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  4. Hey guys. I'm back after my hiatus.... again.... wait what email did I use? Awww whatever I can deal with a new account. Anyway I got a bunch of free time recently and I got a rp homesick. I also missed the people on this site so why not return
  5. Applejack was excited as a bull at a diary farm over this upcoming school year. She had so many fun trips and lessons planned, it was like her mind had kicked into a brand new gear. She never would have imagined herself as a teacher, not in a school at least. But here she was and she was plum tickled by the concept the more she did. With her farm and the Twilight Guard taking up their portions of her life in equal amounts she had to find the time to work on her lessons and boy howdy was she making the most of what time she had. Field trips to famous historical markers, especially those involving the Pillars, farm trips, lessons in sharing feelings and some long term project planning where teamwork was beyond essential. She was excited about it and even if that happened to be the only thing on her mind she'd be more than happy to call it an exciting year. Of course, as was the style of the time, Applejack was to be confronted by a series of developments that were destined to shape the school year beyond her efforts. The first was the announcement that Twilight was going to rule Equestria and, by extension, have to leave the Headmare role of the school. Being best friends with the Headmare certainly made coming to work here less than stressful. Indeed, it gave the professors a certain degree of freedom that they'd otherwise not have. With Twilight leaving all of that was in flux. Applejack had, of course, told Twi it was the smart thing to do. She knew how obsessive Twilight could get when it came to her tasks and the school, while very important, needed to be set aside so Equestria didn't suffer. It hurt her to say it, but the school needed somepony new to lead it. Or even not new, just somepony who wasn't Twilight. Maybe she hadn't phrased it in the best way but she had said it in the best way she could put her conflicting emotions out there, and what was done was done. And now they had a new headmare. Chancellor, Headmare, Headmaster- whatever the title was, it was used by a pony that Applejack didn't know quite well enough. The one time they'd interacted for any serious length of time, Blueblood had been a real pill. So much had happened since that Applejack knew about, let alone didn't know about, that she was willing to allow such preconceived notions to die in her throat. Bluebelle was certainly more a looker, though the broad-shouldered Blueblood had a noble aspect to him that was attractive as well. In any case, it was a shock to Applejack that Starlight wasn't chosen. Twilight's reasoning- that Starlight was uniquely gifted as a counsellor and that nopony could do that job half as well- was solid enough, but still. This was going to be an interesting time. These thoughts, among others, swam in her head as she entered the faculty room with her daily supply of apples and apple-related products. She liked to use them to spice up the selection offered by the school. When she entered she saw- "Headmare- err, Chancellor Bluebelle. Howdy! How're you findin' it so far?" She asked in a friendly tone, taking a seat and putting her hooves up.
  6. Rainbow followed behind her intrepid young foal. More than once she had stifled giggles and little sounds of admiration as Zap made his way towards the summit of the hoofhill. He was just so dang cute! It was hard to hold back her admiration of his attempts at becoming a great flier. However, she certainly didn't want him to think she was laughing at him! She'd never do that! She was as proud as a mom could be of the little guy! What a perfect day! She breathed in through her nose, letting the smells of grass, woodlands, and good times mingle. They'd come to this place a few times before. It was fast becoming the favorite spot for all things pegusi between the two of them. Here he'd learn to buzz those little wings, lift up from the ground, and touch down without catastrophes of tangled hooves and wings. Today would be his first day of learning just the tiniest touch of finesse. Someday he would be a great flier, Dash was determined to see that! However, it was a step by step process. She'd guide him through the whole thing and she felt privileged to do so! "Oh I saw little guy!" She lighted on the ground next to him and grinned. "You were flying faster that me! You're getting faster every day Zappers!" She ruffled his forelocks between his ears. Rainbow glanced about, deciding what they'd work on for the day. She's took to calling basic flight maneuvers 'tricks' for the moment which seemed to motivate Zap nicely and help him feel accomplished. "A big trick huh?" She flapped her wings just a bit. "Well, we've warmed up flying here so that's taken care of." "You want to practice 'up, down, side to side for a little bit?" Up, down, side to side was a fun game for practicing basic wing control. She would move either up, down, one side or the other and he would try to mirror it. "Up!" She flapped a bit, leaving the ground by a few feet.
  7. Thunderlane trotted through the field gate and glanced about expectantly. It was so fun to be able to do something other than training with the Wonderbolts on his time off. Not that he didn't like training with the 'Bolts. It was fun and all but this was different and he was always down to experience new and different activities. The stallion had some experience with soccer but not as much as he had with Buck Ball and certainly not as much as he had with bowling. The dark colored stallion trotted out onto the green field. It smelled good! Good enough to eat! But, he'd restrain himself. It probably wouldn't be fitting for an assistant coach to be snacking on the field before practice. Well... he glanced around. Maybe one quick nip? He was about to take a mouthful when from behind him he heard the gate open. He snapped his head up an turned to see a little white and pastel colored filly making her way towards him. "Hey there Sweetie Belle!" He waved a hoof and moved towards the filly. "Oh!" Sweetie's muzzle turned into a grin as she trotted towards the stallion. She knew Thunderlane, he was the big brother of a friend of her's. She wondered if Rumble would be coming out to play today too. "Hi Thunderlane!" She waved back and trotted closer to him. "Nopony else is here yet?" She looked about. "Well, Long Shot's probably here somewhere..." He nodded towards the locker room. "My guess is she's in there." "I didn't know you coached soccer." She smiled up at him. "I haven't coached soccer actually." He blushed and rubbed his front legs together. "But," His look became more confident. "I have coached before. Mostly at the bowling alley in Ponyville." "Oh yeah! You coach the Sure Strikes!" SB remembered the young filly and colt bowling league. "So, who else is coming today?" She looked around, wondering who else would show up for some fun!"
  8. Twilight had to remind herself that so much of this was new to Sunset, even if it felt like it shouldn't have been. She spent so long on the other side that it felt like a whole lifetime had passed. And in some ways it had. Nightmare Moon to the Storm King, she had missed a veritable whose who of a filly's storybook returning to reality.In the midst of all that, how could she not be expecting that Daring Do was a thing in Equestria as well? Then again, it wasn't as if every Equestrian villain had a perfect analogue in the mirror world. She didn't want to think what a Chrysalis or Storm King would be like there, let alone a Tirek! What humans lacked in pure magic or special qualities they made up for with fingers. Fingers were interesting and she was sure made for fantastic scratching implements, which she could use right now because her ear was itching. "Yes! Daring Do is very much a thing. How many books have they released in your world? If there are any you don't have I can lend you the missing copies. Not the signed ones I have anyway, but- hey, a new book is coming out next month. Do you want a copy? I can reserve one. With all the species differences and magic and the lay of the land I'm sure it'll be a worthwhile read," She said replied excitedly. Even Rainbow was a fan, and Rainbow with a book had been a wonderful development for all. The pair trotted into the exhibit, heading for the Somnambula portion- indeed, she was also the closest. Her exhibit shone with all the positivity, optimism, and hope she was known for. Paintings of her varied legends- the Riddle of the Sphinx and its associated myths, the Giant Snake and the Stone, the Griffonstone Trials, among others- as well as artifacts lined the walls, while her statues were seen far and wide. Being an advisor to an ancient Pharoah, she had been somewhat better preserved than the majority of the Pillars. Even some of her old writings, written as they were at the tail end of Old Ponish as it transitioned into the more commonly understood language of the day, were on display. "Oooh, look at this!" Twilight blurted out excitedly as she half galloped to an object hidden behind glass. It was, of course, a long stick. But the stick seemed to glow. "When Somnambula ventured into the belly of a giant snake- one large enough to eat her Prince and many ponies- she used this stick to help lead her way as she gave up bits and pieces of her glopaz. Then she found what made the snake so large, a cursed stone, and flung it out of the overlarge snake, saving everypony in the process. The stone is now lost, but the stick- this is the one. You can tell because of the magical agitation at the end with the tell-tale marks of the magic used to curse the stone!" Twilight spoke rapidly, excited beyond all measure. "Indeed. You know so much, I wonder why I am here!" A voice said from behind. Twilight turned- of course it was Somnambula. The pillar smiled, and Twilight had to laigh a little. "Well, you know how I can get...its so nice to see you!" "And you too, Twilight. Who is your friend?" Somnambula asked as she stepped up to Sunset and extended a hoof.
  9. Her? Applejack had such feelings for...her? This came upon her like a wave, one revelation after another. The first was that Applejack was attracted to mares. This wasn't anything unusual in Equestria. Indeed, on more than a few occasions the nation had to create tax incentives and other boons for heterosexual pairings. Mares could indeed in Equestria produce a child with another mare, but the rate of success was far less after all. That didn't mean that it was something Rarity had pinned Applejack with. Yes she was a tough-minded and less frilly mare but she was still a mare's mare for all intents and purposes. She had eyes for stallions in the past. Did she hold no discrimination in her attraction? Did it develop over time, or did the Element of Honesty lie- to herself, if nopony else? It was hard for Rarity to imagine that Applejack would lie to anypony about this. And she knew that Applejack's troubles were recent. If what Braeburn was proposing was correct, it had to be recent. They'd known each other most of their lives, after all. So it had to have been developing. Poor mare, having to develop this way all alone! The second revelation, and the one directly concerning Rarity, was that this attraction centered itself on her. That was expected to some extent, of course. If you were going to fall for a mare in Ponyville, Rarity had little doubt that she would be at the top of the list of any pony who respected themselves! But this caught Rarity off guard. They had been friends for decades! They had shared their sorrows, their successes, their secrets and their silence. It hadn't been easy at times. They were both very different ponies in ways too innumerable to name. But if this were true, what would they be to one another? Rarity stopped on face, her eyes cast downward as she tried to think of the right answer. She didn't have it. She didn't have the answer her friend deserved, not in the aftermath of the revelation. Still, she needed to resolve this before the rodeo. She didn't want to be the cause of Applejack's failure. Applejack deserved better than that and Rarity certainly deserved better than that! "I..I see. Well, truth be told I suppose it makes some sense..." she said, then took a deep breath, unsure how to feel. "I...guess- no, I know. I know I must speak with her. In private. I...I have to go, now!" She said with her eyes wide and her voice tinged with either panic or excitement. With that she ran off to go find her Applejack, before she was lost forever!
  10. Tagging along just behind Feng was a rather nervous looking Yanhua. She didn't come back declared the Iron Pony, but she did come with at least two medals on her neck: One for cupcake eating and another for rock climbing. Most impressively, they were golden too. Seems that the representatives on Long Guo had definitely left their mark on the Equestrian event... though Yanhua was not looking forward to hearing any rumors that might come about in the future. For now, she was (mostly) content to stay close to Feng now that she was back in the palace. Once Feng finished his proud declaration, the chef popped out from behind him and held out her two medals. "Feng Did the bulk of the work on our mission, but I came back with some medals as well." Once she spoke up she seemed content to just slink back behind her friend, seemingly trying to keep her eyes off the empress... and not be frustrated by that look Feng always got when he came back with good news for her. The Chef took a deep breath through her nose to center herself before she noticed something odd in the air. She sniffed again and thought to herself. Where did she recognize this scent from? Scouring her memories she recalled this smell was that of the Velvet Strand. Traveling through the Equestrian Heartland, Yanhua had caught a whiff of that place's scent on the wind. It made the carriage rides throughout the country with Feng all the more pleasant. "Your Highness, Are we hosting someone from Equestria today?"
  11. Silver hummed softly as he turned his head to look at the Mare trotting towards him, laughing softly as he shook his head. Keeping it low for a moment with is mane covering his face before he looked back up to her, sighing ever so softly, blowing some of the blue mane out of his eye. He paused, opening his mouth to say something but closed it as he shrugged his shoulders, glancing to the ponies laughing. Then back to her. His tone was soft once more, but it seemed to be cheerful, well as cheerful as a guard could muster really. It wasn't fully dry, but easy enough to read. "I read a lot of books, some speak of the stars, others speak of the kingdom and how it came to be. Others I enjoy reading are of those who can have simply what I want. Guilty pleasure books really. Though since the loss of my eye, I can't say reading has been the easiest kind of task at hoof. Though if you don't mind I have a few questions for you." Silver paused for a moment, keeping that golden eye fixed onto her face, Humming in thought as if he was pondering how to word it. "As much as I like to get to know those who simply talk to me, what is your drive to get to know a guard. I know that we have this.. stigma about us. Harsh. Cold. Commanding. All of that is true to a point, but you seem to be a free soul, one who has a smile that could make anypony smile around. And why do you sneak in the night? Do you not wish to be seen in the day? I may be a little bias. But the day time, in the early morning. I think is the most amazing view. Seeing the sun rays lighting up the land in a soft golden color." Silver stopped himself, rubbing at his cheek with a frown, he knew he had rambled again. Yet it was more so that he never got to talk much. And the mare before him had seemed to make him calm and soothed his very being. But he turned his head once more, focused on one of the smooth stone blocks that made the roads within the town. "Forgive me, I know that I ramble a lot, most are putt off by that. But trust me, once a guard has somepony to talk to. All that is on their mind, from standing on guard, will spill over. There is so much you see that most never have a second thought about. The simple movements of somepony having a bad day, or sometimes it's the ones you see that are just skipping for joy. You see.. so much, but your duty comes first. Standing. Forever watching. Don't get me wrong I love it. But it's a very lonely job."
  12. Daze thought for a second, which was a really short second because she normally drank coconut milk instead of regular milk anyway. Well, she didn't actually drink it like water, but she'd have it with her cereal or make it with hot chocolate. Really, anything that had to use milk, she used a substitute for it. Whether it be coconut milk, almond milk, whatever other milk there is made out there she'd use. "Psh, coconut milk will be just fine." "I honestly wanna go to all of those. Dude, just finding some weirdo ghosts- or witches- or witch ghosts!" Daze was smiling a heap load, the idea of this 'ghost hunting' thing really excited the Pegasus. She could imagine finding the ghosts in some haunted museum, then getting all the praise when she caught them. Then, she'd be a famous ghost tracker. Or, she was just totally full of herself and just wanted some attention. Either way, it seemed fun. "I don't care where we go, I just want to find some scary stuff." As the bill was placed on the table, the athlete immediately took it for a look. "I mean, it's not as expensive as I thought. The bread was totally my fault though." She took out some bits, ready to pay for her food. She thought it would be rude if she didn't pay for the stuff she consumed, since she's the one who had the problem.
  13. Arty watched has her charm interrupted the stallion's stone cold demeanor. There it was, that smile she was looking for. She had a feeling he wasn't all solid with one emotion. He had to have something else to bring to the table, and he sure did. The young mare couldn't help but smile again back, or, keep her smirk but make it a little wider. She watched as he adjusted his scarf, which looked rather attractive on him. "My leg was a simple birth effect, honey. The only thing rather frustrating was learning to walk." She raised her eyebrow curiously, as her gaze was locked on his eye patch. She couldn't help but stare at the stallion, not creepily, just trying to absorb anything that struck out to her. His eye, the way he looked, his job. She normally did this with everypony she meets, rather it be a fan or just a friend. Arty was weird like that, but she was too curious to not. She had to answer her own questions, or else her itch would never be scratched. The mare had enough confidence to get anything she needed, whether it be doing something embarrassing or awkward. She never really thought ponies could hate her, she had enough charm to take over anypony's brain. As such, she wondered if she was in his mind, and if he was there with her. The purple mare let out a rather attractive chuckle when he winked, which she just barely caught. "Curious to get to know me, aren't 'ya?" Her voice was 100% teasing at this point. She liked to play her little games. "Ha, I'm just out getting a snack, maybe a candle or two. Just to finish my work." He began to ramble, and she just looked at him cutely. "Baby, I got magic, but I don't study it. Levitation is 'bout the only thing I know." As so, she picked up her shady cloak with her magic, her horn glowing a bright pinkish-purple. In the Canterlot's darkness, her magic could be seen from a mile away. It was an astonishing color, and matched her suave personality easily. What he said about the books got her mind in a jumble. Books? "What literature do you got your nose in?" It was a simple question, and she really wanted to know. She felt him pace around her, which didn't really phase her at all. Most ponies did that to her when she was in a conversation. Arty kind of giggled at his answer, but not like a childish one. Quite the opposite. "Well, sir, I'm glad we have ponies like you around this quaint city. You seem to have a level head and loyal companionship. We can all truly trust you." She smiled politely. "I'm usually off in my own world, so I don't find myself acknowledging others, unless I want to." She watched him look up at moon, which made her trot towards the fountain, with the customers from the bar laughing in the distance.
  14. [Roleplayer used introduction. It's super effective!] [KaityKat uses response....] Well, you'll be happy to note that three are 6 mope seasons for you to watch. Unfortunately, tho, season 9 will be the last one. For sure this time. It was good run, but you know what they say. All good things must come to an end. However I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we're glad you came here, and we all look forward to seeing you active in this community. ^v^
  15. The youngest member of the two pony staff arrived to pick up their dishes. “Excuse me Miss.”, she politely added, “I heard you cannot digest dairy products....So..”, she sighed, “Rice balls are not for you...At least in the traditional sense, so I will make them with coconut milk.", she paused to allow Daze to change her mind. Then she quickly took the others of the dragon and cat before vanishing back into the kitchen. "Haunted library.....", The cat read from her brochure, "There's also a haunted movie theater....An not-haunted opera house....Ponyacci is performing....A very haunted Curio shop....Looks like there's a sale on cursed monkey paws and an Basano Vase.....Hmmm.", she skipped over a few things, "There's also a place called the 'House of Enchanted Comics' where apparently you can become a superhero in a comic book type world....Weird....." As her last word was spoken, the deserts and the bill was quickly placed on the table.."That was quick...", Thrilly whispered.
  16. Silver was truly caught off guard. Not only was it a mare under the cloak but her voice was soothing to the ear. It took all of his power to look down at her gaze with his own stone cold look, almost breaking within that sweet caring look. To combat it, he let out a gentle cough looking towards one of the buildings. His eye now out of sight. A soft sigh was heard as he collected his thoughts. Attempting to sooth his own mind. The fact that she had a missing leg made himself feel.. rather good about himself. He wasn't alone now. His missing eye had caused him a lot of internal turmoil. Beating himself up for looking so odd, Unable to look at those he cared about with his own two eyes. Yet this was a gentle reminder to him that not all ponies were made the same. He was lucky. He smiled softly, as he turned his head to flash that charming smile of his, a rarely shown trait he had. Before he spoke he adjusted the white scarf on his neck, keeping himself comfortable. "You are very sweet, and for you missing leg, I am very sorry. Whatever happened I wish I could have helped. I know the price of losing something you vaule closely." Silver brought a hoof to tap at his brown patch, giving a wink that was only a second long. "May I ask why you would be walking so alone at this hour, not saying you can't hold your own. By all means you have magic. Something that.. I could never dream of even close to controling. Always thought that kind of stuff.. hurt. Use it too much and you'll go mad. At least, that's what the books I've read have said." Slowly he stared to pace around the mare, giving another glance over with a curious glint into his golden eye. Which had a flare of the silver moon to shine off it, his face was no longer the soft smile but back to the stone cold. Stopping as he made a ful circle around her laughing gently about her guard comment. "It may be hard work but ponies like you always make it worth the trouble. I mean, getting thanks is really all I need, Standing there. Watching over this town day in and day out you get to learn a lot about yourself, and about those around you. It's.. funny to see the same ponies everyday. Doing their job and yet from afar they will never know you're watching." He hummed softly, Sitting close to the fountain, Closing his eye as he glanced to the moon. Enjoying the small soothing moment he had made.
  17. Lol forgot to mention SB. Yep she’ll be there too!
  18. Howdy! Welcome to Canterlot! We have an active RP community here. Hope to see you around the forum
  19. “Yeah. You both look pretty capable.” Tiger nodded, following Midnight into the ship, stretching as he went. Eventually he made his way into the cockpit and sat in the front right seat, helping get the ship ready to go.
  20. Arty kept her pink eyes down the street, making sure she knew her surroundings. Sure, she'd walked these parts many of times, but it looked a little different in the dark. A little strange. Maybe a little spooky, but the moon gave her enough light to make her way around. That was a feat in itself, as she had to adapt to the paths made of different materials. On gravel, she had to watch the ground. If she stepped wrong with her one front hoof, her face would be on the ground. On the streets, she could keep her sight ahead, but she had to be wary of small stones and sticks that could've fallen from trees. That could end in the same fate. So, the purple unicorn watched the roads as she neared a light post next to a small bar. The bar seemed to be packed with a lot of different ponies, having the times of their lives. Their drunken laughs and giggles escaped the window cracks. The artist was glad ponies were having fun on this gorgeous night. Maybe she needed to loosen up a bit, have some fun once and a while, stop working for a little bit. Of course, that would never happen. She knew how it felt to be overworked, and she knew when it was a good time to take a break. The confident young mare walked slow, taking in her environment, which was quite cheerful. She couldn't help but keep a smile on her face when she suddenly heard something from behind her. Somepony talking to themselves? Her ear twitched, forcing her to curiously turn around. Pink eyes were met with one gold eye, and Arty cracked a little smirk. The first thing she noted in her head was the eye patch, something she rather rarely sees. It probably wasn't as rare as she thought though, there were many brave ponies here. Like the royal guards. His voice sounded so sweet to her, soothing, something that made her cock an eyebrow. He was confident, yet kind of subtle. "I'm perfectly fine, baby." Her voice matched his in confidence and smoothness, but hers had a little more tease. Arty thought for a quick second. Her horn lit up and her cloak lifted off of her, revealing her painted body. Most importantly, her missing leg. "Nothing to be fretting about." The mare was looking forward to seeing his reaction, and couldn't help but notice his curious look, so she kept her smirk. With the flick of her tongue, she responded smoothly, "A guard you presume? That explains your patch, honey." She looked at him with soft eyes, which could really melt anypony who was soft enough. "From what I heard, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to protect all these citizens, hm? I'm exceptionally grateful to have you take the time and keep us safe." Arty was pretty much flirting with him now, which was kind of instinct on her part. He was handsome, kind to check if she was okay, and had a nice feel to him. The only thing putting her off was his serious look. She was mostly curious by him.
  21. Silver's golden eye by habit kept an eye on those around the kingdom, wherever he walked he was keeping his eye out. Literally in that fact. If it wasn't for the rather loud ponies, enjoying their cider. He almost wouldn't have caught the cloaked figure moving from an ally way. In Silver's head it was nothing but red alarms. His pace stopped for a moment near a fountain. Giving that cool breeze that brush against his muzzle, he started to make his turn around. The silvery light bouncing off the clear blue water as it shined for a moment his own reflection. That alone caught the Stallion off guard as he took a good look at himself. His hoof gently going to the brown patch against his face. A huff left his chest shaking his head moving back to look for the oddily cloaked being who moved through the streets. As he peered around the fountain he saw as if the being was now wounded. From the harsh and stone expression he once held across his face had softened into a bashful and foolish blush across his muzzle. Lifting his hoof to smack against his nose. "Smooth, you were about to yell at somepony who is hurt, who is most likely needing some help. But no, no, Silver. Just go all serious and guard duty.. by the sun above.." He mumbled to himself as he slowly approached the cloak, putting on his most soothing voice, with a hint of charm. His hoofsteps stopping just behind the cloak, clearing his throat. "I can't help but notice your limp. Are you okay? Are you in need of any help? We can easily get you to the kingdoms aid ward. Get you all patched up and on your way in no time." The Stallion's face was still that stone cold serious look, a bad habit he picked up from being in the guard for many years. Though the curious glint in his eye wandered about the cloak, if there was somepony under there in need he was sure to be the one to give them aid. It was his duty. "I can assure you I mean no harm, I am one of the Royal Guards. It is my sworn oath and duty to keep all of the ponies of Canterlot safe under the watch of the Guard."
  22. The sun was going down fast, maybe a little too fast. The sky was darkening quickly, which either meant pony's were just now getting off work, scurrying home, or just starting work. There were a couple ponies out there who took in night shifts. Most didn't know how they could do it, as sleep was important to most beings out there. They either slept all day, or were just night owls. Maybe they were secretly nocturnal, and they could only response in the dark. Whatever that may be, Street Art was actually none of the above. The sassy unicorn put her heart and soul into everything she did. Like everything. So, she worked literally all day and night. So, whether it was trying to get somepony to fall for her, or getting her marvelous work done on time without any fuss. She was talented in both of those regions. Arty used those things to her advantage. The purple mare was suave, confident, flirty, and had a huge, talented, artistic family that ranged across Equestria. Manehatten and Canterlot were really the main cities that Arty was known for. Canterlot had to be her favorite though. There was something about the cobble stone paths that struck out the beauty in the quaint city, or maybe all the richly built houses and shops that scattered down every street. There was so much potential, so much to take in. Arty never had a lack of inspiration here. So, the three legged mare was stuck painting on a large wall in an alley way, a commission somepony asked her to do. She was getting big bucks for this one, so of course she accepted the offer. He wanted something breathtaking, something that represented the gorgeous city in itself. He wanted something bright and colorful, yet busy and a perfect representation of the famously known capital. Arty had a light bulb, striking some inspiration immediately as the sun came up that morning. The sun. The blissful, most inspiring star in the whole world. She noted the moon as well, and the picture in her head made her smile immensely. The beanie wearing artist took the liberty to paint the wall according to her own plans, which meant not stopping until it was finished. The young mare was at it for almost 11 hours. She was covered in paint, her eyes hurt, and it was already dark. The only light she got was from Luna's moon, but she wasn't complaining. That was what made Canterlot so special. They had the rulers of Equestria taking their time to take care of their subjects below. Arty had to thank Luna for the little light, or she wouldn't be able to see at all. She was probably a 3rd of the way done, which satisfied the artist. Though she was at a dark part in her painting, it was harder to see. Arty stood up, put her paint down, and looked at her painting closely. It was way too hard to see at this point, and a little too quiet for her taste to be working. Maybe it was time for a little break, get a quick snack and maybe find a light. She thought to herself, and decided it was a good idea. The mare put a little black cloak on, not really wanting to be bombarded with questions from fans as she was already kind of tired. I mean, it wouldn't bother her, she liked the attention. She just wanted her work done. She moved into the open, paint all over her body, and she trotted, or more like limped, down the street. She was moving slow, kind of humming to herself. Canterlot's night was soothing and quiet, even when she heard an owl talking in the distance. Then somepony humming. Some friends laughing. She was on the move now, though, limping with her black cloak around her head and body, not really noticeable in the darkness of the breathtaking sight of Canterlot.
  23. Music To Read With Canterlot, The home of the magically gifted. The home of the Princess Celestia, Princess Luna. To those who move the heaven and earth have all seen the glory that Canterlot brings to those who stay in her safe haven kingdom. With the walls high and the courtyards empty. The setting sun gave a nice orange hue to the land the sun kissed. From the trees down the mountain, to the building roof touched with the light brown plates. Many ponies would make their way homes, the shifting of the guard for the Royal Guards who stood their post time and time again protecting those who cannot protect themselves from danger. But the wind gently blew across the land. For those who had started to make their way to their loved ones, homes, pets. The walls of Canterlot stood guarded with the moon slowly rising into the sky. The courtyard of the Kingdom was silent, say for a few hoofs hitting the smooth and polish marble which laid a path to the gates. The guards, cooks, and all in between started to change their ways. Yet the water off the mountain gave a gentle whisk of a fresh air, letting some of the mist carry within the gentle wind. Brushing against those who wore no protection from the wind and mist their coat would be gently sprayed. It would feel rather soothing to those who enjoyed the sea. Or even give a memory to those who grew up in those conditions. Canterlot was truly a place of peace now, through hardship the kingdom had stood the test of time. Giving thanks to those who called it their home with ceremonies, parties, and a gentle smile in the morning Though a young Stallion stood at the courtyard, his single eye shifted to watch the silver light from the moon bounce down and bless the lands in a shimmering glow. The mountains waters looking like liquid silver pouring from inside the mountain. Giving the courtyard itself an odd glow with the marble. Yet the young stallion kept his single golden eye on the moon before he stood up. His helmet stowed away within it's place in the armory and his armor no longer weighing him down. The silence of the courtyard was cut rather short while the young Stallion made his way out of the gates, onto a path leading into the town of Canterlot. The hoof steps echo'd through the empty streets. Giving notion that the Stallion was walking very very slowly. Enjoying the moon light after a rather long day of standing his post within the kingdom walls. Yes, Silver Armor was finally off work and took each and every moment he could to enjoy what he had. The smell of a breath air, the breeze, all of it made him feel at home. For a moment he paused to glance over. Taking a look at the kingdom with the moon fully within the sky. Giving the beauty it truly had. It was a shame most never took in the kingdom for how amazingly pretty it was. But Silver knew. It's why he loved protecting it. If not for the people, for moments like this is what drove him to hold his post. Day in and Day out. His thoughts were cut short as a soft hoo was heard from an owl. The golden eye shifted to look where it had come from, though he couldn't find the bird. But it was a good reminder that he should keep moving, slowly walking through the town. Giving a wave or two to those who noticed him. Holding that charming smile he never got to show on duty.. that was when no one was looking. Silver Armor hummed gently, keeping his face that stone cold look as he walked. Hearing the laughing of some pony who had a little too much to drink, and their friends laughing. Canterlot really was the perfect place to be.
  24. Hawthorn laughs at Yona's response. "Ah, well, it's good to meet ya either way!" He then notices the other group approaching and turns his attention to them. "Just need to set the table, Lamp. Rose and I have it covered. Speaking of, she hasn't been annoying y'all too much, has she?" he teases. Rosemarey pouts and protests, "Of course I haven't! Lamp's been happy to have me, hasn't he?" She looks expectantly at Lamp. "I'm sure he is, Rose." Hawthorn smiles. He's quite glad he decided to bring her along now. She could bring life to the party that his down-to-earth demeanor wouldn't likely provide. "I'm gonna work on unloading the cart now. You wanna help, sis?" Without waiting for her response, Hawthorn immediately drags the first large platter out of the cart. It seems to be some fancy stew served inside of a hollowed-out pumpkin. He carefully hauls it to the side of the cart and then eases it onto his back to be carried. Rosemarey gasps. "Oh no! I forgot my dress!" How could she forget when she was so excited to wear it? Ginger Snap had picked it out just for her. She dashes away from the group and moments later comes back wearing a dress and apron befitting of an old-fashioned waitress. With her head up and a smile across her face, she picks up a smaller plate of appetizers and follows her brother towards the dining area.
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  27. Some time later... It had been some time since Feng had stepped foot in the Imperial Palace; modern as the transportation was between Long Guo and Equestria, the journey would never be a quick one. Log enough, in any case, for the magnificent structure to loose the dull matte of familiarity to shine in all its splendor to new eyes! Or perhaps that was the effect of approaching the Dragon throne by way of the Audience chambers, which were designed to Impress, rather than the more utilitarian back corridors that the Imperial Watcher used in taking up his position of duty. The longma was taking this path due to returning successfully from a diplomatic mission. It was a little unusual to send one of the Empress' feared security forces on a diplomatic task, but the task itself had hardly been usual. Feng had been sent as a Long Guo representative to the Equestrian Iron Pony competition, meant to show strong cultural bonds between the two countries... as well as gain a little glory and renknown in the eyes of foreigners. As for how he did? Well, if he hadn't won, he certainly wouldn't be coming in through the front door. As it was, he couldn't help but want to make a little show of it all. Speaking of a show... the sight of the Dragon Throne and the Empress upon was truly striking, when viewed through the golden doorway into the inner Court. All the furnishings and decor were meant to overawe in a display of magnificence, and for a moment, they did, even for Feng, who had seen it many times before. But of course, what truly took his breath away, every time and always, was Yu Yue, the Empress, herself. Whether clothed in all the silks of royalty, or in the plainer garb reserved for non-public appearances, he never failed to find her beautiful and captivating. And she knew it, which might possibly have been a contributing factor as to why he was sent away, in addition to his athletic skills. His affections were known to her, but not, as of yet, reciprocated. True to all old sayings of absence and the heart, however, Feng had never once let her leave his mind. It was for her sake that he gave 110% of himself on the field of play, and it was because of her that he was able to approach now, bedecked in medals of gold. "Your Imperial Majesty!" He called out, bowing before her hooves to let the medals and laurels of victory to slip off, making an offering before her throne. "I return from the far lands of Equestria to report success of my mission! I have spread good words of our intentions and character, forged bonds across the seas, and have won glory for Long Guo, for I have taken the title of Iron Pony!" Looking up, he tried to gauge her reaction; it had been a faint but unshakeable hope of his that a good performance may yet open up the Empress' heart towards him...
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