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This is Acrimony. She is the only OC that I won't be using here on Canterlot, sadly as she is not a member of an approved species. However, I still love my draconequus babe!


Like all draconequi, she is a being made up from chaotic magic, and uses her magic for chaotic things. She has a typical, long body, a head of a pony, a snake eye, the teeth of a beaver, the arms of an alligator, a singular and tiny pegasus wing, the leg of a pony, the leg of a changeling, and a long fish tail. She may seem like the scary creature at first, bouncing off the walls with her excitable nature, but she ADORES ponies. She is an OC that I have grown fond of. despite her funky design!

From the album:

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15 hours ago, Dubstep said:

Like, seven kinds of adorable over here

Hahaha! Thank you! 


12 hours ago, RainbowFoxxy said:

Lol! Adorbs!! You could totally play her in the FFA sections if you'd like :)

Ooohh okay! That's awesome! Thank you so much for letting me know! : )

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