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    From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Belated happy birthday to SteelEagle! As a birthday gift to him, I asked if he had something he wanted me to draw. One of his suggestions was "pathfinder adventurin'" - thus, a speed paint of Pathfinder traveling to remote corners of the world to find the mysterious and ancient *vague hand wave* of the lost *vague hand wave* civilization. About and hour and a half for this speed paint. I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, especially considering that I haven't done a speed paint in a long while, and landscapes have never been one of my strong points. Still, it turned out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. Pathfinder's not really doing anything adventurous in and of herself, but the fact that's she out in this remote, wet marshland is totes adventurous enough, right? The correct answer is yes. Yes it is. Pathfinder (c) SteelEagle
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    From the album Elder's Flower Bed

    Yun He, the ice-cold longma. (:
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    From the album The Character Bin

    The life a Ronin is not easy, but it's the life Hanari Rua chose. Just some art for an upcoming OC I'm working on.
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    From the album Elder's Flower Bed

    Empress Yu Yue? More like Empress Yu Yu-bae! (Somebody please put me out of my misery) Check out that ear! What a piercing she'll have, courtesy of your friendly vagabond peryton trash! Nothing like a friendly poke from Lucy.
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    From the album The Character Bin

    Made some new art of bevel since she's been loosening up a bit thanks to some new influences. As of now she's working on some new projects that could be useful to more than a few people. A certain stallion who makes use of her creations may soon find himself being asked to assist her in the testing of one of her newest gadgets. Let's hope this stallion won't be too busy on his honeymoon. ;)
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    From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Ahahaha you thought I was done well guess what I'll never be done Ahem. Another Okami picture featuring Ryuichi's brother Ishi, the newly made Ōmetsuke of Neighpon. I know, the angle is a bit wonky - it's like, stuck halfway between a front view and a side view - but overall I like how this one came out. I tried to make him a bit pudgier looking than the way I usually draw ponies because the character leans more towards the heavy side, but I don't know if that came across. Still - YAY OKAMI. Ishi (c) PyroBlaze
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    From the album Muddy's Album!

    Best pony; Now in miniature size! Do not let near any electrical outlets or artifacts of incredible power.

    © Stacey Lenaghan

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    From the album Elder's Flower Bed

    Unbearably adorable pop idol by day, ninja by night! It's Higanbana, the Red Spider Lily.
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    From the album OC Art

    Full size is best size! This started as a simple doodle to try and design a casual outfit for Ryuichi, and morphed into...this. I'm not even sure what this is even, but I had a vague idea of Ryuichi and Sanda exiting from the Polohama Dome after an exciting fight. Also don't know what's got Sanda so surprised or Ryuichi looking so approving, but apparently something's gotten their attention! They're not suppose to be on a date or anything like that, but it kind of looks that way, probably because of their clothing. I thought it would be strange to have Ryuichi dressed all casual like but have Sanda still in her armor. They've got to get out of their formal attire/uniform at some points every now and again! But yeah. Not good with backgrounds, so I had trouble trying to make an entrance into the Dome. I eventually played around with colors to try and get a neon effect going, and left it very vague and messy. This was mostly difficult to do because it takes place at night - I had to use a lot of saturated colors, which is difficult for me to do, but I think it came out okay. Sanda (c) PryoBlaze
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    From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Ryuichi's finally getting some family members, yay! PryoBlaze's newest Kirin character is Ryuichi's younger brother, and also the current Ōmetsuke of Neighpon. He values justice and the pursuit of the truth, both very good qualities for an Ōmetsuke to have! This was pretty fast and simple sketching, lineart, then color, though in truth I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to do this one. Thank God I was, because I really like being able to visualize the characters my own characters interact with! The contrast between the coat and mane is really visually striking, in my opinion. Here's to more of Ryuichi's circle of friends, peers, and acquaintances getting visual representation! Ishi (c) PyroBlaze
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    At the center of one of Whitescar's largest forests, by a long river that slithers further to the core of the land itself... there lays a curious source of light and sound. Boisterous and occasionally bawdy laughter accompanied by spirited musics serve as a good omen to any wanderer in these treacherous woods: For they have found the heart of the north-eastern forest. Skogr Hjarta: The oft talked about home of the Askr clan. Great walls of sturdy lumber and stone serve as a massive ring of protection around what from above appears to be nothing but a series of hills of varying size within smaller rings. Up close however, one would find that these hills hide the homes of the eccentric residents of this forest they have come the closest to taming. The homes of the residents of the east forest are called turf houses. Their roofs hidden by the grass and snow of the season with surprisingly spacious interiors. Warm hearths, communal baths lay beneath the cold weather that harasses the clan daily. Some structures are more visible to the scouting eye than others, such as the ritual buildings that serve as places of worship to the gods of the caribou. The three primary deities that clan Askr put their faith in being a trinity of beings: Tuktu, Qalipu, and Hreinn. Tuktu is the askr clan's spirit of war, fertility and loyalty. Associated with not just the night sky but the stars that speckle it's majesty. According to myths every star in the sky they can see and cannot is one of their clan's fallen. Watching over them and cheering on their prosperity. Qalipu is a the clan's spirit of wisdom, compassion, love, and is closely associated with the practice of Seidr. The shaman of the clan will often hold great festivals and celebrations around the time of the aurora as it hangs and wafts overhead. Hreinn is a deity with more mystery and obscurity about him, Refered to as both the spirit and guardian of the eastern forest Askr lives in... Hreinn is a cold, harsh, but not uncaring spirit. Said to be the being who grants strength to those who pass the askr will test, he represents the unending challenges of life and his graces can be felt both in the tranquil moments in the wilds and the bristling of fur on your neck when you feel as if you are being stalked. While the Askr clan still show a clear preference for the major deities they feel most benefit them. Travelers can still find shrines to gods from other clans to be used and revered as any faithful wanderer may see fit. These structures serve as places of reverence for not just the gods, but also their fallen: Stories are often shared of past heroes and how now they have taken their place among the stars. Adjacent to the ritual buildings and at the center of the fortress ring is the chieftain's keep. The Chieftain's keep differs from most buildings inside the rings as it is built beneath the largest tree at the center of the fort-city and is reinforced with more stone and iron that the rest of the buildings. It is an old building that stood since the clan's genesis, Surrounded by large rune-stones around it with intricately detailed carvings of the heroes to the clan who have occupied it. In this hall is the seat of what government the Askr clan has. The chieftain of the clan makes their home in this keep, protected by the elite guard of the clan who also stands watch over their family members. TO what few invading clans who have made it to the heart of the forest they have been met by the challenge the keep puts in their path. Tall stone walls rest on top of a great mound created by the past members of the clan. The slope of this mound making getting any siege engine's close a trial, and the great tree above making maneuvering longboats to attack from above even harder to manage. Not all inside the fortress ring are hills and trees however. Within the city there are several worn streets made by those who walk these paths so often on busy days. Longhouses lay close to eachother, some of them connected to the turf houses partly below the surface. These buildings serve as a sort of face to those who travel to their clan's territory. Many of the these structures being taverns and shops, selling the wares that make them so effective in both travel and conflict. It is in this aspect of the clan that Askr enjoys showing the most, especially to travelers from foreign lands. Any pony, griffin, zebra, or otherwise that can make it through the ancient woods that surround the heart have already proved strong enough to be celebrated. A curious blend of turf and boathouses have also been created by the eastern caribou, attempted attacks that somehow make it past the dangerous wilds and the great sea of trees flummoxed by ships that seem to come from nowhere. Dotting the insides of the ring there are several of the clans' namesake trees, standing guard over them and protecting from outside threats. In the present years, The heart has grown quite a few sizes in these days. The clan's rise as a power player in modern Whitescar politics has grown the Heart to a size rivalling even Barn. It boasts an impressive population and diverse members, all of whom wear the clan's symbol. Clans of the Ages: Records of Whitescar Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon
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    From the album The Character Bin

    I've been wanting to upload one of these for a while. I don't really show many diverse expressions in my work so I give my newest character a chance to shine. I'll probably use some of these in Rp at some point. From Top to bottom, Left to right the expressions are... 1: WHAT THE BUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY MANE?! 2: Irritated 3: Saddened 4: Embarassed 5: Cheerful 6: Sleepy
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    Over the past month, folded paper boats have been sailing down from high int he sky, gently gliding into the hooves, claws, talons, and paws of curious creatures. Upon grasping the little paper models, they unfurl to reveal an invitation in elegant script. It reads: You are cordially invited to the Hoar Witch Estates to celebrate its most successful harvest in generations. The Grafinya Frostlace has opened the main house of her Stalliongrad home to all who might wish to lift their spirits before the onset of winter. Fountains of ice wine and barrels of whiskey will be overflowing, tables piled high with delicacies from each corner of the world, and every fireplace roaring with flames to chase away the chill of late Autumn. All are welcome. Big and small, old and young - any and every species, class, profession. There is no dress code, and none are prohibited from joining the festivities! - The Stalliongard Countess, or Grafinya, has invited all of Equestria and beyond to come into her home and celebrate a bountiful harvest, or at least that is how she presents things. In truth, she simply wanted to celebrate for celebration’s sake. As such, there is a little something for everypony waiting in the Hoar Witch Estates. There will be four active threads for this roleplay for the main sections of the party: The Grand Hall, The Courtyard, The West Wing, and the East Wing. The Grand Hall will be the main social area, the Courtyard a quiet space for more intimate exchanges, and the East and West Wings will be designated for a unique flavour of fun. The East will be a feast of oddities, trick rooms, and magic to confuse and amaze. The West must be braved only by the most daring party-goers, as a mansion as old as this one has many ghosts and curses lingering about… The Grand Hall The Courtyard The East Wing The West Wing A few important things: -Posting order will more or less be a free-for-all, as long as we’re all respectful not to leave anybody behind. I will post here if I feel we should pull back until somebody gets a turn. -Because of the nature of the East and West wings, I will be dipping in occasionally as you come across enchantments, spooks, or anything of that ilk to influence the way the thread moves. Be prepared! -Food and entertainment are a big feature here. If you have a musician/performer of any sort or a chef/baker character, feel free to post here if you’d like them to be more than just a party-goer. Bartenders are also very welcome! -Challenges in the East and West Wings will lead to fun prizes! In regards to the East Wing, there may be some minor puzzles but not always. Sometimes you’ll just have to be persistent -Yes, sea ponies can come too. There will be an indoor, above-ground pool. For swimming and/or sea ponies. Guest Performance Roster Lucy the peryton: guitar/vocals. Yxa the caribou DJ.
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    From the album Mane 6 and characters

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe I'll keep this up and draw the rest of the Mane 6. Here's Fluttershy!
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    From the album BlindJester's Pictures!

    My latest OC! I luff her to bits! She's adorable and I can't wait to start rping with her. I hope you all are ready!
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    From the album BlindJester's Pictures!

    Decided to redraw all my ocs so I have /some/ sort of reference for them other than pony maker which I haven't used in forever heheh. I love her mane it's just so colorful and cute! I should put it in some manestyle. Anyway enjoy n.n
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    Yes juice! Raff roared his approval as tired pony pay for juice, and juice pony gave him...well, juice. Done good work, get good juice! Raff vaguely heard snores from left side, but was hard to notice when juice appeared in front. No sippy straw though... ...Oh! Raff forget. Raff dug under scarf some more, first pulling out Chunga and carefully placing him on counter next to juice. Then again, searching underneath...there is collar...some bits...good rock debris from earlier...and ah! There! Raff pulled out curly sippy straw from scarf and stuck it in juice, before - careful - picking up juice between both paws. "Thank," Raff said to both tired and juice pony, before carefully getting sippy straw in mouth and carefully taking drink of juice. Success. Juice do good juice. Raff happily sipped juice and, with the force of tail wags against countertop, slowly began to rotate stool, could see other ponies more better now. Tired pony was asleep for some reason, prompt Raff to push her glass closer to snout. Maybe juice smell wake her. Too busy drinking juice to wake her himself, though. Bird-folk also nearby, and Raff ducked head a bit as bird-folk talk, still taking careful sips of juice. "Name Raff," Raff said, ears twitching a bit as bird-folk ask question. Good question. "Raff punch rocks!" Raff informed, happy, because Raff liked punch rocks. Raff liked punch many things! Though some good things to punch, some bad. Raff can't punch everything, ponies get mad. But if Raff only punch good things, ponies give work to do! Apple-smelling pony offering work...and apple juice! Both good times. "Raff do good work on farms! Get good rates!" Raff exclaimed, heading springing up. Tail go crazy. "Raff can do hard work, can punch only good things," Raff said, because some ponies need know he can punch only good things, not bad things. He punch all the good things, no worry. Until strange silver deer enter shop. Maybe worry? "Something revive?" Raff said worriedly, body hunching down. Glass still in paws, no break. But prepare to defend sleeping pony friend! Maybe. Silver deer seem okay, no smell bad. Smell...earthy. Soil and plants. Good smells. But what revive her means? Raff don't know. So Raff prepare. Show apple pony Raff knows to punch the good things!
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    Raff no like wine. Bad taste. Strong taste. And bitter. Much hard to swallow. But juice...juice was good. Because sweet pony friends had given juice to Raff as job well done, punching boulders down into dust...less than dust! No boulders left. Raff been very proud, had stood over cleared land and gotten many pats on head in gratitude. And juice! And also shiny gold pieces ponies tell him can exchange for many things. Bits, they called them, and like gems could be used to get other things. Like juice. Which is what Raff wanted. So Raff go get. "Raff want juice," Raff said immediately after squeezing his way through the door. Best pony shop for juice, he'd been told, and best pony shop meant best juice. "Raff get juice?" he asked, making his way towards the counter - where he promptly tripped. Raff caught himself halfway down, rolled over to land on side instead of on top of pony who was crawling towards the seats. A loud bark escaped him, but fall no hurt. Too tough! Instead Raff righted himself onto all fours, large head shifting down to sniff tired pony - and wrinkle his snout. Pony had acrid smell...like ink. Maybe paint? Not good smell on pony. Juice smell better! "Pony get juice too," the Diamond Dog asserted, picking up tired pony between two hefty paws and forcibly planting her on stool, where nice smelling juice was waiting. More smells followed - bird-folk, and bright orange pony who smelled of apples. Good! Much help needed to get juice. "Give juice for gold?" Raff questioned rhetorically, already digging under scarf for golden pieces. Pony friend had already assured him golden bits could be traded for things, lots of things. Only needed certain number of gold. Raff hoped he had 'nuff for required juice. "Drink juice, feel better," the large creature tried to reassure the tired pony, carefully pat patting her head the way he liked his head pats. Other paw produced three of the golden pieces from scarf, and these he placed on counter table. Hopefully, three pieces 'nuff to get him juice with a sippy straw. Need sippy straw.
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    All across Whitescar Caribou deal with these creatures: Trolls. To an outsider it may appear these beings are no different to any of the other monstrous aggressive creatures that roam the lands. This is absolutely untrue. Trolls come in all different sizes, shapes, and can even have entirely different ways of existing. There are, however recurring acts that occur across most of the differing subspecies along with appearances. The most common breed of troll that causes the caribou inhabitants no shortness of grief would be the Cave troll. When outsiders think of the trolls of Whitescar these are most likely what are pictured: bull moose sized creatures, covered in shaggy brown fur, with longish tails. Their maws are full of sharp teeth held by long muzzles, small eyes and a thinly furred face. Known for traveling in packs, stealing from homesteads, and even kidnapping caribou from caravans and in their cradles: These trolls are detested even amongst the rebel clans. It's a shame that those who visit almost hear only about the latest events that the cavern dwellers have caused as they would see that there are a great deal of other trolls in the land who clash greatly with their ground dwelling counterparts. There is a friendly face among the trolls: The Nisse. The Nisse are a curious … and rather cute species of troll when you can convince them to show themselves. Not much larger than a mouse, A Nisse is covered in a large fluff of brown fur. From what has been seen their eyes are rarely visible, typically covered up by the aforementioned fur. They have slightly stubby muzzles and usually you can tell their mood by tiny smiles they sport or the tiny frowns they express... then again it's rare to get them to show themselves to a simple traveler. Usually Nisse make their homes in the dwellings of caribou, rather than messing up the place or stealing from the homeowners they've been most known for cleaning, and assisting with certain things around the house in exchange for food if the owner of the home can provide it. Finding and observing them proves to be a very difficult task, in no small part thanks to their impressive speed and surprising strength. There are no records of them ever harming a caribou of their own accord, rather they have been known to be a great hindrance to thieves who enter a home uninvited. A middle ground between friendly and hostile has been most notably filled by the neutral Forest Trolls. These beings are large enough you could conceivably build a small house on their backs if said backs weren't covered in shrubbery and trees of varying sizes. They seem to be herbivorous, mostly eating berry bushes of all types. If approached carefully and respectfully they are known to tolerate the presence of Caribou so long as they don't attempt anything aggressive towards them. The most unusual trolls that Caribou have dealt with would be the mysterious Hulder. Some skalds and historians are still unsure if they can be called true trolls at all. Seeing as the Hulder have a strange form of unusually attractive members of the caribou species with some subtle and not so subtle hints at their troll origins. A traveler could have met a Hulder without even knowing, as all of them who appear to the rest of Caribou kind wear thick clothing such as robes in order to hide the troll tails that take the place of the small tufted tails natural caribou have. Still a very reclusive species they are not known to be aggressive, in fact they are comparable to the Nisse in that they will sometimes assist hardworking caribou with tasks and then just disappear. The most dangerous and frightening Troll breeds would be elemental trolls. Mountain trolls, Rime Trolls, Wind Trolls, and Sea trolls. These trolls are especially notorious... but few only three of these types have been seen regularly. The Mountain trolls are great stone behemoths, dangerously territorial and aggressive they seem to monitor and patrol the spine of the world serpent. The reason these trolls are rarely encountered during daytimes was made known through them. When the daylight comes and hits them, they turn to their namesake and merge into the mountains until the sunlight fades. Rime trolls also disappear during the daytime, but are also limited to appearing only during freak snowstorms and blizzards. Suspected to be kin to the Wind troll who roam the flatlands. They are known for their ability to produce gale force, freezing winds from their maws. One of the troll breeds who show some form of intelligence, they are often accompanied by large white lupine creatures who produce small whiteouts around them. Any great windstorm that plagues the flatlands or plains out of nowhere at night can readily be blamed on the Wind Trolls known as the Kajsa. Despite their tendency to cause dangerous windstorms they are relatively rare to anger. It is possible to converse with one but don't expect to hold it's attention long before you're blown to the distance for being “Boring”. Sea Trolls are only seen on Whitescar shorelines. Much like the trolls native to the mountains, they tower over most creatures. They tend to build small, crude settlements along the shores and almost never venture inland. They are however fiercely terrotorial and will ambush and assault any vessel in the water or airship that is low enough for them to bring down via thrown projectile. On occasion these creatures can be seen in battles with the Kaiju who harass neighpon, recent reports suggest that they may be trying to tame younger versions of the beasts for unknown purposes. Finally we come to the most difficult to find breed of troll in Whitescare: The Fire Trolls called the Surtr. Visual accounts of this breed are hard to come by as they often make residence in the deepest caverns and ancient ruins of Whitescar. Journals by explorers depict them as being jet black quadrupedal giants with burning orange eyes. Thankfully these beasts rarely leave their dwellings unless provoked or something is stolen from them. To any travelers curious about the trolls. I advise you not try to observe or analyze these creatures without a native guide. Magical Fauna of Whitescar: Trolls Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon
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    A vast sea of trees... a very accurate description of the Forest that takes up the North and eastern territories of Whitescar. To those who approach this intimidating place would find the name of it confusing, depending on what season one came to see it. Much like all of the lands outside of the serpent's spine, The Whitescar forest is verdant land of such grace that it rivals even that of the forests of Equestria: at least during the warmer season. During the winter seasons is when it lives up to it's name, just like the rest of the land it rests in. As things grow colder, most of the trees that make up the body of the forest turn various shades of ashen gray. Some of the trunks and leaves shifting between muted, dull blues, purples and greens depending on the breed of flora. Those who know the forest well tend not to travel much outside of their homes on the winter nights as it is easy to become lost and wander off the roads. The warmer seasons of Whitescar are when the untamed beauty of the forest is on full display. Lush, tall grasses grow. Great canopies of various trees that let rays from the sun shine through the leaves like fleeting rays of warmth. Flowers, roots, and all types of unusual forms of plant life grow all throughout the soil. Despite the verdant growth, farming is far from easy. Harvesting of the forest's namesake trees occurs fairly often by the powerful clan of the region. The Askr Tree is the abundant in this part of Whitescar: A powerful boon that has helped maintain the power of Clan armies and the creation of longboats due to it's unusual property that allows it to disrupt and nullify many types of magic. Beasts and odd magical beings still roam these woods actively, especially during the night. It is not uncommon to find abandoned settlements set up by those attempting to make a living farther away from the paths showing signs of recent Great troll attacks. Other threats that stalk this forest do exist, but once the sun sets it is best to stay close to the path and set up a camp … and also make sure that you enlist the aide of the Nisse: a group of magical beings that are said to live all throughout the forest. Not dissimilar to the 'breezies' of equestria (at least in size). These entities from the accounts of those who say they've seen them... are diminutive creatures who wear small hats, are sturdy and quick. Gaining their favor by leaving treats outside your hearth or by your campire will result in their protection for the night for campers, and sometimes even useful items brought to them as well. The are tails of other species of troll that stalk the forest, ones I at least think I have not run into. A more difficult to find subspecies of them are said to be heard in the forests at any time of day. These trolls are called the Hulder: The secret. Despite the ominous name, it is entirely possible for a polite visitor to have met them and never known it due to the fact they are identical to caribou. Usually they wear thrick clothing that hides their hind quarters as unlike true clansbou of whitescar... they have the tail of a troll. Even if by some miracle a traveler finds one they are not known to be aggressive and are supposedly quite kind and charitable, usually helping some of the settlers farther away from the clan. Not everything in the forests is settlers and trolls though. There are still old clan sites and battlegrounds that dot this great expanse. ON the few times I asked to go off the trail with my guide he showed me one of the old burial Barrows. Old ruins and large crypts run deep beneath this mounds, some holding treasures, others holding curses. The necromancers who manage to eek out a living in the forest often work their crafts in ancient places like this. The one tomb that we visited had apparently been visited before by one dark sorcerer, but for whatever reason he hadn't returned. At the bottom of the tomb there was a small clearing with trees and a pond, along with a smallish hoard of treasure from ages past. We left it undisturbed. If you meet a member of the clan that holds a tight grip on this forest: The Askr. They would tell you when in the “Skog av Vintern Aska”, that you must follow these three rules. 1. Bring a guide from their clan along if you plan to explore. 2. If you don't plan to explore, stick to the path. 3. Bring food or learn to forage. if you ignore the first two rules: You'll be there for a while. Having strayed from the ath once, I was lucky to be found my guide. While I was in the woods on my own, it felt as if things were much larger. I managed to find an opening in the canopy... and it looked as if the forest had grown five times its size. The Askr guide tells me that the forest has a way of messing with travelers. If you're off the path, distance slowly begins to mean nothing. When we arrived at the clan's city... there was mention of other, secret trails that only the clan dares to tread, but out of respect for my guide: I chose not to dwell on them. Wanderer's Guide to Whitescar Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon
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    World of Equestria: Land of Dragons Welcome everypony to the new World of Equestria: Land of Dragons lore expansion pack! This is a momentous expansion to WoE and I hope you are excited for it as we have been making it! Here I will be detailing additions, changes, and bug fixes that have come in patch 9.0.0! Four New Realms! The first new exciting bit of information is the inclusion of four, count ‘em, four, New zones for role play and exploration! Each of these new zones has a wealth of new areas as well as plenty of opportunities for users to expand using the new Unofficial Lore option! Long Guo - On The Path of Harmony Long Guo, loosely translated as Dragon Country, is a sprawling and beautiful landscape filled with both the exotic and familiar! From small, quaint towns, to a beautiful capital city, to an awe inspiring city amongst the clouds, Long Guo has a little bit of everything for everypony! Long Guo Locations: Huangjing - Heart of the Dragon Kingdom: The capital of Long Guo! A gorgeous, sprawling city that serves as the seat of power for the Empire of Long Guo! The city also plays host to Long Guo’s most prestigious school, The Imperial Academy For Magical Study, as well as The Imperial Watch. Long Kong - Star of the East: If ever there was a melting pot of the east and west, Long Kong is it! Despite being among the newer cities in Long Guo, the city bustles and grows with each passing and brings in trade and tourism alike! Springblossom Town - Home to Nature’s Bounty: Proving that big things really do come in small packages, the tiny little town of Springblossom brings to the table one of Long Guo’s most beautiful wonders that only comes from there, Shimmersilk! Fenghuang Valley - A Sanctuary of Enlightenment: A wonder of balance in nature, it’s little surprise that the ascetic monks of the Harmonious Path have chosen this area as their home to find balance, inner peace, and expand their being—mind, body, and soul. Lake Huahuo - Sacred Lake of the Elder Serpents: Nestled high, high in the mountain range known as the Ancient’s Abode this lake, named after the founders of the Long Guo Empire, is a breathtaking site to those who can make the treacherous climb through the mountains and brave the storms that the Serpent Dragons that keep watch over the lake create to keep the unworthy away. Longri-La - Paradise Amongst The Clouds: Looming at the peak of Mount Suncrest, the tallest mountain in the world, Longri-La is a beautiful and peaceful cloud city of the Serpent Dragons, as well as home to The Serpent King and the Serpent Council, the leaders of the Long. Mount Faba - Tomb of the Tyrant King: The final resting place of the tyrannical King Faba, self-proclaimed ‘God of Order’, Mount Faba is filled with dangerous traps, mysterious messages, and hundreds of monstrous terracotta statues! What mysteries could lie in the depths of this wicked dragon’s tomb? ____________________________________________________________________________ Neighpon - Empire of the Eastern Seas Situated between Long Guo and Equestria, Neighpon is a string of islands that range from habitats for mystical creatures, quiet traditionalist villages, magictech cities, and of course, ninjas and samurai! Neighpon Locations: Kyoma - A Symbol of Heritage: A place of tradition, the capital city of Neighpon stands upon the plains (one of the few in the country!) of the island of Horshu. Having survived invasions of kaiju, warring clans, earthquakes, and the eruption of Mount Kaminichi, Neighpon as stood the test of time! And after the devastation wrought by Viking Caribou ravaged the land, the First Shogun of Neighpon united the land, allowing the city to rise time and again like a majestic phoenix. Polohama - A Spectacle of Progress: Lights, glamour, and magitech abound in the city of Polohama! Standing as both Neighpon’s most populated and most advanced city, Polohama is a haven of new! Ensorcelled billboards, magley trains, Goremu, and of course Neighponese Idols! There’s rarely a dull moment in the bustling city, so if you like things busy and bright, Polohama is for you! Mount Kaminichi - The Mountain of Purity: A mystical volcano that dominates much of the island of Horshu. Many Neighponese venerate the mountain which has inspired art in its many forms! But a great many mysteries surround the mountain and its nearby woods, the Forest of the Forsaken. Disappearances, mystical imbuements, strange visions. What will you see in the smoke of the mountain? And will you make it back to tell the tale? Ryushima - Where The Dragon’s Blood Runs Strong: Founded centuries ago by qilin and longma, regionally known as kirin and ryuma respectively, who did not wish to live under the rule of the new Long Guo Empire, Ryushima today is a quaint and quiet collection of villages and ports, mostly unassuming and plain. But if one looks hard enough, you may be able to catch sight of one of the few ninja clans that still operate on the island as mercenaries for hire! Dosanko - Bastion of the Homeland: Settled northwest of Neighpon’s home islands, Dosanko a cold and harsh island with even colder winters. For the most part, fishing is the main livelihood of the island, but it is also home to a significant military presence, due to its close proximity to Whitescar. From here the Neighponese Military can swiftly leap to action against any Viking Caribou threats. Poninawa - Mystical Friendships Beckon: Not as traditionalist as Ryushima, but not as technological as Polohama, Poninawa strikes a balance between the nature of their forested island and the bare necessities of some magitech. The reason for this may not be apparent to the average traveler, but one meeting with the mystical Yokai will show you why it’s best to not have anything too magically reliant on the island! ____________________________________________________________________________ Polyneighsia - Domain of a Thousand Islands Laying to Long Guo’s southwest, this region is a collection of hundreds of islands! Some inhabited and some very, very wild! Wingapore - The Sovereign Island: Wingapore is a beautiful city state with black sand beaches and tropical rain forests! A hustling and bustling attraction for both tourists and trade alike with imports and exports from Long Guo, Hesperia, Neighpon, and beyond! The Fillyphines - Islands of Plenty: The most populated chain of islands in Polyneighsia, the Fillyphines are filled with rich ancient history, trade, delicious foods, and rumours of mysterious creatures! Great for those who want a getaway or an adventure! Stottinsberg Islands - Slave Islands: The islands of Hidzume and Shiza are volcanic islands, home to the native Polyneighsian deer population. As well as the rebel caribou slavers that keep them under iron-hoofed rule. Though the Caribou’s Highking has banned slavery, the caribou here scoff at his wishes and refuse to change. Rumours circulate about escaped slaves who are looking for aid to free their friends and their islands. Perhaps some willing adventurers can help! Neighoa-Iti - Isle of Enchantment: A small and mostly empty island with a tiny population, Neighoa-Iti has several strange qualities about it. Such as beautiful forests that glow at night, fruit that affects the minds of those who dine upon it, and pools of water that is rumoured to slow the aging process of any who drink it. (Neighoa-Iti will be released in a content patch in the following days) The Mareaes - Isle of Idols: Despite being the locations of both the start and end of the Long Guo-Neighpon war, over all the Mareaes islands are rather non-descript. The part that draws tourists the most are the massive Mareaes Idols. Large carved stone statues depicting pones, qilins, longma, and more. So old are these statues that none living today know where they came from or how they were made! (The Mareaes will be released in a content patch in the following days) Tailiti - The Island of Beauty: Easily one of the most beautiful islands in Polyneighsia, Tailiti is the premier tourist destination for wealthy and influential ponies from all around the world! With gorgeous beaches, a serene atmosphere, and a wonderful view from the nearby dormant volcano, it’s little wonder that visiting Tailiti is on the bucket list for many. (Tailiti will be released in a content patch in the following days) Scoltra Islands - Lands of Resource: Filled with many natural resources, the Scoltra Islands were a prime target during Neighpon’s colonization efforts. Despite the resistance, the ancient Scoltra Alliance was brought to heel. Even today as a rebellious as they can be Scoltra proves to be pivotal to Neighpon, with its many factories, mines, and fields. (Scoltra Islands will be released in a content patch in the following days) Ironwreck Island - Tonnes of ‘Fun’: Easily Polyneighsia’s most dangerous island. Ironwreck isn’t just home to numerous sunken vessels that dot the oceanbed around it, but also plays host to numerous giant beasts known in Neighpon as Kaiju! These vicious beasts keep all but the most foolhardy adventurers away and have been known to seek vengeance on islanders who disturb them. But rumours still persist of friendly beasts the lay on the island too. Will you be able to confirm these rumours? Or will you be the next course on the menu? ____________________________________________________________________________ Hesperia - A Land Without Rules Founded long ago by Aquellia’s long range colonization efforts, Hesperia is a harsh and dangerous land filled with outlaws, poisonous creatures, gigantic rocs, and many nasty beasts. Even the waters aren’t safe, being filled with large jellyfish, ponyeating sharks, and monstrous krakens. Hersperia is not a land for the faint of heart, but for those who like their travels filled with thrills and their laws...lacking. Airbourne - (Information on Airbourne will be released in a content patch at a later date) Waterhole - (Information on Waterhole will be released in a content patch at a later date) ____________________________________________________________________________ New Equestria Locale!: Melodia - Jewel of the Eastern Sea Situated on the eastern coast of Equestria sits a little unassuming seaside village! With quaint shacks and a nice little market by the shore with plenty of friendly faces. Beneath the waves though, lay an awe inspiring wonder of a city, Melodia the home of the sirens! ____________________________________________________________________________ Four New Races!: To go along with all of our new locations, we are also adding four new Officially Sanctioned Races to our World of Equestria Lineup! Qilin - Mystical as the Moon: One of the two races collectively known as the Long Sun. Qilin, also known as Kirin in Neighpon, are a race of draconic ponies who are gifted with dragon breath like magics! With patches of scales across their bodies, as well as underbelly scales, it’s no wonder that the anterled Qilin are sometimes called ‘dragon ponies’. Longma - Spirited as the Sun: The other member of the races known collectively as the Long Sun. Longma, or Ryuma in Neighpon, are winged ponies with dragon like traits, such as scales across their bodies and where a pegasus’ down would be, varying curved horns, and access to breath magic! Serpent Dragons - The Ancient and Wise: Known to many as the Long, Ryu in Neighpon, Serpent Dragons are a race of beautiful, majestic, and powerful dragons capable of great breath magic, breathing underwater, flight without wings, and their ancient art of pearlcraft. This race of dragons, for which the country of Long Guo is named after, is truly a sight to behold. Sirens - Musicians of the Deep: One of the aquatic races of the deep, Sirens are renowned for their magical, beautiful, and sometimes alluring singing voices. But don’t let old mares tales fool you! Sirens aren’t all wicked songstresses leading sailors to their doom. Just like the land bound cousins they visit, they can be as varied as anypony else! ____________________________________________________________________________ We here can’t wait to see what you, the players, can do with this wealth of new content! Not to mention how eager we are to see what you can do with both the new Unofficial Lore option, as well as our new AU Section: The Multiverse for alternate takes on the world at large! As always, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best experience we possibly can! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to message us! And feel free to stay tuned after the break for a list of ‘bug fixes’! ____________________________________________________________________________ Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Princess Celestia would sometimes be erroneously listed as ‘Best Princess’ in some situations. Fixed an issue where Flash Sentry would sometimes end up shipped with Twilight Sparkle. Sorry for the inconvenience. Buffed the magical output for The Great and Powerful Trixie, she should now correctly be able to out magic anypony who gets in her path. Fixed those holes in the changelings. Get it? Bug fixes. Reinstated Pluto as a plant. Finally finished reticulating splines. Removed Ponybrine. Fixed an issue where Robikku remained undrowned for longer than an hour. Finally put that thing back where it came from. Added Guinea Pigs as supreme overlords of Equestria. Removed Guinea Pigs as supreme overlords of Equestria. Re-leashed the Kraken, future unleashings should happen far less often. Pinkie Pie’s ‘Fourth Wall’ breaking capabilities have been increased. She can now see you. Right this instant. She thinks you’re silly.
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    From the album Lux's Gallery

    The creator had one Goal: to bring one of their pony creations to life and make their dreams come true. But something went wrong in the old animation studio, and now the creation is a twisted mockery of its former self! Can you build the ink Machine and survive? Bendy and the ink Machine belongs to The Meatly Games. First time creating a horror based pony. I have to say even this one kind of creeps me out!
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    (( Original photo belongs to unknown owner )) Against the darkened night sky spanning across Neighpon, the streets of the Watertrough District of Polohama seemed almost blinding as they pulsed, glittered, and shone with nearly every form of advertisement imaginable, and their effect was almost tangible. Ponies on every corner and along every sidewalk - from the most severe looking, suit-clad business ponies, right down to the crazily dressed, "fashionable" urban street getters - laughed and cheered and bellowed their spirits into the night sky, and for good reason. No pony came to the Watertrough District for anything other than a good time, and barring misfortune in the form of an unprecedented Kaiju attack, that was exactly what they got. The Pony Pulse was no different in that regard. Celebrated in magazines and hailed as a one of the ritziest and chic joints in the entire District, the karaoke bar fairly screamed wealth and prestige, a parlor meant only for ponies with the financial means to indulge...or for ponies with appearances to keep up. Every single night, ponies would pass by the place, staring longingly up at its sleek and modernized visage, and turn admiring gazes on the scant ponies that would confidently walk through the double doors. They could only imagine what sort of indulgent evenings of entertainment went on inside, while those that entered could fully partake of the Pony Pulse. The sleek and classy front desk immediately gives way to a vast entrance area, water features and delicate plants decorating the walkways. Couches are available for members waiting for a full party, along with a lounge and bar - though those are only a small preview of the delights of the Pony Pulse. Requesting a room wille a server gracefully lead a party to one, varying in size and equipment. Even the smallest and barest rooms are filled with lush carpeting, furniture, and wide screen televisions, but the bigger the rooms get, the more lavish they become. Two VIP rooms, available only through reservation and a plenty large down payment, are the largest of all, easily spanning the size of a generous house. Menus for food, drink, and alcoholic beverages are placed on every table, along with a magic crystal that, when activated and spoken into, conveys orders to the servers for whatever one desires. All in all, the overly lavish and opulent design of the Pony Pulse truly make up its price, and make the karaoke bar a place one visits in order to impress, astonish, and otherwise brag. Or... Simply because one can. The Watertrough District was not one that he visited very often...for obvious reasons. Paparazzi, for one thing - no matter what he might actually be doing, the potential for an interesting story went through the roof in an area like the Watertrough District. It was different from, say, the Polohama Dome - anyone's presence there was easily explained away by the gargantuan titans fighting each other in a Battle Royale to the finish. But the Watertrough District was different, a pony could be doing a million and one things...and it was designed specifically for pleasure and entertainment. It didn't take the most genius of journalists to twist a story into something much more interesting to read. Although... So long as a journalist had no actual, relevant material to work with, made-up scandals ever rarely got any steam. Still, that didn't stop Ryuichi - nor his guards, for that matter - from insisting on entering from the back, along a much less widely utilized back street. The Pony Pulse, accommodating as they always were whenever he went out on these rare excursions, acted just as professionally and discreetly as he remembered - hardly a glance or a fuss was raised as he entered behind his guards, the servers acting as if he were simply a high profile customer, and in nearly no time at all, he and his retinue had been deposited in one of the VIP rooms. A host of his guards, dressed in savvy black suits rather than the armor of the Imperial Vanguard, were already off, scoping out the entire building, while a few remained in the room itself, checking it for...whatever it is they checked for. They would soon leave to stand guard outside the door - SANDA would be more than adequate protection inside the room itself - and Ryuichi gracefully sat himself down on one of the couches, eyeing the guards as they bowed, backed out of the room, and locked it behind themselves... And promptly flopped halfway over on the couch. ["Ancestors, I thought we'd never get here,"] the Shogun groaned, adjusting the scarf that hung loosely around his neck, an elegant yet decidedly more casual outfit a far cry from the usual Armament of the Shogun he most often wore. ["Getting out of the Palace Castle alone took near an hour!"] It wasn't often Ryuichi complained like a little foal, but the day had been a bitter one - a seemingly endless onslaught of meetings, unfavorable news originating yet again from the colonies, and one too many concessions that had made him rather irritable all the way until this moment. ["Someone get the sake in here before I have to go searching for it myself,"] Ryuichi demanded, but his tone was already lighter and freer than it had been all morning, as the glistening surroundings of his favored karaoke place promised a relaxing - and long overdue - time to sit back, let loose a bit, and enjoy the privileges of being the Shogun of Neighpon.
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    Well, well! Business wasn't usually this good so early in the day; usually the first rush was right around lunchtime, with ponies stopping in to get refreshments on their break, or perhaps supply a picnic. Though Berry rather enjoyed a lengthy chat with her first customer of any day, it looked as if she'd be much busier. "Don't worry about her too much; she just pulled an all-nighter, and stopped in for a little liquid sunshine to recharge." She said brightly to the griffon. "How about you, handsome? Here for a quick drink of something sweet, or are you looking out for a bottle of something special?" She winked, flicking her tail behind the counter. Most ponies in town knew of her tendency to flirt with customers from time to time; Celestia knew that the mare herself had been on the receiving end enough times. Maybe it was the whole 'barmaid' vibe that she seemed to give out sometimes, or maybe it was the fact that she still kept a fine figure after having a foal (though hers was, admittedly, the sort of figure that was built for that.) Speaking of new mothers... In came Applejack with the normal order form! Berry had to wonder, sometimes, why the mare sold some of her product retail rather than direct. Sweet Apple Acres wasn't that long a walk from her store. As far as she understood it, a lot had to do with storage capacity, as Berry had invested in a few magical cooling units imported from Canterlot, letting the product keep longer. Not that Sweet A.A. Juice kept on the shelves all that long! "Well thank you, I'll have to do a quick check of the inventory before I get this back to you... oh, and you have a date night coming up, too?" She gave a knowing smile to the mare. "Good on you for making the time. O'course, helps a bunch that you got family nearby to take care of little Zap. How is the little guy doing, by the way?" All the while, the back of her mind was running through thoughts for a wine recommendation for AJ and Rainbow Dash. Something special and worth sharing, for sure, but probably not one of drier, beefier ones. Berry had a weakness for a good cabernet, but that didn't seem like their style. "Raff want juice, Raff get juice?" Whoop, that was going to have to wait, too! Yet another customer had come in, a diamond dog by the looks of it, fresh off one of the labor jobs that they did so well. She wasn't sure how old Raff was; he had a foal-like way of talking, but he was so big! But, it was hard to judge age for non-ponies. In any case, she was happy to oblige him. "Sure thing, hon!" She poured out more of the blood-orange mix, smiling at Bunny as she offered to pay for the round. "That's kind of you- oh, heh." She didn't have the heart to poke the narcoleptic, after all, poor Bunny had pulled an all-nighter, and a pony certainly could use some sleep after that! "Alright now, Applejack." She said, returning to her thoughts on wine selection. "If you're looking for something that Rainbow would like, well! Just got a nice batch in this week from the Clopton Coast. Made from the native zinfandel grape, grown on old vines, so each bunch of grapes has a good deal more sugar in them. Makes a dark, but semi-sweet wine, goes well with pretty much anything, and is perfect for picnics! It's not well known as of yet, so it ain't wildly expensive, either. 10 bits a bottle!"
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    "Excuse... you wouldn't happen to be a sister of Miss Ice storm would you?" "I see.....the resemblance is uncanny...Miss...?" Two ponies were curious to know who the motherly guest was. One, a mare of regal bearing who appeared to have walked right out of the Ivory Tower from Magic Guild pony tales; the other, a flashy playcolt complete with sunglasses. "The name's Mist Weaver," she spoke as she shook the hoof of each noblepony, adding; "I'm Ice Storm's mother. Who might the two of you be?" It was right about this time when the little avian musicians started chirping the usual wedding tunes. Mrs. Weaver lost her chance to follow up on just how these completely different unicorns came to be acquainted with her daughter, but no matter. There was plenty of time for that at the reception. Right now, Misty focused her eager gaze on the mare who was to be Icy's bride.....
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    Who-kay there. He hadn't been expecting the Peyton's life story like that, but what the hay. Anyone who took a shine to the meaning and introspection of tattoos was pretty much a-okay by his books. Except for That SOBB, because buck That SOBB. Inkbrand didn't have very much time to delve into red-tinged thoughts of murder however, as Kireina suddenly made herself very known with her hooves all over the place, causing both his eyebrows and smirk to take dangerous tilts upwards. The Pegasus wasn't shy about using her hooves, that was for bucking sure...and it was so unfair, too. If he'd gotten hoovesy like that with any random mare, he would've been boot-kicked straight into next week almost immediately, and possibly into a jail cell. Though, her query might have had the same effect either way, because what the bucking buck, that was random as. The tattoo-clad stallion felt himself freeze up momentarily, before his body relaxed again. The smirk on his face had faded however - still there, but now slightly muted, as suspicion entered his eyes. Ever since Naj, Inkbrand had become more...aware, of some signs. He had nothing to go off of, 'o course, except for that random as lead-in to a question about Changelings, which had come out of nowhere. Might as well have asked him if he'd ever tattooed a dragon, or a Diamond Dog, or something. Still - ever since Naj - those signs were not nearly as alarming as they might have been only a few months ago. Where he might have immediately thrown off her hoof and backed away with a scowl, Inkbrand was more aware of himself. But that didn't mean he was automatically comfortable, either - Naj was the only Changeling he'd ever known, at least to his knowledge, and it was Naj he liked, Naj he was comfortable with. Not all Changelings past, present, and future. Though...she might not even be a Changeling and he could have been overly paranoid, yeah, there was that. ...All this thinking, buck Naj. "Can't say I ever have," the grey stallion finally settled on saying, smoothly stepping out from under the Pegasus' hooves, but remaining relatively in his same place. "I've only known one, 'ya know? And she wasn't too keen on the idea - figured the tats would just go straight through her." Ahah, because Changeling, and their exoskeletons...but buck. Inkbrand shrugged carelessly, as if he was remembering that shared joke with the Changeling in question, but if he turned his attention onto the Peryton and the Longma again, well. That was his own bucking business. At the very least, the Longma Feng seemed amiable to the topic, even if he was still obviously in over his head, and a roguish grin crossed over his face as Inkbrand ran a hoof through his messy bangs. Okay, so, maybe tattoos were often designed - and more importantly, gotten in the first place - to draw the eye. Not in his own particular case, but Inkbrand could see where the guy might draw that conclusion from. It was a thought that was usually enough to cause his lips to curl up, because those kinds of ponies were the same kind that attributed tattoos to...to costuming, or a certain look. They were the ones who got a tattoo to simply get a tattoo, because they thought they needed it for a certain look, or style, not because the tat actually meant anything to them. Bucking flakes. "Well, the name's Inkbrand, for what it's worth," the grey stallion finally introduced, sticking out a hoof for a stallion-y hoofshake, "and hay, if piercings can't do it for 'ya, get a tat instead. A heart with your filly's name on it, right next to your cutie mark - show your girl you're more committed to her than a guard is to that Empress you guys've got." Inkbrand joked, nudging the Longma with one elbow. Talk about self-expression - a tattoo of a girl's name was about the highest commitment a guy could give. A permanent tattoo, anyways, because buck bucking lightweights. ...Speaking of lightweights... The two large ponies that came tromping up to them might have earned nothing more than a passing glance from Inkbrand, even as one of them began engaging the Peryton and Feng to ask a question...except for the fact that the other pony stopped and stared him straight down, with a look that had his figurative hackles immediately standing on end. It was a glare through and through, though whether it was one of disapproval, disdain, annoyance...or hay all three, buck if he could tell. Maybe his face was just stuck like that. Didn't really matter. "Hey yeah, buddy," Inkbrand drawled out after Feng's own question, casually leaning his shoulder against the nearby tree, as if he were completely at ease in the large stallion's presence, "I already know I'm the hottest stallion at this joint. Staring's not going to make that any easier for you."
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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Yun He Sex: Female Age: Young mare. Species: Longma Eye colour: Pale rose, ringed with gold around the pupils. Coat: White, soft, and silky. Very well conditioned. Throughout her coat are shimmering scales of varying pastel colours that shine with opalescence in the light. Mane/Tail: Yun He’s mane is silky, light, and long, easily swept into a breeze and impossible to tame. It’s quite healthy, and its colour is a delicate ombré. She rarely bothers to style it, or do anything beyond brush and treat it, as she’s a little vain and appreciates the waves of colours flowing behind her as she flies. Her tail, however, she likes to keep tied with a pink ribbon made of shimmersilk. The ribbon was a gift, so she uses it for purely sentimental reasons. Physique: Long, lithe, and graceful. Yun He may be a longma, but she is perhaps not quite as fit as most of her kind tend to be. This comes from a passion for studying the magic contained within her breath, rather than a passion for flight. Still, despite not being as strong as one would expect of a Longma, she is quite fond of her feminine features. Residence: Yun He was born and raised in Lake Huahuo. She spent most of her adolescent years in Huangjing and now lives as a vagabond scholar of sorts. Occupation: Magical scholar, poet. Cutie Mark: A lotus blossom formed of pale, multi-coloured petals. Yun He’s life was spent surrounded by scrolls, pens, and pots of ink. Her parents, two learned and spiritual longma, were students of history and philosophy. They instilled in her a passion for learning, for arming oneself with knowledge and education. She took to their teachings with fervour, so much that she was convinced her cutie mark would be of the same nature as her parents’: some form of scroll or bound book. Each day she learned something new, and each day her flank remained bare. Even as she delved deeper into magical studies than her parents had ever bothered with, her mark stayed out of her reach. Each day, week, and month that passed without her cutie mark were agony for her. Learning old things, learning new things - nothing was helping her gain that darned mark! So one day she did something entirely out of character for her: she walked away from her studies. Quietly and shyly, she made her way through the village of Serpent Dragons, watching with wonder as they weaved through the sky like great, brightly-coloured rivers. The longma filly was awed by what she saw in the community as she watched the Dragons go about their daily lives: harmony. It warmed her rather cold heart a great deal, until she was standing right on the shore of Lake Huahuo. Looking down at the deep, still waters, Yun He only saw one thing out of place...herself. She had lived near the lake her entire life, and never had she really tried to become a part of the community, a part of the harmonious lifestyle the Serpent Dragons enjoyed there. It made her sad, until she realized that she had the power to change that fact… And just like that, her flank shone and her multicoloured lotus mark bloomed into existence. In that moment, Yun He made a decision that she would shape her entire life. She would still pursue knowledge and aim to be a scholar, but more importantly: she would dedicate herself to being a student of life itself and to one day do her best to walk the Harmonious Path. That way, she could become one with not only the community she was a part of, but with the world itself. Unique Traits: Yun He is a longma without much of a passion or talent for flying. Influenced by her parents’ scholarly lifestyle, she decided she was more eager to develop her magical skills than her flight skills. To her, magic was much more of a challenge to learn than flying, and much more fulfilling! So she immersed herself in its learning, and eventually developed quite a talent for illusory breath magic. Her breath is opalescent in colour, and she can use it for creating illusions that interact with the world around them, or planting minor illusions into one’s perceptions. She can also lift small, lighter objects with her magic breath. But even more remarkable than her magic is her glare. There’s something almost magical about it, if only because a glare delivered by Yun He could quite literally chill you to the bone. If one angers her enough, her glare gains a bizarre potency that sends chills through them when their gazes meet. It can’t do anything as real as freezing anyone, as a sharp glare isn’t real magic, but it certainly scares its victims enough that they feel cold. History: Yun He was born, oddly enough, in the remote dragon serpent village by Lake Huahuo. Her eccentric parents had gone there as part of a personal pilgrimage a while her mother was pregnant (despite the warnings of much more sane longma), and wound up staying a little longer than anticipated. Due to health complications, because they were foolish enough to make a dangerous journey while Yun He’s mother was pregnant. During their rest in Lake Huahuo Yun He was born, and though her parents had always said they would make their way home to Huangjing once their daughter became strong enough to fly, well...instead Lake Huahuo became their new home. The Serpent Dragons were divided on their reception to this news, but didn’t have the heart to say no to the mildly kooky scholars, and eventually the longma became a beloved part of the community. And Yun He couldn’t be more pleased. She always, secretly, harboured the insecurity that her life would be listless and empty if not for the enlightenment given to her on the shore of Lake Huahuo - that she may not have ever even gained her cutie mark. The lake felt like it had played an important role in her life, even though she knew that, logically, any lake and village could have done the same thing for her. Learning from her parents, her scrolls, her books, and her neighbours the Serpent Dragons, Yun He became quite the bright little longma. Eventually, as she grew older, she left Lake Huahuo (with the help of a Serpent Dragon, considering her weak flying skills), and furthered her education in Huangjing, studying magic under a Qilin Master. In truth, most of her life was spent as a typical student. She went to her lessons, did her homework, and fell into routine. Due to her rather...cold personality she never made many friends within the capital of Long Guo, and as such didn’t do much outside of her learning. Only the occasional, thoughtful walk through the city shook up her routine, and she always took that as an opportunity to write her poetry. It is only now that her drive to stay true to her cutie mark has taken over that real excitement has entered her life. Yun He, after unexpectedly hugging her Qilin Master and thanking him for teaching her so very much, decided to finally try to walk the Harmonious Path. But she would not sequester herself away in meditation as a monk, especially considering she had spent the majority of her life neatly tucked away with her scrolls. No, she needed to step outside her comfort zone to learn true harmony, and so she decided to travel the world. This way, she could learn as much as she could about the Aspects and the roles they played for everyone and everything in this world. This way way, she could understand which role she would play in this world. The only concern with this plan is that Yun He really, really didn’t get along with...well…anyone outside of her family, village, and Master. Character Personality: Cold, reserved, and pointedly unfriendly. Yun He’s dearest friends are her books and scrolls, and it’s pretty obvious in how she carries herself and talks to others. Because she doesn’t really talk to others at all. She never mastered the art of “getting along,” and has only really formed relationships with anyone who has been a part of her life for, well, years. Because that’s about how long it takes for her to really warm up to anybody. She is also quite sensitive and easy to anger, which makes it even more difficult to make friends. While she is capable of keeping her anger and insecurities in check when any sort of decorum is expected of her, if she is pushed far enough she unleashes her glare on her aggravator. This is much easier to do in casual, purely social interactions where there is little expectation for any sort of decorum. After all, Yun He is quite a passionate individual. If not, she could have never made a name for herself, a longma, as a talented user of illusory breath magic - strong magic came naturally to qilin, not longma. Nor could she have published a volume of poetic observations of Huangjing. Any time her Master used to see the juxtaposing sides of her surfacing at once, he used to sigh and mutter “Fire and ice.” Eventually, he took to fondly calling her Huo Bing. Character Summary: Yun He is a poet and magical scholar spurred on by her passion and drive for knowledge. But she’s also a cold, angry individual who is very difficult to get along with, let alone befriend. Years of surrounding herself solely with educational texts left her socially inept and quite sensitive, which causes her to protect herself with a woefully icy personality. She may sometimes come across as arrogant, but she doesn’t look down on others, she doesn’t like them. Despite this, she wishes to become a harmonious individual, and as such has decided to walk the Harmonious Path by exploring the world and all its wonders
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    It was like watching the introduction to one of those plays put on for foals where the villains all burst from the shade and surrounded the heroes. He was sure the Crusaders have put on a show or two in which such antics and death-defying feats were had. It did carry memories of his close run-in with Squall's cleverness. He would have to return for a visit and admit to the stallion ninjas were real. Perhaps training as a secret agent of shadow was thrice more fun than learning to breathe fire. He would consider it, but the chaotic god could only relish in the sudden bedlam that arose with his mere entrance. How it made him miss those days! Said false dragaon-kin floofed up at the accusations. His claw came to rest against his chest, those sharp, griffon-like digits burying into his dark, brown coat of downy plumes. "How rude!" He groused, like a foal who had been told a hot pink bike was not cool. "Parlour tricks?" Of all the list of slanderous jabs he had to prickle from, it was the insult to his magic that stung. And rightly so! The chimeric narcissist was taken aback by such a souring allegations of his magic being cheap, censured by the guard in question. While his actions could be taken as malfeasance, he was on his best behavior. That was saying quite a bit considering his bad behavior often leveled societies. The constraint he currently held, which kept him from turning the mouth into a chicken on sight, was due to the fact if such a thing caused a national incident, or a scene... Celestia would lecture him. Than Twilight would. And Flutter would not hold tea time for a week! Ugh! His claw clenched over his heart as he reeled back the festering desire to turn the male's squaking into actual squaking. The sound of his name on another's lips causes him to perk up. He turned to look at the empress. Is that what they called royalty around these parts? The male pushed to stand to his full height. Now as strange and discombobulated his collection of limbs were… Discord was still predatory in many aspects. Sharp fangs and jagged horns were not something one would content with. Claws tipping his forelimbs and opposable thumbs made him as able to scratch an itch and juggle expertly standing on his hind, digitigrade legs he easily pushed into five feet. Given the average shoulder height of a pony it was an impressive reach. His weight was mostly muscle. Flexibility came naturally to him. Over all he was a fearsome fiend. Spellwords and an array of spells that could have the guard and their compatriots running about in terror. But it was as Silverheart strained to admit through gnashing teeth. Reformation did put a damper on your first ideas. And having a relationship with the Princess of Friendship further detained his desire to expel any sour faced, rude pone he met! Courtesy. "See?" He puffed up at the title. Twas an easy thing to inflate the snake's ego. "She knows her stuff. I have to admit that, for an Equestrian, you're well informed dear..." He imposed a mistake in gender upon the slender stallion. Far be it from Discord to really notice such things. He was a narcissist after all. Though stood the secondary case of many of the males he's held frequent contact with were a might burlier and a notch taller. Tapping a paw digit on the end of his muzzle he pointed to tall, dark and silent in the back when he spoke up. Now that was a clever pony. Brownie points sir. In fact two tasty fudge brownie cubes appeared before the focused guard. A considerable reward, given the mishap his deep, subconscious wishing brought into the center of calm and peace. Still, look at that! Another clever one amongst the empress' present entourage. Oh and there was more to come. He could agree with such a sentiment. It took but a simple observation to understand how foolish it would be to think walls were what stood in his way to directly attaining the attention he so richly deserved as an easily bored, mayhem stirring chaotic beast. "Such a lucky maiden to have such intelligent figures at the ready. Can't say that about most leaders I've met." And he's met many in his long life. Many were too foolish and pigheaded to really listen to their hearts on the matter. When two more figures entered, as he elected to ignore the nin-gaurd in question. While their numbers could overwhelm him, there was no way they could stop him. He would just teleport away and find another set of ponies to cajole. Though he did wonder... what made a this place so grandiose that it was restricted. Oh Discord hated not knowing things and, even more so, despised being turned away. The more you told him no… the bigger the tantrum in the end. Manipulation was key when dealing with an ages old ego. But upon seeing the familiar, zen-like face of the Diamond Dog the magic bending serpent vanished and appeared beside her, moving to (if he could) to lean against her like a table: his paw's elbow making move to rest against her as he stood. Though if Liviel protested or moved he would just end up resting on the air as if it were solid. From this spot he could better see just how ferocious her guard were. He wondered what would make them jump... "Oh Liviel, fancy meeting you here!" He greeted the canine. He was not one to forget a pony, let alone the most placid Diamond Dog he had ever seen. "Why I've been well. Practicing my Neighponese and even came to learn a bit more on these islands." He put a claw to his chest. "A threat? Me? Hardly. Curiosity is hardly threatening." He grinned, motioning his paw. "This is after all a grounds for educating others in magic." So the guard wanted a parlour trick? How about a spider or a fly? He held up his claw to give a snap, in an attempt to change the mane colors of the guards. Temporary it would be, but such a pain to dispel. It was an easily blocked spell too, that is if you caught his claw in time.
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    *Is hard at work in the depths of the CCL (Character Creation Laboratory), developing a new being to let loose upon the unsuspecting Canterlot Masses* -Insert evil laughter here!-
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    Just breathe, Qing. Breathe. Dong Qing reminded herself of this constantly. For the first few weeks it had been nothing but office work. Papers, pens, stamps, security clearances, schedules; all of the things she was good at. Qing had cleaved through her papers, even fast tracking a few through the proper Imperial Watch channels, with all the efficacy of a well sharpened Long Dao. In a matter of days she was properly inducted and cleared and within three weeks she had already assumed command of tasks previously held by her predecessors. Within the first month, she was fully integrated and handling the Empress’ affairs. But this. This pulled her out of her element. Somewhere between bodyguard and handbag, Qing stood quietly by as the Empress and her consort went about their business. Qing had gone out of her way to dress inconspicuously while still remaining within dress code, dispensing with the hanfu in favor of a simple jacket, collar, and tie. Still, she felt she stuck out like a sore hoof. She was no bodyguard, but she still towered over Yue, Silverheart, and most of the bodyguards. Subconsciously, Qing found herself hunching in an effort to not make Yue seem small. With her height, however the effort was futile. The sudden appearance of the snake-like figure nearly made her jump out of her scales. She yelped in surprise, clapping a hoof over her mouth and muffling the exclamation. The jostling knocked loose her glasses, sending them sliding down her muzzle. Thankfully, the chain behind her neck caught them, preventing them from crashing to the ground. She quickly composed herself and put her glasses back on. Was that a Long? Here? Now? She hadn’t prepared! She hadn’t been informed! Had she missed a memo? The sudden arrival of the Chamberlain and an entire platoon of guards and subsequent flurry of activity made her head spin. Was he dangerous? The guards and Chamberlain seemed convinced that he was… or perhaps more of a nuisance. With the following arrival of the diamond dog monk, the courtyard was becoming busier by the minute. The sudden rush of adrenaline faded and Qing quickly sifted through both her prior officer training and her now intimate knowledge of Imperial government procedure. Danger would be sudden. If this “Long” were dangerous, he would have acted already. Furthermore, Yue herself seemed to recognize him. Breathe, Qing. Breathe. “[Stay your hoof, Chamberlain. Her Majesty will decide as she sees fit.]” She finally said. Switching flawlessly between tongues as she addressed Yue and Silverheart, she continued in Common, “Bìxià, Mister Silverheart. The Chamberlain recommends that we return to the academy atrium. I will, however defer to you. What is your ruling?”
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    Huangjing! Ahh it was good to be home again. Prince Hēi Lián's stay in Equestria was a wonderful experience, truly. He got to meet many lovely ponies and managed to hand out the gifts that he and his sister had originally planned to at the Gala! All in all a very successful vacation one might say. But now, he was home! Even if no one was particularly aware yet. The Prince had decided to opt for the 'surprise' route, dressed in a rather plain looking robe the concealed his face and figure, leaving only his horns to really see. He was especially glad he did so after seeing that there were preparations through the streets being made. Ribbons, streamers, musicians practicing. Yep, Yuè missed him alright! Thus far only two others knew that Lián was back in the Imperial Capital yet. Sī Jīn, who the qilin was sure was lurking just out of sight while still managing to see everything. It was eerie in a very exciting way! He couldn't ask for a better handmaiden or friend. Speaking of friends, the second of the two walked closer. The prince had just so happened to run into a certain Diamond Dog: Liviel, a fellow Anointed Follower and a friend of his sister. While Lián himself wasn't as familiar with the diamond dog as his sister, he felt familiar enough to speak with them and invite them along to travel to the palace to surprise his sister. "...and it took about three days to get the stain out. Needless to say Yuè wasn't allowed in any of our siblings' rooms for a little while after that." Lián said, finishing off a rather humorous childhood story about his sister as they arrived at the gates of the palace.
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    It perhaps began as an idle curiosity, but with the spirit of chaos any measure of leisured inquisitiveness was cause for worry. He had been amidst a casual Guy's Night, as they cared to call it, when a missive was received by the young dragon. It was than that a curious question was presented. If he was a draconequus, why hadn't he the ability to use magic fire? Well, without an answer the spirit had no choice but to fudge the information a bit, embellish with his already impressive skill set. He would loudly declare that it was his muzzle and he would do what ever he wished to do with it. But now he wanted to breathe fire. He had recalled from the festival that a certain female had done well to make toasty not only her dress but a portion of the sky and unsettle a pony or two. The eastern ponies must have had some from of training for that, unless it came natural to their mingling with dragons in some way. Now what began as a wholly reasonable visit to learn the deep, ancient secrets of fire breathing, turned into a rather inside out tour learning about their illustrious history. Oh and what a narrative it was. Peace, harmony, prosperity? It seemed the kingdom was long overdue for a visit from your friendly, neighborhood chaos. At least… that would have been the case in the past. Elaborate plans and nonsensical disguises that didn't hide his true form from prying eyes. Oh the theatrics of the past… how he was over them. Now if Mei's outfit and attitude were anything to go by she had to be a noble of some sort. While their meeting brief he would find himself believing they were friends. A shared, concordant admiration of the wildly chaotic cherry blossoms had to count for something! It wasn't often other ponies, or in this case Qilin, shared his likes! Besides he did like the looks he was getting as he bounced along the streets. You'd think the Long Guo natives never seen a draconequus, whatever one was. He would have a long talk with Celestia about that. Who gave him such an absurd title? Why not his majestic and long bodied noodle? Or the former chaos emperor supreme? Honestly he could have come up with one hundred and one fantastic titles for what he was! He was quite intrigued by the lovely shops the country had to offer. It was a nice place, though he wasn't one for order, which was tell tale as anywhere he visited as he left his mark. Whispers of a strange serpent dragon using napkins wrong or sitting on his head during tea crossed the lips of citizens as he disrupted the harmonious air that was the cornerstone of Long Guo. After a bit of lunch the spirit decided to take his leftovers and head out for a stroll. Now when you visited a country you had to pick its capital as the focal point of a visit it was where all the fun happened after all! In times of peace one could witness lawmaking and the innovation of new ideas, but there was also the panic to experience when something went wrong. If it was anything like Canterlot: his minor infractions towards etiquette could stir questions for miles! After all he used the correct spoon for soup, but it never said he couldn't use his tail to manage the utensil. A chair may be for sitting, but there was no rules against his floating above it and taking leisure in the air as he held his tea cup upside-down and slurped the orbs of tea as they bubbled down. Currently the troublesome spirit had arrived at the Imperial Academy for Magical Study in Haungjing. While he had been first tempt to enter the Palace to locate Mei since she seemed a noble mare, but something tickled his ears. Or somepony. Be careful what you wish for. "Feathers aren't all what they are cracked up to be, you know?" A voice suddenly came from the middle of the pond. Sitting in a small, much too small, rowboat was the slender, serpentine form of the old draconequus. He wore a fisherman's vest and cap as well as rubber trousers for wading. Clutched in his paw and claw was a fishing pole, the line dangling in the waters. the ducks would swim over to him expectantly. the fishing line would poof and instead he would be in a white, frilly dress with a pink ribbon around his waist and a matching pink parasol. he had a bag of grains in paw and would toss a clawful into the water. His ears perked, the sunhat protecting his sensitive head from the harsh sun. "They get all itchy and matted if you don't was them everyday. A good percentage of grooming goes to the feathers!" With a torso full of them he probably knew what he was talking about. The spirit had sensed a disturbance in the force and just couldn't help himself. Somepony was bored and stank of it! Boredom was just another opportunity to make friends! Ponds, ducks, serene landscapes? he was the least boring of these things. As he emptied the rest of the grain bag by spilling it unceremoniously into the pond he would move to step off the boat, only for it and he to vanish and the beast was now perched on land, rest on his haunches. "it was good thing I showed up when I did, do you have any idea what you were about to fall into!?" He urged. There was long pause. "Boring and apathetic monologuing on how tragic busy days are!" He would jest pon their poetic lamenting of ducks and feathers.
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    Just as there is a center of calm within the raging storm, so there must be in the center of calm a chaotic turmoil... In this time, and in this place, that center was Fēng Yīnhǎitāo, though that longma did a good job of hiding it. The Celestial empress never went unguarded by a member of the Imperial Watch, and for today, that duty was incumbent upon Feng. Most days, this was a quiet thrill to him, as among all her subjects and servants, there were few who could be said to enjoy her mere presence or proximity more, even in unacknowledged silence. Indeed, those particularly astute or suspicious might implicate to him affections beyond that of a mere faithful servant... He would have found such an accusation hard to deny, before the awful tribunal of his own soul. Why else, in the midst of such tranquility, was his heart so lacking in harmony? What could possibly disturb him, in watching over Yu Yue as she contemplated the ducks in the pond with a foreign visitor? Was it to do with the visitor being a stallion of attractive, if effimate, countenance, being shown favor? An invitation to dinner, and personal time with the Empress, no less? *Enough, I plead guilty.* Feng had to admit that not only was this so, that it ultimately must be so. Lovers seek attractive mares, and attractive mares seek lovers. Empresses must have consorts, and a foreign noblepony was by no means a politically inept pick. Much less so, for instance, than a mere Agent of the Watch... Were he less trained, Feng would have sighed. As it is, he kept his discontent and turmoil hidden behind impassive features. It was a tragedy, but one to which he must surely resign himself. Only the most chaotic of upsets could possibly have it end otherwise, and how could he responsibly plead for that? Nevertheless... behind the innermost doors of his mind, the plea was sent. A silent, hidden plea that could not move a Cicada, and yet might shift the universe.
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    The forest in the east was not always united under the major clan that it is now. In the past the forest was home to a multitude of warring clans. Raids, wars, stories of battles that are still sung today were what made up the lives of the forest dwelling clans. Origins of the smaller clans and tribes that settled in the dimensionally confusing forest of frosted ash are difficult to find. Theories are numerous and difficult to prove, the members of the modern clan believing they are descendants of an ancient breed of elk that migrated to the north after pony settlements arrived in the land that would one day be called Equestria. Wherever they hailed from, in the past these ancient tribes made their homes in multiple settlements across the forest. As any Skald will tell you, caribou will find reason to fight. In a place like the forest those reasons were mostly out of pragmatism. In the woods coming by certain resources was very difficult. As per usual for many clans raiding was a solution. A war had been raging in the trees of forest, one with little steel for blades and a great deal of time to learn efficient ways of fighting one another without steel or iron. Eventually though there came a time when the fighting needed to stop. Clan Stokkr: a clan of woodworkers, after the dethroning of it's old chieftain had offered to have a meeting between of the heads of the warring forest clans. This meeting was lead by Heigi who had come into possession of a powerful sword. After pointing out the various losses they had suffered and how together they could be stronger than any of the clans outside the forest... the heads of the smaller clans agreed to merge their clans as one over the ages. Upon deciding what to call themselves, one of the chiefs suggested why not after the very trees that they took shelter in: the Aska tree. Over time, the Askr Clan came into being. While this clan is definitely looking to the future ahead, it has not forgotten its roots. Events of the past have shaped this clan into the fearsome forest dwellers that they are and have made them both enemies and admirers throughout Whitescar's history. Like all caribou clans, Calves are taught to fight at a very young age. At first they are taught a variant of the martial art native to Whitescar: Glima. But after their calfhood is over and experiences are taught they are taught another way of fighting that the clan called Rodhovar: A rather brutal style of fighting that could only have been born from a culture so deeply wrought in conflict.The style of fighting is used exclusively for war and focuses heavily on attacking vulnerable areas on the body: Knees, hooves, Sides, hind legs and very often the head.It also teaches grappling, disarmament and use of terrain to fight. It's not uncommon among the caribou to see every cow, bull, and calf willing to take up a weapon in defense of their homes. In the Askr hold it is almost unthinkable to not be without an axe at your side if you’re an adult or a wooden sword if you're a calf. Due to the region's previously mentioned lack of easily locatable ore on the surface, Raiding parties and expeditions into Cave troll dwellings are often performed in order to retrieve ore for the crafting of armor, weapons, and other things, alongside raids of clans outside the forest. Like some other more 'civilized' clans in Whitescar, Askr is one where most every member has been a viking at some point in their lives. For some it was to prove their mettle as a warrior, explorer, or a merchant: As these are all things that are attributed to the clan's definition of “Viking”. Unlike some outsider believe though, being a viking is something the majority of this clan does for the entirety of their lives. Many of the older caribou along with the younger who have made a name for themselves have actually gone on to become farmers, woodworkers, skalds, or merchants. Social classes still exist in Askr as it does in most other clans. Karls are the commoner class of caribou. Smiths, merchants, explorers, warriors: a karl could be any of them. Above the karls, are the jarls: Clan Nobility. Jarls are wealthy, owner larger areas of land and territory then Karls do. Typically better equipped to handle conflicts and owning their own ships, but the most important part to becoming a jarl in any clan is the confidence and good graces of the caribou beneath him. If the popular opinion of any jarl crumbles, soon everything they own is sure to follow. When a jarl perishes it is usual that their oldest kin would inherit their estate, however if a karl has gained a great following in the community then they very well could supplant the jarl's son and inheriting their estate and responsibilities. The third and final social rank is the singular position of the Chieftain. The seat of Chieftain is a position of great importance to any clan, among large and powerful clans such ask Askr they are almost comparable to kings or queens in their own right if there is no High-King above them. Much like jarls, A chieftain is subject to the will of their clan: Usually worries and ills are relayed to them through the Jarls beneath the chieftain due to the difficulty managing the various settlements in the forests. Perhaps to facilitate bonds and a sense of unity in the clan, Karls and jarls alike will often have their offspring live among friendly clans or fellow members of the forest dwellers. Around middle adolescence a calf is to be shared with another in the clan or a close friend in order to gain new skills and be exposed to different approaches to problems. The effect of this practice seems to have made the clan very connected with each other, for all the good and bad that may bring. Despite the gentler side of caribou that Askr exhibits, certain insults to personal honor will have usually two outcomes: Apology and an agreed compensation, or a duel to either settle the score or decide who is in the right. Historically the clan has more than a few enemies beyond the wild lands they call home. Remnants of reclusive clans who dwell in the forest still attempt to make attacks on the hold every once in awhile, Troll raids and small scale invasions are still common in the more rural areas, and since the recent events of a group of outsiders they have had to deal with a plague that is still being examined. While Askr clansbou are not willing to ever attack their neighbors to the Northeast in Neighpon: they are far from fond of them. Oral Histories told by the skalds state that this could be due to the clan's history with the island nations. In the genesis of the clan's formation some of the clan's closest to the shoreline would make regular raids on neighponese vessels. In retaliation, the Neighponese waged war on the raiding clans, beginning a long series of conflicts with each side taking revenge for the previous attack and vice versa. One weakened nation against a newly formed united clan of the forest. Finally the fighting stopped when both a new chieftain and a young shogun realized that neither said was gaining any ground and both were only losing kin, and so a peace was reached. Even with the peace, it is hard to find a caribou among the Askr who doesn't have a story of how one of their ancestors fought and fell in that affair. Much like the merchant based warrior clan of Breen, the caribou of Askr put a great deal of value on personal appearance. Grooming, bathing, and dressing well is considered very important to both bulls and cows alike, with certain perfumes or colognes added to their coats. Typically all members of the clan own at least one article of clothing or an accessory that is the color green and bears their clan’s symbol. For upper class of Jarls it is common custom to come to peace-talks with enemy clans without cloth or armor to show that they are entirely unarmed in good faith. Seers can be found in any clan, but few are as valued as the ones who reside in Clan Askr. This change can likely be attributed to the skills that the shaman here have branched out into. Normally practitioners of Seidr might be more like hermits out in the wilds trying to meditate in order to peer into the vast tapestry of fate. Seers in Askr are more akin to medical shaman, working to mend the minds and bodies of those who have been wounded or taken ill. While they are not able to wield healing spells like some more magically gifted nations, it seems that they have taken a page from Zebra tribe-like methods of potion mixing. While they still practice Seidr and make their vague prophecies, the more mystical aspect has taken something of a backseat to the practical: To be used in times of emergency. Seers however do tend to be devout believers of the major deities to the clan: Hreinn, Tuktu, and Qalipu. Celebrations are very important to these Caribou, seemingly as a way to keep up morale and promote the sense of togetherness that has bound this clan as one so tightly with no threat of division in sight. Mead Halls are usually filled well and musical accompaniment is always to be expected. Dance lines are common occurrences along with instances of good natured flyting: A series of Insult said in verse along to the beat of the song of the moment. One of the traits among members of the clan that seems to exist in some capacity in everybou born in these forests is and unnaturally good sense of direction and spatial awareness. Historians native to Whitescar believe that this trait may have emerged from them in response to the Forest of Frosted Ash’s unusual dimensional properties. It has made them the perfect guides to any traveler in these woods and it seems difficult for them to lose track of where they are in the forest even if they try. One of the most well known thing about the Askr Clan to the world beyond Whitescar is their production of and mastery of Woodworking and carpentry of trees that share their name. The wood from these trees has the uncanny ability to absorb, dissipate, or outright nullify any magical induced energies: a trait that has confounded even the best minds of Neighpon and Equestria alike. To any Caribou Blacksmith who wishes for the best of anti magic inlays for their armor, they must come to Askr. If a clan wishes for the best designed Flying warship or longboat that can withstand almost any magical attack, they must come to Askr. With the abundance of wood in their region and their experiences with it, growing new trees and crafting them into great exploratory vessels and merchant ships has made the clan quite a living now. The warships of theirs that has ever fallen into rebel hooves are known to be a thorn in the side of any culture that relies heavily on magic, usually proving strong enough to withstand and dissipate magical attacks from some of the best magitech defenses and offenses. With their skill as fighters, craftsmanship, and close bonds among their kin, the Askr clan are a powerful force in Whitescar. Between their regular battles with the Rebel clans to the south-east and their home territories natural harshness, it is no surprise that they proof a fearsome foe to their enemies and a true friend to any ally who has earned their goodwill. Traveler’s Guide to Whitescar: Clans of Note Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon
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    ╭The Government of Neighpon - The Sun Rises in the East╮ The Government of Neighpon - The Sun Rises in the East ╰The Government of Neighpon - The Sun Rises in the East╯ While Neighpon is advanced in ways the rest of the world is still struggling to comprehend, its government remains a mixture of a feudalistic empire and a modernized democracy. Although the most advanced cities have grown to elect their Ministers through the voice of the herd, the entirety of Neighpon still remains firmly under the Shogun's hoof. As Head of the State, the Shogun is the ultimate authority in all national government, and although rarely involved in any government levels lower than national, he or she still holds authority over the prefectural and municipal levels of government, if he or she chooses to take action. The Shogun is even formally referred to as Heika, an ancient form of address equal to an emperor or king. With Neighpon always on the edge of advancement and growth, many have advocated an end to the position of the Shogun, calling instead for a Cabinet of leaders to share equal responsibility - however, others fear a return to in-fighting and disunity without a Shogun, citing the country's advancement as possible only with a Head of State reigning supreme, and are content with the self-appointed Ministers and Councilmares that are rarely interfered with. Whatever the case, the Shogun remains unparalleled in power and jurisdiction - power that is shared, but not wholly given, to the Shogunate directly beneath him or her. Part I : The Primary Shogunate Part II : The Secondary Shogunate Part III : Prefectures and Municipals
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    A party and Discord was invited? How contrived. He loved it. Mad considerations aside: the spirit did love a good party. It was sure he was to come upon hearing of the festivities! Hardly true were one to truly know the chimeric whiffler, his whimsy did not include ponies who were not his friends. While he was driven to act a fool and impress those he has yet to form bonds with, he would not simply crash the party of a total stranger. So if the invite was intentional he had to know the bride or bride. But a wedding? It was quite inconsistent of him to join the festivities and be unable to create a stir. Now he was content not being the star of the show for the time being. After all he hadn't many chances to dress in his spiffiest outfit and show off his laudable sense of style. Divine! So it was no accident that he was here, nor was it the whimsy of a god to visit some down on their luck mortal. No. He was here as a friend. Dressed to the teeth the chaotic spirit had a fine red waistcoat which sat perfectly matched with the silken collared shirt that was the finest of blues. Atop he wore a longcoat, black and with split coattails. The collared shirt was topped off with a yellow bow tie and fine white gloves on his paw and claw. On his cuffs hung rather chaotic cufflinks, tiny little medallions that resembled his horns and skull. The spirit was never late to a soiree, unless he was fashionably late! He had arrived to take a seat on Icy's side. "Say cheesecake." His voice rumbled out with distinct amusement before snapping a photograph, the bright flash rather disorienting. He gave a cackle and let the camera vanish. The chimeric beast was in a good mood, though twas mightily rare he wasn't. Settling back in his seat, which was as upfront as he could possibly wiggle himself, he had prime viewing of the events at hoof. He crossed his hindhoof over his hindtalon and cocked his head as he held out his paw, in which appeared a juice box. He gave an obnoxious slurp before pausing to look at Ice. "You seem tense, juice?" He wiggled the box at her. "This is rather exciting I've never been to one of these!" After all with the trouble he could create there weren't many ponies that would invite him to such proceedings. Probably not most of his close friends either. "It's apple!" Well… he did have a lot to pay back for. He did wonder if it was just obligation that he was invited. That worry managed to worm its way to the back of his mind, but it need not sour his mood so he kept a smiling face among it all. Besides Ice had found somepony! It wasn't every day a pony did… It made him wonder if he had somepony for him too, but how could a spirit like him settle down? Ho ho! So silly! He smirked. "You're fine. Play it cool." He teased. Even at such a tense moment he was prepared to make jokes.
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    *INNER WARD OF HUANGJING NEARBY IMPERIAL ACADEMY FOR MAGICAL STUDY* All around Yù Yuè was nothing but the serenity of trees, a crystal-clear pond, and a quacking pair of mandarin ducks swimming about in it. Even an Elder Long could be lulled to sleep by the soothing qualities of nature pervading the area. The Empress — garbed in a sparkling shimmersilk robe of floral patterns on red — looked just as scenic as her surroundings. A modest crown (by Long Sun standards) decorated the royal mare's head, her hair meticulously styled to accentuate the neckline. All in all, a creature of imperial elegance. The stallion currently privileged to stand beside Empress Yuè was one of the newer instructors at the Imperial Academy, a dutiful unicorn named Silverheart whom was personally recommended to the Academy posting by the Empress. A token band of hoofmaidens and bodyguards stood in silent vigil behind, ensuring the Empress and her companion enjoyed all the privacy they needed. Obstinately, Yuè had come to relay how pleased the Academy's headmaster was with Silver's performance so far... and to extend to the Equestrian an invitation to a palace banquet tonight. Yuè's brother — Prince Hēi Lián — would finally be home in Huangjing with his retinue a few hours from now after an extended stay in the Western realms. Doubtless Lián will be surprised to find a celebration in his honor ready for his return. Yuè missed him dearly. For one reason or another, the conversation between Empress Yuè and Instructor Silverheart meandered onto other topics. At the moment, the focus of Yuè's tangent were the mandarin ducks she was pointing out to the unicorn next to her; ".....They say in Long Kong that the drake and the hen make an odd couple, because their plumage is nothing alike. And yet the pair mates for life, all the same." Nobody could ask for a more serene moment. Only a being of pure chaos would wish otherwise.....
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    From the album Adventures of Symphonic Fire

    This happened to me a few years ago and recently happened again... ...I hate it.
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    Feng: *Stares at the beauty of the Empress*
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    It was a cheerful, sunny day in Ponyville. Fluffy white clouds rolled lazily through the sky, birds were chirping, butterflies were fluttering by...but something was off. An ominous, black cloud was spouting out of the ground and moving through the peaceful town with doom and gloom written all over it. All around it, ponies flinched and scrunched up their faces with fear or distaste, until finally the frightful thing stopped in front of Berry Punch’s shop. The sunlight was blocked out from the windows, and the door to the store slowly creeeeeeeeeaked open, letting the black cloud in to fill the room. And in the centre of the cloud? A pretty little pastel-coloured mare with sunken, bloodshot lavender eyes. “Need,” she wheezed, “Juice.” She collapsed inside, and just like that the black cloud around her disappeared. Crystal Moon, exhausted from too many all-nighters in a row getting the latest chapter of Sailor Mare completed, dragged herself towards the counter with her forelegs. She was a sorry state, with ink staining her mane and hooves - there was even a smudge of it on her nose! And her mane, typically styled in a sweet ponytail, was bundled on top of her head like a bird nest made by a terribly, woefully inept bird. “Out of…” she gasped, looking very much like one of the youkai from her manga, “Sugar. Help...help! Juuuuuuice,” Even though Bunny had been living in Ponyville for some time now, she wasn’t a terribly social creature and typically kept to herself, what with her busy publishing schedule. She occasionally did some shopping in town, but the side of herself she showed ponies in town was more...drab. She was a sleepy, boring conversationalist on a normal day. Today was not a normal day. It was an “I just met my deadline and I can’t separate reality from dreams and I ran out of sugar and that’s severely problematic because sweets keep me alive” sort of day.
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    The Ancient Ones decided to throw Lími a bone by sending in the servant with the drink. With that unicorn in the room, it gave everyone else a distraction from the subdued spectacle of having a qilin prod a caribou, which allowed Lími more time to absorb the ramifications of what he'd unwittingly started. Should the young bull err in his judgement, it would not just be he and his dear dragon mare who'd face the Shogun's wrath. Lími's actions would also speak poorly of Clan Askr... and his very own mother. And if the Son of Sigrun cause enough offense, who was to say that the Shogun would diplomatically take his anger out on Askr? That'd ruin all the hard work Sigun had done the past few months to enhance ties with the Neighponese. And it would all be Lími's fault. The young bull could picture it now: his hulking and furious mother leaving a trail of fire and destruction in her wake as she sought out her inept son. And when the warrior cow finally found her quarry... she'd force Lími to sit down and listen to a ponderous lecture about the importance of representing his clan with honor. And of course remind the son how disappointed she was in how the bull let Clan Askr down. Cue an internal voice shuddering "Odýrr". Now the question was how to avoid calamity. Namely, whether it'd be better to craft a lie about a pressing issue off the top of his head... or tell the sad truth about the circumstances which led Lími and Mei to the Palace Castle. Both options had their risks; Shogun Ryuichi might lash out at the couple for wasting his valued time over something so pathetically trivial as finding a place to view cherry blossoms, but he would also be highly displeased should Lími bungle up his falsehoods. Lími took once glance at Lián Mei as that thought crossed his mind. The last time the caribou tried getting away with telling what he thought was a necessary lie, it almost brought the bond shared between himself and the qilin lady to an untimely end. Relations between the two were warm for now, but would Mei be able to respect Lími for much longer if he continued to fabricate stories to escape his problems? When the caribou glanced back at Ryuichi, he found a newly softened face gazing back at him. That... gave Lími some much needed encouragement. Maybe the Shogun would be receptive to the couple's actual desires. With one deep breath, Lími calmed his nerves as his ryuma host addressed him once more. "Our n-names, o-of course!" Lími made a grab for the cup with the Neighponese drink, but it wasn't a dignified attempt. A small amount of the liquid ended up spilling onto the table as the caribou's trembling hooves brought his cup upward. "I... I am Lími, son of Sigrun," he explained, grimacing upon noticing through the corner of his eye that the Shogun's personal guard appeared as menacing as ever. Diverting his attention back to Ryuichi, he gestured a foreleg towards his traveling partner. "...And the lady is Lián Mei, my lov- errr..." Egads, that slip of the tongue almost cost the flustered caribou dearly! "...Uhh, I mean my counterpart that is..... in fellowship, ah ha....." Whew; embarrassment avoided! Gods only know what could have happened if Lími had finished saying "my love" in front of Mei? Good think the awkwardly smiling caribou caught that error in time, and without fail. Now then, to inspect the mysterious contents of the cup in his hooves.....
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    The Prince’s Honor Guard is a mountainous mare by the name of Star Crusader. And her look most certainly justifies her moniker. Many times has she been described by her colt friend as some sort of Amazonian goddess, she stands significantly taller than many stallions, and at least twice as broad across. She’d put meaning behind the oxymoron “short as an alicorn.” And for a pegasus, she was equipped with proportionally sized wings, nearing the wingspan of a griffon’s if not larger. And with each step she took, though she wasn’t stomping about, there was an audible thud followed by a soft tremor in the ground that could be felt by those near her. It would definitely be fair to say that a large girl like her must not fly around as gracefully as any other Pegasus. But instead must beat the very air into submission to carry her. And with each step she took, the muscles in her body could be seen as softly defined forms under her coat that rippled like tiny waves on a lake’s bank. Then finally, to bring it all together… was the dress. It was not frilly, or overloaded with any fru-fru styled material that was quite popular among the mares of Equestria. No… such things would only make a mare like her look silly. What she wore was definitely more… Spartan. Well Grecian was the proper term. It was quite literally a dress that was designed from a large bolt of cloth that might have been large enough to be a bed sheet once. Whoever designed it, had designed it with the mare’s body in mind. It was cleverly showing off and accenting her strength and ridges among the curves rather than attempting to hide them. And one more unique feature about this cream colored dress, was that the right foreleg was actually covered by a sleeve. Tight around the upper leg before flaring out as it neared her hoof’s ankle. She remained quiet while her significant other ‘broke the ice’ as they called it. And instead… couldn’t seem to break away from her duties. Her aloof, but stoic and very alert gaze slowly drifted around the room. Analyzing everything, and seeing everything. She catalogued what she found. The number of scuff marks that were on the tile, including the freshly created ones as ponies walked in. The number of strands of fur that hung from each pony’s body and tracking where those that fell off went off to subconsciously. Stains that may be on a pony’s teeth. Weapons, chairs. Everything. If she could count the very molecules in the air… she would. It’d be just one more item in how seriously she takes her job. But when all was said and done… she seemed to come back to reality. Her eyes twitched as if she noticed everyone in the room as not just possible suspects, but ponies…. And whatever discord is called. Discord… was a creature she’d definitely be keeping a careful eye on. Reformed or not, he still kept to his habit of causing trouble where it wasn’t needed. And if Crusader has to, she will see if her muscles are strong enough to punch through whatever reality discord escaped to-to give chase! But… it was time to let her mind wonder to a more important person in this hall. It wasn’t the princesses… as this was not their gathering. But the hostess. Crusader… definitely recalled something about what her brother had said about her. She was one of the ponies that were on the crystal tower when it was raided. A brave mare at that. She could definitely respect that. But… she was also very similar in personality as their mother… Star Breezer. If that meant her insane tolerance for toxic beverages, or her very passionate nature about allowing no creature, dragon, pony, griffon, or what have you escaping without a brazen flirt…. She did not know. Regardless.. it’d be unkind for her to not speak with the hostess. At least she thought it was. And so she approached Frostlace when there was an appropriate opening and gave a respectful bow. “Hello Lady Frostlace. I am Star Crusader, my brother has told me a bit about you. You might remember him under the name of Java from the Crystal Tower?”
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    Lured to an alien place: 'twas Lími's constant lot in life. Throughout the annals of Viking Caribou history, there were those few bulls and cows renown for great feats normally impossible by the likes of mortals. While neither a great leader or a skilled warrior, Lími had likely already earned his place among that pantheon of greats... as the first caribou in recent memory to ever be befriended by a Neighponese shogun. Clearly, it hadn't been enough to simply become best buds with an eccentric necromancer from the Southern Wilds. Now, the young bull was consorting with the figurehead of a nation that had historically known nothing else but frosty relations (at best) with Whitescar. Those who held to the old Viking ways would have much to say about Lími's choices in associates... On the plus side, Lími could at last feel free to enjoy himself in Neighpon with the knowledge that he was in the good graces of the amicable Shogun Ryuichi. Yet friendship did not come without providing detours to one's plans; a fact Lími was reminded of when the Shogun invited the caribou bull to a night out in the city of Polohama. A short train ride away from Kyoma, Polohama was the ideal destination for residents of the Capital who desired... a change of scenery. And what a change of scenery the bustling metropolis was for Lími, garbed in his usual cloak. Never did he imagine a city of spires could be so colorful; Manehattan didn't hold a candle at all! Nearly every corner of Polohama abounded with magic-conjured lights and illusions. Why, the young bull almost felt a poem brewing in his heart! Regrettably for the our crafter of words, this evening was not an occasion for idle appreciation. The poetry would have to wait another day, for Shogun Ryuichi had other plans. Instead of wandering the city as he pleased, Lími found himself ushered off to what could only be some sort of luxurious hideaway nestled deep in Polohama: the Pony Pulse as Ryuichi called it. There were others in attendance; the highest-ranking members of the Shogun's court. Except they looked nothing like what Lími expected of a royal court; all present appeared to be of youthful age, not much older than the very Shogun they served. With age typically came experience, so wouldn't the royal ryuma employ elders in his service as wise councilors? Perhaps that was just one of many things done differently in Neighpon. Lími knew that as a representative of Clan Askr — and of the entire Viking Caribou culture by default — he really ought to socialize with everyone else in Ryuichi's party. Socializing never came easy for the introverted bull though; typically he willed himself into action if there was a clear-cut diplomatic objective on the line, but no such mandate existed here. Let it not be forgotten that until walking into the Palace Castle in Kyoma, Lími only wished to be a mere tourist seeking out sakura blooms. Ergo, the Son of Sigrun fell into his usual habit of staying at the periphery of the crowd. In lieu of chattering, Lími focused his attention on one of the magical screens in the room. What did the Neighponese call their invention again... magivision, aethervision? No such marvelous device existed in Equestria, the young bull knew that much for certain. From what he gathered, an aethervision screen was essentially a scrying orb that had been flattened, then stretched out, then mounted on a wall. A rather remarkable thing, Lími admitted to himself. Indeed, he could just stand there for hours looking at every moving image the display projected. It definitely beat the awkwardness of talking with utter strangers.....
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    The time for Yun He to leave Huangjing was nearing, and her affairs were almost in order. Bags were packed with scrolls, brushes, pens, ink stones and ink sticks, and plenty of empty books. Oh, and a comb. And some food, as well. The longma mare was eager to finally set hoof down a new path, but first things first - she wished to deliver a thank-you note to her Master. He had been her greatest support in this city, and the times when she found it too crowded to study at the Academy, he kept her on track for her studies. She was terribly antisocial, so having someone who believed in her abilities enough to keep her up-to-date in her classes had been crucial to her education, and by extension, her happiness and stability. The willowy longma took wing and found herself lazy climbing her way into the sky courtesy of a rather strong thermal, then drifted from her home in Huangjing over towards the academy. Her opalescent scales shimmered in the sunlight as she glided towards her destination. It was a rather relaxing experience, actually...the smell of greenery and street food wafted around her, and the noise of the city was muffled by distance. Besides, the skies were relatively free of commotion. However… As Yun He flew closer to the Inner Ward, she heard a voice crying out… “Your Majesty! You must get away from that creature at once!!!” Your Majesty? Yun He snapped to attention, narrowing her cold gaze down towards the Inner Ward. What she saw was...huh? What was that creature? And what was it trying to do to her Empress? Antisocial though she may be, Yun He was still a daughter of Long Guo, and as such she felt passionately protective of her Empress. For the first time in her life, she even resented that she had abandoned all of the flight training her parents had tried to force upon her in her youth. She was far too weak to pull off a fast dive, and instead had to wind her way down into the commotion. When she landed softly nearby the forest-coloured longma (and a respectful distance away from the Empress), the scene seemed much less chaotic than it had moments ago, from up in the sky, but Yun He had not been present for any conversation exchanged since the Chamberlain had cried out. She eyed the bizarre mishmash of a beast suspiciously, “Pardon the intrusion,” she said quietly, curtly, to the other longma with a stern frown marring her otherwise pleasant looks, “I am an illusionist, a former student of the academy. Might I be of service?” All the while she spoke in her cold, flat voice, Yun He kept her eyes pinned on the strange beast.
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    From the album Other user's OCs

    I drew this gift art for brian on his birthday, I just sorta forgot to upload with all the IRL stuff going on with me. Happy Birthday. Brian! I can't wait to Rp with you again!
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    As Discord stood upright, Yù Yuè managed to get a closer look at the being that ponies name draconequus. A rather bizarre term by Yuè's reckoning, for weren't the Long Sun already a mixture of dragon and equine? Yet nothing about Discord seemed equine about him at all. Indeed, the Empress was rather reminded of how she imagined a feral serpent dragon would appear; more savage than their wiser and nobler counterparts. Except unlike those feral beasts, this... "false dragon" of sorts reeked of over-cleverness by half. That made sense for a figure consistently described as a trickster spirit, Yuè supposed. A trickster who had once subjected an entire kingdom to a reign of chaos... a thousand years ago! Suitably enough, the coming of Discord was already fueling discord within the imperial ranks. Qing had wilfully countermanded the Chamberlain's order in the name of the Empress (the Chamberlain would remember that slight), while Feng openly mocked the Guard Captain's ability to deal with the Chaos Spirit. Silverheart went ahead to vouch for the distinguished visitor; a sentiment shared with a recently arrived Liviel, fellow Harmonious Path follower and Grand Galloping Gala attendee. Due to the subtly tense nature of the situation, Empress Yuè could only afford a nod and a brief clasp for hooves to greet her diamond dog acquaintance before bringing her full attention back on Discord. It was only when the draconequus seemed ready to snap his fingers when the voice of the Empress finally rang out to all in the area who could hear; "What business brings you to the Imperial Capital, honorable spirit?" There was no hostility in her question... nor was there friendliness either. It was a question asked by a stern royal qilin, whose duty it was to be the unyielding anchor of harmony in a stormy sea. "Ahem!" That would be the Chamberlain recovering his nerve; "I'm afraid if you desire an audience with the Empress, it must first be scheduled with us." Just like that, he whipped out a scroll detailing Empress Yuè's schedule for the week, every hour accounted for. Yuè's personal assistant would have possession of a copy as well. "And since you have no appointment, you have no further reason to be here!" The Chamberlain's tactlessness notwithstanding, Empress Yuè recognized that he had a point. She was taught well the proper manner in which to conduct herself as a Heavenly Daughter of Dragons. A willingness to listen to all voices was a virtue, but allowing everyone to make demands of her time as they pleased would only make other perceive the Empress as a pushover. An empress incapable of instilling respect in the hearts of her servants and her subjects. In order to tread that fine line and keep her throne, Empress Yuè always needed to project strength whenever in the presence of subjects... and very important beings from lands beyond. "What my chamberlain means to say," the qilin mare explained to Discord in her authoritatively serene voice; "Is that a great many matters require my attention today, Lord Discord. If you request an audience through the means required of all other lords, it will be my honor to host you at the Imperial Palace. However, I must return to overseeing final preparations for Prince Lián return." Indeed, Yuè's visit of the Academy had ran on far longer than intended thanks to indulgent conversation with Silverheart. The Empress concluded her words with a courteous nod of the head; "I hope you understand the importance of maintaining harmony in our great city." The Empress made no further mood, waiting to see how well Discord took her response. As much as she'd like to treat with an ancient spirit over jasmine tea, other responsibilities and plans weighed down on the qilin mare. Yuè could only hope that Discord realized as much. Meanwhile, every guard maintained their position, although most had relaxed their guard on account of their sovereign's conciliatory tone....
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    So I get a call at the end of the night from the Bakery Manager to see if I'm alive (that's actually not true, he just wants to make sure the bake got done before death). He's got a personality like Fantastic Mr. Fox, but with more cussing. Anyway...I was like "So I came up with a new game last night." "Oh, what's that?" "It's called BMD." "Okay?" "It stands for Broken Missing or Dirty. I left everything in the bakery clean. When I come back in two days, I'm going to tally everything that is broken, missing, or dirty and I get a point for each thing. Everything that remains how I left it, you get a point!" "I don't like this game. The other bakers aren't that bad." "You know how they say the beat of a butterfly's wings can cause a tsunami?" "(#^@$ all those stupid bugs. If I could travel back in time I'd $*&%%# smash every one of those little ^*%#^@$!" "Gotta keep you away from the Zoo and their annual butterfly exhibit. It would be on the news!" "Have a good daynight!" Click.
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    The first step on the thousand-mile journey from foolishness to wisdom is hearing the ancient proverbs, and laughing at them. All the subsequent steps consist in learning that they happen to be true, as well as old. Today, Fēng was about to learn that he really should be careful what he wished for, for the express reason that he might actually get it. It all seemed to happen so fast. One moment, he was standing watch by his Empress and her guest (he refused at this point to refer to Silver as a 'consort'), the next a great apparition appeared in the pond. A fishing... well, one really couldn't call it a long; Discord bore the same resemblance to the majestic eastern dragons as the grotesque sketches in a student's notebook did to the elegant illustrated calligraphy beloved by the scribes. Of course, one had to admit that the students were on the whole more convivial company than the scribes, and the analogy held true even here. When Fēng had traveled to Longri-la, the whole atmosphere of the place, combined with the ritual reverence of his culture towards theirs, had served to stiffen his manner to it's most formal. Discord, on the other hand, spoke to a different part of the longma, the heart buried under drills, training, and professional reserve. The heart of the Village troublemaker... The Watcher's humor, as well as his senses, were alerted. Half a second before his compatriot's emerged, he knew that they would come out in formation. Instead of taking point with the rush, however, he held back, standing especially close to Yu. The important thing was the protection of the Empress, after all. Any being that could warp into the Inner Ward like that would surely be able to warp out of their grip, and if one of the Watch was not free to shield her with his own body... it didn't bear thinking about! With that reflection in mind, Fēng could not help but see the humor in the chamberlain and constable's blustering. In fact, with that sensibility awakened, the joke was enough to break his customary silence and respectful observances. "May I ask the captain," He began, in a dry tone, "Just what he imagines that he can actually do to a being able to warp where he wills?" This was likely the first time that Yu, or any of her inner circle, had heard him crack a joke before. Talk about your inner depths... The arrival of Liviel seemed to herald the return of the Empress' brother, and it seemed that it would be up to the Empress herself to determine where things went from here. Which was fine by Fēng; after all, he answered to her, and her alone.
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    When Ice Storm looked at all of the many ponies that had come to the wedding itself, the butterflies that were in her stomach started feeling more like dragonflies. Equestria, while being a utopia most of the time also had a knack for letting things go wrong at the absolute time. She couldn't count how many times she'd have to change courses of action on the fly because of one thing or another and so far, the wedding had gone very smoothly. Almost too smoothly which in her gut meant that something was coming that was going to disrupt everything. However, if there was ever a moment that she ever wanted to be more wrong, it was this one. To see all of the guests that showed up, some of them... using less average means of entering into the gardens. A prototype flagship? Really Swift? were you trying to get on the princess' bad side? For not though as he found a place and the airship ascended. A few other familiar faces showed themselves as well. Pyro, a pony that she knew through a few of her missions that she had been on, was present, and then of course Twilight, and some of her friends, Twilight being the one that was organizing everything. She would have never guessed that she would have been able to get Princess Twilight of all ponies to host her wedding, but at the same time they had been friends for a while. They hadn't been able to speak much since she joined EPIC, and her shops, and the guild, and the study that she was maintaining with Luna... IT made keeping in contact with a lot of her friends difficult. She was happy that they showed up nevertheless and would make sure to make it up to them in some way. perhaps a moths worth of free snow cones or frozen treats of their liking when they visit her Ponyville location of Frozen Delight's! It would be the absolute least that she would be able to do for them. Then of course two very special ponies that were in the audience for the wedding were none other than her mother, and one of her favorite old teachers that she took classes from while she was in the college. Of course her mother and here had spent most of their lives apart, and she noted that her father wasn't around. Likely for the best. From what she heard from her mother, he never forgave her for running away. That was perfectly fine with her because she never forgave him for being an apathetic, fascist monster. That was neither here nor there though. Today was not about the past, but what the future held for her and her soon to be wife. Ma'dam Belle though was a bit different. When she was in the college, her and Pressy were really good friends, and still are whenever they can find time to see each other. Both of them are exceptionally busy, and she heard that she was overseas right now. When she heard that her mother would be attending though, she was ecstatic! Mrs. Belle was one of the best teachers at the academy! She constantly sought her wisdom and guidance through the school and still implores a lot of the knowledge that Mrs. Belle gave her today on her missions, and on more than one occassion it's gotten her out of some trouble. Then of course was the most odd of her guests. The spirit of Chaos himself. He was quick to make his way over to her before capturing a picture with her with a flash that was everything but blinding, causing her to see white for a couple seconds before shaking her head and giving him a small look. When he made the observasion that she was tense, she rolled her eyes. "Gee, what could have possibly given you that idea?" she responded in a lowish voice, not wanting to attract any attention. Well, no more so than the Discord already would have. When he offered her some juice, she had to admit it was tempting, but she didn't want to risk getting any of it on her dress. "Just a sip," she responded taking only that. When he said that she'd be fine, she sighed. "I know that we'll be fine... but you and I both know this is Equestria," she said with a sigh as Twilight came up to them asking if she was ready. With a smile she turned to Twilight. "Twilight, I have never been more ready for anything in my life. I'm sure we're all ready to begin the ceremony when you and your friends are ready," she smiled to them noting that Spike already had the rings, Fluttershy already had the birds ready, and the flowers, and Pinkie was well, being pinkie and soon had the entire park decorated with more accents and everything on there end was ready. "Let's do this," she said with a smile.
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    Oh! Oh my. "That's coming towards us now." He considered his top speed, the distance to the nearest underwater city street, and the relative speed of the incoming metal fish. Nope, too short. "Aaaaaand it's got a claw." OK, well, then, maybe if he ascended quickly, theeeen... dropped down atop of it, hiding on its back so it didn't know where he'd disappeared to? Nope, timing was wrong for that too. "Aaaaand, now it's got us. I've got it! We'll let it take us, see what happens, and if anything goes wrong, I'll do that thing where I figure something out!" He looked around the empty little compartment. He could just hear her voice. "You call that a plan? The Great and Disappointed Trixie-" nonono. Not that. More like "The Great and Impressed Trixie finds that plan brilliant! You've done it again, Doctor Whooves!" Yes, more like that. Sigh. "It's just not the same without somepony here to listen to me be brilliant," he sighed again before looking back up out of the window. He waited patiently through the bumps and clanks, the hissing of air, the slow draining away of water - which, he had to admit, was very convenient! He had a hatch on the bottom of the wagon he could wriggle his way out of without the water coming in. He called it the Moon Puddle! This was much more practical. If you had the space for it. As the water drained away, the blue glow from the back of the wagon no longer diffused through the water, making his entire wagon appear blue. He twisted around a wheel on his control panel - not the control wheel, the other one - and the engine settled down to a bare idle, reducing the blue glow until the wagon was revealed as simply an ordinary looking wooden wagon, except for the way it was so completely enclosed and wrapped around in brass bands. He twisted one, two, three fasteners around the canopy, and a rectangular piece on the side shifted outwards slightly, then got stuck. He thumped it a couple of times experimentally with his hoof, then pulled out a flat head screwdriver and wedged it into the crack, wriggled it a few times, and cracked it slightly open. From the outside, they saw the tip of a flat head screwdriver pop out of the opening door, twist left, look up and down, twist around to the right, look up and down, then pull back in. There was a quiet voice stage-whispering, "Did you see anything dangerous? No? Ahhh, that's a pity." Then the door opened a bit further and Doctor Whooves' slicked-back mane and brown face peeked out to peer around. His eyes widened at seeing Pathfinder, and he quickly pulled back in and almost-closed the door. "Why didn't you tell me Pathfinder was there! What do you mean, I didn't ask? I asked if anything was dangerous! ... Well, yes, I suppose that doesn't exactly count as 'dangerous', more ... right, right. They're waiting." Then, finally, Doctor Whooves opened the door wide, jumped down into the puddling water which had mostly drained out of the room, and gave a bright, cheery smile. "Hello! I'm Doctor Whooves! Who might be the inventor of this magnificent metal fish?"