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  2. Nil was already regretting his fun and games, the master was enjoying this far too much. But than they did switch genders at will so it seems ‘switching’ race, fake or not, did not faze them at all. In fact it seems like they loved this change. What monster has he unleashed upon himself? “[Master that is not what I was implying fior… I… I don’t want to lick mud out of my fur.]” He says says looking down at the small female sphinx giving him one big feline smirk. She really did fit the part of a female sphinx shockingly well and the fact she did so well was… alarming. He did far tomuch a good job on her looks, she was a PONY and he must not forget that. Looking away at all the maids he rolls his eyes buy did smile some. “[Yes, I do… Enjoy getting fawned over by lots of pretty mares that is something I can not lie on. Makes me feel like a real sphinx and not some PET of a magic king.]” He says looking back at his master well leaning his head to one side. “[You have taken… Well to the look. If one did not know better they may think you -were- a sphinx all along.]”
  3. ************Roughly two hours ago************ “I can't stop this feeling Deep inside of me Mare, you just don't realize What you do to me!” Tempest drilled her hoof in to the punching bag hanging from the ceiling as the words laver her muzzle, singing along to the music filling her apartment. She was about half way done with her daly workout. Today was going to be a good one. Ice lined up some fun for her and the next day her friend Sunny was coming over. Things in her life seem too be looking up after so long of being down. It was not amazing but for the first time in well over a year she had hope. Along with taking to heart what pink flank says. Think good, think better. It was hard but steap by step she was going somewhere better. With one last buck of her legs a chain snapped as the punching bag rips free of the ceiling with a thundering thud. “OH #%^#@ %@#$ #^$!” She yelps from in shock jumping away from it. She heard the pony from the floor below her yelling and cussing her out. He can get over it. Not her fault. Kicking the bag to roll it to the side of her apartment she shrugs and trots over to her ‘kitchen’ side of the apartment and tossed up her refrigerator to look for a snack. Pushing about cans of beer and other drinks… But nothing. She must have eaten the leftovers already. Oh well, she can grab fast food on the way to the Casino. Slamming it shut she rolls her eyes and grabs a cigarette before she fishend up her work out. With a spark of her horn it was lit as she flops on to her bed. Today was nie- A hoof pounded on the door. Growling she gets out of bed heads too the door, pulling it open. “What the buuuuckkk…. Me.” She whispers blinking as she saw Sunny on the other side. “Uh….” looking back at how… bad her apartment was… and the fact she only had on some old flank stained tank-top and bandages left her feeling humiliated and just slammed the door shut on the poor mare. “J-JUST HOLD ON!” She yelped. So much for sunny coming next day. ************************ Tempest folds her ears back as sunny yelled at her again. What a horrible day it's been. She bucked all and was dragging sunny to see some blasted show mare. Hopefully she can do something to help her friend forgive all of this. “Look, I’m sorry. I don’t know how many times you want to hear that! I messed the dates up, I'm stuped I know.” She says back looking at Sunny. “Look, I swear whatever you want. Name it and I will bend over backwards to fix this mess later. I swear.” She added looking back to the door. “I know it sucks, this was not meant to overlap. Just… If... If you want we can turn around now and do whatever you want.” She says taping her head against the door. What a bucking mess this day was. So close to meeting THE Wind Dancer and here she was trying to not destroy one of the few good things in her horrible life.
  4. Dang it, work ate up all my time! PL'S EFA is cominnng


  5. His monstrous teeth were bared when Hou deflected his blast up into the sky. He glanced up long enough to watch its path, up by the lumpy shape of something he'd glimpsed earlier before his attention snapped right back to Hou and the defenses she was laying down for herself. Her offer of a bet drew a scowl. "Why would you even bother? What is there to gain from attacking me, if I've already expressed, in a manner, that I'll avoid central Equestria if you really did mean to catch up later on?" Sombra asked, sliding to a halt on the ground as he eyed the vial and the liquid that spilled out of it soon after. He didn't have a clue what it was, only that it was strange. His brow furrowed in a confusion that was quickly wiped away by an expression of determination. He wasn't about to let some centuries-old pony witch get the upper hoof on him.. He made a mental note that Hou wasn't worth his time anymore and shifted to shadow, paying attention only to the important information Hou happily slipped him in what could almost come close to being a monologue if she ever kept going as those blades came flying out from the sphere behind her. He retreated, the weapons passing through his incorporeal body as he threw up another shield of jagged black crystals between himself and the sorceress. His ears were up, alert, listening for any sign that the assault of flying blades stopped- if they did- so that he could work on his next attempt. His magic lifted the black crystals he used as a wall, breaking them off from where they grew. They sharpened in his magic and Sombra waited for silence to fall so he could fling them Hou's way, and batter her magic domes with their scrawls of unfamiliar symbols.
  6. Besides the moon, neither the comic or show gave us much to do once leaving the planet Equestria...Also, it's weird, they never even gave us the name of the planet MLP took place on either.
  7. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Hearing Sky's comments brought her out of her brief lull of thought, bringing her wings back down as the music continued. It was an interesting thought, and one that she hadn't really thought of before. She wasn't a song writer by any means so the only thing she herself ever did with music was use it to dance to, or as something mellow and relaxing after a night of shows or whenever she needed to just unwind. It really helped on the nights that she would get flare-ups either at the end of a show, or Celestia forbid during a show. Thankfully up to this point the flareups during the show hadn't been bad enough to where she's had to stop a show before. It would just take her a little be longer to start the next part of the act while it calmed down. "That is something that is interesting to think about. I know most of the bands that I petition are surprised that I want to use their music for what I want to do with it. Most just sell me the record that it was on and move on. You'd at least think they'd want a bit of the royalties for something like that," she started When she saw him yawn and heard his last comment she smiled. "Well, why don't you stay here for the night then? I have an extra sleeping bag or two around for when my girls come down. Kinda hard to get them to do that though since one of them lives in Canterlot... but my bed is more than big enough for two, and with two separate sleeping bags we would have to worry about any overnight incidents," she said with a giggle.
  8. "Heh, I guess that's fair. Still, good on your engineering; you certainly maintain the illusion very well. Though, I have to ask, where does the fire half come from? Is it a mere stylistic choice, or is there a co-owner that I don't know about?" In truth, Kahz had kind of an inkling, as Queen Chrysalis had given him a rundown of her own meeting with Ice Storm and Raven when the two mares visited their island. Still, didn't pay to act on unconfirmed assumptions. As she went on, Khaz nodded. He was remarkably expressive in his pony face, more so than an average changeling. It was one of the things that usually gave the 'off' impression that resulted in inexperienced infiltrators being caught. Kahz, however, completely conveyed his admiration. "Trained by Royalty, eh? If that's anything like the Hive, that means a lot. Not every drone is gifted with the opportunity to personally serve the Queen. Though to hear her say it, that wasn't always the case. Her dominion used to be a lot smaller, back in the day." That would have actually been news to Icy, as the Queen was reticent with information concerning her history towards any outsider.
  9. Sky beamed as he received her compliments. "That's wonderful! Especially considering that's exactly what I pictured the listener of this track doing when I made it. I wonder sometimes how many musicians give a thought on what's happening on the other side of the radio, it seems so many write for an audience that they don't know, or know won't do much with it. It can get pretty uninspiring at times, browsing through the stations, and I wonder if that's somehow deliberate." The stallion was swaying himself, yawning. "I don't see much for me besides a restless night, but if I try to fly home I don't know if I'll make it." He certainly looked like he'd get himself into trouble going out this late in his current state. One wrong turn taken in a daydream, and Windy would likely never see him again.
  10. “...Oh!” Sunset Shimmer had been caught off-guard by the revelation that the diamond dog was Liviel the instructor; “Umm, yes... yes I’m here for the class.” The flushed unicorn offered an apologetic smile; “My name’s Sunset Shimmer, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too!” Not really familiar with bowing, Sunset imitated Liviel’s gesture of greeting as best she could. “Well, I learned about the Harmonious Path a little bit in my World Studies class at Celestia’s School. Basically, it’s all about the Five Aspects, channeling them through attunement, going with the flow....... you know, those sorts of things. But, I was also led to believe that only draconic creatures could enjoy the full benefits of following the Path.....”
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  12. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice paused for a moment when she didn't get an answer from Luna and then turned to see her have. When Luna told her that she didn't know, it was like a wave of pent up hurt and frustration released itself all at once as the princess broke down. Ice gently sent the dishes that she had already levitated down and moved over to the princess, and wrapped her hooves around her in a tight hug. "Hey, it's okay. There may have been a lot that changed, but I highly doubt that you're incapable of doing a few menial tasks. After all, not only a year or so ago, you were still part of the rolling body. The palace servants did most of the tidy work so there wasn't a reason for you to remember those. That's not too say once we started it'd be too difficult for you," she said making sure not to let go until the princess was feeling better.
  13. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice smiled and nodded as they made their way down the hotel hall in response to Heart. The matters of philosophy often have others something to think about on both sides of the coin. On one hoof, she was steadfast about the fact that there being more to life than just what you're cutie mark tells you. In a way, that's kind of what Heart was saying as well, but she believed that there was always that one thing that once a pony found, changed everything able how they had viewed themselves before. When she opened the door to the room that he was going to be staying in while he was there, her smile widened as she saw his reaction to it. She could hear the sincerity in his voice when he complimented it. She also couldn't help but laugh a small but when he says she should change her name to Ice Castle. That she built and defended more than bluster and attack... and that she had built a literal ice castle. "Well, of this magnitude, none of this ice is real unfortunately. Less all my magical ability go to maintaining it. But I can assure you that I know how to rage a storm when somepony tried to hurt those I defend. The former princess of the night can attest to this. She was one of my personal trainers before she retired, and I still sell her out for advice. I've just been thankful that I haven't had to use my magic for offensive purposes yet," she smiled.
  14. Yeah I know. So, kind of an obvious question, is this still on? It's not like Celestia has anything else to do after retiring. Right? RIGHT?! Just to clarify - I am not interested in sending anypony to space myself. However Squall would be very interested in helping establish official Space Agency.
  15. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer smiled and unlocked her door as they made their way inside, noticing that the pegasi next to her was more gliding without so much of moving his wings. It was interesting and could see where his name came from. It also seemed that stopping was an issue, which was common when a pegasi was distracted by something. She couldn't imagine what he could be distracted by. When she opened the door, there was a wide open space in her living room with a record player near by, and it seemed that the walls were structurally reinforced to help keep them stable during some of the outbursts that she was capable of producing. She watched as Sky Sailing went over to the record player and put the vinyl that he had on for her to listen to. It wasn't classical in the slightest, but it was very soothing and upbeat. The longer that she listened to it, she began bobbing her head a bit to it. It was quite enjoyable to listen to as well. Wind could easily find herself listening to this to relax as well as dance. "This is quite good. It's very upbeat, but also very relaxing. I could easily see myself listening to something like this while I'm relaxing here at home just as much as I can dancing to it," she said closing her eyes a bit and swaying back and forth with her wings open for balance.
  16. <Furiously scribes for next edition of LQB.>

  17. Well, I should be 100% back to this site. Still working tons of hours, but I should be able to post. If there are any RPs that I need to post, give me a holler. Also looking for new RPs. I've got all kinds of characters from those little horse critters and a bird cat thing. Also a cat. Hurry hurry to the Tacoboborama!

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  18. Luna would take a bite of the ice cream and grin. "T'is wonderful. I hope that you have made some for yourself as well." It had been so long...or at least it felt that way to the retired princess since she had any food that was not prepared by sister or herself...but mostly Celestia. When Ice asked where the wash cloths where, she paused in thought. When she could not think of the wash cloths location, a large frown appeared to her muzzle. "I....I do not know Ice Storm..." The alicron's eyes began to water as she took another large bite of her ice cream, though this one out of self pity. "I can not even do the simple task of a foal's chores. Between 1000 years on the moon and paroling the dream realm..." She would look to Ice Storm as her watery eyes turned to tears.
  19. Carefully balancing the guitar case across his back, 'Heart Sight' set along the corridor towards his room, eyes roaming to take the lay of the land. "That all seems to beg the questions of just who and what the 'you' being true to whatever or whoever the 'self' is. Be happy to talk this through when you got more time, sweetheart; it's a bit heavy a burden to put in a head like mine. My neck's not built to carry that weight, haha." It wasn't long before they arrived at the door, Icy opening it for the little ling as he gazed upon the furnishings within. It was a true suite, one that a tourist would pay top bit for to stay in what felt like the lap of luxury. Having already come from a resort, Kahz could recognize the professional touch when he saw it, as well as all the little economies a hotelier would take to not break their bank in making every room at this level. Still, it was clear that this was built to be a guest suite rather than a staff dorm, and he felt appropriately grateful. "Real Nice, thanks." He said, voice clear of playful inflection to communicate his sincerity. That mood carried him far enough to really take a look at Ice Storm, an exercise of his talent coming into play. "Hm... You ever thought about changing your name to Ice Castle? It would seem to suit you more; you build and defend more than bluster and attack. And, well, you actually went and built a literal castle of ice."
  20. Sunset gulped; it did not seem that Star Swirl’s initial impression of her was a favorable one. The unicorn mare knew that outcome had been a likely possibility, but it hurt seeing it come true before her eyes... .....Yet the elderly stallion’s show of coldness turned out to just be a fake-out, allowing Miss Shimmer to exhale in relief. By this point, Sunset was out of blushes to give, having correctly assumed that Twilight told the Bearded Wizard about her too. Star Swirl’s mention of displacement collapses prompted the smarty-pants side of the Equestrian girl to emerge. “Well at one point, the mirror portal was only activating once every 30 moons, and for only 3 days at a time. I thought that strange (and frustrating) too, since I know more there are more practical ways to ensure a planar gateway can’t be used by the wrong creatures. But after discovering I could write messages to Twilight across dimensions even with the portal closed, she was able to do some jury-rigging, so now we can cross over between worlds at any time!” An intriguing question popped into Sunset’s mind. “If you don’t mind me asking; since you were the one who created the mirror portals and made trips to each mirror destination... I’m assuming you’ve had the experience of turning into... ahem,” she stood on her two hind legs for emphasis; “.....A human?”
  21. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "I don't think that anypony, changling, griffon will ever be forever unhappy if the don't find their true selves, because of nothing else it's more of an awakening moment they don't know could be coming. The most important thing is just being true to yourself. If you ever find yourself doing something that you don't like, you have to ask yourself why you're doing it. But there are many out there that enjoy what they do and have no idea that they could be doing more. Some ponies don't want to do more," Ice started before hearing his continue. "You're right in saying that everything you do is a representation of yourself and defines who you are. Those experiences shape all in existence, and no pony can change what happened in the past, however, perceptions can change. Different perspectives, different view points. All of that makes us who we are. But we could be here all day speaking of philosophy," she added when he says that it'd only been recently he could think like this and his songwriting benefitted greatly from it. Ice did blush a bit through when she asked about his cutie mark and he made a comment about checking out the goods. He then went on that it was based off of his name his ability to see the secret desires of a pony. He added that it was an adaptive talent and one that he actually had but he had to work for rather than was born with. She was half tempted to have him try it with her, but that could lead to some awkward situations. "Interesting, I can think of numerous ways that can come in handy."
  22. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice heard the small tidbit that Harle mentioned about them getting off the hoof by lying and saying they'll never do it again and they'd be right back where they were. "You give Princess Twilight too much leniency. In the wake of the information that's provided, once we've found them I'm taking them straight to the palace all evidence in hoof. Would have this been their first offence at something like this, you would probably be right, but since they've made a living ruining the lives of others, and displaying conduct unbefitting of nobility. I'm going to move to have their nobility status revoked and all assets seized and returned to the ponies that they stole them from," she said looking back to Singlestone. "Now... If somepony else heard that we found them and wanted to exact revenge from a far where they couldn't be seen by anypony else... In a way that I wouldn't be able to predict and defend... Well... I can't say anything of value would be lost. Naturally I don't condone such activities," she finished.
  23. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "As of yet, I have not established a chain of command for the base. I wanted to figure out the when and the where before I figured out the who. I have some ideas for some ponies in need of a promotion that being up here would serve them wonders. But until a pony actually accepts the offer, or I make a decision to station somepony here, I won't know who the commanding officer will be. However, that shan't stop us from discussing business arrangements. Though I'm sure there's a place we can discuss that without so many eyes watching," she said to the dragon before looking back to Tehengu once more. "Indeed. After EPIC decided that it was going to allow three more full scale invasions into the heart of Equestria, I decided to be a bit more proactive. I originally started my program in secret, but is now on the verge of being it's own branch of the military. An extension of the Navy using only elite special forces. The main difference being, I'm an Aeronautical Navy all of my ships are airships and have the newest possible tech in them. I actually have one of my destroyers close by if you both would like to discuss our business there so that you have an idea of what kind of base I'm planning to instill here."
  24. For all his lack of versatility, Sombra sure was precise with his arcane powers when he wanted to be. The ray of dark magic that flew past and between her own projectiles was a proof of that. "First time for everything....DARK MIRROR!" sorceress replied to warlock before crying out, conjuring jet black reflective surface between herself and upcoming attack. Warlock spell hit it head on, but and ricocheted straight into the sky. The Dark Mirror shattered, but it was all Hou wanted from the spell - buying time for more formidable defensive measures to be complete. With few final, dynamic gestures of her leg, sorceress finished the second spell. While there were number of capable mages that knew how to amplify their magic with words or gesture, there were few who could wave multiply spells at the same time using voice for one, and will and movement for other. Shuren was one of them. Three protective domes appeared around the white mare, each adorned with magical circles and and arcane writings in Long Guo language. While they couldn't last longer then three minutes tops, as a trade off, each was as durable as the fortress wall. It was enough for her to both think and proceed with her next action... 'He won't close distance. Sombra knows that he would be crushed in close quarters. Unless it would be an attempt to block my magic. With a mobility and incorporeality his shadow form gives him, landing any strike would be difficult.' she though. Moment later a wicked smirk spread on her face. '....But he won't be able to dodge anymore if he becomes exhausted. I just need to out-endure him.' With plan ready, Hou addressed the former tyrant once more. "I would like to make a bet with you Sombra. I bet that will make you bleed in next seven minutes." she said while bringing out a vial so far hidden somwhere in her mane. The content of said vial glinted metalically. Was that.....? "Did you forgot that I am alchemist as well? My bag of tricks is boundless." sorceress said before uncorking the glass container and pouring it's content onto the ground. The vial itself had to be enchanted, because the amount of liquid spilled from it shattered any suspension of disbelief. Soon it formed into large sphere behind Shuren, large enough to swallow even Cerberus whole. "One of my greatest creations, Hydrargyrum Praestantis." Hou explained with pride, before leaning back. Enchanted mercury immediately formed an intricate throne for her to sit on, which she did in most sassy way possible. "As soft or hard as it needs to be. It's waves my shield, it's drops swords, spears and arrows. And breaking it? You ay very well break a lake or sea. Good luck." Hou said before raising her hoof, and numerous pointy shapes formed on the upper part of the sphere. Moment later, a literal storm of blades was launched at great speeds on Sombra and surrounding area... From her elevated position, Twister could see how this assault literally shredded sizable part of the woods behind the warlock.
  25. A joint base between Equestria and Aquilla? That sounded rather interesting, and was likely a rather good idea. The best way to operate in another non-hostile country without it being secret would be to go into a joint venture with them, usually. He nodded as Ice talked about the base, humming slightly to himself as he did so. Maybe this was something he could help with, in some fashion... ”Hmm?” He asked as Ice spoke to him, drawing him out of his thoughts. “Likewise. Looks like you’ve upgraded since then. As for your ideas here, I think they are solid. Gaining a base out here and the trust of the griffons by allowing them to use it in kind, I think this base is a good plan.”
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