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From time to time I draw gift art for the people who continually Like and support my artwork. Tacobob is one such person who has been "Like"ing my stuff since the very first picture I uploaded in my gallery almost three years ago, and Ciraxis is also someone who's constantly supporting my art. I was originally planning on just drawing one character, but then realized there was a perfect opportunity for me to thank both supporters at the same time.


I really hope I didn't butcher Swift Squall's design - his app wasn't very descriptive on what he looked like, especially the mane. I also really apologize for not included the shades he apparently wears day in and day out. I really tried, but they looked truly awful at this angle, I could not get them to look like anything other than a strange lump sitting on his face. 


Fire Walker was Fire Walker, as per the norm, though with the addition of a shiny new bracelet!


Fire Walker (c) tacobob

Swift Squall (c) Ciraxis

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Aw man...That is so freaking awesome..And your art has been awesome since the day you posted your first pic. <3


I did have a pic of Swift drawn awhile back, it was good, but yours is a million times better.


Thanks again....


And I do like shade-less Swift..You can see his eyes...and his emotions...

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Yeah, my app is kind of messy right now. Not only there are two of them, neither has been updated since forever (have to take care of that mumble mumble) - for example Sunglasses at Night no longer really applies, Character Development!


And yet despite that you managed to nail it splendidly. Mane is not really an issue since Squall often ties it up in various ways*. The only thing that's little off is coat that's little more orange-y.

What else? Oh yes....


This is simply Awwwwwwww-some! This is how I pictured that scene in my head!




Usually Squall rocks it loose, akin to the style of Li Xingke or Sephiroth. What can I say? Swift's a biseinen.


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