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    “Yep. Princess of dreams. Princess of the night.”, the little filly decided against speaking in the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE as it had been wearing out her vocal cords and some may find it rude to be yelled at...Unless it was the proper ‘trick or treat’ chant. That was important. If she lost her voice, how would candy givers know that they must smell her hooves? Actually, why would anypony need to smell her hooves? What a weird thing to ask somepony. Did her costumed horse-shoes even have a smell? Maybe next time she should go with the usual, 'Nightmare Night! What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!'. She smiled as the mare, hopefully was about to pull out her very large sack of candy! Princess Luna had the right to send anypony to the moon if they DARED give her bad candy! No horrid black licorice! Or wax cola bottles! And circus peanuts! Why do they taste like banana? They should taste like peanut! What insane pony decided on this? That would be like selling candies that looked like apples, and they tasted like prunes! Wrong! And her silly bigger sister liked those terrible candy corns! Also did not taste like corn! They tasted like broken dreams and nightmares! What was this? Was Miss Punch hoofing out drink boxes? Really? Guess that made sense. Berry Punch. Wind Walker had been banned from drinking such things in her house, after she accidentally dumped the entire content of her beloved ‘Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster' on her family's new couch. Grape flavored corn syrup mixed with Polydimethylsiloxane, Castoreum, and Brominated Vegetable Oil, do not work well with the Canterlot Linen and Silk couch. Thankfully there were no overpriced couches in sight. And while this was not candy, she still had to be very grateful. Still. JuicyJam. Her little speech sounded like something she should have said while doing tricks on a skateboard while wearing dark sunglasses while an very old authority figure looked on with disapproval. "Thanks Miss Punch!" After she received her treat, the filly made room for another. She would try this new drink out and hopefully earn a glare from a nearby vice principal, jail warden or other be-crew-cutted stallion of authority! Take that! I am enjoying....", after a few failed attempts with Berry Punch's straw 'o' death, Wind managed to get a few tastes of her drink. Or was it candy? How odd? It was more of a candy filling of sorts. It was good....But....oh no..THIS WAS HEALTHY!! As she pondered how many eggs this mare's house would soon be covered with, the filly spied a few more newcomers. Applebloom's big brother cantered by in a rather exquisite costume. An Alicorn princess? It was well made and the wings were pretty real looking. He probably should enter Swift Squall's contest in that get-up. Probably would win! The filly took a moment to smile at White Rose when something caught her attention. The kiren WANTED Discord to zap a costume on her. That might not end well for her! "Thanks Mister Cain!", the filly glanced into her bag as the stallion tossed a few goodies her way. "I'm Wind Walker.", she added. It would be nice to give the candy-givers a little treat as well, but considering the look the mare had given him, Berry Punch was looking for something sweet and it was not candy! Hopefully they would soon find their way to the next house. How far was Mister Rich's house from here? He usually had really good candy and sometimes even rather scary decorations!
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    Rose as a mother: Dreamy as a mother
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    6 years on Canterlot! Yaay!
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    Gaining appreciation for his mighty roar, he beamed a smile as both his mother and the new guest Hoshi. It was fun getting attention from everypony, even those that Zap has never met before. Applejack's willingness to greet ponies gave Zap a very welcoming attitude in almost every situation. Being called a cute colt with a cute feline costume, chocolate and fritters everywhere, everypony being nice, what was there to lose? "Hahum! I want fritters. Imma fritter lion! Rawr!" Zap had been addressed by Hoshi and he would indeed appreciate the comment, but he was distracted by the thought of fritters adorning the insides of his cheeks. Rocky approached Zap and complimented his outfit and his persona. "Rawr!" Zap repeated. He would have to make sure everypony got at least one roar. But when Rocky pulled out a candy bar, Zap's eyes dilated in wonderment. Rocky gave the candy bar to Zap and Zap was elated. "Alright!" He would spend the next few seconds trying to unwrap the treat with his teeth and his hooves with no immediate success.
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    They're slowly putting out new Christmas MLP shorts out BTW
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    The exact details of Nightmare Night were somewhat lost on Yona. From what the young yak had gathered, there were three main facts. Firstly, everycreature was expected to dress up. Secondly, nobody was planning to do any homework whatsoever that evening. And thirdly, and this really was the most exciting thing of all, was that ponies were just leaving pumpkins out and about everywhere. Any holiday that encouraged leaving food out for wandering yaks was a holiday Yona could get behind. The dressing up part, however, was a problem and so, after dispatching with yet another strangely carved pumpkin, Yona went dashing through the corridors of the School of Friendship in search of answers, help and yet more pumpkins. Although it was clear from the remains of devoured pumpkins left in her wake that her trek through the school building was perhaps motivated more by the hunt for pumpkins than the quest for knowledge. Via the library, along the corridor by the faculty offices, up the stairs, down the stairs, along another corridor, until finally she arrived - well, bursted into - in one of the common rooms she'd yet to investigate. Sure enough, it was decorated in the spooky style of the rest of the school, all in shades of orange and black, complete with pumpkins set out for yaks. Amongst all the autumnal colours, the blue and white Gallus stood out even more. As if there was any chance Gallus didn't hear her coming, she trundled over towards the griffon, calling out at the top of her lungs. "GALLUS! GALLUS! GALL-" there was a merficul pause in the din as she licked away some of the remains of a pumpkin from her face with a huge grin. This was shaping up to be a good holiday. "-Yona not sure why ponies leaving food for yaks, but Yona not complain."
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    At the revelation that the pumpkins that she'd been happily chomping were supposed to be some kind of decoration, Yona glanced behind her at the trail of pumpkin-devastation with slowly widening eyes. The fact that most of the insides of the pumpkins had been already scooped out did seem unusual, and maybe the strange faces and patterns carved into them perhaps weren't there to make them seem more enticing. After surveying the damage she'd done for an awkward few seconds, Yona turned her attention back to Gallus. There was something different about him. "No candy yet," she opted to dodge the question regarding pumpkins by simply ignoring it, instead opting to sit down in front of Gallus with a thump, "Yona tried but pony wanted to know what Yona dressed up as. Yona already dressed as best thing ever!" Yona made a little huffing noise. Pumpkins were good, tasty, fun to eat, but it was still a poor substitute for sweet, sugary candy. It was, however, probably for the best that she'd not been given any, for the prospect of a hyperactive yak fuelled by sugary treats is not one most would want to consider. The eye-patch! That was it. "Why are you not out getting candy? Have costume and everything already! And clever costume too. Dressing as something scary. Like being poked in the eye with eye-poking stick."
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    Gallus didn't dislike the pony holiday any more than he disliked any of the rest. If he were to be totally honest with himself he found it all a bit charming, but he was often less than honest with himself and afraid to admit as much. None of that meant that some aspects of it weren't a little silly. Why did they dress up? It seemed silly. He heard something or the other about Nightmare Moon and giving candy to her but they had to realize that wasn't true, especially now that Luna was active. Why all the spooky stuff? Random pumpkins? He didn't get it. He also didn't get the reason why they just had all sorts of free candies(if it was supposed to be tribute to Nightmare Moon why didn't the town just trek on over to whatever statue they had and leave it all there), but he wasn't about to complain about that. Any holiday that promoted free candy was a holiday he could support on some level. Not enough to dress up, however. He viewed that tradition as a bit too silly for him. He'd wander around and give a sad, pleading look and get candy that way long before he decided to dress up as some insane profession. He saw somecreature dress up as a clown. A clown! Why would anypony want to be a clown, let alone pretend to be one? Some traditions didn't make sense and he didn't want them to make sense. He just wanted them to not involve him. So this year he didn't dress up at all. He did have an eyepatch on, but that was for a legitimate injury- he had flown into a doorknob while looking at something to his side. He wasn't sure it was entirely worth it, but it at least looked kinda cool. Plus he could come up with a better story on how he got it given enough creative time. He was just reading a book on Hippogriff body language and customs when Yona barged into the common room. Barged in, yelled, ate the decorations. Par for the course when it came to Gallus' most blunt and largest friend. “Well, I don't think they're meant to be eaten. They're decorations. You're just so big I don't think any of them are going to stop you,” he said with a laugh, subtly putting the book down and in the covers. “You seem to be enjoying the holiday enough. Get some candy already or are you filling up on pumpkins?”
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    Sorry for my dip in activity all, I caught a cold this week and have been fighting it >_<
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    Woah there! Seriously though, good to see ya buddy. Oh hai there.
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    he gives no fawkes
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    damn yall are wild. its been years now and juss like hi same old? hows it been?
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    I almost didn't even watch the last episode of MHA since I'm reading the manga and it felt like a slog, but I've rewatched episode 49 so many times because of the feels Also stupid anime, release faster, I hate waiting for new episodes
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    So, yesterday afternoon, I decided I needed to start a new anime. I remembered there was one called My Hero Academia and I was like "huh, I've heard good things.. I'll give it an episode or two..". So, here I am the next day and I've just finished binge watching all three seasons. I swear, I'm usually quite constructive on my days off but wow, I really just couldn't stop myself. Can't say I'm proud but, I hardly left the room once...
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    Well, it looked like AJ didn't want to continue down that particular path right now. Which was good...because RD had some pretty strong feelings about the whole thing. It wasn't like she could just oh you...not do the jobs she had. Unlike Applejack, not that she would ever admit it, but she couldn't just multitask a million priorities. Sure she had agreed to have a colt with Applejack ,and true she loved Applejack immensely, but she couldn't just drop everything and take on responsibilities in raising Zap beyond what she already did. Still she couldn't help but feel irritated that AJ would ask her to help out more like she didn't already do a lot. That along with the fact that she would bring up what she knew would be a sore subject in front of other ponies... yeah RD would have a talk with her later. It probably would not turn out to be at all a pleasant talk as both mares were super strong willed... She took a breath and let her thoughts turn from such matter for a few minutes. She nodded back to Rocky as she commented on his brother's whereabouts. "Well, glad to hear he's still got enough energy to enjoy the festivities tonight!" She absently reached down and helped Zap to open up his treat. "There you go little guy! Tonight's a night for you to have all the fun a little lion can handle!" She ruffled his mane and hoofed him back the treat. She was so glad she had him. Zap was just the best! It was only matter of time before he was up there in the clouds learning the important parts of being a pegasus from her! Sure he was spending time on the ground right now but as so as those wing muscles developed she would make sure he was up there as much as possible. Rainbow loved Applejack but right now she was super annoyed. She blew her forelocks out of her eyes and trotted up to her mare. "Hey AJ, this party's great and all..." Rainbow was never good at holding back her emotions, especially when she felt like she did right now. "But I gotta go." She frowned slightly. "Come on Tank!" She called to her tortoise pet and headed for the skies to brood. She would take this up with AJ...later.
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    Me as a mother. Except I can actually cook.
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    Squall didn't even managed to prepare after saying his piece before Applejack grabbed him by the collar of his duster and pulled into very, very aggressive smooch. No what he was expecting.... "....So...." he started after the dead, wiping his mouth the same as she did. "Should I feel for your wife or is it today's frustrations getting into you Miss Applejack?" he asked, lampshading mares lack of delicacy. Noblepony nodded when the farm-mare admitted her curiosity. "Indeed. You don't build a billions worth fortune without understanding what ponies want. Although I admit, you are much harder nut to crack when it comes to that then the most." he admitted honestly while giving earth pony a kind of roundabout compliment. "Sounds promising..." he mused when Applejack extended the offer of talk over the meal. "County cuisine is not the one I am accustomed to. Should be nice, new experience." Squall pondered before giving Applejack confident smile. "Surprise me Miss Applejack. Because I guarantee you, I do much to do the same as well." he added before turning around, picking the bushel with his magic and giving a salute with his hoof. "Till later then Miss Applejack. Be sure I will be prompt in my appearance." Swift announced before making his way to do things that Swift Squall did. He disappeared behind the corner, but earth mare could still hear the sound of bitten apple and the comment coming from the full mout. "Hoooh....They arth ghooofd!"
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    (First bit's up, also check the story in the first post....bad news we're no longer getting paid) With a short vinyl jump the broadcast continued, giving way to a steady holiday tune complete with the ornamental scratchiness of transmitter technology. The distant voice of a vocalist wafted gently from the small glowing box on the counter, the aqua green glow of the device's central spectra pool rising and falling with her voice. The composition did well to continue the establishments tranquil, bordering on downcast, atmosphere. Though it did seem that at one point the diner was designed to evoke feelings of foalish joy or playfulness, it was apparent that times had changed. The once vibrant pink booths were now worn and a closer shade to rosewood. The many light sources, fixed in various positions along the walls, shone dim from age while their newer network of spectra tubing tried and failed to reflect and amplify the dismal display. These pipes ran from the worn blu-ish floors and up onto the aged cream walls, snaking along to the many over-sized bulbs along the way which were awaiting their fair share of Spectra Yellow. They shone in contrast not only to their accompanying light fixtures, but also the very structure of the building in which they were installed. The rafters, once painted the same pink as the booths below and decorated with an assortment of delicious looking imagery, were now chipped and worn. The same could be said for the many supporting beams that stood throughout the business's main space, twisted and colored to appear as over sized candy canes. It was in this environment, reflecting a time of long lost cheer, the patrons of Sugar Cube Corner resided. The crowd was composed of the usual gaggle: blue-yolked and tired work horses, dead end souls, and two Rangers. They sat in a booth not too far from the swinging doors of the establishment, obviously automated as to keep out as much winter air as possible. The mare, of average build for one of her youthful age, sat slumped and slumbering over an unknown sleeved chart. The stallion across from her, sipped from his steaming cup. He took shifts, briefly looking to his companion before turning his attention outside the large window. He'd been keeping track the snowfall, which so far had proven to only worsen as day drew into night. A battle raged as the white blanket attempted to cover the streets of the small town, but was continually blasted back by the opposing heating system operating from nozzles within avenue gutters. He witnessed as small burst of steam would puff up along the street, alluding to the myth that the winter roads were marginally warmer. He thought of the contrast between the cold world beyond his glass shielding and the relatively cozy interior in which he found himself. Shifting, he took the time to stretch and lean back into the booth, extending his hoodie garbed formed towards the ceiling. He groggily scratched light blue snout and ran his hooves through his grey mane, only reinforcing its upward swooping posture. Within a final flutter of his turquoise eyes, he felt the after affects of the stretch subsiding and a gradual resulting surge of energy coming on. He turned back to his companion, who remained asleep, before a flicker of pink caught his eye. He turned again to face the front counter of the establishment as a pink mare, sporting an equally pink and frazzled mane approached in waitress ware.
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    we bought milk and stole cheesecake and i ate more than my fair share. i might sneak more. will continue to share here as per the new rules
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    Would you believe me if I said all of the original LPW squad members sold their accounts to complete strangers? Sure, we know each other. As well as we are able to, I guess
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    Clothomancy wasn't the spirit's specialty, after all this outfit was hooftailored! He scratched his chin and observed the Kirin, whose voice was muffled by a pair of construction earmuffs. He scratched his beard with his paw, the elbow of that forelimb resting on his crossed claw. Yes, yes an outfit deserving a royal Canterlot princess. Or maybe Yama could be the prince. He a snap of his claws he would weave together a stunning outfit form fitting to the Kirin. The chaotic spirit delighted in the idea that the Manic Marmalade Marshmallow Cake was piquing curiosity. Swiveling his ears forward Berry Punch's pragmatic presentation of prancing about. His muzzle blushed as he tugged on a tie around his neck, loosing it. "No respect." He muttered clearing his throat at the tease before he looked over to Cain and gasped, eyes going wide as saucers. "I didn't think I would ever see it again!" He accepted the offering as if he were some god upon his votive! He looked over to Big Mac as the elegant Macicorn arrived. My, my, it was become quite a shift. He was reminded that you needn't sixty-three for the rule to pass vote. A pawful of ponies was enough. Oh and an unlucky dragon. he wiggled his forked tongue at the cake pop and shook his head. Though he was not to sure if Rose's spider was male or female, but it would do as well! "Now, don't you waste time!" He couldn't imagine what the mare would have to treat them. She made such tasty drinks! "We shouldn't keep a mare waiting." Discord felt like he was leading a thousand monster parade down the streets, or thousand princesses, and made way to Berry's! Of course he wouldn't rush those gathering treats still at Cain's, but they were hardly out of sight as he moved to adjust his bag, shuffling it out, the cake pop levitating beside him, some of the marshmallow cover slurped off. He cleared his throat. "Trick or treat! Though, preferably, treat." he wiggled his bushy brows and prepared to be handsomely rewarded for his efforts!