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    From the album Request/trades/gift art

    Here's the first chibi! I really love this guy's colors. I didn't add a cutie mark because I figured it would be covered up by the wing, but looking at it now I think I'd be able to squeeze one in. Let me know if you want me to add one! Fēng belongs to PrinceBlueblood . Painted in FireAlpaca.
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    From the album Request/trades/gift art

    The 4th chibi is complete! Drawing all these Qilin makes me wanna create one myself~ Empress Yuè belongs to Bellosh
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    From the album Request/trades/gift art

    And here is the third chibi! She was pretty simple other than the fact that I always struggle with pony snoots. Since I drew her entire face before adding the glasses, here is a version without them. Loose Cannon belongs to szalhi
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    From the album Request/trades/gift art

    Whew. This one took a little longer than expected because of a stubborn headache, plus I got a little obsessive with the details.. She was a bit of a challenge but I think she turned out pretty good. Lan Fa belongs to SymphonicFire
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    From the album OCs

    Been working on a chibi style lately and I thought a cool way to practice would be to open an art request thread here. It's been too long since I did anything here and I want to do something. Peachy Keen belongs to me. Painted in FireAlpaca.
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    From the album Request/trades/gift art

    5th chibi is done! This one was oddly nostalgic since I used to draw nothing but wolves back in the day. Nensho belongs to PyroBlaze
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    From the album Traditional

    Goldenglow is an easily flattered fluffy bat pone! Give her some luv pls
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    By the time all the invitations were sent out, the event was no longer very much of a surprise. It was no secret that Chieftain Sigrun of Clan Askr and Vakstyra Halvard of Clan Breen had hit it off very well ever since their first meeting in the Saarvergerg Arena, and fast became more than friends. The fact that their homeland was split by a civil war, however, intruded inevitable delays on anything official. Not to mention the somewhat complicated politics involving Clan Breen’s public neutrality in the matter of the war, while Sigrun and Clan Askr were very much on the side of the Loyalists. Many tedious months of politics later, however, and Halvard had finally managed to shift his Clan’s position, and considerable resources, behind the King’s cause. As these were not inconsiderable in amount, the ceremony itself would be made a fairly extravagant affair, the marriage of the two now seen as a symbol and lynchpin of their clan’s alliance. Which meant, of course, that their wedding was now further delayed by the amount of planning that had to go into it… *Good thing I’ve never been one to shy away from logistics.* Halvard mused, smiling as he completed the last double-check of the mead supply. Sigrun wasn’t one for fancy and frou-frou, thank the gods, but an abundance of guests required an abundance of food, drink, and space. Running his eyes over the hall, and comparing the numbers on their guest list, he pursed his lips. *Well…. Two out of three isn’t bad. Hope the foreign guests don’t mind the crush.* At least the native guests wouldn’t. After all, it isn’t a party until everybou’s up in each other’s faces! Whether from joy or fighting really depended on the mood and the mead. Hopefully, this all wouldn’t be too much… ~~~ While Caribou weddings weren’t exactly the same ceremony as one generally saw in the southern lands, there was a general commonality between them, in that the groom and bride didn’t come alone. Each would bring either a close relation, or a close friend, representing all the relationships surrounding the pair that would intertwine. Halvard had thought long and hard about who he would bring, but ultimately settled on what he felt was the best, and only choice. “Are you ready, Calder?” The bull called out to the one whom he had come to think of as a son. This was not a trivial question, as the younger bull had many quite legitimate reasons for being nervous about publicly appearing back in Whitescar. Halvard had strongly encouraged him to come out with him, though; partly for his own good, to face and conquer the demons of his memory, at least in some ways. The other reason, however, was one he wouldn’t say to his adopted son, as it had to do, again, with the politics of the situation. Calder wasn’t exactly a stereotypical bull, in many ways, but Halvard felt that what he himself was fighting this civil war for was to make a place for caribou like his son. This was a public show of solidarity for the family, and the gods have mercy on any who’d have a problem with it!
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    Okay so...throat ramming didn't happen. It was just the consult for this fun thing, which'll be early next month. Congrats Rocky! What do you like to drink, Pemby? I like a drink now and then; girly stuff I suppose, like wine, bellinis, margaritas, cider, hurricanes, or an interesting craft beer (e.g. I won't be caught dead drinking something like Coors)... but I dunno if I could drink to the point of inebriation. NSFWish:
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    Peachy's Chibi Portraits Hello all! It's been awhile and Peachy Keen is ready to paint some ponies, (or non-ponies of course,) in another request thread! There won't be a corresponding RP this time. I don't think I can keep up with that right now so I'm just gonna draw your characters and post them here/in the gallery when they're done! Update: Request are now closed! Rules: Character must have an approved WoE application. One request per person. Feel free to ask for a specific pose and/or additional accessories if you want. Provide character name and reference or description. Also describe/provide picture of cutie mark. All request will be in the style of the pic above. Requests are open until all slots are filled. PrinceBlueblood - Feng - 100% (done!) SymphonicFire - Lan Fa - 100% (done!) szalhi - Loose Cannon - 100% (done!) Bellosh - Empress Yuè - 100% (done!) PyroBlaze - Nensho - 100% (done!) Bonus: RainbowFoxxy - Some AppleDash!- 100% (done!)
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    Halvard nuzzled his soon-to-be wife as she embraced him. "What need is there to be nervous? All the hard work's been done already." The hard work being the negotiations and logistics, as far as the blue bull was concerned. All of this theater and celebration? That was a reward for a job well done! He stepped back to get a good look at Sigrun in her dress. This was the first time he had seen her fully decked out in it, and he had to admit that Calder really had an eye for this sort of thing. He himself was wearing a fur-trimmed robe in a matching color, clasped with a silver sigil of his own clan's Runes. He was also crowned, in holly and mistletoe woven around his head. "You look wonderful! Thank you again, Calder, for your fine eye. I should send you next time we're trading in cloth!" It would probably be pretty clear to Calder that the older bull was making an attempt to keep his spirits up. Halvard knew full well what risks his adopted son and protege was running in returning to Whitescar. The fact he was willing to come at all was a statement of confidence in his new family, and Halvard had to respect that. Even at the exaggerated taradiddle Caldr gave him, Halvard only answered with a chuckle. "Oh, save those tales for when the mead flows! Speaking of which, we'd better get into our places, the guests will be arriving soon..." **** "Come one, come all! One day only, see the two greatest champions of Whitescar pitted in the most tense, exciting, and dangerous match of all time; MARRIAGE! Nyahahahah!" Alright, so perhaps Chipper Demise had not been the wisest of choices to greet all guests coming into the longhouse hall. The young unicorn necromancer had his ways of... unsettling those around him. Still, it made an unforgettable statement, and given how the young one had been responsible for saving Sigrun's life on at least two occasions, they could hardly grudge him his participation! The hall was spacious, with two long tables set with an aisle and platform between, where the actual ceremony would take place. Seating was informal and unset, save for the bride, groom, and their immediate family. Already, mead was on the table, ready for the guests to begin their spontaneous toasts to the happy couple, who were currently separated at each end of the hall. They would approach each other only when the ceremony proper would begin...
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    Lemme tell you about a social technique called the acknowledging wave. It's a great way to avoid awkwardness with someone you've got history with, be it an old coworker you never quite liked, an ex, acquaintances, once-friends, or a relative. It's very simple. Step 1. Look at them in the eye. Step 2. Give a little wave and smile. Step 3. Acceptable comments to compliment your social acknowledgement: "Hi there!" "I'm glad to see you're doing well." You can also pick something about them to compliment, be it a shirt, purse, whatever. Step 4. After this exchange, tell them to have a nice rest of the day or that you have to go do X thing. Total time spent, maybe 10-15 seconds. This technique is easier if you're with a friend or partner. If you do, make sure you introduce them, by first name only (not relationship). You could go the ignore them route (and maybe you should if your history with them is very unsettling), but you'll just create a social damper on the situation and turn the needle toward awkward. Just give them a positive greeting and make them rethink their social standing with you, at least while you're in proximity. The key here is brevity. The only downside of this technique, now that I've told you, is that you know when someone is doing it to you. Good luck, tiger! This advice post is part of the LPW Series "Wolfmom Teaches Her Pups™," #75782. All rights reserved.
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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Midnight Oil Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Areion (Bat Pony) Eye colour: Purple Coat: Gray Wings: Violette and Purple Mane/Tail: Charcoal Gray Physique: Smaller the most guard ponies, but of simmilar size to other stallions his age. He also has slightly noticeable but small fangs. Residence: Canterlot, Equestria Occupation: Royal Guard Recruit Cutie Mark: A gas lantern in front of a full moon. It represents his love of the night, as well as his willingness to work as hard as he can to get a goal done Unique Traits: Midnight Oil may not be the biggest or strongest of those in the Royal Guard, but what he lacks in strength he more then makes up for and speed and agility. He has excellent vision and hearing, and is a master of keeping to the shadows and avoiding detection at night. History: Midnight Oil was born in a remote area of the Eponnie Mountain Range in a small colony hidden deep in the wooded terrain. He is the only child of Velvet Wing and Iron Cross. Growing up, he was one of only a few children that lived in the colony. His mother, Velvet Wing took it upon herself to act as a teacher from the few foals and a classroom was built onto their family's house. As Midnight grew older, he quickly developed a love for reading and learning. Often he would stay awake well into the day getting lost in the worlds he read about. When he wasn't reading, the young bat pony would put all his effort into his flying and playing games with his father and other foals. As the young areion aged, Midnight's thirst for knowledge grew. Knowing that her son had learned everything that she could teach him, Velvet made the difficult decision to send him, as well as a few others, to a nearby pony school in Fet Loch. His first day of class unfortunately would coincide with the news of the return of Nightmare Moon.... Walking into town he could feel gaze of everypony in the town locked upon him as he heard the whispers...the 'Spawn of Nightmares' comments. Midnight's first day of class would not go much better as he new classmates wanted little to do with the bat like pony, though a few would try to make his time in school miserable. He would shrug this off as the days went on, focusing on his classwork, earning him the nickname "Teacher's Bat," as he would receive his fair share of bulling. Upon finishing his studies, Midnight would travel to Canterlot after hearing about possible openings within the Equestrian Royal Guard and the chance to serve the Princesses of Equestria, especially the Princess of the Night. At the Royal Guard Academy, Midnight would rise to the top of his class once more, honing his night based skills and being placed on the Night Guard upon graduation and receiving the rank of Specialist. Character Personality: When Midnight Oil is in a sociable mood, his humor and charm shine through. He can seem a bit distant at first, however once he warms up to somepony new, he can often talk their their ears off. When he is not feeling sociable, he can seem distant, lost in his innermost thoughts. Midnight has been known to zone out from time to time, being distracted by the beauty of the night sky or his own thoughts. He is most comfortable around his friends and family. He can be socially awkward around mares his own age and can occasionally put his hoof in his mouth.The bat pony also enjoys his alone time. Often, Midnight can be found with his muzzle buried in a book, reading about adventures and fantasy. Midnight Oil has an ambitious streak. Throughout his life, he often has been questioned about his ability because of his size. He often will put every bit of his energy and time to prove those that question his skills. He had also applied this same mentality to his studies, often 'Burning the Midnight Oil' to achieve his goals. Though he is pretty easy going for the most part, Midnight dose have a temper, albeit with a long fuse. On rare occasions he has lashed out at those that have hurt his family, family honor, or his friends. Character Summary: An ambitious areion that always puts his full effort into whatever endeavor he attempts, Midnight Oil is puts his full effort into what ever he puts his mind to. He was born and raised in the Eponnie Mountain Range before moving to Canterlot to join the Equestrian Royal Guard. He is fast and agile and ready to prove himself and work his way up the through the ranks. Midnight is also a book worm, often reading in his down time of fantasy, adventure, and history. He may seem shy at first, but takes a while to warm up to new ponies as he attempts to gauge their character.
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    From the album MLP FiM Characters

    AJ dared Rainbow Dash to try and pull off the cowpony look. Applejack assured her that she definitely won the dare. Dashie tries to maintain composure as she boast about her inevitable victory. I kinda went crazy with this one which is why it took a bit longer. I added a background because I wanted to try my hand at those swirly mlp clouds. Also pretty sure I'm an Appledash fan now. Appledash was requested by RainbowFoxxy
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    Twilight Sparkle had to move heaven and earth to come here. More accurately, she almost had to move the sun and moon to do so. Luna had been against her coming this far north with so little security. One of those rare times when Luna had led a more direct opposition to one of Twilight's plans, though the Princess of Friendship understood full well why. She was simply worried about the many possibilities that such a situation offered up, and many of them weren't appreciably positive. Celestia's opposition had been less stringent yet more shocking to Twilight. She had been open to the idea of Twilight going to Whitescar in principle yet as the time approached she had been more...apprehensive about it. Still, when it came down to it, Celestia knew how important it was to Twilight to go to the wedding and she wasn't going to stop her. And indeed, it wasn't as if Twilight would have been stopped by anything short of a planar shift or aetheric meltdown. Twilight really liked weddings. A lot. The glamour spoke to something inside of her even if she wasn't the type of mare to usually care much about it. The significance of the actions, the commitment, the declaration of such public and eternal love...these things, more than the glamour, touched her deeply. Maybe it was her deep and abiding connection to the magic of friendship. And maybe, just maybe, love was simply the most romantic form of friendship? Hmm. Probably a stretch. She didn't want to step on Cadance's territory, after all. Still, she loved it all. When it was a friend, as distant in distance as she was, it was even more special. She had an idea of what her wedding would look like. She could only hope her betrothed enjoyed the sight of waterfalls in the background of an elegant ballroom because it was happening. As long as it was early morning so they could read their books later- what a honeymoon she had planned! She calmed her thoughts as she approached, her aether-protected bubble keeping her warm as she flew deep into the cold of the Whitescar winds. Her light blue dress flowing gently due to the flapping of her own wings. It was a long flight. Luckily she had been able to convince Rainbow Dash and some other pegasi of the importance of this event and so she had some wonderful aero-streams to help take the load off. That and Alicorn endurance! Never underestimate it. She arrived to the sight of the wedding in good spirits. As expected it was a crowded affair. Didn't need to be down on the ground to see that! She came to a landing not far from...the wedding crier? Well, she was not one to pass judgments. Maybe it was Caribou custom! A unicorn colt, to boot. Strange, but not unpleasant. Such was her excitement as Twilight entered the longhouse, her eyes soaking in every sight and sound!
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    Some people are so ungrateful. Clearly he don't understand that in Ma's case Alpha stands for: Always Loves, Protects, Hugs, Aubergine.
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    Sigrun had stared down many mighty beasts that roamed Whitescar, She'd routed rebel armies, fought of raiding trolls, and even debated an emperor.... But now was the only time she could ever say she'd felt this particular brand of nervous. This was without a doubt one of, if not the biggest day of her life. She could feel her heart thumping inside her chest, providing a steady rhythm to her nervous pacing. The dress she felt so comfortable in when she went to pick it out with Calder was suddenly feeling right around her. Hoping to keep herself calm, the chieftain took a series of deep breaths to calm her nerves. "Stay calm... things'll be fine." she muttered to herself as she looked out the window over the gathering outside in the streets of Barn, "There's no rebels, no enemies, no armies, just the people of barn, our clans and soon the queen and more. No reason to be nervous at all." The cow heaved a sigh, realizing her self consolatory words were only working her up further. She sniffed at the air out of the windowsill, Halvard and Calder were already here: Wonderful. Their presence did help to sooth her nerves but still she wished that Limi could attend, and that Ylva wasn't so busy back home. Still, the sight of the her big blue beloved gave her that bit of courage to step out. Once she felt calm enough, Sigrun would come down to meet Halvard first. The bull would feel a strong embrace from his side when Sigrun crept up on him, "I won't lie, My love. I've never been happier or as skittish as I am right now." She admitted with a nervous smile on her muzzle. The dress she and Calder had picked was a simple, flowing, emerald green outfit. While weddings overseas might be more elaborate, caribou ceremonies tended to be more practical. On her head was a flower crown, merely decorative of course: she wasn't going to risk a fit on this day. A kiss was planted on Halvards cheek, "I would still not change a thing though."
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    Naj shared Tehengu's chuckle for just a moment. She knew how it was, as she should being in the same organization, that of course she couldn't expect him to be around whenever she might show up. “Heh, well thanks anyways. I might take you up on that at some point, if only to catch up.” She did think it was a nice gesture, and something for her to keep in mind. However, in the end that didn't really affect what she was doing here today. It was easy enough for her to find a place to sleep with a roof over her head, what she was hoping to find here was a home. Naj hadn't been expecting the Mayor to be so prepared to meet her needs, given the particulars of it, although a part of her felt she shouldn't be too surprised. Mayor Mare had held her position in Ponyville for as long as Naj was aware. Presumably, if she had anything it would be a knowledge of the rules and a knack for getting a pony or otherwise through them. The changeling's situation may have been a little stranger than the usual resident, it apparently wasn't enough to faze the mayor. “Thank you! This is a big help,” Naj said, at the first convenient opportunity. She felt like she'd want to do something for the mayor later, although what she could do she wasn't sure. She decided it was an idea she'd have to revisit later, for now she had other things on her mind. As the mayor turned to address the room, and Naj had found herself in the company of more ponies than she'd expected, Swift Squall took a moment to get her attention. He offered to help with the paperwork Naj was working on. Naj hesitated, worried she was asking for too much help already. At the same time, she was still getting the hang of the Equestrian way of doing things. And important though it may be, she didn't enjoy the idea of doing a bunch of paperwork. It took her a moment to reply, but eventually she said “...Yeah, I probably could use a bit of help actually, at least with the paperwork. I appreciate it, though uh, I probably won't be as particular as you would.” She hoped he wouldn't get too invested in what was ultimately going to be her place to live, although she wouldn't turn away the help either. She slid a couple pieces of paper, partially filled out, across to him. Naj thought for a moment. “I do like the sound of that, though I'd rather see all of what's available before committing to anything. I'd be happy to have you along either way though, we can look together.” She smiled at Rose before turning back to the page in front of her. “And hopefully that will be soon, I don't think there's too much more to fill out...”
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    Monster girls are totally furries. Also I found this and thought it was neat; two Japanese icons, locked in dead end desk jobs. Who shall prevail?!
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    That was such sappy ending.
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    It was such unrelenting joy to know that ponies- or indeed, changelings- that came to this town could so easily and readily apply the concepts of friendship and become all the richer for it. The Mayor was often called upon to handle the matters of business that made a town struggle for answers. The homeless and needy, the criminal and non-compliant. Her problems were macro-scale at times but they tended to circle around to the basic tenet of a good town: Community required cooperation, it required some of the core concepts of friendship. When it lacked, problems would arise. It was rare for Ponyvile to ever truly fail in its communal obligations but the city government was proof positive that everypony knew that safeguards were needed for the good of the community. But when somepony/someling could provide ample evidence that they were surrounded by good friends, the Mayor felt much more secure in the belief that not only were they productive and happy members of the community, but that their very presence was a boon to be treasured. Indeed, she wasn't even really needed! The goal had been to show her around but with all these good friends up and about ready to involve themselves, the Mayor didn't feel the great need to have to walk Naj around town. Indeed, she'd only really get in the way. Her aide returned in quick order with the right documents, which the Mayor immediately turned over to Naj. “Thank you,” Mayor Mare said, nodding towards her aide who made her exit. The Mayor turned to Naj and friends. “That is a list of all places that fit the criteria. I could walk you around town and talk to you about the merits of the properties and the ponies that have them, but Naj, you don't need me,” The Mayor said as she smiled at the gathered ponies. “You need your friends. At this rate, they can help you much more than I ever could. When you've made a decision, come and talk to me. Until then...happy hunting, Naj, and good luck.”
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    Finally got round to playing untertale properly after owning it for 2 years. I’d be a lot more mad at dying to muffet if she wasn’t so damn cute.
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    The Grand Pegasus Enclave…. what in the hay was that? The first sign of the stallion’s confusion was his metal talons extending once he raised a hoof to give the back of his head a few scratches. He slowly shook his head with pursed lips and took a few steps back to get a better look at the stallion in whole. “I don’t know a Grand Pegasus Enclave… and I don’t have a brother named Gadget… I have a sister. But it’s not something you’d realize by looking at us both,” The stallion nickered. His gaze turned to Shifter while wearing a broad grin. “But you’ve not lived till you have tried toast cooked in an unorthodoxed way! But yes… I do believe you’re onto something…” The stallion hummed. Several holographic rings appeared near the pony’s temples, projected from small hardlight projectors hidden within the patch of synthetic skin on his neck. A moment later, and a full visor formed and looped around the pony’s eyes. The visor flashed through multiple colors as the pony began to rotate the rings with a talon. “X-ray… no. Thermal… no. Erm… echo visor… no. Blacklight… no. Infrared… no. Ah here we are, the scan visor~” The mechanized stallion chimed. With a quick tap of a holographic ‘button’ in the middle of those rings, the visor flashed green and then blue as it locked onto Bravo. At the bottom of the visor visible from both sides, one could see a tiny progress bar roll from one side of the screen to the next. Meanwhile multiple windows appear around the stallion’s eyes. Each window depicted some curious information, or an exploded view of the suit as a whole. More importantly, once it finished a single window appeared in front of Machina’s eyes with the final results. “Mmm… “ the pony hummed softly as he observed the readings. “Well… it looks like the experiment yielded some results after all…” He clicked his tongue a few times and nervously shifted between his prosthetic legs. “Now… don’t be alarmed. But the “Grand Pegasus Enclave doesn’t exist here… the largest pegasai military would be the royal aero-navy. That technology of yours is both years behind, and somehow up to date in some aspects. Common joke is that the military is always ten years behind. Well… you’re about fifty, but the efficiency of that battery? Twenty years ahead. And.. you got traces of radiation… and there aren’t a lot of places here that’s actually irradiated. Put it in short… you’re in another timeline…” The pony’s thoughts were cut short. The many hardlight projectors hidden in the synthetic patches of his skin quick flared into activity. Rounded, blue-green, translucent plates of light quickly formed a few inches from his body and rounded over to protect the organic portions of his body, and eventually bleed over into the mechanized bits. It was not his typical armor, but in a pinch it served its purpose, provided the pony doesn’t take too many harsh hits. His visor flashed red with the words “WARNING: HOSTILE ACTIVITY IMMINENT” written across the screen. There was a brief but thunderous roar that took to the air when the stallion’s prosthetic legs opened up around the hooves. A quick, discharge of tremendous energy sent Machina hurdling backwards through the air towards a nearby wall. He struck it hard, and allowed his tallons to cruch the concrete for a purchase in three legs, while the other was outstreatched. Several vents had been exposed, pumping out heat while a ball of energy grew in it’s talons. The pony was ready to fire it towards the attacker. But once he heard the voice, the ball disappeared. “Platinum Gem? Well I’ll be! Stand down everyone! She’s welcome here. A friend! With benefits really! We were once in the same bedroom, and here we are in the same lab. Long story,” The stallion laughed at his own crude joke. Wheter there was some truth in the benefits bit is unknown. It is a crazy, caffeine addicted scientist we're talking about here. He wiggled a bit, trying to dislodge himself from the wall… but to no avial. It seems the hydraulics in his talons have locked themselves in place. He’ll have to pry himself off, or blow the wall up a bit more. Machina hummed softly as a video feed appeared on his visor showing… maids trying to steal his poorly guarded, energy crystals. Crystals that have been stored with complete disregard of safety, and most likely incredibly unstable now. This will be interesting. “I almost blasted you through the my one undestroyed wall, hun! What brings you to these neck of the woods?”
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    Dang! I didn't even notice this thread, I'd have swung in when it was open. I'll have to keep both eyes peeled for when it's open again~ OwO
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    Oh, that was a "yes" to the wallet:
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    Yea you're probably right. Ma is actualy super innocent. All those chains and straps she owns are probably just to walk dogs with. ... I mean actual dogs, not what her definition of a dog is.
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    I think he's on to something ladies!
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    .:: Deep In Machina's Mind::. Machina was ‘conscious’ so to speak. Well, it was more accurate to say that he was technically unconscious as he was unresponsive, and burried under a pile of rubble and scuttled machinery. But he was conscious in a different sense. Instead of seeing the world as it was, he saw a world of artificial black. His body was no longer a combination of cybernetic implants, prosthetics, and organic pony parts.. But in this world.. He was completely organic. Like his accident never happened. The ground he stood up was dully lit up by some unseen night source. And there were multiple screens around him displaying error messages and system diagnosis. And just a small ways before him, was a orange female sphinx created by thousands of tiny holographic cubes that grew and shrank in accordance to her movements and an invisible grid. She was casually looking through a ‘window’ that was displaying live footage of the Lab wreckage. “Welcome Back to 'Hello World'’, Voronoi.” The sphinx drawled lazily. Her paws digits began to tap quickly at a keyboard starting up a reboot function. “Thanks, ARID! Looking beatiful as ever by the way!~” Machina chirped as he began to streatch his legs. Admitably, and regretably it felt good to be whole again. If only for a mere moment. Heck, he even began to explore his old body’s flexibility by lying on his side and stretching a leg up into the air. Slowly he brought it back behind his head, similar to a cat. “It’s so strange having actual ligaments in my legs again! It actually hurts, ha ha! Oh!” The pony quickly rolled over his back and back to his hooves. He began to quickly prance around like a giddy foal, enjoying the sounds of his clip clopping hooves, and the shock with each step. “What happened to the hello world I selected? I remember having something more interesting than this!” To that, ARID’s gaze tore away from the monitor to gaze around with a bored look in her eyes. “I apologize, Voronoi. I know you enjoy your fantasy world and games. However, I am unable to interface with the remote device responsible for the simulation. I suspect it got damaged. We are currently in my preprogrammed response to null-resources. “Welp! Bring up the screen savor then!” “Affirmative… Screen Savor’s loading…” The sharp tang of soap filled the air as thousands of bubbles began to erupt from the ground. Many of them were small. But a few were large and durable enough to lift a pony into the air. The stallion, as incredible of a mind he had, a mind that had forged himself a legacy in a matter of a few years… had reduced it’s self to the mental aptitude of a hyper active foal. He danced, leaped, lunged, and flailed in joy. His mad giggles echoed through that empty space for an eternity, forever to haunt the bubble filled mind of a flighty professor. ----- .:: The Waking World ::. The lab’s testing chamber was in ruins. Broken glass laid everywhere. Expensive looking machinery had been twisted, warped, melted, and outright ripped apart and thrown about like conffeti. And in some areas, the concrete and steel walls looked like swiss cheese as objects had been thrown through them at high speeds. Beside pony that was a new arrival to the universe was a rumbling in the rubble. Slabs of stone lifted and fell off a pile as Machina rose from his metaphorical tomb. His head turned one way with the whine of gyros in his neck. Clicked, and turned another way. One leg rose up, planted it’s self firmly on a large rock, and the next came to pull the pony out. If the robotic movements did not show signs of anything being wrong, than the unresponsive and dialated eyes certainly did. “Please stand by. Machina is currently indisposed. His cybernetic implants had desynchronized with his nervous system, causing him to lose control of his own body, send a surge into said nervous system, and forced him to enter a temporary coma. I am awaking him as we speak.” ARID’s voice echoed over the intercom. Despite the cold mechanical tone of it, it somehow managed to display warmth and concern. The air returned to silence for a mere moment. Something broke the silence. It started low, and quickly grew into a higher pitch. Just when it became unbearable, the pony’s body spasmed as arcs of lightning jutted from his body and licked along nearby metal surfaces. The pony fell to the ground, and began to thrash violently. His eyes loooked around frantically as his limbs scraped and tossed at the rubble. “OH SWEET CELESTIA! MY LEGS! I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS! WHERE ARE MY LEGS!” The pony cried out, unable to recognize his own mechanical limbs. A camera in the corner shifted, its lenses focusing on the voice of one of the academy’s students. “Please ignore the screaming for the time being. It is merely a side-effect of the re-synchronization process. It always causes post trauma anxiety. Scanning… you are… Shifter. Welcome Shifter. Shifter... be advised. My sensors detect that there is an unknown individual in the lab. Surveillance equipment in the testing chamber is currently... unresponsive. For your safety I recommend staying in the Lab's foyer.”
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    Was he ready? No. Calder was past nerves and well in to the deeper parts of ‘sleeping with a blade under the pillow’ as of late. Well he was overjoyed Halvard wanted him here he had many reasons to be scared, many of them marking his body as much as and dreams. Yet here he was in Whitescar. Well none will know it on this wonderful day a timer was starting. This news will move like fire of course it will, this was a big deal. But he was in it. Spinebreaker will hear of it and care for one tiny, small detail no other bull will ever make note of. Calder was in it. The fear of that alone almost made the young bull break down into tears, yet he pushed them back as he’s done so many times. He was going to do this. Opening his eyes he looked away from the window at Halvard as his soon to be wife shows her love. He was more use too ehr now, going out shopping with her helped a lot. She was caring and loving, almost as much as Halvard was. Both of them showed him more love than he’d ever known. Like a family…More so than he’d let them know. “Ye Halvard, I’m ready.” Calder says forcing a smile. He was not dressed up at all, fearing looking ‘unbull like’ he’s refused dress like he did back home. No amount of pushing made him move on that, sound other bulls he was just too scared to be his self. Moving away from the window he moved easy. A full year with only three legs has trained him well. Moving, sitting and so on was a more easy movement for him, most of all with his one back leg become much more strong over time to handle working alone. “You know, at no point in my life did I think A bull like me will be… Here. like this. Knowing ones like you two.” He says looking at them both. “From eating moldy bread to this? Fate is odd and so are the gods. Maybe more bulls down on luck need to lose a leg, maybe the gods enjoy it. Speaking of that I have a new story for how I lost it! A sea monster! Took my leg and half the ship! Than I beat it up!” He floofled his chest out in pride. “And that is how I lost it and saved a full fleet. Bet the calf's will love that story.” one thing to never change in the year was Calder's compulsive lying about everything. But thanks to Halvard he has gotten better at telling him when when he was. Most the time. Snagging the young bull up in lies was a weekly game with the young bull and one he can’t seem to stop. It is easy to understand why Calder believed the god of lies and mischief cursed him.
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    I just don't understand how it ain't working.
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    Dunnie's jumping forward would end up exposing an edge case in the rules. After all, this game was played in real-time, not in turns. Therefore, it was entirely possible for two pieces to attempt capturing each other simultaneously. In this case, what ended up happening was that Earth Writer and Dunnie slammed into each other in mid-air, coconut-like thunk of their heads colliding proving a secret delight to all watching. "Oohhhh...." Earth Writer collapsed back on the ground, dazed, unsure of whether he was in his origin square, the square he was leaping to, or in the captured box. All depended on the rule call of the judge at this point...
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    Yeah, I love the D. Sunny D is D licious.
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    “Daedalus...yes. Maretonian expert of black magic and one of the Keepers. Perhaps my best one. Well, not perhaps, he certainly. Very firm- uhh, very, hmm, very stern when it comes to his job. I meet with him regularly. Personally- for work!” Twilight spoke quickly, looking everywhere but the mare. Indeed, he was her most qualified and successful agent and one of the few ponies she felt confident calling in. Plus he had beaten Swift Squall in the Arena match they had. She wasn't sure why she cared, but the thought crossed her mind. “Time operates faster here. An hour in here is forty-three minutes and between sixteen and eighteen seconds in Equestria.. I am trying to get it pitch perfect but the time stream in unspace can be tricky as the dimensional aether rifts can alter not only the time stream itself, but our conception of it,” Twilight responded. Indeed, the magic she was working was still difficult to get correct so she was taking her time. 'Taking her time'. Ha! That was a good one. She'd have to write that one down for Pinkie Pie. “Suffice it is to say, you won't miss anything you would have missed had time been exact.” Then the important one: What she could do to stop the result of magical artifact going rogue ad causing danger. “Good question. See those double doors over there?” Twilight said, gesturing to the massive pair of doors with a thin layer of dust. “Behind that door is the most dangerous, aether-destroying device in all of existence. If I can't contain a threat here, I will sever the Keep from our dimension and let it drift away from the fissures in reality that could harm us. When it is far enough away, I will activate the device- and the Keep, along with everything inside of it, will cease to be. I've run through a few mock emergencies and in seventy-five percent of cases I am able to escape without any fatal injuries,” Twilight said in a matter of fact voice even though there was an unmistakable tinge of worry to her words.
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    Nensho shrugged as his distraction didn't seem to help in the end. Oh well, at least he tried. Seeing as it was too late to actually face down Taira at this point, Nensho turned his attention to the pegasus mare being faced down by the stallion. Grinning, he made his way towards them, trying to keep enough distance to avoid getting caught in the mare's jump should she come out on top, but close enough that it would be clear her aggression would be rewarded in kind.
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    Despite Taira's callout to her, Dunnie already had her eyes on the approaching blue piece. She could feel Taira's mass slam into the ground after he completed his jump over Medo, all while her eyes locked on Earth Writer. He had lost the advantage so quickly, he was going to do something desperate to try to gain the upper hand. Most ponies would have jumped back, but a fighter like Dunnie knew to close the distance between opponents. Before the blue piece landed on the ground, Dunnie had already already jumped forward, challenging his aggression.
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    My last nightmare, my bakery manager was in a crappy Donald Duck fursuit trying to perform eye surgery on me. I made the mistake of telling him, and now he texts me random pics of Donald Duck in the middle of the night.
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    There's a snake in my boot and an horse in my hat!
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    Fire Walker nodded her head. That was one less worry, while minor that had been lifted from her shoulders. The officer followed her new boss towards what appeared was a magic portal. She had been through one of these before and it ended poorly. What was it that Ilinalta had said to her before? She needed to regulate her breathing and simply act as if she was simply walking into another room, through an open door. Don't think. Just do. Here this device quickly broke down her body and clothing into tiny little bits and then hurled them across a dimension, only to then assemble them all back into her proper, pony form. Or at least that how she had heard about these things. Once at their destination, the mare quickly looked herself over to make sure everything went along with her. No missing tail. Legs are all here. And she also managed not to lose her last meal all over the floor. Which was always a good thing! She kept quiet as the unicorn spoke of magical, dark artifacts, something the Pegasus pony was aware of, but not as knowledgeable as she would like to be. Still, she knew the basics. One should know the strength of said artifact before taking it on. Not that long ago, an young unicorn had acquired an magical amulet that when combined with her need for revenge on a certain pony that was standing not that far from the officer and the cute little village she lived in, quickly coerced the pony into taking over the village itself! Thankfully she was stopped and separated from the artifact before it could drain the very life from its host. "Daedalus?", where had she heard that name before? And that blush! Was this Twilight's special some-pony? Once again, she followed the Alicorn. Monsters? Void? Space? What was behind these walls? Nothing. "One question If I may.", the mare was always polite. "While we are here, how does is time back home operate? Is time moving on as normal?", she had heard of such pocket dimensions where time got all screwy. One would enter, and then exit and a hundred years had passed. The entire Crystal Empire had vanished into their own little dimension before finding its way back to its original location, and they were gone for a thousand years. If there was anything different, she could see this 'keep' fitting in somewhere outside o Equestria time. They would enter and exit and time would be the same? And questions....This was all very impressive...And she would be able to get her hooves on the safe artifacts that had been checked and re-checked. These were probably going to be the very low-powered items. Probably a little better than what she could find at the R.E.A supply closet as great magic rarely lends its powers freely unless something is given back. "I've seen enough horror movies, so I'm wondering what would happen if you managed to get your hooves on something so powerful that you could not control it? Could you simply wipe the room of its contents or would you need to seal the entrance to this 'keep' off permanently?"
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    I'm gonna add a bonus slot so I'll draw the five OCs and an AppleDash chibi because that sounds really cute and I wanna draw it now. All slots are filled so request are now closed. Thanks everybody!
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    The events of the day so far for Ice Storm could be considered a success. There was a lot that she would still have to do to hone everything down and make sure that she could control this new level of magic. A level that, just a week ago she would have never thought possible for her to obtain. It's amazing how much can be accomplished with... just a simple gift. She could only hope that she would be able to use this gift well and put it to good use. Such power should not be wasted when it can be used to help protect. She knew where she needed to start. That would be for a later time though as she heard Twilight mentioning food. She said that everypony had issues that they have to deal with at some point. She wasn't expecting this to be easy and she wouldn't have backed out if she had known beforehoof either. She was just happy that they were able to help her. "Thank you. That means a lot." Discord then spoke something about spaghetti, and then about how the artifacts were kinda just dropped on her a few months ago. It came to her as odd that he was now wearing jeans... that were way too big, and had spaghetti flowing everywhere while he was trying to put it back into his pockets. Then again it was Discord, and they were just using a form of ancient magic. Celestia only knows what some of the effects were. He was however, suggesting an all you can eat place. Before she knew it, herself and Twilight was wearing a bib, and Discord seemed to be pulling more from his cloak. As he did, something tugged and they were lurched through the cloak portal, whatever it was that Discord was pulling these through, and were now suspended from a tree, like a kite who's string had looped around one too many branches, just waiting for the wind to cease before plummeting back down to the ground. Concentrating on the ground, with a flick of her horn, she was on it, though well off target, as a small bit of powdered snow fell from the sky from where she was. "Looks like I'm gonna have to learn how to reaim that..." she said to herself. "All you can eat sounds good to me. I'll need some.... actually... I'm not even feeling the least bit drained from that, even though it wasn't accurate at all. I missed by a good four pony lengths," she responded to Discord.
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    I'm a werewolf...eternally stuck in the "were." Symph, you are my favorite person right now! Your unabashed candor has put me in a wonderful mood.
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    You're beautiful
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    I'll tell you what isn't a squid though. This fine gent.
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    Fire Walker could not help but be a little surprised at the offering. The use of castle for their wedding? That would be incredible and far beyond what they probably might have planned. Which they had not yet. Poor Swift still had to deal with her parents first, and they tended to act a little crazy when it came to colt-friends and even more so with weddings. And she was their first mare for her parents to 'give away'. Still, she could imagine the royal princess attending her bachelorette party! Along with her usual friends, she had been asked by more than a few of her fellow female officers when she was planning on holding it, and where. This should be interesting. "That is fine Princess Twilight. It's still in the planning stages so anything you may be able to offer will be a treasure beyond coin.." One question popped up in the young Pegasus' mind, and it would needed to be answered as not to continue to make things so awkward when they spoke. "One thing I wish to ask of you...How should I address you?" Not only was she the 'Princess Of Friendship', the purple pony was now her boss! She had to pay her the respect needed, without sounding like a groveler. She nodded and proceeded to follow the princess to her royal bedroom. There was a nice blend of the castle's 'crystal' theme along with old timey-homey-ness. There was plenty of purples and blues and the symbol of the castle marked on the bed's hoofboard. There was also an cute little telescope by an window. But this was not their destination! It was the royal bathroom! This included a comfortable tub for two, and a walk in shower with surrounded jets. She remembered her father's scream during their trip to Las Pegasus and they stayed at the 'Maredalay Bay Resort' and her silly dad was unaware of the special multi-jet shower until he turned it on. This also raised a few questions. Did all the rooms come fully stocked after the castle was 'summoned'? "I'm ready!", the mare declared her readiness! Equestria's most important defense against Dark Magic?! Was the officer correct? Was the castle just a big wand? She would soon find out..
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    From the album The Character Corner (Color!)

    An updated version of the previous drawing of my character Taira. The mountain wolf yokai shrouded in myth and a figure of legend and folktales all across Neighpon from his youth and his pack's ancient exploits. A Highly desired target by Yokai hunters for the soothing magical mist his fur releases.
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    From the album The Character Corner (Color!)

    While not old enough to be a legend, This yokai has been become something of a rumor around some of the more rural villages of Neighpon. A Goofy, playful and occasionally flirtatious spirit of music who carries a shamisen at his side at all time. He comes on Rain or Shine to play cheerful tunes, usually disguised as a kirin with similar colors. Some say he's been appearing even in Long guo and Whitescar... you never know where he'll pop up!