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  2. She narrowed her eyes at 'Cadence'. Her eye twitched. She didn't say anything and ignored her completely. "so how about it? I can help. Pleaaaase???" she smiled at him. All that while her mind was cursing at the queen. Lucky for her, she knew the queen couldn't read minds. 'dirty little....HAYRUNNER' she once again smiled at Shining armor. "let me know when you're done 'correcting' some mistakes the planner made!" when shining armor was gone, she huffed at Chrysalis. "names Hope Goldy by the way, for if you were wondering." she then flew along, going to check on Celestia and Luna. (you called me honey the whole time, lol)
  3. Speaking of MHA, I bought another one just now for some reason..
  4. "Your kind? Uuhhhh...." Shining Armor now stopped in his progress completely, confusion spread across his face like marmalade. "I... wasn't aware of anything like a Pegasus insurrection or disloyalty." He tilted his head, now curious and... not a little suspicious of his new acquaintance. "Are you from Equestria?" It was just possible that she was from Maretonia, a land where the tribes had never been unified by Harmony. That would explain her odd reference. Unless, there was something else going on. Something else that he, as Captain of the Guard, should definitely know about- "O-o-o-h-h Honey!" A breathy, melodic voice, sweet and smooth as grade-a maple syrup, rang over the street, followed quickly by its source, a pink Alicorn with a tricolored mane, slightly frazzled by the day's efforts. "The wedding planner's being a bit of bore, I need your help to straighten him out- oh." Her voice flattened and her eyes narrowed upon catching sight of Honey, her sharpened gaze almost seemed tinged with green. The "pegasus" would have felt herself exposed before the 'princess', and a much different, less sweet voice would be beamed straight into her thoughts. *How did you get past the barrier already, my child? No matter, thank you for retrieving my errant 'fiancee.' Do run along while I recharge the little enchantment I have on him, blend in with the crowds. You will know when the signal is ready for the invasion.* Chrysalis had found her out! Fortunately, the Queen seemed to mistake Honey for one of her own loyal hive, which was good, because she had a very nasty reputation when it came to the disloyal. Betrayal of her disobedience now, with Chrysalis having all the love energy from feeding of the stallion before her, would leave poor Honey as nothing but a smear on the cobbles!
  5. "it's really no problem though. I'd love to help you. It's the least i could do to make up for the mistakes my kind has made and will make." she said, pretty much hinting towards the changelings. She set up her cutest puppy face. "pleaaaase?" she wouldn't let him keep guard alone.
  6. He sure did know his horseshoes. Applejack knew a bit about them herself and did some basic maintenance on the ones she owned and used currently. Indeed, it was only when she outgrew them or they suffered terrible damage that she felt the need to get new ones. The ones she laid down she didn't want for nostalgia or immediate use, however. Apple Bloom, Valen Orange, Zap Apple- they were all growing and she was going to make sure their first quad of real, working horseshoes had been part of the family for a while. Her first quad had been a hoof-me-down, after all. A tradition was hard to stop especially when it would lead to some playful family ribbing. The more important discussion, however, demanded a more immediate response. "Water resistance is important. A lot of farmin' is about trying ta make sure yer crops are properly watered, after all. Alpha Tahtanium could be what Ah'm lookin' for. Can't say Ah've spent quite that much on a quad of horseshoes before. Hehe, Ah remember when that much would net me three ta four workquads! Still, got tha bits and these ones'll need to put to it. Alpha Tahtanium it is, Forged. As for tha others, they ain't fer me. Ah got some family that are gettin' right ta workin' age, an a little fella who ain't gonna be little forever. Repair 'em, maybe they'll fit or not- and if not, they can remain safe for somepony who they will fit," Applejack said as she trotted about. "So, where do you have yer sizin' stirrups?" She asked. Normally in order to get the proper horseshoe made you needed your hoof, and hoof wall, sized up. An important part of not getting hurt! As she looked, her head snapped back to meet Forged as she heard the deadly serious curiosity in his voice as they spoke about his pa. Her ears lowered. "Can't say Ah have, Forged. Ah just remember him from when Ah was a youngin' an' got mah first few quads. He was- is- a right good fella," she replied softly and warmly as the forge called Forged away. She sighed. It seemed like everypony she met nowadays had some manner of familial issue but it didn't ever make her feel better about. Losing her parents at such a young age hurt her bad, but that meant she had to grow and mature on her own. By the time she was out of her formative years the hard work was done. Losing somepony, either in the literal or darker metaphorical sense, when you were older? Heck, you could argue it was. Poor stallion. Applejack shook her head. Maybe it would turn out? Missing wasn't...gone, after all.
  7. Valen allowed his nervousness, present even in the company of such a quality guide, to settle deep below content and competent surface as he took in the beautiful environment around him. The waterfalls and manufactured pool at the front were pleasing and added serenity to the location that may have otherwise been lost to the hustle and bustle of the village not far away. The structure itself was classically beautiful but shone with all the warmth radiating off of it that was found very rarely in buildings- a testament to the wondrous, inspiring nature of those who taught and studied here. Valen looked at it but was more focused on the cause for it- his guide, and those like her. He was here to learn from them as much as his professors. "My academic education has come along quite well, but there comes a time where everycreature searches for something more. You can learn a lot from books on general subjects and the Academy's academic qualities are without question. But...well, we all miss something of ourselves if we spend our time snout in books and eyes down, do we not?" Valen said before laughing. "Besides, I am located here in Ponyville. The school here is fine, don't get me wrong- but I wasn't learning much there anyway that the Academy hadn't already taught me," he said while giving her a sheepish smile. He wasn't a genius or even that talented a student. He just had a dogged work ethic. That was often times of most use. "This is a beautiful school, Miss Smolder. To be here for recent events and to experience it all firstclaw, must have been in some way exhilarating. I've been the center of attention before but never the center of an event, that much is certain...but you are likely bored of such probes at this point, so onto other subjects. What are the courses like? Does the School offer any after-school activities or programs? What's the food like?" He asked, pulling a small notebook out of his saddlebag and a pencil in his mouth. He wasn't exceptionally studious but he did like to have the preparation for the future, and who better to help?
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  10. Shining did chuckle at the joke. "That's going to take a while to get used to. Though, wouldn't you just love to see the look on Prince Blueblood's face when he hears somepony else called by that title?" The stallion smiled, but sighed softly. "I hope he doesn't decide to be too insufferable today; poor Cady's starting to get a little stressed. You know how most brides can get." He seemed a little surprised at the offer of guard service from a guest, giving her a sideways look as they continued towards the train station. "I already have my ponies stationed everywhere a threat could come from, though I suppose I'm a little understaffed to watch over every guest. I'd hate to shunt you off to watch over a bunch of stuffy nobles, though."
  11. It took a bit of effort, but Caveat Emptor and Shady Dealer managed to figure out what the various languages were (thanks to having their daughter's coursebooks on hoof - Polyglot's Compendium of the Ponish Languages was very useful. Turned out the notes were simple phrases that could be found in any tourist's phrasebook - 'where is the restroom ?', 'how much for a cup of coffee ?' and 'where do you keep the chocolate ?' being the most common. It made sense, since the first letter of the languages the notes were written in were the clues that mattered; WHAT the notes said was irrelevant. "So we have ten different languages, no two starting with the same letter." Shady noted, "And ten different numbers. So, if we arrange the letters in numerical order, they spell out …" "BLEARGHXDNM." Caveat stated. "I - seriously doubt that is a word in any language dear. But the other option is what ? Ten numbers in one particular order ? How does that help ? What could they mean ?" "It's a vector !" Shady replied, "Sixteen and seventy nine hundredths miles, at two hundred twenty five degrees, fifteen minutes from true east, starting from whatever longitude and latitude those last six numbers are !" "Ohhhkay. But why not just use the longitude and latitude directly ?" he had to ask. "Maybe it wasn't safe to get those coordinates." Shady replied, "Or there wasn't enough time. Or there weren't enough unique landmarks to determine position. Or to reduce the odds of just guessing right - with six numbers, you'd have a one in seven hundred and twenty chance of just guessing right; with ten numbers, you'd have a one in three million, six hundred twenty eight thousand eight hundred chance !" Caveat looked at her side eyed. "What ? I memorized all factorials up to twenty !" his wife replied, "My cutie mark IS for probability and math ! It even has P(i)=n!/r! (n-r)!, remember ?" Meanwhile, Caveat had wandered into the aisles of his shop, and came back with an atlas, protractor and compass. "Let's see - that longitude and latitude. Go that direction for that distance puts us …. Uhm, honey ? Are you SURE you got those numbers in the right order ? They put us in the Badlands ! Just east of the Sea of Ruin, on the northernmost edge of Tenochtitlan !" "Well, there ARE many ruins and old temples yet to be discovered out there." she replied. "And how are we supposed to investigate them ?" Caveat asked, "I'm a curio merchant, and you're a card sharp/shipping agent ! Neither of us is a dashing archaeologist !" "We can go and take a look. See what's there." Shady replied, "If it's too dangerous for us, we can just join up with some 'dashing adventurers' that are always swaggering through the jungles. Or pass the info onto TT. She'll know how to handle it." Caveat thought for a moment, weighing the pros and cons of this little jaunt. But since his wife was all for it, he decided to go along with it. "That's a very long journey." he began, "The trains don't go out there, and what trails MIGHT be present would be long, constant battle against the jungle. The fastest and easiest way to get there would be by air. I think I have just the thing in the warehouse !" They went around back, to the warehouse where Caveat kept curios that were too large to fit in his shop. He opened the door and went in, while Shady stayed outside (and well away from the rose bushes on each side of the door. WHY Caveat's distant relatives sent him a vampire rose she didn't know, nor cared to.) He returned momentarily, carting a large basket stuffed with steel rods and what looked like yards of grey silk. "A mini zeppelin ?" she asked. "Yep. Should get us there in style !" replied, starting to put the rods together. "Weren't those recalled a few years ago because of severe safety concerns ?" "Yep. That's why I was able to buy this for a steal !" he replied, still fitting parts together. Shady tried to say something, but nothing came out for a minute. "WHY would you buy a flying deathtrap ?!" "The original models were perfectly safe !" her husband replied, "They had to cut some corners to mass produce them. But it takes very little money to upgrade a mass-produced model to a safe one ! With a little work, you can get a safe mini-Zep for a quarter the price of a stock one !" "It is times like this that I am glad I'm a Pegasus !" Shady thought to herself.
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  13. She smiled slightly and did a small bow. "My name is Hope Goldy. Pleasure to meet you." She said, speaking in a soft tone. "congrats with your wedding, future prince" she joked with the prince part. She did hope he'd appreciate the joke, seeing when she last saw the queen of the suckies, that queen got mad when jokes were made. (I love calling Changelings suckies. Idk why) "do you need any help keeping guard? I'm pretty alert when needed." she really wanted to help. It was the least she could do to make up for the mistakes her kind had made.
  14. This song is very nice:



  15. The pony she had run into, a white-coated unicorn stallion with a chiseled figure and blue, spiky mane, laughed good naturedly, rubbing down the spot where she had bumped. "No problem ma'am, my fault for not being more vigilant while on patrol. I've just got a lot of things to pay attention to right now." If his words weren't clue enough, his uniform and barding were obvious signs that he was part of the royal guard. If Hope was able to recognize his rank insignia, she would see that he was, in fact, the Captain of the Guard. Yep, Shining Armor, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's fiancee, in the flesh. Thankfully, he wasn't stand-offish or taking out any pre-wedding stress upon the citizenry of Canterlot. Truth be told, though, few could have blamed him if he were; having to keep command of the guard, watch over the security of a city under threat, and maintaining a magical barrier around the whole of Canterlot was quite a lot to put on a buck that was about to get married. But Shining Armor didn't make the rank of Captain for nothing. "I take it you're in town for our wedding too? Most new faces I've seen today are. My little sister's due to come down by train in a couple of hours, so I'm going to oversee her transition through the barrier. Oh, and I'm Captain Shining Armor, in case you hadn't guessed." He grinned. "What's your name?"
  16. The mention of the storm kind made the dog raise a brow, "The Storm King? Was that the name of that strange person who attacked Equestria a while back?" Internally, Hogo-sha could appreciate the simplistically weighty title of 'Storm king'. It was a shame he couldn't have been around to see how that turned out, This land had amazing heroes of its own and he'd have loved to see how this villain was beaten. If he was going to forge his own legend he had to learn from the best! He took another sip of his tea as the stallion elaborated on the nature of pegasus artifacts. "I actually think I may have a way to help get us up to a temple in the clouds... although it won't be easy to move around much with. But like you said, locating it would be difficult. I might be able to speed up the process if we had any other magical artifacts from the same temple on hoof, but I'm sure such a request to see one would require a lot of paperwork..." Cloud magic was something Hogo-sha knew a little bit about, but he was nowhere as good as any pegasus, "... and that description sounds sort of Kirin like, doesn't it? I've known a few of them and not many have shown much propensity towards weather manipulation or cloud making." He cupped his chin in thought before looking back to Pocket Change, "
  17. “You got it, ma’am.” Candy Cain gave her a lopsided grin before returning to his work. He could get used to cooking breakfast for Night Breeze, at least. That was, if he stuck around, of course. He frowned slightly as he got a whiff of flour. Cain squeezed his eyes shut. He would not sneeze. He would not sneeze. After a moment or two, he opened one eye, sighing in relief, before returning to his batter. ‘Course, that wasn’t really something just friends did for each other, he didn’t think. . . he just didn’t want Night to get the wrong idea if he offered to cook her breakfast more often. On its own, it was nothing. Cain cracked eggs and began stirring them into the mixture with his magic. But. There was an implication there, one Cain wasn’t trying to suggest, but could be taken that way. . . Cain threw the thought away. He was being ridiculous. He could cook for Night if she was fine with it. Cooking for another didn’t mean anything whatsoever. It was just another gesture of friendship. Cain technically did it all the time, with his candy. This was no different. He leaned out from where he was cooking, nodding. “Eh, I could certainly try teaching ya. I can’t really say I’m a teacher, though. . . I’ll give it a shot. For you.” He added that last bit rather quickly, leaning back into the covered cart before his face could flush. “In return, I guess I could learn a bit about yer own magic, eh?”
  18. When listened to Applejack needs, Forged analyzed her requests by looking the catalog. “If you work don’t getting contact to water and mud, the best choice for you are Ultra-high Strength Steel Horseshoes. Without contact with water, it will last many years.” While still looking at the catalog and analyzing, he said: “If you get contact with water very often, I recommend the Ferritic Stainless Steel Horseshoes. They are not strong as the first ones, but a rusty horseshoe can fail suddenly and last less time.” Still looking the catalog, Forged thought about offering the Alfa Titanium Horseshoes, but was a little afraid, due to it price. “If you have no problem with spending bits, I can recommend you the Alfa Titanium Horseshoes. They are lighter then steel, stronger than the Ferritic Stainless and have better resistance to water. It will serve you a plenty of years!” Forged also looked to the horseshoes she wanted to repair, and said: “In terms of cost, it’s better to acquire brand new horseshoes, but if these horseshoes are meaningful to you I can make your wish true!” He smiled after saying this, and was thinking about doing this task for free, as courtesy for her. When he listened her mentioning his father, lots of things passed in his mind, and he, very surprised and serious, said: “Cast Horseshoe is my father, have you ever met him? He’s disappeared for at least 2 years, then I assumed this business. Have you any idea where he could be?” While he was talking, the alarm of the oven sounded. “I’ll be back in a minute, I have to change the temperature of the oven.” He went to the oven and put more coal till it reached 870ºC, so he returned to the balcony.
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  20. Ho-Boy. This was one of Applejack’s cousins. Which considering where she was, the young dragon just needed to be next to say ten random ponies, and there was a really good chance at least two of them would be related to the farmer. She also needed to be careful how she acted and what she said in front of this squirt. If she wasn’t the most gracious of hosts, everything she said and did would go right to the cow-pony and then the rest of the professors. Smolder would need to dial back the sass for this one. He also really wanted to know more about her and her ‘kind’. For some reason, she didn’t like how that sounded. “Well, most ponies haven’t either.”, she gave the pony a wink in response to the colt’s remark on not spending time with dragons before. “Let’s get inside.” There were just too many waterfalls and fountains outside! Ponies loved them! And while she found the sound of falling water to be somewhat relaxing, for the most part, it just made her need to use the little fledgling’s room. Smolder lead the young pony into a long hallway with high ceilings. Whoever built the school spared no expenses as there was beauty everywhere. From the marble floors and pillars, to the impressive busts of famous ponies from Equestrian history. Her eyes quickly fell upon her notebook. She welcomed to the student-to-be into the school. Let him into lobby. Going to skip the welcoming joke. Might offend. Oh. Questions! "One thing I get to ask..", she quickly stashed her notepad back into one of her pockets, "What made you want to attend this school, over say, the private schools you have over in Manehattan?"
  21. You look like All Might if All Might weren't All Might
  22. What if I told you guys I looked exactly like All Might except I didn't look anything like him?
  23. I grew a body by being a couch potato and eating poorly
  24. "Ah'm in need a new quad of horseshoes. Ah run Sweet Apple Acres and that is a lot of hard work. Ah farm, buck trees, run errands, build barns, control tha Everfree, and work mah flank off from dawn ta dusk. Ah need a horseshoe that can hold up ta all that stress and a lot of impacts. Can't have a fella that breaks down quickly, either. Don't need fancy lettering or colors or anything that sparkles or shines in moonlight or something fancy like that, just need tha best worskshoe you have," she said as she looked around. She then took out her saddlebag and started displaying some of her older horseshoes. "Ah'd also like ta get these repaired, if y'all could do that. Some of them might need ta be reworked on account of mah hooves being a mite bigger than they used ta be, but it'd be appreciated no matter what," she said, looking over them all. She ran through about a quad every year or two it felt like and only about five really looked like they could do her any good. She tried to remember if she saw him around. Sure he might have been a bit of a shut-in but even shut-ins needed to go to the market and get some work materials. Of course it made sense if he wanted to live on the outskirts, what with his work and all, but still- everypony needed to be seen at some point. No doubt this wasn't a lick different. Where did that name ring a bell? It did. Ponyville wasn't a big place. Most ponies knew most ponies and some ponies knew everypony and while she wasn't going to be arrogant enough to claim to have all the names on automatic recall like Pinkie Pie. Wasn't much of a stretch to say that she probably knew everypony in Equestria at this stage. But that name...then it dawned on her! "Wait a second, is your pa named Cast Horseshoes?"
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  26. Inspired in Terry Crews, famous actor of action and comedy móveis.

    © Drawn by Rafael Pinto

  27. Valen had been very excited to see who would the one to give him the tour. He had enough relation with important members of the faculty to have some inside information not on the courses, but on the students. Made sense since it was a friendship school that your primary concerns were that of your fellow students, since the real education lay with the bonds you made with them. Sandbar sounded like a very relaxed colt, a local one that Valen had seen once or twice around town. Silverstream was a hippogriff who had a bubbly and excitable sensibility about her that was infectious and brought a great amount of joy to those around her. Gallus, the griffon, seemed to pack a prickly personality that simply hid the softness and care inside. Ocellus was a changeling who was changeling perceptions- see, Valen had an amazing sense of humor- one creature at a time. Yona the Yak was a bright spot in everycreature's day who might smash a lot but helped build something great. And that left just one creature and as luck would have it, that was the creature that opened the door and invited him in. Smolder the dragon. Just a few years ago this would have been a terrifying sight. Dragons had a long and storied history of terrifying ponies. Luckily, recent events had helped shift the perception a little bit and Valen had been lucky enough to deal with Spike more than a few times. There was little a dragon could do, as long as it was being sociable and talking. And Smolder was a sociable dragon, known for being a bit coarse and direct but tere was a reason she had a great group of friends. "Hello Smolder, I'm Valen Orange. A pleasure to meet you," he said with a bow that naturally became a curtsy, his experience showing. "Cousin Applejack spoke very highly of you when I decided to apply for this school. I have never spent long along dragons, and I look forward to learning more about you and your kind," he said pleasantly, not having to lie even as he spoke in a practiced manner. It never hurt to be kind and polite, especially to those you did not yet know. The frivolity of personal relationships were always built upon a solid foundation, and he looked forward to building one with her. He trotted deeper into the school, his eyes soaking in the sights and sounds.
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