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  2. Rose sniffed. "Very well, you can have your victory." Despite her jibe, however, she was looking forward to this trip to some extent. It was surely peaceful out in the Whitetail Woods, and it might give her some time to simply relax and think. She'd be free to do whatever she liked, if anything at all, after they set up camp of course. "It's such a pity. I was hoping to get even a hint of what this danger was so I could at least know what I could expect. Alas," the pegasus shrugged. Her attention was snagged by the heavy sound of the train's approach and her ears perked towards the sound as it steadily grew louder. Their ride was here! It stirred some excitement up within her for what lay ahead of them, and it was with an effort that Rose pulled herself back to her hooves. She tried to do it with as much grace as she could muster so that nopony would see her struggling, though she'd likely be unsuccessful in that attempt. In any case, she could strive for that grace now that she was on her hooves, holding her head high and looking as unbothered as she possibly could as she moved closer to Grey on the platform. The stallion had pulled his bags on with ease, something she could admire just a little bit. After all, he was stronger than she was, and he was far more used to the weight and.. everything else about travel. Rose stood by him, watching the train's approach as it came ever closer to the train station, and soon, slowing down in front of the boarding platform with a squeal of brakes.
  3. Those hours passed Sombra by and lead him right back to the train station, where he was planning on returning to Canterlot after a less than productive trip to the country town. The only thing notable that he could tell Celestia about when he returned to Canterlot would be his encounter with Hope, but beyond that? Eh. He started up the wooden steps of the platform when it happened. The feeling of dark magic just on the edge of his awareness. Sombra came to a halt and looked back at the town with a frown, scowling when he saw the gathering of dark clouds and various ponies drifting up in what looked like... bubbles? He blinked. Somehow, he had a feeling he knew who was causing it. Sombra turned back to the platform, finding himself in a dilemma. It would be very easy for him to simply get on the train and go right back to Canterlot, to leave ponies to deal with this on their own. Surely the Princess Twilight Sparkle would rise to the occasion to meddle, as she did, but who knew? His tail lashed. He had no interest in helping. Grumbling to himself, Sombra heaved a sigh and turned back towards town with a roll of his red eyes. Perhaps he would decide to meddle, though why Hope didn't come directly back to him to blast him with magic in some fit of distraught anger was a mystery. The king of shadows trod right back into town, heading for where he knew Hope's house to be. He ignored panicked ponies along the way, feeling that what ponies were still on the ground were more than capable of reigning in the upset children without his help.
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  5. Ok. Then how do i apply to rp as her?
  6. The wind was getting stronger in the cabin, forcing Daze to really flap her wings to stay in the air without getting murdered by the strength of the wind. The mare's wings were pretty strong from flying all the time anyway, but this wind was a whole other level. Another thing on a whole other level, Daze's brain was pounding with thoughts. The mare was overthinking everything, trying not to freak out over this big fat problem. This was a big big fat problem. The bandaged mare was having trouble breathing. "Ok-ay guys- we'll be okay- we'll be- okay-" Hopefully they were going to be okay. Everyone seemed to be panicking, and it made Daze's mind break down more. Then a sudden shift of weight changed Daze's perception on this whole situation. Their cabin jerked harshly, causing the four to fall with it. The Pegasus fixed her landing and looked out the window, seeing their cabin flying backwards down a really steep hill. "Guys- guys!" the mare yelled, flying around the cabin in a panic. The wheels of the cabin were rolling so fast down the tracks, any dents in the track sent the cabin flying into the air. Daze felt herself getting dizzy. As the cabin was falling back, Daze looked out the front door, seeing the front of the train disappearing drastically. With a sudden burst of energy, the gold pony flew out the train and held her own for a few seconds, looking at where they were about to crash. She then flew back in with a panic look in her yellow eyes. "We don't have much time. We gotta jump, like Fiver said." Daze quickly grabbed her suitcases, flying into the air and opening the side door. All she could see was the rushing snow wisp past her eyes. A thick blanket of white was on the ground. That's all the Pegasus could see. Finally, she took the guts to jump out the cabin, her wings opening so she could land safely on the snow. As she landed, snow covered her entire body, making her kick up at it to get free. She looked around, hoping every creature got out of the cabin safely..
  7. The mare scoffed at his answer, rolling her eyes. "You have no tootin' idea how hard it is workin' on a farm. Me and my Pop work all day long." He then said something in response to her walking wherever she goes all the time, and she wrinkled her nose, about to bite his head off. "We make money, that's all that matters." Her stubbornness was taking a toll on her answers, as that was her biggest weakness. No pony could really get into her head, besides her dad. Ali never really gave a second thought on things. Everything was a one and done thing. A sudden confidence was given to the short mare from the stallion, which made Ali nod her head a bit. The brown pony then trotted over to her drenched haul of apples and picked out two with her mouth. She then walked back to the unicorn, handing him them gently. "Try 'em without the magic. They're better off without it," she motioned, her tone of voice slowly turning calm. She was serious about this fruit business, she wouldn't lie about something like magic on the fruit. Well, she never actually tried magic on the fruit, but her dad said it wasn't has good. And the stallion seemed to take her magic talk seriously, as he quite amusingly put his hoof to his chest and gave her a promise. Ali just nodded her head, still not giving the stallion a smile, but instead a small head nod. "Congratulations, partner, I trust your promise. One strike though and you're done, 'ya hear?" the mare said, giving him a serious eye. She wasn't joking around with that one. Not one bit. Ali noticed him get all excited, which made her roll her eyes and huff at this dork of a stallion. "Best hurry up then. It's gettin' colder by the second and I ain't feelin' it." The mare organized her belongings real quickly, making her she has everything she needs, has the trip will take a couple days. "Grey Shield, huh?" her country accent made his name sound a little funny. "Alrighty then." Very soon actually, Grey was back, and Ali stood next to him. "Quicker than I thought," she said briefly, and she started walking. "If you forget anything, I ain't walkin' back." Her wagon started shaking lightly as the duo started walking, the wind in the air beginning to get a little stronger. They only had to be together for two days, and then Ali could be by herself again. No big deal.
  8. "A nice warm bath actually sounds really nice right about now. This sewer is chillin' to the bone." She thought of the idea, relaxing in a nice bathtub with jets massaging her back. She would probably also be splashing Thrilly at the same time, being playful and trying to create a big water fuss. Of course it could be for fun, as Daze really wanted a small break. All this thief chasing was making the Pegasus tired and stressed, especially with these new environments her and the cat has to go through. Daze laughed at what Thrilly said with her brother. Daze liked when Thrilly opened up about her family. It was really interesting, knowing more about her friend who was not only a completely different species, but from a different part of the world too. As so, as the mare pet the cat's head, she heard a small vibration coming from the kitty's throat. A purr? That's actually quite adorable. Who knew a anthropomorphic cat like her could purr. Daze held herself back from aww-ing at the sweet sound, her friend becoming a million times more cute than Daze ever thought possible. The water was gushing through the already wet sewer, making the duo fly above the big wave. There was barely enough room to fly just enough to not touch the gross water. "Celestia, this is actually really disgusting thinking about where this water came from," Daze muttered, trying not to barf. She slowed down a big deal too after what Thrilly said, noticing the ceiling had gotten lower. "Nice catch, Thrill." The mare continued moving straight, seeing brightness from above the water down the alley. Speaking of the thief, Daze began to wonder if he got caught in the sudden avalanche of water. "Hey, you don't think this guy got trapped in the water, do you?" she asked, getting closer to the bright circle of light. Once she got closer, she noticed the sewer's opening was already off. "The thief must have gotten out of here before the water struck." Daze pulled Thrilly out of the sewer and set her down on the street.
  9. Princess Amore is not currently played by anyone on the site. You are welcome to apply for and play her. As a bit of warning however, we are stricter on cast applications (which she would fall under) than on original characters.
  10. Once the luggage issue was well and sorted out, Fiver let out a sigh of relief. It was still a shaky sigh, however given this very unusual situation. Fiver smiled at atLoose as she got back up, "Somehow I think we've all got a bit of bad luck tonight. Let's hope it doesn't last." She stretched her wings a moment, "... and Sorry about the luggage I think the shaking knocked mine loose. I don't think it's all mine." Now that she had her bag, Fiver may as well tote it with her on the way to the front of car. FIver's jaw dropped as she say the outside. "Um... Yeah... it uh did." The flyer took a deep breath and took note of the speed of the train. They were definitely slowing down. Cold winds were howling around the cabin. Visibility was low, so it was nearly impossible for her to tell just how far away their train had gotten from them. "Uhh... Well... if we've been detached from the train then... hangon. We're... goin backwards..." Wheels started clicking in her head and the Color drained from her face a moment. They must be on a incline, "Does anyone know if we were going up a hill... and how far we got? If we go backwards and keep gaining speed we might need to jump off this car."
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  12. szalhi

    Griffon Lore.

    This came about based off what I've seen from the show and is meant to counter the idea that Griffons are represented in fanon sometimes as part of a warrior empire. Griffons are highly independent creatures that have no significant form of a society of their own. Their once prosperous kingdom fell during the reign of King Guto when the Idol of Boreas was forever lost. Griffonstone is the last remnants of what could be considered Griffon society, but it is merely just a hotspot for Griffons, many having homes and remnants there from their families. Most modern Griffons are intermingled among other species. Griffons may mate and start families, but it is usually expected that the pair is the largest and that the offspring assert their independence as soon as possible. Their stereotypical demeanour is one of greed and self-righteousness, yet that is not a trait that necessarily all Griffons possess. There have been efforts to restore Griffonstone to it's former glory, but efforts are futile while the Griffon independent ideology lingers.
  13. If you want me to, i could make a special character for that. I'm willing to do that but only if you want me to. Also, what kind of Dere is your character? Because i could make mine the opposite of that dere. (Opposites attract, y'know)
  14. I recently got Braeburn approved and I'm thinking of getting him romantically involved with someone else's character. Could be cast or not, just needs to be a stallion. Be willing to write longish posts and build a friendship that turns eventually to hearts and hooves *blush* If interested please PM me and/or leave a message here.
  15. Male Earth Pony Braeburn PROFILE Role Play Type: World of Equestria RP TEXT COLOR: Vivid Yellow -threads- Not yet active...
  16. This game has been going on for 7 years. Fun has ended.
  17. Luna shook her head "it's not that General Trax, it's not whether or not they can be trusted, it is indeed their crimes. Using the dead is one of the highest war crimes that could be committed, let alone the very use of black magic. How do you think we will look to our people for ignoring such horrible actions taken against us and turning around and allying with the very ones who have committed said atrocities? I'm well aware of the advantages they bring us and knowledge they can provide, but everything we are doing is both politically and morally wrong in every sense, and I'm aware that we are left with too little choices to make...I...We have betrayed the very people who wish for justice." She explained in a mellow tone. "How can we look the people we protect in the eye and justify our actions?"
  18. Killjoy shrugged at Triton's question "whether or not those stories are true is no concern of mine, I'm here to do what my princesses' wish me to. We just gotta go in, grab what we need, and get the h3ll out. What I know for fact is that if we know about this artifact, so does the Batkin...well the evil ones. If this artifact is so important, then they aren't gonna risk sending grunts, I'd wager the top five are going to be on that island with us. Question is, will we he able to stand as equals? Some time has passed since our last confrontation so let us pray we closed at least most of the power gap between us." She said putting her foot up on the side railing of the ship. "Either way, we wont have any of these questions answered until we get on to the island." Maelstrom witnessed half of his ships destroyed, but as usual, he stayed unfazed. He was actually quite surprised to see beings with such power "well this is interesting indeed, it seems that finally after a thousand years, we will have a challenge, at least hopefully."
  19. Grey had a feeling that in-fact his apology didn't truly reach her, but what could he do? Apologise again? That wouldn't work, would it? And it was the truth that Grey was a rather... curious pony, sniffing where he could, however he could. Knowlage was power, after all! But, it was also interesting, and this aspect of it was more appealing to Grey. So she had a close relationship with her father and they are running a farm togheter.... Grey started to take mental notes of this mare. An aspiring farmer mare seemed like she was truly made for this job, maybe not physcially but defenietly mentaly. "I see! It must be quite a lot of work to do when you two are working alone." He remarked, thinking for a bit. Probably hiring someone to help them would be a good idea, but Grey could guess from the part of her personality that she showed, that this wasn't a probable option for her. When the mare started to rather agressivly tell him that she was doing those walks of the time, Grey nodded, showing that he understands "Well, that doesn't mean that it is an easy or in any way efficient way..." It was rather a risky response but Grey hoped that maybe she won't react so harshly. Hearing the mare almost immidietly reject with an angry expression visible through her body, Grey took a step back and nodded "Well, if you don't want my help, I can so go..." He said before slowly turning to his side. But then, she seemed to start and think about it, which made the grey sallion smirk a bit. Two apples was a steal for such travel, and even more so in such rain. "Aye. Two apples, no less, no more." He said with a proud tone. Ha! So she did accept this deal. Great! It was going to be quite a trip. When the mare requested no magic to touch her precious fruits, Grey placed his hoof on his chest, around the place where his heart was "I promise that my magic will not touch your apples unless compleatly necessary" The tone was both playful and serious at the same time. He did really mean it, but it seemed a bit absurd to him to swear such thing. It was kinda funny, though. "Don't worry. I have my own stuff. I will go grab them. Just give me a second" His voice was now full of excitment. He traveled many, many times, but travelling with someone else was always exciting. And so, he quickly turned around before starting to jogg towards the tavern. He just bearly cought onto her name and quickly responded, by briefly turning around "The name is Grey Shield!" He shouted and ran into the tavern. It didn't tak him long to join her once again, this time with saddlebags on his sides, filled to the brim with all sorts of items "I'm ready"
  20. Grey kept nodding as she started to tell him what she had. Once he was back home, he did once again went through what they bought that day and it seemed like everything that was needed for her was taken care of, so if she indeed took everything, it will be just fine. Hearing her mockingly offended remark, Grey smirk slightly, thinking that it was indeed just a mock. Well, at least he hoped so and it happened to be confirmed with the smirk afterwards "I wouldn't say it's entirely that bad. Gives a lot of time to think and sometimes, it is just the thing I need" He pointed out before listening to the rest of her sentence "Well, if you will learn even one thing, I will still count it as a success. And you seem like a skilled learner, so might as well call it a victory now" The grey stallion chuckled slightly, mostly to himself. Seeing her reaction to the word dangerous, Grey thought for a bit, contemplating if he should tell her now, so she can decide or maybe later... "I see.... In that case, I will tell you later, I don't want to spoil much just yet" It seemed reasonable. Suddenly the distant sound a heavy wheels rolling on metal tracks could be heard along with a rhythmic beating of the trains engine. It was coming close "Alright. Time to go" Grey said before quickly grabbing his saddle-bags and throwing them on his bag just like he did thousands of times before.
  21. She does know a lot of forms - Roc, Ursa Minor, ophidiotaurus, cragadile, slinky sloth (to cross the rope) … Nice to see her actually CHANGE forms like the queen she is. The limits might be based on power and time. Chryssi obviously still has power (given how much bigger Tirek got from borrowing it), but only changed into something truly big for a few seconds (a Roc, and an Ursa Minor ?!). Pharynx did something similar by turning into that gigantic spider-thing when he and Thorax were little - that critter was huge (relative to a Changeling nymph), but he only held that form for around six seconds. So maybe they can maintain a different form roughly their natural size indefinitely, but bigger forms can only be held for a short time, with how much bigger dependent on pure power. Chrysalis, being a millennium old queen, has a lot of power, and can change into truly monstrous forms; drones might max out at something smaller. I'd guess that merely looking like a rock (with eyes - ala Ocellus and Pharynx), or an ice stalagmite (ala Thorax) isn't the same as being a rock or ice stalagmite (ie, they're not altering their chemical compositions) . If you can reshape the matter of your body to look like other critters, why not be able to look like objects ?
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  23. szalhi

    Changeling Origins.

    This was brought to me over the question: Why do the changelings feed off of emotions and stuff? The original deceptive predatory nature of the Changeling seemed pointless when the Changelings could have just integrated themselves with the pony society. It's such predatory nature that is the reason why they were feared by ponies in the first place. Changelings weren't always, well, Changelings. They were originally known as "Love Bugs," living in conjunction with the ponies. They looked kind of similar to modern Changelings, but without the transformation magic. The appearance of themselves was based upon the reigning monarch of the time. This metamorphosis is reflected in the show when the changeling's change to Thorax's new scheme. Chrysalis came to power prematurely when the previous queen died of an unknown ailment. Chrysalis was not ready to take over the throne, she was still going through a bit of a rebellious phase. Her appearance was considered by herself to be radical and cool, a feat achieved by her development of disguise magic. She did not see anything scary about it. When she took over, this appearance was forced upon the Love Bugs. The ponies feared these Love Bugs, they did not look cute and cuddly as before, in fact, as far as some ponies were concerned, they were a separate species altogether, they might have gotten rid of the Love Bugs. Chrysalis did not understand this, what was quite so wrong with their current appearance? Apparently, ponies did not share her opinions, but rather than change their appearance, she spread the Transformation magic upon the hive. It would now be standard practice to change their appearance around others, while deep down their appearance was still the same. They were now proper Changelings. And Chrysalis was pleased. Of course, Changelings weren't perfect, and some of their disguises slipped through. The changelings were discovered, and that made their lives harder. Chrysalis was too stubborn to change themselves. Of course, how could they go back to being Love Bugs anyway, how would anypony believe that? AS far as she was concerned that would never work and she hated it. Basically, Chrysalis. Of course, most of these Lore things pop up randomly in my thoughts and are refined over time. I might go back and edit this one if I find something I like better.
  24. Why? Fun has to be around or the world would be as boring as school.
  25. Man, this episode just restrengthens my love for Cozy Glow even more. She's quite the master of the cheeks. The Talisman must have been placed in an expository sense for the audience otherwise I find it hard to believe that Grogar might not have noticed it there. I get that Chrysalis was the Changeling Queen and she's supposed to be real good at magic and stuff, but I'm not sure how I feel about the increasing notion that changelings can basically transform into whatever they want. There must be some limitations unless just pure magical power is enough.
  26. When Grogar deploys his legion of doom on a mission to become allies, his plan works too well and they almost become friends. This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk
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