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    From the album MS Paint!

    Presteza belongs to @Pretzelparty The Awesome art belongs to Moi!
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    You've really got it out for me, huh? Why do you want to keep me from sleeping? So on a lighter note, a popular rock radio station in my area is going to play one of my songs on the 12th!
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    They have been putting out these cute little official MLP videos on Youtube lately. And unlike the ones in the past, they're original animation. This one has Pinkie doing an 80's style workout video. The previous had Twilight trying out a Rubix Cube.
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    I want you all to know that you're important. I know I don't post often anymore, I know that sometimes it might not be as obvious as other times, But on days when I don't feel good, You guys help. You're random antics bring a smile to my face. Obvs not everything does that, but You all help pull me out of my slump. If I haven't told you that recently, I think about it all the time. And I probably haven't told you because I feel like saying so might make me look like the giant weirdo I am. But really, thanks for being you.
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    “Oh no Princess Twilight.”, the Captain of Twilight’s Guard could already feel the rather strong whiskey as it flowed down her throat. This wasn’t your mamby pampy pony whiskey, this was the drink of warriors! The red wine and cinnamon sweetness tried its very best to contain and hold back the the stronger alcohol, but it was a losing battle! Thankfully the Walkers were made of strong stuff! Still, there was no away she would survive a drinking contest with the Caribou. Not a chance. “I could not say no to invitation from our Caribou comrades.”, the mare whispered, “I’ve always been impressed by our very special couple..They've been through so much and to see what became of their struggles is beyond inspiring." And Rarity? She had been at her shop before and her dresses just seemed to be a little too 'girly' for her, but then she found out that the representative of the element of generosity....or was it Inspiration? The seamstress was more than capable of designing around a pony and enhancing the wearer's natural beauty. "And Miss Rarity is an artist with no equal." Not only was the dress light as silk, there was some extra durability that had been requested due to the officer's occasional need to break into an unscheduled adventure at anytime. And speaking of her comrades, the incredible Sigrun asked her a few questions. All that needed to be addressed. "We're still working out a few kinks.", she paused to take a sip from her glass, "There are offers I cannot really refuse.", her boss wanted to have the marriage at the 'Castle Of Friendship' and she really could not say no. Convincing Swift to have it there was another matter. "The girls are working on throwing me a little bachelorette party in Las Pegasus. Placed called the 'Wild Stallion Saloon'. Will have to send you an invite to that as well.", she waggled her eyebrows. Would the mighty leader of the caribou enjoy such a thing? A night of drunken debauchery with badly named drinks and guys of all races shaking their rumps in thine faces. With her purple boss busy with others, the red mare creeped near her beloved, "I know you're not fond of the drink, so I made sure to have an Virgin Caribou made up for you.", she whispered, "The little kick you're getting is probably the cinnamon. Will have to find out where they get this stuff from before we leave." As much as she liked to mess with the unicorn, she would never want to force something he did not like upon him. Even if it was funny. One of these days she would get him smashed, just for the fun that would follow. "And Whinniepeg?", she pulled back, "While I'm part of Princess Twilight's guard, I'm still expected to attend the yearly R.E.A convention....Last one was in Whinniepeg...Went with Illy (Ilinalta) and believe it or now, Merry Ol' Colonel Critchlow granddaughter's, Fritchey is in the guard as well and she's just like her grandfather, even has a few stories already.", she loved the fact that the gregarious earth pony decided that she would carry on her grandfather's legacy..."And the cons are there for learning and bonding with old bunk-mates. I was hoping to see....Yah!", she yelped as the horns played just a little too loudly. The ceremony had begun!
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    Yay! I'm back..again...Probably should have not done this.. Don't mess with Rarity.
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    From the album BlueBook's art stash

    These are some sketches I did for a commission someone ordered. I though I'd share them. Please, these are not free to use nor are you able to use them at all.
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    If Chipper caught the subtext behind Swift's warning statement, he didn't show it. In fact, as the world's most innocent necromancer, he was probably completely unaware of his accidental innuendo. At least, so it was to be hoped. Right now, he was busy talking with Yxa. "Yep! Be pretty strange if I wasn't Chipper; I wouldn't know what to call myself! Nyahahah! Look forward to the music, ooh, and the dancing, too!" The unicorn was quite physically spry, product of having to run quickly over uneven ground to escape pursuing monsters. Plus, he could get a few animal skeletons to act as backup dancers! Halvard had asked him not to, though... Speaking of the blue bull, he found himself holding a kind of court with his guests. It was a bit of a novel sensation to be the source of so much attention, but given his rise in rank and prestige, he was going to have to get used to it! "Alright, Baldr, you can tell them that I understand more than most how tasks must be done. Especially with having to plan and organize this whole ceremony!" He laughed, waving the guest off to meet the younger members of his family. Calder was just introducing himself to Limi; Halvard could only hope they would forge a strong bond as adopted brothers-in-law. *Easy now, don't get ahead of yourself. You still need to bring up the subject with him.* Soon though, he promised himself. Soon. Meantime, there was also business talk. Swift Squall had some interesting ideas about a trade partnership, though in the growing boisterousness of the longhouse, it was difficult to give them the attention and thought they deserved. "We certainly are expanding, but we try not to do so too rapidly. It's why we build in stone, rather than wood. Our investments are meant to be permanent, regardless of how quick they come; the advance of a glacier, rather than the tides. But, let's keep this shop talk for later! Now is the time feasting, celebration, and all good things." Said good things were slightly marred by the lack of Eastern representatives, as Squall pointed out, but Halvard could only shrug. "Long Guo sent gifts; we have only recently established relations, and historically Neighpon stood between them and the caribou, so there is little to patch over either." Neighpon he did not discuss further, for obvious reasons. At that moment, a blast of horns were sounded from the end of the hall. The ceremony was set to start! All guests were encouraged to find their seats as the Bride and Groom took their allotted places at each end of the hall. Chipper for his part took up Twilight's offer to sit by her, as all awaited the High Queen's entrance...
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    That was probably a different Rosie. If you have a dream Rosie, I probably look like this: My little sis made that! Haaaa.
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    I'm Twilight Sparkle, and this is my favourite OOC planning thread on Canterlot.
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle is looking for creatures small and large who are willing to defend Ponyville! She is not just looking for those who can march around in armor and look really good doing so, she also wants creatures with smarts! Creatures who are brave! Creatures who are willing to put everything on the line to keep the citizens of Ponyville safe! Those who sign up here will be on her list in the RP. Please give us a good reason why your character would want to join. It would make sense for your character to be a citizen of Ponyville, but that's not mandatory. But you'd probably want to move here once you join. Coffee, Tea and sweets from Sugar Cube Corner will be served. See Captain Fire Walker or Princess Twilight at the 'Castle Of Friendship' for more information!
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    So, tonight was the night the radio station said my song would be played. The DJ said he'd play it at or after 8:30pm. The show goes from 8 to 9. Come 9 o'clock, I hear "thanks for tuning in, have a good night!" aaaand my song never played. On the website, they said they won't reply to everyone who submits music but this guy contacted me directly and told me he'd play it. This is slightly depressing.. EDIT: Got an email back from him and he said it completely slipped his mind. Nice to know my music is so forgettable. :') He did say he'd get it on next week's show though, so... That's something, I guess..
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Elysium Nicknames: Ely, Elli Title: Spellbinder Sex: Mare Age: 25 Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Yellow Coat: A very light, faded purple, and faded blue. Mane/Tail: A pastel blue-violet with glittering flecks of white Physique: Slender and slightly athletic. Residence: An abandoned cabin out in the woods some distance from Canterlot's mountain. Occupation: Witch, magic practitioner; formerly a soldier Cutie Mark: Two swords crossed over a stylized sun Unique Traits: The two different shades on their fur create strange markings, with a few stripes at their middle where the colors meet. Their tail, while a little short, is styled like a more traditional unicorn's. Other: Elysium often wears dark colors if they wear clothing, and has a set of light armor with a faded purple cape. There are gems on the leg guards and the neck armor for holding extra magic or enchantments. They have a bombay cat by the name of Ghost. Has an interest in art that they mostly keep to themself, and a fascination with dragons. Elysium is an ex-soldier. History: Born outside of Equestria in a mountainous region close to the city of Kastrot, Elysium was mostly raised by their stern father. Their mother was somewhat distant, but they learned a lot about nature and magic involving it from her. Other forms of magic were taught to them by their father, though the more academic views they would take on magic was, to some extent, born of rebellion. If they were to learn, they felt it would be best that nothing be restricted. Eventually they would move into a part of Kastrot where Elysium would eventually be swept up into the military to get by in their late teens, training how to fight and learning offensive magic. Becoming a soldier was the only way to get by when they could find no other jobs fitting their skills. It worked for them at the barest minimum, but they didn't like how strict everything was nor did they like the treatment. By adulthood, Elysium managed to find a way to slip out of the city and escape Maretonia, choosing to head to a country they'd heard a lot about: Equestria. Elysium felt that they'd be able to find something better there, despite how mixed the stories involving Equestria were. They haven't quite found a place to settle yet, but they're still searching all the while taking advantage of all the new information that was so freely available. Character Personality: They are a calm and laid back pony, albeit rather distant to the point of aloof. They're also very focused and serious enough to be mildly intimidating, though they can often be easily distracted depending on the situation and how much is going on around them. It can be difficult when there is a lot of noise and ponies. They have a love of reading stories and various magical tomes, as well as creating new spells where possible. Their view on magic is a peculiar one- they believe that all magic should be explored for the sake of knowledge, and that simply because its labeled 'dark magic' doesn't make it 'evil' and that denying the learning of certain kinds of magic is a poor decision and a lost opportunity of understanding. Character Summary: A unicorn with a foreign-born family who has an understanding and skill in the occult, mostly relating to magic/offensive magic. They don't restrain themselves on what type of magic they learn, whether its dark magic, forbidden or not, because they believe knowing any kind of magic would prove helpful in any situation. They spend a lot of their time alone, pursuing their interests and spending time with their cat, Ghost.
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    Did you at least make it through your vows first?
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    I got a new nose ring while my sis got her nose done again. Despite not going for 2 years, the piercing lady remembered me because I was stupid enough to get an industrial as my first one.
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    Just started watching new season, laughed when I saw this. Looks like someone reads XKCD Original comic for clarity
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    The public library by me has an adorable tarantula
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    After a Forever Hiatus! My Best Drawings Evar series is back! Probably! I doubt it!
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    Luna's concern was very well placed. The REA and Guard had, from a layman's point of view, failed time and time again. It wasn't that simple of course. The sort of enemies they had faced in the most public of ways were things that they couldn't really be trained or equipped to fight. What could they do against Tirek? What could they do against the winter-spirit of Sombra? But while there were some enemies they would never be fully equipped or trained to fight, there were others they should have been able to. The Storm King was the most egregious example. Many officers had been sacked after the REA had been led into the Everfree forest on a wild goose chase by a spy of Tempest Shadow's, leaving Canterlot incredibly ill-defended. What garrison there was and what Guards were around were overwhelmed by the scale of the event and unable to react to the attack. Better training and funding would be required. Blueblood did have an excellent point, of course. Equestria's best and brightest tended to be fiercely independent as well. Perhaps there was something to this? It was well known that an Equestrian's base social attitude and characteristic was one of good nature, humor, and harmony. Maybe those who excelled under such dire circumstances, while still holding to such beliefs, had something...harder, underneath the surface? She was reluctant to call it bravery or anything of the like since that would be untrue. But those who struck out on their own showed a certain boldness of spirit that made Equestria safer for their actions. Equestria produced heroines in good number, and perhaps Blueblood was right: This was a strength, their own unique one at that. It didn't mean that the REA shouldn't be given a nice work-over since heroes and heroines couldn't be everywhere, but it did mean that one could always be confident in Equestria's survival at the end of the day. Celestia's words were...well not disquieting, but as somepony who had been a feverishly loyal subject long before she had been an equally loyal colleague, the idea that the REA and Guard would not prioritize Celestia and Luna's safety was anathema. But she kept those words chained and hidden for now, as they were neither here nor there. The idea of asking heroes to lead was a new one. It could work out in interesting ways, the values they held onto leaking into the units they led. How many of them would even want to do it, however? And of those who would want to, how many would Twilight even consider leader material? Not enough to make direct leadership roles worthwhile. But that didn't mean that they couldn't contribute in some way, even distantly. Cadance started talking about Battleline and while what she was talking about was very important Twilight could only allow her brain to focus in on some of her gripes with the system. She kept on telling her brother that Eternity was clearly the better game because of the complexity yet elegance of the system but Battleline had a much flashier presentation and marketing campaign. Oh well. She still enjoyed Battleline. And Cadance's larger point was well-founded. Warriors, or heroes, were great to have but they were born, not trained. Hardship revealed them but never made them. Part of that process also tended to make them harder to use in part of a machine. EPIC's troubles were indicative of that. Her final words also struck true. No doubt they'd be back here again someday lamenting military weakness. Such was the nature of being the target, the one and only it seemed, of this world's most absurd threats. “The issue is...difficult. More difficult than we'd like to admit. Luna, you are right to be concerned. At a base level, it can't hurt to review training procedures that aren't working, increase the minuscule budget, and review REIN and see whether it is still doing its job. I would also recommend asking for advisors from Saddle Arabia, Neighpon, and Acroneighos. They all have highly professional and effective military forces with strengths I believe we can learn from. But I think we have to acknowledge that to some degree the REA will always be insufficient to deal with certain threats, such as Tirek and attackers of a similar pedigree. In such situations, Celestia is right. The primary goal of the REA should be evacuation and continuance of government. But...I disagree, Celestia. It is very important for the REA and Guard to protect you and Luna, perhaps their most important duty of all. The reason is very simple. Everypony looks to you two for guidanceandplay a central role in Equestrian life. If you two fall, the morale of the nation plummets, including amongst the military. As long as you two are around and not captured I think the REA is capable of the most wonderful things. Take you two out of the equation and everything unravels. Of course, you two,” this time nodding to both Blueblood and Celestia,”are right in saying heroes are central to what we do best. No amount of military force or intelligence can stop some of our enemies, but our heroes always will. At least...for now. I can't speak for others but I can only speak to my experiences in the middle of one of these events and as one of these 'heroines'. It is always terrifying and often very close. On more than one occasion Equestria has been saved by the actions of a specific pony in a split second or by sheer luck. I think heroes have a lot to offer us. EPIC is an example of how such heroes can be used, and I think that it would be possible to utilize the gestalt experience of heroes in some manner to help the REA. But between personalities and their own sense of freedom, I'm not sure it would be possible to get them directly involved outside of loose organizations like EPIC. Still, we can utilize this to help the REA. Use them as inspiration. Which brings me to this final point.Cadance is right. We can't make warriors and there is no guarantee that what we'll do today will ensure the safety of Equestria in the future. But...well, I'm sure Shining Armor knows this example, but when they went from the second edition of Battleline to the third, they introduced a system called leadership points. You had a certain amount of these points based on the type of figures in your army. You used them to buff your units or debuff your opponents,” her expression soured, “which made it really difficult to face Shining since he always played that overpowered Generalismo combination with Neighponese pegasi which didn't make sense in the fluff at all but-” she took a deep sigh, “sorry, sorry. My point was that leadership from the top can do wonders, and that can start with us. We don't need to take to the field today and find enemies to fight, but as we've all said before, we can seem distant to ponies. That will include our guards. Along with all of our other changes we can implement, being more active with our guard, with the REA, can familiarize us with how they operate and create a deeper bond. And if there is one thing we all know, it is that Equestrians who share deep bonds and have deep beliefs are capable of anything!”
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    Princess Cadence wondered if there was anything going down between Luna and Celestia, but there was little time to ponder that as the subject turned towards... radical military reform. Siiiigh; this had been a talking point back at the last Princess Summit, and the one before that. Before long, Twily would likely propose a new way to reorganize various REA assets into a new task force or what not. Because like her beloved libraries, Twi believed a government or military was only as good as the number of times it gets periodically reorganized in the name of enhanced efficiency. ...But that's neither here nor there. Although married to a soldier herself, Cadence had never been one to believe that Equestria's specific defense issues were solvable by throwing more money at them or otherwise assuming that better training regimens will work as silver arrows to whatever crisis-of-the-month was on everypony's mind. Equestria — Crystal Empire included — was a special realm where the usual rules of realpolitik and military doctrine didn't apply. The love alicorn wondered sometimes if her fellow princesses remembered that. It was after Celestia offered her words that Cadence spoke what was currently on her mind. "...Does anypony here know about miniature wargaming?" Twily was probably the one pony in the room who understood, her brother being a gamer and all. "It's basically like how generals move around figures on a map to plot war strategies, but as a hobby." A pause followed. "So anyway, my husband Shining Armor is into these miniature wargames, and he buys and paints his own minis to play on tabletops. One weekend he was home after inspecting our Empire's frontier posts, I found him messing around with his minis, and I noticed how some figures were big enough to take up an entire base, while others were small enough that multiple ones could fit on a base together. I asked him about that, and he explained to me that the small minis were for this strategic army game called Battleline: Neighpoleon, and the bigger minis were depicting heroes for this other tabletop game called Eternity, which apparently is very popular in the gaming scene. Honestly I was kinda lost the whole time... and heh heh, I think I'm losing all of you too." Cadence took a moment to smile bashfully. "The point being, Shiny kept on yammering for ages, but there was one thing he mentioned that day which stuck with me. Those smaller minis; they represented organized fighters... soldiers, basically. An individual soldier isn't capable of much by themselves; they rely on numbers, discipline, and teamwork to complete their objectives. Then you got the bigger minis; our warriors if you will. Warriors depend on their individual attributes: strength, shock, morale, heroism, and what-not to carry the day." The pink alicorn grew more somber. "From what I'm hearing so far, you all seem to be asking for more warriors in our army, and that's fine and all... but being a warrior isn't something you can train most ponies to be. And the fact is, most of the ponies we call our heroes don't want to live a soldier's life. Otherwise, they would have enlisted in the military already. Aside from the few heroes we've managed to recruit into EPIC, they're generally just normal ponies wanting to live normal lives." "I suppose it couldn't hurt to make military training more comprehensive, but we have to ask ourselves this. If we enact all the band-aid reforms we propose today, are we STILL going to find ourselves bemoaning the significant weakness of our defense forces the next time we gather together at one of these princess summits?"
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    Soooo, avoid buying anything from China and you're set. I haven't had much time to anime, outside of an episode of Nichijou and a few of the weekly ones. Attack on Titan is like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Work is officially promoting me, but I have to train a new functioning Baker in two months for the final certification. After that I get a nice hefty raise, which will put me in a new pay tier, at which time they'll give me my annual one. Around -that- time the insurance from my other job should kick in, which is substantially better than my current one. Either way I'm gonna be a busy wolfmom the next two months (and beyond!).
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    Yes Dreamy, flower.
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    Through the streets of Long Kong, the busy streets were parting warily as a serpent dragon flowed through the streets with a mud caked shovel resting on his back. By now most ponies in the city knew the dragon as the owner of one of the best noodle shops around. He would argue the best but who has that kind of time. Others knew to keep their mouths shut about his day job though. Yángguāng, or just Yang as most called him, worked as the enforcer for the Divine Protectorate. So those in the know were right to be frightened at the sight. Who knew which poor sod he had just buried? Possibly alive?! Of course, Yang wasn't about to say that he had just got done planting a new tree nearby his shop. Let em cower, it was more fun that way. Buried mook or no, diggin a hole was thirsty work and it was break time at last. There was a new bar that was opening from what the dragon recalled, maybe this one would have something better than the swill some places seemed to hock as brew. Yang zipped up into the air to avoid the rest of the traffic and flew off towards his destination. It didn't take long to get there, obviously. Dusting his paws off and leaving the shovel leaning by the door, the serpent slid in to the Howler's Den. Smooth Jazz? Ech. Well it could be worse he figured. Either way, it was nice to get away from work and Work for a change an...ah Tartarus is that the boss? And Corva? Was this going to turn into a work day? Yang snorted softly to himself and floated on over anyway. "Hey boss, hey Corva. Small world catching both of you here. What's up." the dragon greeted his co-workers before nodding in greeting to the bartender as well.
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    Like Shiny, Princess Cadence missed the moment where Barbera Red teared up, reflexively sharing a brief glance with her husband at the mention of "family". After sharing a laugh about the hazards of raising a baby alicorn, the mare couldn't offer a satisfactory answer to the next question thrown her way. She sighed; "Even if I wanted to see her again, nopony's heard from Amore Della Familia ever since she sold off her vineyard years ago. Trust me, Princess Celestia looked into it back when she was sending out our wedding invitations. Not even a recent tax filing from her could be found! The truth is... Mama doesn't want to be found, and respecting her wishes is probably for the best." Cadence tried her best to sound nonchalant; her mood always tended to sour the longer her thoughts dwelled on the mother she barely knew, and the alicorn didn't want to encourage Shiny to probe further into a mystery best left unexplored. Good thing for Cadence that Ms. Red was a master of immediately pivoting to fluffier topics! The story of her relationship with Shining Armor was definitely more up the Princess of Love's ally, and she showed it by lovingly locking her foreleg around one of her stallion's own. All the while, Cadence's eyes wore the same lovey-dooy expression that was usually reserved for lovesick adolescents. Even as Shiny's descent into an alternate fantasy-timeline caused his wife to blush tremendously, the mare couldn't help but mirror the smiling face of her partner. "Oh, Shiny you..." she wanted to playfully chastise the stallion for his transgressions, but staring at his gorgeous cerulean eyes for too long decimated the mare's resolve. Instead, the Love Princess did that what came most naturally to her. Her free forehoof reached out to cusp her husband's cheek as she leaned over to give his muzzle a Kiss of True Love. And being that this was True Love's Kiss, Cadence's lips lingered on their target and kept pressing deeper. Her wings shot upward to express her contentment, the alicorn not caring at all (or perhaps merely forgetting) that somepony old enough to be her mother was watching the two lovebirds.....
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    During Cadence's recounting of foalhool memories, Shining Armor's attention was focused on her, leaving Barbera some time to let a little sorrow slip through unnoticed. It would be altogether good for her to take the opportunity; as Shiny knew all too well, even a big strong stallion couldn't keep tears -ahem- 'liquid pride' bottled up forever. And for him, specifically, it wouldn't take much on Barbera's part to tug on his own heartstrings. A soldier's head could still be paired with a soft heart... Once his wife asked their host a question, Shiny turned back to her, just missing the wiping of the tears. He nodded and smiled at the mention of family, "I understand. After becoming a father myself, I found my perspectives on what I did and why shift. That is, after I had time to actually think; the first few months with Flurry were really crazy!" He laughed; he could do that now, given that he, Cadence, and the Crystal Empire was no longer in danger from their newest princess. "Hadn't realized until then how much I was willing to sacrifice for somepony, or how much my own parents sacrificed for me and Twily. They tell me it was all worth it, though, whenever we visit." He blinked. "Say, Cady, do you know where your mother lives? It'd be a shame to come down all this way and not pay her a visit too, after all!" Oh, Shiny, so innocent are the daggers you drive into the poor mare hosting you... Placing his glass down, he was about to ask for the next tasting, when Barbera asked him a question. He paused, memory racing back to an immortalized moment. For a moment, his face was impassive, before splitting into a grin much too large to be dignified. "Well! It was after I moved up into secondary school; I had a lot going on then, between ROTC, my weekly O&O group, and hoofball practice, that I couldn't watch my little sister most evenings. So, Princess Celestia assigned Cadence as her babysitter, and I met her when I came home from... wow, I can't actually remember what else I had going on that day. You were so much of a stunner, everything else just kind of..." He waved his hoof, whiffing through the air in a gesture of dismissal. "It all kind of built from there, really. We first bonded over Twily, and then started hanging out more with each other, when we could. Got a little harder to maintain contact after we took up our duties, with me in the guard and her growing into a Princess, but we managed it and, well, here we are!" Shiny's tone indicated that there was nowhere he'd rather be right now. "You could almost believe in destiny, the way it all turned out, with her coming all the way from Itaily to Canterlot, and then just being assigned to babysit my little sister. I couldn't imagine my life without Cady in it; though I sometimes wonder what would have happened if she hadn't left Itaily." The stallion's brow clouded over, troubled at the thought of never having his special somepony in his life, before his imagination leaped to the rescue, presenting a mental picture in gentle watercolor. "I can almost picture it, actually. The captain of the guard, accompanying Princess Celestia on a diplomatic tour of the area, catches a snippet of song over the hedges and walls." Smiling now, with eyes half lidded, he leaned over towards his wife as he continued the narration. "He follows the sound, looking over the stone to find the prettiest of pink pegasi, singing sweet arias among the grapevines..."
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    Sugar Malt would love to be part of this technically one of my ocs royal guard but who needs that anyway since the comic was cancelled She's already an official member of the guards and moving to Ponyville wouldn't be an issue
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    I feel that crushing disappointment interacting with anyone outside of my room. I found a bag of cosmetics that my neighbor gave to me and I put on my dresser then forgot about for a while. It was neat re-discovering all the cool stuff in it. I might be going to the beach tomorrow with my little sis. It depends on how early I can get home from work/sleep.
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    It was the middle of a warm summer day where she was in Canterlot. The birds outside were chirping and many ponies were out enjoying Celestia's sun. Those who weren't were inside of Ice Storm's shop seeking refuge from said summer warmth. As she was servicing her customers, she saw Derpy peek in just long enough to drop off a letter. She smiled and waved and handed the mare a free snow cone as she continued on her route. Ice felt bad for her. For such a nice mare she sure got a lot of flack just because of her eyes. It wasn't really fair, but she admired her because Derpy never let others bring her down. She was always happy... or at least showed that she was always happy. Once she was out of sight, and the line that she was working with died down, she opened the letter. Apparently, Discord was having a slumber party. There was a map that was... leading to her basement? She arched an eyebrow as she finished helping the customers she had before switching over the closed sign and cleaning up a bit. She went upstairs to her and Fire's bedroom leaving Fire Heart a note that she would be out for the night and making sure to pack her overnight protection. If she was going to be at a slumber party, it was even moreso required. She would much rather have to explain why she was wearing the padded garment to bed rather than having to explain why everypony was waking up in a puddle that very obviously had come from her. Once her saddle bag was full with the supplies that she'd need, and some impromtu snow cone supplies, she made her way towards the door that was marked with the X on the map. When she opened the door, she found a giant slide that went into darkness. She rolled her eyes. Of course Discord would have done something like that. He was chaos after all, and navigating his realm without assistance was almost impossible. She jumped down the slide and rode it all the way down squeeing and laughing like a little school filly all the way down as she landed right in front of the front door that she proceeded to knock on to ring the doorbell. From there she would await for Discord to let her in. "Discord! It's Icy! I'm here for the party!!!" she proclaimed not knowing who else was going to be here.
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    *me at the store today* REALLY? Applejack...What juice are you promoting?
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    Symph mentioned congee earlier. So good! I actually made it in culinary arts, and lightly flavored it with five spice. Then my partner decided to fling a fistful of salt in there and the Professor said "Good flavor, but too much salt." I was like
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    @Dunder @IceStorm @PyroBlaze @Dio The spirit was an energetic creature with the ability to alter space and time at a whim, and his temper, while as a fickle thing, was inherently bound by the limitations of his companions’ imaginations. Far be it for him to alter their inhibitions, but it often made games like his a dangerous pastime for the unprepared as they were quite the trial to overcome. His jokes were audacious and his point of view was caked over in salt from decades of boredom. He was still learning to understand the ponies, just as they were learning to understand him. Sometimes it took something big to really put a pony in their place. In his case it took a betrayal from Tirek for the Chimera of chaos to realize that having giving friends was much nicer than selfish neighbors and after his bear total reversion to a chaotic good form the ponies would realize they too had to let the spirit be himself and satisfy his cravings. It wasn't so much the world that he craved either, but all of it's delightful games and curious experiences. Be that rousing games of O&O or cases of love. “Oh my!” He cooed when his snoot was smooshed into the inventor's and his head vigorously pet. “My, my how lascivious darling.” He landed on the ground and ran his paw across the top of his bald head, spreading back a sleek, coiffed rainbow toupee with a bounce! How it sparkled! Fabulous. He manifested the book that Twilight had used in her studious overview of the pony sleepover. The tome sat perched on his lionesque digits as his hindlegs raised up from the ground. It almost looked as if he was floating, but in true defiance of law the maddened linguini floated with his rear appendage just an inch from any surface. Resting a pair of bifocal plunk on his snout the chaotic commander opened the book and leaned back, his rainbow pompadour bouncing. He pressed his index digit on the paper, the pad smooshing with a squosh. “This book details the finer points of a sleepover...but that's too by the book” He tossed it backwards into a blue portal only for a red one to appear above him. Holding out his paw and claw a sort of white box with hearts painted all over it landed in his grip. “This sorter will lovingly randomize our activities with simple ballots that don't emulate a magic 8 Ball, at all.” He would shake it a bit, the rattling of papers easily heard inside. “But we are lacking space for some of the activities.” In the castle?! That was disconcerting. “As well as players.” He pulled some invitations out his glorious rainbow coif. “So I'm going to send these invitations out.” He opened a portal into the mailroom and tossed them at Derpy, who was surprised by the sudden drop off. The deed was done! But wait where could they have a sleepover that is bigger than the castle grounds? Well the invitations came with a map that was easier to follow than the ancient map to the treasures of Yakyakistan prior to written language. It was full of pictograms and vague scribbled with arrows pointing to representations of structures in Canterlot. Eventually it would lead them to Chaosville, ensuring they arrived at the front door of his floating cottage. Of course they had to be sure to avoid the Bottomless Pit.
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    I did it. I graduated.
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    Gumball is officially the greatest cartoon ever.
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    What Fire Walker said was very true. The couple were indeed impressive. The land was torn by strife and it would be reasonable to assume that any such coupling in this time would be done quickly, as fearful of the red dawn as any other. But they had done things in a more...well, to Twilight's mind, Equestrian way. That had led them to this happy, happy day. “Same here. I can't imagine two caribou who deserve this more,” she said before giving Fire's dress another look. She was right there too. Rarity was the best in the world, she'd say. Some Neighponese seamstresses might beg to differ but Twilight would take Rarity in any professional competition. “She did well with you. Beautiful, Fire Walker,” Twilight complimented once more as the alert for the start of the ceremony went out. Twilight's eyes lit up as she trotted to her seat, excited to get to work! Her horn barely lit up as she tried to hide it as best she could, and it made sense given the spell she cast. Those around in her immediate area could see the faintest outline of a transparent notebook and quill hovering in front and below her, telepathically doing the proper work needed. After all, she was here as a friend but she was also here to learn. The books on Caribou wedding customs were hundreds upon hundreds of years old and contained outdated phrasing and detailing. No doubt large segments of it may still ring true, but that didn't mean that corrections were out of the equation. No doubt the passing of aeons had also meant the addition or subtractions of customs as well. She had a literal front-row seat to it all. This was a researcher's paradise, and to think she hadn't even marked this down as a research expedition on her calendar. That meant her self-imposed restriction on how much of her time could be taken up by such pursuits was not in any way affected. How awesome was that? She took her seat and allowed them to fill around her, making sure Chipper got his. She was always on the look-out for ponies she could help and it was obvious he was in need of...something. His lifestyle and what he seemed proud of spoke to a lot of backstory deserving of qualified research and psychiatry, less to 'fix' him and more to understand him. That was what ponies like him needed more than anything else, and she could at least attempt that. After the ceremony of course, which she watched with hawkish intensity hidden by a joyful mask of friendliness.
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    HI! I'm passing out at work! I'm the greatest Employee!
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    I'm a big supporter of spooders myself! As a result I have some fairly massive Wolfies that run around my house. They're like living bug roombas! Spent all day yesterday with my little sister. We went to Lush and got stuff -- face masks, body wash, some perfume, shopped almost every bloody store in the mall, then watched some terrible Netflix movies with said face masks. We also did a little music trade and were rockin' out to some new stuff! Guys, folk hop rock! Aaaah! So good!
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    Zap stood in wonder of his mother's explanation of the word danger. "Oooohhh, so owies are dan-ger-ous." Zap had listened to his mom say lots of things with lighthearted kindness, the way the best mothers would. But today, she was very intentional about what she was saying, and Zap reflected the seriousness of Applejack's voice with the stern undivided attention that was so rare for the heart of a foal. That is, until she mentioned getting a bubble bath for being a welll-behaved. "Yay, bubble bath!" Zap followed his mother towards the end of the orchard tree line, where the darkness started to grow. His subconscious was excited about the journey ahead, but his heart was singing a song, literally, out loud, even as the sun was shaded. Zap's songs were his own, and this one was no exception. "Bubble bath, bubble bath Bubble bubble bubble bath Bubble bath, bubble bath bubble bubble bubble bath"
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    Just like that! You don't need to worry about subtly.
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    Like those ring binder stickers? XDD
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    Applicant: Applejack Reason: She is a dear friend of Twilight and a deep lover of Ponyville, and is willing to defend it. She has always respected the REA and the Guard and with the Twilight Guard being local she thinks it is proper for her to try and give it a go and be all she can be. With Apple Bloom growing older and doing more at Sweet Apple Acres, the family's success allowing them to get some good farmhooves, and Zap Apple old enough for her not to feel obligated to keep an eye on him 24/7, she feels she has the time, too. Plus the daycare package is to die for.
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    I started a new job and I didn't even get an interview or any of the standard run around for a new hire. I literally walked in and was put straight to work, although its just standard restaurant work so its not difficult to pick up on. They haven't even asked to see any legal documents confirming that i'm even legally allowed to work. More annoyingly, they haven't made any attempt to get my bank details, even after I enquired about it. One day i'd like to work for someone competent. On the bright side Rosie appeared in my dream for the first time, depicted as an old woman with long orange hair sitting in front of a computer frantically typing and scrolling. I didn't interact with you, I was too busy playing the role as a white blood cell from Cells at work.
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    I think there's a difference between gore and violence just cause, and gore/violence to push the story forward. Parasyte and MiA do this as a means to propel and enrich the story, and it's not just for the sake of having it. FMA:B is a perfect balance between story and squick moments. You should check out Elfen Lied (best opening ever) and Brynhildr in the Darkness. Incidentally both of these are by the same mangaka. I also found this, which I think is really neat:
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    Celestia was right, at least in the abstract. It was well known that bandits had many different stories detailing the causes of their proclivity for crime. No one chose that lifestyle purely for the sport of it, at least deep down in their core. This much Twilight believed. But in counter, Bluebelle was right. The ponies who turned to banditry had other choices. Equestrian charity and kindness to those in need were legendary across the world. If being economically disenfranchised was the only or primary cause, then it would be an easy problem to solve. And there were no easy solutions, at least as far as Twilight could see. That was what made it vexing. That is what made it so enticing a topic of discussion, so amazing a problem to be confronted. Granted, Twilight would have much rather been shown problems that weren't necessarily as dark as this, but it wouldn't have been a problem worthy of this meeting of the Princesses if it was small. Twilight absorbed what the other three were saying, but that topic got more enriching with the arrival of Cadance. Unlike the rest of them, she controlled a region that was bordering several places that were not only untamed but actively hostile. No region encountered more banditry on average than the Crystal Empire. The Badlands and all territories that were inside of it hosted more bandits than anywhere else, as well as Changeling Hives, rogue elements, and even Traditionalist Caribou clans. Very difficult to control, made Cadance's knowledge stand out. More than that, she was a calming presence. Celestia had...a certain intensity, while Luna's hopefully unintentional brooding matched well with Bluebelle's somewhat exciting churlishness. Twilight ever focused on solutions; this meant that it was Cadance alone who had the clearest head amongst them. At least, that was Twilight's hope. “Cadance, I'm so happy you made it,” Twilight said, getting up and giving her sister-in-law a hug before taking her seat back quickly, focusing as she was on the work ahead of them. She produced another copy of the documents and gave them to Cadance. All four gave very focused and clear thoughts on the matter. But there seemed to be something missing when they discussed the bounty hunting program, and before Twilight considered the rest she felt she had to issue some corrections. “Pardon me for this, Princess Celestia, but I wouldn't call creating a program to try and ensure more ethical bounty hunting as equating to...legalized terror and fighting? We already pay bounties to bounty hunters when they get a bounty. And you are loathe to hire mercenaries to complete such work, but that means you have hired mercenaries to complete the work before. In a sense, the current way we are dealing with bandits could be considered legalized terror because the bounty hunters and mercenaries involved don't have any ethical considerations to worry about. By creating a system with some boundaries and guidelines we aren't legalizing terror, we are promoting ethical and moral for-profit law enforcement,” she said before looking at Bluebelle and nodding, “though I believe Bluebelle is right. There is no way we can guarantee that any group we create or system we promote will ensure a complete and total reversal of the attitudes of those who use it, so we have to make allowances for a certain...sharpness to the personalities involved. Then again, we can't ensure ourselves that every member of the REA or any similar organization is entirely in-line with the promoted values of their post. All we can do is do what we can to ensure what we do is the best we can do.” She took a breath before continuing, thinking over Luna's idea. “And I think that the idea of trying to combine the two facets of a possible solution into one is possible, but perhaps unwieldy. First and foremost, this isn't a border problem, or at least, a border problem we can fix with additional border stations. Most cross-border raids happen too quickly for even quick-reaction forces from the REA to respond, and those responsible tend to melt far away from the borders. Any pursuit could draw them into a wider, open conflict. And that doesn't even take into consideration the bandit groups inside the borders or operating out of the Everfree. Additionally, rehabilitation of former bandits where possible is likely to be a long process, and saddling the same organization with different tasks can resource issues. Having a licensing program for bounty hunting means that the onus remains on bounty hunters- individuals and organizations- to fund and complete the jobs themselves, and also allows them to go where any group we create would be unable to go. That then allows the rehabilitation organization or department to have all the resources it needs to do their job properly,” she said, allowing herself to think of another possible solution. She'd have to sketch it out. “I think this version of the idea definitely has some excellent merit. When and where it works as intended, having both purposes in the same organization can create a streamlined system. We would need to tread carefully on having such organizations connected too far to the Crown, however. A bounty hunter license is no different from a business license with some strings attached, while an official contract with governmental authority makes them answerable to not only us, but makes us answerable for their actions to other governments. All it would take is one such group to get over-zealous and pursue their marks into Aquellian territory and for a citizen of their nation to get injured or worse to start a legitimate international incident. If a single bounty hunter does that? That isn't something we have to answer for. Technically, speaking. Morally is another matter entirely,” she shook her head. She had taken up a lot of time talking. “What I can do is draw up both proposals, including variations of them. A bounty-hunter licensing system with a separate organization for bounty hunting, a border-watching and rehabilitation private organization, and all versions therein. Bluebelle, I would like to work with you on several aspects of this, most importantly the rehabilitation element as well as what limits can we expect to have on those who are licensed or part of a broader organization. As part of that, we can pull up all known interrogations, communications, and total histories of bandits we have on files so we can begin to study the problem. I can speak to Captain Fire Walker- she has had a number of experiences with both Bandits and the bounty hunters that hunt them- and several ponies I know who have collected bounties and don't fit the general mold. Of course, I would like all your input into what we would want and not want out of these programs. I can hope to have the various mock-ups done in a week or two, give or take how much time I spend on our previously discussed economic concern,” she said, whipping her head to the two Princesses who weren't there earlier, “which, speaking of, I have the detailed discussion and information in the documents I gave you. Trying to transcribe it aetherically while involved was harder than I thought it would be, but I think it should help!” Now came something new. Celestia had been acting...a little strange tonight to be sure but she had a lot on her mind. And that was starting to foment into the need for some new action. She wanted to visit the land, especially the border settlements, and learn what was going on in the fringes. Twilight approved of this. Celestia was a Heartland Princess through and through but had been so involved for so long that she had rarely gone outside of that region. More experience was always better. “If you and Bluebelle are going to head to the border, I'd be happy to do what I can to help everything run smoothly,” she said quickly, always excited and eager to aid her former mentor in anything she needed. As always, Cadance provided an excellent prod. Twilight's mind was buzzing with so much information and a thousand and one ideas that she almost forgot she could chip in. “Oh! Yes. Yes, I have. Between my various adventures and the more social aspect of my Princesshood, I have done a lot of work on the borders of Equestria. The border regions have their struggles, but nothing uncommon. As was discussed earlier, there can be odd trade imbalances, but this doesn't lead to parts of border towns crashing down into poverty since even the most far-flung settlements are still part of our national budgetary system. If anything, this means that border towns tend to be over-saturated with trade infrastructure rather than the opposite. We haven't had a new settlement fail economically in generations. It is generally the towns on the inner-outer ring of expansion that face problems, but those were discussed before. Crime doesn't tend to be higher in the settlements. Most initial waves of settlers tend to share very similar goals and philosophies. Tax fraud and other instances of anti-crown activities are likewise rare. In any of my visits to towns and settlements near the border I never ran into any troubles. Indeed, almost the opposite. I found that some of the most loyal and Princess-loving ponies I've ever met were those that lived on the very edge of Equestria. Still, I'm not blind to the fact that while I might be the Princess of Friendship, but most ponies will always look up to you more. I hope your visit to these areas will find what I experienced to be the truth, and I hope you two have an excellent census!” she said, her excitement at taking a Census more than a little unusual. She looked around, hoping she hadn't missed anything. “So, we have the following: I will mockup the various nuts and bolts proposals, with a bit of help in various areas. I can have this done quickly. Celestia and Bluebelle will conduct a thorough examination of the border regions to ensure that our eyes are wide open on the subject. Luna and I will handle duties here until you return,” she said, turning to Luna, “though to be fair, I will have to lean heavily on your greater experience in the matter. In all likelihood, you'll likely be calling most of the shots.”
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    The griffon gave off her usual beaky grin as the large earth pony pondered her suggestions. From what she had heard about the Apple family, she could not help but realize how similar her own family was. They both lived in the same town for generations, and worked with family. Zelda had her smithy in Rockwington that was run by her parents and siblings. She later learned how it felt to lose an parent at a early age. And they created what was needed by pretty much everyone. Except this foolish bird flew the coop and wanted to do something more. Which included being a bit of an the artsy fartsy and even dating ponies! Oddly enough, this had not bothered her parents one bit. They wanted her follow her dreams. "Oh, I know traditions alright as I'm from Rockwington and there isn't a single thing they do out there that's not bound by some ancient code..From how you greet a neighbor to wiping your behind....We tried our best not to end up like the poor souls in Griffonstone and while it's no Canterlot, we do alright over there.", she added. After getting his approval, the handy-griffon grabbed her tools and followed the hunky-horse into the barn. There were a few things that bothered her. There were nasty little trails of shmutz on the lower portions of the wooden walls. From what she remembered from her father, these were tunnels termites created to move food back to their colony! Near this were wood with empty openings in the side. Even worse were droppings! Nasty nasty droppings! Zelda knocked on the wood, and she could hear it...Hollow.. She turned to Big Mac, "This is not good...", she shook her head, "I wouldn't be much help here....When the old tool storage shed was infested, we just tore the sucker down and cleaned the area with Nematodes...Do you know anyone who can fix this?", as she spoke, the bird stepped on an old wooden vent, which was also infested...This quickly started to crack...
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    Let's be honest, space isn't very nice to dinos...especially when it comes to you! I finished Ancient Magus Bride. My gawd so good. I feel like anime is in another golden renaissance. LOOK AT THESE TWO. SO CUTE
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    Why hello there, darling! Eager to join our little World of Equestria game? Looking to let all that wonderful creative energy flow free? Well, before you do get started, you're going to have to submit a Canterlot.com character application. A gorgeous dress starts with a fabulous design and much the same can be said for a fantastic character! Your character's application is that design; it's there to tell us all exactly who your character is and how we can expect him or her to behave in the RP. For that reason, it is imperative that you fill it out and fill it out right! Luckily I'm here to tell you just how to make your application shine like the most beautiful of diamonds! So listen up and let Miss Rarity tell you exactly how this is done! The application must include all of the following, so listen closely. Absolutely no skipping anything, now! How to title your application: Now, before we dive in and get started on what goes in the application, I must first explain how we like for applications to be titled. Every character application starts with the title. It's the first thing ponies see--it's the thing that catches the RP Team's attention. So, needless to say it's important that one fills it out just right! Right? But how do we do that? Well, a title needs to start off with a topic prefix for the character's species; you should find a drop down box when you go to post your application that contains all of the options! This part is as simple as just picking one of the choices from the list. When you do, it'll appear in the title for you; you don't have to write anything! You do need to write in your character's name, however, followed by a label for the application's status in the title box. Now this last thing is particularly important, so do listen up, dear. For the status label, you have two options: [Ready] and [WIP]. [Ready] is for applications that are ready to be receive feedback from the RP Team. It does not mean that you are absolutely sure your application is the pinnacle of perfection, and in fact you could still be actively working on it; it just tells us all that you are ready to move forward with the process. Applications with this tag should soon be noticed and reviewed by one of the RP Helpers. [WIP] on the other hand, is for applications that you are still actively working on. These are incomplete applications that are not ready for RP Helper eyes just yet. If you are looking for feedback on an application DO NOT use this label, as it tells the team specifically that you're not ready for them yet (though RP Helpers may still look at and comment on [WIP] applications at their own discretion from time to time). ​ Name: Let's on to the actual application content. To start with, before anything else, your character is going to need a name! Everypony has one! Now, we ponies, you'll find, have certain naming conventions. Our names aren't quite like the names of you humans. A good pony name is comprised of one or two words, usually having to do with our talents or personality. I happen to be a pony of truly uncommon beauty, talent and charm who is also adept at finding rare gemstones, for instance, so of all the possible names, Rarity certainly is the most fitting! Essentially, just remember to stay away from human names and you'll most likely be fine. Oh, and do also remember that we ponies don't typically have set surnames--Applejack and that oversized family of hers don't all have names ending in Apple after all! Of course, if your character is not a pony, you're playing by a different set of rules here! For your dragons, griffons and such, we're more open to all kinds of naming possibilities within reason. ​ Sex: Now this one is simple, dear. What gender is your pony? You should indicate Male or Female here. I'm afraid we don't allow any other options, so please stick with one or the other--even if you feel your pony falls somewhere in the middle.​ Age: For a pony's age, we ask that you DO NOT give a specific number (we do not know the number of years ponies live, or at what rate they age). Instead, please use one of the following labels: Foal - for ponies who are young children, regardless of gender Colt - for male ponies who are in their teenage years Filly - for female ponies who are in their teenage years Stallion - for adult male ponies Mare - for adult female ponies. You are welcome to add modifiers like "older" or "young" to give us a a more specific idea of just how old the character is, just don't give us any numbers for age (and that goes for ANYWHERE in the application)! For non-pony characters, you should use equivalent non-pony related terms for age. Child, Teen and Adult will usually be just fine, but if you want to use terms more specific to the character's species, that should be fine as well.​ Species: Another straight forward field here! What species is your character, dear? A pegasus? An earth pony? A lovely, majestic unicorn like myself? Or perhaps you are looking to create something a little more exotic? Griffons, zebras, cute little baby dragons like Spike? There truly are a lot of options! If you wish to avoid undue trouble, please do make sure you look at the Playable Species List to make sure your species is something that's allowed first though!​ Eye colour: What colour are your character's eyes? Any solid colour is fine, but we ask that you stay away from any really unusual eye effects. Keep it simple and you should have no problems here, darling! ​ Character Colour: Describe for us your character's colours. If your character is a pony, give us the coat colour. A zebra? Tell us about those stripes! A dragon? The scales!​ Mane/Tail/Other: Tell us about the character's mane and tail! You need to indicate the colour (or colours) as well as a general idea of how the mane and tail are styled. Feel free to include any hats or mane accessories here as well, if you like--as well as any facial hair for all your distinguished stallions! Be as descriptive as you can! ​ Physique: For this, just tell us a little about your character's shape. How big or small is your character? Is he or she muscular? Thin? Stocky? Glamorous? You can also use this space to tell us about any distinguishing marks, scars or physical abnormalities your character might have on his or her body. Use your creativity, but make sure you keep everything within reason and don't go overboard! Your character should look like he or she fits in the world where he or she will exist.​ Residence: Simple! Just tell us where your character currently lives. This is important, as it tells other players what locations they can expect to see you play your character in the RP. If you need help, take a look at our list of World of Equestria Locations for ideas!​ Occupation: What is your character's job? Please do keep this reasonable for the world in which the character will exist. If your character d0es not have an occupation, feel free to use this space to tell us how they spent their free time.​ Cutie Mark: In this section, we ask that you describe your character's cutie mark. Give us details, darling! Pictures help, but are not required. Do make sure the cutie mark is both appropriate and accurately describes your character. Stay away from symbols that are trademarked or already have a clear and explicit association with something else, such as flag symbols; the cutie mark should be something entirely personal having to do specifically with your character or his or her talents after all. You also need to tell us how your pony got his or her cutie mark. Trust me, the moment in which somepony receives their cutie mark is an important one for absolutely everypony! Just describe in however much detail as you please the events surrounding this pivotal moment in your pony's life. Make sure the story is appropriate and logical. We should be able to easily understand how these particular events lead to this particular mark appearing. It is simply not acceptable for you to not know or not be sure what the cutie mark means in relation to the character. All ponies get cutie marks, and they get them when they are still young. An adult mare or stallion will always have her or his cutie mark, no exceptions! However, for all of your fillies, colts and foals, bare flanks are definitely still a possibility. If this is the case, it is enough to simply indicate as much. Oh, and if your character is not a pony or pony related species, it's fine to simply answer "not applicable" here.​ Unique Traits: Tell us about the little things special to your pony. If he or she has any special abilities, like my gem finding and fashion magics or my friend Pinkie's Pinkie Sense, include them here. Physical skills and skill with weapons or tools would also go here. As with everywhere else, we encourage creativity, but do make sure that the abilities make sense for the world to which your character will belong. The abilities should also not be of the sort that stress power over character; remember that this is a social game and the fun will come in cooperating with others. No one is going to want to engage with a character who feels unfairly overpowered. I would also advise that you steer clear of abilities which directly mimic those of me or my friends and acquaintances. Unique is the key word here. Rainbow might dazzle us all with her Sonic Rainboom, but that doesn't mean your character should be able to perform their own version of a Rainboom too. It's never fashionable to be a copycat.​ History: Describe your character's history. Tell us all about his or her life. Be as creative and descriptive as you like, darling. A good history is important, but we're not asking for every detail of your character's life story. As a general guideline, these are some of the basic questions you might consider answering about your pony in this section:Where was your character born?How was life for him or her growing up?Who are his or her parents and how do they get along with your character?Is there any other family we should know about?What is his or her life like now?How did your character get to where he or she is?Where does he or she hope to go from here?​ Character Personality: This one is probably the single most critical field when it comes to RP: how your character will behave. Again, you should be as inventive and as thorough as you are able. List their hobbies, likes, dislikes and any other little quirks your character might have. Be sure to tell us how your character will act and interact with others. Good characters will be unique, well-rounded and well thought out personalities. Remember that no one is perfect; your character should have flaws and faults, fears and worries! Do note that, particularly introverted characters will be a lot harder to utilize in RP. As I said previously, the game will rely on you engaging with and interacting with others--so characters who refuse to do this likely won't be as much for you or anyone else. ​ Character Summary: Finally, give us a brief summary of your character overall. This should just be a condensed version of who the character is overall. Be sure to include all the most important details. This section should give someone reading it the general idea of who your character is in the broader sense, even if they haven't read any of the rest of the application.​ That about covers what should be included in the application, but there are a few more things that you absolutely need to know before you get started, dear! Applications should be written in plain, black, left-aligned text, with only the labels for the various fields in bold. Believe me, I understand the need to make everything gorgeous, but the RP team is looking for information that is easy to read, not pretty to look at. We prefer you write applications in third person. It's just easier to extract the needed information that way! Pictures of the character are very much welcomed, but are certainly not required for an application to be approved. If you're still unsure about anything after all that I've told you, feel free to direct any questions you may have to any of the talented and dedicated Canterlot.com RP Helpers! Have fun! To get started, just copy the application form below and paste it onto a new thread for your application: Character Application: Roleplay Type: Name: Sex: Age: Species: Eye colour: Coat: Mane/Tail: Physique: Residence: Occupation: Cutie Mark: Unique Traits:History: Character Personality: Character Summary: ​ Addendum on Roleplaying as Antagonists and the Value of Communication: Since the World of Equestria roleplay now allows for play in worlds where unsavory characters may more commonly exist, there are a few other things we ask you to keep in mind, particularly in the case that the character your making is of a more wicked nature. If creating a thread where conflict is likely to arise, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you set up an out of a character discussion thread and link it in the original post. This is actually a good thing to have for any RP thread, but for threads involving villains and the like, just having a space to communicate with everyone else involved will spare you all so much confusion and frustration. "Power gaming", "God-Moding" and the like--that is roleplaying which is unfair, where one player dominates a thread and refuses to let his or her character be effected by events in the thread, be shown in a negative light or simply just doesn't play along with others. If such behavior is noticed, players are advised to report it to the staff using the Report button located at the bottom right of every post on the forum. Reported posts will be reviewed and if we agree that the behavior is inappropriate, the posts will be removed. Guilty roleplayers will not receive punishment beyond this, though they might receive a verbal warning from the mod staff upon repeated infractions. Remember that your roleplaying partners, by rule, must have your consent to do ANYTHING in the RP. If someone does something to your character which you do not like, you do not have to accept that it has happened. Roleplay needs to be fun for everyone involved, and for that proper communication is vital. If you're ever in a situation where you're unsure if doing something to someone else's character is okay or not, ASK THEM FIRST! Courtesy goes along way, darling. And finally, do be aware that, if a thread becomes an ongoing problem--that is, if frequent reports and complaints are received or if wildly inappropriate behavior is noticed--and no other recourse can be found, such a thread may be locked without notice by the Canterlot staff.​ The goal here is for our players to have fun; newer players should be encouraged to develop roleplay skill without ridicule or threat of punishment for "doing it wrong." Skilled players should do everything in their power to help support the newer ones. Remember that everyone is new once and deserves the chance to improve--something only done through actively playing with other skilled players. I do hope our players will keep this in mind as we continue to develop this -- and other roleplay sections -- at Canterlot!