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A Promise of Cherry Blossoms

"...From this hour henceforth

I pledge to revere all petals,

bask in fragrance, bask in beauty,

and serve forever the Empire of Flowers."


Thus ends the epic ballad of Limi and Mei, who were brought together by sheer happenstance and stayed together through sheer stubbornness, force of will, and mutual acknowledgement of mistakes and faults. The Empire of Flowers will forever stand as a proof of their struggles, their heartaches, and their inevitable journey towards each other.


(And then there's ten years down the road where their trials pale in comparison to the journey of marriage, but no one wants to read about the happily ever after, it's all about the drama of breakups and forgiveness leading up to reconciliation and eventually ending up together. That's what sells them novels and gets movie rights, yo.)


Limi (c) Bellosh

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Now: "Awww, look how sweet that couple looks..." <3


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It's that transition from Disney to Ibsen that gets ya, isn't it? :blah:


In all seriousness, this is really cute!

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It's about time. Now we just need to wait for the first adorable kirin-bou spawn of those two.

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This is too cute! Look the perspective with the tree above, nice symbolism! 

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