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    From the album SymphonicFire's Doodles

    Just a bunch of floating heads. The MLP world needs more ungulates. Can you guys name all the animals drawn here? Hue!
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    From the album SymphonicFire's Doodles

    We have more yokai! Fuwa Fuwa the Ha-Inu and Tamotsu the Inugami! I might change Fuwa's design in the future. Hue!
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    Come spring ponies of Ponyville and Canterlot would find themselves waking up to not the bright morning sky of blue hey were used to, but to the glittering aurora of green and pink, the sun stuck somewhere between dawn and dusk. It was pretty obvious what had occurred but a large banner and beneath it was what appeared to be a portal between the respective areas. Across the banner it red the Parade of fools. Between the portals multicolored balloons with faces on them floated about, their strong tails carrying a large mirror. Static displayed on the mirror, Discord appearing tapping the microphone. “Is this thing on?” The back of his head facing the crowds. A blue balloon with headphones squeaked and pointed its string tail the other way. Discord blinked and spun around. “O-oh my how embarrassing. Well live performances, am I right? That’s right ponies!” The mirror zoomed out to reveal the veritable king of fools seated on his old throne, a cap and jester’s hat atop of his head. “Greetings one and all! With the gracious leniency of your princesses,” He spat out his tongue and gagged. “I have been granted a day to let you ponies loose from all responsibility: a vacation of sorts. Of course you’ll have the security from your princesses that any changes and alterations will turn it back to normal at the day’s end…” The balloon squeaked. Discord waved his paw dismissively. “Oh fine, fine.” He unfurled the conspicuous looking contract. “In accordance to the games’ rules np ponies shall be harmed, size, color, age shifted in a way that would interfere with the games’ progress and there will be no effects lasting beyond the day.” He paused in his speaking and grinned. “But what’s a day if the sun doesn't set? Of course the agreement was this for halting the day… I have hidden a pocket of my magic somewhere as a reward for one of the games. If a pony can find it using the convenient clues the game will end! Until than fools, jokers and party makers enjoy because today is just for you. Anypony else is a player in the game!” He cackled and held out his paw, tossing the microphone back for the balloon manager to catch. It had an annoyed expression as the microphone bounces off it and held up a picture of Everfree Forest before the mirror zoomed in on Discord once more. With a snap of his claws the fields would be set! The first game is a Scavenger Hunt in Ponyville The second is a capital wide mass checkers game! The games continue until May 18th! -------- There is no posting order. The pace of the game is set by Discord or the game board itself! Things may move ahead or back unexpectedly!
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    Let me tell you about the Tuesday thing. Every Tuesday my Mum and I like to go to a Chinese restaurant. We've been going there for a while and we know like, everyone that works there. One day I brought them bagels from work and they were freaked out happy. Then I got mangled, stuff happened, and I haven't had goodies to give them from work because I've not been working from medical leave. We had a friend of my Mum's join us there once and she was shocked at how extra they treated us. "I never get any of these things when I come here," she says. The special tea, fried noodles and interesting sauces on the side, goodies from China, extra cookies at the end. Ya gotta make friends! Since I started work this week, I've been amassing a pile of goodies to give to them today. They should be really happy!
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    This song is like basically Rosewind. Love you Momma~
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    A trip to recover some equestrian ingredients had truly gone off the rails today. Yanhua had been out on an errand (a demanding one) to get some apples from the farm of an... Applejack. Ponies had such odd names. What was all this fuss about chaos? The last time the world had reached even lose to this level of crazy was when Discord popped by in the imperial palace. Once the spirit had left, She realized she really should have asked for an autograph or something. Old friend's back home in Neighpon would certainly have loved to hear about a living legend of mischief like Discord. During her walk through Canterlot she felt a weird fizzle all across her body as if some invasive magic ran over her coat. For a split seconds her eyes widened and narrowed back to their constantly closed state. This magic smelled very familiar... The cook raised her head up high and sniffed rapidly at the air, "Yep,It's him." She could feel something was off about her... her magic felt off, inverted. Her lungs swelled with breath and soon she exhaled it out in a puff of ... red flames? That was odd, normally her magic 'breath' was a minty green. Stranger still it was cold, freezing in fact. This needed to be fixed. Going back to the palace with cold magic: the magic she often used to aid in her cooking, would not do at all. Seems the only thing she could do was follow her nose, the magical scent of chaos leading her eventually to the game master himself. "Nihao" she called up to the lounging spirit and company, her eyes still shut tight.
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    She's a bat pony and I like her a lot First time being active on this site for a while
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    I've been in and started quite a few roleplays, most of which are action and adventure. One of the things with forum roleplays is that fights between roleplayers are difficult. It mostly relies on one to put their pride for their OC aside or else it would be a never ending series of blocking and dodging. By using a discord app with dice, users could use it to implement a roll system in their roleplays to make battles more interesting. A roll system can also be used to see whether a character gets injured, if a character finds something, if they can lift a heavy object, etc, to avoid posts that would be convenient for the character (Suddenly finding an abandoned campsite. Finding iron poles at a container dock). I'm still doing some research, but right now I'd like to suggest the Tatsumaki bot. It's a free bot that comes with other tools including the dice. To avoid it's use in channels where it doesn't belong, there is a way to mute the bot. Sorry if it sounds like a pitch or an advertisement, but I think this can help avoid absurd posts where the chances are only in the OC's hands...hooves. Link: https://tatsumaki.xyz/
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    Being in Ponyville always brought some... very conflicting feelings up in Bevel. The memory of the type of mare she was before she even came here was still fresh in her mind and it an image she dearly wished she could forget. Thankfully, she managed to schedule something that could keep her from being completely alone with her thoughts on this trip: A tour of the (relatively) new castle of Princess Twilight, and the company that would be with her for it. In this case it was her good friend Dunnie, who had come to her with a problem that Bevel was able to find a treatment for. Now the treatment evolved somewhat to where her friend was able to keep her new look indefinitely so long as she kept her bracelet on. The guide for this tour was someone Bevel had come to know through a regular customer of all things. When they'd first met the inventor knew she was a guard, but she definitely didn't realize that she would soon become more literal example of a royal guard: Being a guardian to none-other than princess Twilight herself. A couple letters later she managed to arrange a trip through the castle... aren't connections wonderful? Bevel had decided to go for a more casual look today, for once she wasn't seen with a bandaid across her nose. Instead, she was wearing a pair of thick eyeglasses on her muzzle. Normally she might have worn her contacts or goggles but didn't expect anything particularly troublesome or exciting to occur. With a small yawn the prench pony looked to the friend at her side, “So um... how's the bracelet been working since the modifications?”
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    I bun up my hair and put on a bandanna when I bake, does that count? Maybe I just need to put it on like, epic anime style.
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    When ya homie late with that cake If you'll excuse me I'm gonna go be excused for however long
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    Bachelor part 2!
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    Hey everyone, I'm just here to tell you that @Rosewind is an amazing woman and that she deserves a friggin super hero.
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    Me every evening: "I'm going to bed at 9:30 so I'll feel good getting up at 4:30!" Me also every evening: "Oh wow, 11 got here fast."
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    New beginnings: part of the reason why Dunnie had chosen to come to ponyville at all. With her new looks, it was almost like she had never stepped into the town before. Not that she was tunning away from her memories of the town, instead she wanted to create new, happier ones. And in what better company than that of her good friend Bevel. Such a sweet mare, helping out a friend in need in such an ingenious way. As they made their way to the castle, Dunnie looked at the bracelet around her left forehoof. It was currently gold, and giving off a brilliant shine in the summer sun. To imagine something so simple could cause such a change. Her mind was snapped back to reality when she heard a familliar accented voice. "Oh! Does it seem like it is not working? I only saw myself in the mirror for a moment this morning, but I saw a mare." In an instant she became a bit flustered, she brought a wing up to brush her mane, which was long and brought down, straight at the top but a bit wavy near the bottom. "Also you said your friend was the one who got us the tour." She said, a bit scatterbrained as usual, "Did you say who the friend was?" Clank A mechanism in the door sprung to life. "So they were expecting us." The door began to swing open, "I hope we aren't laa--" her eyes shot open when she saw the red mare inside the castle, "Fire?!"
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    At my second job, they called me Wolf Mom. If a customer asked why my nametag said "Wolf Mom" I would just awooooo at them. Really.
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    I'm not sure it's worth it when they're most likely dead.
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    From the album Gigis Drawings!

    This used to be where the pug pony lay, but I didn't like it so I replaced it with this. .3. this isn't digital.

    © GigiThePug

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    ((Senior year got busy guys, I'll try to post soon))
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    "Ooooh, so that's where Spike got off to, I was wondering about that. Guess I know why he was getting me to enchant some things last night now." Starlight chuckled, she wasn't really surprised. It seemed like everypony was keen on getting involved in these shenanigans. A holiday where ponies could be as silly as they wanted to be? Even some of the most serious ponies she knew were out in full force...Speaking of serious, it wasn't hard to feel the daggers being glared towards her by the stallion she assumed to be 'Squall'. His first impression wasn't the...friendliest. But Starlight had little room to talk in that aspect. He had already turned to move on though, so she hadn't any real time for a proper introduction. "Errr sure. He seems the pretty...intense?" she replied with an awkward chuckle. "I guess time will tell huh?"
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle spent most of her days when she wasn't updating the curriculum of her new school or immersed in her duties as Princess reading, writing, and studying. It would seem to many a somewhat boring choice of leisure activity but she found that after a long day of work nothing made her feel better. Of course, her choice of reading material was the like that would bore most: Manuals and histories of magic and nations. She was nevertheless capable of immersing herself in just about anything that came to her at this time. No subject was too dull. No amount of learning was enough. Like a sponge that actively sought the water, she soaked it all up greedily. But she was running out of the more delectable books out there and was down to some guard rotational manuals while she re-arranged the library. Not that this wasn't pertinent in one very important way, however. She was about to get a new Captain of her Guard. She had been looking for a while to find somepony to take the role. It needed to be somepony who had all the qualifications one would expect- brave, strong, loyal, intelligent, and committed. But it needed somepony more than that. She needed a pony who could be expected to speak honestly with her, and who had shown herself capable of handling unusual circumstances with aplomb. She needed somepony who could be counted on to participate in her life more than the title of a Guard would normally entail. She would be privy to national secrets above the pay grade of others of her rank. She would learn about The Keepers. She would know about Daedalus. Her name was Fire Walker and she was perfect. Twilight had gone to some length to ensure she was the right one. Through the grapevine she had learned that Fire had been more than a little vexed by some of her magical experiments gone awry. Good- she could speak up! She had a sterling service record. More importantly, she had escorted Applejack while the farmer was pregnant through the Everfree. Talk about a scenario primed for some manner of conflict, but Applejack had nothing but glowing words for her. It didn't hurt that Rarity believed she'd look smashing in Twilight's new Twilight Guard uniform. And so her reading was more to soak up what information she could so when Fire started speaking with her about guard rotations she wouldn't be entirely lost! “Your Highness.” Twilight turned from her study to see Golden Streak, her soon-to-be-former Captain of the Twilight Guard, bowing. She beckoned him up with a smile. “She's here already?” “Yes, Your Highness. Captain Fire Walker is here. I believe Spike is currently drinking tea with her,” the elderly stallion said with a chuckle. Twilight was lucky to have him. He had come out of retirement to get the Twilight Guard up and off the ground, and he was going to enjoy a well-earned retirement since Twilight had found the Captain of her Guard going forward. Twilight put her book down and flew on over, giving him a hug. He was already out of his uniform. “You've packed already?” “Yes, Your Highness. I'm already on my way out, actually. It has been an honor to serve,” the elderly pegasus replied. Twilight released him. “Well, you have grandfoals to spoil. It has been a pleasure having you.” “Great-grandfoals, Your Highness...though regardless, I have a lot of spoiling to do. May Celestia grace you,” he said with a final polite bow, trotting away and down the hall. He was gone; she would never see him in these halls again. She took a deep breath and then quickly made her way to the map room, where Spike would be entertaining her new Captain of the Guard. A minute or so after she started to it she arrived, opening the door while levitating a stack of papers and scrolls, ready and loaded for work. “Fire Walker, I'm so excited to see you!”
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    Well, this certainly was interesting, he had yet to see anything like it. Nensho stood in his typical disguise, though for some reason he was much more blue than normal. He wasn’t entirely sure why until he found the paper explaining things. Commoner? Well, he certainly wouldn’t consider himself a noble... In any case, looked like he could have some fun playing a giant game of checkers, the rules seemed simple enough. Although with a board this big, he wondered how they would go back to get any they missed. Or was that solely the job of this king/queen for their side? Only time would tell, he supposed. The disguised okami was about to head out when something caught his nose. A very faint smell, but a somewhat familiar one. Where did he know that smell from? To find out, he started to move towards the smell as the game allowed, which happened to be towards the castle anyways, cracking his neck a bit as he walked.
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    Have this basic B picture lol
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    Remember to leave milk and cookies out for snoop dog tonight everyone.
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    Well this was turning out to be quite a day. This had been Taira's first official trip out of Neighpon with his mate and already things had gone off the rails. His coat had somehow been turned a vibrant shade of red and Niju had seemed to just disappear into thin air. At first he'd panicked so much he though he may drop his glamour, but he managed to catch a whiff of her particular scent on the wind. It was a fair distance away, but still there and she seemed to be alright. The thick scent of chaotic magic hung in the air too. it was unfamiliar. A bit concerning to be frank. ... Then he found himself in an unfamiliar place. The stocky stallion stood in the middle of a big room. Big was putting it too mildly actually: This room was gigantic. The architecture reminded him of that big castle that was one the hill when Niju and himself arrived. Apparently the upper class of this land often spent time here throwing lavish parties. Taira growled slightly as he began to look across the room, not wanting to appear intimidated if whoever did this was still around and watching... though with noone else around yet he would sit down and wait for someone else to appear... and ask them questions.
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    Discord was a fit with giggles as he rolled about on his cloud. Some ponies were quite surprised with their participation! The spirit leaned over the puffy pink plume to regard Squall with a cheeky grin. "I know I can't believed they agreed. Mind you there are some are some stipulations, but I suppose not permanently disabling a pony's talent is fair." He snarked. "Well I don't think anypony's ride is slated to leave since time has more or less been frozen in this particular area. The game board's bounds are strict." He reached up and tugged a balloon from the air for Squall. "I couldn't cross the trademark of another festival, so parade will do. And considering later..." He held the balloon out to Squall. "Copyright and all." He said, breaking a few walls, including the fourth. Squall's first item was a stuffed dinosaur. His ears perked as came front an center an exotic pone! Well, well well! He grinned deviously, floating around the mare. "A balloon for you my dear? Welcome to the festival. Knee high, and all." He returned the greeting. The poor disguised fox would find her balloon nervously squeaking back, her own item looked to be a carrot. It seemed simple enough, but not everywhere in Ponyville could one find such an ordinary crop! Apples, after all, held the corner market on such sweet produce. Each pony was responsible for finding their own item. One would think it difficult to locate them, but with the pictures on the missives -- the amount of detail said pictures shown, it was perhaps not so easy. For Lens they had to locate a purple bottle with a brown label, grapes pictured on the label. Squall's stuffed dinosaur was a plate dino with an orange body, and green stripes. Pyro's box of nails was a small fifty pack in a red box and, lastly, Yanhua's carrot was yellow! Banners would appear on shops it seemed Discord's game board was lending a hoof so ponies did not need to search each and every place! How kind. Unfortunately -- any hints they would get from their balloons were spoken in Balloon. They would need to mime with their partners to find their objects!
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    "A holiday of your own...eh Gramps? Why am I not surprised?" Squall said after hearing the announcement - one that caught him sitting in Ponyville train station. Normally such words would come as condescending.... If not for the fact that Swift was wearing the friendly smile devoid of malice, directed toward the draconequus. "About time I am say. Platinas know, some ponies could use a new perspective - and if being thrown out of their comfort zone is what is required to do so, so be it." noblepony mused. "To be honest, I don't think my ride will come today anyway, so your timing couldn't be better." stallion confessed. "I hope this will become a yearly occurrence? Let's see if Your day will knock Nightmare Night from it's crown position of my favorite holidays." unicorn continued speaking as if spirit could hear him. Although, seeing that he was talking to Discord that was probably the case. "Still, you could use some work over the name...." Squall added while eyeing the banner. "Don't get me wrong. While very much accurate, some have ego's way too fragile to accept being called a 'fool'....Fact that we all deserve such moniker in one way or other notwithstanding." noblepony advised the spirit while rising from his seat and making his way towards the town center. He didn't even noticed the change brought the magic of the day. Hanging out with Discord made him completely used to such things. "And if you really insist on the 'Fool' part....'Festival of Fools' rolls much better off the tongue, don't you think?" Swift asked while thrown station doors wide open. "Alright Gramps. Show me your very best today!" Squall said, with barely withheld anticipation.
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    Ho-Boy! This REALLY knocked Fire Walker off her script. She was going to start with her little song, which she did for the part. If the song had properly ended, colorful, festive confetti would have shot out of the ‘pad’ along with a festive squeak. It would have been cute and they would have fully moved into the castle for the tour. She had considered talking Spike into helping her. Considering how adorable he looked in his little heart-bestowed apron, but their schedules did not work out. However she did not plan having her former colt-friend as the ‘guest’ Bevel would invite. And she also most certainly did not plan on him being an her! Was Bevel aware of their previous relationship? Had she ever mentioned it to the mare? Being not in the mood to avoid the issue, Fire walker spoke up. “We used to date.” The mare continued to study her old friend for a little longer. And while she had the desire to drop down onto her stomach and check the brown pony’s undercarriage, it would be incredibly rude. Silly magic had to be the blame. Was Dunder another victim of Princess Twilight, or were they pranking the officer? Maybe this was Flux...maybe... Fire let out a gasp as the mare gave her a hug. This had to be Dunder. She could feel it. “Oh Dunders...”, the mare cooed, “We’ll get you fixed up once I finish this tour of ours and Princess Twilight returns. She can undo the magic and restore you to your proper self.” There were a few fold out tables in the entrance topped with food and drink. They were obvious rentals. “We are getting more suitable tables, but for now, this is what I would say represents some of the best from Ponyville.”, she stood near the displays. “Cider from Sweet Apple Acres. Non-Alcoholic obviously, but very tasty.” There was another table topped with sweets. “And an variety of flavored cupcakes, compliments from Sugar Cube Corner and Mr. and Mrs. Cake....Now normally, there would be more depending on how many would be going on the tour. I'm hoping we could get some of the school-ponies to draw some pictures of what Ponyville and the Castle Of Friendship means to them. Maybe even arrange Lady Fluttershy is have a few of her little bird friends to chirp a nice little song instead of the per-recorded stuff. Again, this is all a work in progress. If you would like to spend a moment to enjoy a snack and marvel at the high, vaulted ceiling." The normally very calm mare pulled out a small Sugar Cube Corner paper bag and started to inhale into it directly. "Oh.", Fire removed the bag from her mouth. "The music device I used was created by head enchanter Ilinalta in the R.E.A. I believe she is considering calling it, 'Ilinalta's Tiny Orchestra'." And then it was back to the bag.
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    Snap turned and proceeded to lean on his elbows (elbows on a horse...maybe?) while facing the dining area of the bar. He looked over the rustic establishment before finally catching site of a group of three disappearing into the back room of the bar. He noticed one in particular, partially because she was the only mare of the three and partly because her posterior was the first glance he got of her. "Hiring are we Mick?" the stallion behind the bar turned to the newer arrival disappearing into the backroom. "Over my dead body," the stingy barkeep chuckled in his thick Pieish (Irish) tone. "They're just doing me a bit of a favor," "What kind?" Snap teased. "Down boy. If you need to know, I actually asked for some help with a couple o break ins," the demeanor of Snap changed swiftly, he quickly leaned over the bar, apparently looking for something. Mick comforted him, "No worries, they were a couple o gimps that's all," he smiled smugly as he patted a particular drawer behind the counter. Snap relaxed but remained stern. "You think they were here for em?" "That, or there's a few out there that actually ENJOY your drinks," "Didn't you mention a client earlier," "Okay okay, I'm gone," Snap backed off with his for hooves raised. He dropped back onto all fours and began to make his way to the front door. he quickly snatched his hat off the coat rack nearby while doing so. Suddenly, the door creaked open. In came a single unicorn, rather built for his species. The two exchanged a stare as they passed each other in the door, neither seemed to friendly towards the other. It was this fact that caused Snap Shot to linger, just outside of the bar looking in. The gruff unicorn continued to advance, with a slightly agitated look on his face. His glare bore into poor old Mick, who shrank behind the counter as the ruffian approached. "Cider," he said flatly, crushing a bar stool under his haunches. Mick gave him a quick look over before retrieving a mug and beginning to pull on the correct lever. As the foaming beverage spewed from the tank, the party of three took notice of their new guest. They seemed intrigued, with cautious undertones. The three had stopped their mingling in the backroom and stepped forward as a group, nearing the exit of their makeshift lair. They didn't get far. Atop the unicorns head sat an antenna of sorts, wrapped around his horn it was comparable to a wrecked coat hanger or maybe even barbed wire. A small spark quickly traveled up the amplifier, erupting with a small pop at the tip of the horn. In response, from above the backroom's door a picture was shaken from its place on the wall. Crashing downward it slammed into a mop propped against the wall, this fell and closed the door. As it swung shut the three could be seen picking up their pace, before being cut off from the outside room with the magical click of a lock. The stallion made his move, grabbing the unsuspecting bar tender by his bow tie and causing his drink to spill to the floor. "Where are they!" he interrogated. "I don't have the faintest idea what-" "I don't have time for this!" the unicorn pressed, another spark slowly traveling up his shabby amplifier.
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    Oooh! They’re here! They’re here! Fire Walker could hear someponies behind the door! After she took a look through one of the purple stained glass windows located near the door, she could see the vague appearance of two ponies. Probably female. Both a brownish sort of color. The window was made to look good, not to be seen through! One of these mares had to be Bevel! And not Pinkie. Thank goodness! The officer’s very good friend and Royal Equestrian Army enchanter, Ilinalta came up with a fun little device. It was a small, flat pad. Throw it on the ground and give it a good stomp, and it would play music! This one was made just for the test and would probably never be used for the actual tour unless fully approved by Princess Twilight. It was just a bit of fun for now. After a light push, the door slowly opened. “Six, Seven, Eight, Nine....”, the pad came down and gentle stomp started the music.... While the song was loud, it managed to only enhance the Pegasus pony as she announced in the Royal Canterlot Voice.... “Welcome, Welcome, One And All! “To Ponies Short And Ponies Small! “Welcome To All Creatures Whoever You May Be.. “From The Land Of The Pony... “I Welcome You To The Castle Of Friendship... “For...erm.....” It took a moment for it to fully register. There was Bevel with a pair of glasses resting on her snout. But the other pony. That was..... DUNDER?! But that pony was a mare. But it HAD to be Dunder. Very few ponies knew the stallion as well as she. Fire Walker knew where ever fuzz and even every freckle was on his body. But there were curves where curves should not be. And the snout. And the EVERYTHING. She was aware of his sister, but she was still a child! Oh dear, was Twilight up to more of her magical mischief? She zapped the officer and her friends into kids not that long ago. She managed some murky magic on Prince Blueblood and made him into an she. And there was even that bit with turning regular old ponies into crystal ones at last Hearth’s Warming. She might have been responsible for the strange pumpkin that nearly ate her sister Wind, and her friend Bebop. Her jaw came very close to hitting the ground. “Gra...Hello Miss Gear. Dunder. Please come in.” Hopefully Dunder was having a little bit of fun with old friend.
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    I survived on <4 hours of sleep a day last year, get it together! I blacked out several times, once in a parking lot, a restaurant, on the toilet, and on the floor, between both jobs I was working at the time.
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    Fire Walker paced back and forth in the elaborate entrance of the 'Castle Of Friendship'. It had not been that long since the member of the royal guard had been given a new title, job, and new suit of armor. This also came with an rather impressive scroll that listed her new responsibilities. One of them was back-up tour guide for the 'Castle Of Friendship'. Today she would be testing herself on how much of her script she was able to put into memory. The mare still could not get over how such an impressive castle could have been created so quickly via magic. Once there was small tree that had been transformed into an home and library , but after an rather angry minotaur came along, it was now an Crystal Empire inspired fortress in its place. To help her with her lines, the red mare managed to convince the 'power that be' to let her give a tour to somepony she knew. And sure enough, one name came up. Bevel "Widget" Gear. She had requested a tour of the castle. Fire would give the unicorn her script to make sure she was hitting all the right notes. The officer also requested that Bevel take a friend along since it would be rare to give a tour only to one guest. "Royal entrance with crystal pillars..Blah blah.", she muttered, "Rare gem-lined chandelier....original roots from Golden Oak Library.....fun swirly slide...golden balcony." Wow, this would make a really good play-set for pony toys! After putting away the script, she slowly made her way toward the large golden doors. Surely Bevel would be here by now...
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    So far everything was going about as smoothly as anypony could have hoped for. Ice Storm had a small setback of her own. The brief laps of her rage hindered progress a little bit, but once she was able to get everything straightened out and back on the right path, it didn't take long for Twilight to figure out where she needed to focus and apply her magic. The power that was behind Twilight's spell words could easily be felt behind them. It underscored just how powerful Twilight actually was. She was dominating herself. No strings, Master and Mistress of her own emotions. Rage, hate, love, friendship.... everything was an endless sea. A sea who's waves crashed and churned to the orchestral beat of a drum that was the steady tick of each flow. Ever crash began to cease, every wave to a ripple before soon, the once raging ocean inside of her had been calmed. The roar of the winds have softened, and the fires of the brass had died down. She was in control... The process spread.... from one emotion to the next. From one tether.... to the next.... Soon she could feel.... resonance.... the resonating frequency of the orbs that surrounded her had meshed with that of her own. They were now completely, under her control. Before she knew it, the spell had ended. However, it took a moment for the magic to leave her, as her eyes remained white for a few moments well after the spell had been concluded. After those moments though, the magic flickered inside of her and her eyes readjusting back into the Aquamarine blue that they were before the spell. The orbs still orbited her but at a much, much slower pace. She came to as Discord talked about that being a ride, but one that he wouldn't want to go on again. "Thanks.... I guess? I can't say my mind is the safest of places for anypony. She was quick though to notice the smell of bile though and managed to look over to Twilight. Apparently she had vomited before she had completely came to. She did catch one other thing. In the exiting phases of the magic, she barely caught Discord saying that everything is right here, so don't worry about losing it. What was all there? Did she need to ask? She supposed she would find out soon enough. At that point she heard Twilight ask how everypony was feeling. "Fuzzy, but.... better than I have in a while.... I feel..... energized..... Way more aetherical energy than I had before...." She said as she took a moment to test her control on one of the test dummies in the room. As soon as she started to activated one of her spells, everything became clear. The aura of magic was no longer just around her horn, but beams of aether formed straight from the orbs and connected to her horn in almost a blink of an eye, and just afterwards a beam of ice shot and caused the dummy to not just freeze, but freeze so rapidly that it shattered from the sudden stop down to a molecular level. "Woah... that was much faster than before. I'm gonna have to tone it down when I make ice cream.... talk about a killer brain freeze," she joked a bit before looking back to Twilight. She also noticed that as soon as the spell was cast and resolved the orbs returned to the new normal pace that they had established. So far it was working. "That said... I apologize for some of setbacks while we were doing that. I... am not without my own fair share of issues..." she commented looking between the both of them.
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    My sleeping fox leggings shipped! I saw a lady at work wearing them once. I asked her where she got them . "They don't make this print anymore." I was sad. Then I remembered there was ebay. I've checked ebay every night; sometimes they'd get listed, but they'd be well beyond what I was willing to pay. Finally, last night, I got lucky and found a reasonable pair, brand new. Yessss!
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    Then they have fulfilled their purpose
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    About Myself: i like modding source games, whether it's nav meshes in tf2 or lua scripting in gmod. i also like pony darkrp Canterlot! How I found Canterlot.com: it's been so long that i forgot exactly how i first found it. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: it started off with some boss characters for a tf2 mod called vs saxton hale, it then grew from there My favorite main cast/pony: it's easily twilight sparkle or starlight glimmer. fun fact, "hello world" is often used as an example of the print function and used in the first lesson for lua scripting
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    Hey I made a generic character ages ago that I would love if you didn't look for because it's generic
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    Roleplay Type: World of EquestriaName: (Princess) Twilight SparkleSex: FemaleAge: MareSpecies: AlicornEye colour: PurpleCoat: LavenderMane/Tail: Both Twilight's mane and tail resemble a carefully combed fringe. The dominant color of both is a navy-ish bluish purple, with twin purple and hot pink streaks slightly off-center.Physique: As Twilight is young, she's rather small for an alicorn. She has grown since being a unicorn, but she is still rather miniature in stature next to the other three princesses. As a result, she's this awkward middle ground between the average unicorn and the average alicorn in stature. She is otherwise well-bodied, and her wings gained from ascension function as well as any natural-born pegasus's.Residence: PonyvilleOccupation: Princess of Friendship Cutie Mark: A spark of magic best describes her Cutie Mark. It's hot pink in color and star-shaped, and little smaller white 'sparkles' come off the sides of it. It represents her prowess in magic, which far surpassed that of her fellow unicorn peers at the time of her gaining it. Such magical potential was unlocked during one of her magic tests in which she was required to hatch a dragon's egg. As a result of Rainbow's sonic rainboom off in the distance, the shockwave brought out a magical surge within her body that took Celestia's intervention to calm down. Up until that point, she struggled with her magic; but since unlocking it, Twilight pulls off spells with ease and even has an expertise in crafting them herself. She's not the only pony capable of grand magic, but she is one of the few with such a mastery of it, surpassing even her hero StarSwirl the Bearded. Unique Traits: Being an alicorn is already a unique trait, given that there are only five of those in existence. On top of that, Twilight Sparkle has unique magical prowess, and she's none too weak a flier, either. She's earned the title of "Princess of Friendship", which means that she's the owner of the castle within Ponyville and also the champion of friendship, and thus the one to spread it across the world. It's unknown the limitations of her magic, but the fact that she managed to finish a spell by StarSwirl the Bearded, one of the greatest unicorns to ever live, is a testament to how gifted she is at writing spells, finishing them, and utilizing them to their fullest potential. She's only gotten better at it since her species change, too, as she used to only be able to cast a wing spell once; now, that's practically child's play for her. History: Twilight Sparkle was born in Canterlot to loving parents Twilight Velvet and Night Light. While her mother, Twilight Velvet, was more adventurous and eccentric, her father was more down to earth and studious - traits that they passed down onto their daughter and a little bit her brother. When Twilight was young, she spent a lot of her time with her brother, Shining Armor, as well as burying her head in books; her parents expressed concern at her lack of desire to become close to other ponies, but some of this stemmed from an inadequacy resulting from her late blooming regarding magic. Twilight did make friends, but they were casual at best and Twilight often blew them off for her studies. Despite this, she still managed to catch the attention of Princess Celestia, who saw her potential in not only saving Equestria, but becoming a princess. It was this potential that she saw that convinced her, after Twilight passed her magic test and became well acquainted with her library, to send Twilight to Ponyville in order to unlock her potential - through which she knew would only come into fruition if she made friends with other ponies. It was not a prospect that Twilight was too happy about, at first. She thought all of the ponies in Ponyville were crazy, and she didn't even attempt to understand them, and on top of that she thought Celestia wasn't taking her seriously when Twilight considered the idea that Nightmare Moon's return was inevitable. She didn't attempt, that was, until Nightmare Moon showed up, and those ponies who didn't seem to know what the hay they were doing suddenly became instruments to her success; they worked hard to achieve the goal of stopping Nightmare Moon upon her return with her. Through that adventure Twilight learned the merits that her friends individually had, and by the end of it they stood together with her, an act so moving that she found herself unwilling to move from Ponyville once the adventure was done. Celestia was happy at this prospect, and gave her a new assignment: to study the magic of friendship. From there, Twilight went through a series of trials and tribulations as she gradually got to know her friends more and more. Rainbow Dash was bold and full of bravado, but she was also one of the most loyal ponies she'd ever met; Rarity could be vain and melodramatic, but she was a generous, crafty, and artistic soul; Fluttershy was painfully shy to the point of crippling social anxiety, but kind and thoughtful; Pinkie Pie was loony, but genuinely reveled in the happiness of other ponies; and Applejack was stubborn, but reliable. In the process, Twilight also grew to understand the merits of other ponies, including the established Cutie Mark Crusaders of Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle, and even became so attached to her home that the prospect of failing her assignment of sending back a friendship lesson every time made her spiral out of control because of the fear that she may lose what she built up here. Celestia recognized this need to stay and changed the assignment to that of a journal that each of her friends could write in every time they learned a friendship lesson, broadening Twilight's understanding of how being a friend worked. It's through this that Twilight developed her greatest strength: empathy. She became the rock that tied the group together because she was the one who truly understood what it meant to be each of them. She'd be the one to reach out during their darkest moments and speak to them intimately as friends, and she's the one who would believe in them the most. That didn't mean that her journey came without its hiccups, but Twilight's friendship bond with them became so strong that it was difficult to reconcile the fact that she'd ever been antisocial at all. It all came to a head when Twilight finished a spell of StarSwirl the Bearded's, a unicorn whose legacy inspired Twilight since fillyhood. The secret that he was missing in this spell was friendship, something Twilight spent so much time learning. It was upon this completion, and the subsequent fixing of it once it swapped her friends' cutie marks, that Celestia took her to achieve what she'd been destined for: her ultimate ascension. Twilight used to be a unicorn, but this ascension meant that she gained wings, as well as a title: The Princess of Friendship. She had officially become its paragon through her own merits. Unfortunately, Twilight found herself falling into the trap of becoming too wrapped up in what this title actually meant, rather than the fact that it simply represented what she had already achieved. She became duty-bound in spreading friendship and uniting everypony under its banner with her own knowledge of it, and she became so concerned about this that it led to her forgetting what allowed her to earn that title in the first place: the strive to learn. This especially became evident when faced with Starlight Glimmer, her moral opposite; while Twilight believed in the merits of the individual, Starlight thought that individuality was what caused strife and so sought to eliminate it from everyone except herself. Twilight united with the village that she'd enslaved to drive her out, and Twilight became wrapped up within this formula of defending Equestria from those who would threaten it... She became wrapped up in this, at least, until she figured out what Starlight's motives were, and it became clearer to her what Twilight's purpose was: to reach out to those who really needed it and extend that hoof of a friend when they were all alone without a friend to help them. It turned out this adoption of Starlight after the reveal of her motives of being friendless turned out for the better, as Starlight being her pupil taught her a thing or two about friendship in itself. When an opportunity to release StarSwirl the Bearded presented itself, Twilight took that chance without thinking through the repercussions, which led to bringing back the Pony of Shadows, a pony who inflicted pain and misery upon the world of Equestria years past and would do so again. It was Starlight who broke Twilight and the others out of the mold they'd fallen into, believing that a quick blast should solve everything, when in fact what they saw was a pony who was suffering from doubt and loneliness as a result of a misunderstanding. Starlight helped Twilight to understand, once again, what the purpose of her being a Princess of Friendship was, and why that title was so important: to reach out to ponies in need with her empathy and to bring them to understand themselves a little better. Twilight now seeks to spread this union to others across the globe, and she's begun this process by making the School of Friendship. She's hopeful that she will be able to make the world a better place by teaching everyone empathy, to seek companionship and to understand each other just a little better. Character Personality: Twilight Sparkle's chief strengths come in two forms: her desire to learn, and empathy. While she may have been close-minded before, Twilight has grown to thirst for knowledge about anything she can potentially learn about, even subjects she previously might not have been interested in. This need to understand the world around her has resulted in that empathy, too; Twilight seeks to understand ponies around her, understand herself, and know what to do in a given situation. This is not simply to the degree of books, either, although she certainly champions books as a great vessel to picking up new knowledge, but she has learned that practical knowledge can be equally as valuable. Either way, Twilight is somepony who doesn't shy away from experience and learning new things, and even admitting when she is wrong about something she's cemented herself into believing. After all, what Twilight honors most is the ability to set goals and accomplish them, as well as to continue growing. Unfortunately, this hunger to know more and her sheer intelligence are also a double-edged sword. Twilight can hold herself to high standards - while she's willing to admit that she's wrong and has the humility to know that she's not always right about things, it doesn't mean she likes being wrong, and she can debate with the best of them. It especially hits her hard when she believes she should know more about a subject and then finds that she actually doesn't know as much as she thought; in this way, she's incredibly self critical. It also can allow her to veer dangerously close to the territory of cynicism, unlike her more optimistic friends; if she becomes inundated with too much negative information, she can absorb that like a sponge and grow to become skeptical of the friendliness of the world around her, which she must be reminded of by those around her. Sometimes knowledge is too much knowledge, and nopony else embodies this quite like Twilight, as she can be bogged down if she's been slanted in a certain way. In addition to that, being blindsided by something can result in Twilight losing control over herself when she believed she understood a situation before, to the point that it even induces panic within her. Part of this also stems from the fact that Twilight, despite her humility, is very much a perfectionist. She likes doing things right, and she likes doing things right the first time, which is why she's so meticulous. She makes checklists, then makes checklists for her checklists, and she's very detail oriented, specifically because she doesn't want to make a single thing out of place. And because she has that humility, she often frets about whether she's doing the right thing or doing it in the right way. As a result, Twilight can be particularly prone to self doubt and concern, not just about the moral implications of her actions but how others may see her when she does them, which ties back into her empathy. Twilight is very much concerned about how others perceive her, and as a result she may push aside her own wants and feelings for the sake of putting on a good impression. This backfires on her spectacularly as it can stress her out and lead her to bottling up her feelings, which have a tendency to explode outward some other way. Despite this, Twilight can often have a calm and rational approach to a situation, so long as she feels like she's in control of it. If she thinks she's approaching a situation she knows a lot about and she's in her element, that hidden confidence can really show and make her appear to be the more level-headed of her friends. It's only when she's in situations that she feels like a fish out of water in that she finds herself questioning her place and giving in to self-doubt. Otherwise, she is very much the rock of her group as she ties them all together with her understanding and intimate knowledge of the situation, knowledge that she gained due to her desire to look into something as much as she can. Unfortunately, sometimes she overestimates how much she knows, which makes the crash when she's inevitably incorrect about it that much harder. Twilight is a very kind-hearted and warm pony who can get herself invested in a topic easily, so long as there's something there that she can sink her teeth into. In addition, she is very much a bookworm in the purest sense: she likes to study, she likes to do work, and she likes to learn, because all of those preoccupy her brain. She can even veer into busypony territories, as she doesn't much like having absolutely nothing to do. If she has no books to read and nopony to talk to, it can lead to her proclaiming that she's bored as her mind is constantly working on overdrive and needs a lot of stimuli to function. Twilight doesn't like to sit around unless she has some project to engage her, and when left to her own devices may attempt things that would look outright eccentric to the outside viewer simply to occupy herself. In this sense, she's also the most likely to have random thoughts late at night and then act on them impulsively because they might be interesting to study. That being said, Twilight is far from a practical-minded, pure scientist type. In her purest form, Twilight enjoys company with her friends the most above anything else, and would willfully give up magic in its entirety if it meant she could spend the rest of her time with them. In fact, Twilight may not like to admit it since she prefers to be the 'sane pony' of the group, but she can be the most sentimental of them all, and even have a tendency to wax poetry about her main purpose in life. While she is not as melodramatic as the likes of Rarity, Twilight is very philosophically-minded and morally-oriented, and as such it's much of what she thinks about. In other words, while Twilight does like learning, her chief motivation in life is not that but instead fulfilling what destiny tells her to do, because beyond anything she wants a purpose and to fit in someplace. Character Summary: Twilight Sparkle is a loving, compassionate, and sentimental pony with a desire to learn and become a better pony every day. While she can be very much neurotic and paranoid, Twilight still behaves as the de facto leader of her group and she does so with gusto, if a bit of lack of self-confidence at times. She's a bookworm, but she is a sociable bookworm who places her friends above absolutely anything else in the world - ultimately, while one might be sucked into believing she is a pony who's rooted solely in introversion, in reality Twilight thrives off of being needed, serving a purpose, and coming to understand the world around her.
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    Good day, I am teaanddice. Simply put I am both an avid role-player and a competitive fighting game player, at least those are the hobbies I enjoy. An odd combination that never overlaps much. I am not an avid MLP fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I do find its stories enjoyable. And the characters very imaginative. So what is the best way to get started here? How can I get my foot through the door?
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    Fine. Here you go.
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    Here is a pot belly pig.