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  2. The first day of a new year is always a time of transition and new beginnings, whether the year be a calendar or a school year. There stretches a length of time in front of pony, filled with new delights, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Some face these with confidence, others with trepidation, but none without some dose of morning caffeine. Or so Princess Bluebelle told herself, sipping a second cup of tea over the breakfast table. As she drank, she re-read for the umpteenth time the letter Twilight Sparkle had sent her, first outlining the purple princess’ request to take her place as Headmare of the Academy of Friendship. It wasn’t wholly unexpected for the alicorn to pass on the title and duties, now that she was officially ascending to head of state. But for her to have selected Bluebelle for the task? That had been rather more of a surprise. Blue had admittedly hesitated before accepting the offer; unlike Twilight, the alabaster unicorn had not been an enthusiastic scholar, and while proud of most things, was not inclined to have too high an opinion on her steadfast devotion to the harmonious values of friendship. Twilight had, however, insisted and assured Blue of her faith in them, and at the end of the day, Bluebelle simply could not stand the thought of disappointing her fellow Princess. The tea in the cup didn’t last long, draining at last all of her excuses for procrastination. Sighing, she got down from the table, took a little time to re-fix her golden mane for the last time, and set out from the guest quarters of Twilight’s castle towards the school. She arrived in time to hear Twilight give her farewell address. From the wings, Blue tried her best to judge the reactions of the audience…. Silence. Seems that almost none of them were expecting this, either. Knowing the movement of the moods of a crowd the way she did, Bluebelle wasn’t about to let the silence turn into murmuring. As Twilight left the stage, she arrived upon it. Nopony, at least, could accuse her of not dressing for the occasion. She was dressed in a dark blazer of the school colors, distinguished from a student uniform by purple trims around the collar and lapels, with a gold braid and tassels around the withers. It set off her natural colors very well, striking not a few of the audience still at the very sight of her beauty. At least, so she told herself to tamp down on her nerves as she gave her own speech. “Good morning! I take it most of you weren’t expecting to see me today.” Already she was doubting her chosen opening, but from the low ripple of laughter, more like the release of tension than a reaction to a joke, she could tell it was the right approach. They were ready to listen. “Some of you, who have never heard of me, might be surprised that I have been chosen for this position. Others of you who have heard of me may be even more surprised, depending on what you have heard. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to accept this position myself when Twilight offered it; I did not think myself worthy.” “Growing up as Prince Blueblood, I had come to undervalue friendship, and the elements that upheld our fair nation. It was not until I witnessed the attack on the Crystal Spire that it was brought home to me both what comes of a land where friendship is thought merely waste of time and a weakness… and yet, even in those harsh lands, there came close upon the attacking wave a fleet of helping hooves, reaching out to us in solidarity.” “That was what inspired me to found IMAGINE; I felt then, as I hold ever stronger as a conviction now, that there is much evil in the world, but the best way to fight against it is not with steel and blood, but with a clear head, helpful hoof, and open heart. It remains my vision to spread these values beyond the borders of Equestria, so that wherever a traveler may go, he may be assured of finding a friend at every inn.” “I have long admired Princess Twilight’s commitment to this school, as I felt it served to compliment my own efforts in aim, and even supercede them in effect. Looking over all those gathered here today, I feel the future is in good hooves. And claws, wings, or whatever limbs you may use to embrace a new friend. I only hope, for the time that I wlll be the steward of that future, that I shall do right by you, this school, and the values to which it is dedicated. Thank you.” She concluded her speech, and then could only await the reaction...
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  5. The young buffalo beamed as Rarity spoke of her growth. "Yes, I have grown. In fact I was given my very own teepee about three moons back!" She pranced proudly in place, happy the unicorn wish to know of her family. "My father is quite well and we have been doing much stampeding lately. He says it keeps our people strong and helps us to know our lands and be one with them." She nodded sagely, taking the words as pure solid fact. "We have been enjoying a season of abundance alongside the ponies of Appaloosa. Being friends has been good for buffalo and pony alike!" Applebloom grinned, enjoying the fact that she'd have a good couple of days to spend with the young buffalo. She knew Little Strongheart but not as well as she'd like and it seemed like such an adventure to get to know a buffalo. Their culture and way of thinking enraptured the young farm filly. "Hey Strongheart? You want to go check out the main arena?" She questioned her friend. Strongheart nodded and after smiling warmly at Rarity the two took off together to explore! Applejack glanced around the rodeo as the scene as being set up. Tomorrow this whole area would be full of ponies and buffalo, all here to see herself and the other rodeo ponies preform! It made her heart pound harder for certain and she tried to keep it that way at least for the moment. The mare was as full of doubt in herself as she'd ever been. The rodeo was old hack for her, but mixed with whatever was going on with Rarity it felt like a ticking time bomb. She trotted away from the others, intent on making sure she knew the arena she'd be working in tomorrow. It was very important to know the footing, the grade, the depth of soil, before going into an event. All those factors and more played into a great round. As she came around the far side of the venue she spied a vendor setting up her shop for sales during the event. The craftsponyship on the vendor's wares was very nice. Applejack may not have an eye for jewelry but if it was functional AJ knew what was high quality. This particular vendor had an array of western finery. Bolos set with tiger's eyes and gems, hat bands of fine plant leather and semi precious stones, and numerous fancy bits that AJ knew less about. Her eyes settled on a polished silver belt buckle, studded with turquoise and quartz. "H'i know yer not open fer business yet but..." A few minutes later she'd hoofed over bunch of bits and was clutching a small simply wrapped package lightly in her muzzle. What in Equestria was she doing? She shook her head, giving over to her whims. "H'i guess this is what we're doin' now huh? Actin' like a right silly filly," Her muzzle lifted in a half smile around the package. "Nope, it's just a friendly gift. A thank you for comin' to watch me gift." She stowed it in her saddle bag and trotted back over to where Rarity stood. Little did she knew that Braeburn had seen her purchase the gift. He'd been watching his cousin since she stepped off the train and had a pretty decent idea of what was going on. "So uh, what do you think?" AJ asked Rarity as she trotted up. "Pretty big show happenin' here tomorrow!" Braeburn made his way over at that point. "So, we ready to get some grub?" He sniffed. "Smells like some of the food vendors might be open for business tonight." The smell of grilling corn on the cob, baked beans simmering, and corn bread baking wafted by them. The stallion glanced at Rarity, wondering if he'd get a chance to question her briefly without AJ around.
  6. Twilight felt herself calm once more as Rainbow came up with what sounded like an awesome idea for a salvaged dinner. It helped tremendously to just talk about normal stuff and working through the small problem of dinner was the perfect activity. She wished she'd thought of the two of them cooking before now. That was a much better idea than what she'd planned. It just showed how little Twi knew of romance. She'd pretty much studied everything in the world except for matters of her own heart. "Sha-Shakshouka sounds really good!" The Princess began to levitate ingredients that Rainbow had mentioned towards the center of the counter. There was still some residue from the messed up meal there but it was mostly cleaned and good enough for preparing a second and what would probably prove to be a better dinner. When Rainbow mentioned cake supplies Twi's first response was to call over to Spike to see if he knew but she stopped herself. It would be easier to navigate pretty much everything in this semi awkward situation with just her and Rainbow. She didn't need the further embarrassment she'd suffer of having Spike hear more of her awkward attempts at wooing Rainbow. She trotted to a big set of built in cupboards on the far wall. After glancing through the dry good inside she nodded and turned to RD. "Flour, sugar, baking soda, salt. Yep, I think we've got enough stuff for a cake. There should be some butter next to the eggs in the ice box." She trotted over and opened the ice box. "Yay! Yes we've got cake supplies too!" She glanced at Rainbow with a half smile on her muzzle. "So, start with the tomato sauce?" It was a pleasant inquiry. With this new task at hoof it was just like always. Friends, working together to figure out a predicament. Twi was used to such encounters with Rainbow. They'd get this figured out and she'd do her best to leave the matters of her heart for after dinner. As she got a large pot on the stove and started placing the tomatoes for crushing inside of it the Princess remembered something. "Oh, I almost forgot!" She used her magic to levitate out a small keg out. "Applejack dropped this off a couple days ago. Sweet Apple Acres cider!"
  7. AJ watched as her cousin pretty much literally deflated in front of her. It hurt her heart to know she'd not given him the answers he was looking for. She didn't like to see anypony, family or not, disappointed in her. But well, there was nothing to be done. In the end, honesty would always win out for the farm mare. Thankfully time and again honesty had paid off in the end, even when the journey to conclusions was difficult. She let out a small sigh too as Valen gave a traditional Manehatten courtesy bow and trotted off. Applejack watched him go, wishing fervently he'd find the ability to be himself someday. Until he did AJ would be there, encouraging him to have the courage to be who he truly wanted to be. "Yer welcome cousin," She spoke quietly and far out his earshot. "Hi hope yah find what yer lookin' for sugar cube." With that the farm mare turned towards the apple laden tree nearest to her and prepared her hind legs for some good old fashioned buckin'. "Yeah!" The pegasus hovered in place while she watched a group of new weather ponies adjust the storm clouds. "Yep! Just like that. Now give it a little push!" She grimaced. "No! Not that far! Get on the other side and move it back a little. Ok, yep perfect!" She whipped a wing across her face, dashing away rain water. "Now, just keep this up for at least an hour. After that we'll start clearing it away slowly." The group of pegasi nodded to what could only be considered a sage weather pony at this point. Sure she was also an accomplished Wonderbolt and a savior of all Equestria but Rainbow never forgot her roots. She'd had most of her early flight training moving weather patterns across the skies above Ponyville. "Um, time to not be out in a down pour," Rainbow muttered as she winged back to her home. The weather ponies could continue to train but RD had little need of that. Nope. She'd go home, have a hot shower and relax with Tank for an hour or so before going back out to direct the next weather change. "Speaking of out in a down pour," She spied somepony looking like they were calling up to her home. Rainbow winged low, spraying rainwater as she went. When she got closer she could see who it was. "Valen! Um, what are you doing out in the rain?" She knew by looking at him he wished to have a word and the rain was only increasing in intensity. She nodded to a nearby coffee shoppe. "Meet you over there ok?" She would have invited him in of course but he'd have fallen right through her house since he wasn't a pegasus and Twi wasn't around to cast any fancy spells. Rainbow landed with a clacking of hooves on cobble stones outside of the shop. There was an awning to stand under and dry off before entering. Water flew everywhere as the mare shook herself off not unlike a dog. As Valen made his way over she beckoned him. "Let's get out of the rain!" Inside was warm but not stifling. RD could feel the rain evaporating from her coat and she sighed, knowing the hot shower and hang out with Tank time was going to have to wait. She was just too interested in what Valen might want to talk to her about.
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  9. Spike lit up when Flaire mentioned the need for some oats and apples. He knew he'd be able to help the troupe with everything the stallion had just mentioned but going over to Sweet Apple Acres would be fun! There was always happy ponies and interesting things going on at the farm. "Well, I know where you can get the food you need and probably some grease for that wheel too!" He puffed up his chest a bit, taking the compliment with the grace he'd been practicing. It just wouldn't do for Princess Twilight's number one assistant to have a head so big he couldn't fit through the main castle doors! "I'm sure Applejack or somepony in her family would be happy to sell you some of their oat harvest and you're right about the apples!" The dragon licked his lips at the thought. "I know dragons don't usually go for fruit but even I've got a taste for Sweet Apple Acres apples and of course apple pie!" The dragon headed across the road towards the direction of the renowned farm. He continued talking as he trotted along. "I'm actually not sure about the make up, but I'm sure we can figure that out. As for places to stay..." He trailed off for a moment, thinking of a good place. "Ah! Yep, the Lamp Lighter would be perfect for you guys. How many are there in your group again?" The sun was beginning to dip even lower as they made it to the entry of Sweet Apple Acres. Orange light was beginning to tint the sky and herald Luna's soon and coming moon raising. "I hope they're still open for business!" Spike glanced around, wondering who from the Apple family he would spot first.
  10. WHOOPS! It was midnight when I wrote this so I'll just chalk that one up to lack of sleep- Also replying in advance of actually making the change simply because I need to hit three posts total in order to edit. I know, I should have taken care of that BEFORE writing an OC.
  11. This was THE worst case scenario for Yanhua. Alone, undisguised, and exhausted in some Foreign land. She could only hope that the spectators and judges didn't notice her failing glamour. She hadn't taken account of how much her shape had shifted back after being so rattled. She remembered her paws and pads were back but she was sure she kept her kirin face and body together for the most part. Had her tails already shown during the dive back down the rock-wall? Honestly, she had no idea. The very thought of it only deepened her panic... and the more panicked she got, the harder it was going to be to go back to what the palace knew as 'normal'. Currently Yanhua had gotten a fair distance away from the Iron Pony grounds. It took some special magic to be able to manage that. Needless to say, A fox as big as a pony with eight long, glowing tails was hard to hide in the middle of a festival of ponies. Some distracting lights, and some illusions here and there gave her the openings she needed to slip through gaps in crowds and behind stalls. One thing managed to escaped the crafty cook's notice as she booked, the tracks she left behind in the grass. When you're in such a hurry to find some place to hide on such short notice, such mistakes were easy to make. Now she was catching her breath by a tree away from the grounds. The Fox taking deep breaths in the hopes of steadying herself, until she heard a very familiar voice... "Thanks for helping out here, Tempest."' ... and just like that her heart sank. After all the work she'd done trying to get out of that festival, Feng had managed to track her down?! He wasn't too far away, just out of earshot for a normal pony. Tempest? Wasn't that the moody looking unicorn by the pavillion? The sound of her voice confirmed who it was, and then a third voice certainly made Yanhua arch a brow? Was she the other mare who had approached Feng and Tempest back there as well? Another spike in fear as she considered why he'd bring someone so tough. She noticed that Tempest was clearly a strong mare in many areas, almost as many as Feng... and that other mare she radiated magical energy like a tiny sun. They'd imprisoned another spirit in this country already, hadn't they? No, Feng wouldn't do that to her. Well maybe not to Yanhua... or that really old friend of his. Did he even remember her back in the forest that long ago? She had the same face and expression as back then but to the young feng of those days she was just an overly large Fox who could talk. Not an eight tailed youkai who could breath magical fire... She had to hide, to think of some bluff that could get her out of this. She could hear hoof-steps getting closer. The Fox took a deep breath to conjure up some of her hypnotic wisps of Fox-fire... only to get a few flickering embers. Oh no. Between her longtime glamour as a qilin, the intense worry brought on by the rockwall, the big display in the cupcake contest, and the hypnosis she'd inflicted upon the fairgoers who came across her she was exhausted. WIth how close the party was getting all she could try to do was outrun them. If she could calm her nerves she might be able to raise her disguise again, then things could go back to normal again! ... at least she hoped. Before the group could get too close she broke into a dash out from behind the tree. An orange coat stuck out like a sore hoof in the green grass. The fickering green flames clinging to the end of her tails made it especially hard to hide so she tried to use some tall grass as a cover to get to somewhere she might be able to hide more effectively. With everyone so busy with the festival, she might be able to make it to the town and hide out in some shop... though that was all assuming she could even lose two of the fittest equine in the land while she was still sore from her climb.
  12. Hi there! I’m happy to assist you in getting your character app approved for use in WoE RP! Overall it’s a well written app and a solid character. Just one quick edit and I’m ready to stamp this one. In the last paragraph of history and three times towards the end of personality “people” is used to describe others. Since there are no people in WoE it’s best to stick to “ponies” or “creatures” or something of the like. A little bit nit picky I know but we want to make sure writers stick as close to what is presented in FiM as possible our WoE sections Once you’ve edited please respond in this thread and I’ll be happy to stamp this app for you!
  13. It was a good thing that Tempest seemed more comfortable now that the search party was on the outskirts of town; it had taken a quick intervention by Feng to prevent a rather... disharmonious scene from occurring. Hopefully the need would not arise again. The longma took a deep breath, trying to relax himself. Being tensed up only helped in combat, not in search missions. He needed a clear head, one that could see the most likely probabilities. "Yanhua always did seem comfortable in nature, at least more so than most of the palace-dwellers." He mused, looking towards the forest. "And from what I have heard, the ponies here distrust the Everfree because they do not control the weather over it. Which... is pretty much every forest in my homeland." Granted, there was little truly dangerous in the forests of Long Guo, by the standards of the inner Everfree, but he did ultimately share Tempest's not-so-frightened attitude towards it. "Still, I'm not really sure that's where she'd run to. She might have ended up closer to the train station, or perhaps to a local kitchen." While Tempest was concerned with where Yanhua was, Sunset seemed more focused on what was going on with her. "Hum, not really. We didn't meet up with any alchemists, and I saw no potions when I helped her pack. We never stepped hoof in the Everfree, and I don't know of any relics, either." His brow furrowed, understanding the implications of a negative answer, but not quite believing them.
  14. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Hawthorn Sex: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Earth pony Eye colour: Fresh cherry red Coat: Forest green Mane/Tail: Hawthorn’s mane is mostly an earthy brown that loosely falls around the back of his head, ending just short of the base of his neck. In the front, the mane sharply curves upwards and it is here that distinct white strands are visible on the underside of that mass of hair. His tail is short and simple, like a little brown paintbrush. Physique: Small for a stallion, but proportionally strong for his size. Hawthorn’s body conveys his gentle nature rather than his true strength, so he appears lean but still fit. Residence: Family home on the edge of Ponyville Occupation: Apothecary/gardener Cutie Mark: Hawthorn was a blank flank until he was an older colt, nearly a stallion, and his youngest brother was bedridden with a rare and mysterious fever. When he found a lead to the cure- a special herb called the Noble Clover- in one of his father’s books, he dashed out of the house before anyone could stop him and into the Everfree Forest to find one. In his haste to find a clover, Hawthorn managed to get lost in the forest for several hours. He started cursing himself for his recklessness when suddenly he heard the frightened squeaks of an injured chipmunk. Though pressed for time, Hawthorn couldn’t move on without nursing the poor thing back to health. This act was quickly rewarded as the chipmunk led him to a glade where the Noble Clover grew. Upon picking the clover, its image appeared on his flank. The image is a vibrant set of three purple heart-shaped clovers. They symbolize his compassion as well as his talent for creating medicines from herbs. Unique Traits: An encyclopedic knowledge of herbs, flowers and roots that can be used in medicine, and a proficiency in using basic tools like a mortar and pestle. History: Hawthorn is the oldest of five siblings (from oldest to youngest, his brother Parsley, his sisters Sage and Rosemary, and his brother Thyme) raised by a single mother. Since his father, Flax Seed, left their family shortly after Thyme was born, Hawthorn has always helped his mother, Ginger Snap, with the younger kids. He tended to the garden and quickly became familiar with the herbs and spices they grew there on account of him now needing to help cook for the family. Indeed, family was all he had growing up as what few friends he had at school slowly started drifting away from him as he got older and older with still no cutie mark. Anger and frustration at this were overshadowed by loneliness as many moons passed with him still being the oldest blank flank he’d ever met. Over time, Hawthorn started to believe that he was useless, talentless and a burden to those around him. Little did he realize, though, that these feelings of inadequacy over his cutie mark may have been precisely the reason he could never come to realize what his true talent was. The eventual appearance of his cutie mark triggered an epiphany in himself that he needed to stop moping and avoiding other ponies. He realized after healing his youngest brother that his hooves could be used to help and heal. Since then, Hawthorn has been more social and making a genuine effort to help other ponies. In support of this new lifestyle and as thanks for helping their mutual brother, his siblings surprised him with a handmade satchel to carry his remedies and reagents. He has carried it with him every day since. Character Personality: Hawthorn is a friendly a jovial guy who draws his energy and inspiration from helping ponies with their problems and bringing a smile to their faces. Compared to other earth ponies, Hawthorn’s life of raising kids and delicate plants has led him to be extremely gentle in all that he does. He is, of course, very compassionate and always tries his best to understand ponies' feelings. However, he can be quite paranoid and has been known to declare ponies sick when they are merely tired, or assume ponies dislike him when they just want some time alone. He is also easy to fool due to being too trusting and at times naive, no matter how technically intelligent he is. Character Summary: An intelligent and compassionate apothecary who has dedicated his life to helping other ponies with their ailments and afflictions. Pet: The chipmunk Hawthorn saved has started following him around and occasionally helps with tracking down and retrieving important ingredients. He has named the rodent Pinecone due to its messy brown fur resembling the spines on a pine cone.
  15. Apple Bloom knew firsthoof the dangers inherent in letting a problem escalate when it could have been quickly and easily nipped in the bud. Allowing a critter whose agenda was concerned with lil' ol animals off in the woods to continue its ways might seem all-together natural to some, but it sure didn't seem that way to Apple Bloom. The frequency of it was all wrong. She lived near the Everfree and she knew what seemed right and what seemed wrong when it came to the ways of the wild, and the Whitetail Woods didn't operate that way normally. That meant this was a potentially serious danger, since if the Whitetail Woods could be brought into such dangerous waters, there was no telling what it could follow with. It cried out for ponies to act and to act quickly with courage and conviction. Apple Bloom had the courage at least, though it wasn't uniquely hers. The courage of those who work the land is born of long days of laboring the hot summer sun and the cold winter wind. It is the courage of the land itself, driven through the bones of those who worked it. The land cried out for safety and protection and it would drive her protectors into it. Apple Bloom was ready to give what she could to the land that gave her so much. Of course, as an Apple she couldn't just sit on her haunches and do nothing. She was a protector of the land just like her sister. Her response was unquestioned and commenced without thought. Like blinking or breathing, responding to an alarm was quickly becoming an involuntary reflex as she grew older. It wasn't always this way. Apple Bloom always had the stubborn pride and love of the land that was emblematic of her family like their other traits, but she was always cognizant of her size and her stature. She was a filly in a dangerous world of mares. But that was then. This time was different. She had her cutie mark. She was a growing pony. She wasn't a filly anymore, for land's sakes. She was a young mare. A young mare who was capable of anything she put her mind to, whether it was an extra hour of farm work without supervision, helping out ponies around town without needing to care about 'chores, or responding to calls to action. All she had done when she was made aware of what was happening was pack a bag, tell Big Mac what was happening, and gallop out of the door. Her sister wouldn't let situations like this come home to roost, so why should Apple Bloom? Her travel to the meetup had been uneventful, even if her legs had been barking for a little while. Luckily she had forgotten all about that by the time she arrived, her farm-bred form seemingly immune to the day's travails. The assortment of ponies there to meet her told her that she wasn't alone in her concern and that her concerns weren't bred of some ill-conceived 'farmer's fright'. Here were Guards, former tyrants, a fellow farm mare, and of course Fluttershy- the pony who may as well have loved animals without fail or question. Sombra being there gave her a momentary pause, a freeze that she overcame quickly. Her fear wasn't ill-founded, but neither was her ability to move past it. He reminded Apple Bloom of something Granny once told her, when the filly had recoiled at the events of the royal wedding where she saw firsthoof what evil truly existed and as capable of. Granny had cautioned against damning them and Apple Bloom would prevent herself from damning Sombra as well with the same words. In this world of friendship and harmony, “even the shadows can inspire dazzling rainbows”. She nodded at him and kept an even smile. "Howdy," she said with a small tip of her mane, trying to be all respectful like. Speaking of all respectful like, she didn't have to feign it or imagine cause to show it for Fire Walker. This was a mare she could get behind! She had known the guard for a little bit, all the way back to when Apple Bloom had been seriously injured in a Changeling attack during Nightmare Night. She was now a member of the Twilight Guard, which only heightened Apple Bloom's opinion of her- a hard task to accomplish. Applejack was moonlighting as a Twilight Guard so she knew Fire Walker had good taste. Task Force Suntrot had been Apple Bloom's closest association, and she had to admit- that felt pretty good. "Howdy, Captain," she said with a bow, then bounced back up. "Happy ta have you along. Ah'm sure whatever it is- OH MAH CELESTIA THAT PUPPY IS SO CUTE!" She said as she saw the little bugger, trotting over happily. She pulled out some dog treats she had with her- helped to be prepared- and offered them to the little fella. No dog would ever equal Winona, but that didn't stop some dogs from being almost illegally adorable. She pet him when allowed and generally allowed herself a moment or three of fillyhood before she recomposed herself and trotted towards the only other pony there yet, Alizarin Fruits. Apple Bloom had been aware of the Fruits for most of her life but the family was more or less a mystery. It didn't take much to know how Ali functioned, though. She worked long and hard hours, sheltering herself from companionship, spending an hour with her workload for every minute she spent outside of it. Didn't mean Apple Bloom didn't admire her, though. It took a lot of fortitude and drive to succeed in this business and she had shown that in spades, and her turnout at the Iron Pony wasn't shabby either! She was known as a bit of a grump, though. Apple Bloom'd love to befriend her but she wasn't so sure she'd respond to her normal buoyancy. "Good ta see another farmer here, Alizarin. Ah'm here ta help."
  16. Hi Welcome to Canterlot! I hope you enjoy your stay and please feel free to ask myself or any other staff member if you have any questions about our site. See you around the RP sections!
  17. What a day for Sunset Shimmer! It started out with a fouled-up attempt at shooting a Golden Cupcake, only for the fiery mare to come across the almost-infamous Tempest Shadow, and now... Sunset, Tempest, and the newly-crowned Iron “Pony” were looking for a fellow contestant — a qilin friend of Fēng Yīnhǎitāo — who started transforming into a fox in the middle of her rock climb? Equestria; twas a strange and silly world at times..... Miss Shimmer trailed behind the others, herself lacking much experience in wilderness ranging or tracking. “Everfree or not,” she advised; “We should watch our step. If we’re not careful, we could find ourselves tumbling through a hidden portal into a- who knows where?” She hastily corrected herself, not sure if Princess Twilight was cool yet with letting people outside their small group of Equestrian friends know about the Mirror World. Sunset shook her head to refocus on their mission; finding Yanhua... and solving the mystery behind her transformation! “Anyway,” she interrogated Feng; “Is there anything we should know about Yanhua? Do you have any reason to believe that your friend has consumed any questionable potions or other brewed substances? Is it likely she’s been exposed to a magical relic or any plants native to the Everfree Forest? Has she been in contact with anybody suspected of illicit enchanting?” As a former student of Princess Celestia’s, her research instincts were naturally kicking into high-gear; once all impossible possibilities were ruled out, all that remained — however improbable — was the truth .....
  18. omg guise. check out this amazing youtube video! It will change your life! https://youtu.be/EN0hEeKLMdQ
  19. A Flooberoid is a subspecies of Floob, duh. Anyway, howdy, I'm Flooberoid (AKA Floob, Floo, Snarf) and this ain't my first rodeo when it comes to forum RP. I came upon this site when I was searching for a place to get back into casual RP- that is, RP I can just enjoy without reading a textbook first and rolling a dexterity check every step to avoid tripping over my own hooves. Without disclosing my exact age, I will say I am an adult and have some years' experience in writing and roleplay, so I will take my posts fairly seriously. I'm no novelist, though, and won't expect anyone else to be either. Moving on, what else did y'all ask of me...? Ah, there's not really a story behind how I discovered the show. I just kinda saw some episode reviews (I think it was MrEnter, maybe?) and thought it looked interesting. Aaaaand my favorite pony is a toss-up between Rarity and Fluttershy. Fluttershy is best pony but Rarity gets the best episodes. ... ...Ya didn't think I was gonna say Applejack just 'cause of how I talk, didya? I'm not finished watching the series yet, but I'm not afraid of spoilers either. I kinda view knowing what's gonna happen as just a way to get excited to get there anyway!
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  21. Oh my; those enchanted fruits looked too alluring to NOT taste this very instant! Normally, Palace protocol usually demanded that a servant first sample any food offered to the Empress to guarantee it fit for consumption. This time though, the attendant handling the fruit basket eagerly smiled in approval... and the grim-faced Imperial Watcher who had been assigned to escort King Oisin provided a subtle but clear nod signaling the offerings had already been tested and deemed safe. Silently assured there was no foul play ahoof, the Empress plucked a single pearly grape and gracefully put it in her mouth. She took her time savoring the supernatural sweetness of the fruit; the royal qilin believed at long last, a true rival to the cultivating prowess of the Wise and Noble Long had been found... and the majestic Serpent Dragons as a whole were even more reclusive than the Perytons. Spellbound by Oisin’s bounty, Yuè failed to conceal the bliss expressed by her face as she gleefully swallowed the rest of her snack. The Empress briefly quieted her vocal tone as she privately conferred with her counterpart... well, as best as two heads of state could manage when in front of a large audience. “At tonight’s banquet, I shall present the Palace Chef to you. I am confident she will be eager to incorporate the Velvet Strand’s bounties in her recipes.” As she spoke, Empress Yuè gestured to her attendants, who saw their cue to fulfill their to return King Oisin’s gesture. Gift exchanges were a normal part of diplomatic affairs, especially between two civilizations attempting to open ties with one another. Thus, the Long Sun prepared offerings of their own; ones believed to be most appropriate for Perytons. In perfectly coordinated unison, six heavy chests landed to King Oisin’s side with a thunderous THUD! Each chest was ornately adorned with a unique naturalistic motif, but otherwise betrayed no hints as to the contents inside. “May we present to you one of Long Guo’s most beloved treasures,” the Empress returned to her commanding Imperial Proclamation Voice; “The Six Friends of Harmony!” One by one, prettily-dressed maidservants would open a chest, each one filled not with gold or gems or magical artifacts or even exquisite silverware. Nope; nothing but..... seeds. Seeds, seeds, and more seeds. Namely: “Peony. Orchid. Lotus. Chrysanthemum. Plum Blossom. Bamboo. These are the six plants we hold most dear in our culture. Your kind have a well-earned reputation for loving all things that grow. We hope each of the Six Friends will take root in the Velvet Strand, serving as a reminder that Harmony is cherished by all beings of this World!”
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  23. “I needed a way out.” Tempest says back with a few worried glances back at the town, she was in something of a rush to get out of town it seems. “And something about repaying kindness or something.” She looked away from the town and at Feng. She was good at reading others and he was looking weak. Tired. He did a lot and it showed! He even won the race. Somehow. Stuiped judges will never make that mistake again. But Feng had won a lot of respect in her eyes. Strong, swift, skilled and handsome.That last one made Tempest double take her own thinking. Why did she care about that? “Can’t be too hard to track down your friend. I think we will have her before sundown so don’t worry too much about her.” Tempest says moving up to walk alongside Feng. “The woods out here are pretty soft. She’d have to really get lost and head far deeper to get in to more dangerous parts. At least for the unskilled. The Everfree can be kinda fun to go camping in if you know what to do. Lived in it for almost a year way back.” She added looking over at Feng, she did hope her words helped him relax. This can’t be that big of a deal can it? It was just a friend. Pones have like... Hundreds of them or something. Well he was not a pony… maybe he did not have a lot. Is that how that worked? Tempest really had no idea. Her so called friends never looked for her when she ran away! Other than the newspapers and some posters. But that was lazy! She was already doing more than they EVER did! This firendship thing is easy.
  24. Well, this was turning out to be a most interesting visit overseas for Fēng Yīnhǎitāo. The sort of interesting that was probably implied in the proverbial curse from his far eastern homeland. Not that this visit had been at all unenjoyable, far from it! He'd come here to represent Long Guo at the Annual Iron Pony Event and win glory for his Empress, and that he had certainly done, if being crowned the Iron Pony was anything to go by! That level of concentrated athletic exertion had taken its toll on him, though, leaving a deep sense of exhaustion in his muscles that extended rest would need to cure. On top of that, his free time was pretty much all taken up with turning strangers into friends, which was almost equally taxing and rewarding to his primary mission. Ponies like Tempest Shadow and Sunset Shimmer might not have been the easiest mares to get along with, but he sensed them to be the sort of friends that one ought to cherish. And he ought to know! He'd come over with a friend like that, Yanhua the head Imperial Chef and fellow Long-Guo Representative. The qilin, in addition to putting in a respectable performance herself, had regularly cheered on Feng in his events. Honestly, he'd felt a little bad about ignoring her during this trip, and thus had sat out the last event to cheer her on from the sidelines. He had to admit, she put in a performance on the rock wall he didn't think he could have matched. But he was distracted from her prowess by something else, what looked like some kind of magical transformation from a qilin into something decidedly more... vulpine. The fact that Yanhua immediately fled the scene, not even coming back to receive her medal, was what tipped him over the edge from concern to outright worry. He needed to track her down, and being a stranger in a strange land, he wanted to get some local help. It was a bit of a pity, then, that the two ponies he knew best here weren't exactly Ponyville locals either... "Thanks for helping out here, Tempest." He remarked to his fellow-searcher, trying to betray neither his creeping dread nor exhaustion.
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