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  2. Blueblood had some skills others lack. Some found do to his love of wings. With such a love one can learn much about the races that have wings and how they use them, from flying to how they express feelings. And Bravos large wings were speaking much on his feelings as his body language changed. Wings spread out, chest inflated with fur on end as his teeth are laid open to be seen. He was one EXTREMELY agitated pegasus do to what Blueblood was ‘implying’ about the Enclave. Going so far as glance at his own hip, as if searching for something out of instinct in response to his agitated mindset. Given where he is from, one can think of what such tool he may have been looking for. But with nothing but his wings he looked back at Blue. “Watch your $@$#%^%$ muzzle ‘Prince’ you know nothing of what you speak. I was willing to let you speak more open on something you know not of, but you have moved past talks of reality insulting the government I swore an oath to die for. Well I know not why the admiral council holds us back from retaking them I know we can. Just one hunter team can do it I bet! The mud walkers roll about in dirt and #$#@ and you think they are superior to us? We were winning the war for them! The ministry of awesome gave us the most technologically advanced weapons in all the war!” Slamming a hoof down the big male of a pegues stands up, flaring his wings with an aimed hoof at Blue. “We are holding onto the glimmer of the golden age with all four hooves. We alone cary the empire onward. We alone stand for Luna and are homeland. They are traitors, no different from slavers or raiders. When the time is ready the council will let the fleets part the sky and show every last mud walker are power. When that time comes they will understand what did for them in the war and now. The ministry of wartime technology was always a joke. Mud walkers can never handel war like we can. Every last thing they made was cheap knockoffs of what the MoA did. I know the council will act when the timing is perfect. I am just a gunt, a cog. I do not see the grand map nor the date they do. All I can do is put faith in them as we put faith in Her.” Done ranting he falls back in to the seat, looking far less angry and more upset, rather it be at Blue or his own words is unclear. “All we got is faith.” He repeated with hint of dead to the words as he rubbed his face using his forhoves. All the anger bleeding away as the unspoken reality of things haunted Bravo. When one grows up being hoof feed propaganda it is hard to swallow realty. Even if it's the only thing left on the plate.
  3. Harley frowned "unless th' proposition includes a hangar for m' ship -and ah accept- then it would be nice if y' would give m' some vague idea jus' how bloody far ah have t' go t' setup a safe garrege f' m' ship..." she commented, not really expecting them to tell her anything of the sort, but feeling the need to vent over her hangar being accidentally setup in one of their back doors. "Th' foal is with m' crew, they'll be makin' their way back to th' city. Th' little gel'd only be safer under sunb- ah mean under celestia h'self" defended Harle, "its a might long walk though pro'ly take 'em a few hours t' get there, but y' have m' word she will be returned safe 'n sound t' her guardian" when they communicated with Ice, if they listened closely they'd hear harle mutter in awe, sans accent "damn that's fancy, I gotta get me one of those..." ---------- Dash didn't comment, she'd said her piece. Though it was clear she was anxious about scootaloo's safty... Dunes chuckled "Please, your part of the government, you know how politics works, I'd never get anything done if I kept completely on the up-and-up about everything. Was it underhoofed? yes, but its far more benign than what any politician does on a daily basis. Lady luck simply chose somepony else to smile upon today... apparently the pirate..."
  4. Made great progress in my app! Probably it end as another one that will have to hide History in a spoiler due to it's size.

    Curse my elaborate backstory addition!


    Also big props to Bellosh and his lore contributions! They are great material to build around!

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  6. By now, Sunset Shimmer was starting to sense that the Pillars of Old Equestria never took a break from their day jobs. Even when they were ostensibly “speaking guests” at an exhibit honoring their achievements, each Pillar that Sunset had seen so far pretty much neck-deep in the things they did for their day-to-day occupations. Then again, maybe this was the Museum’s way of incorporating a living history program, but somehow the unicorn mare doubted it. Whatever the case may be, Sunset found herself getting roped into another “hooves-on learning activity”. Lacking the heart to turn Meadowbrook down, the unicorn swiftly replied; “Nonono, not at all! We’ll be glad to help!! Just show us what to do, Mage Meadowbrook.....”
  7. Slash was starting to get annoyed. Landing a hit on her was difficult even with a plan in his head, like playing wack-a-mole with no hands. He kept thinking of what he should do while throwing punches, all of which continued to be dodged by the woman. It suddenly hit him that his semblance might help him in this situation since it is difficult to predict, plus restricting her space seems to work well. He conjured a large panel behind her and one in front of her, moving them closer towards each other until there was barely any room. "I'd love to defeat you with my fists, but I don't have much time." Slash said as the panels were so close to her body it was almost touching her. The woman smiled and suddenly vanished. Slash quickly let his panels disintegrate and sure enough there was no one. He suddenly felt a wack on his head and stumbled, turning back to see the woman standing behind him. He gritted his teeth and shot his rope kunai at her, shattering her image as if it were glass. He touched the ground and the glass pieces vanished. "She uses illusions." he muttered, looking around to see if she was still there. "Looks like she's gone. I should go help Andrea. Midnight and Tehengu should be fine on their own." he said to himself as he opened the hatch of the car he was in and climbed out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grim turned to Midnight and put his hand on her face. "For now, stay with your team. Tell them you took care of Torchwick and that the controls were damaged. I trust you and promise to make sure I never hurt innocents or our kin." he said as walked over to the controls and used his cane to destroy them. "But first, assist your team. I still have need of them." The faunus picked Torchwick up and tossed him over his shoulder. "Try to cooperate with your team too. You wouldn't want them to suspect you" he smiled at Midnight before a lady in pink. white, and black suddenly appeared next to them and their image disintegrated, not leaving a trace.
  8. ~~~The jungle near Las Pegasus~~~ "Big enough to hide you and yours for months and you'd still never see all of it. On top of recent events that have transpired, Ms. Storm has been looking for you for a while, and not because you have a bounty. She had many questions and a possible proposal of you're interested," one of the guards said inviting the griffon in the ship. "And sweet Celestia were never put a guest into binds. It's unprofessional and never leads to beneficial negotiations. There is however one last thing we need. We need the filly. Ms. Storm will not negotiate anything until she is safely returned, though both hey and the foreigner have the impression that you'd never harm a filly, so they've given you the benefit of the doubt." She finished the airship turning and making its way back to the casino. In the command room of the ship, they sent a simple message to Ice. "The packages have been received returning home." ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "Then I suggest that you make that eight Ms. Dash. I understand that she's your sister, but my units specialize in these types of missions. This is what we do. I know that this is family involved and the personal toll can take on a pony, but you're the element of loyalty right? So how about showing me and my forces a little bit of faith here," Ice said to Rainbow Dash sternly No sooner did she finish she got the transmission that their targets had been acquired. "Bring them to me," she said turning back to the archeologist. "Don't, play coy with me. We are in this situation because you decided to use deceit and treachery to get funding and or assistance with your dig. You have already admitted this fact. Had you left well enough alone in the first place, we wouldn't be in this room now. You are the Lynch pin that started all of this, so don't play innocent with me. Plus I'm still wondering how one punch too out somepony with the physique of a Wonderbolt. I'm not entirely convinced that there not more at play here than what you are letting on," Ice seethed, the air temperature dropping as her anger intensified.
  9. ~~~Nira~~~ Sometimes, life can happen. When it does, it can be one of the worst experiences that you could get dealt, and others it could deal you a Royal flush. For Nira, she'd definite had her fair share of bad hooves. Hooves that she'd their away in a heartbeat for another. She thought back that the relationships that she had in the past, the friends that she's lost growing up because of path her abilities too her on. As the fact that to this day she still had a distinct hated of all pyrotechnics for festive purposes. After seeing first hoof what a rogue firework could do to her sister she'd considered them weapons from there on henceforth upon joining the military. Them through all the academies, the basic training, the combat training for being a front line medic, plus the actually academic medical training that she's received as well. All of it leading up to where she was now. She walked beside Ishi and before when they're walk like this, she'd always wonder what if. It felt surreal that as of today... Those what if questions were now reality. She lightly leaned against him as they walked, looking around, keeping an eye out still both for theaters and potential locations for hey own interests. "So, where should we look for this clinic? Obviously we don't want it to close to the family house to avoid spreading unnecessary illness to the Royal family. However, we don't want it too far away as then it would be easy for a potential enemy of the family to ambush me. As talented as I am... I'm still only one pony," she spoke softly.
  10. "Well if there is no curing then is has to be cu...." Ossia started but shut her mouth....."...Errr we will worry when we get there..." she dropped the subject. Her eyebrows rose up started to apprise the ARM. Not that anypony could open the box beside him but.... "......You certainly became more prudential since we met. I like it." alicorn said with a purr before blinking in surprise. Did her heart rate just got up? Alright it wasn't hard to piece together. Her student was simply handsome, and through mentoring the capabilities of his brain cells has steadily gone up. It simply was natural that Ossia got to enjoy the fruits of her endeavors...right? "It does look good on you. Not surprising seeing it's where it belongs at last." pink mare complimented the royal pony. "I would be careful when it comes to using it in open too often though. Your other...self still has your true colors. And since Andomalius can only be used by Platinum bloodline, it wouldn't be hard for Sunlight to add two to two." Nerezza warned Blueblood. "Well not something we have to trouble ourselves with today! Now, what would be best gate to use for our purposes?" Ossia wondered aloud "The ones in Canterlot Castle and Castle of Sisters in Everfree are either heavily guarded, under watchful eye or...." alicorn stopped, realizing what nonsense she was saying "...or doesn't exist in this reality." she finished with pouting expression. "It still slips my mind how different your reality is from most Blueblood." she addressed the prince again "In yours your aunts are...well...aliens...but in most others they are ponies of this planet, just like you and me. Not only that, but after defeating Discord they took reins of leadership establishing diarchy. Well...monarchy in practice, since in majority of those Nightmare Night banishing still happened...although in few the roles were reversed....." Ossia kept explaining, but cut herself short, before she starts to ramble too much. "What I am TRYING to say, it's that I so used to seeing some landmarks, it's off putting to me when they are not there...." she confessed. "Now back to a picking the right location. It should be one with very little populated, and far enough from eyes of that glorified parking maid that your auntie calls students....." she pondered while tapping her chin.
  11. Jasper nodded, backing up "Remember, family sticks together, if you ever need us, just send three fireballs into the sky. We'll be there" Iggy nodded "and if you ever find yourself in need if a place to stay, our doors open... might be a little slippery from all the soap, but its open" From above Cloudy gave a nod and a thumbs up There was no doubt this was the start of a beautiful friendship... and an long and strange adventure with the town's newest band of misfits...
  12. Kojo kept cleaning until he noticed Jasper go over to Iggy and hug her. He smiled at the sight, pausing in his work to watch the two hug it out. He blinked a bit as Jasper approached him next, looking a little worried as he was trapped and Jasper started showing off his claws. He gave a small eep as he was pulled into a headlock, wiggling at the news they weren't friends anymore. Kojo was about to get real sad, but thankfully things turned right around real quick, and the small dragon returned the hug. He smiled into the hug, chuckling a bit at the little threat. "That's quite the welcome ta yer family, but Ah'll take it. No need ta worry though, yer secret's safe with me." He giggled more, keeping the hug up for a bit before loosening it so Jasper could end it when he wanted to.
  13. What if I was to replace my brain with coffee?

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  14. (OOC- This post will be broken up into multiple parts, marked by lines. These are all separate and major discussions Twilight will launch at points throughout the meeting. You may choose to tackle them in any order, at any time, one at a time or all at once.) They were joined by a new officer, and one of the most important. Admiral Chaser of the Royal Equestrian Navy- a rank that wasn't bestowed upon an individual lightly. He had earned it in action and had thusly earned her respect. They all had- and it was their respect for her and this difficult process that would be tested in the coming hours and days. "Welcome, Admiral Chaser. Please take a seat! I have the following notes regarding what has transpired thus far, and you will find all relevant documentation at your seat," she said as a small collection of notes materialized next to his document folder(s). She was keeping track of every word that was being said, a spell cast on this room accurately transcribing every word that was said and dispensing physical copies upon request. The matter at hand, recruitment. Applejack puffed her chest a little too proudly at the knowledge that the Heartland was pulling more than their fair share of the weight but Twilight was in the weeds when it came to the issue. Her brother rather poignantly laid out the moralistic and ethical quandaries that made such recruitment more difficult than they needed to be and she found herself agreeing with it. "We can all see the recruitment numbers. Not only can we all see that the rates are significantly imbalanced, but we can also see the raw numbers aren't very good. Even if we maintained a purely defensive, reactionary stance we would require far more in the REA and REN than we have now. The Heartland Recruitment rate, as well as the rates near Stalliongrad, are actually approaching what we would want.To that end, I think we have part of the answer as to why that is," she said, nodding affirmatively towards her brother. "Tales of bravery, chivalry, and honest hard work in the name of something greater than yourself can inspire many and indeed I think you are right. I also think part of any effort should be reforging those narratives with a modern context in mind. We can easily spread the tales of what my friends and I have done. More importantly however, I would like to highlight the bravery of individual guardsponies and members of the REA and REN who fought bravely during the Changeling Invasions, Tirek Attack, and other major incidents. We can use this to promote the values we hold dear, and to that end, I can see the value in forming...Harmony Councils in cities and neighborhoods. If you would like to write the mechanics of the proposal up Shining, it is something we can do. I also think we can work with the entertainment industry to promote similar values through certain productions- we'll disclose such, obviously," she said as her folders started flipping to an appropriate page with a new part of the REA described, the Royal Equestrian Army Media Corp. In it was described a wide range of possible roles it could fulfill, estimated budgets and hierarchies, and potential liabilities. "In addition, I have taken a look at other motivating factors. Take a look at the socio-economic breakdown of those who join our armed forces," she said as the center table lit up, revealing a magical graph that matched a page in the folder. It showed REA, REN, and Guard members broken up by financial stability when they joined among other factors. "Notice something very strange? The common misconception is that those who join the military aren't among the high-born but that isn't true. Nobility, high-class, and well-off families produce more members of the armed forces than any other economic bracket. Why is this?" She allowed for the pregnant pause to make the answer known before moving in for the kill. "Pay and benefits are lacking in our armed forces. Those of even upper-middle class status and definitely those below face critical choices as they reach adulthood. They need to earn a living and support a family and often times membership in our Armed Forces is not something that looks all that appealing. Combine this with the values of chivalry and bravery not being well taught. Combine this with our armed forces having little or no real presence in society. What do you get? A stallion or mare who may very love and honor Equestria but doesn't even think about joining the REA, the REN, or the Guards. I have looked at the national budget very closely, as well as our tax code. It is a shambling mess in both areas but I will be introducing a series of reforms and changes. The important element to discuss here is that we can enact a large pay raise. More than that we can offer small business loans, debt relief, college tuition, housing, and medical care to those that honor us with their service. I have worked on twelve different plans based upon this agenda and am still nailing down the exact financial specifics, but I think this is something we can do. I am also assuming with this plan a large boost in recruitment," she finished with a flair, opening up a large budgeting section. It was an organized mess of numbers that would likely require intense study, study she had done, but study that would be needed by others regardless. "Of course, this is just one discussion. We can boost our numbers in the long term. We can boost them in the short term. We can have the best and the brightest, the most well-compensated and those with the highest morale. But we still suffer from a number of critical faults. We will now go over them one at a time." --------------------------------------------------- A map appeared in the middle of the table, and several pages in the folders were highlighted. Twilight took flight, hovering above the table and using a pointer to emphasize certain locations as she spoke. "Our internal logistical supply lines are hampered, both to the Crystal Empire and inside of Equestria herself. The Everfree forest occupies a central location in Equestria and acts as a blocker to all north-south travel. The Great Nimbusgait Lakes have several routes north but most of them are small. Main travel is done over a large number of bridges on the Delamare, and another major route is through Roughrider Ridge. The Hasufel Mountains and the Stadia River in the east present some trouble logistically. The Bramble Ranges, Great Leota, Tartarus, Dragon Peaks- again, a lot of issues out west as well. The only areas in Equestria that could be reliably supported logistically currently is The Strand and The Foothills. So, we need to find a way to improve our internal logistical situation. We must also open two new lines of supply to The Crystal Empire. There are many options, including the creation of new landmass in certain areas. Feel free to suggest anything, no matter how likely you think it is to be accomplished." ---------------------------------------------------- Many pages in the folders were devoted to a long and detailed examination of the equipment used by the Equestrian military. Almost every piece of gear was analyzed, studied, criticized, and broken down. "We can have the mass and we can have the ability to supply them, but then we must ask ourselves what they are being armed with. Please check folder seven, a detailed accounting of our equipment and our lack thereof. Our weapons and armor are by and large well-maintained but are inferior to their counterparts in Saddle Arabia, Neighpon, and Long Guo, among others. To wit, too many reports of our spearpoints shattering against the armor and shields of the caribou or being turned aside by particularly strong chitin. Our engineers report a lack of gear and tools, siege equipment and field defense. The Navy has few blue water vessels and few airships that are comparable to our allies. The majority are certainly greatly inferior in durability, speed, reliability, offensive prowess, and projection. We must overhaul our equipment from top to bottom. We will study what is used in Neighpon, Saddle Arabia, Maretonia, Long Guo and abroad while also seeking out solutions internally. It would be preferred for the solutions to come from within Equestria herself, but we shouldn't be too prideful. If the best solution is foreign, use it." --------------------------------------------------------- "We can prepare them mentally, train them physically, motivate them emotionally, and arm them effectively. But then we must confront the fact that our current military structure is very inefficient. The REA lacks effective mobilization and force projection in a reliable manner. The Royal Guard can respond but is limited in scope and capability as well as mission profile. Our intelligence servives and special branches can also do so, but again they are limited. We are faced with three major obstacles to any successful engagement, then. One, the response time is too slow. Secondly, formations are created ad hoc. Third, they lack clear distinctions. We will remove these problems as follow." The map appeared once more. This time, Equestria was split into eighteen different sections, each one with a number. Some of them were very large- such as the entire Painted Pinto Desert- or small, like a few in the Strand. As she spoke, figures would appear on the map. "First, we divide the nation up into various military commands based on geographic and demographic need and requirement. These commands will be the responsibility of a named and numbered REA Army. This will allow armies to specialize in certain combats and for specialists to be deployed in the army formation that best suits them," She said. The Painted Pinto desert seemed to have more pegasi figures, and the army next to Canterlot had more unicorns. There were more figures next to armies in The Strand, as well. "The lands that make up each army will include any number of towns and cities, each of which will be expected to produce a militia of agreeable numbers based on their population. These will supplement the REA in times of war and will be added to the REA army that is in charge of the Command," she said as a single figure appeared next to most towns, with two or more next to several cities. The map turned red in the Painted Pinto, and the militia figures moved to support the REA Army figures. "Each REA Army must have a dedicated Quick Reaction Force that can respond to threats. This force will be ten percent of the standing REA Army. In order to prevent burnout and ensure a proper distribution of experience, this will be a rotating ten percent- so the same members of the army aren't always on the Force and others are not," she continued, as a smaller figure appeared next to each REA Army- the other figures getting a little smaller. This one was moving rapidly around their areas of responsibility. --------------------------- The map was wiped clean. Next came the symbols of the Royal Equestrian uard, Lunar Guard, and Twilight Guard. The symbols would then fragment as she spoke, moving to different locations. "The Guard must also undergo changes. All three will maintain their own ranks and disciplines, but there are now a great many guards for a very small number of royals who need guarding! The Twilight Guard will guard this Castle as well as the Castle of Friendship in Ponyville. The Celestial Guard and the Lunar Guard will be tasked with the protection of multiple sites of great importance to Equestrian security, from the Vaults and the Library to many other less...public places. Notably of course, all three will at times overlap. Additionally, all three will form the Armies Twilight, Celestial, and Lunar, who are answerable only to me. They will a single overriding and important task: Probing, pacifying, and subduing the Everfree Forest so as to lessen the threat it poses to many Equestrian communities and to our national security. In addition, small elements will be used to make clear my will to field armies and fleets. All three will be used. There will be rotations in and out of course," Twilight said as the symbols formed a barrier around the Everfree, probing and moving around from time to time. ------------------------------------- "The REN has ten important commands, as laid out here. The four blue water commands and the six air commands. Each will be patrolled by a fleet. Seaddle, Roam, Manehattan, and Fillydelphia are the new homeports for the blue water fleets. Canterlot, Baltimare, Stalliongrad, Beakbreak City, and Cloudsdale- two in Cloudsdale- will be the homeports for our new major airship fleets. What is most important, however, is deciding what the composition of these fleets are and how we are going to use them. Admiral Chaser, your expertise in this matter is desperately needed," Twilight said, figures on and above the waves showing up as she spoke. Then the map exploded with the figures from the various deployment maps being layered, revealing the protective barrier. REA Army commands, Guard protection and active operations, REN patrols, and civilian militias all working as one. Logistical lines new and old blazed bright, detailing where and where all the pieces fit. "Once you layer these elements together, you will see what I see: An Equestria very well protected. Recruitment. Logistics. Equipment. Proper regions of responsibility and active patrolling. From our assembled forces we can form Task Forces- a project from a few years ago that proved useful- made up of Guards, REA, REN, and even skilled Civilian Militia that can handle threats and issues facing Equestria that fall short of war," she said as small elements of each moved to form these task forces, each and every figure seemingly having a role in the grand plan. -------------------------------------- Twilight took a seat, looking more apprehensive now than before. She turned to the final few pages of her prepared folder. "We must also accept that in times of war, we would be wise to institute several practices that we have found..uncouth, to say the least, in the pass. I trust you are all familiar on the eight-century long ban on Battlemages and Offensive Weather Control?" She said, allowing them to find the right page. Battlemages and OWC had been banned eight hundred and twelve years ago. It made sense- a Battlemage had access to lethal and dark magic the likes of which Equestria was anathema to, and rogue offensive weather control specialists could cause grand natural disasters in the nation. Scary stuff- and stuff she was willing to deal with. "I am rescinding those bans. We will seek out those who can form a small and tightly controlled Battlemage Troop, as well as several pegasi squadrons who will be taught the ways and means of Offensive Weather Control. These are very potent, very dangerous assets. They will be tightly controlled. They will be used only when the situation is rather serious." She took a deep breath "Wow, that was a mouthful. Anypony want a drink?"
  15. ((just FYI: you cant release it. Not in any significant way. At least not without the proper mechanism --- which can be found if you piece together myths of equestria's-version-of-egypt (I forgot the name >.<) and realize this is actually an ancient, ancient, golem animation core from a very large and powerful (and long-broken) golem --- though if you piece all that together... yes... you can unlock its power to run all kinds of dangerous spells and/or machines. I actually have plans for that little marble that I've discussed with steel *evil grin*)) Trixie blinked at sunset before rolling her eyes "maybe I should make you my stage assistant, you sure got the over-the-top boisterous acting down pat" she smiled though, making it clear it was little more than gentle ribbing The showmare then turned to sunburst, sighing hard "honestly, I'm not too upset, I think I knew somewhere deep down they were fake and thats why I never showed her the supposed artifacts" a rare moment of pure honesty from trixie, though she didn't seem to realize that this would only serve to confuse the stallion even more since she never mentioned to him that she had been collecting these to spite twilight... "though if you happen to know any way to make some of these things work a little better or more reliably..." she smirked "I can think of some Great and Powerful uses for them as... props... provided they're safe" after a moment, she finally addressed the orb "well, its not exactly useful to me like it is, go ahead and see what you can do with it, I never figured it out" she shrugged, clearly having no idea what the scope of this item was, especially given how she thought sunset was overreacting comically to it...
  16. Jasper rolled his eyes and was about to make some snide remark to kojo before the small dragon flitted off, but this did cause JAsper to look over at iggy, probably about to say something smartalec to her to prove kojo wrong... but then he saw what had made kojo upset. Jasper raised his hand at cloudy, who also shut up, then the faux ice dragon walked over to iggy and, after glancing around nervously, wrapped his arms around her neck. For a moment iggy did not react, but then she slowly raised her hooves and returned the gesture, the smoke fading from her fur and her eyes returning to their normal color. "Sorry. I forget your fur's not as think as my scales" said jasper Iggy smiled and just held that hug silently for several seconds longer than a normal pony would, finally letting go and saying "its been a stressful day, I'm sorryI got upset..." she smiled a little "and sorry I made you show this side of yourself to your new friend" Jasper gave iggy another quick squeeze, then walked over to kojo and placed his foot on the smaller dragon's tail to make sure he couldn't fly off "Ok, runt. You just saw something I cant let anyone know about" he said "not even a so-called friend" his claws glistened in the light and jasper looked very much like he was about to end kojo's life right then and there, but instead pulled the other dragon into a headlock "so guess what? your not my friend anymore..." the headlock transitioned into a very awkward hug "your a part of my family..." he let several moments pass, making it clear this wasn't some bad joke (and that perhaps iggy's kindness had indeed touched jasper much deeper than he wanted to admit) and giving the other dragon a touching moment before adding "and now that your a member of my family I can without fear tell you that if you do start telling anyone what you saw, I will hunt you down, I will beat you, then I will disembowel you three times for every creature you tell. Got it?"
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  18. Magic... collection? That eyebrow-raising revelation certainly brought back some unpleasant memories for Sunset Shimmer. “Whatever you do,” she sternly advised; “DO NOT try to release the magic that’s stored inside. I’ve seen a magic collection device similar to this before..." Sunset leaned over Sunburst’s desk to get in his face, conveying the gravity of the situation. “The last person who unleashed magic from it got overwhelmed by its power, and nearly destroyed the fabric of reality in the process!” It was at this point that a chilling thought dawned on the Equestrian girl. She gave the orb a good, hard look; “How much magic do you estimate that artifact is designed to contain, anyway?”
  19. Kojo tried to simply ignore the argument and focus on the work, but Iggy’s reaction caught his eye and he looked over at her worriedly. It took him a moment to remember what Jasper said about Iggy’s kind getting mad, and then the pieces fell into place. He looked back and forth between her and Jasper for a bit before flying over to Jasper. “Hey, ya might wanna cool it, Ah think Iggy’s getting upset.” He said, pointing out the kirin and giving Jasper a look that told him to be careful if he didn’t want her to blow her top. With that done though, he flew back to continue working.
  20. And while Iggy and Kojo cleaned, Jasper, being jasper, sat on the card and did nothing but watch... or at least that was his plan before the window above him opened up and a massive pile of bubbles was thrown out. Unfortunately for the would-be "attacker", jasper had plenty of time to react and a small fireball was enough to dispel them as he glared up "You did that on purpose, turkey!" Indeed Cloudy's head popped out "I have no clue what you mean, I was just..." "lifting them up all the way to the window instead of tossing them into a bucket or a sink or something?" asked Jasper "you really think I'm gonna buy that excuse?" Cloudy shrugged "well if you actually helped maybe we'd get through a lot faster" Iggy, already upset by jasper's comment was clearly not taking this argument well as wisps of smoke were rising form her fur and mane as her eyes turned white, warning that she was about to go into Nirik rage mode......
  21. Ossia di Nerezza was skilled at stoking all sorts of fires in Blueblood's heart, not just resentment. Nonetheless, the heat now currently steaming through his metaphorical veins could forge most any resolution, and temper petty grievances into a blade of retribution. The Prince knew, on some level, that he was being molded, but it was a molding of scrap into a sword. An improvement, to which he had and continued to agree fully. "Ah, yes. It would be a fine thing, to give her a taste of her own medicine. Not that I have much hope of it curing her, at this point." Upon getting a rundown of what it was exactly that Andromalius was capable of, Blueblood had to admit it was impressive. "A two-speed relic... certainly, a change from the all-or-nothing Glamour Garnet. A glaive to open what charm cannot..." Reaching out with magic, he pulled the box towards him, opening the reliquary to behold an old-style glaive, bronze, age apparent along the base and opening, though the metal close to the top looked newer. "Alteration to fit a pony's hoof." He remarked, reaching out his own, before hesitating. "But that which was altered once-" Without regard for the gravitas of the moment, he sat back suddenly, pulling out a crystal lens from his pocket, through which he inspected Andromalius. After a minute, he re-pocketed the monocle. "Just had to give it a look for tell-tale signs of being booby-trapped. I've been burned before, literally, through impatience." Clearing his throat, though attempts to restore the prior moment's mood were mostly futile, he simply pulled out the relic and slipped it on. Immediately, it began to glow, the bronze color beginning to burnish before their eyes, into a dirty, then clean yellow golden gleam. The Prince felt a tingle at the base of his horn, the familiar feeling of a relic augmenting the magical powers at his command. "It forms to fit." He remarked, gingerly placing his shod hoof on the floor. "I'll need shoes to walk with- no, hang on, it's flat enough in the sole to not throw off my balance." With a final two steps to get the feel of it, he looked in the mirror nearby (there was always a mirror nearby in Blueblood manor). "Not bad... have to fit an ensemble around it, of course."
  22. Some books were best left open and others best left closed. It didn't take much for Rarity to tell that Applejack was rather perturbed by that detective's presence. And rightfully so- he had interfered rudely in a most splendid day. But sh didn't think that was why he had left. After all, he was a detective. They were used to sticking in where they were an irritant and using that to further their agendas. She would let it sit though. She nodded along with her mare when she said they'd keep an eye out for anything untoward but focused on Applejack and the meal when the time came. The meal sat well with her as they made their way to the spa. It wasn't sitting as well with Applejack, however- less the meal and more the idea of a spa! "Oh Applejack, you don't need to hide your nervousness from me. I know you're uncomfortable and that is exactly why this is such a wonderful gesture. You're doing this for me despite your unease, and I know that. Don't hide it!" She said as she gave Applejack a peck on the cheek before they entered. "Besides, you're awful at hiding your feelings, most of all from me." It was rather splendid. It had a view overlooking the beautiful cloud arrangements outside, aided most delightfully by a slew of rooms and services offered. She had read that the entire staff was highly rated judging by the strong-looking shoulders on the stallion and the toned forelegs of the mares, very likely. "Hello! This spa is very...exceptional," she said as she approached the front desk. The mare behind smiled and opened up her appointment book. "We should have a reservation? Applejack or Rarity?" She asked It was confirmed a moment later. "Also, we have ze whole service approved- massage, hooficure, facials, selected soothing sounds, candles, the works. All we need to know is what type f massage you'd prefer?" "Oooh, that all sounds great. As for the massage...make it to hotstone massages. And don't be afraid of going a little rough on her. She can take it," Rarity winked towards her marefriend. She'd make sure that Applejack had a good time even if it killed her.
  23. Rarity seemed a bit confident in her designs, and why shouldn't she? Even as she hemmed the skirt a little shorter Moonlight knew it would work well. She wasn't sure why they needed school uniforms in the first place but she had an inkling it was a way for rarity to have a deeper influence and test out new design metrics. She couldn't really let herself fly wild, had to allow for some conservatism to seep into the process. All things told, Moonlight knew Rarity knocked it out of the park. That was partially at least because Moonlight knew she was a knockout herself. "Well, like, the way I see it these clothes will totally speak to, like, some of them, right? Totally with you there, no duh. But, I mean, if I'm like your model for it then yeah I better see thuh benefits, right? I'm tre spectacular," Moonlight giggled as she started up and down the runway, doing what came naturally. She had been an expert model and while her movements were far less precise- her skeletal structure, weight distribution, and musculature were all different after all- she was still good enough to make the article shine.' Then she had a thought, and turned to "Like, what are you going to do for Ocellus, though? She's totes out there all thuh time, she's all like, 'I'm a Changeling now and totally a bugbear later' and that is just a scoshe, like, hard to plan for, right?" Moonlight asked as she came off the runway, sashaying unintentionally while she did so. It was a worry for her about how uniforms, indeed clothes, could handle a Changeling. Would the clothes rip? Would they change? Would that ruin Rarity's intellectual property rights? A lot of concerns. Just like any discussion regarding her magic. She rolled her eyes. "Like, oh my Celestia, I so tried and failed to use it earlier. I feel like all this weird-o energy totally ripping through me and when I tried to like dry myself with a towel it was all like, 'so seriously no,' and I just sent that towel everywhere. Uggh, like the worst!" Moonlight said as she relieved that embarrassing experience. She had zero control over her magic. None. In fact, it was the thing that was freaking her out the most still. She was a unicorn. She was a unicorn! Literally everything about her was different but being able to cast spells...and feeling this slight emptiness where her connection with nature used to be...was the biggest change of all. She sighed, rubbing her temple as she disrobed. She hadn't used the bathroom since she had woken up and it was starting to tell. "I totally need to use thuh bathroom, like stat," she said with a short laugh, nervous as it was as she put the uniform back and trotted towards the Boutique's bathroom.
  24. Cashmere has never been more attracted to a man before in his life lmao
  25. Kojo giggled slightly at the thought of Jasper’s scales turning into some kind of snow. He frowned soon after though, as they got into a small fight that ended in awkward silence. He looked between them, opening his mouth to say something, but thinking better of it. He simply sighed slightly as he accepted the broom, helping to clean up the place.
  26. Iggy grinned "Your willing to help without me even asking? Jasper, are you past your trade-in date?" she grinned jokingly Jasper rolled his eyes "better watch it, runt, next thing you know she'll have turned your scales into snow... or in your case probably leaves" "I only did that once" defended iggy "and you were close to molting anyway so it wasn't so bad!" "yeah... you have a loose definition of the word 'bad'" he snorted "Just remember even if he helps you that doesn't mean you get to test spells and potions and other weird things on him" "oh I know, tha'ts why I have you" smirked iggy Jasper sighed, muttering about iggy only saving him to get a free genuea pig... Iggy's grin though faded, clearly that wasn't true and it really hurt when jasper said things like that... though she didn't respond... after a moment just silently passing a broom to kojo as she went to the wagon and retrieved a mop... ((and just to make it clear, Jasper was not at all rude when he called kojo 'runt' thats just his insensitive draconic nature thinking its a suitable nickname since its accurate...))
  27. Kojo flew along after Jasper, humming at the news that the place was by the castle. That was interesting, but he supposed someone had to live in them. He wasn’t exactly keeping up on the housing market in town, so he didn’t know what all they had to choose from. As they arrived, he looked over the somewhat run-down place with a slight frown, wondering if he should offer help. For now though, he listened to Jasper talk to the pony-like creature, smiling as he noticed Jasper’s tone change around her. Eventually the talk turned to him, and he waved back at Iggy at her introduction. “Howdy. Ah’m Kojo, nice ta meetcha, Iggy.” He smiled, nodding to her. “Ah’m not the only other dragon round these parts, but yeah, Jasper’s my new friend. And Ah’d be willing ta help clean up, ifn ya want the help.”
  28. Reck watched her friend as Neb melted in with the music, letting the beats determine what she did. She was an incredible dancer, not that Reck was willing to outright tell her such. She smirked. What fun was flirting if you didn't have an attitude? Neb motioned for her to join in the center of the circle. She glanced around, noting that ponies were clapping along, enjoying the moves Neb had brought to the table. Perfect! She liked a crowd and was happy to please them! The pegabat did a small leap forward, spreading her wings and floating towards the cute little mare with the moves. She landed on two legs and immediately got down to the beat. Dusk was really bringin' it tonight! She moved in, beginning to dance close to her friend. She knew they could pick it up together and she was pretty sure their dancing would meld like a fairly seamlessly. A smile came across her muzzle as she realized how much she was enjoying this. She'd danced with lots of mares of course but few could match how well their moves seemed to blend. There was of course that spark of chemistry between them which only added to the crowd's enjoyment of their dancing! After a few more minutes of lights, mist, and awesome music the beat did a ramp down. "Mares and stallions! Give it up for DJ Dusk til Dawn!" An announcer boomed over the crowd of ponies. The room filled with cheers and applause! "She'll be back for another set in a few!" With that an auto track began to play. The crowd around them started to break up and Reck raised an eyebrow to her friend. "Time for a drink!" She blew her forelocks up with a breath. "Whew! Hot enough for yah?" Reck trotted towards the bar and ordered a drink for both of them. "So, any outside patios at this place? I could use a breath of fresh air!" She hoofed a drink over to Neb while she spoke.
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