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  2. I haven't been roleplaying here for awhile ever since I got a job. I don't when I'll be back here, but I look forward to continuing the roleplay once I'm settled into my new job. 

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    The Ice Queen

    Eh, he's prolly find. I'm sure the cold never bothered him, anyway.
  4. Rose was pleasantly surprised that this point was willing to go out of his way to show his appreciation for her efforts. More so that he'd do that at such a late hour. She was a little concerned, tho. "Isn't it a bit late for you? I wouldn't want to impose on you that much. Besides, I love meeting new ponies, and I kinda needed a little break from scanning the forest, anywho." She laughed. Normally, this would be about the time she'd be chatting with herself over a mango or two. She was glad for the change of pace. "See?" she could just about hear her friend from Canterlot saying "I told you Ponyville was great for making friends." she smiled. The pony had asked about her map of the forest, and she remembered why he'd said he was there. "Oh, yes. your flower. Hey, maybe if you describe your flower, or where it likes to hide, maybe I've seen it somewhere! I'm pretty good at remembering things. I could tell you the exact place a certain stone laid in a stone street I saw for ten minutes a decade ago." she exaggerated proudly. Tho it was a bit exaggerated, she had yet to meet a pony who's power of memory rivaled her own. She felt a certain degree of pride in that fact, and she wasn't afraid to express her pride.
  5. He wondered what this class was about as well. As much as he would like to believe everything he had told himself in his head regarding claw to hoof combat he doubted it would be anything like that. Probably something to do with Empathy or some other pesonal virtue that wasn't somehow covered by the others. Sometimes he felt like the Elements tended to overlap with one another but he guessed that was kind of the point? All of the Professors embodied all of the Elements to some degree, they just exemplified one more than the others. But that didn't mean somepony couldn't come by and make a big deal about some specific part of something that showcased a thing or whatever. He didn't know what it was or what it was going to be, but he was sure it'd be fine in the end. It always was with the ponies, and it was kind of infuriating. "I don't know, but hopefully the defense part means...I dunno, fighting? I kind of want to see what ponies think fighting looks like. The ones who aren't Guards, anyway. But probably not. One bit says it'll be about emotional defense though. You on?" He challenged Yona to a bet, leaning in with hungry eyes. Nothing better than betting a Yak. They won, it was fine. Lost? Liable to make a friend for life or see them smash. It was great either way. Same with Smolder. He liked her. She was fun to be around. Whether they were teasing one another or being a bit mre serious, he sometimes felt like Smolder was the only one who operated on a similar wavelength. A little aggression, a little rough around the edges, but both were pretty cool cats/dragons when it came down to it. Not that he'd ever admit it. Dragons hoarded more than gold and Smolder's ego didn't need the additional massaging. He nodded. That was enough. Finally their professor walked in. Fiery looking unicorn with a broad smile and a killer mane. Where did they get all these color combinations from? It was like an entire species made up of crayon and creativity. She had a certain flint to her voice too- she sounded older than the other Professors. Not terribly so, but...mature. Gallus dug it. She revealed her name was Sunset Shimmer and that she had also been a pupil of the soon to be former Princess Celestia. Huh. They were multiplying. She also seemed aware of her relative obscurity. Well, at least she was self-aware and not another Professor Dash. Gallus raised his claw. "Hey, Professor. First off, I'm Gallus. Good to meet you. You should know that they don't give us homework usually. My question is: Who are you?"
  6. Applejack nodded emphatically at Starlight's detailing of the event as a hit. Truth be told, Applejack hadn't been very confident in this venture but she was always happy to be wrong when it involved the family business. Her expectation for the day had been met when they hit ten customers. Doing a little over eight times that and with time remaining? Applejack was as pleased as punch. "Hehehe, you got that right. Been doin' great business all day! Why, Ah reckon Apple Bloom's little business idea will have generated..." she did the math, "a lot of bits more than what we woulda done otherwise. Who knows what Ah'll do next for a sale, but Ah reckon this ain't a bad thing to repeat! A little bit surprised she came up with it so fast but Ah reckon she saw it work before, so why not here? Can't imagine it centers on me, though. Ah'm no big fish in tha fry," She said with a blush, pulling her brim down a bit to cover her eyes. She was playing a bit coy on purpose, if only to try and bury the fact that she did find it all a little strange. "A bushel of Cosmic Crisp an' one of Grenadier, comin' on up," she said jovially, looking about. Shortly she found A bushel of Cosmic Crisp, but the Grenadier was a little trickier. It wasn't one of their main varieties and so she found herself having to take a deep look but in time she found a bushel- the last bushel in the collection they had brought out, and one of three bushels of Grenadier that existed in the entire farm. Indeed, it was one she used entirely for cooking. Was Starlight making something for somepony? As she pushed the barrel up to her stand she bent down underneath and pulled out a small notebook. It came up with her as she laid the bushel down on top along with the Cosmic Crisp. She pushed the two bushels over, and then plopped her notebook down. "If yer gonna cook yerself some Grenadiers, avoid pies. You can make it work but they just ain't tha best for it, tha taste's a bit too sharp and they don't keep their shape. Whatcha wanna use it for is a nice jam or some sauce. Here, take this," she said as she tore a page out of her notebook and put it in the bushel. "This here is a recipe for a great applesauce. Easy to make, tastes great, good for anythin'! Grenadier is tha perfect apple for it," she said with a smile. "'Course, there's a fee ta pay, sugarcube. Ten bits and a kiss, or else Ah'll just be takin' mah apples and recipes an' goin' home," she said with a wink and a smile, ready and willing to partake in the final dance of this transaction. *Starlight Glimmer* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
  7. I started watching it ironically in 2011 and forgot about it, but in 2017 I decided to start legitimately watching the show.
  8. Wow, that story’s the best. I’m probably going to remember it forever.
  9. I think it’s probably the one Twilight shot at Tirek.
  10. The situation was going from bad to worse! Yanhua ended up minding Tempest Shadow very much so, fretfully addressing her in particular as she warned her pursuers to back off. Before Sunset Shimmer could respond, the fox creature emitted an ear-piercing scream. Once she recovered from the deafening, Sunset opened up her eyes and saw a most horrific vision: a giant monster of flame ready to burn everything in the vicinity to cinders! And as if Sunset wasn’t shocked enough already, Tempest was STILL clamoring for her epic showdown! Hey gang, being a friend is boring, so let’s instead risk reducing Ponyville to ashes just so I can get a fight in! The frustration in Sunset’s heart boiled over; her horn erupted with a bright aetherial light almost immediately after Tempest issued her latest provokation. With one swift move, Miss Shimmer furiously turned and fired a burst of dispelling magic straight at Tempest! “NO TEMPEST, IT’S NOT YOUR TURN!” Should Sunset’s blast make direct contact with Tempest Shadow, the broken-horned unicorn would find herself incapable of summoning magic for a good half-minute or so. “DO US ALL A FAVOR AND STOP MAKING EVERYTHING WORSE!!! ARRRRRGH!!!!!” Having sufficiently vented at Tempest Shadow, Sunset Shimmer was able to turn back towards the apparent fire-demon with a more conciliatory expression on her features. In her heart, Miss Shimmer knew that despite Yanhua’s fearsome transformation, the scared vixen didn’t really want to fight. Besides, the unicorn’s six sense was telling her that everything about this scene felt off... but she needed to keep her focus on getting through to Yanhua while she was still stationary. “Look, Yanhua!” The mare pleaded, taking several steps forward and placing a heartfelt arm on her chest as she stared down the beast; “If you just want some space, fine then...... we’ll stop getting in the way. But I urge you NOT to drive away all those who care for you! I swear Yanhua that everything’s gonna’ get better; whatever you’re going through... you can count on your friends to be there through thick and thin!” Even if Yanhua chose to run away once more, it was at least worth the effort to deescalate the situation before somebody got hurt.....
  11. Raven smiled awkwardly back, before following her new master onto the ship. The other knight, Tiger Blood, had claimed the co-pilot seat, which was fine with her, as she'd only piloted in simulators, never in real life. So, she instead quietly chose one of the other seats in the back, and sat. After strapping in, she took a look around the cabin, before closing her eyes. She focused her mind inward, trying her best to meditate some and get rid of the nervousness she felt at being sent out once more into the galaxy...
  12. Burning Aegis was usually working at night, but he managed to get a day off tonight. He was planning to play a show later with the band, but it wasn’t time for that yet. For now, the bat pony was taking a leisurely flight through the city, enjoying the sights and sounds of his city at night. Being a lunar guard meant he didn’t get to enjoy the city like this very often, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed his work. When he caught a conversation on the wind nearby, he slowed, landing on a rooftop gently. He wasn’t all that stealthy, especially with his mostly red mane on display, but he wasn’t really trying to hide either. It seemed he had found a conversation between an off-duty guard and a mare. Well, no point in eavesdropping when he could join in! ”Yo! How’s it hanging? Canterlot sure is pretty at night, huh?” He smiled as he flew down and landed nearby, trotting up the rest of the way. “Name’s Burning Aegis, Guard/singer at your service.” Aegis added, giving a playful bow with a wink as he introduced himself.
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  14. Welp, it's been a long time since I've touched up this OOC. Anywho, here's a new Royal Guard OC that I've discovered for ya all: EDIT: Found several more guard OCs made by active RPers. They've been put on the Active Roster.
  15. Been brain storming for another character idea. I feel like all of my OC's act almost exactly the same. Always looking out for others, and staying out of trouble. I have been wanting to come up with a Oc that lies in the middle ground of good and evil for awhile now. Kind of like a antihero, But i have yet to come up with a good idea. I think most of my Oc's are kind of generic, and i want to come up with an Oc that will stand out among all my other Oc's.

    1. dragonofruin


      Having a character with questionable morals can be pretty fun to play! O:

    2. KaityKat


      I can certainly understand being discontent with the monotony of characters whose personalities don't defer much from each other.


      I find what's helpful is to come up with something each of your characters has that the others don't.


      For instance, I have a character who is blunt, gruff and just generally rough around the edges. She's nice, and fiercely loyal, but she doesn't joke, or goof around (she's a lot like Marble Pie, but I made her before she was introduced).

      Then I have her best friend (and secret crush) who's basically the opposite. She's hyperactive and silly and she's a little eccentric. (this one, I have an app for)


      I also have a character who's a scaredy cat. He's skittish, and generally a nervous wreck. He tries to be brave and do new things, but he's scared of almost literally everything. (not quite the same as Fluttershy. He's got reason to be as nervous at he is)


      So yeah. The point is that I usually try to give each of them a quirk that makes them unique from my other OCs. The mane 6 from the show are a pretty good example of a group of characters who each have their unique quirks that break up their monotony, and give them depth.


      You can, of course, also give them different motivations and an ambiguity to their morals. I'm just saying there's also more options for making them feel more like different characters. ;)


      In any case, happy character building, and good luck with making characters you'll have fun with playing. ^v^

  16. Ah, Applejack. The last time Bluebelle had seen this mare, they had kissed. That wasn't usually a portent of a conversation free from awkwardness, but since it was from a kissing booth rather than a date, the new chancellor held out some hope. She smiled, giving a welcoming beckon to the seat next to her. "Oh, Lady Applejack, hello. I suppose I shouldn't find it unusual that'd you'd be a teacher here, but I have to wonder where you found the time." Sparing a glance to her conversation partner's plate, she noted with an entire lack of surprise the surplus of the orange mare's signature fruit. Well, it wasn't as if the school forbade students or faculty to brown-bag it, but Bluebelle couldn't help but think that enlisting the services of her private cook during working hours was some form of cheating. "As for myself... well, it's really only been one day. I'll have a better answer for you later, I suppose. For now, I'm just trying to get a sense of everything here, while following Twilight's instructions. They were quite...detailed. You certainly can't accuse the mare of leaving any ambiguity in her writing."
  17. Name: Terramar Sex: Male Age: Young adult Species: Hippogriff/Sea Pony Eye color: Gradient of sky blue to cyan. Coat: His fur and feathers are creamy off white with the furthest extremities (claws, hooves, beak,) being of a yellow gray color. As a sea pony his fins and hooves are sky blue. Mane/Tail: His mane is cropped short on his neck and his feather like forelocks are long and jut out from between his ears. His tail is long as well. Both mane and tail are of cyan and light turquoise shades, in strips through out. As a sea pony his fins are shorter and more rounded and only cyan colored. Residence: He lives with his parents Sky Beak and Ocean Flow either at Mount Aris or in Seaquestria depending on his moods. His father resides at Mount Aris while his mother stays in Seaquestria. He is allowed to travel between the two homes using the fragment of transformation pearl on his necklace. Physique: He has the healthy structure of a young adult. Lots of energy and a strong but light frame. Occupation: A recently enrolled student in Twilight's Friendship School. Cutie Mark: NA History: Terramar grew up in a healthy family with brothers and sisters, and a mom and dad. His young years were spent frolicking at Mount Aris, enjoying life as a young hippogriff. When the hippogriff kingdom fell, Terramar and the rest of his family went to hiding in Seaquestria. Since he had lived in both places he had quite time deciding where was the best place for him to live permanently once the hippogriffs were free to return to their homelands. Through a series of events and encounters with the CMC Terramar became more confused than ever which wasn't righted until his parents told him he could live in both places and visit where ever he felt like going! He has been doing that up until recently. His sister Silversteam was enrolled as a student at the Friendship School and Terramar has heard all of her stories and adventures! He very much wants to join in as a student! Terramar has enrolled and is looking forward to his first semester at the Friendship school this year! It will be new for him but he's really not that nervous. He's been through a lot of situations that have brought him to this moment and he can't wait to spread his wings as a Friendship student! Character Personality: Terramar is excitable and fun! He loves to adventure and explore. He loves to expand his mind through learning. He's fiercely loyal to his family and ever so proud of his sister Silverstream. He can get caught up in situations sometimes and will become anxious when things don't get figured out right away. He's been known to jump to conclusions and over react sometimes. He has the energy of a young creature and the mind to excel in whatever he attempts! Character Summary: Terramar is friendly and fun! He's one handsome hippogriff! This guy's out for a whole new set of adventures at the Friendship school this year!
  18. "Hey there, Applejack! Seems like your sale's a hit huh?" Starlight said with a smile as she trotted her way up. It was plain to see the dents in the grass where bushels upon bushels had sat before. That was to be expected, Sweet Apple Acres always had the best of the best when it came to the fruit, and they always sold well, but this little booth of Applejack's took the cake! "Can't say what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't a kissing booth." the mare giggled softly and glanced over at where the bushels sat then over towards their stack of lock boxes with an impressed whistle. "Glad to see it's working out so well though! Well if it's alright then I'd like to get a couple bushels myself. One of Cosmic Crisp and one of Grenadier if you have them." the unicorn had done a bit of reading on fruit cultivars recently, surprisingly fascinating stuff! Starlight would smile as she dug out the bits for the baskets. "I'm guessing this whole thing has felt like it's been going on for months huh?" she'd say with a laugh, laying the bits on the table. "It does seem a bit out of your usual comfort zone, but I guess that's what makes it so nice to see. Think you'll be doing this sort of sale again sometime? I'm sure it'll do just as well."
  19. There's an rp or two I'd been neglecting, and I'm sorry.

    I haven't been feeling well.

    it's very difficult to focus.

    I'll let you know when I am back to working condition. :/

    1. RainbowFoxxy


      I hope you feel better soon!

    2. Flooberoid


      Sorry to hear that! Feel better!

    3. KaityKat


      Well, my biggest problem is mostly taken care of, now. Now, I'm just sick with a cold. I should be able to get back into it.


      I'll start with I know it's my turn with Floob.

      Sorry about my delay.

  20. Soccer wasn't her favourite sport at the current moment, that was taken by Buckball, but soccer was probably a close second. They were both ball sports, and at the end of the day, that was really what mattered to her. Soccer was a simple sport to understand in general, not to say that it was easier. Echo made her way through the front gate. The field was surprisingly good considering the terrain of Canterlot. But fields were meant to be practical not natural anyway so it was not that big of a surprise in the end. There was no clear prior indication of who was going to show up for this. It could be anywhere between... well, she couldn't be completely sure. But she could already see two ponies there; one foal. Sweetie Belle was there, she was a crusader, they made their presence basically well known that they would almost be celebrities in a sort of way. There was also another pony. She couldn't remember his name, she swore he looked familiar to a wonderbolt, every pegasus knew about the wonderbolts in one form or another but she didn't know him enough. The star of the attraction was not present as far as she could tell at this moment. Where could she be hiding right now? Long Shot was her name, at least that's what it said in the advertisement. There's no way they could have mixed it up with another player, Long Shot was too famous for that. Even if the mare was present right now, Echo wouldn't have rushed up to her. Years of being self-conscious about her voice have basically taught her to be calmer in some situations, and if she went all hyper now, well, she would probably be completely unintelligible, and that would be kind of embarrassing. Well, it seemed like she was the third arrival. How did Sweetie Belle get here before she did? Was Sweetie really that interested? Well, she would have to find out. She walked up to the filly. "Hey Sweetie Belle, did not think you would be here today," She asked. "Anyone else here that I missed?" She hoped she didn't miss anyone. That wouldn't be good for her perception, she couldn't go blind as well.
  21. Ships leaving soon! Join now or find peace in the Force. @Alivda whenever your ready to post.
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  23. Hey guys. I'm back after my hiatus.... again.... wait what email did I use? Awww whatever I can deal with a new account. Anyway I got a bunch of free time recently and I got a rp homesick. I also missed the people on this site so why not return
  24. Applejack was excited as a bull at a diary farm over this upcoming school year. She had so many fun trips and lessons planned, it was like her mind had kicked into a brand new gear. She never would have imagined herself as a teacher, not in a school at least. But here she was and she was plum tickled by the concept the more she did. With her farm and the Twilight Guard taking up their portions of her life in equal amounts she had to find the time to work on her lessons and boy howdy was she making the most of what time she had. Field trips to famous historical markers, especially those involving the Pillars, farm trips, lessons in sharing feelings and some long term project planning where teamwork was beyond essential. She was excited about it and even if that happened to be the only thing on her mind she'd be more than happy to call it an exciting year. Of course, as was the style of the time, Applejack was to be confronted by a series of developments that were destined to shape the school year beyond her efforts. The first was the announcement that Twilight was going to rule Equestria and, by extension, have to leave the Headmare role of the school. Being best friends with the Headmare certainly made coming to work here less than stressful. Indeed, it gave the professors a certain degree of freedom that they'd otherwise not have. With Twilight leaving all of that was in flux. Applejack had, of course, told Twi it was the smart thing to do. She knew how obsessive Twilight could get when it came to her tasks and the school, while very important, needed to be set aside so Equestria didn't suffer. It hurt her to say it, but the school needed somepony new to lead it. Or even not new, just somepony who wasn't Twilight. Maybe she hadn't phrased it in the best way but she had said it in the best way she could put her conflicting emotions out there, and what was done was done. And now they had a new headmare. Chancellor, Headmare, Headmaster- whatever the title was, it was used by a pony that Applejack didn't know quite well enough. The one time they'd interacted for any serious length of time, Blueblood had been a real pill. So much had happened since that Applejack knew about, let alone didn't know about, that she was willing to allow such preconceived notions to die in her throat. Bluebelle was certainly more a looker, though the broad-shouldered Blueblood had a noble aspect to him that was attractive as well. In any case, it was a shock to Applejack that Starlight wasn't chosen. Twilight's reasoning- that Starlight was uniquely gifted as a counsellor and that nopony could do that job half as well- was solid enough, but still. This was going to be an interesting time. These thoughts, among others, swam in her head as she entered the faculty room with her daily supply of apples and apple-related products. She liked to use them to spice up the selection offered by the school. When she entered she saw- "Headmare- err, Chancellor Bluebelle. Howdy! How're you findin' it so far?" She asked in a friendly tone, taking a seat and putting her hooves up.
  25. Rainbow followed behind her intrepid young foal. More than once she had stifled giggles and little sounds of admiration as Zap made his way towards the summit of the hoofhill. He was just so dang cute! It was hard to hold back her admiration of his attempts at becoming a great flier. However, she certainly didn't want him to think she was laughing at him! She'd never do that! She was as proud as a mom could be of the little guy! What a perfect day! She breathed in through her nose, letting the smells of grass, woodlands, and good times mingle. They'd come to this place a few times before. It was fast becoming the favorite spot for all things pegusi between the two of them. Here he'd learn to buzz those little wings, lift up from the ground, and touch down without catastrophes of tangled hooves and wings. Today would be his first day of learning just the tiniest touch of finesse. Someday he would be a great flier, Dash was determined to see that! However, it was a step by step process. She'd guide him through the whole thing and she felt privileged to do so! "Oh I saw little guy!" She lighted on the ground next to him and grinned. "You were flying faster that me! You're getting faster every day Zappers!" She ruffled his forelocks between his ears. Rainbow glanced about, deciding what they'd work on for the day. She's took to calling basic flight maneuvers 'tricks' for the moment which seemed to motivate Zap nicely and help him feel accomplished. "A big trick huh?" She flapped her wings just a bit. "Well, we've warmed up flying here so that's taken care of." "You want to practice 'up, down, side to side for a little bit?" Up, down, side to side was a fun game for practicing basic wing control. She would move either up, down, one side or the other and he would try to mirror it. "Up!" She flapped a bit, leaving the ground by a few feet.
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