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So great. So powerful.

I love these two. I'm not sure Trixie is great and powerful enough to levitate an entire p̶o̶n̶y̶  bunny in a hat though. I like to think she only managed it for a couple seconds before having to drop Starlight on the ground.
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Twilight could levitate a whole FILLED water tower cistern (which would be 25 tons, minimum), and a freaking Ursa Minor (Seemed bigger then any mammoth. Add 12+ additional tons) at once  - and for considerable distance too. With much effort, mind you, but it was still quite a feat....one done back in her in her unicorn days.


Of course Trixie never had nearly as much juice as Sparkle, but she herself also greatly improved since that encounter - especially after some tutoring from Starlight.

Also, if I remember correctly, Word of God once said that Trixie too, is a graduate from School for Gifted unicorns just like Twilight and Sunset.


So yeah, taking all of that into consideration, I believe the current Trixie could manage the feat.



Also. OH MY GOSH! THIS is adorablemvbnwerkfbqjkwqeherjk!

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