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Corva Pardus

Another request this time for Pyro's Triad character Corva. A lazy griffon with a perchance for settling all of her problems with some strongly worded letters - aka fists - Corva's going to eventually be running around with the other Triad members as they plod along Long Kong, causing mayhem and trouble when she isn't being lazy.


Fun fact: When I read Corva's physical description, I was a bit worried that she'd end up looking like Zelda, one of tacobob's characters. Luckily, Corva's got some very distinctive design choices. I mean, red and orange?! Zelda wouldn't be caught dead in red and orange tattoos.


Inkbrand would make sure of that. 


Corva (c) Pyroblaze

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She looks like a singing bird, or a pretty cat, that's worn by a snake inside...


I need to write a song around those lyrics.

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