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    SICKNESS STRIKES!!! Princess Cadence has caught a nasty case of the flu, leaving her unable to perform her duties as Princess of Love! In her stead, Cadence’s husband — Prince Shining Armor — has volunteered to fill his wife’s horseshoes until she recovers. As the Prince of Love, it is Shining’s mission is to use all means necessary to help ponies kindle the supportive relationships which enable Equestria’s prosperity... including filling in as this week’s guest writer for Dear Cady..... ---------- This year's Hearts & Hooves day was particularly grating for Sunset Shimmer. All throughout the day, she was bombarded by a storm of mental fantasies involving herself and a certain somepony she knew. In the past, they'd only come up about once and day, and the Equestrian girl easily dismissed the daydreams as mere idle fantasies in the vein of winning a million bits or becoming the apprentice of Star Swirl the Bearded. But today, things got so bad that Sunset finally decided that enough was enough: she clearly needed relationship guidance for help. And what better way was there to anonymously solicit advice than the Equestria-renowned Dear Cady column? Dear Cady, I’m not sure how to put this in writing, but here goes. You will hate me for writing this, but I think romance is way overrated. Sure, it worked out for you and your husband and maybe some other ponies, but in my experience, being ‘in love’ is just a phase that teenagers go through. To put things in perspective, I was once in a relationship with a popular guy who I’ll call Brad (sorry, couldn’t think of a better pseudonym), who practically all the other girls I knew wanted to date. At the time, I remember wanting badly to be Brad’s girlfriend too. Yet once the two of us decided to exclusively date one another, all interest I had in him dropped to nothing. For almost a year, I went through the motions of being Brad’s girlfriend only because I wanted the popularity that came with that position. When Brad finally broke up with me, I was furious with him over it, but it wasn’t because I had genuine feelings for him. I didn’t care for him whatsoever. .....I should probably mention that back then, I was a manipulative and vindictive blowhard who made all her decisions out of ambition and spite. I’m a better person now thankfully, but it doesn’t change what I did in the past. Though I’m no longer the mean girl I used to be, my perspective on romantic relationships has not changed one bit. It may just be me, but I find the whole experience of flirting and dating to be nothing more than a chore. In order for a couple to stay together, you have to blow money on expensive outings and then have to constantly go through the whole routine of giving your partner hugs and kisses, and if you don’t do those chores, then the two of you aren’t in a relationship. Never mind that even if you do all the right things, there’s no guarantee that your boyfriend will be able to pick up the slack, take the lead, or otherwise endure hardships with you when the going gets tough. So then why did I waste several paragraphs ranting about relationships? Well, this is where my best friend enters the picture, who I’ll call Rising Star. Rising... she’s absolutely the greatest friend a girl can ask for, and probably one I don’t really deserve. She was the girl who stood up to me at my worst, only to turn around and offer me her friendship once my entire life of lies and deceit came crashing down. The fulfilling life I live today? I owe it all to Rising Star. The thing with me and Rising however is that while we each have our own separate circle of friends, she and I share many commonalities. We are both skilled in the same talent, we each attended the same school and learned under the same mentor, neither of us made any friends when we were young, and both of us know the pressures of great expectations and being depended upon by a lot of people. For these reasons, I relate to Rising Star more than I do with anybody else. If that isn’t enough for someone like me to love a friend like Rising Star, she’ll pretty much drop whatever she’s doing to help a creature in need. There’s this dorkish charm about Rising, and somehow she’s able to look pretty without having to try. I could go on and on about her, but that would make all you readers feel awkward. I know I always find it embarrassing whenever I hear from other people I meet about how much Rising has sung my praises. Basically, my friendship with Rising Star is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, but I don’t know how long it will continue to last. For one thing, I keep catching myself fantasizing about doing stereotypical romantic things with Rising; stuff like cuddling, spooning, holding hooves; anything that’d make her blush. I keep trying to tell myself to get a grip, but nothing seems to work. Now, I’m very good at reading people, so I would have known long ago if Rising shared reciprocal feelings; nothing I’ve seen indicates that this is true. Even if somehow Rising agrees to be my special somebody, I can’t help but think back on all the messy relationships that myself and other girls have been in. I always get the sinking feeling that if we become a romantic couple, things will get strange between us because of all the chores we’ll each have to do to convince other people and ourselves how strong our romance is. Frankly, my friend already has a ton of things to worry about in her day-to-day life; she doesn’t need to worry about making a romantic relationship work on top of that. One last thing to point out is that throughout the time we’ve been friends, Rising Star’s star has only kept on rising. Maybe I’m being selfish (wouldn’t be the first time), but I can’t bear the thought of other people regarding me as nothing more than the pretty face who stands by Rising’s side. I want to be remembered on my own merits, but being realistic, nothing I accomplish will ever surpass all the good deeds Rising has ever done, let alone pay the immerse debt I owe her. I just know that given time, old patterns of mine will repeat as I let my resentment boil over and burn the bridges between myself and somebody I hold dear (again, wouldn’t be the first time) To make a long story short, the affection I feel for my Pony Friend Forever has grown complicated, and I have no idea how to resolve the situation without causing a total mess. Sincerely, A Turbulent Sunflower
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    Welp... with Applejack showing approval for the change in music, Princess Cadence decided to wait out the squall by drinking the cider-full glass that Rainbow Dash offered. This was for the best, the alicorn reasoned; just chillax for a few minutes until the song ended, and then... it would be time to act, just as she promised. It’ll be a most welcome palate cleanser too! Once the cheesy song concluded, the princess flew up a distance off the ground; not too high, but just high enough that it would catch everyone's eye. “May I have your attention please!?” Cadence proclaimed in a commanding voice that was deliberately lower in bombast than the Royal Canterlot Voice; “If everybody can gather here for just a few moments, there's an important announcement you all need to hear!” It took about half a minute or so for the ball attendees to gather around in a circle. Shining Armor was among those up in front along with both Applejack and Rainbow Dash, who had supplied Cadence with cider only moments ago. Good, good... all the pieces were set. The Crystal Princess set herself back on the ground. “Now then... I do believe Rainbow Dash here has some remarks she'd like to present....?”
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    ↑ Not much else needs to be said about the Love Princess’s reaction, really. Witnessing romantic scenes like Rainbow’s proposal to Applejack were among the many heartwarming moments that Cadence lived for. Frankly, those two mares had waited long enough to get engaged! Cadence for her part got so excited and full of joy that her horn magically burst on its own accord a shockwave of pink hearts that blanketed the entire ballroom! Love was ABSOLUTELY in bloom, tonight!!!
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    As Cadence directed the attention of all surrounding to Rainbow Dash and Applejack, Shining Armor looked on like a proud uncle. Of course, Rainbow had approached the two of them to help coordinate this moment, and naturally they both agreed! At the root of everything that made Equestria great, strong bonds of family, friendship, and love were essential. Balls like this had originally sprouted from ancient ceremonial dances, primarily from the unicorns, to foster this very thing. There was something in the air, as the original purpose of gathering and dancing was fulfilled before his eyes, some calling of ancient magic he could feel through his bones, even dancing to the Rhythm of Squalls singing... Or perhaps Shiny was just growing sentimental in fatherhood. That was possible too. "Another show well done, love." He whispered to Princess Cadence. Of course, Applejack hadn't yet said yes, but Shining Armor would eat his mess dress if something like this were refused by her!
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    Swift Squall wasn't sure about whether or not they'd have a castle at their disposal but Applejack rejected the possibility of there not being one out of hoof. If somepony as rich as Swift didn't have a castle at his disposal for a wedding, somepony with nobility to boot, then nopony could have a castle. "Hehe. Well no matter where it is just get started on it. If Ah have ta hear Apple Bloom go on 'bout dream wedding scenarios for another week without her havin' somethin' to actually pin it ta, Ah'll marry y'all mahself. And Ah'm not even sure what Ah'd need ta do ta make it all legal like," she said with a laugh, though truth be told she wasn't so certain about why they were holding off. Just do it. Nothing was in their way, right? Eh, no matter. It'd happen when it happened. She wasn't somepony to hold off on the idea of a marriage in any circumstance but she reckoned thoughts on the matter were as extensive as the mares and stallions involved. As Swift Squall vanished out of her sight, she re-centered on Cadance. She had enjoyed all of Applejack's stories and pictures but she did have a pretty valid observation. Rainbow didn't seem to catch it- her mind seemed to be wandering around and not at all focused- but Applejack certainly noticed it. She sighed, though she continued smiling. "Well..." she rubbed the back of her neck, "Rainbow's always real busy, and often times outta town. We make sure ta take pictures together as a family when we can, but fact is Ah'm around Zap Apple every day. Just a different bit of exposure, Ah reckon," she said with a shrug as went to ask a question. "Is Flurry Hear-" she began before the *singing* began. And Cadance's annoyed glare moving past her to the stage, where Swift Squall was doing his best to be...well, honestly, himself. Unlike the others, Applejack liked it when Swift Squall got up on the stage and started singing. At least it was a song she knew, unlike all of the fancy schmancy malt that passed in such events. He wasn't the best and he really shouldn't have upstaged the professional musicians, but she'd be a liar if she said she was upset. She hummed along with the lyrics, leaning into Rainbow Dash and swaying with increasing energy as the chorus kicked in. "Ya got tha touch!" she sang out loud, though it was followed quickly by a heavy, leaned in kiss on her mare's cheek. She whispered huskily, "You got tha power," laughing at the sheer cheesiness of it all. "Yeah, you go an' leave me all by lonesome, gettin' that there alicorn Princess all liquored up," she said with faux concern as she allowed Dash to get along with her business of getting Cadance a bit loosened up, even in the presence of Swift Squall.
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    Liviel sat on the top of a hill nearby Ponyville, meditating in preparation for the little class she would be teaching soon. She liked teaching others, actually. It was nice to pass on her knowledge and skills to help others. It made her consider settling down somewhere, to have a more consistent group of students. The diamond dog eventually got up, heading towards the field she had set up in. It was a nice day, so she was going to have this class outside, to enjoy the nature around her while she taught others about the Harmonious Path and perhaps some self-defense techniques. Either way, the dog set her naginata down against a tree for now, sitting down on a blanket that had been set out as she awaited the arrival of the class for the day. In the meantime, she went back to meditating and enjoying the sounds of nature.
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    ************ Chaos, panic, fear, pain and hopelessness all mixing together in an unrelenting storm consumed all of Tempest’s thinking as her mind plays back the events of a helpless filly faced with something she had no hope of overcoming. For what can a filly do to an ursa other than scream for help as none came for her. And Sunset got to sit in the back seat of such memories as the ursa tossed Tempest about like no more than a dog's chew toy, leaving nothing but a broken filly walling for her friends too save her. But it did not stop, her screams only aggravating the beast more until finly it trashed the filly in to soundless angeny. Only then it grew bored of her and went back deeper in the cave. Yet the event repeated, stuck in an endless loop as the troma of her past hammered in to her. She was helpless. Worthless. Not worth saving. She was alive by luck alone and there was nothing she could do. And so she did nothing, calling out for help she believed will never come to save her from something she can’t stop. ************ Tempest shifted uneasily in her seat, she knew what sunny was thinking about. She didn't like that it happened. Her past was hers alone and the elss that knew about it the better. She wanted to look strong. Powerfull. Unbeatable. For every pony that knew the truth the more cracks her wall had and all the more easy for it to be broken. She was FINE and that's all they needed to know. “So uh… Next room… was…” She yawns and rubs her face, trying to get her mind away from that… place. That room was so awful. “Puzzle room. We had to split up, help one another without seeing the other. I think it was a trust test.” She explained. “Been more easy if we knew how to read the text on the walls. But we worked it out.”
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    @QuickLime Added to the list! Love those two together! @Skycoaster Here's your batty pone! Working on backgrounds now so there's one of him out on the prowl Also a character sheet and a banner if you'd like to use it!
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    @Ciraxis Aaaaand one more cause I couldn't get this pose out of my head. Here she is in flank kicking mode!
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    Stellar's face lit up when she asked what he did. He always loved talking about his occupation. It brought him joy, and he loved it when others showed an interest. He smiled and pointed proudly to his cutie mark which was the pegasus constellation in front of a moon. "I spend my time with my head in the clouds." he proclaimed. Then, fearing he hadn't adequately explained, he added "I-I'm an astronomer. I am an avid study of the sciences and the effects they have on magic." he expounded. Having been loosened up a bit by the talk about his interests, he seemed much more relaxed than earlier. When she expressed her enthusiasm for her farm, he smiled. He could certainly understand being proud of a profession you're passionate in. When she'd looked where he'd passed a gaze earlier and commented, his face turned a shade of red not previously discovered by ponykind as he leaned in and quietly whispered "I-is it really that obvious?" then he realized what she'd said and allowed himself to calm down just a bit. Tho still flustered by the impressive stallion, with his defined muscles, handsome stoic face, covered in the sweat of a hard day's work... where was he? Oh yeah, he stopped staring and took a breath. Anyway, somehow knowing he already had a special somepony made him feel better. It was kind of sad, but at least he could stop worrying about it. "P-probably best if you did." he reasoned, then admitted in a low whisper "I'm only just getting over the fact he's not single." he looked around. He cleared his throat and attempted to sound even and calm "Uh, here's your bits." he deposited them on the table.
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    Having successfully pulled the Princess of Love back into the present, away from screenings of the past and contemplations of the future, Shining Armor found Cadence confronted with the insinuations of her mother. Which was, to be fair, an honest question. It was slightly embarrassing, but the hours he'd put in as a young recruit playing the part of the stoic guard outside of doors enabled him to suppress a blush, and give an actual answer. "The truth is... well, I won't say we weren't hoping for a foal, even from the start, but we started really trying after freeing the Empire from Sombra. We'd known for a little while before that Princess Celestia had some task in mind for us, which would involve getting a home of our own outside Canterlot Palace. And how our little Princess has her own castle and country!" Smiling down at little Flurry, his ears caught his wife's somewhat hesitant question. It was in Itailian, but he didn't need to be fluent to catch the meaning. He kept his eyes on his daughter, just to allow Barbara as much of a relief from pressure as he could, but he couldn't help but keep his ears open. Why shouldn't Flurry have a grandpa, too, if he could help it?
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    ************ Tempest was far from fearless as she acted. She still had nightmares as much as any other pony. She just never spoke of her fears and hoped to hide them all. For some it did work as she overcame them alone with none the wiser. But others? No matter how much she believed herself ready she was not. She never was. And there such a fear was, towering before her like the stars in the sky. She felt… out of body. Out of place. She was stuck watching a filly screaming, small and scared. But the filly was her self and the screams her own as her legs failed, falling and flailing as she desperately tries to run away like some scared foal. She felt powerless. She never was ready. Not that she’d ever say it. ************ “It was magic, halgram, nothing happens.” Tempest says as Sunny speaks. “We beat it. That’s it.” She added, not explaining her side in the events at all. She did not want too. Not in front of Twi or others. What happened in there was between her and Sunny alone. ************ “HELP!” Tempest screamed well she dives underneath Sunnys legs, it was the first safe place to pop in her head. She had no clue why. But it's what she did as she shook with fear and curled up in a ball. If she can’t see it, it’s not there. It was foals thinking but its all she had to deal with the stress and fear overwhelming her. Her mind forced her to relive that day. Over and over she saw it coming for her. She was so small. So alone. Powerless. She’s just powerless. ************
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    Whelp...I guess I should move on to the next song in the Ball, huh?
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    Given that Niil was proving compliant, complaints notwithstanding, Bluebelle was inclined to take his eye-rolling in good humor. "Oh, I still think you'd be a fine example in any sample size!" She called back, laughter like silver chimes sounding over the pool's surface. "And don't worry, if I can find a cooperative spa, we can take you on a mud bath some time later! Got to keep that complexion pristine, after all." More laughter sounded over the water; the Princess was having entirely too much fun with this. As Niilavin sank into the water like a grump, his mistress met him with a smile so feline you'd swear she was born a sphinx, and so irritating under the circumstances that he might start regretting his little prank. "Oh, we don't have to go deeper than this, you'll just have to dunk yourself so the shampoo will properly sud when we scrub it in. You'll love that, lots of pretty mares fawning over you in a full-body massage!"
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    Luster scooted just a little closer so she could hear what the unicorn was telling her. Her brow raised a bit at the answer for the question of where she was from. "Outside of Equestria?" Her mind went to far flung regions. What was this mare, some kind of explorer of something? But that didn't seem right, she didn't seem to fit the profile of a Daring Do type individual. "Yeah, I'll bet it is..." She pondered as Sunset explained the craziness of where she was from. "And you're a professor?" Then on the more familiar topics. Luster brightened up at the mention of her school. "Yes! I'm a second year now!" Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns was one of the few places she felt truly comfortable and at home. She was a top notch student and had a deep sense of pride in her accomplishments. Not that she was going to brag. She never did. "So you teach at the School of Friendship huh? Wow! Didn't think I'd be meeting teachers on the train." At that point a vending pony came into the train car. As she came Luster the filly smiled. "Oh good! I'm starved! Can I get a chocolate chip hay biscuit, two oat clusters, and a blackberry fizz please?" She glanced over at Sunset. "You want anything?" After she had her snacks Luster took a bite of the hay biscuit and washed it down with a sip of blackberry fizz. The food and the conversation with the unicorn had helped relieve much of her anziety about going home. "So uh, what subjects do you teach? Oh! And my name is Luster Dawn! It's nice to meet you!"
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    Niilavin just rolls his eyes at his master's remarks. “[Given that I am the first of my breed you have seen I don’t know how much help that is.]” He says as they make their way to the river. He watched his master jump in and play about in the water with a frown. He really was going to do this. The fun of making his master look like a cat was soon lost in this fact. He -hated- water. But this was his fate… So with grumpy hiss he got closer and paws at the cold water. “[This is dreadful to the extreme master, if not for the magic bounding me i’d sooner jump in mud.]” With his hatred of this voice again he walked in to the pool well whimpering in discomfort at the feeling. He stopped when the water was reaching his back. “[this is as far as I can go master… I can not swim. So do not force me deeper, I wish to not die today.]” He explained as he walked along the bottom of the lake, never straying deeper than his back as he moved about.
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    Something smelled a bit wishy-washy about how the filly answered Sunset Shimmer’s question. It almost made the older mare think that the kid may have had reasons to avoid the wedding. The mention of Mayor Skies and Petunia Petals as old friends also sounded strange coming from a little girl; that was, until she mentioned growing up in that dreadful, crummy old town of Hope Hollow. Going by what Twilight mentioned before about how low that place sunk, and based on Sunset’s recollections of life right before the town lost all color, it didn’t seem far-fetched at all if those two adults had been the only two friendly souls around. Without the kindness and support of those two, Sunset wouldn’t have had a sponsor sign off on her attending the School of Magic against the will of her parents. “Ehh, yes and no... Sunset answered the next question in a rather confusing way; “I’m a part-time professor at the School of Friendship, but I live outside Ponyville... outside Equestria, actually. If I explained to you how it all works, you’d probably think I’m just pulling your leg... it’s that crazy.” The Equestrian girl left out the rather important detail of being a Hope Hollow filly herself, sensing that neither unicorn was in a real rush to talk about that locale. Knowing for sure that she’s never seen the kid around campus before, Sunset could only think of one other reason that a Hope Hollow unicorn was on a train BACK to her hometown instead of being already there. “So, I’m guessing you go to Celestia’s Schoo-” the mare blushed and chuckled as she caught her anachronism; “I mean... Twilight’s School for Gifted Unicorns?”
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    Rarity was pleased when Applejack finally start to take charge. Rarity could be charming when she wasn't being filled with righteous, incandescent fury at the vast injustices thrust upon those she cared so deeply for. First, the theft. What miscreant would steal that broach? It was an item of beauty, yes. Fetching, of course. But it didn't take a trained eye to recognize that the material quality and make of it wasn't exceptional. You could find similarly priced examples of that broach almost anywhere. And more important for a thief, you could find more fenceable examples of that item even easier. What that broach lacked in exceptional craftsmanship or expense it made up for it specificity of design and emotional connection. It was worth less than a generic example of a broach to all but the Apple family, those who knew Applejack, or those who wanted a piece of Equestrian history. But that would require some element of targeting, and it would be hard to imagine that happened. Secondly, the incompetence of the staff. It was good Applejack's more gentle nature was in play because such rank aloofishness and security was stunning. Not to her as a customer, but as a business owner who dealt with items of high value! For this spar, located on this airship, every customer was intensely valuable and required the care and attention that came with it. She would never live down a theft at any one of her Boutique's while she was there. How could they? The stallion said he heard somecreature in there, but didn't offer information. He had said sompony though- she could only assume he had heard hoofsteps. That would remove many creatures while even some species. A pegasi would be more likely to fly. It didn't prevent them from being a Unicorn or Earth Pony however, nor a Changeling. Even a Deer. As they spoke, she looked around- "Hmm..."- she muttered to herself as she spotted what looked like fabric...or hair? She'd need to investigate further. Regardless, she made sure to pick it up while they made their way out, sliding it into her saddlebag. -------- "No, detective. Only the broach, being watched over by some honestly inept spa ponies," Rarity added with some slight venom. She wasn't going to let a crime against security go unposted. In any case, she sighed. "I suppose I should be less angry at them. We all make mistakes after all," she then started to pout, "but look at my Applejack, without her divine broach. Banishment to tartarus only begins to satiate my desire for revenge," she said as she played around the rim of Applejack's outfit almost as if she was toying with the collar on a dog. "These thieves, Detective. What do you know of them?"
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    Oh! The other unicorn had been lost in thought, or at least that's how it seemed from her initial response. Luster hoped she wouldn't be irritated. That would be no good on top of the unease she was already feeling about going back to where she grew up. She'd left so much there and even thinking of stepping off the train made her anxiety rise. Thankfully the mare seemed receptive to the light conversation. There was something...she didn't quite know...just something about this other unicorn. She couldn't place it exactly. Had they possibly met before? It seemed unlikely. She'd never met another pony with markings like the vibrant yellow unicorn across from her. She scooted a bit closer on her bench. She was intrigued. "Oh! Yes," She glanced out the window at the scenery as it flashed by. Mountains giving way to a pass the tracks were laid through. Further and further north the train trundled, taking her back to a past she wasn't ready to revisit. Luster sighed. "Yes!" She put on a convincing smile...at least by her estimation. "Yes, I'm going too. The wedding is for two um," She glanced at the unicorn, making brief eye contact. "For two old friends of mine." She looked away, deciding to just talk. Perhaps it would take her mind off her anxiety. "I grew up in Hope Hollow. Are you from Ponyville?" She made the deduction based on the train stops before Canterlot.
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    Glitter ran, snow kicking up in flurries behind her. Koda stretched long into his run up ahead of her and she felt her lungs begin to burn in her pursuit. It was fear. Fear caused the burn, caused the ache in her legs and her chest. It tightened around her body like tentacles, gripping into her flesh. She grit her teeth and caused her stride to lengthen even as the deeper drifts held her back. She tried to match the stride of the mare in front of her, but it was out of her reach. Fizzy was taller than her, longer in the leg. She was braver too. Well, she had been that day. It should have been Glitter going in after the ball. It was her kick that had rolled it into the woods. Her hooves that had caused the irreparable damage on her best friend's life. She gasped, it hurt to think of that moment. Those few seconds that had forever shattered the lives of two mares. BARK! "What is it boy?" She called to the dog but she did not need his reply, even if her could make one. The roar. The unmistakable roar of an ursa. Her gut dropped and she charged headlong towards the grove up ahead. The sound had come from among the trees. Black, skeletal trees, all leaves dropped in the dead of winter. She came among them in a rush, in a flurry of snow and mane. Her eyes took it all in. The beast. The unicorn. The terror. Her breath came in puffs as she calculated what she must do. Koda let off a racket of barking but did not move in. He would wait for his master's move as he always did. She did not call for him though. Glitter charged in as the ursa towered over her friend. Over her beckon of hope and shadow of deepest fears. Over the one her heart longed for and loathed all at once. The one she had loved that had resurfaced in her life like a tidal wave. The one that her heart had longed for and broken for countless times. So countless that she had tossed it to freeze in the wastes of the north. Now here she was, heart on fire racing towards the creature. "Gotta move!" She yelled as she took a leap from the snow and flung herself between Fizzy and the ursa. A huge paw came around, narrowly missing raking her side wide open. The talons found the back edge of her jaw, ripping three cuts into her cheek and up towards her eye. Then came the burst of light. Bright, white, brilliant, it burst forth. From pain, from regret, from longing, from love. It shown so brightly the beast roared and took to all fours. She hit the ground beside the unicorn. Her momentum rolling them both through the snow and away from the ursa by a few yards. By enough to get up and away. Blood obscured her vision as she took to her hooves and fled. There was no fighting a beast of that size. Koda ran next to them barking. She hardly noticed his presence. She was focused on the unicorn. When they were far enough away she glanced to the side. "Fizzy?" Her words dropped away as blood dripped to turn the snow crimson.
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    Under most situations running in the untouched woods of the north hot on the trails of some beast is an extremely good time. At least for Tempest. This was her bread and butter in a way. Yet she found her focus on it hazy, lost in the fog of times past. Vices, places and memories ran alongside her. Try as she did to out pace them her past held on to her tail, unrelenting to in its grab to not be forgotten again. Yet push on she did. It was all she could do. Run, run and run. Run from her past. Run from her feelings. It was distracting and all consuming as the world around her passed away. It was just her, show and tracks. Tracks that were making some deep part of her past scream out in alarm. She has seen them before. Locked away in some deep forgotten pit of her own making. But she can’t hear it. One more voice lost in the strain of her own need to shut them all up. She did not need help. She did not need Glitter. No room for argument. Yet that creeping feeling did not go away. Dread… She was feeling dread. More and more the pieces were falling together as repressed memories come free from places long forgotten. Something that can’t be. Yet it was. The realization came far too slow as her brain worked out what she just did. What she just ran after full speed. She saw it as soon as… It did. The silence was killed by the roaring call of the ursa, enraged at the intruder that was charged headlong at it. Tempest just felt the world dropping out from underneath her hooves as she falls head over hooves. Legs failing her in panic as her eyes look up at the ursa in fear. Raw, unbroken fear. She didn't even scream as her legs desperalty flailed in the snow to drag herself away from the enraged ursa. She felt it move in her very bones. The thumping of giant paws as she dug and pulled herself in the deep snow like some helpless fly in a web. All rational thoughts are lost in one unrelenting panic. All her training, magic and power was made useless in one moment as panic over takes all other forms of thinking. All she has done was leading up to this. From that moment in the cave she swore to be strong. To be powerful. No matter the cost to herself or others. Kingdoms crushed. Families shattered. How many felt like she did now? How many watched their home destroyed beneath her airships, helpless to stop it? All the suffering she’s unleashed on this world and here she was. Crawling away with tears in her eyes and a heart ready to explode out of her chest. She did unspeakable things for power. But for what? She fell like a house of cards. Helpless. Worthless. Rolling on to her back she stared at the ursa as it towered over her. The night sky given horrible life to torment all it found. An unrelenting juggernaut of death. Fizzy was meant to die in that cave and death finly caught up with her.
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    Well... it seemed like this was happening. It was really happening. The young mare sucked in a breath as the rumble of the train announced a reckoning she wasn't sure she was ready for. She wasn't sure she'd ever be ready. Well, eventually she would be. She had no intention of staying away from her hometown, from her parents forever. She had just needed some time away. Time to expand her mind beyond what Hope Hollow had to offer. Beyond the few friendships she'd made there. Beyond the drab grey that she'd heard had returned to it's formerly colorful state. Oh! Yes that would be exciting! She'd always wondered what the "Town At the End of the Rainbow" would look like in all its glory and soon she'd see it! She'd also see her parents, not that she thought they would care all that much. They had hardly seemed to care about anything during her entire growing up so why would things be different now. Well, there was color now...maybe it had changed them too? She hoped so. She loved her parents despite their lack of enthusiasm over much of anything. It was their lack that had ended up brewing so much in Luster herself. She loved knowledge and learning and the process of it all. She loved discovering and researching and coming to conclusions. When it came to family, there were some things she'd really love to know about. Mainly, her sister. She didn't even know her name. Her parents had accidentally let it slip only once, only right before she was leaving town that she'd ever even had a sister. Nopony else in the town had bothered to say anything either. She guessed that's what living in the grey did to ponies. Made them forget. Made them not care. But she cared! In fact she made up her mind right in that moment that her parents would tell her all about her sister while she was in town for the wedding. Yes, perfect plan! The train rumbled to a stop and ponies from Canterlot piled on. Luster let herself be swept up in the throng and was soon aboard her train home! It was exciting but also daunting. She took a breath and looked for somewhere to sit. Somewhere not overly crowded if possible? There were lots of ponies on the train today. Some of which she figured were probably heading to Hope Hollow too. It wasn't every day a mayor got married after all! Ah! There was a seat! Towards the back. There was an empty bench seat across the aisle from one amber colored unicorn. Perfect! Luster trotted back, tossed her saddle bag down and took a seat by the far window. As the train lurched into gear she felt her heart jump. There really was much to be anxious about. Maybe if she tried some polite conversation it would ease her mind? As the train rolled on towards Hope Hollow she glanced across the aisle. "Hi there!" She gave a half smile. "Headed to Hope Hollow? There's a big wedding in town tonight!" There that was friendly. She wondered how the unicorn across from her would respond.
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    A blizzard raged through the frozen north as a unicorn made his way back from his bimonthly supply tip to Yakyakistan. His horn would give off a pale blue glow as the snow seemed to swirl around him. Around his neck was a tattered and worn scarf bearing the older mark and colors of the Royal Equestrian Guard. His mane and tail, though somewhat kept, showed signs that he had been in isolation for may of year. Behind the stallion was a small sled that contained a few crates of food and other supplies needed to get him through for the foreseeable future. As Blizzard continued onward to his fortress....if one could call the igloo where he lived that...he would give a sly grin as his horn got brighter and the snowstorm got stronger. He was in his element now. Far enough from civilization where as he could master the spells of snow and ice in the vast frozen wasteland.
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    Glitter followed with interest as they came upon the main dwelling. An igloo? A giant igloo? This was certainly one of the oddest dwellings she'd come across. It was functional though. She had to give it that. Koda trotted along at the mare's side as they entered the dwelling. She glanced around. Noting the ice chandelier in the center of the room. This was a permanent settlement to be sure! Quite impressive! She found herself wondering more about this stallion. Why he would chose to live this way. There were plenty of reasons to be sure. She had plenty of reasons for her lifestyle choices too. Seclusion could be a better way to live. She walked towards the book case, noticing the books on spells. She wondered how powerful this guy could be. Her magic wasn't much. She had enough to simple spells but nothing like these tomes held. The question of carrots or corn took her out of her thoughts. She turned to face him. "Oh! Uh, either would be fine with me. Carrots?" She wasn't sure she trusted him well enough to be staying for dinner but for now it was fine to offer her suggestion. On her way back over to him she noted the name tag. "B. Blitz?"
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    ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice had raised an eyebrow when Luna chose to use the word acquaintances rather that friends. The hesitation behind her word choice said everything that needed to be said. It was entirely likely that ponies haven't gotten used to them being retired yet so they still felt like they had this grand aura around them. When Luna asked Ice if she thought that she was intimidating, Ice paused in thought. She then answered. "While you were still on the throne you held an aura of command that could be intimidated when you needed to be, but for the most part, the only thing that I find intimidating about you is the size of the horseshoes I need to fill to even come close to any of the things you and Celestia have accomplished. Otherwise, I would say that you were more of an idol worship for me than anything intimidating." "As for taking initiative with your neighbors and the other ponies here, you can take some initiative by trying to hold a few house parties in the like, or you can wait and see how quickly everypony else here warms up to you. Ultimately, I think it comes down to how quickly you would like to socialize versus how quickly other ponies would feel comfortable around both retired princesses at once. To a normal civilian I can see how that could be a little intimidating for somepony who's only known you from the papers," she smiled. When Luna suggested the Ice cream, she smiled again before nodding. "As long as you have the Midnight Raspberries, I can happily make it for you. I didn't bring anything perishable like that on the train in fear that it would go bad before I even got here," she said standing up looking around. "What way to the kitchen? we can continue in there while we're making Ice Cream."
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    Niilavin holds his fanged grin as he almost prances ahead of Blue before turning sound to face her. “[Well master, you want me to be comfortable so I wish to help you. Now, close your eyes. You can trust me, I can not ever harm you after all.]” He says opening a wing out to hide blue from view of the maids. Broken lines of eyesight are extremely important for his magic to work. It is hard to trick the view of one if they saw the trick happen after all. “[I think you will enjoy it master.]” he added with wink to help sell it. Even if Blue did like this it was more… for his own fun and games. He was not going down to get all wet without playing it his way…
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    It was hard to say no to Applejack when she had the right idea and Rara knew that she did here. She might not singing in public but she knew she had a good voice. Heck, look at her cutie mark! She knew it was true! And if it meant they got to go up together and be recognized, well, doing it with a friend would certainly make the pill go down smoother. "You're awfully good at convincing ponies...alright, we'll do it. You and I, stage singing superstars!" She said as she tried to summon at least a front of courage, despite feeling worried about it inside. She'd have to get over that. Maybe imagine the ponies there with more clothes on, like her mama used to say. She giggled and sat down on the floor next to Applejack, her head laned back onto the bed as she heard the other filly strum her revealed guitar. She was awfully good with it considering how rarely she spoke about her own talents, which as far as Rara was concerned were at least as good as hers. Applejack started up her playing and soon enough threw some lyrics out there. She didn't pay much mind to the lyrics because she knew they could do better, together. But she sure was good at strumming those strings and she produced a musically pleasing melody with her guitar. Rara's head bopped gently to it as the neurons started to fire off. "That sure did rhyme. But if we're gonna do this, we should do it big and bold, right? Like when we tried to build the biggest treehouse outta all the treehouses. Except words. We're gonna build the biggest treehouse of my words and your guitar they ever did see! Or, uhh, hear!" She said excitedly, only now starting to get into the idea fully. And anything to make that fat colt who pushed her into the mud yesterday drop his potato chips for a second and be nice. It was called Camp Friendship for pony's sake, not camp spud. Her mind raced to think of something. "Hmm...oh, maybe we'll do somethin' that'd make our family proud if they heard it. Like...how about Equestria?" She pondered as she allowed Applejack's strings to play in her mind. "Duh duh duh...hmm..." she cleared her throat and started softly singing along the strings, "Equestria, the land I love...a land of harmony..."
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    Thank goodness we were able to resurrect the REA Ball thread and make this moment a reality. And in time for Hearts & Hooves day, too!
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    Happy Hearts and Hooves Day everypony!
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    Wing-grooming as a gesture of intimacy seemed to be pretty universal among all species where such things were relevant. It made sense to Bluebelle; you had a pair of sensitive body parts that were essential to their uniqueness, it was a natural outgrowth. His guards had told him that self-preening was difficult and involved a lot of uncomfortable cricks in one's neck, but wing-grooming from an inexperienced or uncaring partner? That could leave you grounded for weeks, if the pinfeathers broke. Not that the Princess felt she would be able to manage to do so much damage to Niil. Even if she were physically or magically capable, it went against her nature to violate magnificence! "Oh, don't worry. That's why I had a cup of tea before starting, I felt you'd be more comfortable this way than if I were Bluebood." Left unsaid was the fact that, so far, Niil was the only living member of his species that Blue knew of. That could be trouble... later. Leave that for later. Sufficient to the day would be the scratches and splashes thereof...
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer was in mid pull with her flight suit when she heard the knock on the door. She let out an exasperated sigh as she immediately presumed that the pony knocking on the door was one of the event organizers coming to try to go over the final payment structure and try to tell her how much was going to be coming out of the payment to fix damages to the auditorium even when there wasn't. It was always like that when she took a gig anywhere else, even if she didn't damage anything they would still charger her for it to try to pay her less. Las Pegasus was crooked like that. "Gimme just a second!" she yelled back through a struggle. After a few more tugs she finally popped free from her flight suit. What she wasn't expecting though, was the elastic nature of her new outfit to slingshot her into the wall next to the door, and a loud thud... as well the concussive force of the impact could be felt at the door. The hit would jar the door loose a bit as wind finally heard the ponies that were now talking outside of the door. One was a voice that she thought she recognized, but could just be the welt the wall left on her head that was talking to her, and the other was completely new to her. They definitely didn't sound like event staff that was for sure. That meant one of two things. Either they were ponies that she knew personally, or they were fans that snuck past the guards. "Go ahead and come in! going to take me a second to get my bearings again!" Wind said shaking her head to get the room to stop spinning.
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    Hou: "<eyes Sunset> Nice soul you have there...."
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    Glitter eyed him as he spoke of magic. Making ice cream? Yeah, there was something about this guy she didn't get. It would be best to follow him an find out at least where he lived. She hadn't pegged him as a thread or anything of that nature but she did like to keep a grip on who was inhabiting the lands of the Frozen North. She picked up stride alongside the stallion. He was right it was getting late in the day. She had supplies enough for a night on the tundra if need be so it was no problem to follow along. "Koda!" She called to the elk hound as they made their way north. Best to keep the dog nearby as they were entering a territory she hadn't explored yet. "Stay close." She reached over to pat the dog as he bounded up in a flurry of snow. A wall of sorts loomed in front of them and Glitter cocked her head. "You've built yourself quite the dwelling I'm assuming?"
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    Would love to see a picture of Martini with Twilight if you had the time
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    Rarity was highly frustrated by the inability of the spa ponies to be of any help. She quickly ascertained after her outburst that they were not responsible for any sort of high-class thievery ring, but that didn't mean she let them off the hook entirely. They staffed this location and were expected to the best in their field and with that came expectations of them keeping tabs on who was here, what they were doing, and how they would best be served. And in doing so, stop such awful tomfoolery such as theft from taking place! While they may not be thieves themselves the fact they were so ignorant as to this event left a sour taste in her mouth. She would have to knock a star off of their rating- her back did feel rather wonderful and her haunches were well prepped for the day, so no reason to forget their good work either! Rarity did not tarry long with the miscreant missing workers of the spar, holding her mare's hoof in ours as she consoled her. "No Applejack, you did nothing wrong. You were relying on a level of base competence from workers who had relatively good, secure locations for the property of their customers. It is a travesty they can't help us- I'm stunned that they ddn't see anything," she gave a side-eye look at the ground and nearly growled, "or claim they didn't. I'm not sure I totally believe them," she said as she rubbed Applejack's mane in a comforting manner. Of all the things to steal, a broach? It was such a personal item of negligible worth to anypony who did not know the personal details of those involved. It would seem to be a rather poor target for theft- at least compared to the absolute windfall of similar items found on such a luxury vessel. Rarity maintained her composure. She needed to. Applejack was a mess but she too needed to pull herself together. They had personas to maintain as Equestrian heroines and blubbering like foals would do neither of them any good, especially if they needed to solve a mystery like the one that had been hooved over to them. "Dear, regain yourself. If we're to see that detective and get your broach back, you will need to have a certain air of confidence about you. Straighten your tail and dry your tears," she said confidently, wiping away what she could see as shw stood up. "we have a broach to find!"
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    “Well geez Temy, SORRY that I find it hard to enjoy Las Pegasus after witnessing its rotten underbelly for fifteen straight minutes because a certain SLOB forgot to clean up the pigsty that you locked me out of!” What Sunset Shimmer had intended to be a casual visit to meet up with her good buddy was clearly off to a rocky start, leaving the amber unicorn in a salty, eye-rolling mood. “After this I will let you pick out where we go. Whatever you want. So long as it's cheap. I blew most of my last check on a black smith… Will be so worth it.” “Maybe you’d have more money in the bank if you actually worked an honest job for a damn living,” Sunset fumed beneath her breath. She knew full well that for whatever mysterious reason, the owner of the Fire and Ice Casino let Tempest get away with essentially not showing up at her post for most of the year. It almost seemed to Sunset as if the owner was pulling some sort of tax scam or other shady scheme. Meh... smart ponies knew that Las Pegasus was built on a foundation of organized criminality, after all. Even if that wasn’t the case... Sunset was a girl who juggled two part-time jobs in two different planes of existence. Of course she’d feel some level of resentment towards somepony who got away with not pulling their weight in society... very good friends included. Back to the current moment, Sunset sighed in resignation as Tempest knocked on the performer’s dressing room door. Apparently, Temy thought Sunny would be impressed by the chance to meet whoever this Wind Dancer mare was. Welp... however bad her mood was right now, Miss Shimmer promised to herself that she’d at least try to be a good sport and not show undeserved hostility towards the professional dancer that Temy seemed to like so dang much.....
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    From the album: Cast!

    Two birds discovering their love for each other towards the end of a shippy thread with SteelEagle ;) Base used and credited.
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    Zap was involuntarily trotting in place waiting for his mother to give him the green light on flying around. But first, she instructed him to follow her through the rings. Zap jumped up and started flying and slowly made his way towards the rings to follow his mother. He did not zigzag the rings like a professional, but he was able to get through the rings fairly easily except for the last one in which his left wing accidentally smacked it as he fluttered through it. The sound and feeling of the wing on the ring made Zap freeze his wing tempo for a moment but after a short fall was able to get his rhythm back and maintained a safe flutter before hitting getting close to the ground. His biggest hindrance seemed to be turning. He had to completely stop his forward movement in the air before he could turn to his next target to fly towards it. He needed to learn how to bank, but this was fine because with the support he was getting, he was well on his way!
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    Zap's crying slowed down to a whimper and when Gallus sat next to him by the window, did not escalate his cries again. His failure to make his level of upsettedness higher was less about warming up to Gallus, and more that he was getting tired of crying. Most parents of colts and fillies this age do well when they learn to endure the amount of tears and wails coming from their precious offspring. Gallus offered to make cupcakes. He only needed to ask the colt twice before Zap turned his head slightly and nodded, adding a soft whimper with the inflection of a yes answer. Zap continued to not smile, and held a reluctant expression of submissiveness. When Zap turned away from the window, his face was painted a dark brown showing the streaks of the tears made on his face. His nose was running but he could breathe through it fine. He slowly stepped down the stairs in order to go into the kitchen. The kitchen was very clean. Pristine, actually. This was mostly because Rainbow Dash never used it and less because she was good at cleaning up. The athletic mare would likely have protein powder or energy supplements in some of the cupboards, but the many cooking supplies would be laying dormant in the pantry with all perishable materials being omitted completely. Gallus asked Zap to lead him to the kitchen, but any idiot could see it from the front foyer. Instead, Zap trailed behind the griffon, yielding his authority granted to him by his mother, even though he smelled a little.
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    Bluebelle had anticipated this line of attack, was prepared a battery of argument to meet it. "Unfortunately, your tongue is not going to be sufficient to take care of that fur coat of yours. I'm glad you removed the excess, but what remains has to be properly shampooed and conditioned! You don't want to embarrass me in public with a coat that isn't sleek and shiny, right? You're a part of a Royal Household, don't forget!" Vanity, always appeal to vanity. That's what always got her up early in the morning to prepare her looks to face the world.
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    Oh! I should edit this into a real campaign poster! And I shall!
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    "Stellar Drift, is it? Good name. Strong name, too. Whatcha do up there in Canterlot?" She asked the nervous stallion, always curious as to what ponies did up there. She had lived part of her early life in Manehattan and knew it as a city of commerce, and she sure as rain knew life in the Heartland like the back of her hoof. But Canterlot seemed like it was a mythical city- and she'd been there dozens of time! Something about it being the seat of Celestial power for generations still gave it a mythica edge to it that made it hard for her to shake. "Yer friend is right. Sweet Apple Acres is the best place in all of Equestria if yer looing for tha tastiest fruit in all'f Equestria!" She said confidently, hoping some of her verve could transfer over to the customer. She didn't think it would work but it was worth the hope anyway. Applejack needed to start counting how many stallions had come up here and started being all sorts of confused and flustered, and then a second list was needed to track down all the reasons that she could think of. It had seemed to come up more and more commonly lately, and she noticed a few similarities. In this case she couldn't help but note that he seemed to throw his gaze over to Big Mac. Yep, another stallion who couldn't resist the firm haunches and strong torso of her older brother. Sad for them that he had his heart set already but she figured that didn't stop ponies from drinking from the cup of fantasy. She looked over at her brother and laughed. "Well, can't blame ya there. Y'all ain't tha first pony today ta toss yer mane that way," she said with a shake of her head, turning back to Stellar Drift. "So, Stellar, that'll be five bits. And a kiss from me, unless you'd rather...?" *Stellar Drift* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
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    A regal voice commanded from the opposite side of the door; “Please enter.” The attendant opened the door into Empress Yuè’s private study, gesturing for Medo to come inside. As the Neighponese unicorn walked in, she would see the Empress calmly putting the finishing calligraphic touches on a document. “Have a seat.” Once Medo obeyed the command, the attendant closed the door, leaving the two mares alone. With the way the guest stools were crafted, Medo would feel as if the royal qilin she faced towered over her. By now, the Empress had finished writing and was now reaching for the Imperial Seal, the jade-carved heirloom used to signify an edict’s official endorsement. It was never easy to admit what she was about to say, but Yuè knew she needed to promptly get it over with. As she applied the seal, the qilin remarked without looking up; “...You were there at the Grand Galloping Gala, Medo.” A long pause followed. “.....I have brought dishonor upon myself for failing to recognize you for the pony you are..."
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    ~~~Medo Asai~~~ Medo noted the ambassador's reaction when she started talking about the health risks of excess stress. He said that it wasn't so much stress as it was keeping things in perspective. That it was only natural to focus they're anxieties on a particular issue that they feel is of importance. He also added that in his line of employment, something small could be party of a larger grand sum, home the reason he crossed the ocean to check am unaccounted line item. It's them she noted the weather. Today it was actually closer to what it was back home. Significant cloud cover was built up in the sky which probably means that pegasi were planning rain soon. It was also cooler, reminding her off the feel she got back home in the mountains. She watched as the longma too to the skies to search his wings a bit. When he landed, he told hey that as large as the palace was, it would be unlikely for them to actually see each other there again unless she saught him out. She shook her head. "You under estimate just how often that could be with the medical field. If they are advancing the way they are supposed to be and using the herbs to those fill potential, then the nurses and doctors should be approaching to to make sure what they hope to accomplish is budgeted. That would make it fast more likely for us to run into another because of that fact alone. I'm not one to sit back and let things stagnate. I'm always looking to push the envelope of herbal medicine so that we can treat almost any illness with it. I also already have numerous numbing salves for any major injuries while they go through the healing process," she commented as he said he was mostly an outdoors pony. She nodded herself. "Likewise. My special talent actually attracts me to the herbs that I need for whatever I'm working on in their natural environment, provided I'm close enough to sense them. Which most of the time, just about the size of Ryushima," Medo replied. "And honestly, you don't like that or of shape." She added.
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    He returned Terramar's smile as he navigated the current with relative ease. He wasn't as fluid as either of them in the water but it was close enough to flying that a lot of the mechanics worked well enough. "Heh, well, it feels like flying. And I'm not feeling the same crushing fear of claustrophobia when I'm moving this fast, I guess," he said with a smirk as he powered his way forward, his form being well-suited to this type of movement. He surged forward with his power and felt pretty good about it. This was way better and way less awful than being inside of the ocean normally. Feeling the current around him was so similar to a nice jet stream. He'd have to show off once they were up top because as good as he was doing now this was nothing compared to Gallus in the sky! "Think this is cool, wait until we're in the air!" He spread out further, allowing his large form to fully extend. He was quite large all things told. His wings unfurled to their great length even i the water, seemingly specially designed to withstand the rigors of the ocean current. Combined with his large tail and body it was hard to see past or around him as Silverstream swam below him. And close, which allowed him to share a half-smile full of cockiness as she also seemed to pull off her nice backstroking moves without flaw. Of course this whole combination was both intensely flirty and also something that Terramar couldn't see. For the time being though, this was fine. He winked at her. "Hey, wanna see a cool move?" He asked as he moved in closer, hoping she'd say yes. Mostly because he felt like he looked super awesome when he was doing it.
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    It took a bit for Shining Armor to translate Barbera's question in his head. Studying Itailian was one of the things he'd taken on to connect with his wife back when she was just his marefriend, but language studies hadn't been his strong suit. Cadence would still sometimes bring up the time he'd ordered the "Jackets required" at the restaurant in Rome he took her to for one of her birthdays. Speaking of Jacket's... there he was, in the formal red-and-blues. As far as he knew, he still fit in them; he wasn't the sort of stallion just to let himself go just because he was married! True love also meant keeping up your exercise routine to look good for your wife. Looking over to her, he could see tears begin to well up, and he could guess what she was thinking. "Not for a while yet, love. Don't miss the present while your head's in the future."
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    @Skycoaster *nods* tried to darken mane tail and goatee Let me know if this color is better and if you'd like it as a banner.
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    I think she looks great, thanks!
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    Stellar heard the words each time, but they didn't register until she'd been calling for a hot minute. He jumped suddenly "S-Sorry!" he stammered "I-I'm coming." Stellar quickly trotted up to the booth, nearly tripping on the even soil. "So, um. D'you still have any Ambrosia Apples left? If not, that's okay, I can take whatever is the sweetest ones still available." He tried his best to be calm and collected, but his nervousness showed through every word as his voice shook. His gaze went from the ground to Applejack, then to Big Mac, but quickly back to the ground as he blushed. He silently wished he hadn't been listening when she offered that other pony her advice.
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    Aegis chuckled as Reckless picked up on his little signing. He shrugged nonchalantly in response, simply continuing the dance while smirking at her. She really was a fun mare to spend time with, he’d really like to meet up with her again sometime. Unfortunately, the moment was not bound to last, and soon enough the music changed to an entirely different genre, and the two of them vacated the floor. When she indicated the door, he looked over at it, raising an eyebrow until he felt her nuzzle against his ear. He responded by looking over at her with a wink and a soft nudge from his wing. “Sure, let’s go see what they’ve got stashed back there.” He chuckled, draining the rest of his cup before setting off towards the kitchens with her.
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