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    From the album SymphonicFire's Doodles

    I wanted to draw something for Canterlot, so this is what I came up with! 17 users participated in this besides me, I'm actually surprised this many people joined in. Overall I like this, I had a lot of fun drawing this many OCs! Maybe I'll do another one of these next year. I'll put all the solo pics for those who have asked for one in the request thread soon. Thanks to to all the participants! Copyrights down below!

    © PrinceoftheNight, PrinceBlueblood, Shadowbolt01, Dio, XanXeto, tacobob, Pyroblaze, Dunder, Bellosh, Windwright, DreamySunday, DerpRavener, Zeig, Rosewind, Dubstep, Lyipheoryia, Mojo.

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    From the album The Character Bin

    Did another bevel avatar, might use this one soon.
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    From the album OC Art

    "[During the Sakura Spring Festival] Kyoma [...] becomes enveloped in a sea of pink." Quite. Literally. Might need to view full size to be able read it clearly! Bellosh pointed out an RP he was in that mentioned Ryuichi, but this line struck me harder than anything else and inspired this silly little comic. Kyoma doesn't quite reach this level of cherry blossom fun, but...it's probably a near miss. Yeah... Ishi (c) PyroBlaze
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    From the album OC Art

    I'd always wanted to draw a MLP-style european unicorn, because I've always liked the look of them (deer-like, lion's tail, etc). Plus, a discussion in one of the Discord's chatrooms got me wondering if I could manage to color "oil spill" hair, which is basically a color palette meant to mimic an oil spill. Those two ideas eventually led me to sketch and then color out this design. Killing two birds with one creative stone! Overall I like how she came out, especially considering I was kind of experimenting with both the bodily design and the color design. She might end up on that theoretical list of OCs for adoption that I've always meant to put up, since I have no immediate ideas or plans for her. On the other hand, I do like how she turned out, so I might end up apping herself. For...something or other, I'm sure.
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    From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Found out that it was someone's birthday yesterday. Also remembered that I'd been meaning to draw a certain character I've been RPing with, and haven't drawn yet. That's a win win, in my books! Fēng Yīnhǎitāo is a member of the Imperial Watch, and fiercely devoted to his Empress! Doesn't stop the ladies from swooning over him, though. Wasn't too much description to go off of, so I basically kind of sprinkled artistic license liberally over the whole thing. This is also a picture of Feng that doesn't include the charcoal he puts on his wing scales - I thought the picture would look better if they could shine and glimmer like a thousand little gold pieces under the sun~ Happy birthday, Prince Blueblood! Feng (c) PrinceBlueblood
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    From the album OC Art

    Xiu and Feng found a Fenghuang bird being harassed by hunters in one of their RPs together, a while back. I'd always intended to actually draw it because I didn't like any of the Fenghuangs I found using my Google-Fu skills, and I finally got around to finishing the lineart that's been sitting around in my folders for months. Deciding on a color scheme took about an hour in and of itself, but I finally ended up deciding finishing it even if I didn't do any shading. Pretty pleased with the way it turned out in the end - I've always loved birds with that elegant, swan sort of look.
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    From the album Muddy's Album!

    My Sarugami's pony form. 'Handsome' Monkey King indeed.
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    From the album Gift Art

    I haven't drawn many background but I think this one came out pretty nicely. Blueblood's been a great friend in the time I've known them on the sight and I figured he'd appreciate some art. Happy B-day, Blueblood! Sorry this took so long >_<
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    From the album The Character Bin

    I'm really proud of how this guy turned out. I was kinda inspired by the father of Shogun Ryuichi to make my own attractive father figure. This is Taira. He lives in a mysterious mountain range with his wife and family. It wouldn't be unfair to think of him as a well spoken country bumpkin... and he really couldn't disagree with that assessment really! He has a soft spot for Equestrian music of the past and can often be heard humming it as he comes back down from the mountains to buy groceries and the like for what must be an impressively large family.
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    From the album Other user's OCs

    For Dubstep
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    From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    New Okami picture, for new Neighponese royal! I'm glad to see Ryuichi's family has expanded a fair bit. I've always loved having OCs that are a part of a played OC family. Akarui here is the father, and he's so Iroh that it hurts. In a good way~ Akarui Yozora (c) Mudbug
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    From the album Muddy's Album!

    The father of Ryuichi the current Shogun and his siblings Ishi and Kaze.
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    From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Wow it's been a while since I've uploaded, or even drawn, any art. Luckily, a certain someone was kind enough to remind me that there was a Neighponese royal who didn't have any Okami art yet...a fact that had to be quickly rectified. Bellosh's character Kaze is Ryuichi's youngest sibling, and she's utterly adorable and full of Daw. This is not opinion, this is fact, kthx! Jiyūna Soyokaze (c) Bellosh
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    Naj tried to get away when the...snake-dragon-goat-thing grabbed her, but couldn't quite make it. She squirmed in his grasp, at least until he placed her down again. The creature said something about a 'change program' between ponies and changelings and how they would 'learn what it was like to be a foal'. She might have believed it, if she could actually remember how she got here. It also would have helped if the creature who told her this didn't look like a drawing as he was talking to her, though that was a different issue. This was too much. It was bad enough not knowing how she ended up in this strange place, surrounding by ponies who'd want to do who-knows-what to her. But now she was being taunted by some kind of...of monster! Naj's composure finally broke. She lay down on the ground, wrapped her forehooves around her face, let out muffled sobs. Or at least, she did until something crashed into her, knocking her over. Snapped back to her current situation, Naj rolled back onto her hooves and whirled around, to find one of the small ponies staring right at her! “Eeep!” She recoiled, and took a few nervous steps backwards. She tried to hastily rub the tears out of her eyes, not wanting to show the pony obvious weakness. She was only partially successful. The little pony did not react to finding Naj how she'd expect. Rather than trying to attack, or running away, or calling for help from the nearby large ponies, he asked things about her. He thought she was diseased! What? How could he not know? Naj wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. “I'm not sick!” Naj snapped back, before remembering where she was. Her voice trailed off as she got to the actual explanation. “I'm...I'm a changeling...” And then one of the big ponies finally took notice, and an orange earth pony was headed right their way! Naj's first instinct was to hide. Unfortunately, there wasn't much cover right where she was, and she was forced to make do with what was right at hoof, which happened to be the colt she was talking to who seemed friendly enough. She crouched behind Inkbrand, shivering slightly, only poking her head round him once she found that the newcomer didn't seem angry. On sticking her head out, Naj was momentarily distracted by seeing that the bigger pony was not alone, but was also carrying a little, teeny-tiny pony as well. Naj had never seen one of those! Sure, there were plenty of younger ponies in the room, but they were more like little changelings, like Naj was. Ones that only needed some growth now to reach their full size. This really-little pony though, Naj quickly realized was something else. “It's a pony grub!” She spoke excitedly and leaned outward from her improvised hiding space, to get a better look. She never thought she'd get to see one! “It doesn't look very grub-like...” she frowned in thought. “They aren't called grubs, are they?” Naj ducked back with another “eep!” when the earth pony, known as Applejack if she'd given her real name, addressed the two little ones and revealed that she knew Naj's name. How did she know that? She also introduced the not-grub as Zap Apple, before asking if Naj or the colt to play or get some food. Naj wasn't really feeling hungry, but she couldn't understand why given how far she must have travelled. She didn't feel up to playing a game just yet. She mumbled a reply at Applejack. “...S-some food would be nice...” Naj would have left it there, but another thought struck her, and one she just couldn't leave alone. Maybe there was a reason a pony would know her name, although she still didn't like that she couldn't remember anything about it. “Uhm...miss Applejack? I-is what the monster said true? Is there some kind of, of 'change program' for ponies and changelings to meet?”
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    From the album Character Corner (Sketches!)

    ... He's not a bandit, just a monk who likes his mane.
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    Even though the little pony was sitting there in an attentive manner, Applejack's attempt to communicate with Dunder fell on deaf ears. With his eyes transfixed on the mare and his mouth stuck open in awe, he did not understand what she said. Not because she was butchering the language, he was dumbfounded by her porque ella fue una diosa. Her light drawl, her blonde mane, eyes green like a fresh pear. The foal felt overwhelmed with a desire to keep the mare happy and impress her! For what reason exactly Dunder could not say, but it was indeed a powerful emotion. A powerful emotion, as powerful of an emotion as the annoyance Dunder felt when this pale, broccoli headed foal had the audacity to scream and insult a stranger. Dunder turned his head, eyebrows furrowed at Squall. "Oh! You are my mom? No?" Dunder stood up and turned, smacking his tail across Squall's nose, "Then I wasn't talking to you!" Dunder huffed, clearly not having any of Squall's attitude. He sat aside, while the two argued over pirates vs. knights. And as the group of foals as a whole argued to get time outside. Dunder himself was not hungry. In fact, he was full of energy just waiting to be burned off. When the alabaster foal announced his call to arms, the pegasus trotted over next to the prince. Normally, he would have chose the knight faction, but he could dabble on the other side for fun. "Sorry, I try to speak Equestrian as much as possible around my... not.... family." Dunder said, tilting his head at Blueblood, "But when you speak questrian you have a lot of th's." Imitating the lisp that Blueblood peppered into his speak habitually. "Also, I'm gonna be your skipper! Because Pirates rule the seas!" He said as he flapped his wings to gain some altitude.
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    I still remember all of you, and I miss you so so much.
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    There isn't a special occasion or anything, but I wanted to do something for the users on Canterlot and whip up something everyone can be in! I'll be using my normal chibi vector style to make things quick and less complicated, so it will look something like this in the end. Don't worry, it's completely FREE! If you want to participate, all you need to do is give me a detailed description of your OC (Use the format below if you need to) or give me a picture, which would make it a lot easier. I'll draw all species (If your unsure ask me), and feel free to add a pose or expression. I think we can start off one OC per user, but if there is no luck I'll bump up the number. I'll start a list of participants too, so if your username is not there, feel free to shoot me a pm. If you have any questions, please ask (because I'm sure I missed out some details)! OC description format: (If possible, please give me specific colours in RGB Decimal code. You don't have to though. ) Sex: Species: Build: Mane/Tail/Other Appearance: Pose/Expression: I'm trying to get as many OCs onto here, so feel free to spread the word! ...this could totally be an annual thing! Participants: 17(Green = finished) PrinceoftheNight, PrinceBlueblood, Shadowbolt01, Dio, XanXeto, tacobob, Pyroblaze, Dunder, Bellosh, Windwright, DreamySunday, DerpRavener, Zeig, Rosewind, Dubstep, Lyipheoryia, Mojo
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    One thing you could say about Blueblood, at least when he was a colt, was that when he was ill-mannered, it was because he forgot to be polite, rather than being deliberately rude, as certain later incarnations of him famously were. As such, when talking to the little grifflet in his own tongue, the unicorn kept to the proper protocol. "Je m'appelle Blueblood. Je thuith heureux de vousthrencontrer." That was easy enough, though it was kind of a canned greeting. And the fact that Blueblood was lisping probably didn't help comprehension all that much. On top of that, Diamond's first question about where they were actually required that the Prince think; not an easy task. "Cet endroit est ... étrange." Etrange... to say the bucking least, as a certain red-coated mare might put it. Or at least, might put it before she had been rebuked by what seemed to be Blueblood's appointed guardian. There seemed to be some dispute over who was going to be watching whom, actually. But, like most foals, the various fusses and disputes that happened over his age group meant less to him than the happenings of his peers. And, for once, a familiar face showed upon the scene. "Thwift! Huh, did Auntie thay you had to mix with the commonerth too?" He trotted over to his... well, they weren't exactly friends, but closer than strangers, and that was enough for Blueblood to orient himself. "Thweet thord..." He spoke admiringly of the green colt's wooden toy. "I wathn't allowed to bring mine. Do they let you play pirates at home?" He confided in a whisper. The last major event, as far as his peerage was concerned, was the sudden blasting in of the latest foal. The Prince had jumped skittishly at the first sound of the crash, quick enough to catch the tail end of the transformation. It... made his eyes hurt to look at, causing him to blink and rub his head. It hurt his head to think about, as if it were meant to be beyond his comprehension, and the pain made him grunt out, "Hey! Not fair, I don't know how to thpeak that!"
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    Inkbrand responded well, being the playful little sort he as. That was good! At least he wasn't freaking out. She could handle just about any foal that wasn't gonna be freaking out her foal. Zap Apple was an excitable sort but strange magic was strange no matter how you fancied it up behind whys and hows, and any sorta pegasus or earth pony was gonna be put off by it. Especially a foal. So it was good Inkbrand played his new, arguably better, role well. “Well Mister Lion, that sounded like one fun trip! Ah ain't been to tha zoo since Ah was a filly. Do they still have them big animals with tha long, long necks? Oh, what's their name...?” She said, tapping her chin playfully and allowing Inkbrand to come up and finish that thought for her. It was going to be a nice, fun time with foals before the spell broke and they were allowed to go on with their day. Not that everything would go as smoothly as she'd like. From behind came yells of foalnapping and a desire for help. Squall, ever a slight problem as an adult, was a real hoooffull it seemed as a little fella. That's what upper crust foals could be like if they weren't given a proper lesson in being humble by their parents. Of course she tried to not be too hard on him. The imaginations of a colt could run wild over any sense of calm or logic and throw oneself headlong into the chaos of a new world and new danger. They'd have to calm him down before they could do anything more. Luckily Fire had regained her much needed composure and went to task. Good. Let the, uhhh, husband and wife team work on that together. Hehehe, now that was at least a little funny. A Spanish speaking foal- voice timber seemed to match the voice of a pony who had just yelled Fire's name, a stallion's, indicating he too was a victim of the spell- came in, sounding awfully worried. Fire seemed to know who he was and that was great because she wasn't much help in this instance. She had known two ponies as foals who spoke the language so she had learned enough then to try and converse, but she remembered so critically little that all she could do was try. “Howdy soy Applejack cómo san te calientan? El corazón queremos que la comida feliz?“ She asked with a wide smile. She had spoken well, yeah? She didn't know. That probably didn't sound right. She turned to Fire with a smile. “Well, Ah'm outta practice, hahaha!” She said with a nervous laugh punctuating the end. It was 'round this time that Pressy came to her with an idea. Well, she thought she had Inkbrand all nice and covered but if she wanted to take over, she could. The groupings needed to change, though. Fire had just lumped Squall in with Blue, and she was probably best served watching them along with the new colt. Pressy could speak fancy, so that meant she should have the Grifflet and Inkbrand, whom she had already called out. Applejack would take Naj and Discord. “Well Sugarcube,” she said to Pressy, though she pulled Fire in, “here's how Ah see it. Fire, you should take Squall, the new Spanish-speaking colt, and Blueblood since yer a guard an' all. Pressy, y'all can speak fancy so you can take that sweet little Grifflet over thar and Inkbrand. Ah'll take Naj, Discord, and mah own. Sound like a plan?” She said, excited to give it a good go. With that, she went to work. Naj was in full Changeling mode and about to cry. She must have been mighty confused. She was probably taught to think of ponies and changelings as predator and prey alike and one and the same. Poor thing. Applejack was ready to admit that she had more than one awful run-in with them and she wasn't going to admit it to anypony, but sometimes the nightmares came and tore her up from the inside. She tried her best to look past that and to a brighter future thanks to the way the changelings were turning out, but it would be impossible for anypony to simply get over it. Still, she looked at Naj as she would any little filly in need of help- tears were her most potent weakness. Luckily she had some friendship forming with Discord, if that now pint sized troublemaker would be so kind. His efforts were constantly commendable, the results sometimes exciting. The methods, always and without fail, were frustrating. No matter, nor did she have the time to consider further. Zap Apple happily chewing on the doll he had been given, she trotted over to the pair. “Aww, makin' some fast friends there, Dissy?” She smiled and leaned down. “Howdy there, Naj. Ah'm Applejack and this here's mah foal, Zap Apple. Say hi, Zap Apple,” She said slowly, the words warm, soft, and inviting. Zap waved somewhat, still chewing on the doll. “Are you two wantin' ta play a game or get somethin' ta eat? This here daycare's got loads of tasty treats sure to satisfy yer appetite,” she said confidently despite there being a changeling in their midst. “Whatcha wanna do?”
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    The normally calm and collective pony was still not very happy. “We could yell at Discord, and also punch him at the same time. These things can be done at the same time. They’re not mutually exclusive.", as she planned brutal violence against the pesky draconequus, her eyes fell upon Zap Apple, "Oh, he's such a handsome little thing. Perfect in everyway.", Foals normally had a calming effect on the mare and in a few moments she was back to her 'pre-Discord-mucking-everything-up-phase.' "I am sorry Lady Applejack..Pressy.....", she smiled at her old friend. She too had been turned into a filly by miscast magic in the past. So did the farmer. However, ponies like Inkbrand and Swift appeared to have been transformed into even younger children than she had been that fateful day. She could not help but notice how adorable Inkbrand was before he started to pierce and tattoo every other part of his body. One thing that the now very young prince said struck her curiosity. He mentioned the statue of Discord. Instead of simply being magic'ed to an younger age, his memories beyond his new age had also been removed. For all intents and purposes, Prince Blueblood could have simply been yanked out of the past and dumped off here. How odd. Then her husband to be spoke up rather loudly. AJ and Presteza were correct. They needed to help the temporary-foals. She would need to calm her stallion down. "Master Squall.", she glanced down at the colt with an look of utter seriousness on her face. "I am First Lieutenant Fire Walker of the Canterlot Guard. Sir News and Lady Grace had requested that I look after you for a moment as they attend to very important adult business." her tone was friendly but direct. Something she had picked up from the unicorn's butler. "We took a train to Ponyville, but you had dozed off during the trip. This is a place for only very important ponies, as you can see young Prince Blueblood is here as well. Your father believed you should interact with upstanding young folk as he." That was easy. The foals could play together and the adults could figure out a way to restore them back to their proper ages. She tried to remember some of the better ways one could disrupt a spell. This was all from her lessons back at the R.E.A officer school. She always enjoyed her 'Defense Against The Magical Arts' lessons. There was a disruption band one could place on an unicorn's horn. And also the simple act of slapping the horn could work as well. But what sort of spell was this? If she caused a sudden stop, would the spell end? Or would the children be stuck in these ages and need to grow up naturally again? While she hated to bother Princess Twilight, beyond Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, there probably was no powerful of a spell-caster in all of Equestria than she. The sight of the very pitiful looking Naj did sink her heart. She wanted to rush over and give the little gal the biggest hug. However, that would have to wait. Thankfully Inkbrand took to distracting her. Hopefully that would help..for now. "Would anypony be able to collect Princess Twilight? It's very obvious that she knows this spell, and could probably disrupt it with ease.", she turned her eyes back to Discord as she spoke the last word, "Or could you put an end to your magic? Some of us need to return to our mundane tasks of checking out an youth center. I was sent her to make sure this place was just right for my brother and sister in law's kid. As for Changeling's and ponies. That is something that will take time. And....ermm." Somepony was calling her name, or maybe there was an actual fire outside. The voice sounded very familiar. Before she could even blink, she now found herself starring at the now foal-form of her ex. "Por el amor de Celestia..."
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    From the album Adventures of Symphonic Fire

    Didn't go back to Hong Kong over the holidays (sadly), but I did pop over to BC for some great seafood and yum cha with my relatives! I don't know if it's an Asian thing, but my relatives like to fight over the bill (like a full on tug-o-war) at the end of every meal. That's where the inspiration for this strip came from. It's nothing special, but sometimes it's really funny. Symphy takes a trip to Long Kong to visit Lan Fa and Shan Pui. How did she befriend a hitman ( I guess?) and dragon? Don't ask me yet. I might draw a yandere mode Lan Fa later on, so stay tuned for that. (Don't mind the choppy English, I'm still trying to recover from 3 weeks of non-stop Canto).
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    From the album Muddy's Album!

    Just something I doodled whilst a fair few of us were spitballing ideas in Discord. Moths can be surprisingly colourful.
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    Squall had not given Blueblood the best of first impressions, particularly with his haughty interruption of the Prince's first attempt at international diplomacy. Not that dear little Bluey had anything against haughtiness as such; never having really been encouraged in any egalitarian tendencies. He simply disliked the concept of anyone thinking themselves justified in being haughty in his presence. I' Plus, he was acting weird. That red pegasus was definitely old enough to be his mother! But even after all that, Blue didn't mind. He was still a colt, sufficiently socialized to desire play with his agemates. He innocently suggested his favorite game, and what did he get? Some regurgitated lecture from this prematurely aged foal who sought to prove that he knew better! The scene triggered something deep inside the golden-maned unicorn's heart; that one rebellious spark that attracted him to fantasies of piracy in the first place. Because you know what? He was tired of these lectures he got from his parents and servants every day about proper behavior. Sure, he was proud of himself for learning it, but come on! His visits with Auntie were the only time where he could loosed up, and now he was here where his peers lectured him, never mind the adults! His whole face pinched into what he must have thought was an intimidating expression of anger, but really looked like a peeved puppy. "I'll... I'll... I'll make you walk the plank for that! And then you'll think in your thtupid metal armor, hah!" He bounded away from the green colt, towards where a crowd was gathering, calling for outside play. Well, fine with him! He didn't have his wooden sword, but maybe... taking a quick detour, he dove into a nearby toypile, rooting until he clambered up in triumph, wooden blade in mouth. With visible effort, he held it aloft. "Haha! All who wish to join the crew of the Dread Pirate Blueblood are welcome to follow me! Outside, me heartieth! And to the locker with all the thcurvy knigthth!"
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    Bluemoon stood there and watched as everypony just kind of stares at her. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, a stallion covered in with a bunch of cool lines and things said words. " Okay thanks see y'all later! ". However, before she could blast at top speed through all these ponies, running over however many of them in the process, the ceiling started leaking some sort of goop. Bluemoon's eyes opened as wide as they could "Woowzers! First the jungle gym now this? This place just keeps on making itself more and more cool! ". The goop went and combined itself itself into a!.... Wait, what was that!? This horse, goat, lion, snake thing just showed up out of nowhere and started yelling about things and unfortunately Bluemoon she was to busy trying to figure out what the creature in front of her was to listen. When the creature who's appearance defined wacky finally dropped the smoke, Bluemoon was snapped back into reality but it was to late. The smoke was already everywhere and she was starting to get sleepy. Bluemoon awoke to greet the day like she did any other, with smiles and glee! She got up like she always did, stretching her little legs and shaking the sleepiness out of herself. With a final yawn the filly opened her eyes and... This place was not home... " This place is waaay better! Can you believe this momma!? " she looked over to her side but there was no momma. " Uh oh, momma doesn't like it when we split up." She looked around for a moment and noticed and was stunned at all the things she saw. " I-I'll find her later " Her eyes went a bajillion miles a minute looking at everything her tiny face could see and when it could see no new things, Bluemoon ran deeper into the new place. It was then that she saw it. The window. The window that led to paradise. Running right up to it, Bluemoon stared at the greatest work of art she had ever seen an began tearing up. " This is the greatest thing I have ever seen...."
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    Presteza would tap fire's shoulder and glare for a few seconds, "Fer now can ya watch the language in front o' the little ones? We don't know what the full effects are yet. Fer all we know he just yanked all o' them out of the past or somethin' and any word we say will wind up affectin' them in the present or somethin'!" Her tone was quick, yet hushed: clearly trying not to provoke a panic among the assembled youngsters. "B'sides! If they start runnin' from us who knows wot could happen to 'em!" The freckled heiress would look back to Blueblood again and put on a smile, "Um, yes. You'll have to forgive my friend, Her mouth gets away from her sometimes is all!" Fire would feel a gently nudge at her side, "Right, Fire?" All of these young faces filling the room were becoming a pain in the plot to keep track of. Cute as they may be, the few remaining adults only had two eyes each and around this time Presteza could only wish she had a pair like chameleons. One of the newest faces to join the youthful hoard was.... definitely not someone that this artist had met before. There was a grifflet-- that was the word right? Was there even a single term for a young griffin? Presteza had come across pictures of newly born griffins but they all lacked feathers and looked like they were made of pink wrinkles. This one was old enough to have his plumage and he had a positively adorable speech impediment, almost on par with Blueblood's lisp. It had been so long since she'd last brushed up on her prench so it took Presteza a moment before she could figure out what he'd said. Blueblood had managed to beat her to the punch though and made attempts to straighten things out with the confused little griffin. While Blueblood worked his diplomatic magic... diplomagic? -- on Diamond, Presteza would gesture Appleack to come over. "Maybe we should split up the foalified into groups each o us can watch? I think I can handle... Inkbrand, Blueblood, and one more I think." After Applejack responded, Presteza would try and get Inkbrand's attention. She had to pause to chortle at the sight of the energetic young colt roaring and pouncing in his best lion impression. Honestly it was hard not to watch the little display, even if it ended with him making a few remarks to a changeling... in the past she probably would have admonished him or gotten all snooty about it. Now, with the benefit of perspective she realized his response was more or less naturally for a foal his age. Thoughts drifted back to getting his attention, "Oi! You with the blue mane!" She waved to the colt, "I hear the best lion's roar can be heard fer miles! Can ya show me yer loudest roar?" Blueblood's question made the painter freeze for a moment. She wasn't sure how much Blueblood knew about discord so she had to come up with something very quick, "Um... Yes and no! This is actually Discord's long lost, good, but equally as chaotic brother from the future." ... That was a terrible explanation and the moment she finished speaking she wanted to kick herself for even opening her mouth. With Squall apparently freaking out at his situation as his younger self, Presteza would have to hope she could give him a hug and a thank youf or that concern he'd showed earlier, now though her hooves were rapidly approaching their maximum capacity. A look was given Fire's way, the painter's eyes practically pleading for her old friend to help out with her now suddenly youthful coltfriend... and the pegasus who just busted through the door too.
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    Ponyville. Not long ago it was but another tiny hamlet like so many others that dotted Equestria. If the opportunity arose, he would put bits down on the once sleepy town becoming the next sprawling center of culture and diplomacy, surely to rival Canterlot. With the appearance of a new castle, which some ponies claimed sprouted right out of the ground, staffed by Equestria's newest princess and her 5 fellow saviors of Equestria the hamlet became sort of a symbolic core of Equestria. Even the Changelings knew this, and their latest attack on Equestria had Ponyville as their target after their attack on Canterlot failed so miserably. Not only just that, but the fate of Equestria as a whole teetered on the brink here more times than Dunder cared to remember past the third. Especially since the stallion himself found his life making twists and turns, breaks and mends here he tried to avoid letting the mind wander to this place. As if regaining conciousness, the brown pegasus found himself outside, in the streets of this curious town. And before he could remember exactly why he was there, his ears locked onto something too familiar. The yelling of a mare! Not just any mare, either. Fire. His brain need not more promoting to put wings into action. Anyway, the origin of Fire's cries seemed to be in the building ahead! How convenient! "FIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRREEEE!" Like a warcry, a stallion's voice could be heard from outside the daycare getting closer as his wings propelled him through the air. Despite the stallion learning his lesson about property damage while entering buildings, he collided with the door with sufficient force to bust the locking mechanism right through the wood. However, the stallion's chance of helping any dwindled in an instant. As he flew right through a residual cloud of Discord's magic, his body and mind regressing on its flight path rapid enough so that his body once massive enough to break down a door, slid across the floor easily missed until stopping right in front of the the red pegasus. Dazed and queasy for multiple reasons, the tiny pony sat there, eyes hazy and drifting up to look at the face of the pony in front of him. "Ma...má?" He called Fire. The circumstances of using this term drastically different than the others, not that the foal would remember or even comprehend such terrible things! The mare in front of him was another stranger, the next pony another stranger. Even the fellow tiny ponies were all strangers. "Mamá?! Donde estás?! Tengo miedo!" The foal pitifully called out, turning to his side to see the door busted wide opened, wood split open, "Whoah. I feel sorry for whatever idiot did that."
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    From the album OC Concept arts

    From top left to bottom right: Heart Breaker and one of her coworkers, Soft Spot Bleeding Heart, Eagle Heart's cousin Silver Stream (taking a nap) Akarui Uta I welcome suggestions on balancing out their individual colors, because I know I'm not the best at that.
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    Ryuichi was mere seconds away from doing his very best to impersonate a Shogun-esque starfish against Sandā. Ryuichi was aware that he should have been vaguely concerned about this fact. Ryuichi was more aware, however, of the grey and gold figure that suddenly made its entrance into the room without being tackled by the guards standing vigilant outside the doorway, meaning said figure had to be someone he knew well. Or, a pony that someone else knew well, Ryuichi briefly thought as he cast a somewhat surly look towards his traitorous brother and his traitorous friendship with a traitorous golem trainer...which was treason. Probably. Somewhere in the annuls of Shogunate history, there was a rule about knowing golem trainers without the express knowledge of the Shogun, Ryuichi was thirty-six percent sure of it. "Aegis," the Ryuma greeted warmly once the grey and gold figure identified itself as one Ambassador of Neighpon, arriving late to the festivities but looking as cheerful as ever. "Think nothing of it," he proclaimed, waving a magnanimous hoof through the air as he sat himself upright on the sofa, no longer threatening to fall straight on top of Sandā, "you've arrived in good time. Please, help yourself to the sake, the sushi, the..." a brief wave of his hoof through the air, "everything else." There. Ought to cover all the basics well enough. Even those basics knowledges that a Shogun was to be made aware of when foreign guests were wandering the Palace Castle. "Never," the Shogun of Neighpon exclaimed, holding a hoof against his chest in good faith, "would I have dreamt of intruding on you and your beloved's moment under the cherry blossoms." He had plenty of Vanguard to do the intruding for him, after all. "A toast to your fair Mei! When can we expect an invitation to the wedding?" Ryuichi stated, then asked, and followed both with a liberal gulp from his sake cup. He was not so deep in his cup to start waxing poetic on the taste of Mei like some Caribou were wont to do, after all. Gently inspired to be a bit freer with his thoughts...maybe. But not completely and utterly out of his mind, no. A Shogun could not afford to do that even in the company of good friends and trusted advisors. A lonely bedroom was a far better place for it. He'd have to remember to order extra sake to bring back to the Palace Castle. Shirogane finished up her song then, and Ryuichi lazily watched the Pegasus step down from the stand to make way for Ishi, who began a song that...did the opposite of making him want to tap his hoof and bob his head and seemed entirely unfitting for a karaoke bar in the middle of the pleasure district of Polohama. He hadn't even known that the Pony Pulse had these sort of, Caribou Viking-esque songs to sing to. If he'd been any other pony, Ryuichi might have been tempted to make a face - as it was, he merely raised an eyebrow as he cast a glance over towards their Caribou visitor, who was also hovering close to the stage and scrolling through the song list in order to prepare for his song. Apparently Ishi was attempting to make Lími feel more at home inside the Pony Pulse, though Ryuichi was fairly certain said Caribou was too out of it to properly appreciate the effort. The Ryuma left them to it as he gestured for the golem trainer to join him then, moving off the couch to settle on one of the smaller, side couches as he beckoned the Pegasus forward. Because hay. If Ishi was going to sneakily go behind his back and invite golem trainers to these karaoke gatherings, then by the ancestors he was going to take advantage of that fact. "Come, Shirogane," Ryuichi said once she had gotten close enough, "sit with me a bit. We've just to truly speak. I told you I've followed your time in the Polohama Dome? As much as I've been able to. You rose to prominence in such a short amount of time."
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    "Poetry, you say?" Lími seemed surprised by the Shogun's knowledge of what transpired privately after their meeting, but appeared not all that flustered; "Well, I suppose it's *HIC* good to know that Mei isn't the only one who holds my verses in high regard. Although *HIC* I cannot recall you being around to witness my recitation, Ryuichi. Were you eh heh heh, spying on us and Mei when we *HIC* locked our lips together in celebration of our discovered our bond of love? I still *HIC* remember... Mei tastes just like... flowers; ummm, all of them, you know?" An inability to keep secrets when under Honeysuckle Shine's spell... this bode ill for Clan Askr's de facto envoy. Speaking of ambassadors, here now was Neighpon's. "So you are Neighpon's emissary?" Lími wobbly rose up from his seat with an incredibly dumb grin on his face; "We must be related! Lími of *HIC* Clan Askr," the caribou placed his hoof — which so happened to be holding his drink — over his chest; "At your service." A nod of the head... then a large sip from his mug, since it was there in Lími's hoof already. There wasn't much time to bandy further words though; a song dedicated to the Caribou had played and finished, leaving the gesture to be repaid! "So then... at last the Son of Sigrun will do his duty and *HIC* sing to make my forefathers proud." Finishing the last of his refill, a merry Lími set aside his mug in the traditional Viking Caribou manner; by chucking it onto the ground! Ambling his way up to the karaoke machine (which someone was kind enough to put on the Equestrian language setting), the Caribou of Whitescar had a look through all the names of songs provided. One big problem though: "Odýrr, hahaha!" Lími expressed bemusement in his predicament; "I know not *HIC* which song to choose. There's just... so many of them! A-ahahahah!!!" Important note: drinks did not cure the young bull of indecisiveness. "Well, whatever all our *HIC* ancient works of lore say about you Neighponese... a realm with *HIC* so many ballads and cherry blossoms and Honeysuckles to choose from can't be all bad."
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    From the album Lux's Gallery

    Yep, she's back! The spunky watermelon hued filly has grown into a young mare over the years and now is active in running her family's fruit farm (say that three times fast!) Yet the mare still keeps her youthful energy and love of adventure as well as the desire to try new things.
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    On Long Kong there hides a group, a family of sorts, taking in hoodlums, the desperate, and desiring a place to call home. Shady, underhoofed: sometimes it pays being naughty. Here are some highlights to the group as it is built and grows; The Divine Protectorate, aka the Triad of Long Kong. DIVINE PROTECTORATE Poke me if you've any questions or toss in an app if you wish to join the ranks. I'll be posting an OOC thread regarding it's members and open positions soon. Long Kong Lore Long Guo Lore RANKS Ranks are the simple state of the hierarchy within the family. There ranks instill a sense of power and place to a group who are otherwise outsiders and casteless amongst the Long. There will be limited positions for a rank, but no limitation on what sectors one can work in. Long Kong is divided into four sections, all being controlled by the Da Family within the Redoubt's District. All members know where they live and which Dragon Head they report to. Glossary: "Mountain" or "Dragon" Master (or 'Dragon Head') is the boss of the family group “Patron” an individual who provides fundings and laundering services, part or separate from the family. "Deputy Mountain Master" is just that to his or her boss. "Grass Slipper" is the Mountain Master's proxy, a son or daughter "Incense Master", who oversees inductions into the DP. "Vanguard" assists the Incense Master. "Red Pole" refers to a "military commander" overseeing defensive and offensive operations. "49" denotes the position of "soldier" or rank-and-file member. "White Paper Fan" provides financial and business advice "Straw Sandal" functions as a liaison between different units. "25" refers to an undercover law enforcement agent or spy from another gang, and has become popularly used as a slang for "snitch", i.e. informant "Blue Lanterns" are uninitiated members Long Kong Dragon Head: Da Jian-ya Patron: Yu Kinokawa (Cat Constellation), Open Slot, Open Slot Dragon Head: Port Town District Head: Open Downtown District Head: Open New Town District Head: Open Celestial District Head: Open Deputy: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot Grass Slipper: Yin (Horse Constellation), Subjective Slots Vanguard: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot Incense Master: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot White Paper Fan: Open Slot Red Pole: Yángguāng (Ox Constellation), Corva Pardus (Ox Constellation), Open Slot, Open Slot Straw Sandal: Open Slot, Open Slot 49ers: Unlimited Slots Blue Lanterns: Unlimited Slots 25; The Snitch, Undercover Law Enforcement or Spy: ??? Four Pillars The Four Pillars of the Divine Protectorate, also known as Trines, control a section of family’s business to ensure the overall, unified goal of the family is met. Each pillar runs its own business front to generate a profit which is sent to the main house on a monthly basis for purchase of land deeds, equipment, and other amenities. Weekly stipends are often sent to the local Dragon Heads to provide extra allowances on luxuries the clans re not usually able to afford. Sometimes these stipends are called bribes by lower members because it keeps the Deputies in favor with the local Dragon Heads. Within the Trines there are Three Sects called Constellations. Each sect is named after a unique, skyward constellation to identify their roles in the family. It is often considered more honorable or preferred to be part of certain constellations as they make higher profits and can afford more free time while other constellations are more militaristic in their nature. Whatever the case there was a place for everypony. There is a thirteenth constellation known as the Cat that is not regarded as part of the House Trine. They are outsiders who have been given place in the family or members who have been cast out of the family, but have to be kept close and under an iron hoof due to their knowledge. They are always watched. It is not regarded as honorable to be cast out to the Cat constellation, as you are now an outsider and can never be part of the family, even if though marriage. First Trine; Business Sector Members of the First Trine handle much of the local and foreign business involving the paperwork regarding formal and informal contracts. These paper trails are meant to keep authorities off their tails and present their businesses as legitimate giving them official sounding names. They are also known for buying out local businesses who have been threatened or forced into financial ruin by local DP members. Rat: Businessponies by their nature those of the rat constellations are at the forefront of these deals. Accustomed to wearing the suit they have a keen eye in spotting risky deals and are remiss to risk the family's profit. Dragon: Hard workers those of the dragon constellation drive themselves to the bone to ensure everything is perfect when it comes to the loss ends. If ever one finds a loss end, it wasn't a dragon. Monkey: There is hardly a more relatable constellation than the monkey. They are the talkers. They convince the shopkeeps, foreigners and other individuals to keep business with the Da Family, under the assurance they have no ties with the Divine Protectorate. Second Trine; Security Sector Members of the Second Trine are the enforcers of the family's rules and laws. While not prone to any questionable behavior, it is not unheard of. They are the muscle to the brains, often being hired by the Business Sector for guard jobs or clearing riffraff in areas they are looking to raise property value on. Ox: This constellation works with what they have. Never needing more than a target they are independent and capable of getting the job done with as little instruction as possible. They are often more permanent fixtures in neighborhoods run by the DP. One can never know who is an Ox so it is always best to behave when crossing the train tracks. Snake: Leaders by their nature this constellation is well known for executing jobs using hired mooks either from within the ranks of the uninitiated, the Roosters, or outsiders who have done wrong by the family and seek penance. They are mobile so are never in one place long, often used by the Construction Sector as security officers with small teams. Rooster: In this constellation they are better suited in teams and strategic planning. Brain within brawn they excel in the lin kuei arts and other forms of espionage. Third Trine; Public Relations Sector Those in this Trine deal in the public image of the family businesses as well as covering up individual incidents that could lead to exposing their secrets to law enforcement. Tiger: More comfortable in large groups this constellation often hold public offices as secretaries or managers to important figures such as provincial governors or celebrities. The money paid to charities are often funneled into DP funds. Horse: The motivational speakers: this constellation are often the mouth pieces to the Construction and Business Sector, allowing the groups to wedge into business using their charm and precise expertise in the situation. They present these often unfair practices of forcing our business as financial and social opportunity for the pony being extorted. Dog: The counters, the measurers, and thinkers. This constellation is revered for “carrying an abacus in their saddlebags” as they are excellent problem solvers. They are kept by Dragon Heads to ensure profits aren't skimmed off of by Deputies and assist the Business Sector with larger trades and numbers. Fourth Trine; Construction Sector This Trine is responsible for all the construction business in the family. From shipping construction materials to purchasing land they are in charge of the general infrastructure that provides the DP with advantage over the local government. If their demands aren't met it sometimes means strikes from local teamsters causing a halt to businesses in Long Kong. Rabbit: The climbers, this constellation strive to buy as much possible always fighting to be seen as better than their peers. They are favored by the Dragon Heads for their insatiable drive to market themselves through their work. They are often in charge of listing, buying and selling property for the family to build on, tear down, or build up around. Sheep: A solitary constellation who prefer the dark office to field work. They are suited to the constant crunch required of the bureaucracy that is the nature of business. Office decorations they sometimes slip into privately owned businesses and funnel funds into DP projects without ever being discovered. Pig: Given roles as leaders to a union of teamsters or on the docks as ship captains this constellation benefits from DP funds by delivering material goods and workers into DP hooves. Functional members of society they have usually found their way into DP through financial strain. Fifth Trine; Outsiders This constellation is for outsiders, the dishonored and scattered gangs who wish to retain their freedom but remain disassociated with the DP. Cat: Loners, outsiders and the shamed. This constellation is a catch all for those who will never find ascension in the family but are either too valuable to turn away or have proven themselves valued allies. A place is a place and for casteless or outcasts this is often better than banishment. ------ Wow you're still here? Well if you are interested in joining just post below with the character you are interested in using. It does not have to be a Long, it does not have to be a pony, but they do have to be selfish and interested in doing the crime despite the time. This is for naughty ponies not good guys, unless yer a copper. Than we'll talk. ----- As a criminal organization the group needs a proper hang out where they go to pick up jobs and get news. The best place to do this is directly from the big boss himself: Da Jian-ya. The big boss is often seen hanging out at the bar, talking to clients. As a son to a decorated naval officer he has his place in the real world. The underworld is where his family has all the power. Below, when it is open, I shall have the link posted to the headquarters. It is a karaoke bar just at the edge of the busiest street in the Celestial District. At any given time this place can have ponies form off the streets coming in to find some fun in the arcades, a bit of friendly hangout in the karaoke rooms, or getting some locale cuisine to munch on at the bar. Some are looking to-- find opportunities or make them. THREAD TBA [OPEN]
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    The Six Imperial Dynasties - The History of the Dragon Throne Long Guo is no stranger to the impermanent nature of keeping power. In the 2,000 years since the downfall of Tyrant King Faba, no less than 5 dynasties have risen and fallen in the Dragon Kingdom. As of this publication, Long Guo is on its 6th imperial dynasty. Below is a brief chronicle summarizing the historical accomplishments and failures of each of the great lineages. TIAN DYNASTY - As the brave couple that liberated and unified of the Long Sun, Empress Xi Hua and Emperor Xiao Huo were hailed as heroes of nigh-divine stature. During their reign which lasted more than 50 years, the capital city of Huangjing was built, local nobility was permanently supplanted by bureaucrats chosen by merit, and the rifts between the Qilin and Longma began to mend. But all was not well; a good number of nobles and chieftains fled across the sea to Ryushima Island, while the sons and daughters of the First Sovereigns struggled to measure up to the insurmountable legacy of their parents. When Hua and Huo's time came to an end, no heir had clearly emerged as the most worthy, and thus the imperial family descended into bickering and factionalism. Worried that the flames of familial strife would engulf Long Guo in war, a longma general deserted his post and undertook the harrowing pilgrimage to the summit of Mount Suncrest. Upon reaching Longri-La, he pleaded to the Serpent Council to grant him the Mandate to Rule instead, and that in return his descendants would be offered up for fosterage by the Long. After long and contentious debate, the Serpent Council agreed to the General's request. The Long intervened and persuaded each of Hua and Huo's offspring to give up their claim to the Dragon Throne, and thus the First Dynasty ended in a whimper. LONG DYNASTY - At nearly 800 years, the Long Dynasty was the Dragon Kingdom's longest-lived ruling family. Most of the traditions and customs of the Imperial Court were created during this era to ensure that a reigning emperor would always be held in awe by his subjects if he ruled competently. The Long Dynasty also withstood the barbarism of the eastern Taotie Hordes and the treachery of the Ryushima ninja clans, namely by erecting the Serpent's Wall to guard the eastern border and enlarging the Imperial Watch to the greatest size ever reached in its history. Eventually, the unruly northwestern region of Manechuria was brought into the fold by peaceful means. Over the centuries however, the emperors of the Long Dynasty grew more rigid and entitled in their line. So concerned they were with maintaining their otherworldly grandeur that they started to view the Wise and Noble Long as rivals for their subjects' adoration. A subsequent banning of all contact between Long Sun and Dragons proved to be the dynasty's downfall when a series of massive droughts struck the Dragon Kingdom. Forbidden by imperial decree to ask the Long to bring forth rain, the desperate populace resorted to a mass uprising which successfully brought the dynasty to an end. YE DYNASTY - Descended from the humble qilin farmer who lead the rebellion toppling the Long Dynasty, the emperors of the Ye Dynasty saw themselves as nurturers of their realm first and foremost. While keeping many of the courtly rites established by their predecessors, the Ye rulers saw more value in providing peace and plenty than battle and glory. Long Guo eschewed war during these days, and its economy and culture flourished for the next 500 years. Such affluence gave birth to envy in the hearts of the Dragon Kingdom's neighbors. Some — like the Taotie Hordes and the Viking Caribou — raided and pillaged whenever they easily could. Other nations like the newly unified Neighpon, itself recovering from a costly victory against the Caribou armies, turned to distant islands for new resources instead of risking subservience to Long Guo's interests. In the end though, all it took was one excessively greedy and incompetent monarch to cause the Ye Dynasty's collapse. Exploiting this unrest, a powerful court sorceress orchestrated a coup and installed herself as Empress. TI DYNASTY - The usurper sorceress who founded the Ti Dynasty desired a return to a more spiritual age where the Long Sun harmoniously lived side-by-side with spirit creatures. While that path ended up mostly causing conflict between equines and spirits, the Spirit Empress at least cared enough for the well-being of her realm to ensure that skilled bureaucrats were doing their job. Her successors on the other hand had no desire to govern, instead dwelling on continuing fruitless studies into the Spirit World. With Long Guo paralyzed by apathetic rulers, it was no surprise that a hundred years later, the Taotie Hordes finally breached the Serpent's Wall en masse and conquered vast swaths of land nearly unchallenged. The last Ti emperor was kidnapped by the Taotie and never seen again, leaving behind no heirs. But all was not lost. Long Guo rallied under the leadership of the Stewardess of Manechuria, a fierce pony warrior famed for defeating the Taotie Shanyu in single combat and sending the Hordes back to the eastern wastelands from whence they came. GANG DYNASTY - The next 450 years were a time of great change in Long Guo. Advances in oceanic travel was making distant corners of the world more accessible, and the Manechu emperors who now sat on the Dragon Throne were eager to capitalize by looking westward. Yet after a protracted naval war with Neighpon which ended in stalemate, the Gang emperors realized their aims were better achieved through non-violent means. It was under the Gang Dynasty that Long Guo first established connections with Equestrian civilization and saw the rise of Long Kong as a world metropolis. As the forces of industrialization entrenched themselves in the Dragon Kingdom, the Gang emperors founded a new capital to the southwest: the Steel City of Gangshi. Nicknamed the "Stalliongrad of the East", Gangshi was infamous for the wanton pollution its factories produced. After a half-century of filling the southwestern coastal waters with toxic runoff, the Long of the Oceans banded together to bring a cataclysmic typhoon upon Gangshi. The entire city was claimed by floods, putting its foul factories permanently out of commission and sending the last Gang emperor running back to Manechuria in disgrace. FENG DYNASTY - It was left to the previous Chancellor — his family being the last recognized descendants of Hua and Huo's bloodline — to relocate the capital back to Huangjing and assume the burden of rule. For the last century, the Feng Dynasty have served as guardians of the status quo; maintaining the Dragon Kingdom cultural identity while remaining competitive with the rest of the world. Only time will tell if this dynasty rises to magnificence like their legendary ancestors, or fall into infamy. ~A Reign of Ten Thousand Years Dr. Tong Ze
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    From the album upL33 Art

    I have a 3D printing pen and decided to make my OC Sunny D.
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    I thought I'd drop by a bit and saw the banner. First renaming the spam forum then all those recognisable faces at the top. It's leaking out of control!
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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Shuài Hóu Wáng (Handsome Monkey King), usually goes by 'Monkey' Sex: Male Age: Atleast Six Hundred Years (Most of these spent asleep/imprisoned) Species: Sarugami (Monkey Yokai) Eye Colour: Golden Yellow Coat: In his usual form, Shu is covered in thick (if scruffy) fire red fur that covers light tan skin. In his pony form his hide has become a light golden colour. Mane/Tail: All his red fur has become his mane in his pony form, thick and shaggy forming a rough beard. Physique: Either in his Sarugami or pony form, Shu is a BIG boy; in his usual form he just about scrapes seven feet in all his monkey Yokai goodness - where as in his pony form he is still clearly a good couple of feet taller and bulkier than the average stallion. Residence: The Mountain of Flowers and Fruits | Currently imprisoned by a magical seal in a Temple Occupation: Self proclaimed 'Monkey King' | Chaotic Prankster | Folklore Figure Cutie Mark: Shu has no cutiemark in his pony form, he thinks them ridiculous - however due to the seal imprisoning him he will most likely have that on his flank whenever he changes into his pony form. Unique Traits: Yokai Magic; Including the usual shapeshifting, changing his size from the likes of a bumblebee to a mid sized elephant and trickery that Yokai are known for, Shu is capable of using his fur to make ephemeral clones that can last for about an hour depending on how healthy or stressed Shu is. They can only do simple things like move objects, but if they get damaged they turn back into hairs. (After the release, he will only be able to summon two to three clones at once.) Super Strength; Both physically and magically, Shu has a great amount of strength in him. Being able to lift atleast thirty times his weight with relative ease. There are obvious limitations, he cannot put too much strain or lift too much weight otherwise he will start to struggle. However this also means he's capable of jumping rather far due to the strength in his legs. Golden Eyes of Truth Seeing; The golden eyes were a relatively new trait that Shu picked up several moons before his actual imprisonment - he can see through the disguises and enchantments of other magic users. Seeing them for what they are instead of what they're pretending to be. This comes in handy when he just wants to tease them and watch them squirm in front of everypony. Somersault Cloud; Less a trait, more a piece of magic he stole from Longri-La. The magic city held in the clouds, made OF clouds obviously had some intriguing properties to Shu and so he stole a part of the magic clouds. After several moons, the cloud became obedient and bonded to Shu helping the otherwise flightless Sarugami an easy mode of transport. History: Folklore surrounding specific Yokai in Neighpon and Long Guo aren't completely unheard of, one particular folklore figure started many generations ago on a small patch of craggy land between the two nations in the heart of the sea. Many ponies like to make up that he was born from a great stone egg swept from the sea, caressed by the winds and so forth, in reality he was born from one of the very few Sarugami - or Monkey Yokai - that hadn't been taken for exotic entries in beastiaries and open zoo's for the study of Yokai by the magically inclined or much worse for those who could seek a profit from them. However his birth was met alone as when he opened his eyes, any mother he might've seen had left him in the middle of a forest at the base of a mountain deep of Long Guo. For most of his early years, the little Sarugami was raised by a local troop of monkeys upon the mountain that was affectionately called Mount Huaguo, or the Mount of Fruit and Flowers. It was a happy time, he grew into himself, his powers, he was well loved by his surrogate family and he loved them in equal measure. Soon enough with the growth into adolescence and the further exploration of his powers and Long Guo as a whole however, he soon became more and more curious of the ponies of the country. Especially their magic. A hermit scholar and sorcerer of ancient magics by the name of Suhbeti took the Sarugami under his hoof and taught him the ways of pony kind. Their culture, their views of the world and their magic to which he took very well, imbuing his own trickery laden Yokai craft with that of the ponies and it didn't take long for him to grow an earnest respect for the elderly stallion who gave him the name; Shuài Hóu Wáng. Eventually he returned home, full of knowledge and full of energy as he grew into adulthood. Using his magic, he used it to protect his little troop of monkeys from all that would plague them, from hunters to ponies that would threaten the forest in and around their territory. It also gave him a chance to explore other parts of Long Guo and even Neighpon. He even found the time to make friends with other Yokai that he often visited when he became more confident in his powers - such as shapeshifting - to travel to Neighpon and visit those there and for those that lived in the further stretches of Long Guo. Of the most notable of his friends, Yanhua the nine-tailed KitShue was one of them. But eventually his initial innocent view of the magic he'd been taught and the Sarugami's natural penchant for mischief soon bore him into another facet of life. Chaos. Itchy fingers soon turned to pranks that he roped many of his yokai friends into pulling on innocent ponies, from farmers to even the then current Emperor of Long Guo - who obviously had more back up when he became more vocal about Shu's mischief and the Serpent Council had to step in. Unfortunately they and the Serpent King Ao Shenlong were no strangers to his mishief either, having taken a fair few of his yokai friends to Longri-La and took several things from the beautiful kingdom. Including a vial of magic pills that gave his golden eyes magical sight and a chunk of Longri-La's own enchanted cloud structure. When they asked for his apology, the Monkey King only greeted them with barking laughter and some disdain for feeling looked down on by the glorious Serpent King - though it wasn't Ao Shenlong intent - so Shu continued his mischief. This went on for several moons, every time the Monkey King would slip from the grasp of Serpent Dragon and Pony guard alike until eventually the Serpent Council and King decided upon a plan to put Shu in his place. Ao Shenlong issued a challenge to Shu Wukong, who had become boastful and big headed in his shows of power and ofcourse would never say no to a challenge if it meant showing up the glorious Serpent King, who wagered that the Monkey King could never actually turn into as many forms as he said he could - to which he boasted fourty seven individually - Shu ofcourse put this to a bet. His terms were dangerously out of line, for he said he won the bet that he would become the Emperor of Long Guo and the monkeys of Huaguo would rule the country instead of the ponies. And as risky as it was, Ao Shenlong and the Serpent Council agreed to the terms. The whole day Shu transformed, starting from the biggest and getting smaller and smaller till he was nothing but the size of a bumblebee - however so exhausted from his use of power he didn't expect the Serpent King and the Council to use their magic on him. Immediately the proud Sarugami was put into an indefinite sleep and sealed away within a large ball of jade, which was then put away in a temple atop one of Long Guo's many mountains and kept secret to all bar the Serpent King, the Serpent Council and Emperor of Long Guo. And there he stays in a semi-permanent 'time out' within his prison of jade, locked behind a magic seal that none but the Serpent King, his descendants, the Serpent Council and the royal bloodline of the last Emperor can unlock. The magic seal itself was made in two parts, the first to lock him away and the second that if it should be unlocked and he continues his mischief - that a certain chant passed down through generations of both royal families and the council will keep the yokai cowtowed and obedient. But then again, to all others bar those who know best. This is only a folklore. Character Personality: Shu is...a brute to say the least. He's blunt, impulsive, cocky and inquisitive with no real thinking of anyone's comfort than his own which gets him into trouble far too easily. Often prone to invading personal spaces, playing pranks and jokes on ponies he really shouldn't be or just downright making a donkey's uncle out of himself for nopony's amusement but his own and not considering the long term consequences. This has been ingrained into him after years of pride in his own abilities and his natural penchant for trickery being a Sarugami. Deeper into his core he's a surprisingly laid back and even intelligent individual despite his chaotic neutral standpoint and 'action before thought' tendencies that he's grown into, like he's grown aversive of anything close to sleep or slowing down - which isn't surprising given the magic he was put under for him imprisonment. He comes off as aloof or uncaring to otherpony's emotional states, but mostly because he has no idea how to respond to anything overly emotional. If somepony was crying infront of him - he would most likely lock up and watched them perplexedly till they stop or attempt a half-baked pat on the back because 'that's what you do when someone's sad 101'. It's not out of any spite, unless he truly dislikes you, it's mostly out of a lack of understanding of non Yokai and non monkeys. Monkeys he can read. Ponies, even with his teachers aid, he still has trouble grasping now and then. Character Summary: Shu is a powerful force of Yokai prankster energy brought to heel for his misdemeanors in the past. What the future holds for him? Nopony really knows, it'll either be very chaotic. Or very fun. Or even both considering this barrel of royal monkey madness.
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    This daycare was crazy. Which was why the big grey Pegasus colt wasn't getting a spanking right now, as far as Inkbrand could tell. If he'd busted down a door like that, he would've gotten his ears pinched and his flank tanned by Mom, because she had ears like a bat and knew everything that ever happened anywhere. Everything. But this daycare was crazy, so no spanking going on at the moment. Which meant he could do whatever he wanted and not get in trouble! Maybe. It also meant that all the big ponies were probably crazy too. Some of which were still talking about lions and giraffes and all, which were cool, but that was old stuff now, like them. Because there was way weirder stuff holding his attention right now, and he needed to know if this weird skin-eye-wing disease was conta...contig... He didn't want to catch weird skin-eye-wing disease! "Huh?" the small grey Earth Pony questioned intelligently, head flopping over to one side as his eyebrows furrowed down in confusion, "wassa changeling?" Still sounded like a weird skin-eye-wing disease...but, the strange foal said it wasn't. He - or she? Kinda sounded like a girl - was a really weird one, and Inkbrand fell backwards to sit on his rump as she suddenly leaped behind him, looking like she was hiding. From the orange adult, of all things. "What're 'ya scared for?" the colt asked incredulously, not even prideful over the fact that some baby foals were scared of something and he wasn't. Because it'd be one thing for a foal to be scared of, bugs, or going down really long slides, then he could gloat about not being scared of those things. But this was just a big orange adult mare. What was so scary 'bout that? Nothing, that was what, and Inkbrand was quickly becoming bored of simply sitting around. "We don't want food, we want to go play!" the colt protested vehemently over the weird black foal's quiet stutters, and without a second thought to her own wishes began pulling her over towards the back door. "We wanna go outside and play on the playground!" Inkbrand exclaimed, face coming perilously close to mashing against the windows again, because that playground looked wicked cool! ...Not like all these weird foals speaking all these weird words, and Inkbrand wrinkled his snout a little as they continued talking around him. "See, they all said they wanna go out on the playground too!" the grey colt graciously translated for the benefit of the nearby adults.
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    From the album The Golden-Gilded Family

    Gilded Helm with his wife Silver Lining, their twin daughters Cloud Chaser and Stormy Night, and their baby daughter Pastel Rose.
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    From the album The Golden-Gilded Family

    Gilded Mane with his twin brother Golden Crown, his father Golden Reputation, and his mother Gilded Lotus
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    Just finished Neir:Automata. Here's two pictures to sum up how I feel.
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    Moana was okay to me. Like, it was executed very well and the art direction and style were both amazing. The pig should have been the sidekick. The story introduced this super cute amazing comic-relief sidekick and then, as if they couldn't decide on just one, added another less-cute sidekick and swapped out the pig. I was pissed. It was like dangling a delicious lollipop in front of a child, giving her a lick, then when the hope and dream of consuming the lollipop had blossomed forth like a water lily drifting on the thin sea of reality, it was replaced with like, a mud-and-sand lollipop. The hell Disney. I got stung on the nose by a wasp today. The hell, nature. Secret Life of Pets delivered on everything it was, and it did so in an entertaining way. It actually did so better than I expected since it didn't seem like it would have a lot to work with from the fore. It was a pleasant romp and I liked the characters, so certainly not bad viewing. It was fun. It feels like a sequel was meant for this, and knowing how CGI films go, we'll certainly get one before long. Even films that don't deserve sequels seem to be getting them -- did you know the stinker Alpha and Omega has vomited out eight of them so far? The hell, Lionsgate. Trolls had this miasma about it that made it feel (and this could just be some deeply-ingrained psychological programming coming from being exposed to years of subversive advertising), but I kept half-expecting some kinda toy merchandising to happen somewhere along the story line of the film, in some way. It's based on a toy and too ripe to not force, but it seemed to achieve this naturally and let the film serve as a creative bastion of its own merit. The main villain seriously freaked me out, and was easily one of the most frightening ones to see come out of a children's movie since I was a little girl diving under my movie theater seat when the Witch popped out during Snow White. The hell, Dreamworks.
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    Hey. That's very stupid Dino to you.
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    It looks really cute, lol.
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    Speaking of periods, I started my Bakers' period last night:
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    Here are the solos! Windwright http://sta.sh/01ol1d6jibv2 DerpRav http://sta.sh/013z9mncqlqk Zeig http://sta.sh/0ucnghu0924 Tbob http://sta.sh/0g7bfiiwtv2 Pyro http://sta.sh/01s8ylvx1jnv Dub http://sta.sh/01jwcxkzb391 Bellosh http://sta.sh/02c7b9ke3aio
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    I...I have no idea what you speak of, my child.
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    The clarion call of a familiar accent attracted Blueblood’s little eyes and ears to Presteza. For some reason, the voice sounded… familiar? As if he’d heard it before, in a different tone. Of course, the Canterlot accent was so homogenized it could easily be a mistaken identity. At any rate, he’d certainly not seen this adult before. “Ith that tho?” The little colt raise a rather supercilious eyebrow at his purported caretaker, understandable enough given that he didn’t remember any of what she said actually occurring, but the expression was one only a grown-up could find cute. Any foal with a bit of sense in their head would have immediately targeted him for pranks, cuffs, and general mockery. Interestingly enough, Inkbrand didn’t seem to be the sort of colt that would start immediately on with that sort of thing, despite the image his grown-up self liked to project. The little Prince looked non-plussed at the answer, apparently this was the first time he was ever in a day-care that wasn’t crafted personally for him. He was reserved, cautious, not quite sure what he should say or- “Ooohhh…” Blueblood stared at Fire Walker, his eyes starting to cross. “I think she jutht thaid a bad word!” He confided sotto voce to Pressy. His sky-blue eyes were wide, as he was starting to realize just what sort of place this might be. Maybe… they would let him play pirate here? Wait, hold that thought, he heard a voice talking Fancy! Having only just passed the first few months of his lessons, he was actually quite eager to take his skills for a test run. “Oh, oh! Don’t mind him, J’ parlour Prancais!” The unicorn skittered and bounced over to the griflet, skidding to a halt just as the noodly god of chaos was picking up Naj. It was a little surprising just how long it had taken Blueblood the colt to detect the presence of such a strange being, though once he did it was understandable that he momentarily forgot to notice anything else, including the little changeling in Discord claws. “Whoa… tho, wait, are the thame… thing that hath a thtatue in the Palathe Garden?”