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    The rooster crows at the first light. As the sun peeks over the horizon, settled fog is exposed in the valleys of the apple orchard giving it the nonverbal command to quickly disperse. Conditions were perfect. It was a relatively beautiful day with a chilly breeze to remind all living creatures of the coming holiday seasons, the first of which was to be a Ponyville tradition known by ponies far and wide. It was cider season at Sweet Apple Acres! Along the road back to Ponyville from the farm were rows and rows of tents where ponies camped last night in an attempt to try and beat the crowds. The famous cider had created an insane demand for its taste, but the Apple family way of doing things would only yield so much cider for so many ponies to drink. Applejack would always assure everypony that there would be enough cider for all as long as ponies were willing to not take shortcuts and wait for the process of making the best cider in Equestria. And even though she would always be faced with criticism of short supply, she would be right all along and in time everyone would eventually go home happy and Applejack would be able to take a few barrels of cider for her family and herself for the next few weeks. The season wouldn't officially start for another hour or so, but even so several ponies were getting restless in their cooperative lines waiting behind the great cider counter set up at where the farm paths meet the road. The counter was adorned with all the spigots and tools needed to uncork new barrels and squeeze the apple nectar into wooden tankards, which were clean ready for their first pour. Applejack allowed ponies to bring their own vessels for the cider, but if not, she had a rotation of clean mugs ready for every customer that needed them. The sign above told everything everycreature probably already knew. 'Two bits for a cup, limit one per pony per day.' "Apple Bloom, could you bring over that spare pump, I think this one might quit on us at some point." Applejack yelled lovingly to her little sister as the orange mare looked over her counter for problems to minimize. To Applejack this was like any other day, it just had the higher volume of customers and slightly more tourism. Ever since the debacle from Flim and Flam trying to put the farm out of business, a healthy coating of sympathy and appreciation covered the cider season operation, with some ponies offering their help on the back end to make more cider and clean equipment involved in the process. Of course, Applejack was more than willing to pay a fair wage to the ones who earned it. She stepped out onto the road and looked down it, seeing the long line of ponies getting excited for their cider breakfast. The low sun reflected off the luster of the Ponyville road. "Howdy! How ya'll doing this morning? You guys ready for cider season to start?" Cider season wouldn't start for several minutes, but it was still nice to have a little moment to make small talk with the colorful ponies of Ponyville to help them manage their expectations and to gauge how impatient the crowd might become this year.
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    RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Reckless was a liiiiitle late getting herself up and outta her tent. "Whew! What in Celestia happen-..." Her exclamation cut off as she realized she wasn't the only pony around. It was true though, Celestia only knew what she'd gotten into last night. She was, in fact, in a line... a very long line. "Why was I here again?" She tapped chin thoughtfully for a moment before the commotion further up the line drifted down to her. "Ah! Sweet Apple Acres cider!" She trotted in place for a moment, excited to taste some of that amazing golden goodness! She just wished she didn't have to wait in this dang line! The hybrid bat checked out the scene. Lots of ponies, yep, looooots of ponies. Most were run of the mill regular Ponyville ponies, bleh. Boring. Some were a bit more flooty and snooty, and some were ahha! Some were famous! She spied the pretty no, beautiful pink unicorn up at the front of the line. "Well, if I'm gonna do this I better do it right!" She ran a hoof through her mussed up hot pink mane to "fix it" as best she could. The bat pone trotted up like she owned the place, ignoring the ponies along that way that gave her stares of irritation for cutting the line. "What?" She smirked at one such fussy bottomed pony. "I'm just gonna go say hi to my friend!" A little closer and she could see that that same beautiful unicorn, who just happened to be fairly famous too, was hoofed over a mug of the good stuff! "Perfect timing!" She slowed to a calm walked and sidled up next to the fancy mare. "Hey there sweetness." Her words issued silky smooth like the feel of that perfect cider.
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    “...‘Family Discount Package for Equestria Land: The Magicalist Place on Earth’, don’t qualify... ‘The Ultimate Deal: A Romantic Roaman Wedding’, don’t qualify... ‘Crystal Empire Honeymoons: HALF-OFF!!!’..... Geeez. By Star Swirl’s beard, it’s like nopony offers you discounted vacations anymore unless you’ve got a spouse or kids.....” Stretching her legs after a long airship flight to Kastrot, naturally the first thing Moony did was telekinetically grab a whole bunch of vacation pamphlets to read as she disembarked off the flying vessel. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like travel companies felt like attracting young unmarried adults with little to no household obligations was much of a priority these days. Which was a shame, because Moony and most of her Magic Guild cohorts fell into that “young unmarried adult” category. Thankfully, Kastrot’s ruling unicorns were footing the bill for the Magic Guild’s current outing. Officially, Moony & Pals were part of a delegation led by Duchess Silver Belle, who was to represent Equestria in discussions to establish an interlibrary loan arrangement between Canerlot's School of Magic and Kastrot's legendary College of the Arcane. A chance to visit the grounds of the most mysterious magical academy known to ponykind? What self-respecting spellcaster could reject that opportunity??? Disembarking the zeppelin, a vertigo-suffering pony would be advised to look over the side of the docking ramp, for the airship was moored to one of Kastrot’s highest stone towers. Moony however wasn’t scared of heights; having left her heavy luggage under the care of her dutiful partner Pocket Change, the unicorn mare put away the offending pamphlets from earlier as she switched gears towards the latest task at hoof; “Okay then, they said a unicorn would be waiting for us in this tower with a placard with our Guild sigil on it, and that their name is Heart Stopper. Huh; kinda sounds like the name of some evil, ugly ole’ assassin, dontcha’ think?”
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    “Huh,” Flash commented as Pretezas wrapped up her story about Empress... Yu, or so her name apparently was. “You’d think Yu’s handlers would have tried harder to chase you off. But I guess not even an Empress is immune to Pres’s charms, heh heh.” The stallion gave his date a playful wink. As if on cue, Flash Sentry himself blushed in the face of the painter pony’s charm when she played up his skill as a protector. Personally, Flash knew better than to believe he could take on a party of Viking Caribou... even one alone would pose a highly challenging threat! Nonetheless, the Corporal had the good sense of projecting outer confidence by giving his companion a return nuzzle. “Oh yes,” remarked the pegasus; “They’re the caribou clan that paint themselves blue. We’ve been seeing more of those guys around Canterlot recently, especially going in and out of the Clan Askr Ambassador’s residence. Wonder what’s up with that? So Pres, did you manage to make any caribou friends on your last voyage to Whitescar?”
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    "Last time we were this close to Crystal Heart, I was doing my best to not get my head looped off by caribou berserker. And Fire had similar experience and then some. Although we don't rule out going on vacation there soon." Princess Cadence’s ears dejectedly flopped downward; it seemed like some ponies still had the Crystal Faire Invasion fresh on their minds. And... was the Crystal Empire REALLY that remote of a realm? Crystal Spire could easily be reached via a several-hour long train ride, for Celestia’s sake! Regardless, it wasn’t in Cadence’s nature to be confrontational. Accepting that the Count was dead-set on having the honeymoon elsewhere, the princess meekly replied with a glum sideways glance; “Oh... I see.....” "She did write to me about their son. Even tried to set up a playdate with Flurry for little... Zap, I think it was?" “Zap Apple,” Cadence quickly filled in the blanks for Shining, grateful for the pivot away from the perceived shortcomings of a Crystal Empire honeymoon. When asked if a playdate was possible, the alicorn replied; “Hmmm... it’ll be tough, seeing that we won’t be visiting Ponyville too often once Twily moves back to Canterlot. But maybe our families could meet up next Summer Sun Celebration? Hopefully we can make it work out; I wanna see how much Zap has grown!” "Let's see now, I think I see the beginning of something beautiful over there, Cady. Not to mention, there's probably a good story over there." An appreciation for couple-watching was certainly one trait of Cadence’s that rubbed off onto Shining Armor. Something about the second couple struck the princess as familiar. It then dawned on her; “Oh yeah, the diamond dog’s companion must be the pony who wrote to Dear Cady about not making a scene over their date. I’m not seeing anypony else with a runt, it looks like. Oh, and it looks like they’re having a good time so far!” "In fact, the only one I see alone is... oh dear, one of mine." “Awwww,” Cadence pouted out of pity, sympathetic to the plight of being alone at an event where so many attendees are coupled up; “She looks SO bored to tears. How about we wave her over and find her a companion before the night’s through! Don’t you agree, Shiny?”
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    Applejack thought it time for the kiss, and so she leaned in- and then briefly, imperceptibly, stopped. She gulped, though it was hidden behind a smile. Naj was not Ocellus or some new Changeling that could only be imagined as the new, friendlier, kinda doofy breed that embraced Harmony. Applejack remembered how Naj looked. She remembered what she had heard about her upbringing, what she had done. Applejack knew Naj was great and had a great heart. But Applejack had memories. Queen Chrysalis, fooling Applejack. In Roam, on a date for charity. Alone all night. Sucked dry of her love for everything, taken advantage of in the worst way possible.It had taken her weeks to recover physically and emotionally just from the attack itself, to feel something again. If sh was honest with herself it had never fully gone away, the pain of what happened, and never would. It would be a cold day in Tartarus before Applejack could forgive Chrysalis. But she'd be damned if she allowed that color her perception of anyling else, even if the last time she kissed one... Applejack disallowed the cycle from starting over again, taking Naj by her cheeks and pulling her fiercely towards Applejack. The mare then planted a deep, wet kiss on Naj and allowed it to linger. When she was done she let Naj go. "Well, Ah hope you still look for a place 'round these parts. Yer a damn fine citizen of Ponyville and we're lesser without ya," she said, ending with a deep-throated laugh. She swept the bits up with her hoof. HEr heart stopped beating a mile a minute and the anxiety that had threatened to take root, the thumping of blood in her ears, banished with the dark memories. It was a good time to be Applejack and an even better time to be Naj. After all, she had a heck of a bushel. "Enjoy yer bushel. Should keep for a while. They also make good food when yer...away from town for a while. 'Course Ah'm biased, but that don't make it any less tha truth Naj. Don't be a stranger now, ya hear?" *Naj* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    “Nah, of course not!” Flash assured Presteza that he gown didn’t look silly, but then he added a playful smirk; “Although I’ll contend your Princess Luna costume is a strong runner-up to Best Presteza Outfit, heh.” He clearly remembered that detail from their very first encounter. As the dinner portion of the evening wrapped up, Pres’s mention of her meeting the Empress of Long Guo caught the servicepony’s notice. “How’d you manage that?” Flash asked his date; “Scuttlebutt from buddies of mine is that Long Guo's empress is surrounded by an army of bodyguards and handlers wherever she goes. Apparently they are, hmmm, how to put this diplomatically... hard to work with. And as the old saying goes; ‘One does not simply pop in on the Empress’.”
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    Applejack was pleasantly surprised to see the mare who came to her stand next was none other than Tempest Shadow herself! She was a strong mare. Combative and blunt, having led a rough life that didn't seem to play easy with her so she didn't play easy with it. New scars told Applejack that she wasn't keeping her nose entirely out of trouble but she had been keeping her name out of the papers. Small steps for big mares may not seem all that special but Applejack knew you had to take what you could get with some of the more fighty ones. And Tempest sure did qualify under that bracket. Luckily she did eventually crack her cold demeanor with a warmer smile and a question that tugged at Applejack's overplucked heartstrings. “It's been real good down here. Same stuff day in, day out! Zap Apple's been good. Why, he has started countin' his numbers real good-like. He's gonna be tha smartest stallion in tha whole wide world Ah reckon,” she said with a mighty chuckle, though her look of pride needed no augmentation. She really did think the world of her little stallion and knew that this opinion would be shared by literally every last pony who ever met them, Celestia help those that thought otherwise if she knew about them. “Ah hope you've been doin' well, Tempest,” Applejack said as she washed her stand top once again, partially out of nervousness. “Got worried 'bout ya. Happy ta see ya here again!” She said with a mighty big smile as a capper. She then spread her forelegs out over the stand. “So, what we got here is a nice deal. Five bits an you get yerself a bushel of fine Sweet Apple Acres apples. Not only that, but you get a big kiss from lil' ol' me,” she said with a wink. “So, what'll it be? What sorta apple's got yer name on it today?” *Tempest Shadow* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    A few weeks ago my kids were pronouncing exaggeration as ejaculation and I was like: Then it turns out that when I reach up to write on the board you can see my underwear. So i've pretty much flashed my class multiple times like: And then I accidentally kicked a child like:
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    “It’s all about the money. Even with the discounts, they’ll probably get more money out of one of those trips if it’s two ponies instead of one. They want to incentivize that.” Magnus said, cracking his neck a bit as he emerged after Moony and stretched as well. With that out of the way, he looked around the area with mixed feelings that didn’t reach his face. Home sweet home... Part of the only reason he wanted on this trip was to see what it was like back here nowadays. Maybe some recon for his eventual revenge against the family. Maybe just a chance to further his abilities. Either way would be helpful, really. “All in all sounds more like a good-looking assassin. Stopping hearts with beauty is certainly a saying.” He commented idly, looking around the area some more, partially to find this Heart Stopper.
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    Tempest flicked an ear as the pink bird pony felt the need to speak up. She groaned and looked over her back at the filly with a cold, uncaring look she was so well known for. “I’m not gonna be baited in to that. Last thing I need is twilight sitting me down for some long friendship talk on why my discipline is not ok to use on colts and fillies.” She remarked looking away from them. But it seems Grubber had to open his trap again. At least he was not talking at her so she can’t really get angry at him for talking at another around her. Fleet days were long gone. Even if his lisp made her skin crawl. But hearing him stand up for her was… funny. He was ever faithful in his own way. For how much she hated how useless he was, he was not a total failure. His trust and willingness to follow her orders was good. Now if only he was not so lacking in all other things! Maybe when he’s older she can try her hoof at training him better? Was it even worth it? Probably not. But few were willing to go on rants about how good sh- hold up. Her ears flicked as she turned her head to look at him. ‘Best friend anybody can ask for’? It made a soft snort leave her muzzle. That was a lie. It's been almost two years and she’s not made one… Not for a lack of trying. It's not her fault. Was it? Whatever. It was almost her turn and she was getting hungry.
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    "It's not a button. It's a dial Moto. And there is no off option on it. It simply goes from 'Low' to 'Shut Up Already'." noblepony corrected his fiancee while adding some self-shade. "Well not my kind of relaxing...." Swift grumbled in muted protest. Then again it was probably him. Not many other ponies would find, say, bungee jumping as a refreshing experience. Events like these in comparison, absolutely bored him. "And small talk about what Dear? So far besides you and me there is nopony else that I kno...." Oh thanks Harmony! His prayers were delivered! If only some of his fellow EPIC members could show up, this event would get even more bearable. Than again, EPIC was not an official formation. Did they even count as a, military? A commando unit like Honor Guard perhaps? Come to think of it, most of members were the civilians, even if they had prior experience in REA or REIN, himself included. He needs to talk with Sparkle about this. seeing that soon enough everything will be in her hooves, perhaps she has few ideas to reorganize things a little. "When did she came back? Wasn't Pretzy....a Court Artist for Long Guo Empress?" Swift was asking real questions here.... "Probably they can. Everything counts in large amounts." Swift answered unconsciously. "Wait what am I saying?! And why we are sitting here? Let's join her!" swordpony was so hungry for social activity that he bounced from his seat, pulled Fire from her own and proceeded to move through the crowd while dragging their meals (and his suitcases) through the air. Thankfully his large stature made this easy, with him to move akin to icebreaker through the mass of other guests, allowing Fire to follow him without trouble. "Pretzy it's been....how long exactly? Well, too long the way I see it." he greeted the painter, with a very delicate shoulder punch "Knew you couldn't be tied to one place forever, even if it was nice one like Huangjing's Imperial Palace. Wanderlust always get better of us." noblepony mused before leaning to Fire. "Family trait Dear. In-blood for at least 500 years. Our ancestor married quite an explorer, Miss Chart Smart, and it's from her that we got it." Swift dropped some trivia about his and Presteza shared lineage before taking sip from his glass. Thankfully, Fire Walker knew his habits well and despite the color suggesting otherwise, it contained a simple grape juice. Of non-fermented kind. "And who is this gentstallion that invited yo......Wait, didn't I saw you somewhere? During.....Crystal Fair?" Swift addressed the Flash Sentry. But before he could get his answer the herald had to announce the arrival of the latest guests from Crystal Empire, just like he did when he and Fire came in. His eardrums still ringed a little from that one. "So the Empire strikes back....at least now we know where Celestia's Canterlot Royal Voice goes when she's not using it." Squall commented. "And Cadenza businesses card has to be very long indeed. Or it uses small font, which is low blow to the elderly." noblepony didn't omitted to make a playful jab at Mi Amore long list of titles. "Also Pretzy? You BFF calls you Miss when you can't hear her." he added while pointing at Fire and taking another sip of juice. The snark. It never ends.
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    If somepony was ever in the neighborhood of Corralwood Corral and wanted to find a watering hole that wasn’t a blatant tourist trap, they wouldn’t have to look further than Feather Jon’s. In case the name wasn’t enough of a clue, it catered to a clientele of pegasi weather workers and Naval fliers based out of the Joint Weather Station perched just offshore. With an out-of-the-way yet scenic spot next to the beach, Feather Jon’s was the perfect spot for pegasi wanting a good drink and meal, or a session of volleyball after a hard day’s work. And this time of the year in particular, every pegasus around here worked their butts off like no tomorrow. Sugar Apple was one of those R&R-craving pegasi. A few years ago, she had been the Supervisor of the Royal Weather Factory’s Vaporization Department back in Cloudsdale. The sugary pegasus had done well in that job; well enough to be offered a transfer to Corralwood Joint Weather Station in the Gallopagos Islands. While Sugar loved her old job, she wasn’t able to resist the lure of increased pay, extra benefits, and an entire month’s worth of vacation time! What Sugar Apple didn’t reckon for was that from late summer through the middle of autumn, the Sparkling Sea’s tropical waters spawned storm after storm. While herding storms wasn’t the job Sugar signed on far, the sad truth was that the Gallopagos weather teams were woefully understaffed; hence the bonus salaries and the regular assistance of the Royal Equestrian Navy. But even then, every single pegasus capable of weather work was needed to blunt the constant onslaught of wicked weather during Hurricanter Season. That meant Sugar Apple was up there in the hazardous skies with all the rest of the weather team grunts, Navy hotshots, and Search & Rescue personnel. Right now was calm before the storm. For the next hour or so, Sugar Apple was free to enjoy the morning as she pleased. So she might as well spend that time sitting at the counter at Feather Jon’s, eating some island-style grub for breakfast as she listened to the Keen Logger music blaring from the jukebox. As she waited for her food, Sugar sipped on her coffee and idly gazed upon the photos and memorabilia from prior pegasi crews mounted as decorations on the walls. Sugar's eyes may have developed noticeable bags and her mane may not be all that well-groomed, but she would soon be fully prepared to take on the day's challenges.....
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    Magnus simply returned the female griffon’s nod, looking around at the rest of the line. Was that Blueblood back there? Huh, well that’s fine. When the line devolved into a mob, he growled in annoyance before starting to fight his way to the front. If they wanted to play this way, he was more than willing to reciprocate as he pushed through the crowd.
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    "Why you......!!!" Ossia started, when the 'smoke bomb' gone off. Alicorn knew immediately that pest was untraceable by magical means. Worse yet, she was simply o busy to do this by ordinary means. It seems that she will have to let this one slide.....for now. "Cheeky little pest...." di Nerezza gritted her teeth before taking a big sniff "....a Neighponeese pest. Enjoy the life you have quilin. You will never know when I will drop by to end it. And visit I will." the pink mare gave her threat into the empty air. "Now then...." Ossia turned around in the air before descending. Just in time to witness what Hexxer was doing while she herself was distracted. And what a sight it was! "Ufufufufufu....." Ossia chuckled while applauding the dullahan. Did Hexxer knew that what she was doing amounted to torture? Or was she trying to finish cyborg quickly. Well, even if intent wasn't there, it was the deed that counts. "....Superb! I didn't thought you had this in you Miss....Ufufufu....I don't believe you introduced yourself to Me. You still surpassed my expectations." alicorn complimented the headless mare before turning towards cocooned LD.... "Normally I would wait until you're done tearing off the wings from this iron butterfly..." di Nerezza mused while her magical aura flared up "...but business should come before pleasure...." With that Ossia launched the blast of amaranth fire, one that 'peeled off' the shadows from Dust from it's sheer intensity. ".....Sentinel should teach you that, right? Unless she's as great teacher as she is sister. Talk about faulty education." pink mare giggled, amused by her own dig at Celestia before she walked up to now freed cyborg. Nerezza picked up the helpless pegasus from the other wold with her magic. It was time to interrogate her where the gateway was. "Rise and shine Tin Mare! Now spill up what you know and I won't spill up your...." Ossia started but quickly stopped. Not because Dust obviously didn't heard anything. No, the look in those eyes was.... "I am not talking to the Puppet anymore am I?" alicorn said under her breath. Ossias's horn flashed up again, but this time the spell she cast was pleasantly warm, revitalizing - enough to make cyborg aware of her surroundings. And it cleared the drugs from LD's system. Necessary seeing she had to be lucid for their conversation. "Hello Miss Mare-In-the-Machine, we haven't had a chance to talk yet. I know you are a little...confused...but I need you to really focus right now hmm? Enough that you can make your pick...." di Nerezza said before flashing a slight less sadistic smile. "Choice number one is: You refuse to cooperate and decide to stick with whoever made you into....this. I will smash you head like a pinata and give whatever mix of mincemeat and scrap remains to this gravekeeper here..." Ossia waved at Hexxer "...And leave her and whatever weirdos she hangs with to get answers from this salad that remains of you to solve this mess." she added with a shrug.... "Choice number two...." di Nerezza smile widened. "...You can start working for Me, seeing that I am actually higher on the pecking order, unlike those snobs in business suits that put the strings on you. You will show me where the gateway is, and in return I will give you 'inside your head' and individuality back. Perhaps add few upgrades here and there. I picked a few things in various places...." alicorn raised one of the limp mechanical limbs. "Places you can't imagine." "So, do we have a deal Miss......? And I mean your real name here, not whatever serial number was stamped on your metal flank when it was forged. You have one of those, right?"
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    Hogo-sha couldn't help but think about what the Jarl had said, there was a grain of truth to it. The only way this wolf thought that it may not fully apply to him was because 'Breeding' was not something he thought positively of. Hogo-sha's desires lead to him surpassing his breeding and being better than his father. To be a figure of renown whose story would be shared for years upon years. Perhaps going around as he was could be more interesting to try in the future. Soon, the topic went on to the Bull's pitch. It was a tempting offer on some levels, but repulsive on others. A chance to fight in great battles against strong warriors? That was entirely up this dog's alley. Raiding vessels and stealing from others, that was not something Hogo-sha could live with however. Rather than speaking immediately, Hogo-sha turned to his new acquaintance. She seemed very excited by the offer. Unreasonably so in fact... there was a story there, one he hoped to one day learn about. The fact the Jarl's Lupine guest was so quiet, likely betrayed his hesitance. "Jarl. I will admit, the chance to exercise the power one has trained and gained is a tempting one. The opportunity to fight against the best opponents of this world is very enticing on its own." He cleared his throat, "But... I would rather take what power I possess can grant me on my own terms and without raids on those who have nothing to do with this country's internal issues. Most importantly however: There is a great issue that I could not get past if I aided you in your endeavor." The wolf smiled at the caribou across the table, "That issue being: I wish to defeat you in combat one day." He momentarily glanced to the silent caribou then back to the Jarl, "You see. One of your ancestors who warred wth Neighpon along with other caribou clans once was defeated by my father. If I am to step out of his shadow, defeating you will always be a high list on my agenda. Serving you with such a desire would probably not suit your needs."
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    Ali's little heart started to beat a little less hard, as she saw her companion of a red guard fly above her with a long, strong rope. Her trust in the Pegasus grew, as she really knew there was no other way of getting out of the thick goop. Her attention only focused on getting out at this point, otherwise she'd be stuck there forever. Ali never liked the idea of getting help from others, but this was a circumstance she never thought she'd get herself in. Poor, ignorant, Ali. "You best hurry up now. Seems like you're takin' your sweet time." The earth pony looked up at the Pegasus, who was circling around the stuck mare. Finally, the rope reached down enough for Ali to grab it strongly with her teeth, and she began moving ever so slowly out of the sand. Her grasp on the rope started to hurt her jaw, she was clenching it so hard. She was so tense, as she felt her whole body shaking, itching to get out. She wanted to feel the safety of her group members around her, when she wasn't scared for her life. Ali even forgot about the deer. The earth pony was reaching closer and closer to the crystal, the only dark thing protruding from the ground. Sombra looked to be standing on it, which gave Ali the confidence to get her leg out and reach for the stallion. The brown mare was so desperate to get out of the sand, she would do anything to get out. So, when she finally got a grasp of his hoof, the sudden wash of relief came over her. Before she knew it, she was out of the sand and tumbling into the arms of Sombra. She stayed there for a second, thinking about everything that happened, then she hopped off when she realized she was on him. Ali looked up, totally covered in the sand, and shouted, "Er- thanks for gettin' me out." That was probably the nicest thing she's said to anypony, as she kept a grumpy look on her face. Then she turned to Sombra. "Thanks." Suddenly, the mare turned around to see Fluttershy hovering over the deer, who still seemed to be frightened. Then she realized something, there was only four of them. "Y'all, where's the little yellow one at?"
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    "The Irondrakes were a good clan with a good end. What clan name do you attach yourself to now, Lightning?" So much betrayed in that name. Caribou did not have names like Silent Lightning or Grand Warrior or anything of the sort. Even his nickname- The Red Jarl- was earned. Brann was his name. So either she managed to earn this name without becoming a known commodity for being a warrior in a culture of warriors or she was deceiving him. He would have to know more about her before he called her further into question. She was strong and looked healthy- could she bear calves? They needed strong warrior cows to breed stronger warrior calves for the future of the caribou to be fully secured. Hopefully she wouldn't deceive him out of a strong future for his righteous warriors on account of some inner turmoil or greed. That would make him very angry and the Red Jarl was well known for his calm demeanor. As to the Okami, his words earned a chuckle from the Jarl's wine-stained lips. "Ha, of course you would leave a trail. You are a warrior and too many of the caribou in this town are spectators. As for disappointment, discard it. Falsities, disguises, and deceit are the watchwords of cowards and assassins, not the virtues of the strong. If you truly are worthy of your breeding than you will be more than willing to showcase it to the world. Even your kind know best the ways of honor and the virtue of open combat," the Jarl said as he summoned another goblet of wine. He respected the Okami as a warrior and knew his kind were better than most of the fleabitten weaklings who occupied the planet. Still didn't make them anywhere near as good as caribou, but he could at least respect them unlike Equestrians. Basically worthless, that lot. After a few moments more and another drink, the Jarl stood up to speak. "To the point of this meeting. The True Caribou Clans are always searching for true warriors, real warriors. They do not ask for the meek and the gentle, but the violent, the courageous, the strong, the tenacious. They seek warriors such as you. I am here to offer you the choice of joining us in our great war against the Pretender King. You will fight in great battles against good warriors. You will be part of our fierce raids launched from our fleets of longvessels. You will be strong and you will impose your will on all those who have not proven themselves. You will dominate the seas, you will dominate the skies, you will dominate the forests and the mountains, the streets and the huts of this land. Do you accept?"
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    Even Licorice had winced at the volume of Cadence's unbridled enthusiasm for the apparently forthcoming nuptials. "Wow. Royal Canterlot voice indeed." The guard said, using his horn to nervously restyle the mane that may as well have been carved from granite for all the budging it hadn't done when the Princess's exclamation had washed over them. He too was served his meal choice, as was the rest of the table, and the wait staff moved swiftly and efficiently on. "And don't worry, it's not unusual for tables and groups to split up into smaller conversations, but that does occasionally leave an odd pony out." experience said in the voice of former Private Licorice Whip. "Usually gets easier to socialize after the dinner is over and most of the donors only here for status go home. More interesting, too." The last part of that was delivered with a cryptic little sparkle to his eye that one might almost call mischievous if it weren't on the face of an unflappable guard. Wanting to emphasize and highlight the mystery, Licorice tucked into his own dish, the ratatouille, with the singleminded determination of a stallion used to treating meals as a necessary intake of nutrients rather than a social period. ~~~~~~~~~~ Aquamarine was, not to put too fine a point on things, wandering bored through the crowd. It wouldn't be difficult in the least for anyone with any familiarity at all with her to detect that even though she was adjacent to any of a half dozen groups at any given time, she wasn't engaging in any of them except in the shallowest possible sense. Truthfully, she was halfway trying to avoid being recognized either by those she already knew in the...Royal, Crystal, some went over to Twilight, a couple went from Royal to Lunar...four? four branches of the REAs, or later on by ponies at this event who might run into her in the field, as it were. What irked her the most about the whole thing was that she knew intellectually that her parents were probably right, and that there really wasn't any reason she couldn't wear both mantles, knight and damsel equally. If she let herself she could probably even thrive in these sorts of high-society events. Sisters knew that the politics, intrigue, and drama of courtly life would give her a way to engage her mind even if she didn't herself start scheming. Look at Shining Armor, captain-turned-commander and Prince of the Empire. He looked like he was born to be here, and scuttlebutt around the barracks had been that he'd been an absolute dweeb when he was a cooooooh Sisters he'd just spotted her, hadn't he? Aqua snapped out of her reverie and offered her Commander a polite curtsy across the room to acknowledge that she'd seen him spot her, but kept on her noblemare's mask of neutrality even if her head was running a mantra of 'don't wave me over, don't wave me over, don't wave me over'. Uh oh, he'd pointed her out to his companion. The facade started to crack as the little alarm bell in her head started going off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ All throughout the venue, carts and trays of food were starting to be replaced with carts collecting the empty and used plates, bowls and silverware as their respective guests finished with them. Soon enough, once everyone was done with their main courses in each section, the butlers would start circulating with desserts and snacks in addition to the drinks already being carried hither and yon.
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    "Is that so? From rumors I heard, Long Guo as a whole wears a tight corset of tradition, which is supposedly tied in capital tighter then anywhere else. Perhaps those tales regard the previous ruler sitting on the Dragon Throne?" Swift wondered. It's a good thing then that Presteza returned to Equestria. Her first hoof account of the Empress views could be very valuable when it comes to expanding his business empire overseas. But that was secondary concern. What mattered was the fact that He and Fire could hang-out with their mutual friend again! Squall simply nodded when Captain reminisced about his tabletop experiences. Unfortunately noblepony couldn't really say he had memories like that of his own. While he knew the rules like a back of his hoof, Swift wasn't really a player, merely a collector of game books, and he possessed them all. Why he didn't play? Well, he was pretty much friendless before he reclaimed Squallcoast Manor, and after this other hobbies and duties consumed his time entirely. Not to mention he didn't had anyone to play with. None of his friends or acquaintances were interested in such things...at least he thought they didn't. Heck, even his Sweetheart dissmisissed such activities as 'nerdy'. Et tu, Fire? Still, imagining - say - Ice Storm or Spring Breeze with character sheets and surrounded by game books was an amusing picture. "Yes, for all his virtues, General Pummel isn't big on coming with military innovations." Swift admitted. That said, Pummel seemingly realized this and at least tried, a few times, Suntrot being an example. "And with all due respect Captain, time is no excuse. If anything it's a reason to start immediately. I say that if those reforms would come to pass after reappearance of the Empire, we would be half done by now. But please don't assume I am nor aware of certain...roadblocks when it comes to implementing those. I hope your sister will have less patience for snobbish Canterlotian nobility then Celestia ever did." Swift said. Many of the military officers came from Equestrian aristocracy. Their ranks....were not always justified. "And if they will give her some trouble? Well..." Swift send Presteza a knowing glance "...At least some nobles have her back." he reassured the Shining Armor. But wrong would be one that would think he was done with the blue maned stallion, oh no. "Also I would debate how much we 'countered' those threats. I don't have to remind You the one time when certain cockroach captured every merited pony in the realm with nopony wiser, only loosing due to simple overlook, which can be regarded as luck." Swift pointed out. Before giving a heavy sigh. "And yes, I can't argue with results. But I would be far more pleased if Equestria bag of ticks would be a bit deeper. Too often failure was too much for comfort." swordstallion expressed his concerns. Shining Armor proved to be a very insightful conversation partner, so his desire to cut this particular talk short was bit disappointing, although Squallcoast understood his reasoning. "Very well." noblepony condoned to Captain's wish. Ah, so Flash Sentry was Corporal after all! "Don't worry. I, to this day, catch myself thinking about Pummel as Colonel. And Fire was lieutenant for so long ,that she has to correct herself every other time." "Next two of three months if all goes well. For my Moto here I am willing to make few sacrifices." Squall said before giving his other half a smooch on the cheek. "And yes I guess it's appropriate for Sparkle to do this, seeing she's Fire direct superior...." orange unicorn gave the winged mare a meaningful look "....but I am definitely against the Castle of Friendship. Who in the right mind marries at their workplace?! Even if it's as pleasant for the eyes." noblepony expressed his opinion. "There are so many other interesting and safe places! Calnais, Marelia, Le Trec Plateu, Silversand Isle.....! And that's just Equestria." he said. "Also....." Swift gave the royal couple a royal couple a sympathetic look. "Your pitch isn't bad, but to be honest, access to Empire leaves much to desired. And as Fire mentioned, wedding more then likely will be big. We not hungry for bits either. Regarding the honeymoon....." Swift made an grimace. "Last time we were this close to Crystal Heart, I was doing my best to not get my head looped off by caribou berserker. And Fire had similar experience and then some." swordpony recalled, with one leg extended. Seconds later however, his face softened somewhat.... "Although we don't rule out going on vacation there soon." Squall added under his breath. Perhaps this will get the Princess of Love out of their ponysonal space? Perhaps something else to take Cadence attention was in order. What's this? A certain mare familiar to all of them walked in! Swift just hoped Applejack will not mind this. "Oh would you look at that. Isn't that Miss Applejack with her marefriend? I wonder when they will marry? I mean, they have a kid together already....." he pointed out.
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    Looks like they'll be doing a season '10' via the comics.
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    "Oh my..." Fluttershy watched as the rescue went on to get their leader out of the quicksand. Sombra was actually trying to help her and the kind pegasus didn't forget to note it. She had always been a believer of the baddest of beasts having a glimmer of goodness. Maybe she had been wrong about Sombra being a monster. Maybe he was just like the baddest beasts. Even the scariest of ponies could have a tiny spark of good. That was all she was willing to offer him though. She'd heard to much about his past to give him any more credit than what she was seeing in the moment. "Just a little while longer friend." She spoke as she hovered above the deer. The little squirrel was doing her part still sitting in the deer's antlers and patting him on the head. "Once you're out of here I think you'll have a new friend!" The squirrel blinked up at Fluttershy and chittered. "I'm sure it won't be long now, don't worry..." She glanced over to the side of the sand morass and watched as Ali was offered the rope from above. "Where is Applebloom?" Fluttershy got more and more nervous as she realized the little filly wasn't with the others. "Oh my..." She tried her best to keep her worries to herself as she waited for the Captain and maybe even Sombra to help get the deer out of the sand.
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    "Oh! Where are my manners? This handsome stallion is the very model of a modern member of the Royal Guard: Flash Sentry!" It was awkward moments like these that made Flash Sentry almost glad Presteza had been there to witness that... disastrous spectacle in the Crystal Spire. Feeling his date’s hoof brushing against his in a show of solidarity was enough to rejuvenate Flash’s confidence. For what it was worth, Squall didn’t seem to hold anything against the guardstallion either, so there was that. One distraction from a presenter and one rumination from Fire Walker about her unchanging brother later, Pres had been able to make a proper introduction of her companion to Squall. A second later, Flash followed up with a politely offered foreleg for a hoofshake; “How do you do?” Flash and Squall would have had only enough time to get in a round of exchanged pleasantries before the two couples were joined by yet another; THE Royal Couple, as a matter of fact! "Do I really look old enough to be a miss already, Flash?" While Shining Armor and Cadence started out a chat about Royal Canterlot Voices, Pres and Flash enjoyed a brief reprieve for themselves. “Nah, no way,” the stallion reassured the young mare, giving her hoof a pat; “Actually, I’ve been meaning to say that you look stunning tonight.” A slight flush of red rushed to Flash’s cheeks, slightly nervous over how Pres would take the compliment... among other things. "It's good to see you again, but I don't think I'm familiar with your date, or with Flash's. Are they just your companions for the evening, or something more serious?" Things like Captain Shining Armor, namely; a living legend within the Guard’s ranks. A real Equestrian hero! Cpl. Sentry always felt self-conscious in the gleaming Prince-Captain’s presence; no, being told to be at ease only made Flash more uneasy, leading the pegasus to slightly fumble his answer to Shining’s question; “Oh uhh, Presteza’s just my partner only for this evening, sir, but we’ve been acquainted with one another before!” Flash definitely could have used more nonchalant confidence in that reply. "You okay? I didn't get the number on that carriage that hit us." Pres’s quip elicited a chuckle out of Flash. “Heh, I hate to say this,” the stallion was also smart enough to keep his jesting voice down; “But your friend’s a goner. There’s no stopping Her Royal Highness once she catches a whiff of love in the air.....”
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    Quote time! "You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold." - Someone wiser than I'll ever be
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    “Nah, just trying to figure out some lyrics for a new song. And waiting for someone.” He smirked back, looking at her upside down for a moment before rolling himself off the chairs so he could greet her while standing. Wow, she looked nice. “Name’s Burning Aegis, Lunar Guard and singer, nice to meet you.” He smiled, extending a hoof to shake or bump or whatever she wanted to do with it. Assuming this was Reckless, his friends seemed to have made a good choice with her.
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    Zap was born in a barn to earth ponies. He spent a great deal of time inhaling the rustic air that blew through and around the apple orchard. And mother Dash was there, too. But almost like a visitor. Zap understood that his pegasus mom did not live where he lived, but he never knew why. His imagination might have brought him to conclude that Rainbow Dash never sleeps and thus never needs a place to lay her head. But that would be proven incorrect as a few times he saw her napping on a cloud, the same way Granny Smith did in a rocking chair, albeit with a little less grace. So the excitement in Zap Apple rose as he realized he was going to visit the place where she lived. Was this house a place where he could sleep? Where there toys there? "Oh. Kay." Zap muttered as he tried to ready himself for a high flight. He knew how hard this was for him, but he only needed to trust his mother to help him get to the destination. He started to flap his wings quickly, at first with irregularity and then consistently. He hovered slowly up and attempted to increase his speed upwards. He dared not look down, knowing that even if he doesn't fear heights, that he gets distracted by how excitingly far away the earth had become. He was able to flap his wings without strain by the time he could see the tops of all the buildings in Ponyville. Zap Apple started to grimace as he started noticing the tops of trees underneath him. His ascent would continue but at a slower rate.
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    I just watched the last episode for the first time. So perfect, so many tears from me. Such a sweet end to an era
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     Not wanting to push the little guy too far on his lessons, Dash figured she would take him to see something that had inspired her as a budding flyer back in the days of her youth. It would involve a trip up to Cloudsdale but that wouldn't be a problem. Zappers had been up there quite a few times before, and had even been baby sat at her house one time. She blanched at the thought of getting her mess of a cloud house ready to accept not only her son but a babysitter too! Thankfully today it would just be her little guy and he didn't mind a mess. "Ok! We're gonna go up to Cloudsdale. Got something for you at my house and then..." She winked. "There's something super awesome to want to show you!" She would allow him to buzz as far up as he wanted and when he started to show signs of getting tired she'd bolster him up the rest of the way. "Let's get going!" She flexed her wings and did a few flaps, letting him move at his own rate. Someday he'd be able to make the trip all by himself but that would be a while still. Rainbow watched him with loving eyes, not wanting to miss a minute of time with her special little guy.
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    Licorice's grin didn't falter, but anyone who knew him well enough, or anyone who'd been long enough around investigators rather than sentries, might pick up on the faint twitch of an ear and the fact that the guard shifted just a smidge toward his junior that meant that Heart Shield was currently occupying a great deal of Licorice's mental attention. He took a few more bites to finish off his main course, dabbed his mouth with a napkin, and turned a little in his seat so that he could fully face the other guard, coincidentally also putting him a little closer to his companion. "I was in the same position once but you'd be amazed what you can get used to if you guard Canterlot for long enough, and how much you might have in common with folks who come in different shapes." he said, mildly. "Admittedly I've spent more time with Sparkles and their pack than any other diamond dogs, and I may be a little biased."
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    I dunno if the answers are actually in there... The tattoos were probably applied during his time in his hometown, and the necklace could be a similar situation in that it was added onto or was constructed while he lived there. I imagine he had all three before leaving, but that spear could’ve been a farewell present
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    Cocoa was taken aback, tho it didn't show. She'd heard Ponyville was friendly, but this was a little more than she'd bargained for. She almost giggled. She wasn't used to being hit on --run away from, looked at funny, she's even had crosses held at her, but not usually hit on--, and here this fella was, not such a bad sight, himself, if she was honest, laying it on as thick as molasses in winter. She figured she'd go ahead and see where this led. "Is that so, Mr. Blood?" She started, not sure exactly how did this flirting thing work? She leaned against the counter also, the mixing bowl on her head threatening to disembark from its perch, not that she noticed. "Well, I have a very extensive selection for you to browse." She swayed as she spoke, taunting the mixing bowl. Daring it to topple. Completely oblivious that it was still there. "How are you enjoying the taste you've had so far?" She asked, ending her sentence with her head tilted Tiger's way. The bowl seemed rested where it was.... for a moment. Suddenly, without warning, the mixing bowl that'd been more or less content staying on Cocoa's head through all her motions decided to take a little vacation. It rolled down her forehead and turned over topside down directly onto Tiger's head. The contents gooping all over. Cocoa was mortified.... but also, it was incredibly funny. She stifled a laugh, cleared her throat and said "I'm so sorry! That was my bad. I forgot to put it down! Please don't be mad at me. You can have that Nightmare Moon Candy for free. Take ten more." She continued to panic, thinking she'd lost her first customer, not to mention ruined any chance with the handsome stallion that she only just started to admit to herself she kinda liked. Wait.... did that just come out of her mind-mouth? Hm. Interesting.
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    "Citadel, this is Bastion 1 Actual, come back." "Bastion 1 Actual, Citadel reads you 5 by 5." "Citadel, good copy. Be advised, eyes on AO, rolling into valley from the South-west." "Bastion 1 Actual, acknowledged. From what you can tell, uh, what's the status of the settlement?" "Citadel, settlement has gone dark. Could be an issue with the Spectra Grid. Break." "...." "Citadel, back on net. Eyes on large illumination in roughly the, uh, the center of the settlement." "Bastion 1 Actual, Afirm. Proceed to phase line and dismount." Lunar: Shadow of Equestria Welcome to the alternative future of MLP, a world which we took but a small glimpse into during the infamous season finale. A lot has changed since Nightmare Moon's segment of the episode, centuries of darkness and restrictions on magic have lead to leaps in technology for pony kind. The Princess of The Night and her new government have also risen a large conventional military, branching off into differing sections of service to defend the Republic. YOU will play as a Lunar Ranger, an operator apart of a small corps of personnel that specializes in combating magical threats. To get an idea of what the Rangers and their sister branches of capable of, along with other bits of world info, I suggest you read the document below before creating a character. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q5uRJNpEUR-OicCRNEWTGVN203eYQTMzJs-Lo1uJs-4/edit?usp=sharing Welcome back, now that you've been acquainted with your friendly forces, and a few of your hostile ones, you can now effectively create a character. Please post them below before the start of the rp. We'll be taking roughly five members for this operation, with myself included in that number. Our team will be responding in support of a company of Lunar Guard Tactical Troopers. After a number of mysterious happenings occur while the company is investigating a settlement, our team will be inserted to not only find missing squads but also discover what exactly is happening their.
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    Don't be sad it's over. Be happy it happened.......
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    Not too late. As long as I still use this site, I'll likely still take requests. ^v^ I'll take a look at your OC. btw, for anyone, if I finish one of your OCs, and you have another one you'd like me to do, as long as someone else isn't waiting for theirs done, you're more than welcome to ask for seconds.
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    The ride never ends!
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    The story told to Twilight shared the same rhythm as any number of cautionary tales told about spells, artifacts, potions and charms throughout time. The eager but flawed hero forgetting himself at the moment of truth and paying the price. It certainly spoke to the sort of attention to detail that such powerful magics required one to adhere to if they wanted to properly understand and respect the magic that such items held. It was also a useful trope in tales that were passed from mother t son, father to daughter, across the ages. Of course as ponies in the modern era found out, tales as old as time could sometimes have the resonance of time itself and prove themselves very prickly concerns in real life. "Ahh, the classic Rakshasa ploy. The wish is granted at a cost, often a lesson, almost universally with great irony. Many cultures share similar stories. It speaks to the universality of the concept, as well as no shortage of the truth. It may be easy to dismiss such stories on their face but we live in a world of powerful, boundless magic. Is it so strange to think that such stories hold a kernel of truth, if not all the time, at least some of it? After all, the Breezies are a mostly unknown species. Always possible they are the pegasi-types of their land," she pondered as she circles around both the artifact and her guest in equal measure, styding both. She smiled. Time to focus on what this artifact was capable of! "So, let us see. It requires you to activate it. And a wish, it seems? So the real question is, what do you wish for?"
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    By the time Seabreezer reached the captain Draco was leaning on the rails looking out over the busy docks. A free port like this for all its risk drew many far and wide. Even merchants came this far out to sell goods they can’t at other places. As such the city grew and grew, only to be washed away come the next storm. It came and went like the seasons and he found that rather charming. Looking over at Seabreezer he snorted at a hoof hit his back and repaid it by snapping open a wing in to her face with some force as well. Well she recovered from a face full of wing he looked back at the docks. “We need some more skilled crew, we got plenty of hard working hooves and claws but I need some brains.” He remarked. “I can only hope I can get some. If all fails I will just have to put in a request with the Diamond Dog merchants and I'd rather not take that path. Maybe we need too try some luck on a more well off merchant ships and see if we can press gang one of their more highly educated crew to join us.” He explained strecheing out like a cat with a yawn, not at all put off or bothered by the acts he was explaining or thinking of. “Now I hope you got me something to drink, you have been eating up my bank partying well I have been doing paperwork and buying goods. You will be happy to know the hardtack I got does not have weevils in it! So best enjoy it before they do.” He chuckles looking at the half zebra. “Added flavor if you ask me.”
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    Twi kept her awkward grin firmly in place as she waited to see if Rainbow would press her further on her writing. She certainly hoped she wouldn't! The Princess let out a breath she had been holding as Rainbow had a hearty laugh about the prospect of her writing. Whew! Good. That was not a subject she was willing to breach...at least not now! The Princess continued around the kitchen, working on various parts of their meal. Delicious smells were soon wafting everywhere as the main dishes finished up and the cookies began to bake in the kitchen. "I think I made those cookies with more chocolate chips than flour!" She giggled thanks to the cider and glanced about. "What do you think about having dinner in here?" It was kind of a random idea but the thought of the large gaping dining hall wasn't really going to get her as close to Rainbow as she'd like to be...
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    The commotion towards the front of the line was picking up some. Cain couldn't exactly identify the ponies and other creatures in question, as he'd likely never seen them before, but at least a couple looked somewhat familiar. Not his problem to be sticking his snout into things he didn't understand, of course. Instead of listening in on the chatting, he simply sat back, leaning against his cart slightly and breaking off the bottom piece of his candy. This was technically considered eating his own merchandise, but. . . Who was going to tattle on him about it? The stallion was startled out of his thoughts by a young voice. He whipped his head around, eventually identifying the source as a young orange dragon. . . Who Cain also couldn't place. Welp. This was what came with ignoring your surroundings and becoming lost in your own little world for your entire life. Oh well. It was always nice to meet new folk anyway. Cain hastily put the candy away, realizing how nervous nibbling on it made him look. He made sure that he was the one the dragon was talking to before replying, glancing about. "Oh, no, Miss. It's just a habit of mine when I'm thinking." The stallion paused. Maybe now was a good time to ask. "Say, I don't think I've seen you around before. Then again, I don't see many people around. This little hobby of mine tend to be very time-consuming, you see. A pleasure to meet you. The name's Candy Cain. Who might you be?" Another thought occurred to him as he spoke, and he nearly cut himself off before the question faded from his mind. "Also - I was curious. I've only just arrived in Ponyville this morning, you see. I was on my way here anyway, and well. . . The long line caught my attention. Is that out of the ordinary at all?" Cain wouldn't have been surprised if it wasn't. The apples here were the greatest, after all. "And, what sort of delicacy is an. . ." he added after a pause. he'd originally considered asking what the Apple Kisses were, but it seemed better to be surprised than to just ask. Cain had no allergies, so he wasn't exactly at risk there. ". . . Never mind. I think I'll see for myself. I needed to get some bushels anyway. I'll try one once I complete that task."
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    By her lucky stars, the next customer who sauntered up to her apple stand was none other than Naj. Talk about somecreature that she had to have herself come around on. Naj had lived as a pony in Ponyville for some time but was secretly a Changeling, a fact that was only revealed much later. Applejack had her own, private, and absolutely awful dealings with Queesn Chrysalis. She wasn't afraid to admit that, back then, she out and out hated Changelings. It was hard to sleep, hard to be herself, after what had happened. Time doesn't heal all wounds but it certainly patches up the errors in a mare's mind, and thankfully she no longer held such views. It was partly because of Naj, no doubt. A darn good citizen and an excellent example of what anycreature was capable of, Applejack wished she had more time to spend with the changeling. Alas, everycreature had their duties ti attend to. Today, this would be her job to get Naj her bushels of apples. Talk about a fruit that could bring the world together. What couldn't the humble apple do? Naj stepped up and after a moment's hesitation asked for a bushel. Applejack nodded emphatically. "Well, sounds like you've come to tha right place! runnin' a heck of a sale today. One bushel, five bits, a kiss. Swear Ah've been kissin' so many customers today Ah've started ta get a sneaky suspicion that half of 'em aren't even here for man Apples! Imagine that, right? Hehe. One bushel, comin' right up!" She said as she hunted down below, piling up a healthy bushel for Naj. Mostly some Granny Smith's nice and sweet, a good sting and a reminder of what apples so tasty. "So, how've you been Naj? Ain't seen you for a spell. Everything going all right?" She asked as she was still below the counter, putting the finishing touches on it. Had to ensure a good, healthy bushel for a good friend, after all. *Naj* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    Ship Name: Zephyr's Kiss Captain: Tarisio Goldplume Ship Ranking: Aeronautical, Refurbished Griffon Military Great Frigate, 5th Rank Gundecks: 1 Guns: 40+ Including but not limited to several 42 Pounders, 4 Long Nines, 4 Cannonades, 2 Paixhans Guns, and several appropriated magitech cannons Crew Size: 200~ Player Played Crew: Tarisio Mercutio Goldplume - Captain - Myself Minerva Sheartalon - First Mate - Myself Edelweiss - Cabin Boy - Windwright
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    The two took flight out the window and as they fluttered towards Ponyville's busier roads, Silverstream reacted goofy to Gallus' phrasing. "Professor AppleDash? I've never had a class with them as the teacher!" She shouted unnecessarily. "Oh, are they related to Applejack, or Rainbow Dash. Or maybe they aren't related at all." Silverstream pondered a moment as they glided down. "Or maybe they aren't even a pony professor, maybe it's a beast priest, or a cockroach coach, or a creature teacher." Silverstream still found room to express her confusion of what Gallus implied, not giving him much room to answer what she would have been able to figure out if she hadn't been subconsciously organizing a creative, yet incorrect assessment. But she allowed a new thought to rearrange her priorities. As the two landed at the marketplace, she asked more curiously, "Wait, you're going to babysit!?" Silverstream was shocked and happy at the unknown order of events that ended in Gallus having to be an impromptu father figure for a day, ironically the only father Zap Apple may have ever had outside of Big Macintosh. "That's so adorable!" Silverstream picked herself off the ground again and hovered over Gallus, her claws squeezing her jaw at the pleased astonishment.
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    Okie Dokie Loki. But it ,may be a bit before I can.
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    Rara didn't sit there passively when Applejack came in for a kiss. She leaned into it and allowed the passion of the moment to take her. She was a good kisser, she knew that. And she soon discovered to no shock of her own that Applejack was a good kisser as well. Wet on wet, warm on warm, it felt good. She'd have to give Applejack a gold star on her report card for her efforts. She leaned into it until Applejack called it off- it had been a good one. Rara smiled. "That was better than I had hoped for, even. Ha! I'll see you tonight. Have a wonderful rest of the event, Applejack," Rara ended with a wave. She put one barrel on her back, put another in her mouth, and carried one with her hoof. Walking with nothing approaching good speed she worked way out of sight inelegantly. She would free herself of this particular burden soon enough- the room she had rented in a local inn under an assumed name wasn't far off. If only the physical labor was the hardest part of her work that night- she still had to make what could be assumed to be a very difficult sales pitch! Luckily for Rara, she was an excellent pitchmare when it came to the goods she was peddling. (Exit) Applejack motioned herself back behind the counter, reaching and having a tall glass of water in order to refresh herself. That had been a doozy of a kiss! She then did a quick roster of apples. What did she have...? Mostly everything left. Not much of anything but she reckoned she had enough apples to make it through the event. She poured the rest of the water on herself- her pelt felt a little warm and hot after all this time out in the sun and little sweat to cover it up- and cracked her back. Time to get on with the getting on. "Next on up!" *Naj* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    Fluttershy noticed the hesitation on the griffon's face. It obvious to her that he had probably never had this kind of responsibility before. But it was also obvious to her that he earned a chance to prove he would succeed. She chuckled at his awful nervous joke and when he accepted the opportunity she responded brightly. Underneath the two, Angel was thumping at Fluttershy's hooves trying to get her attention. "Great!" She put a hoof on Gallus' shoulder and started walking him out of the classroom. "I'll go tell Rainbow Dash the good news, she is going to be so thrilled!" When the two got to the door, Gallus asked about how many hours he would be watching the kid. Fluttershy answered quickly but continued to walk his exit due to Angel's desire for attention. "Oh, don't be silly Gallus, it'll be for the whole day." Angel started tugging on her tail. Fluttershy lightly suggested Gallus to move out of the room with her hoof, and continued to explain to him details through the remaining crack of the closing classroom door. "Tomorrow morning after breakfast, just go to Professor Rainbow's house which usually hovers just over Stirrup Street, north of Ponyville. She will fill you in on everything else you need to know and you'll finally meet their son! Okay? I have to go now, Angel is getting cranky because he hasn't had his lunch yet. Good luck!" Fluttershy closed the door, and then proceeded to discipline Angel for his impatience.
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    Another card arrived and the herald picked it up and eyed it, then shrugged and stepped forward. "PRESENTING! SERGEANT LICORICE WHIP OF THE ROYAL GUARD! HE IS ACCOMPANIED THIS EVENING BY ESTEEMED ENTREPENEUR, LEADER OF THE RUBY HEART PACK OF SOLSTICE HEIGHTS, SPARKLES THE JEWELMASTER." It was not as ostentatious as the previous titles had been, but a bribe can only earn one so much. Much like the herald had been, Licorice was not wearing his mess dress, or not merely mess dress. He was wearing the formal uniform with his Sergeants' bars on his shoulder and a sash with every service medal, commendation, rank insignia, pin, patch, and ribbon he'd ever been awarded. He only lacked the cape and ceremonial sword to make the difference between what he was wearing and what would be Parade dress. He was making sure every mare and stallion in the gala knew exactly who he was and what he was capable of. Primarily because it would clarify that the diamond dog perched on his back was someone there by HIS choice, and his stance suggested that he was ready for a fight if one came to him. "That should get their attention, do you think?" The guard said to his plus one in a half joking tone. This was the first impression he was giving the general public of His diamond dog, and he wanted no misunderstandings.
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    The bartender sniffed a couple times at the air and chuckled just as Jian-ya came in, "Ohhhh He's your boss, huh? I guess that means you get a discount."Toboe did an about face and looked through her selection behind her and retrieved a chill bottle of her old friend's favorite. She set a glass on the counter and carefully poured the drink in. Now that she was back at at the front of the bar she sniffed again, "If she had deliveries down at the docks she already took care of it, Stranger." The scent of salt and sea air native to the city's pier was still clinging to Corva's feathers... although it was only noticeable to the finely tuned sense of smell belonging to the bartender. Speaking of smells, Jian still had that characteristic scent of coal on him. It always managed to make Toboe think about barbecue for some reason, "How's the ZInjiang, Jian? I've never had it mysel--" Just then the front door of the bar burst open as a new patron barged her way in. She smelled like the forest oddly enough, it was partly diluted by the myriad scents of the city but beneath those it was clear this pony spent much more time in nature. "Umm... Sorry stranger, No puppies here. I'll be sure to put up a sign to let any diamond dogs know they're welcome. Until they get here, feel free to have a seat!"
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    Name: Felicity Silverbeak Sex: Female Age:Teen Species:Griffon Physique & Color: Felicity is a pale gray, and white that runs from her chest to her underbelly. She is a mix of a Cockatiel and a lynx which makes her shorter than most griffons, but almost as tall a full grown Mare. Being part cockatiel Felicity keeps her feathers laid back against her head( Like so ) and are relatively kept short. When startled or surprised the feathers on her head raise or when she feels threatened and cornered the feathers lie completely flat against her head. Her claws are also a dark gray with black talons. Eye Color: Violet Origin: Solstice Heights Roleplay Type:Mane RP Occupation:Animal Assistant and Garden caretaker Motivation: Her only motivation so far is to take over the family business of taking care of the woods Likes: Small creatures, ponies, sunbathing, reading, friendship Dislikes: Fire, havoc, and fights Character Summary: When Felicity was still a babe her parents were forced to give her up. They were on the run and did not wish to have their child grow up to this example they really wanted her to be different from all the other griffons. It was never clear as to why they were on the run the couple didn't explain, but they left their pride and joy in the gentle hooves of two simple ponyfolk who willingly took Felicity into their home with no questions asked. Felicity's parents told the ponyfolk not to tell their daughter when she really came from until she was ready and that they hoped to return for her some day until then raise Felicity as they would any other foal. The ponies kept their promise and raised Felicity as if she were a pony and not a griffon from this teachings she learned to be gentle and caring instead of rage filled and power hungry. If Felicity's parents could see how she's grown the would of been proud of her and her accomplishments, but sadly their daughter still did not know that they existed the only Mama and Papa she knew were toe two kind ponies who raised her. Everything changed when the ponies told Felicity of her true background and nature how she was given up by her real parents to keep her safe and that they didn't know where they were. The news hit Felicity hard and questioned herself as a griffon but a few days after she came to a self agreement that she accepts where she came from but that didn't mean it had an affect on how she acted. Felicity dreams of meeting her parents one day when she's old enough until then she is going to enjoy her calm and peaceful life with her pony parents learning how to take care of gardens and small creatures. No pony knows how Felicity because the way she is a cockatiel and a lynx mix was far beyond what the Silverbeak's are known for. Rumours spread that her mother did something to her as an egg causing her to be different from all the other Silverbeak's so when they were on the run none of them would recognize her another rumour is that Felicity's Dad adopted her from an unknown source he was devastated that his love couldn't produce an egg of their own. Not even Felicity knows of how she was born so different from the rest of her clan. She believed the rumour about being adopted from a trader to her father either way she was still a Silverbeak. Ever since learning of her true identity and what real griffons do create havoc for other ponies that cross their path they fight with others for dominance or survival and her worst fear of all was a fire. Long ago a small fire was sparked from a dry season in the solstice heights it only burned almost half an acre before the pegasus ponies put it out when Felicity saw how it devastated the woodland creatures and plants that inhabited it the fire traumatized her and never wants to see it do such a horrible thing again. As for her job if you asked her about it she would tell you it wasn't a job it was like a dream come true tending to the plants with the most gentle touch softly singing to them to help them grow since her foster father told her that talking to the flowers helps them grow faster and stronger. Felicity also enjoys giving a helping talon to her foster mother with caring for all the creatures in their area it took the animals a little while to warm up to the griffon after two months and deep determination the animals trusted her and came to her with barely any fear. Felicity truly enjoys her life among the ponyfolk. Felicity also has a dream to travel to the most well known places of Equestia in hopes to find her parents and of new friends. Drawn by ChelseaGold
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