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  2. RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Reck found herself taken by Neb as soon as she introduced herself. She seemed a really fun type and she was very nice to look at! She'd have to play her cards a little different with this one, knowing there could be something there. "Neb huh? Cool. Call me Reckless babe." She was returned a wink. Yep, she'd have to spend some more time with this one! Wow! Ok, there was definitely something in this cider. Yet another mare appeared on the scene. This one tall, and lean, and beautiful! Not quite Reckless' type but very attractive none the less! She returned the smile from the svelte Princess from where she stood in line. She nudged the pony in front of her and after asking them to hold her place she trotted over. "Hello there." She purred to the Princess, a smile that just barely showed the tips of her fangs gracing her muzzle. The pegabat glanced at Bella. The unicorn totally looked like she was about to throw up! "No reason to be so nervous around me babe," She winked. "You'll be fine after a mug of cider." A small laugh escaped her as she continued playing with the unicorn. She was sure Bella would come around eventually. Nopony was immune to the charms of the sly and sweet pegabat! She turned back to the Princess before heading back to the line. "You should join us in line!" Nopony else had shown up yet so it was easy enough for the Princess and Bella to join. Before long they were near the front and a little filly was taking her bits and asking her where she was from. The filly was so charming Reck found herself answering while sliding down to make room for the others to get their drinks. "I'm from Canterlot now! Just joined the guard a few weeks ago!" She fished in her saddle bag and brought out two more bits. These she tossed to the filly. "For the bat behind me." She winked and smiled at the filly, waiting to take a sip until Neb was with her.
  3. Dunes raised a brow "perhaps something was lost in translation. I was saying that if I were indeed planning to horde it for myself and not tell anyone, then I might as well not seek it out." he explained "of course I have use for it, otherwise I would be researching some other relic" he explained, a little bit of the tone he had used with Dash coming through now. He was not a very amicable pony under the facade it seemed, though he kept it up well enough to make others think he was. "If you are interested in accompanying me, then I will make arrangements, I wish to keep this group as small as possible to prevent any... accidents... befalling larger parties" he explained ((yanno... i thought dunes was more of a hero, but the more I play him, the more I realize he's at *best* an antihero and probably closer to an antivillian....))
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  5. Bell's heart was racing now, not because she was nervous, but because she was about to blow a fuse. If the air was chilly from the early morning sun, she was about to make it a million times hotter. Not because she's hot (to the bat ponies she is), but because she was mad. It was getting to the point where the poor mare just wanted some peace a quiet to herself in her own tent. She didn't have a reason to be there, she really didn't. When her annoying little companion from yesterday showed up, the unicorn wanted to cry. And when Reck started talking to her, she wanted to bawl. "Oh trust me, dear- I g-got enough yesterday." There was a little undertone of growl in her voice, but not enough for everypony to notice. The mare was stuck in place, staring off into the sun, just so her eyeballs could burn. She wouldn't have to see the two beside her that way. Neb just stood there with a wide smile, as she fully checked out the new pony next to her. She looked a little familiar, sure. Most ponies like them looked kind of the same though. Neb's fangs showed just enough in her smirk, as she made direct eye contact. "Hard to get? That thought never crossed my mind." She just looked at Bell with an sarcastic look, making the unicorn roll her eyes obnoxiously. "Don't think we've met either. The easy going ones call me Neb, the hard to get ones-" she nudged Bell, "Call me Nebulous. Sometimes Moon." Neb licked her lips when she saw the wink, nothing provocative at all, just to show her little interest. "Yeah, I'll go back in line with 'ya. I feel like I would miss out, anyhow." She sent a wink herself, then turned to Bell. Neb noticed a tall mare walking towards them, and the look on her face just showed a big smile. Bell felt vomit rising up her throat, and quickly turned away from the two bats. A sense of relief pawned over her, as her glorious form wasn't dead yet. She wasn't dead. She wasn't dead.. Then the singer heard a familiar voice, but it was rather more.. feminine? The pretty mare turned to look at a white Princess, an obvious royal. "Why, hello, my dear!" Bell smiled greatly at the princess, feeling more safe. She couldn't help but remember about the poor mishap with Bluebelle. She, of course, wouldn't judge such a thing with a royal. Not at all. "So- very nice to see your wonderful face again. You do look utterly amazing." She turned to the other two bat ponies, which made her feel very self conscious. "Oh- yes- my frie-nds! They're very lovely." Time to pull the fake act. She was good at lying, like really good, but she hated using the term 'friends'. It made her want to barf. Neb just stood there smiling. "Princess Bluebelle! Never expected such a beautiful mare to be here-" The bat pony playfully bowed, then pointed her head towards the line. "Though it was such a treat laying my eyes on such a gorgeous specimen like you, I better get some cider." She then abruptly trotted off to Reck. Bell face hoofed herself, blushing immensely. "I'm so sorry Princess-"
  6. The beautiful crystal pony didn't have the time to really respond as the entire line surged around her. Drats! That was a nice looking pony right there! Apple Bloom moved on though. She didn't have as much cider to give out this year and she didn't really think about it more than that. She had to make sure she did right by as many ponies as possible as quickly as possible. And with that on her mind she went right back into the raging maelstrom of her work. Apple Bloom moved like a mare on fire, taking bits and pumping cider as fast as she could. Two bits, mug. Two bits mug. Two bits mug. “Y'all have a nice one!” Two bits, mug. “Hehe, only mah sister knows that secret!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Oh, we'll have more days after this for sure” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. There was a certain anxiety as barrels vanished but she didn't let it show. “Ah reckon yer gonna remember this mug for a long time!” “Say hi ta 'er for me. Return mah letters, dangit!” “What a charm-” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Eventually her eyes settled on...was there a bat pony, one of those aerions or what have you? This one had pink mane and pink wings and as just adorable! There weren't many bat ponies around and for the life of her Apple Bloom never understood why. as there too much light? Did bat ponies care about light? Did they just like cities because of the hustle and bustle? There were a thousand things Apple Bloom didn't know about the how or why of Equestria and she was interested in the answers to all of them. She didn't think she'd be getting the answers today though. The only thing anycreature was getting was a much of cider from Apple Bloom in exchange for two bits, which Apple Bloom collected from Reckless as she poured a cup and sent it over. "Ah ain't seen you 'round here before. Where'd you come from, if you don't me askin'?" He inquired, her mind unable to filter the question out. Gallus poked his head out quickly, allowing Silverstream to get decent for everycreature else. Not that she needed to on his account, what he saw had been decent enough for him. Though if he were honest? He did like her hippogriff form better. Swimming was not like flying and flying was best. In due time she was out, though they were stuck far back. "Yeah, I guess we were just too tuckered out. My bad, I should have set a better alarm," he said as he looked around. "Wait. Why are two Princesses here?"
  7. Applejack hung on Smolder's words as she detailed just what it was that brought here after Silverstream and the dragon didn't fail, not at all. "In-Cider information?" Applejack replied with a smile, growing quickly on the edges as as she started to laugh heartily, shutting her eyes and looking down. "Hehehehehehe, that- that there is a real hoot. In-Cider!" She guffawed louder than before, taping her hooves harshly on the top of the stand before looking back up, eyes open with some tears forming, snickering and laughing. "Now, Ah-ah didn't know yer...yer so funny! In-Cider, tehehehehehee," Applejack continued to titter for a while. Smolder would do well at one of those comedy clubs Maude went to. She could at least make a joke that Applejack'd understand! As the mare reformed her facade and allowed the pun to settle deeply inside her- In-Cide her, more like!- she listened to the full request. She had homework and she needed to just wander around the Orchards and observe it. She would be lying if she didn't say she was apprehensive a little bit. Smolder was very emotional at times and she breathed fire, and trees were awfully flammable. But whatever small apprehension she had was assuaged not only by Smolder's assurances but also a firm belief that even if she did get angry or upset for some strange cause she would be mature enough to direct her anger outside of the Orchard. "Of course you can take a look 'round tha Orchard, sugarpill. If y'all need a guide Ah can make Apple Bloom do it," she said leaning in, "she looks a mite laxy over there, don'tcha think?" she winked. And then, when she had discreetly collected the bits and was still leaning in, she reached out ad grabbed Smolder and pulled her close. She planted a big, wet kiss right on the forehead! And talk about warm. Were all dragons this warm? Her forehead reminded Applejack of a very sickly pony with the heat except hotter. Talk about hot stuff! *Smolder* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
  8. Day 2 of Cider Season dawned upon a familiar enough scene. The crowd surrounding the Apple Family's booth was similarly sized, with ponies new and returning all eager for the taste of that delicious golden nectar. In fact, quite a few familiar faces were to be seen, from the farmhands once again walking the wooden mills powering the cider press, to the Canterlotian Prince emerging from his tent- Or rather, Princess emerging from her tent. The circumstances surrounding the emergence of Princess Bluebelle were a long story, involving an illness, Princess Twilight Sparkle botching a healing spell, and the unexpected effects of hot beverages. The end result of which was that Prince Blueblood was afflicted with a curse that swapped the erstwhile royal between mare and stallion forms whenever they drank tea or coffee, respectively. While quite disturbing to his sense of sanity and self at first, Blue had eventually come to peace with their condition, even coming to embrace Bluebelle as a true and integral part of her identity. It didn't hurt that the Princess was every bit as beautiful as the Prince was handsome! She'd decided to take a cup of morning tea, and thus this form, just as a little extra insurance. Applebloom hadn't let her have a second mug on Day 1, just because Blueblood and Bluebelle counted as the same customer. And while repeat customers were allowed on the subsequent days... well, this would make it seem a little more fair. And if anypony objected, she was sure that her feminine charms could pour some oil over the troubled waters. That said, the Archancellor would never dream of cutting in front of her students, especially as poor Gallus hardly had a chance to take in any of the Golden Nectar yesterday. How could she look him in the eyes later and talk of generosity if she got a mug today and he went thirsty again? No, best let him go ahead of her in line. Hanging back also had it's advantages, as it brought her closer to a most charming group of mares. "Bellissima, darling!" She called out to her fellow unicorn, voice ringing like golden bells in the early morning. "So lovely to see you again. And my, what exciting friends you seem to have with you!" She gave a most charming and disarming smile to both Nebula and Reckless. She always had a soft spot for the winged types, whether they be leather or feather!
  9. RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! It didn't take long for Reckless to notice the unicorn. There was another pony talking to her and she looked as revolted as she had at their meeting the day before. Reck had to laugh as she trotted up to the pair, all confidence and sly sweetness. "Couldn't get enough huh?" She raised an eyebrow at Bella and treated her to a sultry half smile that made most mares melt. "Don't worry hun, there's plenty of cider to go around." The innuendo wasn't at all muted as she took another step towards the pair. It was then that her attention went for a moment from the unicorn to the bat pony. Geez, she'd come here for cider but it seemed the delicious beverage brought around some rather intriguing mares. She offered a coy smile to the aerion and nodded to Bella. "Likes to play hard to get this one." She took a step closer. "Don't think we've met babe. I'm Reckless." A quick wink before she looked over her shoulder at the cider line. "We better get in line before we miss out," She took a few steps towards the cider line. "Wouldn't want that now would we?"
  10. TMar took the playful jab from his sister with a light chuckle. He felt totally turned around meeting Gallus some of his wits must have deserted him. It was ok though. He'd get it together! This would all turn out fine. He still felt a little awkward meeting Gallus, like he could feel something different abut this guy. It was probably just nerves or something. Yeah! That had to be it! He needed to try to relax. It was about this point in his mental wanderings when Silver mentioned going to the Flow. He blanched for a moment but only because he realized he hadn't really heard what Gallus had been saying. Something about shells, and tails, and dancing. There was something odd in the way they had both mentioned that particular part of the day. He'd picked up on it, but it was gone before anything further was mentioned. Something was ummmm, fishy about this guy. He was going to find out what it was! "That's actually totally what it is Gallus!" He would play nice until he figured out what the griffon wanted from his sister. "That and more! It's a super fun place!" He smiled to Silver. She didn't need to know he wasn't so sure about Gallus. He was going to stick around the both of them until this was figured out though. That was for sure! "Great idea sis!" As they swam he tried to piece together what was going on. He had some inklings but best to see what played out before addressing it.
  11. Another day of cider, meant another day of waking up early in the morning. Though Bell already got cider, she felt it was a little weird to just leave right after she already got a taste of the sweet drink. The day before seemed way too stressful for her though, after that one.. mare came out of the blue and was.. doing whatever she was doing for the pure fun of it. Bell was a lady- she shouldn't ever be treated like some toy! Her routine was the same as before, but instead of being in line, she placed her large tent to the side so others could get a turn. She brushed her mane, used her magic to unzip the tent, and trotted out into the bright sunlight. A yawn escaped her perfect lips as she stretched her back legs, staring off at the large line beside her. "Good morning.." she drabbled on to no pony in particular, gently rubbing her eyes. When she was more awake, she looked ahead of her. Not only to see the pegabat she ran into yesterday, but another bat. A full bat. A bat she recognized all too well. The jockish mare stood confidently in the line, talking to whoever was behind her. Bell wanted to jump into a bush and hide, but that would be.. too dramatic for her taste. It was too late now, as the bat's purple eyes connected with the unicorns blue ones. "Oh- hey! Long time, no see, Bell!" Here we go.. The tall unicorn gave out a simple smile. "Oh- hello- there- Nebulous," she said back, realizing that maybe coming here wasn't a good idea after all. The bat pony trotted over to Bell, to Bell's dismay, and playfully punched her in the shoulder. The pink unicorn revolted back, scrunching her nose. "C'mon, man. I know you missed me! It's been too long. Thought I'd never see you again." "Maybe that's for the better." Bell looked up, pouting. She had to be nice- "What have you been up to, hm?" "Just a little this, a little of that-" the bat went on, smiling at the mare. "What have you been up to?" "Just- lots of gigs, I guess." "Oh yeah! I forgot how busy you get." Neb trailed off, looking around and spotting somepony who looked rather intriguing. "Well, it was nice seeing you again. Hopefully we can meet up sometime. Be close like old times-" She was cut off by somepony else familiar walking over to them. Bell groaned. Loudly.
  12. As the song came across the ball room in all it's ear shocking glory the cocky mare couldn't help but nod her head up and down a bit. "Well," She rump bumped her mare in return. "At least he's um," She lowered her shades to get a closer look at the instruments as they were seized in Squall's might musical grasp. "passionate?" RD giggled and took the flask from under the breast of her jacket. She took a swig and offered it to Applejack. After this she glanced towards the royal couple. It certainly looked like Cady could use a little loosening up. "Might as well get this party started huh?" She slid her glasses back over her eyes and grinned. "Should we share with Cadance? She looks like she could use a sip." She upped the volume a little as a rather egregious guitar solo took over in earnest. For the moment this night had taken a bit of chaotic twist but RD was sure everything would work out just fine. RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! The mare was not shocked that the musician could dance. She felt good, letting him lead her about the floor. The way he went it was almost like floating, their steps coming naturally with the beat. Yep, he was a charmer. She'd let him charm her tonight, why not? He was a good guy and handsome. Not that she was looking for anything permanent but Aegis had something about him that made her think she might even want to see him again after tonight was over. "Wow," She eyed him with a cocky grin. "Can't help yourself can you?" She'd heard him composing lyrics as they danced. It was nice so of course she'd give him a hard time about it. After a while longer the music changed to something...well something not great for dancing. She appreciated this Squall guy but it was time to exit the dance floor for the time being. Reckless made her way off the floor and back to the refreshments table. After a quick sip of cider she stepped close to her date. "We've gotta find the good stuff," She nodded towards the door Rainbow Dash had left through and re-entered from not that long ago. "I bet it's hidden in the kitchens. Want to check it out?" She stepped a little closer, giving his ear a soft nuzzle, before taking a step back and another sip of cider.
  13. RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! She's had oh so much fun yesterday that Reckless had decided one more night would totally be worth her time to get a mug of the good stuff. Perhaps she'd find another stallion or mare to meet like she had the lovely Bella yesterday. "Yeah..." She stretched as she exited her tent and zipped it up. "She was so into me," The pegabat laughed dryly to herself and made her way through the tents and towards the scene of chaos building before her. So many ponies and creatures had been drawn by the siren's cider call! Reck was impressed! It had to be worth it, it just had to be! She trotted into the line and yawned before glancing around. "Another day another cider huh?" Another dry laugh as she spoke to nopony in particular...
  14. ~~~Nira~~~ It seemed like Dunes started backtracking a bit when she confirmed that she had heard the entirety of the conversation that he was having with the others in the area. He further added that he didn't like how he portrayed the academic side. Not every set of ruins had an ancient artifact of power in them. This was true and there was a lot of history left in some of those. Neighpon had a lot of old temples like that. Though he did say that he was planning on leaving it alone. "I'm not going to be quite that easy to fool either. You want it for something otherwise you wouldn't be trying to find it just to leave it behind. Especially an artifact like that in the wrong hooves could destabilize and country it government as corrupted as politicing can get," she replied.
  15. Once Pinkie had 'zoomed' ingredients into a bowl the mare had to admit she felt better! Her heart was still beating like craaaazy, but some of that was from her rapid movement and the rest well, if Cheese was causing it at least she had lots of other stuffs to keep her mind well away from that box. She wasn't afraid of the box. She wouldn't be timid when the time came to talk about it, it was just that now was not that time. She doubted he'd come back into town to talk about whatever these feelings were. She didn't even know if he felt the same way sooooo she wasn't going to go there. The ponk wanted to help her best friend, not distract him with whatever it was that was going on with her wacky ticker! When Cheese mentioned one of her classics, the mare smiled big. "OOOOoooo! Jalapeno strawberry!" She glanced about, noting ingredients. "Yeppers, we can certainly start with some of those!" A knife block was resting next to a cutting board not far from them and Ponk pointed to pint with a hoof. "If you want to start choppin' up the strawberries and jalapenos I'll go down to the cellar and find some strawberry jam!" She whisked a basket and strawberries and a few of the green hot peppers to the counter. "Now, don't touch you eyes or face once you've cut jalapenos Cheese!" She shuddered. "I learned that lesson the hard way once!" She was gone for a few seconds and then back with a big jar of gooey red goodness. "Yum!" She exclaimed while prying off the lid from the jar. "How's that chopping going?" Pinkie busied herself for a few moments and then asked. "So, ummmm," She pondered for a moment. "What did you want to ask me about?"
  16. Hearing talk of Raiders... it wasn't something that Blueblood had any parallel ready in his mind for. Say what you will about the perils of living in a world where any random pony might be capable of tearing you in half, most ponies were still what one could reasonably call ponies. Absent any temporary enthrallment by that week's villain, most retained full control of their mind and senses in a civilized fashion. He did find that his brain was surprisingly, disturbingly quick and prolific to come up with suggestions about what 'Whisky' would do with her hoard, though. The Prince was grateful that Bravo wasn't lingering on the subject. He was a little less grateful to see his favorite sipping beer treated so... casually. The pegasus had just poured it all down his gullet like some sort of pelican. "Not on hoof, I'd have to have another brought up from the cellar." He replied, a little bit reluctant to so generously pour out the good stuff if it would be consumed at that rate. Hearing that a mare had encouraged the other stallion to visit though did bring his attention to a more positive space. "That must have been Ossia, yes? I don't know any other mares that know you... and where you came from." While the Prince could understand, and commiserate, on the travails of rooming with Java, he couldn't stave off a growing awareness and discomfort about just how different the two of them were, and how little they seemed, so far, to have in common. Maybe two mutual friends? Besides that, they were literally from different worlds! "I... suppose it would be insipid of me to ask if you miss your homeworld, but is there anything you regret leaving behind?"
  17. That facial expression sums her up better than I could have imagined.
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  19. Okay, I think this will maybe give you a little bit of inspiration to RP.. You can download her here: https://sta.sh/0po55zdexb4 Here's the base: https://www.deviantart.com/doraair/art/MLP-base-67-801023169 Let me know if you want anything changed!
  20. Alright, it's finished! You can download him here: https://sta.sh/0267kbz8ur01 Here's the base: https://sta.sh/02xvnt4vjm Let me know if you want anything changed!
  21. An ominous feeling was rising up in the hexxer's gut. Just before She was telekinetically thrown towards the lake nearby she had a feeling as if something terrible would happen. This heroine knew she really had no chance of beating back this enemy but she still felt she had to try... even as she was tossed aside like Refuse. While she waited for the contact with the water... it never came. Instead she found her tail yanks as if something bite down and then let her hang in place before setting her back down. When she looked up she beheld a white cervine... a caribou maybe? She was a strong looking creature with an intense glare.Her antlers were somehow mismatched, one looking natural and smooth almost with runic carvings along its branches and the other looking black, gnarled and sharp. Her fur giving off some bright, shifting light underneath old and slightly weathered looking armor, "You should stay back." She said as she calmly walked towards Ossia and her ...victim? To this caribou it seemed irrelevant. Oddly enough she didn't seem in any kind of hurry. She had an old looking spear at her side that she set down in front of her once she saw the alicorn with her prize. Eyes looked up to Ossia and then to her spear, in a small flash of the light the spear was gone. The owner of the weapon produced a small hollow laugh before soon laying down in front of the alicorn and the ticking time bomb in her hooves. She just sat before them, watching them intently with a tired smile on her face. Hexxer followed the strange caribou's orders, unsure where she'd seen her before. That bad feeling in her gut told her she should probably go and see if she could find any ponies who might be stuck in this park turned battlefield. [Exit Hexxer]
  22. ~~~Nira~~~ Nira lost track of how long the silence lasted. Even if it wasn't pure silence. The serene sound of the wind rustling through the trees and the birds singing their songs brought comfort to her. Feeling Ishi's hoof around her, and the wind and sun bathing them in their presence, Nira finally looked up to him. "So... How do we go forward from here? Do we have to get special permissions... or are we just allowed to go on a date... And if we're dating... Does that mean we'd need to find a different body guard? Where would we go?" Nira started asking, the tactician in her starting to come back out.
  23. “I can enjoy hard liquor but I can’t stomach whisky or its smell.” Bravo says leaning back, shutting his eyes as he thought about how he can explain why. After a few moments he looked back at Blue. “We have… something call raiders. They are insane and I must underline this. They are all fully insane, broken and so removed from me or you as too call them a pony seems wrong. I had to hunt one down named Whisky. She loved whisky and horded it. But she had some… extreme likes with it. I will not even touch on what they were so both of us can keep are drinks down. Just know the smell of whiskey brings back what I saw and smelled and it makes me feel very sick to this day.” He says shaking his head as if to toss off even remembering it at all. Taking the bottle he gives it a sniff before just slamming it back and downing the drink in one shot. It was not even a chuge as he downed it all like a shot. He then leaned his head side to side, flicked his ears. “$%@#^ this is good, got more?” He asked with a hearty grin. “And well, I came here on the offer given by a mare. I belive you know her. An outing to help me adjust more and to get away from are friend too… I don't know. Talk to a pony that is not crazy? Or have something blow up every few minutes? Almost shot him when he had something go bang IN my bedroom. Well I was sleeping. Only just missed him in my panic.” Bravo says rolling his eyes.
  24. Back on the treadmill once again. Taira took to the task with gusto, eager to continue his work for the apples. The other day had been one of the most fun. He'd met some of a friend's friends and even met a skilled artist that not-so-casually tried to get his likeness on paper. Never one to turn down the creatively inclined Taira assumed a pose that he thought might look regal for the shiny yellow mare. He did end up having to take care of other things before the finished result could be shone however, so he hoped that he could run into her once again! The moment she emerged from her tent, Taira's nose told him he definitely would! He recognized the smell of graphite and paper from the mare and even as he dashed on the treadmill he poked his head out a moment and gave the mare a quick "Hello!" before returning to his run! IT seemed that the tudents of the friendship school had come back too, the two feathery ones would surely be a fun pair to watch as the day unfolded.
  25. Dunes raised a brow as she started speaking then smirked "It seems I underestimated you, I promise not to do that again" he said "I was not lieing though, I am upset at the portrayal int he books, from an academic standpoint... but fine, lets be frank, there are plenty of old dig sites to examine that dont have ancient relics of great power inside them" he admitted "and if it makes you sleep better, no, i do not intend to auction it off to the highest bidder, nor do I plan to keep it hidden away in secret - I'd just leave it int he temple where it is" clearly he had some plan for this artifact, and hopefully not just petty revenge "You see, the Talisman of Tonatiuh compels any touch it to speak only the truth, it is invaluable in the right hooves!" Now the griffon's head turned slightly towards them... this had piqued her interest, though she was trying to be very subtle about it... which also gave away the fact that she was FAR from drunk, despite how she was acting not so long ago....
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