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  2. Here are some things you can completely forget about then. The damage reflect feature of Gold Experience. Its never used after Giorno's fight with Koichi. The 'hyper mode' from GE's punches. Its only used against Bruno. The rules as to how much control Giorno has over newly created animals keeps changing. Matter of fact, what he can turn into what also changes. Its never explained in the show how Giorno gets that picture of DIO. Giorno is never once referred to as JoJo or GioGio.
  3. Oh boy I can't wait, I've only finished episode six so far
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  5. Part 5 is the worst for stuff like that. So much retcon in the first few eps.
  6. My friend reminded me as soon as I finished part 4, what a bruh moment my new headcanon is that it was just a random stranger and not himself
  7. All cabin and no engine... who would have thought that choosing the last one would probably be a bad thing? Was this train cursed? It would seem awfully weird and strange for the train to just split like that and have no one notice. Supposedly. Maybe someone from the other side noticed? Sooner they noticed sooner they could come back for them? Although as far as she was aware the train wasn't designed to stay in this environment for longer than it needed to. It was probably safer for the train to continue and than send back help. From a selfless standpoint, she would go with that. From a 'she didn't want to die in this extreme moment' standpoint she hoped not. "Alright, yes jump. Yeah totally." She wasn't particularly sure if she leaving was any better than staying here. Sure there was turbulence and that, but she stood her ground, right? It seemed with no time to think, the group already made up their mind. "Make sure to roll when you land." She said out loud to no one in particular. It just went through her mind at that moment, probably wouldn't matter anyway because it's just snow. Unless it's ice. She hoped not. She would need to grab her stuff first. She didn't bring much with her, just one set of bags. She was not intending on spending a lot of time at her destination anyway. It was a good thing she didn't have to carry much through here. "Er, thanks I appreciate the concern, but, I'm sure I can take care of myself," She replied to the griffon while she was retrieving her bag. The Griffon probably didn't listen to her anyway. It took her a bit longer than she wanted to grab her stuff because it was a bit mixed up in the rummage and she couldn't really tell the difference. "Alright got it- hey!" she was yanked off the ground by the griffon who carried her towards the exit. She wanted to complain but in this situation any interruptions were ill-advised. Yeah, the train was totally cursed. The air outside was cold, she could feel it from the parts of her that weren't pressed up against the Gryphon. For a moment she thought it wasn't going to happen but it did and they landed on the ground a moment later. "Hey, uh Zelda... You can stop holding on to me now." Who would have thought she would be the one getting "rescued?"
  8. Yona's starting to grow on me a bit

  9. I will be posting in the next day or so. Sorry for the delay, sugarcube.

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      Seeing that I have glacial pace myself, I am a last person that should make any qualms. Take your time.

  10. Remember when Josuke clearly saved himself from the snow storm and it was never brought up again?
  11. There was an awful pregnant pause between the mares, Twilight on the verge of saying something likely very crazy. Rainbow Dash played it off well when Twilight was still looking at her, but once she started the loops, Rainbow became a small mess. Okay, okay, okay, there was something nutty happening now. Was Twilight going through Alicorn heat or something? Why suddenly all the fluster? And why was Rainbow so equally vexed by it? She played with her front hooves as she hovered above the ground, her mind racing as she counted the loops. One, Two. Okay, how does she approach this? Does she tell Twilight she's flattered by the attention but...what would she say then? Three, Four. Rainbow wasn't sure how to feel. It was cool to have an Alicorn more or less admit through increasingly poor communication skills something you'd never expect. Five, Six. But how did she feel about it? She didn't know. She liked Twi. She liked Twi a lot. But how much was a lot. Seven, Eight. It was a lot to think about. Her chest rose and fell quickly, and then she clamped down on it. She was here to do a job. The emotions could be sorted through when she had time, but Twi had asked for help. Nine, Ten. Task orientation, something Twilight could certainly appreciate. Twilight did okay. She knew for certain that Twilight could do better. The loops didn't improve, though Rainbow knew that was unlikely. Twilight's wings and body were tired and beaten. It was about getting the movement down, and she was doing that. A success. Her magic blasts didn't improve in accuracy or strength, indeed one of them missed. That was also okay. As long as the idea of quick-firing after a movement was finished was ingrained in her and the feeling of charging a blast, something Dash was certain took concentration, while undertaking a flight maneuver was normalized the actual success of these individual attacks was less important. The important thing was that while Twilight had tried to play it off like it was not going to be as hard as it was, she was spent. Absolutely spent. Yet she kept on doing it. If she was going to be serious about it, good. She had proved it. "Yeah, yeah. I guess so," Rainbow said faux flippantly, landing on the ground. "You can take a break if you want. You did pretty well up there, Twilight. I mean, in just doing it, at least. We'll work on making you better. Loop tightness, accuracy, transition speed- you'll have it down soon. And then we can get to work on more important concerns. But for now, a break. I'll get you something to drink, just a sec," she said as she blitzed away. A few moments later she returned with a bucket of water and some mugs, and a far off protest from what sounded like an upset farm mare. She poured it for Twilight and laughed. "You look like me after a few hours of flight tuning in the wind chambers. Do your fetlocks hurt like you've been slapping them against rock? It's called Wonderbolt hoof. The whiplash of the air against the fetlocks as the muscles tense against the change in pressure can cause some bruising. Gotta watch for that. Honest, how are you feeling right now?"
  12. Of course he wasn't in a costume. It wasn't Nightmare Night...was it? The longer he was in whatever fever dream this was, the larger the distance between fact and fiction grew and the head spoke strange realities into being, the less and less certain he was of how he had gotten here. There was a nagging sense of wrongness to everything. A strange filter through which everything inside felt off yet nothing else existed. Reason and illusion switched importance and seating as moments drifted away, and all that remained was the immediate concern. In this case, Rarity seemed a little more than concerned about the fact he was not dressed for the occasion, though whether or not him being nude was a worthy addition to the horror was up for debate. Cousin Applejack, who was clearly suffering a cold, seemed to play along. Valen chuckled, shaking his head. "I guess I was unprepared this year." He guessed so, because this was Nightmare Night and he didn't know why he didn't have a costume already. Rarity suggested they go to her boutiue and Valen found nothing disagreeable about the notion. "You lead the way, Miss Rarity," Valen replied politely as he trotted alongside them. They soon found themselves in the heart of Ponyville, the quaint town that had stopped being quiet years ago and was the center of so much public and private concerns as to boggle the mind. Something seemed weird, though, that foggy grey filter on his mind peeking through again as he noticed they seemed to be the only creatures in town. He could swear he heard noises elsewhere but wherever he looked he found little more than empty streets and a certain element of close-in darkness that threatened to steal the light. In time they approached the Boutique. "Ponyville seems strangely empty tonight...no matter. Can't wait to see what you have thought up before, Miss Rarity!" he said as the trip entered the building.
  13. Applejack seemed apprehensive or unnerved. Not unnerved exactly. Flustered? yes, Flustered. She didn't sit close. She scooted about awkwardly. Had some trouble starting up her speech. The situation seemed to put her into some strange spirit. One of Rarity's brows raised and her face was less than impassively concerned. Was there something wrong? Was she not comfortable? She opened her mouth to speak when Applejack started speaking herself, and the momentary uplift in Applejack's spirit was plain enough to see without interruption. She instead allowed herself to be transported to a better frame of mind, a better frame of time. Apple family traditions always put Rarity at ease. They had grown up in the same town but may as well have grown up in polar opposite worlds. Her parents were well to do and while her father was from Mustangia and carried along some traditions of the native Mustangs, neither were much for old familial traditions and the warmth and comforts of years gone by. They didn't disdain the past, not at all! Instead, they were forward facing to a fault. They were small-town wealthy and spent their money on luxuries. The Apple family was secretly incredibly wealthy, but also put that wealth into business nationwide. They revered the past and carried on traditions and customs that lived long in memory and would survive the passage of time. What they lacked for in immediate wealth they made up for in wealth of memory. Everything Applejack was and would be was tied up in the long and storied traditions and customs of her family. There was far more to their customs than harvesting apples and making pie, she knew that much- but the aforementioned fluster and bluster was masking it behind a veil of confusion that was striking her friend. Curious, no? "Oh, I am a bit chilly, I suppose," she replied evenly, her slight concern more noticeable than she would have otherwise meant. Her voice always carried a dramatic rise to it that was at times almost impossible to circumvent, her emotions equally worn and embellished on sleeves as embellished and stark as they were. Still, a blanket was welcome in all cases. She was about to ask if everything was alright when the show started, and her eyes were attracted to the lightshow on display. While in no way as much a fan of the art of the firework as Pinkie Pie, whose wild exclamations could barely be hard from where the Ponyville natives were stations, she certainly appreciated the intricate patterns of fire and light on display. Everypony was a weaver of some kind. Once you accepted that, you accepted so much more. "Oooh, what a show. You're right- she has pulled out all the stops this year," she said and then laughed, giving her friend a sideye smile, "makes me think she is trying to impress somepony. Who do you think the lucky stallion is?"
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  15. Daze looked at Thrilly, scrunching up her little snout in disgust, "They better be mostly from sinks and stuff. It would literally make me throw up if that was toilet water." Daze gagged at the thought, being dramatic, sure, but the idea was kind of really gross. The two of them could easily get sick, or worse. What if it got into Daze's mouth? Oh how nasty that would be. Daze would puke up her guts on the spot. Absolutely nasty. The Pegasus watched as Thrilly closed the hole, then she noticed some ponies looking at her confused. She stuck her tongue out at them, trying to gain a reaction from the high class ponies of Cantorlot. Some of them looked shocked, while others looked disgusted with the mare. Daze just laughed at their reaction, making fun of their faces. "You all just need a good laugh sometimes. Grumpy butts," she snickered to herself, looking back at her furry friend. Thrilly caught her attention, as Daze looked down another alley way to see hoof prints. Daze raised her eyebrows with a smirk on her face. "Nice catch, Thrill. You're literally a natural at this detective stuff. Are you sure you're not a secret detective?" she asked, flying into the air and heading towards the dark alley. When she got there, she landed back on the ground and started looking around again. "You tell me if you see anything, sharp eyes." Daze began looking around, searching for some clues as to where the thief went. Suddenly, she heard a big bang! and Daze quickly looked over. She saw a shadow turning the corner, but after they bumped into a big pile of garbage and track cans. The opening to the next corner was now completely blocked, and now the two couldn't get through. "Hey!" the mare screeched, running over to the pile of garbage.
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  17. Applejack blushed at the statements the unicorn made. They weren't even praise, merely stating fact, but AJ never was good at having attention drawn to her for such matters. Really there were few places she was comfortable with attention and most of those had to do with physical strength, not business abilities. The blush came mostly from Rarity pointing out that AJ was in fact special in many ways. It meant the world to the farm pony that Rarity spoke well of her and she wondered for a moment or two if she might even hold a special place in Rarity's heart... "Applejack dear, come on. The show is about to start!" AJ gulped again, trying to calm down. Just the thought of sitting so close to Rarity got her more flustered than a raccoon caught in a corn silo! "Uhhh yep, comin'!" She responded as she trotted over to the cushioned seat. "Well now, this looks right comfortable! Twilight pulled out all the stops fer us tonight," She sat on the edge of the seat. "Ah think only royalty has ever been allowed up 'er!" She scooted back a bit, but didn't close the gap between the two at all. "As fer us Apple, oh yes we've got our traditions for the solstice celebration fer sure! Begins with bucking the early summer apple trees, ends with eatin' hot apple pie! Lots of other traditions in the middle of course!" She couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of all the odd traditions her family had. This one included Big Mac dressing as a butterfly and Apple Bloom dancing around him... AJ cast her eyes skyward at let out a long whistle. "Wow! Sure is a perfect night..." She scooted a bit more before a shiver went through her. "Brrrr! Perfect an' gettin' chilly too!" There was a big folded blanket on the back of the seat and AJ reached for it. She carefully unfolded it and nodded to Rarity. "You cold Rares?" Right as she was about to offer the blanket to the unicorn a sonic rainboom lit up the sky! She would have to save her question of Rarity's family traditions for later, the show was starting in earnest!
  18. Hogo-Sha smiled at Raven and nodded, "I shall do my best, Miss Raven." Since he was being entrusted to lead the way for the time being, Hogo-sha strode up ahead and tipped his head back. He took a deep breath of the air around him, holding his eyes closed as he tried to sort through the myriad scents in his head. He turned his head and took a few more steps forward, sniffing rapidly until his ears perked up! "Ah! I think I've found something." The canine kneeled down and smiled as he noted a more pleasant magical scent wafting on the aether a good distance down the hall, "It's shifting a bit... but mostly stable from what I can tell." Soft footsteps echoed down the spacious hallway along with the faint sound of the group's magic bloodhound rapid sniffing. He wasn't sure how it felt for the rest of the group :in addition to the thick sense of dread hanging over the hall, Hogo-sha could also say it smelled... not so much foul, but stagnant. If all haunted or cursed areas gave off this strange magical scent, Hogo-sha could certainly say he'd be able to sniff out another one: He'd be in no hurry to, but still it was possible. Ears swiveled as he listened to the rest of party converse amongst each other. This visiting canine only paused in his search to itch his muzzle, odd scents magical or otherwise always bothered him. One fairly long walk later, Hogo-sha could tell he was getting close. He picked up the pace a bit and brought his nose to the floor as some old instincts took over. He went around the corner ahead of the group as he was sure he was coming up to the chamber but froze as he felt something get yanked up his muzzle. This must have been a section of the castle the cleaning crew had slacked off on as some dust bunny soon found itself pulled into the regal pup's muzzle. The shock left Hogo-sha gasping in deep gasps as reflexes took over, "GAH! AHH! AAH!" He felt himself tensing up and through his tearing eyes he could make out the outline of a large door. Before he could say anything about finding the room he'd been sniffing out something needed to be taken care of. "HAAAAHH-GSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" A loud sneeze echoed through the hallways and when Hogo-sha opened his eyes, he noticed the door was now open. He blinked his eyes and laughed awkwardly as he brushed a bit of moisture from his eye, "Sorry, Everyone. Had a rough encounter with some dust but... I found the spot!" He blinked once the rest of the group came around the corner, his tail wagging ever so slightly, failing to realize he was now on all fours and in his true form. The glowing eyes, flowing tail and little sparks of harmless lightning popping across his fur and about the same size on all fours as large stallion. "We didn't lose anyone, did we?" He asked rather casually as he took his kerchief in his paw and held it to his nose, "Something wrong?"
  19. Twi blew out a breath. "A bit of...stretching?" Her eyes bugged out just a bit at the statement. This had been one of the toughest workouts she'd even taken part in and here was Rainbow calling it all stretching! She began to question why in Equestria she had asked the pegasus for her help but then paused... Did Rainbow suddenly seem a bit... flustered? Was the the hint of a blush forming on her cheeks? Twi shook her head, banishing her musing. Of course RD didn't feel the way she did? Of course she hadn't been distracted by a certain mare all day? Of course she hadn't been working to keep her thoughts on what was really important? But what really was important? Twilight's head knew what was important of course! Being able to fend for herself, being able to keep the forces of darkness at bay and protect the beloved lands she was a princess over! Her head knew but her heart... well her heart was a longing for something more. She desired something deep, connected, and intimate. She longed for somepony to understand her and to pull her in close. At this point her heart was winning out over her head. That made the process of training all the more difficult! She had to keep on trying of course. She couldn't tell RD what she was feeling. She had work to do and if there was one thing the purple alicorn had a will to do it was work towards a worthy cause. She would have to find a way to make her feelings known and she wasn't really sure how long she could keep up with keeping her thoughts to herself. "Rainbow...I...uh..." She trailed off, her head and heart battling it out as fiercely as she ever had against any foe. She looked from Rainbow to the target on the tree and licked her muzzle. "Ten more times huh?" She flexed her tired wings before giving her friend a look. A look that said everything and nothing all in one instant. Then she was off, flapping for her target. Twilight looped, turned, and fired until she was sure her wings were going to fall off! She panted from the exertion of repeated magic blasts. "Ten!" She called in triumph. All the strain had made her just a tad loopy. She flew back to RD, sweat beading on her face. "Short break maybe?" She pleaded.
  20. "I said...er...", the griffon gasped, "We're all cabin and no engine." They were in the last cabin and apparently the Crystal Empire train did not have a caboose. They were going backwards and soon would hit one of those bad tracks. Without an powerful engine to pull it straight, they would probably tip over. Could they simply fly away? Not likely as the wind was really powerful. It almost reminded her of the cliffs near Griffonstone. "Ah crap.", she had her small travel bag with her art stuff, and an carry-on that contained most of her other stuff. She also had an larger bag that contained a few special outfits for certain occasions, but that bag was with the rest of the train and was still heading off to the Crystal Empire. They were going to need to jump. This she could see herself doing, along with the fit Pegasus mares, but the sight impaired little pony? Loose Cannon! She would require assistance! But the black bird would also need her bags. While her supplies were not intended to help her survive in the middle off the frozen wilderness, it would still be of use. A few bottled waters. Some salmon jerky. Once Golden Daze found her way out of the train, the griffon grabbed her one bag, "Bag overboard!", she called out. Or was it over-train? She wanted to make sure the ejected mare knew what would soon be coming her way. "Er, Miss Cannon? I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I'm going to help you get off this train..", Zelda made her way near the mare, "Get your bag if you have one, and I'll get you out of here nice and safe." After she gave the pony a moment to collect her things, the large bird quickly lifted up the mare and went towards the exit, "Just try to curl into a little ball...These clothes I'm wearing are thick enough to protect us both...." Once she found the right timing, Zelda leaped off of the train with her 'passenger'....Into the cold, white, fluffy stuff....
  21. Rainbow hiccuped a couple times as AJ commented on her sweetness. She meant what she had said but it was probably coming out as garbled mush due mostly to the amount of cider she had consumed. It really wasn't a surprise that Applejack had quite the handle on herself still. The farm mare most likely had cider in her blood after all her years being raised around it. "You won't tell anypony will you beautiful?" She smirked back and snuggled deeper into the covers. It seemed as though AJ wasn't in the mood for anything serious tonight. Rainbow wondered why as for the moment her recollection of the nights events was surrounded by a warm fog. That was ok. The room was nice and she was pretty sleep... "Night AJ," The pegasus muttered softly as she began to doze off. Oh what a night...
  22. Thrilly smiled at the idea of a hot bath. Along with the tiny little bottles of shampoo and soap, they also supplied fancy rubber ducks! Ones with top hats and monocles! This was a nice mental diversion for the young feline as she was surrounded by crud vapors and poo-gas! Ugh! The bathroom also had a little device that played soothing music. The wonders of modern magic! "Well, thankfully most of the water came from pony's sinks...And bathtubs....And such..", she muttered. It would then be magically filtered and released back into the wild, where it would make the return trip to pony's homes and places of business. This all still sounded nasty, but water was not in infinite supply. "Oh.", she glanced up at the open maintenance hole. Once back on dry land, the young cat quickly closed the cover so nopony would fall in and quickly shook off the excess water. More than a few ponies stopped to gawk at the odd pair. "Golden Daze...Look!", she pointed to what appeared to be still wet horse-prints on the pavement which lead to another dark alley. Go figure.
  23. “Ah 'ave no idea.”, the cow-mare shrugged her shoulders as the pair watched the unicorn finish off her slight panic attack. “Awf course this is Rarity wer talk’n about.” To say Rarity was over-dramatic would be the understatement of the century! The farmer paused to blow her nose into an apple-adorned handkerchief. Something in her costume was messing with her sinuses! Once the unicorn was ready to communicate beyond gasps, she cleared her throat, “Valen...Your cousin...He is...”Sans vêtement....à poil...”, she wheezed in Prench. This did not impress the red nosed mare, “What now? Rarity, please use words the rest of use can understand.” Applejack could never stand for her old friend when she stated talking ‘fancy’. “Fine.”, the fashion horse sighed, “Valen is not wearing a costume. On a night we all get to wear costumes. This I cannot allow..”, she decreed. The farmer glanced back at her cousin, “Well, now that ya mention it, ah jus' thought Valen was goin' as a nudist.” It was now time for Rarity to roll her eyes up, “Seriously? There is only one thing we must do....And that’s to get to the Boutique before it's too late...Come...Quickly!" Would they make it in time? Would there be a costume there that would be just right for Valen? Or was he doomed to celebrate the beloved holiday, Unshucked?
  24. By far this was one of my favorite episodes of the season so far... Loved the bit with Cozy and the guard..I still think she's not a real kid, but something far worse...The real 'big bad' of the season... Also, it looks like Chrysalis still has these remains of the evil Twilight clone. Wonder if she can restore the clone? Although I hated the bit where the guard pops out and shouts, "I'm okay!" after being knocked away by the snow. It's an old cartoon trope I always hated as a kid. Basically it was needed for the censors to show that character was not killed or injured. A character would fall into a hole or vanish, but shout, "I'm doing okay!" or even worse "IT WAS SENT TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!" when clearly that guy is dead. This old trope would have been more fun if Grogar just blasted him after he unwisely popped out so soon..I probably would have waited until the bad guys were gone..
  25. Below Oakly, Triton shot out of the water. He landed on the surface of the water, skimming across the surface keeping pace with Oakly. “I’m going to try and slow it down from the front!” He yelled from below as he activated his dragon aura. Then he shot forward leaving a large wake behind him to get ahead of the ship.
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