trouble trying to solidify 'lines' to make the entire piece look more solid and less airy and smudged. Still, the end result was pretty darn good if I do say so myself, especially for an art style I only try once in a blue moon.


Blueblood (c) Hasbro

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