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Appliance 150x150


This is Appliance's OC, Appliance, dressed up as an appliance! You might be forgiven for thinking Appliance is a pony dressed up as a toaster, but Appliance is a fact a toaster who wishes she was a pony, and imagines herself dressed as a toaster.

Pencils and pixels by me. Original design by Appliance, with some (accidental) design changes by me.

Edit: Many of the OC design choices for Appliance here were taken from this image: http://www.canterlot..._112_117793.jpg by Davroth. Whether or where Appliance provided input as to the OC's design, I'm not certain right at this moment. Originally, I was under the impression that the image linked above was drawen by Appliance, and not Davroth. Apologies to Davroth for the missed credit.

From the album:


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Took me a moment to see what was upsetting you, Davroth. My apologies. No credit stealing was intended here.

I've amended the credit lines in the image notes above to reflect proper credit.

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I made most of the decisions on it, but it went through some drafts until Apps was 100% happy with some of the details, so I'm very content with sharing the credit.

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I apologize if there was any confusion to that. When I linked the picture, I hoped Davroth's name in the gallery would be noticeable. I should have made that clearer. Sorry once again ;__;

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