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  2. They can be used in the main section, O: It has some requirements that characters fit into the universe, (I've been struggling on a way to phrase it and this is the closest thing I can manage xD) and you can put in an application for your character(s) to be able to play them in the main section. The staff are definitely willing to help you out with anything on your application. There's also http://www.canterlot.com/topic/14150-fluttershys-creature-compendium-roleplay-species-list/ and http://www.canterlot.com/topic/12309-raritys-simply-fabulous-application-form/ that might be of help for any information.
  3. Applejack observed the growling and howling timberwolves from behind the safety of her house. They were mighty brave, venturing this far in. That would be as close as they'd get though. They weren't foalish enough to try and get inside. Too much light, too much to hit them with. The days of timberwolves and the assorted critters of the Everfree making off with little foals were far in the past. The Everfree had never been truly tamed but the beasts that dwelled there knew better than to make too many inroads into Pony civilization. It was rare, truly and exceptionally so, to see one come this close, let alone a pack. What was on their mind? Why the hay would they come so close? They didn't do this unless they were angry or hungry. And was it the same pack that had tracked them earlier? Why so far, over what? Her mind wrestled with the possibilities. A howl shook the house, sending her teeth chattering in her skull- for only a moment, then she bit down and set her face sternly. They weren't going to intimidate her. She'd seen fiercer things than something made up of teeth and wood. She puffed out her chest and stared straight through the window at the largest one, eye to eye. She wasn't afraid of him. But what was he howling about? Timberwolves howled for communication. They howled in celebration. This was a howl directed right inside, but there was nothing to communicate with. A dead-end of sound and fury signifying nought but whatever imperious desire drove him. Another howl, even louder. The force of it, seemingly directed right at her, almost forced her back but she stood firm. If this was an intimidation display and he was hoping to drive her to cowardice, he'd find nothing but failure. What were the others doing? They all joined in on the howls, though you could tell he was the most impassioned of the bunch. The slightly smaller one- from the features along the cheek area, a female- seemed to wait on his cues. The two smaller ones did so out of rhythm, clearly their young. So they were a family unit, trying to tango with Applejack's family. She didn't know why. She just knew it was a fight that the wolves were doomed to lose. Her mind unable to bridge the gap any further as the pack continued their wailing, Applejack decided that enough was enough. She didn't need to see Zap Apple to know the little guy had to be feeling nervous, and he didn't need that. He needed to feel tired, because it was bedtime soon. "Big Mac, get the rope!" Applejack hollered on up the stairs, throwing her head back. During the commotion, she could hear the other's reaction. From Granny's room one could see the front so both the elder Apple and Apple Bloom had been staring outside, yelling at the pack to get going- until the second howl, then they had ducked down. Big Mac had been lumbering about in his room, likely getting the torch and pitch ready. Just because this was outrageously rare didn't mean they had forgotten how the olden ponies had handled this problem. If too big a fire started, that's what the weather pegasi were for. She turned back to look outside, only for all of her little plans to come apart at the seams thanks to the most precious possessor of her soul. Zap Apple charged through the doggie door. Through the window, Applejack could see the item that compelled him to do so- his stick, fully flowing and looking all the part of a Timberwolf. Such a thought did not really register however, as Applejack was panicked. "Zap Apple! Don't you-" she started before his little tail had fully gone through the door, avoiding her outstretched hoof. Her foal briefly out of her sight, Applejack did the only thing she felt she could do. She barreled over the door in a titanic explosion of wood splinters and a mare's grunt, the hinges flying off and the window breaking as it slammed into the porch. She hoped against hope that he hadn't gotten far, but his foalish excitement bled dry such notions and left her with an image of unparalleled terror. The largest timberwolf, standing over her foal. There was no real thought as to why that was. Applejack immediately broke into a furious gallop, her eyes blazing fire and brimstone as she barked furiously. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" She screamed in absolute rage, her blood seemingly boiling to the point of searing her skin in an internal inferno of unregistered intensity. The smallest of the pack tried to leap at her, but she backhooved it with such power that it spun horizontally and away, crashing against a fence in a mess of sound and branches. The mother stepped in, even tried to leap on Applejack. She never landed, as Applejack took this opportunity to power up a flying buck. The timberwolf's eyes grew wide the moment before it landed, a thundering crash shattering the sound barrier. The impact sent a visible shockwave tearing across the landscape, sending a nearby wagon end over end and finally broken. The timberwolf flew at mach speed into the largest of the pack, the one standing over Zap Apple, crashing into him and sending the pair flying even further back until they ricocheted off a tree with such force as to cut the tree in half, a trail of glowing branches bouncing deeper into the orchard. The final timberwolf was galloping towards the pair, clearly terrified of the Apple farmer who landed from her flying buck right next to Zap Apple. It was a good thing, too. The tree made several cracking sounds and then started to fall, directly where Zap Apple was. Applejack galloped towards him and picked him up with her teeth, tossing him onto her back just as the tree landed behind them. "GET AWAY! GET GOIN', OR ELSE AH'LL SNAP EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE HERE BRANCHES YOU NASTY, NO GOOD VARMINTS, THINK YER GONNA BE THREATENING MAH LITTLE FOAL AH'LL-" She began before she caught a glance of herself in a nearby pool of standing water. Her coat had nearly changed color to red, such was her anger, and her eyes had almost entirely glazed over with incandescent fury. With a powerfully angry snort, she started to back up. The branches started their slow, but eventual roll back to the timberwolves, who would reconstitute soon. She allowed herself a moment to think. "Zap Apple, sugarcube, light of mah life, you let go of that stick. It's part of a timberwolf, and they ain't gonna stop 'till they get it back."
  4. Zap was enjoying his stick. The bliss of experiencing such a strange object tickled his curiosity. He wondered why it was magical, and what else it could do besides glow. He already knew it could dance. And he now knows that it's not to be eaten. What other properties could he discover with such a wooden item. Winona was barking obsessively. Zap loved Winona, but he was never sure what she was barking about. He had yet to learn dog language like his mother seemed to. But then a large howl bellowed from just outside. It was loud, louder than anything Zap had ever heard. Dishes in the kitchen and candle holders on the fireplace mantle clattered to the vibrations of the howl. It was terrifying. Zap sank into his corner of the living room, clutching his stick which was glowing a strong green color. It was brighter now than he had ever seen it before. When Winona was let in, she circled around him and gave him guard. He only felt mildly safe, he wasn't exactly sure what kind of danger they might be in, and the lack of knowing was petrifying. However, Zap still found solace in his possession. A mother who loved him, and dog who stood guard for him, and a stick that amused him. It truly was the worst time of a best of times. But the timberwolves were here, and Zap's pony instincts started to tremor. His wings started to flap in place, as if to warm up for an emergency take-off. His hooves tapping to the nerves while he shivered, only his tail covering his shakes. And his ears were pinned back, his psyche yielding to the chaos. Another howl came and went. It was so loud he lost understanding of his elder ponies at what their response was and what their plan might be. It was so loud, he had to close his eyes from the radiating sound of the timberwolves' growling chorus. And in his hesitation to brace himself of noise, the green stick he was holding so tightly found a way to jiggle out of his grasp and started bouncing away from him. It bounced towards the kitchen, away from the living room and away from the front door where the timberwolves seemed to be approaching. With all the ponies and the dog in front of him, he flanked to his left to run after the stick, which was now jaunting in the kitchen. He did not want to lose his stick. He had already lost it once and he didn't want to lose it again. All he needed to do was pounce on it at the right time and hold on to it tighter. He could not let his daily prized possession get away from him, even if it seemed to have a mind of its own. The stick vibrated across the kitchen floor under the dinner table and towards the door to outside. Before it got to the closed door Zap made a pounce for it, but barely missed grabbing the tip of the stick. With all the chaos of the timberwolves, he became more mentally distracted by the allure of his stick that he started too forget his surroundings and was beginning to become desperate for capturing his magical toy. Although he thought he had it cornered, the stick slipped through Winona's doggie door. "No!" He shouted. Zap was full of foalish emotion, and especially now, his adolescent anger started to fill his mind. He was not about to give up. He had to make a dash for this stick. It couldn't have gotten far. Just grab the stick and come back inside. So he ran through the doggie door to outside. Zap did not consider why Winona in all her fear of what was outside with her didn't use the doggie door to get inside. All Zap was considering as he ducked his whole body through the pet exit is how quickly he could manage to chase this stick. As soon as he stood up from his falling out of the door, he saw the stick on the ground and used as much strength and force as he could to pounce on it. And he hit it. He could feel the stick squirm underneath his hooves. He tried to put as much weight on it as possible to keep it from wiggling its way out from under him. And just as he felt the stick stop squirming, he inhaled to smell the most foul timberwolf smell he had ever smelt, ten times worse than what he smelled in the forest cave. Zap heard a deep growl above him, and as he slowly looked up, he saw a giant timberwolf standing in front of him. Behind it, stood two more timberwolves, howling their support for the one who towered over him. The timberwolves were beastly and intimidating on all angles. The wooden claws dug into the soil, tree sap saliva dripped from their sharp teeth. The front one appeared to only have one stick for an ear, and it was the same shape and size as the stick Zap was holding. Zap froze. He had nothing to say, nothing to scream. No motions were thought of, his wings were trapped to his sides. He just stared back at the timberwolf, his face full of terror and regret. He held his breath and exhaled inconsistently. He wasn't sure what was next. And he wasn't sure he wanted to know.
  5. Click to Listen to what went through Silver's Head And as soon as the gentle moment between two Ponies had arisen. It had ended far too quickly. The once dawning sappy mood of understanding, caring and perhaps even the hint of flirting with one another was cut very short. But was expected with Silver he never really did have the best of luck when it came to romance, this was just no other time than the rest. For a moment he let his head hang low as he sucked in a deep breath. Glancing towards the new comer. Overhearing that there was another guard his ears perked up. Then went back down as soon as he saw the red mane. With the expression of confusion that spread across his muzzle, his single eye glanced around the face of the Lunar Guard. It was as if you could see the questions flowing through his mind though he kept silent for a few moments. "A guard who.. is also in a band. How you pull that off I may never understand. I for one know I am too busy with my work to even attempt to go see a band, let alone.. be.. er.. in.. one..None the less should you not be at your post. You are of the Lunar Guard. With the moon so high, I would assume that all of Luna's guards would have been at their post. Forgive me if.. I am.. confused. I mean no insults. Just.. confused.. with.. all of this." The stallion blinked a few times as he shifted slightly, his wings ruffled slightly but his eye remained focused on the lunar guard. His head though tilted to the side. It was like a puppy really, confused why it wasn't getting a treat. But why would Silver understand. He was a stubborn guard of the day. In this moment.. he longed for the dawning sun to get him out of this.. now rather awkward conversation
  6. Some of the creatures took for granted the connection Sandbar had with the other ponies of Ponyville. Without realizing it, the students who came from other lands of non-ponies were using pony connections to get what they felt was not appropriate for them to acquire. Ponyville was not lush with griffons or changelings. Of course, the academy's campus was full of interesting creatures of all kinds, but that was because the nature of it required it to be a melting pot of friendship. Not Silverstream, nor her friends understood the burden Sandbar carried being the pony ambassador to their circle, until he grew an argument about who should supply snacks for the next study session. It was always Sandbar who had gotten the apples and bought the cupcakes. No one ever offered to do otherwise. And so he insisted that someone else in the circle take on snack duty for the week. And this week was assigned to a pink hippogriff with a very curious and bewildered attitude about her surroundings. Apples. Were they all the same? Silverstream wasn't sure, she was always happy with whatever fruit was available for her to eat. She knew there were different kinds, but she had no idea what kind she would even prefer. Knowing she would have to carry a wagon full of apples in order for there to be enough for her hungry classmates, she took to Sweet Apple Acres first. She had actually never been there before, which is quite strange. It was now she realized that even though she made a temporary residence for entire semesters at a time to learn about friendship in Ponyville, she had never really visited that many places outside of school. It was actually kind of embarrassing. And in addition, the professors of friendship who taught her and her classmates were proprietors of a good or service somewhere around the town. You'd think that connection would encourage them to explore the town more. Applejack was in charge of Sweet Apple Acres, and she walked down the path to the front of the farm with wagon in tow, she could see that her honesty professor was selling her most popular items. A short line had formed behind a selling booth where she could see members of the Apple family showing off the fruits of their labor, literally. But Silverstream was perplexed by many things she was seeing. Why was the farm surrounded by fences? Why did Applejack sometimes sell goods in the marketplace and sometimes here on the farm? And why did the selling booth Applejack was at have a crudely drawn painting of her face on the board above it? So many questions. She was ready to ask, but much like how she would wait in line for Councilor Starlight, she waited patiently with her wagon for her turn at the front of the line. Also, why were apples red but sometimes yellow or green?
  7. Applejack took everypony's plates and went to work cleaning up after dinner. Normally she took care of the kitchen with just the occasional aid, so she was still full of that home-bred energy. It was also a relaxing activity and as much as she tried to allow the play off the events of the day she knew it had been more dangerous than she'd like to admit. Her mind still ran over the same question until the paths in her mind were worn down and her thoughts dragged endlessly: How did the Timberwolves track Applejack and Zap Apple so well? She'd have to ask Fluttershy about it. Applejack was close as one could come to an expert on the critters but that didn't mean that Fluttershy couldn't provide insight. And if anypony could, it would be the shy pegasus who probably dreamed about being one of her little woodland animal friends. When would she even have time for that trip? Four quads of wooden legs beat the ground, two smaller than the rest and one limping, occasionally stopping to sniff the august winds as they made their way to the house. Applejack didn't bother correcting anything Zap Apple said. he was happy and playing and whether or not the toys had been put away or not (they hadn't) didn't matter. He had been a very good colt today and deserved some colthood playtime for his troubles. Besides, it wasn't as if there would ever be a full accounting of all his toys. Not only did both of his mommas buy him toys but so did a Princess on a regular basis, Pinkie Pie, and even a small trinket from Celestia. This didn't even account for the ones that Granny Smith had dusted off from the attic, scratched away Big Mac's name, and given to the youngest Apple. She was pretty sure you could make a whole house out of the toys he had, and she was equally sure it wouldn't survive a single playtime with him. Not that there was anything wrong with that. If there was anypony who could be allowed to do that, it'd be her Zappy. Winona, perched on the porch as she was, darted her head up. Her eyes looked off in the distance and then she stood up, alert. Applejack finished and started putting the dishes away, only lazily paying attention to Zap Apple as she did so. The rest of the family had moved on upstairs which suited her just fine. She was tired! Zap Apple better be tuckering himself out. He had a big day tomorrow and needed his stallion sleep. She was in the middle of drying the dishes when she decided to saunter on into the living room's edge to take a peak. All she could see amongst his general adorable nature was a stick- fully glowing green, and seemingly shaking in place. "What the-" She began, but was caught off by a sound. Bark! Bark! Bark! Winona backed up against the door, her bump making a thump. Applejack quickly opened the door as Winona's half-standing her ground and half-backing up continued as he back-walked into his owner, who looked puzzled out the door...for a few moments. In the gloom of the orchard came four sets of green eyes, two larger than the rest, and then a howl. A timberwolf howl. Awwooooooooooooo! "Sweet Celestia, get inside Winona!" Applejack said as she violently pulled the dog in, who went spinning in her confusion. Winona found Zap Apple and then stood nearby, half standing on and around the foal, ready to protect. "Why the hay are they here!?"
  8. His mane now moderately ruffled by his pegasus mother, Zap wore a smirking smile to complete the brash and ready-for-action attitude he learned from her some many days prior. He was ready to learn some new tricks, and so with his mother's imagination leading the way he prepared by angling his wings for a take-off stance. As she commanded to go up, he jumped and started flapping his wings at the same time. Still smiling, one could see the effort in his face as he tried hard to keep his wings flapping fast enough to keep from having to catch himself with his hooves. Because he was still apprehensive about falling, his legs were still stretched out underneath in order to brace himself for an emergency landing, but he would never admit that he was afraid. After a few seconds, Zap had successfully matched the height his mother was presenting, although he had some trouble keeping a stable altitude. His voice stuttering as he fluttered. "Up! What's next?"
  9. Just before Silverstream lost the composure to keep from turning around and spying on Gallus' shelling status, he announced his completion of the necklace he was making. Immediately, Silverstream swam a loop to turn around and zoomed in on his product. It was pretty. He did a good job picking out shells whose colors clash well together, and it seemed as though he went with the same convention of finding colors that matched her complexion and accents, much like what she did for his. The quality of his claw-made jewelry was lacking though, but what could be expected from the first ever shell necklace a creature ever attempted to make. Still though, there was something about the way he presented it, the charm of Gallus' imperfection and his willingness to be imperfect that made it strangely amusing. The necklace had a je ne sais quoi that felt blameless and unforced. Silverstream smiled. And then she dropped her smile to astonishment. Perhaps his humility was more about being pinched uncomfortably by the crab and less about having to make a reciprocating necklace in an environment he is unfamiliar with, with tools he's never used, with materials he never thought existed in such quantities. But the je ne sais quoi was still there. "Oh, the necklace looks great, Gallus. Um, let me help you with that." Silverstream used her hoofins to apply pressure to the neck of the crab's claw and the claw was released immediately. Seaponies who knew they fauna of the sea had an understanding of how to tame the animals that were demosticated after the hippogriffs claimed Seaquestria as a home. The indifference of the crab never left, but it did look at Gallus funny, possibly in an intimidating or mocking way. With the way crab eyes are isolated from their body and without emotion, it was kind of hard to tell. Silverstream snatched the necklace from Gallus and put it on herself. She smiled again and swam in a circle to show it off, how the sun rays that sank to these depths glistened off the shining shells, and how the necklace matched her skin. "Good job, Gallus. It's perfect. Uh, are you going to be alright? Do we need to go to the doctor to get your claw looked at?" Silverstream wasn't even sure if a seapony doctor would even have the charts for someone like Gallus, although they would probably just insist on treating his claw as if it were a hippogriff's claw. Griffon talons were bigger and stronger, though. Silverstream was hoping Gallus would just shrug it off. The dance seafloor was still calling her name and she was starting to get desperate to boogie. The music in the background started to get louder as the dancing festivities started to take the main focus of everything going on around them. She looked at the sound stage and back to Gallus. "If you're good to go, we should join the sea dancing!"
  10. Thank you very much ^^ I'm looking forward to getting started. I'm mainly interested in playing my own imagined characters, I assume that wouldn't belong in the main roleplaying section?
  11. Although the ceremony with King Oisin had ended, more internal affairs of state required discussion throughout the rest of the morning. And even after that, one last important matter remained. Long Guo’s delegation to Equestria’s Iron Pony competition had returned to the Imperial Capital bearing the fruits of victory! Ironically, when Feng was initially chosen to represent the Dragon Kingdom, his superiors never planned on him winning the title of Iron Pony. There were three chief qualities that the Imperial Watch prized in its members: the willingness to utilize ruthless efficiency, the ability to cultivate an aura of fear, and a mastery of the art of going unnoticed without any effort (.....alongside demonstrating an almost fanatical devotion to the Empress). Although it was true that Feng succeeded at every mission and exerted himself harder than any other Watcher, his reputation amongst the ranks... left much to be desired. Earning a glorious title at a high-profile sporting event overseas was exactly the sort of fame a model Watcher avoided if at all possible... but then again, it wasn’t like Feng could be reprimanded for failing to do bad. After all, the Empress herself chose the longma stallion to represent the Dragon Kingdom, and who in their right mind would embarrass their Imperial Sovereign by deliberately performing poorly? Regardless, Feng Yinhaitao was set to be viewed by the Watch’s leadership with doubt and suspicion for a good while longer. At least for now though, Empres Yuè could satisfy herself with the sight of her Champion strutting his way towards the Dragon Throne. Were Feng anybody else, the Empress might have labeled him as an arrogant showoff with ulterior motives. Of course, the royal qilin knew who the true Feng really was: a philosophical warrior with a fiery heart of passion and absolute loyalty. Thing was, in a dog-eat-dog environment like the Imperial Palace where servants were expected to know their station, Feng’s devotion could very well one day prove to be his undoing. So was for that reason that Empress Yuè sent Feng away to Ponyville; that, and to remove him as a mental distraction for a while. Thus it was an even greater irony that her actions had the opposite effect, as the Empress’s thoughts started dwelling on Feng and his well being at a more frequent rate than before. The qilin mare lacked an answer for why she was afflicted so; it wasn’t like something as silly as love could be involved, as Love was the province of those privileged with the luxury of opening their hearts. No; the Empress was sure to find a more probable answer through meditation, no matter how long it took! Yet it was rather difficult to deny Feng’s allure when adorned with golden medals, wasn’t it? If Empress Yuè’s emotions were in turmoil, none of it showed whatsoever as she addressed Feng and Yanhua with the utmost professional confidence; “The champions of the Long Sun before us today have brought great honor to the Dragon Nation! Although only one of them could earn the coveted title of Iron Pony, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the achievements of our very own palace chef, Yanhua, who earned the top prizes in the contests of Cupcake Eating and Rock Climbing! Please come forward to be acknowledged!” As Yanhua obeyed the command, she asked an almost non-sequitur question for this occasion... almost. “Yes we are,” the Empress answered nonchalantly; “It seems word of the Peryton delegation is spreading far and wide. As a matter of fact Yanhua, you shall be meeting with them at tonight’s banquet... to make arrangements for produce shipments from the Velvet Strand to the Palace Cellars. We trust you can carry out this task?”
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  13. Triton looked towards the land but rather than see the beauty all he could see were strategic advantages amongst the land. Being around Arial and Echo had forced him to stay focused on the coming battle rather than enjoy these small moments. He silently reminded himself to make more time for these moments in the future.
  14. Well, this certainly wasn't going as planned. The sudden transformation of the fox they were pursuing into something of legendary size brought the trio up short. Or, at least, it brought Feng up short, staring at the vulpine enormity in front of him. Tempest seemed merely excited by the prospect, while Sunset seemed mainly peeved at Tempest's excitement. Hence, the two ended up being more distracted with each other than with Yanhua. At least at first, long enough for the longma to get a good look the kitsune. There was something... familiar about her. The little niggles that the back of his mind were sending him triggered something like a memory. *Really, could it be?* While their quarry was being distracted by Sunset's talk of friendship, Feng took to his wings, approaching the large fox with caution, right up until the little suspicion in his head solidified into a solid hunch. Yes, he was willing to bet on this one... Quick as a golden dash, the Watcher darted in to boop the enlarged muzzle before him. "Tag, you're it Hanabi!" He called out, face split by a grin.
  15. The other pony acts as if she didn't basically save his life back there, and Hawthorn meets this with a frown. "Ah, I'm actually a bit of a night owl anyway. Besides, can't reckon I'd get any sleep tonight after all that's happened at this point. I actually love sharing a meal with new friends, too, so it's really no problem at all. He hopes it isn't presumptuous to call her a friend already, but he already feels quite comfortable with Rose's presence. Given how often he goes out at night, he is surprised that they've never met before now. "Sure you ain't boasting just a tiny bit much there, Rosa?" Hawthorn chuckles. "Well, the biggest conditions for a Featherroot to grow are height and magic. It's a tall yellow flower that resembles a pegasus feather. Finding high places shouldn't be a bother, but it's the magic requirement that worries me." Hawthorn sighs and explains. "There is a lot of free magic in the Everfree Forest, that's for sure... but most locations with a high concentration of it, the plants are mutated into monsters. I can't get close to 'em, so I've just been explorin' on the safe trails Pinecone picked out for me." He gestures to his satchel where the journal is, remembering how much of an embarrassment his notes were compared to her talent for cartography.
  16. Ordinarily, Rosemarey's family would walk her to a place like this in the morning. It's not like she was some baby foal who needed the attention, but they would insist anyway. However, it turns out this was too early in the morning for any of them. Ginger Snap was sound asleep, and Hawthorn had been up all night doing... something in the forest. Whatever the case, she's coming alone and is honestly relieved for the opportunity to make friends without the adults getting in the way. It isn't even like Rosemarey likes soccer, but since the Fillies' Canasta Club got cancelled for some reason, this is now her only option for fun team activities. Besides, she's heard this soccer camp was being run by some famous pony this year. Maybe her friends would be jealous, Rosemarey thinks with a grin. Upon reaching the field, the first thing she notices is the grass. How did they trim it down so neatly? Were there employees whose job it was just to graze the field? Seems like a pretty laid-back job to say the least... Her train of thought immediately derails upon seeing other ponies. It looks to be an adult and two fillies. Could the adult be this Long Shot she read about in the ads? No, she shakes her head. Long Shot was supposed to be a mare, not a stallion. So why did he look familiar then? Shaking off her wandering thoughts, Rosemarey approaches the group. With a big smile she always tries to put on for new friends, Rosemarey speaks up. "Heya, everypony! You all here for the soccer camp too?" She's not sure what else they could be here for... but hey, doesn't hurt to ask.
  17. Well, things certainly wouldn’t be boring in here, she supposed. Though boring might be preferable from what she had seen so far. Oh well, she supposed she would just need to bear it, there was likely nothing she could ethically or legally do, and those things would be more trouble than they were worth. Kireina straightened up as a good-looking mare came in and introduced herself as the professor. Well, the longma knew nothing about her, but at least she looked good. Kireina listened as the other students posed their questions before posing her own. “What are we expected to learn from this course? What are the learning goals?” She asked, watching Sunset. At least her question was on topic.
  18. I haven't been roleplaying here for awhile ever since I got a job. I don't when I'll be back here, but I look forward to continuing the roleplay once I'm settled into my new job. 

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    Eh, he's prolly find. I'm sure the cold never bothered him, anyway.
  20. Rose was pleasantly surprised that this point was willing to go out of his way to show his appreciation for her efforts. More so that he'd do that at such a late hour. She was a little concerned, tho. "Isn't it a bit late for you? I wouldn't want to impose on you that much. Besides, I love meeting new ponies, and I kinda needed a little break from scanning the forest, anywho." She laughed. Normally, this would be about the time she'd be chatting with herself over a mango or two. She was glad for the change of pace. "See?" she could just about hear her friend from Canterlot saying "I told you Ponyville was great for making friends." she smiled. The pony had asked about her map of the forest, and she remembered why he'd said he was there. "Oh, yes. your flower. Hey, maybe if you describe your flower, or where it likes to hide, maybe I've seen it somewhere! I'm pretty good at remembering things. I could tell you the exact place a certain stone laid in a stone street I saw for ten minutes a decade ago." she exaggerated proudly. Tho it was a bit exaggerated, she had yet to meet a pony who's power of memory rivaled her own. She felt a certain degree of pride in that fact, and she wasn't afraid to express her pride.
  21. He wondered what this class was about as well. As much as he would like to believe everything he had told himself in his head regarding claw to hoof combat he doubted it would be anything like that. Probably something to do with Empathy or some other pesonal virtue that wasn't somehow covered by the others. Sometimes he felt like the Elements tended to overlap with one another but he guessed that was kind of the point? All of the Professors embodied all of the Elements to some degree, they just exemplified one more than the others. But that didn't mean somepony couldn't come by and make a big deal about some specific part of something that showcased a thing or whatever. He didn't know what it was or what it was going to be, but he was sure it'd be fine in the end. It always was with the ponies, and it was kind of infuriating. "I don't know, but hopefully the defense part means...I dunno, fighting? I kind of want to see what ponies think fighting looks like. The ones who aren't Guards, anyway. But probably not. One bit says it'll be about emotional defense though. You on?" He challenged Yona to a bet, leaning in with hungry eyes. Nothing better than betting a Yak. They won, it was fine. Lost? Liable to make a friend for life or see them smash. It was great either way. Same with Smolder. He liked her. She was fun to be around. Whether they were teasing one another or being a bit mre serious, he sometimes felt like Smolder was the only one who operated on a similar wavelength. A little aggression, a little rough around the edges, but both were pretty cool cats/dragons when it came down to it. Not that he'd ever admit it. Dragons hoarded more than gold and Smolder's ego didn't need the additional massaging. He nodded. That was enough. Finally their professor walked in. Fiery looking unicorn with a broad smile and a killer mane. Where did they get all these color combinations from? It was like an entire species made up of crayon and creativity. She had a certain flint to her voice too- she sounded older than the other Professors. Not terribly so, but...mature. Gallus dug it. She revealed her name was Sunset Shimmer and that she had also been a pupil of the soon to be former Princess Celestia. Huh. They were multiplying. She also seemed aware of her relative obscurity. Well, at least she was self-aware and not another Professor Dash. Gallus raised his claw. "Hey, Professor. First off, I'm Gallus. Good to meet you. You should know that they don't give us homework usually. My question is: Who are you?"
  22. Applejack nodded emphatically at Starlight's detailing of the event as a hit. Truth be told, Applejack hadn't been very confident in this venture but she was always happy to be wrong when it involved the family business. Her expectation for the day had been met when they hit ten customers. Doing a little over eight times that and with time remaining? Applejack was as pleased as punch. "Hehehe, you got that right. Been doin' great business all day! Why, Ah reckon Apple Bloom's little business idea will have generated..." she did the math, "a lot of bits more than what we woulda done otherwise. Who knows what Ah'll do next for a sale, but Ah reckon this ain't a bad thing to repeat! A little bit surprised she came up with it so fast but Ah reckon she saw it work before, so why not here? Can't imagine it centers on me, though. Ah'm no big fish in tha fry," She said with a blush, pulling her brim down a bit to cover her eyes. She was playing a bit coy on purpose, if only to try and bury the fact that she did find it all a little strange. "A bushel of Cosmic Crisp an' one of Grenadier, comin' on up," she said jovially, looking about. Shortly she found A bushel of Cosmic Crisp, but the Grenadier was a little trickier. It wasn't one of their main varieties and so she found herself having to take a deep look but in time she found a bushel- the last bushel in the collection they had brought out, and one of three bushels of Grenadier that existed in the entire farm. Indeed, it was one she used entirely for cooking. Was Starlight making something for somepony? As she pushed the barrel up to her stand she bent down underneath and pulled out a small notebook. It came up with her as she laid the bushel down on top along with the Cosmic Crisp. She pushed the two bushels over, and then plopped her notebook down. "If yer gonna cook yerself some Grenadiers, avoid pies. You can make it work but they just ain't tha best for it, tha taste's a bit too sharp and they don't keep their shape. Whatcha wanna use it for is a nice jam or some sauce. Here, take this," she said as she tore a page out of her notebook and put it in the bushel. "This here is a recipe for a great applesauce. Easy to make, tastes great, good for anythin'! Grenadier is tha perfect apple for it," she said with a smile. "'Course, there's a fee ta pay, sugarcube. Ten bits and a kiss, or else Ah'll just be takin' mah apples and recipes an' goin' home," she said with a wink and a smile, ready and willing to partake in the final dance of this transaction. *Starlight Glimmer* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
  23. I started watching it ironically in 2011 and forgot about it, but in 2017 I decided to start legitimately watching the show.
  24. Wow, that story’s the best. I’m probably going to remember it forever.
  25. I think it’s probably the one Twilight shot at Tirek.
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