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Ace High



8 Colors

This was a commission for Bannhammer, and a lot of big "firsts" for me. This was the most difficult pose I've worked to completion, and the first finished work I've done in this style (although I applied some of these principles with the Pixie-Trixie piece). This was the first colt I've ever drawn, period.

And I completed it far, far faster than any other project I've worked on. Even comparing it to a similar stage in shaded works, this was fast. I've worked out some good sketching and inking techniques.

Looks great. Damn proud of myself. Even so, I'm never opposed to constructive criticism.

Co-designed by Bannhammer and Dessa. Special thanks to Shyriath_Farstrider for making his mane 20% cooler and offering a neutral eye on a pesky anatomical problem.

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Most appreciable is your determination not to do this in a much easier pose.

It certainly does look difficult. While I might have extended the tail quite a bit to finish that nice curvature of the body you have going on, I understand if he has a pony has a short tail, naught can be done to fix so. Good work, Dessa.

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Ace is described as having a short tail, so I stuck with that. A big long tail makes for a good effect, but maybe Ace is the practical type.

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