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  2. I'm gonna be honest, i'm really not sure how most of those fingerprints get where they are.
  3. Featuring my veiny thumb and gross shoes. And pants. I'm just filthy.
  4. "Well then, maybe next time I will show you that I am able to bring the very best from the mares too. You wouldn't mind, do you? I guarantee, it's an unforgettable experience" Ossia whispered avidly into Blueblood's ear. Ossia tilted her as she listened about Blueblood's associate with interest. "It's mentor's failure to not see student's potential. Even more so to squander her time on many, instead of polishing one into perfection. Make no mistake Prince, I won't go easy on you, but neither you will suffer negligence from me." pink alicorn reassured royal pony once more. "I know who they are! First. Hoof." Ossia snapped at Blueblood. It was only his further words that made her regain her focus. "What do you mean infiltrated?! They disbanded?! How am I supposed to track them down now? How long I was gone?!? Who stole my revenge?!" she asked. It's was only moments later that Nerezza eyes opened wide, upon realization that she said more than she should. Alicorn froze for a moment, givin an impression that she will explode with rage moment later. Instead Ossia took a big breath, and forced her magic back into control. "Hmph, not the first time I suffered setback like this. It was unbecoming of me to lose my temper like so." she said to herself before shifting her attention back to the unicorn. "And you, my Lovely Student, deserve at least some of the answers I believe. Well, go on, I am waiting. You surely have many questions." she encouraged the Prince to satisfy his curiosity.
  5. There were other ponies in the dungeons, some prisoners, and others acting as guards- the guards were all in Chrysalis' dominant mental thrall. With the majority of the actual guards undergoing routes above-ground to keep up appearances, it left the catacombs and dungeons underneath Canterlot to be guarded by enthralled civilians. One such figure, familiar to Blueblood, stepped forward. Looked very much like a filly, though he wasn't, his face contoured in a passive smile as he obeyed every command that filtered through his conquered psyche. Valen was still there- the rather beautiful crossdressing maid in Blueblood's service- but it was impossible to disobey a command from Chrysalis, even as he internally blanched at the thought. He walked up to Blueblood and mocked his master with a curtsy. "Oh, Master Blueblood, how wonderful of you to visit us. Hopefully your accommodations are as elegant as you deserve!" He tittered with a laugh. Chrysalis' magic coaelesced into a new form, attaching an aether leash to Valen that connected to Blueblood's cuffs. As Valen started to walk, the leash reacted with immense strength- dragging the Prince if he wouldn't come easily with contemptuous ease. He pulled the Prince into a nearby cell, all the while his blue eyes masked by the green of her magic as Chrysalis's eyes and ears extended all the way into the dungeons, requiring finesse in order to evade.
  6. She smirked slightly, not at him being almost eaten alive, but at the fact the queen had her guard down. She knew where those dungeons were and perhaps, she'd find the real Cadence there. "but first, your majesty, i should lock em away. Don't want the rat to ruin your plan, do we?" when she finally got permission, she brought him down to the dungeons. (I'll do Cadence a small bit, so that it still is in that ep) Cadence was there, alerted at her arrival. When she saw blueblood, she tried using a spell on Goldy in order to free him. "please don't.. I'm trying to help you." she was shocked. "Help me? But you're a Changeling.." "so? Doesn't mean i act like one?" "Go. Leave. Defeat Chrysalis before it's too late." She nodded and flew back after telling blueblood to be a lookout but to stay hidden.
  7. The dog took a deep breath and soon it seemed as if his image melted away, his colors remaining mostly the same but his farm shifting from bipedal to quadrupedal. The coat seemed to fade out of existence into the form of a glowing ball (one of several orbiting his neck). With a bit of a yawn the wolf that had took Hogo-sha's place stretched out, harmless arcs of electricity jumping across his dark fur. He smiled calmly at the pony, making sure not to show any teeth and startle to poor archaeologist. "Surprise!" he said with a playful bark before levitating some of the luggage off his back, "... I usually just have that diamond dog look because I have a harder time taking on pony forms or the like. I swear I've sneezed myself out of them a couple times." The large yokai rubbed a paw to his muzzle before dipping his head to the pony, "I wish to thank you for coming this far with me despite my hiding of the truth." If anything the spirit was excited, that long, flowing tail of his was eagerly whipping about behind him. He looked to the Basin and grinned, "Shall we proceed or do you have any questions?"
  8. You don't know how space helmets work!? Everyone knows you just need to slap a fishbowl on your head and you can easily survive the dangers of outer space! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  9. Might be a special anti-magic spell that only stops harmful magic..Or they needed to be turned 'on' to work via a spell.
  10. Lol, the best way to protect the crown is to stand near it. Who would have guessed? Nice work Shining Armour. The shards of the throne are supposedly anti-magic yet Starswirl just levitates them like it's nothing. Do they have some sort of toggle?
  11. Soz for the big delays. Can't say when I'll start posting again. Might do something small. 

  12. "Um." The unicorn took a sip from his cup as he imagined other ways they could get into an temple in the sky. There was an catapult. Ouch. Maybe an balloon? The Basin was known to be rather windy. How about a telekinesis spell on himself? He could make himself fly. But there was always a chance a spell can be disrupted. Splat. Maybe befriend a giant bird and have him fly them up? Nope. He wasn't friendly. He was hungry. GULP! "Please just ignore these.", Pocket Change grinned back as he waved away the last of the hard-light magic, "I sometimes get little heart illusions when I think of my marefriend." Thankfully he had yet to suffer from the heart-eyes syndrome. This could call blindness in some cases. "Till then." Once tea was over and the bill had been settled along with a doggy-bag of tarts. The pony left to stock up on supplies. Pocket Change was always prepared, but knowing the hazards of having too much stuff, he packed accordingly. He wore the outfit Javasun had purchased for him awhile back. The light enchantment made the journey a little less steamy. Still, the unicorn DREADED Griffonstone. While things were slowly starting to get just a little better, the adventurer was keen not to stay there too long. Although the perky little 'welcome' griffon with the grey coat was an welcome site. Gal enjoyed chatting and hugging. Pocket's partner seemed to be rather allergic to cats. Gabby's constant need to hug did not help the poor pup. Unlike her fellow griffons, she did not ask for coin when he needed information. If only the dog wasn't so allergic, she would be an idea third companion. She was incredibly gorgeous with her freckles and little pony-tail and sweet Celestia he missed Moony so much. Once they were free of griffons and civilization, the Diamond Dog had something to tell him. Oh no. What could it be? "Yes?", he squeaked as he tried not to let his imagination get the better of him.
  13. It was a fun little episode.. We finally see what Twilight considers Spike to be...Her 'Little brother'. loved the bit with Applejack's previous singing career. Or was it? This episode was basically a bunch of bits the writers and voice actors wanted to do. And seriously. Baby Spike. So dang cute.
  14. In this episode, Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor pit their wits against each other to settle a long-standing sibling rivalry, but they soon discover they are not the only competitors. This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk
  15. Zap was firmly saddled onto Applejack's back. His front hooves bracing over her shoulders, his back legs anchored against the saddlebag, and his head reclining her neck. Zap could sense the uneasiness in his mother's attitude. But he also saw her resilience to stay firm and focused. Zap never saw his mother be actively afraid of anything, but it was always Applejack's reaction that he paid the most attention to. Seeing her relaxed stance and hearing her calming voice seeded in him courage to continue staying serene himself. Approaching the water, he knew to hold on a little tighter as it would be easier to slip out off of his mother's haunches. When she stepped in, the water level rose to Zap's underside, wetting all four of his hooves and giving him a chilling sensation at his core. He did his best not to speak out, but could not avoid a small whimper as a reaction to the cold water. "Hm. It's cold," he whispered loudly. He started to involuntarily shiver but was also dramatizing the temperature he was experiencing. "Burruruuruuururur."
  16. "Wellll..", the cat could not help but grin just a little. "Before the P.T. Barn-Um Circus comes to town, we first hire some creatures to put up signs all over the town..So you know we're coming!", she gave the pony a wink, "And then when the time comes, and after the train is unloaded, there's a free parade where everyone can watch us ride through whatever is considered a 'main street'. There's lots of wagons with animals and clowns...Usually they have my brother and I on top of one of the wagons, and we'll do some simple tricks and moves...Like flips...And leaps...And ol' P.T. will be marching in the front while holding a megaphone thing and he'll be shouting about all the shows to get everyone all excited.", the cat hopped onto the bed and pretended to march...."Then everyone will follow us to where the circus had actually been already set up the previous night and once they purchased their tickets and assortment of food, it's entertainment time! Wooh!", she bounced into the air before quickly regretting it as her knee was still hurting. "Ouch!" "We usually stay for at least a week...Depending on the agreement we have with the town...city..village or whatever.", she paused to massage her lightly injured bit. "And yeah. You're free to stay here...If you want...I really don't know anyone in Canterlot and my parents had convinced me to go...Even if nobody else was able to come along..", her fuzzy ears drooped down even lower. "As for my brother Achille...Well...." again with as sigh. "He was feeling rather cranky the other day when mom got extra naggy...But instead of doing what she said, he got really really snarky. And said something he probably should have not said. Which I can't repeat. Cause the words were really bad. Rhymes with Crumb Witch. Total neva forgive action. And my bro was super-grounded...And even my begging and fake tears didn't fix everything...Like usual." "Since the season was over....My friends had all gone their separate ways...So I couldn't bring one of them along....And even the folks couldn't come...They convinced me that I should still go....Be refreshed...Get out...And also none of the tickets could be refunded. The train. The special hotel voucher. Nothing.... Thank goodness I ran into you..." she felt like she had started to sound just a tad needy. Hopefully Daze didn't mind...And zounds she was so dang adorable. And being the fuzzy type, she also could go au natural. But where the heck would she put her hotel key? Or her camera? The madness with the cloaked stranger really put an end to their happy little day. "Seriously!", she growled at the thief. "It's not worth anything! Well, in bits, but in sentimental it's worth a million!" That probably was not the right word. But nerveless, she charged the sneak thief! Unfortunately the thief had set up a trap for the young cat. A simple rope trap sent the fuzzy little creature up and into the ceiling. "WAAAGH!", she yelped. "Don't worry about me! Please catch that crook! I'll get myself down." "And also turn off the ceiling fan before you leave....", she was not having a very good day.
  17. The deeper they went, the colder the water felt. However, the radiating glow of warmth from the two creatures kept them both comfortable, presumably coming from their biological avian parts. It was increasingly dark, but as Silverstream knew but failed to mention is that adaptive sight was part of the program for deep sea diving as a seapony or whatever Gallus was. It was about this time Silverstream was able to take notice on the significance of her closeness with Gallus once again. He was not at all the touchy-feely type like she was, but with how distracted Gallus got with his immediate environment and the spontaneous aquatic affinity, the proximity of Silverstream's embrace had no concerning affect on him at this time. Maybe it was because no one else was around to see them? Or maybe he actually likes it and was afraid to confess it. But with a soft glance into Gallus' eyes, it was obvious that his brain was still firing on all cylinders with small evidence of cognitive comfort. So for the time being, Silverstream would continue to hold him close. "My Aunt?" She shockingly questioned. "Well she can sometimes be a bit of a tuna, if you know what I mean. Some of my family members think she's funny but I'm not on that side of the school. Why do you want to know about my Aunt Cascade Gust?" Silverstream looked into Gallus' eyes, which by the end of her query were flat-lining, which was unfortunate for Silverstream's answer but at least the griffon fish wasn't hyperventilating anymore. "Oh! You mean Queen Novo!? That makes more sense. Yeah, she's very prestigious and very reasonable, but she often puts on a tough front. You know how rulers are." Silverstream paused and recollected her lack of knowledge of other places. "That is how rulers are usually, right? Is that what the griffon king is like? Or was like?"
  18. Yesterday
  19. Smolder glanced away from her notebook to enjoy the beauty of an mostly empty lobby. Normally the area would be crowded with students and staff during school hours, but with class out of session, things were rather calm. An occasional student could be seen darting towards the exit. A young filly carefully sketched an image of a rather unique bust of Starswill the Bearded that stood near the entrance. And one of her fellow 'original class' students lead a rather hyper blue coated filly further down the hallway. After the craziness of the last few months, it was nice to have some peace, but knowing how things went, Smolder knew events would start to get 'interesting' again. While dragons lacked organized education, most learned the most basics from a parent before being punted from the nest. This was more of an necessity than an gateway to further education. Dragons should at least be smart enough so they wouldn't be taken advantage of by the other creatures out there. Some ventured out to better themselves, but most preferred the solitude, going out only when the call to join the migration was called. "Completely understandable." Since moving to Ponyville, Smolder gained an appreciation for non-dragon things. From the assortment of fine Equestrian teas, Sudoku and even what mascara looks best on orange scales. She was brave enough to experience such things, but not enough to share her unique hobbies with her friends. At least not yet. "The food is good...I've learned to enjoy some unique little meals that normally I would have never tried in the dragon-lands." Cherry tarts with clotted cream. Lemon bars. Mmm. "There are a few after school after-school activities or programs...Some are extensions of popular classes...As if you like say....building a particular thing, here's a special class to learn more...Some of the older students like myself for example gain extra credit by teaching the first year students...Some simply tutor those who need a little extra help, but I do an defensive flying class of sorts. We also have game night, which we're supposed to be doing...I think tomorrow...And if there's something you enjoy personally and believe others might like it as well.", she lead the young pony to an large bulletin board covered in an assortment of advertisements. "Pin it up here.". There were papers asking everything from models to try out 'exciting new masterpieces of fashion' to a card game that took place every Saturday night. There was something for every creature. Once Valen got a good look at the board, they moved on. "As for the classes, don't think you'll just be sitting around all day holding hooves and singing pretty little friendship songs...Nope..The teachers here usually will teach something useful like for example, Miss Applejack might teach you how to fix a fence or show you how to maintain an apple tree, but she'll then slip in an lesson about honestly....Or Miss Fluttershy, who you will absolutely really like, will bring in something adorable and just by watching say a pack of puppies playing together, you'll learn kindness..Ugh.", she groaned, "It's hard to explain, but they do a good job integrating lessons with real life...And it's just not some pony droning on while pointing to an chalkboard." Well, it was when they first opened the school. Principal Twilight had been so obsessed with gaining an special school certification, she followed a strict set of learning rules that were probably outdated when Princess Celestia was a foal. Once this idea was scrapped, the teachers were free to have a little fun with their students. As the pair moved on, a crashing sound came from one of the rooms. "Oh oh.", the dragon groaned, "Let's take a trip to the library....I wonder what that sound came from....."
  20. " Hmph." Squall snorted when Pathfinder chivvied him. He was getting to that part. " It's a simple one, in concept. I believe it was palpitating inside my head for a long time now, just unformed. It's only when Miss Sparkle founded this..." he waved his hoof at the School of Friendship, visible through the window. "....Institution, I realized what was missing in our endeavors." Squall walked away from the window and now gazed at the all three mares. "We were gathered to protect Equestria, but the truth is, our sights were inward all the time. Equestria may always been amicable to other nations, but the truth is, despite this friendly disposition we didn't bothered to reach out and offer a helping hoof when it was needed. Did we do anything when Griffonstone lost their Idol of Boreas? Did we act immediately? No, Miss Sparkle had to do the job decades after the fact. How about when Storm King came knocking at Abyssinian's door? Ditto. Or did we attempted to do anything, about the abhorrent situation on Stottinsberg Islands? Nope, still continuing. It was always Equestria first, Equestria above all else..." Squall paused while giving a heavy sigh. "We do all know that nopony is an Island. We can stand on our own, but not necessary alone. And the same - with a bit of good faith - can be applied to nations, as Sparkle's school showed. We can get along, regardless of race or shape, that school proved that. What am I saying is, that EPIC was founded to protect Equestria....But now....well....'Non Sufficit Equestria'." Swift paused again, this time to take a sip of offered juice. After giving his fiancee a thankful kiss on a cheek, unicorn continued. "If we are to aid our nation, we have to do this by offering kindness to other countries as well. Operation in Whitescar was a good start, but we have to get bigger, more involved. And this is an offer I am about to present to Princesses. The question is...?" he gave the gathered mare another, meaningful look. "Are you with me on this?"
  21. There wasn't much that Blueblood could give in contribution to this plan, other than a sense of noblesse oblige. And to be perfectly fair to the prissy Prince, deep down he did have a sense of duty to country and family. It was just that, before today, nopony took him seriously enough to ask him to act upon this sense of responsibility. It was pretty ironic that it would take a changeling to awaken him, but that was life for you. Sometimes, it took twists like this, and one day, if he survived, he'd look back upon this day with laughter and with pride. For now, however, pride was far from his countenance. He was truly acting the part, to the point where even the emotion-reading changelings would have gotten nothing off of him but shame and anger at his situation. He could have been a decent stage actor, had he been born to the lower class. That said, his acting was nothing compared the the Queen, still playing her "role" as "Cadence", although definitely in a backstage environment, with nopony around her that wasn't either ensorcelled by her magic, or else her changeling subjects. She raised her brow at the approaching Hope, but grinned in a most unpleasant way at Blueblood, sending a shiver of genuine fear down the alabaster stallion's spine. "You have indeed, my daughter. I had hoped to keep inconspicuous until right up to the wedding, but it seems that suspicion is mounting beyond what I can control. Once my last units are in place, I'll drain Shining for the last time and bring down the barrier. But first, hm, what to do with you?" Still in her Cadence disguise, Chrysalis did not bother changing her voice at all, which was a very unsettling phenomenon from her cousin, who felt the cuffs chafe around his wrists. "Hm, I'll bet you never thought you'd meet a mare like this, hm? Or perhaps this was always what you dreamed of having happen to you~ Of course, I'll have to detain you for now, perhaps in the crystal caverns, but after my triumph, I will want a celebratory snack~" A snaky tongue slipped out from her lips, tickling Blueblood on the nose as he reared back. "St-stay back you fiend!!"
  22. "It always amazes me how quickly this country seems to bounce back from attacks. Still, it is a very admirable trait in this land I'd say." the diamond dog took another sip of his tea and smiled to the pony, "... and Don't worry, Mister Change. If we need to take the skies I have my own ideas for how to get up without the aid of unicorn magic. I'll show you what I mean when we arrive at our destination." It was always fun to lose the disguise in the presence of the unsuspecting, it was one of the little pleasures of being a yokai. It seemed one of the surprises ponies could produce was... magic floating hearts? Was he the only one who could see those? Were they caused by thoughts of his pet or his sister, perhaps familial bonds were stronger in Equestria. They were already very serious about friendship, Maybe Family was of great importance as well. "Well, Um... I shall meet you at the station and we will embark for the basin on the morrow!" =====One Trip later===== Finally they had arrived. The journey alone had already been quite a trek. Getting to the Basin required a try via airship to Griffinstone and then it was a long hike east. Arrival in the griffin city was rough for the prim and proper pooch Pocket had proceeded with. Apparently, he was allergic to cats and that made him allergic to half of the entire population: specifically the back half. Once they made it past there, It was just long walk with their equipment. Hogo-sha despite his seemingly noble bearing was happy to carry the supplies, splitting them up with Pocket all the way until they finally could see the jungles of the basin over the next hill. The dog took a deep breath of the air of the mountains they had been passing through for presumably the last time until his return. "Well then, Mister Change. Since we're here there's something I'll need to confess to you..."
  23. Well I carry my gym clothes in this so it's kind of a purse...?
  24. AWESOME! Show me your purse, Rocky! Pemby, come now. I showed you mine, now show me yours.
  25. posting ponies monday. sweepy now.



  26. "Yes, he flew in with a horde of mindless beasts and attacked Canterlot." Pocket could never understand how quickly Equestria was taken over. Some of the most powerful spell-casters in the world lived here and to be humbled so quickly. "I believe he was some sort of elevated yeti monster, probably enhanced by his magic staff. One of my old friends was at a concert the day the attack happened, and he referred to the 'king' as a crazy goat monster. But whatever he was, our local heroes put an stop to his plans and his army.." The unicorn could still not believe sweet little, shy Twilight Sparkle was now a hero. And a princess. And ran a school. A wrote books. And did a million other exciting things. The unicorn smiled as their sever arrived and started work on their tea. A second sever brought a small tray of snacks. There was some strawberry tarts along with a few pieces of lemon cake. Yum! "Thankfully some of these so-called sky temples had other ways of entrance besides flying to the top...I'm aware of flight spells, which are still beyond my reach...And I can cast a walk-on-cloud spell, which is a tricky transmutation spell, which I simply cast on my horse-shoes..And I guess we would need something for you..If we needed the spell. Which I'm hoping we will not.". Pocket's eyes fell upon the book the Diamond Dog kept on the table. "Tenochtitlan Basin....Looks like you know where our first stop will be." There was a reason writer A.K. Yearling used the 'TB' as a setting in more than a few of her books. It had everything an adventure needed! Ancient temples of all sizes. Unique monsters of all kinds. And all kinds of bizarre places to get lost it. Once the tea was ready, the unicorn added a little bit of honey and milk to his cup. "We could meet at the train station....I'll need to stop at home first and gather some suitable supplies...And also make sure my sister waters the plants and looks after my pet." He would also need to send a note to his mare-friend, Moony to make sure she knows he would be away. He really hated how busy she was as of lately. Of course she would be a distraction....Her beauty was supreme....And he would just cover the area in little pink and purple heavy light hearts...And being as clever she is, the mare would probably figure out and find the Diamond Dog's artifact in record time. And where would the fun be in that? Just the thought of the unicorn caused a few hearts to appear from his horn.
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