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  2. The mood has changed! So has the music! The stallion slowly stood back up onto his hoofs and paused, standing there for a moment as his single golden eye shifted slightly, glazing over the mare then to the Batpony. A gentle breath was sucked in. Before he spoke he shifted slightly on his hoofs. Attempting to make himself as comfortable as possible. His face showed that serious guard expression once more. No longer was he the faded warm stallion he was before. It seemed he had shifted back into his normal state of being. His tone was soothing, slow, but it had power behind what he said. Taking great pride in what his job and his name sake was. "I am Silver Armor, Royal Guard, Soon to be the Captain of the Solar guard. It is a pleasure to meet you both. Burning Aegis, and you Street Art. Forgive me for not giving my intro sooner. I have had a lot on my mind." He gave it a few moments to settle in, before sighing softly once more shifting his fluffy blue mane from covering the eyepatch. Silver wasn't one often to flaunt around, nor did he enjoy telling his name. Though the two before him had given him nothing more than trust, kindness. It would have been rude for him not to say anything. But that expression that held upon his face softened for a split second. Hoping he had not ruined the soft kind mood that was placed out before them. As he heard about the Club, his head turned to glance at it. Silver wasn't much of a party pony. Yet he had made a promise to get out more. "I didn't know there was a club like that. I guess I really do need to leave the kingdom walls more to explore." Silver turned his head back with a huff. The air now felt heavy, colder even. The mist of the small fountain they stood before aided in the cool wind blowing across them all. Out of habit Silver lifted his hoof to his scarf and shifted it around. Tugging it slightly tighter. Now he knew that he wasn't the best at being social. Give the Stallion a break, he was just out for a walk before this had changed into a small group gathering. But he kept his gaze away from the two. Looking towards the sky now, the moon kissing his coat with that silvery glow.
  3. Also could do with some stuff for Burning Aegis. Friends, band-mates, family, stuff like that.
  4. At first , Hanabi was incredibly flattered by this gift. This feather was so beautiful. It bore all the colors of the rainbow and merely looking at it seemed to grant her a small burst of vitality as the Empress had said. Between admiring the feather's features and the Empress' kind look of approval, Hanabi felt stuck in place. LIke this fabulous gift was weighing her in place as arrows pierced her side. She felt like each of the Empress' words was like another one loosed from some finely crafted warbow. Guilty feelings started to bubble up. Yanhua had to take a quiet breath to steady herself. Just when she thought she might be able to say something, Feng came to the rescue before she might say anything incriminating in the heat of the moment. Her friend's display warmed her heart so much. The qilin with the perpetually closed eyes let out a wistful sigh. Some motes of green flames escaped her muzzle and soon drifted up behind her. The smokey magic forming up in the shape of a heart. Before Feng looked back to her She had already fanned away the emotional slip up of a spell with her tail. She gave a respectful bow to the stallion, "I thank you for your testimony, Feng. Unofficial or Otherwise." Still feeling the eyes of the court and Empress upon her, it was getting overwhelming for this chef. Even she had that lovely arrangement in the past with those early qilin to protect their rice fields, she wasn't terribly fond of having many eyes upon her. If someqilin wanted some request fulfilled they'd just leave it at the shrine. Perhaps it would be best to bring Feng's triumph back to the spotlight. She'd already gained Yu's approval to meet later and discuss things... "My empress, Will Feng be receiving one of these Feathers as well?"
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  6. If there was ever any doubt, the sight of the fox at normal size dispelled it for Feng. This was Hanabi, his forest foalhood friend! He'd wondered, in later days, whether he had simply imagined her in a fit of loneliness, but training as a Watcher had made him pretty sharp in when his senses and memories ought to be trusted, and so he had to believe in talking foxes. But to see her, here, now, so far from his home village... "I remember playing, with you, in the forest." He approached her slowly now, the bravado and adrenaline of the chase draining out through his hooves. "I was never able to find you after I left; well, I mean, I never did go back to my home village, but I never saw anything like a talking a fox. I almost thought I made you up! But here you are..." He beamed, almost made as if to hug her, before curiousity struck him, and he tilted his head. "Were you... disguised as Yanhua, or were you always Yanhua?" Feng was quite unfamiliar with the concept of Yokai, and thus had no context for how all this was working. He was also totally unfamiliar with Tempest's trauma, or indeed the present effects of it on her, as his attention was wholly taken up by his reunion
  7. Heart Shield chuckled to himself at Sombra's response. Rearing his head back a moment to avoid the tail flick. It had seemed Sombra was ready to set off for the castle with him or not. Turning on his hooves the grey Pegasus began to follow the disguised Sombra. Stepping down off the platform as they made their way towards the edge of town. Somehow Heart shield just knew this trip would feel like an eternity. Just in the Horizon past all the little homes of Ponyville one could see the border of the Everfree forest. A very dark forest where the daylight just didn't seem to exists even during the day due to the dense tree cover. Nearing the Everfree forest Heart shield thought for a moment as he trotted behind and to the side of Sombra. "So, I'm assuming you know your way through the Everfree without getting yourself lost?" Heart asked curiously. His mind wandered for a moment imagining all the valuable items that may be still hidden within the old ruins. Perhaps he should make an effort to bring some back to the castle in Canterlot. That begged another question in the back of his mind. Just what was Sombra after? Surely he didn't come here just to go see the place. "Is there anything your going to the castle for in particular?" Heart Shield asked suddenly after a moment. His conversation had felt awkward with Sombra. After all they weren't exactly friends.
  8. Spike noted the apron bedecked filly and smiled. "Wow! This is turning out to be a pretty fancy party!" He nodded to Yona. "Come on Yona! Let's go check this place out!" When he saw that Yona probably wasn't ready yet he turned to Hawthorn. "So uh, what's to eat?" Lamp nodded as Hawthorn told him that things were under control. "Nope, she's not annoying at all! In fact, it's been a pleasure to get to know another member of your family!" The stallion smiled down at his newest little friend. "Quite happy to have you Rosemarey!" He glanced over at Yona who looked rather worried. "I think there's certain yak over there that might need your assistance." He encouraged her over to Yona, hoping the two would take to each other. Yona looked a bit worried as Spike mentioned it being fancy. She was not a big fan of fancy and had failed a pony fanciness before. She spoke to Rosemarey. "Yona didn't know we were wearing dresses! Is Yona not fancy enough for pony party?"
  9.  Ah the things RD was glad Applejack was not around to see. She imagined if AJ had watched their little guy take a tumble like that she'd be right at his side dusting him off and telling him how great his attempt had been. However, that wasn't the way a Wonderbolt trained and it wasn't going to happen like that with just momma Rainbow around! Nope. He'd be tough about it since he wasn't really hurt. She'd picked this slope with falls like this in mind. The turf was deep and super soft. Able to cushion falls from no great heights. It was absolutely the perfect training area for a bright young flyer like Zappers! She was proud to see him give it his best go and move to the side. It was a big improvement for sure. Side to side was no easy feat for a beginning flyer but it was essential for going any further. If you couldn't move to the sides well, anything that came your way would become impassable. She took a few hovering feet closer to her little guy and spoke clearly. "That was a really good recovery there Zap!" She landed next to him. "You kept yourself loose and didn't take the main impact of the landing." She noted the path he had taken. "The roll was just what we want too. Don't try to stop yourself just roll with it!" While she spoke she quickly checked him over with just her eyes, making sure he had no injuries. "Ok, let's practice that side to side movement here on the ground." She lifted her wings and dipped her right side down. "Follow me ok?" She moved so her had a clear view of her back. "We have to shift our wings using our back and chest muscles." She tensed the muscles and slowly tipped her wings in the other direction. "Right, like that! Yep!" She encouraged him. "Let's keep going with this for a few more side switches." She moved her wings one way and then the other, watching to see the movements of his muscles and wings.
  10. "Chocolate cherry frosted you say?" She glanced about and quickly piled a tray with about ten treats. She trotted over to the seat Valen had chosen and laid the tray in front of him. Pinkie used the end of her forelocks to point to some of the goodies. "We've got a chocolate cherry custard tart, a chocolate cherry eclair, and a chocolate cherry fruit slice. Not frosted but all really good! Here's a chocolate donut with cherry filling frosted in chocolate icing, chocolate chunk cherry cookie, and of course a chocolate cupcake frosted with chocolate cherry frosting and red sprinkles!" The pink pile of energy took a bouncy seat next to her friend and selected an eclair for herself. It was gone with a couple chews and a gulp! "Oh! I've been good! Ha!" She laughed a shook her head. "Make the double great actually! Business is booming around here and I'm getting lots of time to try new recipes! Not to mention what's been going on with me and my friends. Talk about big stuff coming soon!" She rolled her eyes. "Being left in charge of Equestria is no little thing but meh! We've got it!" She pushed off the counter and twirled around in her chair a couple times while she thought. "Hmmmmm ,now that you mention it I did hear a few stories a few weeks back. Something about you and babysitting I think? Oh! How could I forget! The big news was you had a crush on Silver Spoon! I was meaning to ask you what was going on with that?" It was a jarring way to ask that sort of thing but that didn't seem to phase Pinkie one little bit! While she monologued on the few ponies left in the parlor area finished up and headed out. The lunch break for most ponies at work was heading towards the close. Pinkie jumped up and after bidding them farewell she clicked the lock over. "We've got the whole place to ourselves!" She spied another sweet treat from the platter. "The Cake's are out of town today." She spoke absently and crammed another treat into her mouth. Once she was finished she locked her eyes on Valen. "So, about Silver Spoon?"
  11. Oh oh oh! This certainly was frightful! That poor little squirrel was being disturbed by the group being there, Fluttershy just knew it! When Ali spoke harshly to it, the pretty mare's eyes narrowed to glare at her. This wasn't her normal response to most situations but she just couldn't bare seeing a poor forest creature spoken to harshly! "You leave her alone!" Fluttershy trotted towards the squirrel. "She's being bothered by us, not the other way around!" She spoke over her shoulder to the farm pony before getting down closer to the squirrel. it was indeed a White Tail Brown Tail Tree Squirrel! "We're sorry little one! Also, we're here to help you and all the other little forest creatures." The squirrel chittered a bit before relenting and loping forward a few paces to come eye to eye with Fluttershy. She reached a gentle hoof towards it. "What's that you say?" The squirrel would have repeated itself if not for the terrible fumble and then the 'yelp'! The movement and noise caused the squirrel to hop forward, landing squarely on Futterbutt's back. She cowered away from the forest, closer to the rest of the group. Even Sombra seemed less scary than whatever was making that noise! "What is that!?" She whimpered, continuing to lower herself towards the ground in terror. A few moment later Firewalker was asking if Flutters would accompany her to check out the noise. It was of course a terrifying prospect but at the mention of helping the animals Fluttershy got a hold on herself. "Yes of course Firewalker!" She tried to sound more confident than she was feeling. "Do you want to come along?" She asked to the tiny passenger on her back. The squirrel wore a look of pure bravery and anger towards whatever had been making the rumbling. "We'll go with you!" Flutters spread her wings and took to the air... about three feet while she waited for the brave Guard mare to come up next to her.
  12. After Applejack placed her son on the couch, all he could do was sit there and look downwards, not able to crack the smallest of smiles. His mother asked him if he was alright. He wasn't, although he could account for his physical health and even his emotional damage minus a possible nightmare in the future, he could not in any sense have confidence that he was not feeling at all guilty over the night's dramatic events. The pause that she made after her question caused a silence that elevated the focus on Zap's inability to cope with his own feelings, and he started to cry. Only a few tears in, he began sniffling and he very quickly began hyperventilating. The randomness of Zap's breathing made it hard for him to say what was on his mind, even though he would rather not say anything at all. But as Mom has always taught him, being honest and telling others how you feel is very important. So in between his random inhales, he uttered his grievance. "It was, it was... all m-, my... fault..."
  13. Sweetie couldn't help but grin big as many little fillies she knew began to show up. "Hi there Echo!" She returned the greeting enthusiastically and then cocked her head slightly. "Why would I not be here today? I like to learn new things...especially stuff I'm probably not that good at!" She smiled, thinking of all the little ponies she'd help to find their calling in life. "You never know where you might have a hidden talent!" After that a little filly she hadn't met came onto the field. She seemed really nice and Sweetie trotted right up! "Hi! Yep, we've here for some soccer!" She smiled at the filly who would hopefully end up a as a new friend of hers. "I'm Sweetie Belle. What's your name?" Then the little blue filly Wind Walker appeared with Gumby! "Hi you guys!" Sweetie called to her friend. "Glad you could make it Wind Walker! I'm super excited! This is gonna be a lot of fun!" Thunderlane watched as Sweetie made her rounds and then called to all the fillies. "Alright everypony! Let's get gather up! I see the head coach coming this way!" When Long Shot greeted him with a quick head rub he grinned and bumped lightly into her shoulder. Ever since he'd met the soccer star he felt like he'd gained a sibling. She was so easy to get along with and so much fun! He hoped Rumble would show up soon. His little bro had to meet their new 'sister'! "Wouldn't miss it!" He smiled big at his new friend and listened as she gave directions for a circle. Once everypony was circled up Long Shot took her turn and Thunder found himself standing right next to her. "Hi there everypony! I'm Thunderlane and yep, I'm a Wonderbolt! I also love helping out with little fillies and colts plus Long Shot is a good new friend of mine so that's why I'm here! One of my favorite things is helping others get the most they can out of life!" Sweetie was standing next to Thunderlane. "Hi everypony! My name is Sweetie Belle and my favorite things to do are helping others find out what they love to do and also to explore new things!"
  14. Gallus' claw didn't look that bad, he approved of hitting the dance floor, and Silverstream started to bubble her excitement. Swimming always did a good job of burning several calories but nothing was more energetic than seadancing, especially when the entire city was participating in attendance. The music had filled the trench with waves of all different kinds of sounds. Artificial and natural lighting sparkled a spectrum of colors across the crowds of seaponies. Silverstream swam a hyperactive zigzag towards the center of the dancing area and turned around to see Gallus follow. Immediately, she start moving her fins and her body in flowing motions not clearly tied to the rhythm of the music, which for the time being was very methodical and electronic. It seemed that magic was involved in the process of playing the music, but it wasn't obvious as to how. Silverstream made aware of Gallus' proximity and started her movements closer to him. She didn't really care about his style or quality of dancing, she just wanted to see what kind of energy he was able to display. Seapony's generally didn't have many insecurities and so, besides a few elderly seaponies, everyfin was squirming to the music. Some of them were talented, most of them were not. *record skip* And then suddenly the music changed. "Alright, this one is for all you lovers out there." The song that started playing was a slow dance song. Seaponies everywhere started coupling together, their fins locked to each other's as the song started its swaying encourages. Silverstream hesitated. She knew Gallus was far out of his element, and she wasn't sure how natural he would approach this situation. In fact, if she would take Professor Applejack's lessons to heart, she was also feeling a little challenged by the action, so much so that she blushed slightly. "Oh. Um." Silverstream didn't know how to respond or provoke a response from Gallus so she just offered her hoofins up. As the song continued, the lights fell more moody, with only dark blue and purple hues covering the floor.
  15. Sombra's snout immediately wrinkled. "Don't be foul. This disguise is hideous compared to my actual appearance," he snapped back and strode past the pony, his tail flicking behind him; he may or may not have attempted to flick Heart Shield in the face with it. Whether or not that he managed, he didn't bother to look. "I do," he deigned to answer, heading towards the edge of the platform. The umbrum was eager to be off, and he knew just where to go. It wasn't as if traversing Ponyville to reach the Everfree Forest would be hard, it only bordered the south side of the town- right across from the very station they were still at. He'd looked at the maps, of both the Equestrian map and the map that involved the area Ponyville was in, all found in Canterlot's libraries. Without another word, Sombra was off, intent on getting across town so that he might finally shed his disguise in the heavy shade of the Everfree Forest, and find that old castle. He'd never gotten to see it before, not when it was newly built, nor when it was in ruins. There was something of a depiction of its ruins on one of the maps that he'd managed to find, but drawings and depictions could never really do the real thing justice.
  16. Female Aerion/Pegasus Hybrid Reckless PROFILE Role Play Type: World of Equestria RP TEXT COLOR: #ff33cc
  17. Midnight could feel his heart rate rising as he read the droids text on the small screen in front of him. He had known Master Luna had been spooked about something and this only confirmed it. What could make the second highest ranking Jedi so worried. Nodding his head in agreement to Tiger Blood, his ears would perk up once he heard his padawan speak. "That's a good thought Raven. Thank you for your input." The bat pony would try to hide a sigh however before sharing his thoughts on the matter. "I feel there is a disturbance in the force, though I can't figure it out. It's surrounding our republic. With this war with this Sith led army....and increasing oversight from the Republic Senate with the Jedi affairs....who's really going to miss three low level Jedis." Midnight looked to Tiger. "Didn't you find it odd that we both got promoted to Knights, though our rank in the Republic Army did not increase to General like the other Knights and Masters...and with Raven never being out of the Jedi Temple since her training began...or at least that's my theory." He would stop talking and started to take deep breaths trying to calming himself back down. Pressing a button, the ramp to the shuttle would begin to rise.
  18. I’m back at school teaching so posts won’t come as frequently. I’m shooting for once or twice a week in each of my threads Feel free to skip me as needed.
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  20. It came deep out of left field seeing Feng fly up to the fox-demon and boop its nose, seeing how Sunset Shimmer was this close to reaching a breakthrough. But by Celestia; whatever Feng did worked spectacularly, because the visage of the fiery monster immediately vanished, revealing the true form of the eight-tailed vixen. As the tearful reunion between fox and longma commenced, Sunset started feeling way out of the loop, as if she wasn’t missing the full historical context between Yanhua and Feng. Sunset took a quick peek at the house rooftop Tempest Shadow had made her stand on to judge how she was reacting to unfolding events... only to spot nobody! How peculiar. As Sunset blasted Tempest with a dispelling Fail-Safe spell moments ago, she felt compelled to at least check up and see if the other unicorn was all right. That was, if the broken-horned mare hadn’t wandered off yet. “Tempest???” Sunset cried out as she walked back in the opposite direction from Yanhua and Feng; “Tempest Shadow, you there???!!” Still no response or sign of her. “Hmmph,” Miss Shimmer reflexively grumbled to herself; “Go figures she runs off the moment there’s no fox to hunt anymore.” Just as Sunset was just about to call off her search, the mare rounded the corner of the house and found Tempest Shadow sprawled on the ground! “Tempest!”; Sunset cried out in worry as she galloped on over; “Are you alright?!” Tempest didn’t appear to be in physical pain, thank goodness, but why did she look like she just saw a ghost? A minute ago, Tempest had been aching for a fight, so what was up with this sudden 180? ...Was this all because of that dispelling spell?
  21. I might be able to come up with something here today possibly if you would like?
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  23. Oh um. I can reply if needs be. I was unsure if it was my turn or not. I hope i'm not holding things up Might try to fit a reply in
  24. It's been just about a week for this, so I'm curious what everyone's up to. Do I need to do something to move things along or are we just busy?
  25. [Shadow Storm][Unicorn][Male][Middle aged Stallion][Shadow Storm's app] Past and present threads Notable events and achievements
  26. Tempest started down the giant fox, unflinching as its muzzle filled with green flames and fang. She steps closer, her horn thundering as the thatch roof underneath her hooves smolders and smokes from the rolling storm of magic flowing down her body like a living lightning rod. Hooves space out, horn aims. She did not plan to hit the fox, they were not out here to hurt her after all. But if the fox was going too show off so was she! Than a spell hit her. Tempest was taken back from the shock as her magic sputters out. Betrayed! That word screamed in her head. She was Betrayed. Swinging her head to aim at Sunset, her eyes full of rage. Than nothing… The rage faded away from her face as her eyes go wide. “No.” She mutters, trying to channel her magic again. “No no no no no!” Is the only word leaving her muzzle as she back pedals and looks up at the giant fox. Towering. Fangs. Just like the ursa. She saw it replay in her head. A small helpless filly with no magic. Helpless, screaming for her life. Tripping over her own legs Tempest falls off the thatch roof out of view of the others well they were busy talking to Yanhua. In her panic and fall she failed to what see happened between Feng and the fox.
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