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  2. Hearing about ESP's reminded Feng of stories he'd heard about some of the legendary followers of the Harmonious Path. Supposedly pursuing ascetic discipline could grant preternatural powers of perception. The longma himself was fairly skeptical of these stories, however; never having met such monks himself. Plus, there was the tale of his great uncle who had literally starved himself in pursuit of said powers, without any kind of result. "That may as well be." He shrugged. "Sharp eyes and educated guesses do a good portion of that for a long sun, or a pony, in my experience." The newcomer mare and Tempest seemed to be getting along fairly well, which was good. Not that the longma could empathize much with their desires to stay away from Ponyville, he was having a great time here! Though, if their experiences here were anything like what he felt at the thought of visiting his home village... yeah, he could understand that. At the mention of the late Emperor, Feng's ears perked up again, and he replied. "Oh, the old Emperor died shortly after I began my training; I don't know all that much about him. His daughter, though...." His eyes grew clouded with a dreamlike gaze, and he sighed. "...is marvelous." The poor boy was clearly lovestruck, which lent credence to the fact that he'd been sent overseas to save face in the court of the Dragon Throne. Romantic musings were cut short by Tempest's offhand mentioning of a scuppered intention to invade; the burgundy mare was something of a buzzkill when it came to romance. Still, probably for the best that Feng sobered up ASAP. "Oh, well, we certainly do pride ourselves on our forces, and I think justly. There is also the matter that such an act of aggression would have incurred the wrath of the heavenly dragons upon your heads as well. The king of the long is a personal friend to the Empress, as well as a longstanding ally." Taking a quick check around, he noticed the pavilion seemed to be emptying. "I think the next round of events are starting up soon. I plan to compete in several more, and cheer on my friend Yanhua when she competes as well. She's been a fantastic supporter so far. Would you like to come along, grab one last drink before the round?"
  3. Ok, so I was visiting my cousin today and her daughter was watching MLP on her TV. As I was watching it I remembered how I used to be part of this fandom and how much I enjoyed it, so I decided to recreate my OC as he was, join this site, and reconnect. I was a brony from 2012 to 2014, I'd consider myself an 'OG brony' but I haven't seen the show in forever and definitely haven't followed the fandom in 4 years. I used to use Google+ as my main forum just as many others did. I had a somewhat large following on there, many friends, a legit OC, many role play sessions under my belt, and even a 'relationship'. Google+ died, and so did my interest in the fandom, but now I'm back and looking for new friends and maybe a way to connect with old friends from Google+. Anyone remember Sterling Dark? I don't quite know how to use this site yet and I'm very lonely. I will be rewriting my OC back story and information soon. If anyone wants to be friends and introduce me to this site, please hit me up.
  4. Tempest leaned her to the side like a dog as a hoof was offered to her. After staring at it for a few moments she picked a hoof up and poked Shimmer’s hoof. It looked as awkward as it felt for Tempest. “Sunset Shimmer… Sunset Shimmer…” she mutters, rolling the name around in her head before something clicked. “You were in the news… some years ago. A run away was it? Welcome to the club, I need to start making shirts and hats for us.” She says with a soft chuckle at her own joke. “I do not blame you for living far, far away… don’t know why you’d want to come back to this place.” Looking at Feng she flixs an ear. “I do know the Empress runs a good ship. It was on my recommendation we did not see her lands as… safe to invade. Unlike here she has a real army.” Tempest chokes back a giggle. “If you can even call what we have here even close to one… I took on a full squad by myself. I’d call it a show but it was so depressing even my own storm guards found it just disappointing to watch. So maybe it was good you weren't alongside them Sunset.”
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  7. Rocky felt a strong sense of warmth when Applebloom smiled at him. It felt as if any and all nervousness left him like a seedling in the wind. Perhaps he was hoofs over horns for her, and now he could actually speak with her made him feel at ease. Quickly getting rid of the blush in his cheeks and the goofy grin on his face, he nodded to Applebloom and placed his bits on her counter top. "Welp sure as shootin my big bro Boulder ain't da only one a got skills to show today" he said as he took his ring and walked over to the tossing spot and held it out proper. Concentrating he focused on his target, an apple in the middle of the stand. He took a deep breath and recalled a lesson from his late Pa, Boulder Guard, to always give it your all and think about what your always fighting for. He took one last peek at Applebloom smiling at him and inhaled before giving the ring a toss. It sailed through the air, landed around the apple, and spun gracefully around landing perfectly around his target. Clapping his hooves proudly he nodded to the Apple clan and said, "Bang on! Boulder Dash ain't the only one with an eagle eye"
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  10. Hi! Glad to have you here on Canterlot! Please let me or any staff member know if you have questions about our site
  11. Twilight make quick work of Beronccolo, so much that he didn't had to interrupt. So he didn't , instead opting to wait before Roam official was away from the earshot. "......I just can't muster myself to like him you know Sparkle. That selfishness of his and...." Swift paused as he walked past the purple alicorn "...we had a talk resolving around this last night didn't we? What's the difference between the Beronccolo and Pathfinder then? Hear earnest, infectious joy from doing what does? Her honesty in her commitment to it.....?" Squall asked, as much himself as his companion before pausing again,, this time for longer. "......Sorry. I usually not hang-up on one topic like this. That it hardly a place to do so...." noblepony apologized for his poor timing before leading the way towards...... "........you know, now that I said it out loud...it sounded better in my head. Not like a title of flick of a certain kind." Squall mused to Twilight, now that they were standing on the edge of the giant sinkhole, big enough to swallow Crystaller Building whole. "Did anything new came up while we were still getting here?" he asked, turning towards couple of TEMPEST employees that were bustling around aetherical measuring devices. In response to the question, a bookish looking mare trotted towards the pair. She shot the Princess a quick look and blushed fiercely before focusing her attentionon her boss. "A-Actually I have a ton of new data Sir! We still s-s-sieving through it, but this is what we got so far." she said before hoofing the Squall a printout a hurrying away, his face still furiously crimson. "Thank you Vanilla. Somepony has a fan." Swift thanked the bespecteled mare before teasing royal one. The business-stallion then turned his gaze at the document. As he did this his amused smile slowly disappeared to be replaced by a troubled frown. He was no specialist on obscure wizardry or alchemy - a reason he asked Twilight for help in a first place - but he had enough experience with sorcery, curses and enchantments to have broad idea what they were against. He quickly gave Sparkle the document so she could have a look herself. "This...this is problematic. I only once saw something like this - in ancient tomb at Pharaoh's Vale - and it wasn't as vitriolic as this. Whatever Mycus was doing down there, it made and artificial lay-line, and now it's bleeding out now that the cork was pulled. If we don't deal with this, Roam can have a new Everfree at it's doorstep. From where in Tartarus he got all of that excess aeather from?!" Swift spoke aloud the question both of them were having. "We will need some very special equipment for this." he added.
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    My name is Doll Bambi, and it has been a LONG TIME since i was part of the MLP community. It feels great to come back to cool stuff like this website, and I cant wait to get started and get to know some of you I'm a bit of an artist, I like music and am a bug fan of crossover art. I like just about everything, and like meeting new people as well.
  15. *Submitted for Judging* A bright yellow earth pony stood in front of the wall, staring up at it like some strange creature. Though the mare was eyeing it like a weirdo, she was absolutely thrilled to step hoof in this competition for the first time. The idea of climbing up a magical wall full of mystery and unbelievably hard challenges really made Long Shot excited. Something new and, what sounded to be fun, made Shot really pumped. It was the off season anyway, for soccer at least, and she had to find something to keep her mind from wandering into boredom. The smile never left her cute little face when she got her belt situated. Her positive attitude radiated her surroundings as she tightened the harness, then dipped her hooves in some chalk to make sure she wouldn't slip. She saw the last two ponies make their way up the wall, and it didn't seem that hard. Ha! The green eyed mare was a little delusional. So, her grin got bigger when she looked back at the wall, blurting out a "This will be so much fun!" Only if she knew what was up to come. When she got closer to the wall, the ponies behind her cheered for her bravery. Her hooves quickly pounded the ground from anticipation and excitement. Her mouth formed a tight smile as she heard her cue to start climbing. Shot immediately jumped right into action, her heart pounding and her strong back legs helping her up the first section, which seemed to be easy. It was like a normal rock wall, as little steps were plastered all over the section. Her strong yellow hooves climbed the moving wall with ease, her quick reflexes jumping to the next set of stones to hold onto and climb up. "Huh?" The sudden noise shocked her, as a thick, brown, slimy blob of mud came running down the wall. Her braided hair hung off her neck as she stared at the quickening mass, making her gulp loudly. The mud was already at her hooves, making them covered to the brim with sticky mud. Her back legs kicked out, as her mind went to the next best thing. Her positive nature kept a smile on her face, as she found the lumps of rock sticking out from the mud. She pushed her little body up the slick plank, using her backs legs to keep her steady against the wall. Shot began to notice little spots of wall that wasn't covered in mud, and she used that to her advantage. It was like a soccer drill in her mind, like little step ladders. She used all her momentum to climb from one spot to the next, not caring if she got a little dirty. It was a little slow, moving up the wall from how thick the mud was, but she didn't find that as an excuse. It was like a pattern, left front hoof, right front hoof, then her back legs. The mud seemed to clear up quicker than she thought, as the wall kept moving at her pace. "I'm so ecstatic for this next run in! That mud was stick-y!" Suddenly, a small rock hit her head, making her shake it aggressively. The mare continued to climb, feeling more rocks roll their way down the magical wall. Soon, they got bigger and bigger, hitting her hooves and making her lose her grip. "Woah!" Shot hung the wall securely, dodging the rocks as best she could. Her heart was pumping fast again, like it did in the start of a soccer game. She tried to climb closer to the wall, but the rocks became harder to dodge. She mare was stuck in a pickle, and she needed to get out of it fast. Though the boulders seemed to be a huge obstacle that she wasn't expecting at all, Shot had to use this to her advantage. Her bright teeth shown through her smile as she thought of an idea, and she hyped herself up from the possibility of doing it. As the next rock came down on her, she leaped at the next step, throwing her two front hooves at the falling rock and holding it for a second, then throwing it behind her. Shot then leaped to the next spot, grabbing another rock and throwing it behind. It was like a pattern again, or another soccer drill. A shooting drill, perhaps. It was like a soccer ball getting passed to her to shoot, and she had to run up and get it. This time it was leaping to it, throwing it back, and grabbing the next potential spot to climb. Left and right, up and to the side. It made her body exhausted though, and she began to slow down. "Oh, fiddlesticks." Pure panic plastered on the earth pony's face as she heard water splash down on her, making her drenched in water. The one thing she absolutely was terrified of was water, and swimming, and fish. The memory of her childhood flashed before her eyes, the idea of swimming made her stomach tight. If she knew water was going to be used in her attempt, the hyper active mare wouldn't have climbed the thing. She's been terrified of water since she was little- since the mistake happened. It was something about her so thought happy past that she'd never tell anypony. She was too happy to acknowledge it. Too late now, as she was covered in the clear liquid and little fish were swimming down the wall, making her slow down a lot and stay quiet. It was like it was meant to freak her out, like the wall was trying to trip her brain out. The smell of the ocean swept all of her senses. She wasn't smiling anymore. She was just scared. The yellow mare didn't stop climbing though, as she just wanted to be done with this. She didn't think about the water, or the fish, she just thought about climbing up the little pegs that stuck out. "You're almost done! You're almost done! You're almost done!" Finally, she made it to the top, and the smile didn't escape her face when she did. "Psssshh, that wasn't that bad!" She gave a large grin, and climbed down her rope to meet the ground.
  16. Oh gosh, I cannot wait to see it! I'm sure it'll look amazing<3
  17. I have gotten a digital tablet and have done a very not well done pic of our characters in this thread I shall post it with my first post in the thread. No making fun of my terrible art skillz lol
  18. Daze just smirked and shook her head at the little cutie when she said her 'yerp'. It was probably the most adorable thing she'd ever seen. That's what she thought before she looked down to see what the creature was doodling. To the Pegasus's amazement, it was a picture of the three of them. All together, walking through the preppy streets of Canterlot, happily enjoying each other company. Well, that's what Daze got through the hearts and flowers over their heads. It was so incredibly cute. She noticed the sun too had sunglasses, which cracked the athletic mare to no end. She remembered doodling on things like this when she was the little dragon's age. She'd always put sunglasses on the sun, even though the sun was the one shining it's rays down on the earth below it. The sun couldn't blind itself, but putting sunglasses on it seemed to be legitimate. It's like the glasses were supposed to be there, like how Daze felt she was supposed to be in this exact moment with these two knuckleheads. It was like she was meant to run into the two. She was meant to find these two precious creatures and savor them forever- like destiny. Ha! Daze wasn't the soft emotional type. She was just overthinking things again, like always- or so she thought. These creatures were just here because they accidently came face to face. That's all. She enjoyed every minute of it though. After she got out of her daze (ha), she looked at Thrilly, realizing she's a little upset. "You good, Thrill?" The Pegasus let out a very cute smirk, her eyebrows raising in curiousness and comfort. Daze then cleared her throat, "Nah, it's not that brave. I'm just- stubborn. That's good you all are safe. Circus things seem to be really dangerous. I'm glad you guys are well taking care of, haha." She noticed Thrilly's eyes become redder, making her ears droop down. Suddenly she heard two fillies walk passed them, and what they said made Daze's pupils grow small. "That's depressing."
  19. I will be posting Friday. After that, I will be able to reply quickly after posts by Tacobob. Dragonruin, if you could PM me your Sombra justification?
  20. Can't wait to see this character and her brother's interactions
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    Snek is cute
  22. Anne Schwofenhuf Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Anne Schwofenhuf Sex: Mare Age: Middle aged Mare Species: pegasus Eye colour: green Coat: yellow Mane/Tail: orange Physique: Slender Residence: Nomadic, currently stopped in Ponyville (Tour d'Equestria) Occupation: Actor, dancer, and choreographer Cutie Mark: a pair of ballet shoes with a bow in front of a pair of wings Unique Traits: Anne is a spectacular aerial acrobat and dancer. Her talent is agility, elegance and grace in flight and on the ground. She's very precise in many ways. She could be considered OCD. She's very particular about her living space, and the way she carries herself. All of her motions are carefully calculated, and precise. History: The Schwofenhuf family is a long long line of very accomplished dancers, who've been in Hoofenheim Germaney for many generations, and Anne is no exception. She spent the majority of her younger years honing her skills as an aerial dancer and acrobat. When she was a young mare, she'd already mastered the art of precise acrobatic flight. As time went by, she began to become discontent with the life of a ballerina. One day, she saw a poster advertising auditions for a traveling theatre that was coming to town. She decided to go ahead and audition. She practiced, like she did everything else, meticulously. For days, she tried to perfect her lines. Then the day of the audition, she arrived at the portable stage precisely on time. When prompted, she executed her script just how she'd practiced.... or she tried to. She was so nervous, that she missed her cues more than once, and couldn't remember all her lines. Afterward, she gave the unicorn a bow and said "Thank you for giving me ze opportunity to audition. I am sorry to have vasted your time." The unicorn got up and went to her. "You enjoyed yourself, no?" he asked, to which she nodded "Then you have wasted nopony's time. I know talent when I see it, Madame. Just ask my friend Lilly, here." he gestured to an adolescent filly who was drawing in a chair next to him "Everypony has doubts in themselves. It can sometimes take a second opinion to know when the ignore them. I can tell you practiced a lot. You like things to be just so, no?" She smiled "I can accept no less than perfection. It is who I am." "Then allow me" he offered "to show you how to be mediocre, and to accept it as a... how you say... a stepping stone." From that day, the unicorn, Stage Lights, taught her the ins and outs of acting, and she learned how to be okay with less than perfection. She learned some acting skills that she really enjoyed using. Eventually, the time came for the theatre to leave Hoofenheim. Stage invited Anne to accompany him. After careful consideration, she decided that it would be great to continue to pursue excellence in her just developing acting skill. Character Personality: Anne is very intentional. She holds posture and well-calculated movement in high regard. She's generally understanding if you don't share her priorities, but if you do, her opinion of you will be that much higher. Character Summary: Anne, who goes by Annie, on occasion, is a very particular pegasus. She is vey precise in her movements and very unforgiving of her own mistakes. She's been working on improving that, but it's difficult. She travels with the Tour d'Equestria Touring Theatre with her adoptive family. She is an accomplished aerial dancer and a fairly decent apprentice actor.
  23. The drums really started to bother Pocket Change. At first they started off what seemed like an ancient Tenochtitlan marriage ceremony. But then it shifted into an war chant. Then just nonsense. What was going on? The desire to continue to listen to the odd music was quickly ended with the appearance of an odd looking mare and then there was Hogosha's sneeze which might as well been a hurricane breeze. This caused the drums to stop and the mare to let out an yelp before being knocked out by said sneeze. The unicorn quickly shuffled over to their attacker(?). "Huh.", he studied the Pegasus pony. "She's actually wearing an University Of Fillydelphia sweater...It's in really bad shape....Oh.", further studies showed that she had repurposed an shirt with pockets. The pockets were placed over her hooves and she had fashioned sharpened rocks which in turn were placed in the pockets like hoof-blades. Her wings also appeared to be in poor shape as well. Just as he was about to check to see if she were breathing, the pony's eyes opened... "Don't you even think about it...", she growled. "You raider pony...er...um...", she noticed the very impressive looking creature standing nearby..."And your raider dog, if you even think about touching me, I will kick you so hard, you'll have to use your horn as..." She was obviously hurt and rather thirsty. Being the good sort, Pocket Change levitated his canteen over to the scared mare, who quickly stopped with her threats to take a good sip. "Now please. Let's start again.", he spoke in a very calm and relaxing tone. "I am Pocket Change from the University in Canterlot and also the magic guild, Spell Bound. This is my companion Hogosha. We are on a mission here. Please tell me about yourself.." The scared mare quickly wiped away some spare water from her cheeks as her eyes darted about. She was staring directly at where the music had been playing.., "I'm Wind Whistler...I was exploring as well with my dumb boyfriend and his dumber friend friend when we heard what we thought was a monster growling....They freaked out...Ran me over..", she paused to rub her wings, "Knocked me out...When I woke up...I heard those crazy drums....I've been wandering these woods for like two days....Not sure what happened to the others....", she sighed, "I wanted to go Suntrot Bay, but he was like.....No....It's full of tourists....Let's do the Tenochtitlan Trek.....Ugh...", she paused to take another sip. As she did, Pocket turned to his friend, "Those drums sound wrong...I have a feeling we have bandits...Should we check them out? Don't like the idea of criminals running their greedy hooves through important relics..."
  24. Since there was a very low chance her hippy-dippy-dragon parents probably taught her what sarcasm was, the little dragon simply nodded her head and squeaked out a happy. “Yerp!”, she was drawing an rather detailed little image. The cat noticed it and gasped. The little dragon drew a cute, but crude image of the three all in stick-form enjoying a walk in Canterlot. All three were very happy and tiny hearts and flowers floated over their stick bodies heads. The flowers all had happy little faces and the sun wore sunglasses for some reason. “Sorry. Just a little dusty...”, Thrilly covered her eyes with her cloth napkin. Now she not only felt bad for the super-brave Pegasus pony who dared to do what only a few ponies would are to do, along with knowing that one good fall would end her career forever. She also felt very bad for their little dragon friend. Left to fend for herself at a very very young age, she wandered the streets...looking for a friend....ugh. She needed to hold it all in. Don’t cry! Don’t make a scene. Be cool. “That’s very brave you...”, Thrilly removed her napkin. “Thankfully our circus has a very good record and the owner spares no expenses when it comes to our safety...Cause if one of his top performers is too hurt to perform, he can loose a ton of bits.....So he treats us all, from the strong-guy to the elephant sweeper like they’re the most important members of his staff....” Her eyes seemed to get redder and redder the more she spoke. What would make her cry? Then two little fillies wandered by, “.......They had to put Mister Muffins to sleep today....”, one muttered.
  25. A blush appeared Sunset Shimmer’s cheeks as Tempest Shadow of all ponies scolded her for an impolite greeting. Heh, at least the self-described warrior was in the same mess as her, so... hooray? And Empress, huh? Back at Celestia’s School, Sunset learned that some old dude was the guy in charge over in Long Guo. Maybe the Equestrian girl ought to keep a better track of developments beyond her birth country’s borders, although as it was, she already had her hands full living in two worlds. “Well, what can I say?” Sunset bashfully rubbed the back of her head with a hoof; “At magic school, we were taught how some creatures are able to naturally read minds or predict the future without casting spells at all. ESP’s an extremely rare ability mind you, with only a tiny handful of proven documented cases, but it isn’t unheard of.” Miss Shimmer could testify from personal experience, but technically speaking, that only counted in the Mirror World. Sunset turned towards Tempest, offering a foreleg to shake in a genuine gesture of friendliness. “The name’s Sunset Shimmer, by the way. You might not have heard of me Tempest Shadow, but Princess Twilight has told me a great deal about you, and how you helped her vanquish the Storm King. I wish I could have been there alongside the Princess and the others when they could have used my aid, but geez, how do I put this... I live far, far away from here these days.” The unicorn didn’t forget about the longma she accused of mysticism; “So you’re a warrior who serves the Empress of Long Guo, huh? How is she compared to her predecessor; Emperor Xin, was it?” Better late than never to keep ahead on foreign affairs!
  26. Nensho hummed as he watched the other conversations around him. He gave a sigh of his own at Yanhua’s words, mulling them over for a bit before responding. “Perhaps, perhaps not. I’ve known her for a very long time, pretty much my whole life. I’m just worried what will happen to our relationship if she doesn’t feel the same way... You might be right though, she doesn’t have anyone else she’s pining for. Well, that I know of anyways.” He said, giving a slight chuckle and shrug. “And I guess you could say that, though she’s only here because of me. She needed a vacation, so I convinced her to take one. I take it you’re here because of him though. I feel you, you don’t want to bring it up either... Maybe we should both just buck up and do it...”
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