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"You break it..."

"...and I break your face."


Nah, she's just kidding.






Request to draw Bellosh's newest character, a Qilin by the name of Aunt Ci...aka, the "Wrathful Guardian of Fortune." I wasn't feeling up to a full body though, so I settled for a bust shot type deal. Chances are, you're going to be CIing this Qilin around the Triad members that have cropped up recently, because she's...well. Let's just say she's got an understanding going on with the Triads. 


Aunt Ci (c) Bellosh

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Behold the face of Holy Terror!  Unless, of course, you came in to buy something.

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Very nicely done, Zeig! Corva's gonna have to watch her manners around this one.

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For you only Zeig, enjoy the discounts at Aunt Ci's Antique Shop. Thankies for drawing! ^_^



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