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    From the album Muddy's Album!

    A Blues singer pony.
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    A little while ago Naj lost a character who played a large role in her life, due to unfortunate OOC circumstances. Thus far I've just been kind of playing around it, but in an effort to get things moving onward for Naj, I want to do something a little more concrete. To that end, I'm looking for a new place for her to live. I'm tentatively open to her ending up in just about any city, if it would make sense for her to stay there. For the initial thread though, she'll be looking to return to her former home of Ponyville. The idea of the thread is for Naj to visit and/or chat up characters she could end up a roommate of, to see who she clicks with and just for some general character interaction. For anyone interested and who doesn't know her, Naj's character app is here. Though note that some of the information there is outdated, such as the fact that she later joined EPIC and has been living semi-openly for a little while now. So, anyone who has an interest in such a thread, let me know here. The thread is here:
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    A true hero is handsome and perfect, huh? That sounded cool. No wait, the other thing. "Bor-ing," the small grey colt jeered as the fiery-colored adult brushed and pampered the one orange colt like he was a baby, "that sounds dumb." Being perfect was boring as, because then you had to do everything everyone else told you to do because they decided you needed to do it! Boo! Where was the fun in that?! Give him the pirate's life any day, where he decided what to do and what sort of pony he could be! And he decided that all he needed was a sword, pilfered from the buried-but-not-really treasure trove of private treasure, to be the greatest pirate in the entirety of the daycare! "Captain!" Inkbrand growled out, extended far over the side of the balcony as he hung onto the railing with one hoof, the other raised to shield his eyes from an imaginary glare of sunlight. "That adult is attempting to increase the forces of Knights! We need to recruit as many sea-going salty dogs of sea-doggedness as soon as possible!" The grey colt knew that when claiming territory on a playground slash ship, the might of the crew was key. The more ponies they had, the better control they could keep! And one colt in particular stood out amongst the ones still lingering around the adults. "We should get the monster looking colt!" Inkbrand demanded, reaching out to tug Blueblood closer so he could point out exactly which colt he was talking about. As if there could be any other, the monster colt stuck out like a sore hoof! Even more than the colt/filly with the weird skin-wing-eye disease. They could split 'em! One side gets the monster colt, the other gets the weird skin-wing-eye disease filly, and the two could battle it out for extra territory! What was it Mom always said?...oh yeah! His plan was foalproof!
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    Lián hadn't agreed to this! Had he? Surely he didn't? Yet there he was getting dressed and ready in the appropriate Imperial attire anyway. Nothing as extravigant as what he had to wear to actual boring and proper Council meetings or their ilk, but he was certainly dressed to impress. The stallion had chosen an outfit similar to the one he had wore to the Grand Galloping Gala some time ago. A white and gold vest made of the always beautiful shimmersilk adorned with the imperial crest. While the the front part of the vest stopped at Lián's chest, the tail of the garment continued down his back past his flanks much like a cape. His wavy mane was left to hang freely, rather than kept up in the stuffy, and frankly uncomfortable, braid and knot that were 'required' when attending court. Showy, but not showboaty. Enough to turn heads without being overly distracting...He hoped anyway. After all this ordeal wasn't about him! This was a much more special kind of day. After all, how often did the 'Forbidden' Palace open up? Especially to a collection of foreign youth? Lián had to admit that this wasn't...the best of ideas. The Prince had, on multiple occasions, suggested that his sister should work towards being more open with not only herself but with her people as well. Being as young as they were, they had a chance to make a real positive change in the Long Guo Empire, to bring it more to speed with the rest of the world. He expected her to act on those suggestions at some point...but not quite like this! Inviting other royalty or important political figures over, sure! But a tour of the palace with children? And Lián was to be the tour guide??? The Prince wasn't an irresponsible qilin by any means. Nor did he dislike children. But of the options available was he really the best one to be teaching anypony about the palace? Let alone youths?...Well at least he was one of the least boring choices for the job. As he and Sī Jīn arrived near the gate, his friend once again for the...twelfth? Thirteenth? time today (he had lost count) voiced her concern about this whole thing. Lián didn't entirely disagree with her. There were quite a few risks with this. Not for the children really, the palace was quite safe. But many of the council members and even some of the Empress' guards found this to be...irregular to say the least. "<I am aware.>" he replied in kind. "<It's too late now however, we'll have to play by ear.>" With that, Sī Jīn made her entrance to greet the group and explain the rules. The Prince had also lost count of how many times he had heard her go through this spiel in practice. Once the threefold speech was over, it was time for Hēi Lián to make his own entrance. Prince Hēi Lián was many things. Was graceful one of them? Oh absolutely. The prince strode onto the scene with an elegant confidence so strong that if somepony didn't know better, they'd swear he never touched the ground. Taking his place where Sī Jīn, the Prince bowed his head in greeting to all present. Among whom were a pair of faces that he quite easily recalled from his time in Equestria! Apple Bloom and her older brother, Big Mac. He had to wonder, was Apple Bloom here to learn? Or just to see him? Either way he would be sure to thank them both for visiting personally when everything was said and done! "Hello everyone. I hope you haven't been waiting overlong, if so I humbly apologize for the wait." he said in clear Equestria, dipping his head once more before speaking again. "As Sī Jīn mentioned, I am Prince Hēi Lián. Please feel free to call me Lián. Allow me to personally thank all of you for coming. I'm certain that there are likely more exciting ways that some of you would like to spend your day. That you would choose instead to come and learn of Long Guo, its Palace, and its people is very humbling. So thank you all very much. I will do my best to keep the journey through the Palace as interesting as possible and have already taken the liberty of requesting a meal be prepared around lunch time for a nice break! If there are any questions before we begin the tour, I would be more than pleased to answer them as best as possible." Lián smiled brightly to the little crowd and waited. They all seemed like good kids, and responsible chaperones. Maybe today would go more smoothly than expected!
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    "I swear Pressy.", Fire Walker whispered as her old friend gave the officer a quick hug, "Why is it every time we get to hang out, something silly like this happens?" With a full schedule, the red mare had very little time to spend with friends. If it wasn't work or family matters, It was this wedding! Where would they have it at? Would it be a simple, private wedding, or would it be massive like her brother Speed's wedding? The more they planned, the more complex things became. And how about children? How long would they wait? The longer she stood along with the assortment of children, the sooner she wanted one. And if she had a kid, would she go and adopt another? That Grifflet was beyond adorable. If they don't have twins, maybe she could see about getting a little baby brother or sister? Griffon? Hippogriff? Or was it an Hippogryph? Being part of a large family, the mare could never figure out how her beloved Swift did so well as an only child. With those thoughts floating around, she followed the boys out in the playground area. As she entered the very well maintained outdoor playing area, the mare could not help but be impressed. Back in 'her days' most playgrounds were basically death-traps. Swing-sets with worn-out rope attached to rusty bars. Those spinning metal discs of death that colts and fillies were expected to stand on and spin around until they either hurled out their lunch or themselves onto the cement floor that surrounded the devices. Everything here was perfectly designed to stimulate a child's sense of creativity and adventure. Something little Inkbrand needed, because 'Inknator' was not a good name for a ship! She was pretty sure that there was an old maritime law that forbid captains from naming their ships after words that resembled or rhymed with 'sink' or 'sunk'. This was not the first time Discord had reverted back into whatever the heck his kind would call a kid. 'Dinkycord' was what her sister called him. Was it right to feel sorry for the powerful creature? Was he ever a child? Maybe this was a good thing. She could see children actually use the assortment of toys and activities Ticker Tape would soon be a part of. There. She took away the negative and replaced with positivity. Miss Ilinalta would approve. The mare was one cool cucumber. The mare's sense of annoyance had just about fled her body. Then the pesky beast did something horrible. He messed up Swift's coiffure. Fire let out an astounded gasp. "Now now.", she snatched up the colt and quickly restored her fun-sized hubby-to-be's mane, "If my good prince is to play an brave hunter of pirates, his hair must be perfect. Only scurvy-ridden sea-dogs are supposed to look scruffy. The heroes are always handsome. Always perfect.", she turned her attention to the others for a moment, "Remember kids, we need a few more pirate-hunters. We can't have those mangy villains hog the seas and ru..er ginger ale to themselves.", she tried to talk in an extra 'old-timey' accent, but it was Moon Walker that was the actor. Not her. Of course, the bad guys are always more fun to play. "Well.", she turned her attention back to her beloved, "You put this on like so.", she helped the colt with his armor, "A true hero wears armor that shines as true as his deeds and heroics.", once he was properly dressed, the mare scooped up a sword with her wing, which she offers up, "A hero also wields a sword that strikes quick and true. And even if he's out-matched, he always wins because he is actually fighting for something more than himself."
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    Squall was almost literally frozen. How could Blueblood be so stubborn in refusal of accepting knights superiority over pirates (seriously, stupid sea thieves!)? Of course Swifty wasn't stunned for long, the other colt smacked him into face with his tail! "Wha....Why You!" unicorn exclaimed, instantly peeved. However Swift wasn't roused for long. After seeing how many other kids chose the pirate side Squall became deflated as quickly as he became roused mere moments ago. Was it because something he said? Lil' Swift honestly had no idea. He didn't really interacted with those of his age since...well, ever. Perhaps the haughtiness and bravado were the attempts to cover his own insecurity. It was hard to tell. After all, children had yet to learn to be honest with themselves. One brought young unicorn from his torpor was - Who else? -Discord. The new, miniature and adorable version of spirit of chaos wasted no time in using gibes to coax young noble into action. "Wha...? But I....." Swift replied, hesitant. The others swift rejection in response to his earlier behavior wasn't doing any favors when it came to his confidence. or a next few moments Squall looked like he wanted to say something. It was only after the other...filly - Judging from her voice the changeling was a girl - spoke to him that Swift managed to form a response. Perhaps because she looked as insecure and nervous as he was right now. "N...No that's not it. I-I-I mean I know how to play. I think...." he said. "It just...just that I....haven't played with anypony....before..." Swifty murmured his response. That said, Naj words made him feel somewhat better. "So...umm...we should use these....?" unicorn colt said sheepishly when he approached the 'gear' that Discord had conjured. He still wasn't sure if he will be allowed to play but if so, he had to even the odds against already equipped 'pirates', even if he had his 'sword' already.
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    Ponyville. The time Naj had spent away from the place made her come to miss it. Though, she hadn't felt that wistful on previous visits, so maybe it was as much the circumstances as it was the joy of a return. This was the first time in what felt like an eternity since she'd come here alone. As she walked through the street from the edge of town, past the scattered houses which gradually grew into thicker and thicker clusters, she decided to declare it the former regardless. She took in the colourful, and occasionally ornate structures as she passed. Ponyville was a good town, even if it was a bit...eccentric, she might say. Naj was walking around in her natural changeling form today. Which in truth wasn't something she was entirely comfortable with, she generally preferred to use a sort of 'compromise' appearance of a changeling in pony colours. Curiously though, there had been a few times in the past which had such an approach had actually made worse, though they worked out in the end. It wasn't something she would have expected, though perhaps it could be explained through Ponyville's general weirdness. Naj's perforated hooves were carrying her forward automatically, and she only remembered where she was when she'd arrived at her destination. This was the mayor's residence. The changeling didn't particularly know the mare in question, but it seemed like a natural place to start for what she had in mind. After some time and serious consideration, she'd left what had been her home for going on two years now, in Stalliongrad. She and her coltfriend had agreed that getting some space would be a good idea, even if they were reluctant about it. She hadn't been kicked out, Red had insisted that she come back if she ran into trouble, but staying without such an emergency would surely cause too many problems. All this meant Naj needed a new place to stay. She'd decided to start back to Ponyville, where she'd lived once before, guessing that knowing a few ponies might give her a head start when it came to socializing. Naj wasn't entirely sure how to go about finding a place to live, not a proper on at least. But she figured that asking the mayor was good place to start. The mayor would be in charge of housing right? Or failing that, she'd at least be able to point Naj in the right direction. The changeling waited only a moment, before raising a hoof and knocking.
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    It's thunderstorming like mad and I'm off to work a pretty long shift at my second job. We can commiserate.
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    Stirfry. Yiss, that's a dog bowl. Here on Canterlot RP, I encourage people to ignore/exclude people from the game if they're making it unfun for everyone else, especially with power gaming, lack of decency, respect for other players, and lost focus.
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    The artificial tears dried up instantly the moment Applejack arrived in hoof. Attention was a foal's life, and Zap would get all of it. At least for now. Most of the time, Zap could not understand everything the family would say to him or around him, but he understood repeated words and words of importance. Such as Zappy, play, and apple. Mother encouraged him to speak names of family members. Zap didn't know why these ponies were related, or why relation even matter, but he knew if he was a good boy, Granny Smith would give him sweet treats. And if he was not a good boy? Sweet treats anyway. "Momma! Ungle. Apple. Ant. Anny. Greygrey. Apple." Zap became immediately puzzled when mother said a new word he wasn't familiar with. "Birfday?" His head tilted curiously as more and more family members came to give him attention. He could not keep up with everypony, but he did feel special. Extra special today. Just then, Rainbow Dash arrived in front of everyone, kissing Zap. Zap exclaimed, "Dassy!" His wings buzzed in place, his inner-pegasus raging with excitement.
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    "I actually kinda like how the holes look to be honest. It's unique, just like how a unicorn has horns or pegasi have wings. The added ability to look like whomever you want is an added bonus as well," Ice Storm responded with a smile as the changling answered Nensho's question regarding the holes in her and what it was like to be a changeling. She imagined that it would be like trying to ask anypony else what it was like being what they were. It's a relatively hard question for anypony to answer with any sort of conviction. How do you answer a question like that? What's it like? Now that the question had been asked she had to ponder what her answer would be if somepony asked her that. What is it like being a unicorn? she couldn't imagine it being much different than anything else, except lifting things is a little bit easier. She did agree that it wasn't proper to talk about somepony else's homeland the way that kappi had, but at the same time, she knew where he grew up and the releationship that Whitescar had with Neighpon. It wasn't hostile at the moment, but it wasn't one hundred percent peaceful either if she remembered correctly. To be expected though while the Red Jarl is still at large in Whitescar and still ruling over some of the clans within the frostbitten lands. She decided not to remark on the comments and let him explain himself if he so chose to do so. Frostbitten lands. There's an understatement for the current conditions if she had ever heard one. They weren't even deep into the lands yet, and already at night outside of their shelter she was fairly sure that the temperature had dropped to dangerous levels. If they weren't already, the would be soon. Especially once Celestia's sun sank below the horizon. She was fine for the most part though. She just hope nopony else needed to step out at all during the evening. At least anypony other than Kappi to start mapping the land. If there was any other pony here that could handle cold about as well as she could, it was him. Though she was certain she could still edge him out just because of her naturally affinity to ice. With that in mind, she figured now would be as good a time as any to do her first report and establish time of entry into the Frozen north. She pulled out one of the small communication devices that she had checked out of the supply room for the mission and tuned the transmitter to their encrypted channel. "Special Agent Ice Storm checking in. Current location, outer rim of the Frozen North, thirty clicks north north west of the Spire. Exact coordinates unknown, all 4 team members including myself safe and accounted for. We start departure into the tundra at dawn..." Ice Storm spoke through the receiver. "Copy that Ice Storm. Everypony stay safe out there." she heard through the receiver before placing it back in her pack. "We should get some rest," she said finally. "We depart at dawn."
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    Aww, Rose pupper
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    Crimson Helmet hm? An ancient evil bear Yokai? Fascinating! Digging through his pack, Ashley pulled out a small notebook and pen and jotted down some notes. If he got around to writing about this location, that'd be one important bit of information he just simply couldn't leave out! The griffon scribbled a little sketch next to it as Taira described the creature. Without colour it didn't do it as much justice, but Ashley was a fairly decent artist. He drew little arrows noting 'red wisps' at spots along the doodle's back. Once they had passed through the misty barrier that bordered on mystic, Ashley paused his writing to get a good look at their surroundings. The beautiful forest that was hidden by the thick mists laid before them. It really was a spectacular sight. Even after having seen so many valleys and forests and plains in his day, each one still held something that the other didn't. Enough so to still be just as beautiful as the last. This one had the advantage of the billowy mist of green that gave it a curious but uniquely beautiful ambiance. The griffon soon jotted down even more notes and sketches on another page of his book. When Taira asked for questions, Ashley had no sooner opened his beak when Pocket Change took the words straight from his mouth! He chuckled and nodded. "Pocket Change beat me to it! I must say I'm rather curious myself. It's quite clearly not just a normal mist."
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    From the album My Ponies<3

    My cocky stallion, Dalis! I'll eventually clean up his profile and use the proper format, but for now he's over in the FFA section. If you want to know little about him, Click Here! ~Original Art~ by PSeishiyo
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    Blueblood laughed in delight as his scurvy crew of the cutest pirates to ride the seven seas grew even more. "Yaharr! Nouth feronth rouiller leur armure!" The little grifflet was really doing his Fancy-talk practice good, though his lisp probably undid about half the good work his poor tutor had put in over long hours forcing a half-interested student to pore over the books. Well, that venerable unicorn would find a much more eager student tomorrow, though considerably more rambunctious! At least, so the carefree Prince thought, quite unaware that by now, that aged teacher had long since been driven into retirement... "Oy!" The little unicorn didn't quite dodge in time from Dunder's wings, receiving quite the smack from them. "Thkipper Patcheth! You will theathe from thmacking the captain with your wing immediately!" He gestured somewhat pointedly with his wooden sword right up in the pegasus' face. "You will carry out my orderth without inthubordination!" Right, good, that was sorted out! Now to figure out just what those orders were actually going to be... Just then, the last member of the merry crew of the Inknator piped up. Blueblood replied with a raised-eyebrow expression that was an almost-perfect miniature of his adult self's own expression of slight incredulity. Just who was supposed to be in charge here? Well, if you had to ask... "Aha! I have a brilliant idea!" He raised his sword in the air, attracting the attention of all upon the playground equipment! "We'll get the weird one! He'll join uth, or walk the plank! Chaarrge!" And with an excited cry, he bounded off to the slide, wooden sword clenched in his teeth in proper swashbuckling style!
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    The Ryuma didn't seem as impressed, but she reckoned that made sense. She was some sorta bigshot, the sister of the Shogun she heard. The Shogun was like a Princess except this Shogun was a fella and not so immortal. Overall it was pretty cool and it was always nice to have royalty along for the ride. When she was young Apple Bloom would have been a bit more awed but she had rubbed fetlocks with Princesses of many types and had found herself still respecting them mightily, but having their unbroken mystique and myth not so effective anymore. “Well, Ah gotta see where you live, 'cause this place is mighty impressive and Ah've been inside every Equestrian Princess' castle,” she replied with all the pride of a collector of card games might have after picking up a particularly cool card to complete a set. Somepony came out to greet them all and Apple Bloom felt immediately jealous for reasons she couldn't really put hr hoof down on. Like some sorta deep down jealousy that was more confusing than angering since the pretty mare hadn't done much of anything to earn it. She was elegant and the pink smoke was so pretty, one of the coolest features of this land and the unique creatures who inhabited it. What followed was a veritable flotilla of rules to bash them over the head with manners and mannerisms. Most of it made all sortsa sense as opposed from Twilight's castle she wasn't aware of a royal residence of any kind that didn't demand a bit of silence to the proceedings. Still, she was pretty excited by it all. This was such an educational trip and she was here almost entirely for the education. Yes, that sounded much better than the truth. “Sounds like a lotta fun! Ah can't wait ta see everythin- well, everythin' we're allowed ta see. Whats yer name, Missus?” Apple Bloom asked innocently, certain that the fan wielding hoofmaiden had a special someling or such. And then he appeared. He was in a white and gold vest with shimmersilk, the imperial seal beautifully woven in, stopping at his chest but continuing down across his flank...like a cape, around the flank. His amazing mane was free, and he looked like every bit the hero of every romantic novel written about the land. She had read a few after seeing him for the first time and had to say that those books did a pretty poor job of describing just how warm she felt throughout her body when she saw him. A vicious tingle of energy shot through her and she felt all four of her limbs grow weak and watery under his gaze. She blushed, but did her best to try and look respectable. She took a deep breath, her tail wagging of its own accord. He was the most handsome creature she had ever seen, come the sun or moon, and it took every bit of hr not inconsiderable will power (thank you Apple ancestry) to not collapse into a pool of drool. Then he started to speak- his voice had all the delightful timber of a young noble, but she knew that he was as playful and kind as anybody else. She had seen so during Nightmare Night! She nodded along excitedly as he spoke. And lunch- well, she wasn't that hungry right now but she was sure that she would be hungry at some point. Hungry for food, anyway. “Sounds like a fun day ta me, Prince Lee-Ann! Ah've been lookin' forward ta this for a long while!” She said with unbridled joy, her face a picture of excitement and her tail wagging behind her.
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    Roads, Tempest has seen plenty of them in her life and walked far too many alone in her youth. Yet here she was walking a road she took many years ago to a town she last saw as a runaway in passing. She did not remember ponyville with much clarity do to how long it has been and her age at the time but what few things she did remember were hardly the same. The town has changed a lot in that time… Some more tall and ugly than others but Twilight's dreadful taste in homes was not her place to judge… But if she lived here she may have to plant a tree or two to cover that eyesore up. But regardless of that atrocity she needed to rest. Maybe not in the form of laying around but more mentally. Being alone left her… Alone with her thoughts and after a few days of that she concluded that was NOT a good idea for her at the moment with the turmoil raging inside of her. How will others feel if they knew the truth? Yes in many ways she was lied to and lead astray… But in other ways she did much of it willingly and even enjoyed it. Reflecting on this was troubling as her time alone gave her plenty of time to dig deep into herself and what she was learning was only making it more… unpleasant. She enjoyed, no, she loved the power she had. With a sigh she pushed her dark thoughts away as best she can and looked to the town she was passing… around. She did not feel ready to just walk in to it, it was far too close to Canterlot. They all must have known what she did and will ask to many things she does not wish to be asked about yet as deep down she did not know how to answer them. Guiding her eyes to the countryside she saw the clear layout of a farm. She remembered that farm, she stole apples from it way back when… Apples… That one with the hat, Applejack was it? She said something about living in ponyville. Was this her farm? Maybe it can giver her the shelter she needed and offer some work as well. Farmers were ever in need of an extra pair of hooves after all and many were not tro shy to take on passing ponies for short bost to pony power. So maybe this Applejack will help. She was a friend of Twilights and seeing as Twilight insisted that she and her were friends… Well, friend of a friend helps a friend? That was how that saying worked… maybe. Whatever it may be She made her way to the farm with the midday sun glittering on the black steel of her armor and undersuit. She has… been hesitant to remove it. She can’t explain why but she felt very vulnerable for now and it supplied her some feeling of familiarity, comfort… Pride. Approaching the gate that marking the entryway to the farm she stopped and looked over the home and farmland before her… Forgotten memories glimmer before her like broken glass on the floor. Hiding, rain, stealing an apple to eat before pushing on. She flicked her ears and closed her eyes as remembered her life as a filly. So young and alone, what if she just… stayed here? Maybe they’d have adopted her? It was pointless to think about yet it lasted longer than she wanted it to. With a frustrated snort of anger she opens her eyes and walked past the gate and into the farm itself. “HELLO!? Eanypony around!?” She yelled out, hoping they were not busy and she was not being to bothersome.
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    ...Well, then. Revenant kept himself still and hidden as the carriage pulled up, but the deviation from the Watch's norm soon proved itself to not be the Watch at all, but another operative of WRAITH that was based in Long Guo. Despite himself, the darkly colored stallion couldn't help the amusement and mirth that spoked through him as the abrasive Qilin verbally assaulted the archeologist still standing on the outcropping, as if he were no more than a common grunt of WRAITH. In their eyes, he supposed the doctor may as well have been nothing but a common grunt. Still, never hurt to keep the help happy and content, and Dr. Merlot had already been irritated and vexed from the very start of the excavation. He could only hope the archaeologist would have the good sense not to blab his location - or rather, the fact that he was bloody hiding for an ambush - to the operative, though. For all he knew, the relief patrol could be sneaking their way towards their camp rather than performing their customary fly-over. They'd already dealt with one or two that had approached in unorthodox ways, and while they weren't doing anything illegal, it still didn't bode well. For now, Revenant continued to keep his mouth shut as he eyed Dr. Merlot and the newly arrived WRAITH member, blood red eyes fixed on the archaeologist as if he could will the other pony to keep his bloody mouth shut.
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    I just polished my toes. Now my feet are cold and I want to wear socks. I clearly didn't think this through.
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    Tempest munched on the apple as she awaited AJ’s answer and to her relief, it was good. She we allowed to stay and work it seems, at least for now. Done with her apple she slings it over her shoulder and gets up to follow AJ as she explains the big red pony was in fact her brother. She looked back at him as the big hunk of stallion starts to walk along with them, she hated to say it but AJ had one… Handsome brother. Ponies taller than her were very rare and one that looked like he is stronger as well? Well that never happened. But there he was, doing both. She’d have to see just how strong he was later. “So, Big Mac? Well you are big. Maybe we can do some sparring later?” She asked with a smirk as she looked up at the large male before pulling her gaze back to AJ, speeding up her trot to stay alongside the farming mare. “And thank you for allowing me to stay. I know it can’t be easy to take me in on such a short call out of the blue… Most of all considering what I did not even a week ago.” She looked around the farmland as they walked to wherever AJ was leading them. It was a nice spot of the land they had, close to town but just removed enough to give the same open feel as liveing out nowhere. She found it relaxing and maybe something to think about later in life. Someday she is going to have to settle down and maybe a small farm was what she needed? Hard work to vent on with some peace and calm air as needed? Maybe. But now was not the time to think about such a change in life as she had many more paths to look down first. Looking back to AJ something was itching at the back of Tempests mind as if she overlooked something. ‘post-pregnancy energy blues’. It rolled around in her mind for a moment as her brain seemed confused as to what was spoken. Than it clicked as Tempest stopped walking, froze in a stride. “She… Is a mother.” She spoke in a soft whisper aimed at only herself as she slowly blinked. She truly did not know how to even respond to this development and started moving again as her eyes moved to the grass and dirt they walked over. This news was more troubling than it needed to be. Maybe it was the fear of hurting a foal? A mother? Something about that made her uneasy and pulled her back to her foal years. Her family, her friends. How horrible it all ended and how it made her… HER. No foal deserves that fate. But for AJ to be so welcoming means no ill must have happened to the young one but Tempest was sure AJ must be worried. Tempest was dangerous, just a few days ago she was hunting them down and tookover canterlot. Now she is on the same farm as AJ's family and foal. “If you wish I am fine sleeping in the barn or a shed. All i need is somewhere dry. I do not wish to intrude on your home. It must be plenty full already with the young one and family about.” She offered, hoping it help make things more easy on AJ. As much as Tempest missed her bed on board her airship she spent more of life sleeping on dirt so the change back to sleeping on whatever looked soft was hardly difficult. So if AJ needed that space Tempest can give it. So long as she got to sleep and work to buy what she needed to make it to the next town she was fine with whatever AJ gave her.
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    Outdoor wedding in the rain sounds...fun. I had my wedding in a court room. The Judge was really cool -- he kicked everyone out and was like "We're having a wedding!" You could tell he found way more enjoyment with this than the usual grind of negative-spun justice.
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    One thing about being the Shogun's little sister was that it was much harder to be outright awed by structures. Let's not forget that Kaze lived in a giant 21-story pagoda castle for Pete's sake. However, she would admit that the way everything in Long Guo's capital was spread out had an aweness factor all its own. Yet that didn't stop the prideful ryuma from responding to an older earth pony girl's excited exclamations with heavily stilted, accented Equestrian; "...I have!" Kaze was not yet of age where speaking in either Equestrian or Long came easily to her. If only she took classes in general more seriously..... Kaze had to hoof it to the Long Sun; they knew how to make an attention-grabbing entrance. Why couldn't her big brothers hire aides who puffed out breath spells that left behind the Shogunate's emblem? That would be SO COOL! The young ryuma also couldn't help but notice how familiar the dress on the Prince's attendant's appeared; a hallmark of Neighponese fashion, a yukata seemed rather out of place compared to the clothing that was in style in Long Guo's capital. But then came the boring part: *sigh* .....rules. Blah-blah-blah, don't be a nuisance, blah-blah-blah; Kaze's heard it all before. More often than not, she treated rules more like friendly guidelines, although the filly suspected her flexibility with interpreting said guidelines would be limited being away from her. Big Brother certainly wouldn't like it if his kid sister caused trouble today... and Kaze knew for sure that somehow, he'd find out about it. Shogun Ryuichi always seemed to know what went on beyond their doorstep. As for Hēi Lián himself, he looked like a prince lifted straight from the pages of a romance manga, shimmersilk and all. Kaze found herself unable to cast her gaze off Prince Lián; she couldn't articulate why. Ryu once told his sister that he and Lián were good friends back when they were her age, so maybe the Prince had some stories to tell about Kaze's brother. Wouldn't that be fun! But there was another royal qilin still that Kaze wanted to meet most of all. "<Oh, will we get to meet your sister too?>" She blurted out in her native Neighponese, having been assured that Long Sun royals were comfortable speaking in that tongue; "<And is it true that we can get in deep trouble if we say the Empress's name out loud?>"
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    From the album Oc art

    Came up with him from a fan fiction Called the chase, Callos was not born a pony either. He is what is know as a mirror traveler though is able to use magic portals to cross into other whens and wheres. He comes from one of many worlds that are nearly identical say in history but one world maybe full of ponies where the others are human like or even anthromorpihc types ( ponies wit human like forms.) Callos was born in a world that had humans, elves, and harpies as the three races. Humans being like the earth ponies, elvish people (unicorn), and harpies ( Pegasus). Long story short after his father sombra turned evil after losing his mind over the death of his wife. Sombra tried to kill Callos but not being able to flung into a portal to a random universe but was pulled in along with. Once Callos had woken up he went after his father to keep him from harming anyone else.
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    Applejack felt bad the moment she realized that maybe Tempests' broken horn prevented her from simply grabbing the apple mid-flight. Felt awfully ignorant of her to tell the truth, but she didn't have much experience with unicorns with that sort of disability. It wasn't completely unheard of but you never really had any follow-up and it was mostly used as one of those examples of a non-fatal but horrifying injury that could scar you...emotionally, more than physically. For Pegasi it was the loss of the wings. For Earth Ponies? It was hard to say if they had anything quite so similar. Meant she couldn't fully relate, but could at least try to empathize with it. Which meant that about halfway past the toss of the apple, Applejack felt like a fool, a tool, and a pretty lousy potential friend for the damaged unicorn. But then Tempest did a feat of acrobatic physicality that made Applejack remember that she wasn't just a unicorn who was damaged, she was a pony of freakish talent. All that sadness and anger had festered over the years- and who had she become? One of the most intimidating ponies she had ever seen. It was kind of outrageous to think that not too long ago Applejack had believed that unicorns were likely the least physically threatening of the pony types. After seeing Tempest? Well, she had seen Earth Ponies kick boulders and Pegasi break the sound barrier, but she was sure as the sun that nopony could compete with what Tempest could do. She landed, eating the apple, yet the act was enough to make Applejack momentarily remember just how absurdly dangerous and powerful this mare was, and how little it could take for anything to spiral beyond her control. Which meant she was a little slow to respond. She didn't have anyplace to go? Huh...Applejack had sort of figured that Tempest was gonna shack up at the castle with Twilight and Glimmer. Another reformed villain and the Princess of Friendship would make excellent roommates for somepony looking to reform and redeem. But if she had come to Applejack, that meant it was on Applejack to set the path and she wasn't going to start that by passing the buck off on somepony else. Where could she stay? Frankly, Applejack wouldn't put words to it, but she was worried about keeping Tempest in the house. It wasn't that she didn't trust that the mare wasn't trying to get herself squared away all right and proper but she seemed to have a temper. Didn't want where she lived and slept to become cinders and sadness if she had an...incident of some kind. But she'd make it work somehow, because this mare deserved the chance to prove herself, no matter what reservations Applejack may personally harbor. She trusted Twilight's judgment. More importantly, she believed in the values that made Equestria what it was. “Well, Ah'm sure we can find a place ta help yerself bed down for a few nights. Ain't like we're lackin' tha space, an' Ah could always do with some extra hooves. Still battlin' some of them post-pregnancy energy blues, so it seems workable ta me! Come on-” She said, waving Tempest to follow when her brother arrived. Applejack didn't see Tempest's stare, but she did hear the question. “Yep! This here's Big Mac, mah big brother. He ain't much of a talker but let me tell you somethin', he has a bigger heart than he does buckin' legs- and he can buck even better than Ah can!” She said, only partially lying. He was the stronger one but nopony, bar none, had better precision than her!
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    Pathfinder allowed herself some freedom in her movement with the cloak, not getting too far away from Pressy but moving at a nice clip. It was so nice to be out and about! Adventuring! With friends! Against probable baddies! It was a virtual cornucopia of good times and feelings, all thanks to whatever silly filly decided to go messing with ancient ruins and relics this time around. She caught the scroll as it was passed to her, playfully batting it up and laughing as she did so. “Whoops! Oh I got it. Whoops! Oh I got it. Whoops! Oh I got it, hahahaha!” She giggled and hovered up front, taking the scroll in hoof eventually. She opened it up and read it very quickly, nodding along to it. “Hmmm, interesting! Cool! That should be exciting. Hahaha, that's a good one!” She laughed once ore, curling it back up and tossing it back to Pressy. “Looks like its gonna be fun. Directions seem pretty clear to me, anyway. What do you make of all the rumors of the place?” She asked, not trying too put too much distance between her and Pressy. The cloaks certainly did cover them up but it came with some setbacks. It not only restricted the rate of movement, but it looked weird to a Scryer when two equally blank spots in coverage moved not far from one another. There were plenty of blank spots and deadzones that made it so the dead zone created by a cloak wasn't unusual as long as it appeared to be one larger deadzone and not two small, pony sized ones. Since Scrying wasn't accurate down to the meter the didn't have to huddle up too close, but Pathfinder was careful not to get too far away. Of course depending on the quality of those scrying, the gap may not always have been small enough. The trek up the mountain was not very exciting. They hadn't set up rows upon rows of defenses against them or raps for her to dismantle, which made sense considering they were probably trying to be all manner of secrets and lies up here. Eventually the trees started to thin out and the signs of more recent habitation was evident for all to see. Pathfinder slowed down and looked around. She could swear that she could hear the sound of voices not far off and every part of her wanted desperately to just zoom on up and see what the haps was, but she knew better than that. Or thought she did. She stopped and bade Pressy closer, looking at her friend with hungry eyes. “So, we're getting really super duper close. We can go in together or we can take different routes. Together will limit our view but it'll be easier, probably. If we use separate paths we will have to take a bit more of a risky-pisky, but we'll have more vision on the target. I'm fine with both! It should be fun no matter what, so I'll leave it up to you- like a roll of the dice!”
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    Oh yeah, 9000 posts!
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    I've been working myself to death, but at least I have hot sauce to dull the pain.
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    Crack. Apple bucking was a great respite from motherhood, not that she needed or really wanted a respite from that. Loved every moment of it! But there was a calmness to the fields, to her work, that she could rarely find equaled in any other activity. The sweet smell of sweat intermingling with the dancing fragrance of apple-tinted fields and orchards that stretched across the horizon. The layers of light gently playing with the cool darkness as the leaves allowed. The sounds of birds and squirrels and other critters scurrying. The feel of a nice buck, the chills up the spine, the comforting sound of apples hitting the basket. A thousand and one small comforts piled themselves as snuggly as apples into a cart, and she pulled it all with a pep in her step. It was hard to not want to spend all day doing it- Crack. -especially when the sun was so inviting and the weather so dang perfect. As happened after every adventure, she was working to make up time. And that meant slightly longer days, clearer weather, and a cleared schedule. Heh- sort of funny to think about, wasn't it? Saving Equestria had become so common for her and her friends that a certain post-adventure routine had settled in. Of course that didn't change how scary it had been, and was, every time. Applejack never lost faith that they'd win though. She was Equestrian through and through. Healing and Kindness. Strength and Honesty. Loyalty and Bravery. Beauty and Generosity. Hope and Laughter. Magic- well, Sorcery, at least. She believed in all of these things and knew that no matter how dark the clouds, how dreary it was, that in the end the light and virtue of friendship would win out. Crack. So this was less work and more of a reward for mother and heroine alike. She had always loved her job. Other ponies may complain about what they did but this was more than a job or even what she was meant to do. The peace, the factors involved, she couldn't help but think this would have been a fun hobby! Her basket was now full. The tree was a bit difficult in giving it to her on account of there being fewer apples. She would have moved on to a more bountiful tree but today was a day for completionism. She trotted gainfully to hitch the cart up and grab another, tasting the air and feeling her muscles joyfully bounce along to the rhythm of her work. She loved her work, she loved her family, she loved little Zap, she loved Rainbow, she loved her friends, and she loved the peace and quiet of Sweet Apple Acres. This day was perfect! “HELLO!? Anypony around!?” Applejack's ears perked up and she momentarily felt her heart leap in a mix of fear and adrenaline. Tempest Shadow was...well, complicated, dangerous, powerful all in equal measure. She was also friendless and seeking to be better. Maybe a few years ago she would have been worried. After all, she was just an Earth Pony! She couldn't really fight somepony with such powerful magic. Well, maybe she could. But it wouldn't be all that effective. Besides, she wasn't any different from Starlight Glimmer. Villain looking for redemption? Well, Equestria was more than a little forgiving. And while you could leave Equestria, Equestria never really left an Equestrian. If she wanted to become a better pony and make up for misdeeds, Applejack would make sure Tempest didn't face any obstacles from Applejack. She had learned her lesson in that regard already. Applejack trotted with much greater haste, bounding into Tempest's field of view with her cart bouncing in tow shortly after she had tried to get anypony's attention. “Howdy there, Tempest!” Applejack said as she came to a stop nearby. The cart continued for a second, coming to stop against her rear. The motion caused a single apple to fall and bounce towards Applejack. Without looking she used her tail to catch it. “Want an apple?” She asked all friendly like, tossing the apple high in the air towards Tempest.
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    From the album Lux's Gallery

    Here she is, the stoic unicorn with the broken horn herself, Tempest Shadow, from the MLP Movie!
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    Up until now, the night had been going very well for Shiroi. She'd hit it off well with Ishi, enough for her to risk leaning against him as the sake made its merry way through her bloodstream. Aegis was proving to be a pleasant chatting companion as well, and the ginjutsu-sha was favoring her with a rare smile as she replied, "My work is never done... I just need to not use that as an excuse to sleep at my office, I guess. If I'm never going to finish... maybe I shouldn't keep trying?" Her brow furrowed, Shiroi was teetering on the edge of a great epiphany... but then, her poise on the peak of enlightenment was shattered, as Limi's frankly astongishingly tasteless suggestion of a song poked the mare right in her foreign policy sore spot, sending her tumbling down into the abyss of fury. As soon as she comprehended what was going on, she sat bot upright, spilling the bottle of sake all over the remains of the sushi plate as her hoof slammed on the table. She sputtered, not able to form words in her unstable state. Fortunately, the Shogun was more alert than her, smoothing over the situation as best he could, arranging for the discreet removal of Limi before Shiroi could proceed to bite his antlers off. She rocked back in her seat, still fuming, as Aegis sang her rapturous folk melody. The music entirely failed to sooth the savage fury barely contained within the unicorn, and once the ambassador stepped down from the stage, Shiroi stepped out, intent on letting her emotions out upon the microphone. She knew just the song to do it, too. "Alright," She began, holding her slurs back behind clenched teeth. "I'm gonna close out the night with a number that caribou will hear all the way from his hotel room!" Whether or not Limi would be able to hear it, Shiroi wouldn't fail for lack of trying. She delivered the opening line with a scream that could have put her in contention to lead any high school metal band: "BAP-TIZED IN FIRE, 40 TO 1!" Most of the company would have recognized the song once it got going; it was in fact a direct reply, in its way, to Limi's song, telling the story of the sacking Kyoma, and the whole caribou invasion for that matter, from the other side, emphasizing the brave and nearly overwhelmed defense of the homeland in those few hopeless first years. Particularly, it referred to the initial guards deployed to delay the Vikings while the whole garrison could mobilize a defense of the capital: So silent before the storm, Awaiting command. A few have been chosen to stand, As one, outnumbered by far. The orders from their Daimyo: Fight back, hold your ground! In early September it came, A war, unknown to the world! No Viking breaks under the roofs, That are protected by Neighpon hooves! Unless you are 40 to 1, Your force will soon be undone - Undone! Baptized in fire 40 to 1; Spirit of samurai, death and glory. Soldiers of Neighpon, second to none! Rage of berzerkers brought to a halt! The 8th of September it starts, The Raids from the ice. A barrage of axeblows and swords, Stand fast, the barriers must hold! Their captain has pledged his life; I'll face my fate here! The sounds of their battlecries roar, So fierce, the thunder of war! So come bring on all that you've got, Come Hell, come High Water never stop! Unless you are 40 to 1, Your lives will soon be undone - Undone! Baptized in fire 40 to 1; Spirit of samurai, death and glory. Soldiers of Neighpon, second to none! Rage of berzerkers brought to a halt! Always remember, a fallen soldier, Always remember, daughters and sons at war. Always remember, a fallen soldier, Always remember, daughters and sons at war. Always remember, a fallen soldier, Always remember, you live in history! No Viking breaks under the roofs, That are protected by Neighpon hooves! Unless you are 40 to 1, Your force will soon be undone - Undone! Baptized in fire 40 to 1; Spirit of samurai, death and glory. Soldiers of Neighpon, second to none! Rage of berzerkers brought to a halt! The song dropped Shiroi off at the end, leaving her slumped over on the stage. She'd poured all the rage in her heart out in that song; if she had her way, it would pound all night through Limi's skull, waking him early from nightmare-riddled sleep with the worst hangover in his life. It might have been a bit of a sour note to end a night of song and fun on, but for Shiroi, she couldn't imagine any other way. The guards would have to cart her off to her own room as well, at this rate, as she was already dozing over the microphone... And thus ended the evening, with a bang, at least, followed by a gentle snore. [Exit Shiroi; Finis]
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    Sorry for the absence... I've been super busy lately. I wouldn't mind trying out a white fang rp though.
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    It was always nice to hear enthusiastic questions from somepony like pocket. Back when all the poaching of his kinda had started up Taira set up the mist himself as more of his kin disappeared, a sort of magical protective barrier that would turn away most of those who entered the mountain range without his permission. It was still able to be bypassed by the most skilled of mages but doing so took time and energy to part without his notice. Now that he had a family to look after the old wolf had put some more magical mojo into the mists that protected his home but it tended to turn away only those who meant harm to his territory: Ponies like yokai hunters, or someone seeking to take something from the place. As their guide reflected inwardly he realized his introspection left a pregnant pause between the question and his awaited answer, "Ah... Well you see. The head of the pack who lived here -the locals called him Ookami no Taisho- put up the mists to protect his territory not long after the hunting of yokai became more... vigorous. If you walk in to the mist on your own without the proper spell to clear a path you could find yourself wandering for days in a thick fog for what seems like miles only to come out where you entered. Wild animals and those who are simply lost seem to be able to get through it though." Taira looked to Nensho with a smile, "Indeed he didn't , he didn't actively destroy the landscape but the legends say the trees twisted and gnarled while he made his home here at least until he was driven out. I think there are some old painting of the battle back in the shrine actually."
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    'Ichi, ni, san, yon, go, roku...' Sī Jīn, personal hoofmaiden, personal assassin, and now tour assistant for Prince Hēi Lián counted her charges to herself, her fan bobbing as she made sure the numbers added up. When she'd ascertained that the numbers and general descriptions matched, she nodded to herself. "<I still think this is a bad idea.>" she said aloud in Long. The prince himself was likely the only one who'd be able to hear her, much less both hear and understand, from her hiding spot behind the gate, so she didn't bother with the vocal disguise. A bad habit to get into, but the walls of the Forbidden Gate were so ridiculously isolated even by Long Guo standards that even she wasn't that paranoid. She didn't wait for a response however. Between her...personal reasons for wanting an eye kept on Apple Bloom and her very real concerns that princess Soyokaze's education might leave her with a similar accent to the one she'd established here as being from...somewhere else, the kunoichi had been busy since the trip was finalized making sure everything was ready without tipping her hoof to the entire court, and had explained her reasoning to Lian at least a dozen times. Today. Now there was nothing for it though, so she stepped out from the gate and walked over the bridge with the detached grace everyone expected of the personal arm-candy of a prince. Mane held in a bun with chopsticks, simple yukata with a discrete clutch in the sash that held her clipboard. Everything was ready. She bowed elegantly to the group and, in clear view of all the foals, she snorted out a quick puff of pink fire that smelled of flowers and left a (carefully pre-arranged) scorch-pattern on the ground in the shape of the Imperial seal. THAT trick had taken her a week to learn, and still had required a thin layer of flash powder on the ground. "Welcome," she said in slow, deliberate Equestrian, as if it were her fourth language. It was, but there was no reason they needed to know that she was making sure Echo could understand her without trouble, even if it seemed that Wind Walker was assisting her, "to the Imperial city, Huangjing. Before we begin, there are just a couple of rules. "You will be guided on the tour by Prince Hēi Lián, but the areas through which we are traveling are part of the Palace's daily life. Occasionally, the prince or I may stop someone to speak to them, or someone may come to us, but please do not interrupt anyone that looks busy. You are otherwise encouraged to ask questions, especially of the Prince, myself, or your chaperones, unless we indicate that it is not a good time. Part of the tour may carry us through the Court itself, and there are certain traditions that are followed there which are difficult to quickly learn. We will instruct you if so, but it is likely better to hold questions at that point until we have passed through. One other area may come up, though we will try to avoid it, and we ask that if the tour goes through the staff quarters you keep noise to a speaking level, as some staff may be sleeping for an overnight shift." she said, using her fan (and the notes written carefully on the back) to cool herself with lazy flutters well to one side so that her mouth was not obscured. She then repeated her spiel in Caribou. And once more in much smoother Long-accented Neighponese for good measure, though she suspected everyone who could understand Neighponese could understand one of the other two. Lecture out of the way, she folded her fan with an audible snap and stepped off to one side with the chaperones. Sotto voce, while the Prince made whatever appearance he was going to make, she asked "I believe you can all translate for your charges, so I will focus on translating any questions from the group into Long, and then answers back into Equestrian. Can everyone handle the rest?" She knew the answer was yes, but she'd read that it was good manners in these sorts of things to allow the chaperones to speak for themselves.
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    " Ah was born in Equestria actually." Aria responded with hint of pride in her voice, "My Ma and Pa raised me around ponies and Ah even got a big sister back home." She looked down over her legs and the holes therein, "Ta be honest the're not that big of a issue. Sometimes i a stiff breeze comes by while Ah'm flying Ah can hear a whistling comin' through 'em though!" Aria felt that Kappi's comments might be overly harsh, but then again she knew nothing of Neighpon beyond what was in travel brochures. Aria cleared her throat, "Ah don't know much o' Nensho's homeland but I think it's mighty rude to criticize someone's homeland just after meeting them, Mister Kappi."
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    Though Àilóng smiled at Yuè's reaction to his choice of tea, he couldn't help but to feel a twinge of sadness. She still felt the need, nay, the pressure to hide her emotions. To continue cultivating that presence of nigh ephemeral untouchability. To be the ever composed, never shaken, perfect of perfects. In many ways the life of the Empress was much more difficult than that of the Serpent King. True he was considered a sovereign and many of the Long Sun looked up to him and his council as though they were a heavenly host, but in Longri-la, he was far more free. He could be himself and yet still rule with composure and grace...Most of the time. But Yuè was always under the scrutinizing eye of not only the citizens of Long Guo, but of her own Court as well! Who through everything their land and the world around them has seen, still desperately cling to the oldest and more constraining traditions. Was there nothing he could do? He wondered. Perhaps, but that was a thought for another time. Àilóng was pleased that the Empress chose to sit near him. Though how much of it was out of tradition and how much of it was 'Hey, I'm going to sit near my friend!'? Either way! The delightful aroma of the Baihao Yinzhen wafted from its pot as whistled softly. Before an apprentice had the chance, Àilóng politely poured Yuè her tea while she and Auntie talked. Best not to interrupt something so important. After all it'd be something he would have to hear as well! He sat about pouring himself a cup before settling back in and listening to the conversation intently.
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    When Discord's voice began bellowing forth, the Empress turned around and stood to listen. There was still a crisis afoot, so why was the chaos spirit... lecturing? What did the Harmonious Path have to do with Qing's apparent poisoning or Sī Jīn's ill-advised clothing? Granted, it had come to Empress Yuè's attention before the Banquet that contrary to impressions made by the overzealous City Guard, Discord had in fact obtained permission to enter the capital's Inner Ward (strange as it seemed in the royal qilin's mind for a self-proclaimed master of chaos to play by mundane rules), so there was that particular black mark to make amends for at a later date. But was it REALLY necessary to call out the Empress at this delicate time??? Such blatant RUDENESS! And to have the gall to make the Empress lose further face by WALKING OUT on her? Well, Discord wouldn't be getting far as long as the Imperial Palace remained on lock down... at least not without his magic. But still... seriously. At least the guest had the decency to help Qing before teleporting his way to the door; that was the only thing saving him from an immediate counter-rant by the Empress. That, and Prince Lián blurting out the true nature of Qing's ails. A... mere allergic reaction? Yuè's knowledge of health-based subjects was only at a basic level, her studies at the Monastery having been focused elsewhere. However, a read of Sī Jīn's face indicated that the Prince knew what he was talking about. One approving nod from Empress Yuè later, and the rest of the guards and servants seemed to buy her brother's explanation without question. All except Feng, too stubborn to know when to keep silent. "Feng," the Empress barked at him with a mild hint of disapproval in her voice; "Notify the other Watchers that I'm lifting the lock down and that everything is to return to normal. You won't be needed here for the rest of the evening." That blasted bodyguard had caused enough problems for one day. Maybe two weeks being taken off active duty will set him straight when it comes to unwarranted overreactions. Now came Silverheart, bearing advice. Yuè sighed quietly; "Very well. Tell Discord that I'll grant him a private audience tomorrow." The royal qilin glanced back towards Discord, her eyes laced with weariness and shame, wondering whether her old confederate Liviel could get through to the chaos spirit. Then just maybe this banquet can still be salvaged... maybe....
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    Reminds me of that old Godzilla cartoon
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    The prince of monsters would narrow his eyes, cheeks pinching up at the clear expression of concern to overcome his features, bordering on concern and ignorance. He had offered, yet he had not considered his own experience in this particular circumstance. He had simply accepted it was the right thing to do, despite his personal trepidation involving himself so directly with ponies on his own. He had never taken care of a pony, caribou, or otherwise. Being used to being taken care of by others for the whole of his life: come time to face the absolution of life's often difficult choices he had collapsed beneath its weight, never having built support. He had been selfish and weak a great deal of his life. He could not hold onto those emotions though. He could feel them already tugging at his chest seeping into that dark place that still remained. That malicious laughter rang in the back of his mind, tempting him to... The white-furred Diamond Dog declared her foreign position amongst the group. Her voice anchored his thoughts. His the black cartilage swiveled forward in attentiveness. So it was not just he, or the washed up caribou who was out of place. At least there were others to alleviate the burden of aiding the wayfarer. But… that was no way to think if the situation either. The youth was no burden. The only burden were these agonizing thoughts. Beneath his hooves his shadow shifted under his unease. The sensation caused him to fold back his ears. An Xiang seemed more level headed than he could process at the moment. Calder’s thanks did touch the damper side of things. It was true that there were some groups less peaceable than ponies. Discounting the Umbrum from that list, as they were more inclined to rid the land of everything, there were those that just sought to make peace a tumultuous journey. He could not stop the sigh that escaped his chest. Ponies, good, huh? Sorry, I am no pony either. The king seemed to have a bit on his mind, but when An Xiang suggested Calder stand, he would agree. It was all the better than distract the former tyrant of monsters. “Yes, ponies are helpful, but as you see others are too.” Not only was An Xiang more than helpful, so was that Diamond Dog. “Come you may lean on me. We should get a leg up in the case the white furred one finds, or fails to, find a physician.” And much to Liviel’s luck she would be able to find a doctor, though he seemed to be visiting from Equestria. Of all the luck! He seemed a puffy maned unicorn with thick spectacles and absolutely endearing whiskers!
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    With her parents attending an convention at Las Pegasus and all of her assorted siblings off doing an assortment of 'very important' tasks, somepony had to look after little Wind Walker! The little blue filly had suggested she go with her friend Sweet Cents to 'Whinnyland', the greatest theme park in all of Equestria. Her friend's parents were pretty darn rich and would spare no expense on their travels! She could even invite two friends along. That would be hard. Bebop? Scootaloo? Or Fast Track? She would never get to decide, since her parents wanted her to go somewhere educational! BAH! You could learn a lot in a theme park! Where else would you learn that the pirates who raided the Carriagebean liked to sing with they were doing pirate stuff? Or that bears look good in leisure suits? Not good enough for them! Her folks probably ditched the convention already and headed off to the casinos. Or the assortment of shows the great city of lights provided. Being in the R.E.A provided its members and family excellent 'edu-tunities' to travel the world. Her father heard that the Y.C.N.H was taking young fillies and colts to visit the splendid Imperial Palace of Long Guo! She would get to meet an prince! This would be sort of cool, but she already got to meet a prince before and she doubted any pony not named Dunder could be as handsome as Prince Blueblood! And an Empress! Bah! How could an empress impress her after she got to hang with Princess Celestia! Along with her usual luggage, the Y.C.N.H also supplied her with a book called the 'Journey to the Dragon Kingdom'. A book she tried more than once to read, but after a few pages, she got bored and looked at the pictures instead. Thankfully it was small enough to fit in one of her saddle bags, along with a book of common phrases of this land. Being an 'Walker' meant she had to be prepared at all time. She was also told that she needed to act like a lady. No silly shenanigans. No horse-play and no fun. She was representing Equestria. And more importantly, if she acted up, her mother mentioned that it would not make Princess Celestia happy. And we don't want to upset the princess! Her mom knew how to push all the right buttons! While she found the buildings and landscapes to be very pretty, she was also very bored. This was going to be one of 'those' tours. They would meander around an old castle, some bored tour-guide would ramble on about some old vase for two hours and then they would move on to the next chamber pot or odd shaped hat. So far, this had not happened, but she knew it would! Thankfully, there were kids her age here. Along with fillies and colts she had never seen before, there was an filly with an hearing disability that her friend Fast Track knew. Applebloom was also here, so listening to her try to pronounce Long Guo words with her thick country-pony accent would be amusing at least. There was also a little Ryuma girl named Kaze who hung around a walking stick thing. Weird. Not wanting Echo to miss out on the boredom, she glanced at the filly and without speaking, mouthed the words, "They probably don't know you can’t hear. Do you want me to get their attention? They haven't said much so far."
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    Happy 6th! I'm happy that I was able to de-ice this thread. Hopefully, the very last poster will be far in the distant future. Where were you 6 years ago? What were you doing? Who have you met? What have you seen? What have you learned? What have you discovered? How have you changed? For whatever may come, continue to live. Continue to hope. Continue to dream...and maybe, perhaps, go beyond the dream.
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    Dash couldn't wait! She had picked the best of all gifts for her little stallion! The perfect items to say that she loved him! The pegasus bolted onto the scene at Sweet Apple Acres, swooping in low to give her mare a kiss before landing in front of Zap Apple. "Aw! Why does it look like you've been crying little stallion?" She brushed the tears off his muzzle and grinned at him before giving the little guy an affectionate nuzzle. "Can't believe he's a year old already!" She trotted over to AJ and brushed a stray strand of forelock off her face. AJ was always beautiful and Dash couldn't help but gaze deep into her eyes for a split second. "Can't believe we've been parents for a year already!" The mare's mind went over all that had happened in the past year. They had all grown in so many ways. Rainbow had never felt so sure of herself and so unsure at the same time. She would get through it all though, help to raise a proper stallion, and make sure the love of her life knew she was loved. It was then that she noticed all the others around. It was almost comical how often she had tunnel vision for her little family. "Oh! Hey everypony! Thanks for coming to the party!" *Sorry for lack of graphics...it's been a while...
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    From the album Goblin's Artwork

    Showing off my sweet babs Chiasa and her fluffy sparkly wings. Not a princess really, more like a noble lady of an obscure family. She is my precious ballerina and will dance into your hearts.
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    Diamond really didn't like this new unicorn... why was Squall being so rude? He asked a simple question and got back nothing but snark from him. And to make things worse, he seemed to hate pirates, which were clearly better than some stuffy knights! "Les pirates sont tellement meilleurs que les chevaliers!" Diamond responded, sticking his tongue out at Squall before flying after Blueblood and landing on the ship they had claimed. He laughed a bit, sticking his tongue out at Squall's group again. "Yarr har har!" He called, standing next to Blueblood and the others. When he heard his name, he looked over at the unicorn mare and smiled back at her. At least she was nice.
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    Yes, while the foals went out to play the adults had to slave away! But wasn't that the life? Chewing, slobbering, shoving, screaming, and delighting in the blissful ignorance that was foalhood. Fire Walker could grouch all she'd like over his tomfoolery but this Cheshire Cat was difficult to stop once there was an idea in his head and since she was the only voice consistently protesting he would find no due cause to end his game early. Sometimes ponies had to learn their lessons the hard way, even if it left a few kicking, screaming and needing to relearn how to step out of diapers all over again! There would be little to no repercussion for a harmless pranks and since they would be up to their chins in rowdy foals, the majority being young colts, who had a notorious streak of crying for no reason and being generally high maintenance -- the mares presently in charge… He grinned widely at Fire Walker when she seemed to glare with determined pressure as if, by looking hard enough he burst into flames like those monster ponies from the stories when they stepped into the sun. Oh he could see it… thinking of ways to keep him.from causing chaos. But that would be like denying the princess of Friendship and the Solar Maiden. It was their desire he get along with ponies and what better way than playing a game to help others? It would help then to understand his point of view with as little miscommunication as possible. It was always easier to show than tell. “Waahh,” the Chibicord whined. “Fire’s face looks scary!” He whined before spitting his forked tongue out at her. Oh now this was more like it! Internal strife amongst the young! Factions setting up to split and deviate from unity, because what fun was it that they all agreed? He scratched his beardless like, baby chin and snapped his claws. Various toy weapons and tiny tot armor and costumes appeared in a bin outside so they could suit up if they so choose. He pushed to stand and motioned to Naj. “Awwuh dun cry. Applejack says you can stay. Let's go be knights too so Squirrel dun scream none more.” The spunky spirit hissed, messing up Squall's name on purpose. He would offer Naj a Knight's shield. And whether or not they accepted it he would bounce out. “Hurry up slow poke!” He jeered at Squall. “If you don't claim land you'll be a landless Lord!” He chirped and dashed outside. But after they would be hungry hungry foals. With a full kitchen with lunch’s ingredients and a list of allergies, and what the foals could or could not eat was ready for the adults to prep! In Discord's case apparently if he had crusts on his sandwich, he would throw tantrums and manifest random objects which were possible and plausibly dangerous, and his cucumber juice must be made of zucchini or he would pickle it.