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    yay it's my birthday. feel free to leave flowers by my dusty bones...creak....
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    Momentarily left to her own devices, Kaze took it upon herself to explore her surroundings. Hmmmm... not too many kids her age running around. Big brother Ishi was off with grown-ups, who rarely (if ever) were up for the sort of amusements that Kaze relished in. It now appeared that the adults were splitting up into dancing pairs. Perhaps there was a certain fun there to be had if one had a partner; something the young ryuma sorta lacked. Aww mannnnn, the Ballroom was turning out to be a bust after all. It was in this moment that Princess Celestia resurfaced... with a gift shrouded with a magic veil! Oh my!!! That definitely attracted Kaze's curiosity, yes siree. Eagerly reaching out to it, the little filly briefly felt heaviness as the veil faded away, and was more than surprised to see the present shrink to a more manageable size. As if the magic Kaze witnessed wasn't already awe-inspiring enough, the diorama itself... it was simply beautiful! All those well-crafted figurines, the way even the little Celestia inside had flowing hair..... words failed to describe the girl's astonishment. And that was all before the final magic act, when one of the kirin figurines transformed into a small ryuma filly with an uncanny resemblance to Kaze. Her eyes watering up, the Neighponese filly could only think of one proper way to express her gratitude. She slowed placed the diorama down in a solemn manner, hesitated for a moment... then used a wing-powered jump to latch onto Princess Celestia's neck with her hooves! [Oh... thank you very much, Princess Celestia!!!] The happy little one nuzzled the royal alicorn with the side of her cheek; [I'll cherish this gift forever and ever!!!]
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    You once asked if we were just friends because you happened to be available upstairs. I remember that question caught me off guard. I didn't know how to answer it. I always looked up to you, and your brazen heart-on-your-sleeve policy for literally everything in life. You were real, and for the years we spent together, you taught me how to be real with myself too. It would take longer for me to have my true awakening, but you helped shape me into the person I am today. I am proud of who I am, and more importantly, I am proud of you. I was honored to call you my friend -- not out of convenience, but because you meant something to me. Thank you for all of your lessons and fun times. I remember them all, and carry them deep in my heart. The last time we saw each other, you came downstairs to get your cat back. I was moving to Chicago to start a new life. I remember we had a brief hug, and you were gone. Just like that. In those last few years, we grew more distant as our lives started following different paths. I knew you were struggling inside, too. I wish I could have thanked you for everything. My deepest regret is we never had a chance to catch up, before you took your own life seven years ago. I hope one day when we see each other again, we can talk about our adventures while I cook for you. We will listen to music while we spend the night watching the owls in the park return to the big oak tree that grew right across from us. I'd tell you that we were friends; not out of fate or convenience, but because we just were. You would tell me you knew all along. I miss you, my old friend.
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    Aspen Aspen wrapped his large tail around his rear leg, feeling nervous as he was addressed by one of the Qillin tour guides, not knowing that he was looking at royalty. He mumbled crossly under his breath at the mention of being late, "I didn't oversleep...my mom and dad were being a pain in the tail..." He turned his eyes forward, nodding when the guide said they would be proceeding, his ears finally raising upright, ready to pay attention, when a soft voice caught his attention. He turned to look down at the filly speaking to him, listening carefully and smiling at the way she said the word Gryphon, and he replied to her in a soft whisper, but with exaggerated beak movement, hoping it helped, "I see. I'll do my best to talk with a wide beak!" He reached into his bag and pulled out a notepad, and quickly scribbled the same thing on paper in case she couldn't understand, adding that he'd be fine with writing to her. He did have a smaller, rounded beak, with his owl-esque appearance, so if he needed to write to communicate, he would be happy to. After a pause, he scribbled an addition, "My name is Aspen. Nice to meet you, Echo." He lifted a claw to shake the other young one's hoof, holding it open expectantly.
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    From the album Pony art

    Eye is wall-eyed, but I mostly REALLLY love the mane shape :)
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    Funny you say that; I'm making chili tonight! I got new boots!
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    I have Swedish meatballs, you have Stardew Valley, and you have fireworks. Let's just...put them all together to create "Swedish Fireworks Meatball Valley." Happy new year, everyone! Party hard and make this year a good one! It'll certainly be an interesting year for me.
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    That's a lot of good points you've put together. I may have missed if you mentioned it in some way but, another very strong thing is forgiveness. It really goes a long way. It gets through to people in two kinds of situations: People who are apologizing to you, and people who are pissed at you. It goes along with not holding grudges. If someone is irrationally and overly mad at you, and you know there really is absolutely no reason for them to act that was toward you, the best thing you can do is forgive them. On the spot, if you can. They'll notice that their anger is not getting to you and they'll either realize what they're doing and make amends with you, or they'll get even more pissed and stop talking to you all together. The latter, unfortunately, is the more common result, as I have personally witnessed. To the point of them not going into the same supermarket when they see the other person's car outside. If you forgive a coworker and both of you can find common ground, you should never have a reason to talk badly about them. I've talked to people who will go on a rant about someone else for a solid 5 minutes, and then end it with "But I'm not really mad about it" or "It honestly doesn't bother me anymore". If you've truly forgiven someone, there wouldn't have been a reason to rant about them. You'd refer to them as an 'old coworker', not a 'jerk/idiot I used to work with'.
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    Thanks Rocky! Yeah, I have a lot of experience with this. Too much. It's definitely an art form communicating something directly while still covering your rear. I've left horrible jobs, and when the next job inevitably asked me why I left/how was the last job, I always told them it was a great place to work, and I gained a lot of experience from it. I've started keeping notes on stuff I've learned., It totally comes off like it was plucked from a motivational poster, but this is stuff I'd tell past-Rose if I were able to send her a letter:
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    Rutherford removed the heavy chest from his back, letting it fall to the floor with deep thud before looking to Celestia. “Hello tall white pony Celestia!” He shouted before approaching closer to keep talking, on the way he looked over at Blueblood. “Hello other white pony! We talk soon, Rutherford busy. Most of all other-other white pony with gem on butt. Rutherford wish to speak later. So many white pony. So confusing.” He rolls his eyes underneath his hair and stops in front of Celestia. “Of course on time, Rutherford never late. And Yakyakistan has been well, it grow better every day it feel! Haha, did not think best city in world be better but yet it is. And soon Yakyakistan grow even more with plans! And not be only Yak city. Rutherford think Yak land to small. Yak land most grow.” He grins as he speaks, full of pride for his beautiful city. Yakyakistan was truly the greatest city ever made! It just needed to be bigger so others think so… Bigger walls maybe? Or a keep? Both? He will come up with something to make the rest of the world understand the power of yaks. “But glad to come. Never seen Hearth's Warming before, here story most of all from pink pony-Yak. She say much in mail. Maybe to much. Rutherford can make bed out of mail sometimes. Speaking of pink pony-yak, where is pink one? She is missed and Rutherford guilty of wanting her cook more, last cake made yak cook so angry! Hahahaaa, I like it more than his! He smashed two homes! Was funny. Then I smashed his. Was good day. But if tall white pony see pink pony-Yak, let her know Rutherford wishes for her company.” He looks around as he asked, if searching for her. “Hope tall white been good. How is Canterlot? It seem good! Sadly run here so no time to look round. Someday I want look round.” He did not, Canterlot was boring… ugly… full of the worst ponies as well. But this was for the sake of friendship and keeping close ties. The book says it’s really important or something. Rutherford will be the best diplomat alive for puting up with such boreing and weak work. But he did keep an eye on Rarity and blueblood. He was glad Rarity was here, he had no clue how to send her mail and wished to get something from her. Not for himself, no pony can hope to make clothing for him. But as a gift for pink… Well, she may be yak in all but looks, but yaks never make pony clothing before. So get pony to make pony outfit! Pink was his best friend after all, what’s a Prince that can’t give lavish gifts?
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    After letting go of Princess Celestia, Kaze eagerly nodded along as she was instructed on how to take care of her magical diorama. The little one hung on to Celestia's every word; once everything was said and done, the ryuma filly grabbed her gift and gave a final farewell bow. "Sayōnara, Princess Celestia! I hope I can one day visit you again!!!" Okie dokie, time to get this precious present back to the room before anything happened to it. Oh... and Kaze better check on Mr. Twig as well; she left her golem companion to relax outside in the gardens. Seeing that her big brother was still preoccupied, the filly proceeded to leave the Ballroom with careful haste..... *EXIT KAZE*
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    "Well, Miss Rarity, not every mare is gifted with the ability to shine alone. Some must be drawn out and encouraged, and I wish for all to shine at my party." He grinned, feeling for sure that the fashionista would understand the generous statement. Of course, that left unsaid the fact that every mare or stallion who shone at a gathering hosted by him granted the Prince no small amount of reflected illumination. But wasn't that also true about every dress that Rarity made? Truly, there was much in common between these unicorns besides their coat colors. Further discussion, however, was interrupted, as the pair were not two steps into their dance before another, significantly less couth, Prince showed up on the scene. "Er, the sleigh over where my assistant is." He waved a hoof over to Honeywing, swallowing a nervous laugh and keeping a straight face. "You will find the refreshments over there as well. I'm, uh, sure we have something to your taste on the table." In point of fact, there was no Yak food there; an oversight Blueblood would shortly come to regret.
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    Rarity enjoyed the music, even if she had been left to her own devices while the dances went on. It was somewhat alarming that nopony had offered to dance with her though. She had briefly considered the possibility that she wasn't nearly as attractive as she used to be and had a moment of pure, inescapable existential horror. Then she realized that it was a silly thought to give credence to. She was still young, beautiful, and increasingly famous. She was a prime candidate for a dance partner! Of course the lack of a dance partner told her that perhaps she wasn't as marvelous as she thought she was. A horrifying thought to have rolling around one's skull, no? She maintained a friendly demeanor though, talking and smiling with others as they walked up to donate. Regardless of the sincere horror she felt at being at such a formal gathering and not having a partner, she never lost focus on what mattered tonight. Still, her discussion partner was delightful enough. She knew that Honeywing was capable and that Glitzen didn't need the additional inspiration, but she nonetheless couldn't help but comment on the current thoughts rattling in her head. “I have been trying to look into more obscure areas in terms of fashion, but most of those paths lead to ideas that are more...radically creative rather than actually beautiful. Truth be told I find that too many designers lose themselves in the creativity of their passion and forget to make actual beautiful clothes that can help ponies shine on the outside as they do on the inside. So lately I've been looking into more public areas that are less touched on by the industry, to tackle some new ground. The exciting, adrenaline fueled world of sports clash so much with the more demure world of fashion, does it not? But it would be an excellent challenge to see if one could make them shine for beauty, rather than pure physicality, without losing it. And of course you have some of the statement cases, such as foreign dress and symbolic ones like the Night Sky Becomes Her, but honestly, there is so much out there in terms of possibility that it is difficult to pin down a single motivation,” she said, about to continue on when the Prince came to her. She smiled. “Well, it looks like I am being whisked away. Ta-da, Honeywing, and remain well!” She said, prancing alongside the Prince to the dance floor. “Well now, here I was wondering what took you so long.” Celestia was pleased with Kaze's reaction. The magic was ancient, a pact formed between friends of an old and bygone era. As time passed Celestia was sure it would come back to her and, in the fullness of time, it would go back to Neighpon. Time passed and those involved may change, but the friendships would endure throughout the eons. Kaze would endure throughout, the friendship forged and the kindness shared memorialized for generations long past hers. The kirin figure that Kaze had replaced slowly returned amongst the other figures, each one as exquisitely made and detailed as Kaze, with only age dulling them. “I'm so happy that you enjoy it, Kaze. I hope you look to it and are happy each and every time. Of course you have to keep good care of it. The enchantments prevent any sudden breaking, but even such powerful magical creations can be eroded with the passage of time. Neighponese enchanted spring water with breath magic infusion actually acts a rejuvenator which, when applied carefully, will help keep it looking beautiful. I'm sure you can take care of this gift, Kaze, and I look forward to seeing all the places you'll go,” Celestia said with a small bow, taking her leave of the small Ryuma when she was done. Prince Rutherford arrived. Yaks were always...delicate business. They favored forthrightness in all things and took offense to being treated the way others thought they needed to be treated. They enjoyed pony company for the attributes that ponies had. The Prince was the one taking the most sincere efforts to do so, and while he was far from perfect, such was true of all creatures, Celestia most of all. "Prince Rutherford, I'm so happy you could make it. You're right on schedule for the sleigh tonight," she said happily. "How has Yakyakistan been? I am so pleased you decided to join us on our warmest of holidays, Hearthswarming Eve, where we celebrate the light and greatness of friendship," she said, seeing in his eyes that he was at a loss yet unwilling to make a fool of him. He was trying and that was enough. A guard pony came and slowly moved the gift to the sleigh. "A mighty gift you are giving, Prince Rutherford!" The music was reaching the end of its classical section, with time left for one more dance. The pianist pony, still hidden by her cloak. She turned to Vinyl in the crowd and winked once, revealing her opal eyes and white coat, the barest hints of a multi-colored musical note cutie mark visible. Octavia for her part continued playing, though as the music went on it was har to mask completely the preparations behind them.
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    My thought when it comes to coworkers and gossip is "If you can't say anything nice..." I've worked in enough places and with enough people to tell ya, it's not worth your time. Just be positive and show people the kind of work partner that you want everyone else to be. If someone starts gossiping, change the topic to something positive. (Also don't take any crap and bite off any ankles of people that try to bully you or "tell you how it is.") I get my honey from a local apiary during the summer farmers' market near here. It's amazing -- you'd think they put butter in it or something, but nope. I actually just made some cast iron skillet cornbread tonight and had some on that. Patch ...my mouf has those shed cycles too. Fun stuff! I just watched Christmas Vacation, because gawd, ya gotta watch Christmas Vacation!
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    Tempest wasn't half bad at it, really. She wasn't half-good either but that was the less positive outlook on matters Applejack believed. Big mac wasn't none too pleased but there wasn't anypony else who'd be better to practice on. He was as strong and durable as it got and Tempest needed to learn on somepony or something durable and strong. He could take it. He could be unhappy as he wanted to be but if she knew her big lovable brother it was that he would get ver it when it meant Tempest was all fine and dandy when it came to helping on the farm. This would be a huge boon for all involved and as Tempest worked out how to get her work done she was sure that the mare would calm down a little. Physical activity always worked on setting Applejack's mind right after all and she could only assume the benefits were universal. Tempest was given a few more tips- "aim a little higher", "don't pull so fast on tha pigs as y'all did there, they've got small necks", and a few other choice ones- but for the most part she was on point. A good listener. She reckoned Tempest would have to have been a good listener, spending all those years on her own meant she didn't have the time or ability to pass up on juicy tidbits to further her survival. Applejack would move past that for now and focus on the here and now. After Tempest had a few more ties, Applejack nodded. "Good work. Ah think you can do it. Now, when we hogtie them we're gonna go ahead and put them in tha back of that there wagon. Then we can clean tha area up. Once we get ta that, yer magic is all good, okay?" she said, grabbing herself another lasso. “Ready? On tha count of three we'll get to it, alright? One, two- three!”
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    It's a pretty easy process -- take this from someone who takes shots in her stomach. I've taken those steroids before, they're awesome. Your skin should clear up pretty quick. Feels good to sit here, do nothing. Watch anime, cook dinner. This free time feels so precious!
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    Ice Storm could tell that this was already going to be an interesting day. Still trying to get a hoof on these new magical artifacts, Ice Storm had called the two ponies that she knew of that would likely know the most about the type of magic these harnessed. One of them, was the princess of magic herself, in Princess Twilight, and the other was the god of chaos magic, although he technically wasn't a pony. He had a pony hoof and a pegasus wing, but that was the only thing pony about him. IF anypony would have information about this artifiact, she knew it would be one of those to. She doubted Princess Celestia would know much about them. The sun and Celestial aspect usually dealt with fire, so she figured this would be something that was out of her Element, so she figured her knowledge on it would be limited. Luna might know about them, but depending on when the original artifacts were made that these were based off of, she might not have actually been in Equestria when they were made, so she may not even know of them at all. Both options were equally as possible. She thought back to them though, and then back to Twilight. Not too long ago, EPIC had suffered the worst, most embarrassing loss to the hooves of Tempest Shadow, and there wasn't even a fight. Some how she had managed to get by every defense they had, and managed in capturing all four of the princesses. She wanted to know how.... How did everypony happen to get assigned missions that had them out of the country, or no where near Canterlot to help with the invasion. What could they have done if they were there? The magic and weapons that they used were like nothing they had seen. These thoughts dwelled on her as she walked into the heavily fortified practice lab of the magic guild. As many masterful spell casters that were here in this location, this practice bunker had to be built essentially to with stand explosions that if not contained could level a city if they were to backfire. So far it's been able to contain everything quite well. Her trance was broken though as she felt something disrupt one of the orbs. The orbit was thrown astray and she looked up to see Discord grab it, causing her to wince a bit. The slight disruption sent a very brief sting of pain behind her eye before she caught a glimpse of the orb emitting a shocking burst of electricity making Discord recoil a bit and his mane afro up. This puzzled her. Swift Squall had told her that these were formed with her aether, and were manifested and harnessed ice based spellpower. How did they shock him? She supposed that maybe it was a bit of his magic that it had absorbed briefly. She could definitely feel that it was a bit irritated though and it orbited a bit faster than the others. When he made her an offer for them, she simply shook her head. "Even if I wanted to accept that offer, I couldn't. These are bound to my very mind and my aether. That brief moment when you stopped it actually hurt," she admitted. That would be a problem... if anypony with ill intentions figured that out, they could go after the orbs. Squall said they were durable, but when presented with an onslaught, just how durable. What happens if one shattered while it was linked to her? If simply stopping it hurt, what would be left of her? Still the fact that Discord wanted them spoke volumes about them. She wasn't sure exactly what she had, but she could easily presume now that they were important. Now all they had to do was wait for Twilight to get here so that she could try to start making sense of them, and what the consequences of these items entail, and more importantly, how to control them. She already knew that they were linked to her emotions. She found that out on her last trek through the wilderness when she carved a line of ice through a forest by accident.
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    The Blue unicorn smiled and nodded as the other mare agreed with her in the fact that it was best to spread everything out if she could. If you got everything done at once, there wasn't anything to look forward to. She looked back to the other two as Ice Storm heard the hostess asked if they would like to join her, or if they would like to be serviced separately. She was honestly okay either way. On one hoof she hoped they said no because this was the first trip here, so she wanted to relax, but at the same time, it was always fun to meet somepony new so she hoped that they would say yes to. In the end, it was indeed yes that they chose. The Qilin introduced himself and Icy picked up on it pretty quickly. "Long," she smiled. "I can't say I've ever been to the mainland there, but I've been to Neighpon a few times. Quite lovely over there. I can't imagine Long being any different," she smiled looking over to the earth pony. She smiled, hearing him say that he wasn't directly on staff here but that he would be happy to show them whatever the Qilin wanted. She also smiled as he also seemed to thing that it would be a good idea to join her. It took a moment to register what he meant by his first statement though. She considered where they were, what the paradise was, and who was ultimately running it. She deducted that this pony wouldn't have brought up something like this if they weren't a changling. She doubted that Chrysalis would employ anything other than other Changlings in this establishment. Yet the pony that was here was a unicorn. So she supposed it was actually possible. It just didn't seem like something Chrysalis would do. For now, she figured that she would have to wait and see. Not that she had a problem with him being one. She found them interesting, and she to this day hadn't had any negative experiences involving a changling. She more just had questions, that only they could answer. Here in the spa, was not the place for those kind of questions. For now she was simply content to hang back, relax and make some new friends. With her soft expression, Ice Storm turned back to the qilin. "My name is Ice Storm, Head Archmage of the Ice Division in the Canterlot Magic Guild. I also own the Frozen Delight's franchise throughout Equestria, and I am also a Stewardess, and Astrologist under Princess Luna," she smiled. Of course, there was another part of her identity that she left out, but these ponies didn't need to know that part. She probably already told them too much about her as it was. Although the thought did occur to her, if she made some friends over in Long and Neighpon, possibly taking her franchise international. After her meeting with Lens though, her first priority was to look in the Las Pegasus area. She'd thought of putting something there before, but was uncertain of how it would take off there. However, Las Pegasus has a reputation of rewarding those who take chances, so as long as you don't take too many.
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    I was thinking of this fried rice I saw today:
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    ((Things finally managed to calm down for me! I'll be posting more often now! Sorry about dragging my arse!)) Oh did Crusader feel the siren's call of the singer. The voice was beautiful, and definitely alluring, but that wasn't the main draw. The previous conversation had brought a little more of the Goliath of a mare's mother out of her. And she found her eyes lingering on the Singer's flank for a few seconds longer than what might be proper. Realizing what she was doing... the ever so stoic Crusader quickly pounded those thoughts into submission and shoved its nose into a corner so it may think about what it did. She heaved out a small breath of air, barely a sigh, to the lord of chaos's comment. She could relax if she wanted to! She was perfectly relaxed right now! She just found this all to be incredulous! A colors of the sky and sea being all sorts of wrong! A queen that quanticizes how much fun someone is having, and enforcing it with an iron grip! And for some reason that blasted singer is getting louder and louder! It was practically drowning everything out, threatening to wash her away in a sea of emotions! Crusader stood still, smoldering to the ocean while her thoughts ran away from her. There was a twitch of a muscle... and then... a small eye twitch. After what felt like a minute, she finally turned her head to look to Discord to speak. "Which dip? A stallion decided to hit me in the face with a hammer the other day. I had to take him to the hospital after the handle snapped and the head bounced back into his snout. It was a well made helmet surprisingly..." the mare hummed as she spun about to get a look at her surroundings. Eventually, her eyes fell upon a set of fishing poles. With a hint of curiosity glistening in her eyes she clopped closer and leaned in to inspect them. They seem well made. Forged from sturdy metals, and using very strong wires! "Mmm... I always wanted to try fishing when I was little. However, my father forbade me from fishing in the lake. I do not recall the exact details... but he and the lochness monster never saw eye to eye. It was something about the monster asking for bits."
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    My phone's predictive text...lol.
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    Apple Bloom hung on every word that Si Jin offered in response to her questions. She hadn't been sure if the hoofmaiden was likely to answer all of them but she did, or at least all the questions she cared to have answered. Of course she had wanted to know just a little more but for all of that she was excited to learn more. No doubt in anypony's mind as to what she was most excited about but she had no compunction against honest to goodness education. She wasn't sure she bough the story that the side-passages slash secret passages were simply for the house staff, but she wouldn't press. For now. She would save that question for later during a dinner with the Prince! She nodded along, excited that Si seemed to like her questions and answered them at length. She was a pretty smart cookie for a hoofmaidern or some such! Good for her. “Wow! Y'all know yer stuff. Ah guess it makes sense an' all. Where do them staff ponies sleep? Are their quarters all comfy-cozy like? For a school trip, Princess Twilight allowed me an' tha class ta rest for a night in her castle and the staff quarters were pretty dang comfy.” Speaking of smart cookies, Wind Walker knew what Kaze meant. It meant wind- everypony and alike seemed to think that it was right, so Apple Bloom assumed as much. She supposed that since it meant Wind and Wind's name was...Wind, that it was a good enough reason to know it. But now they had two Winds! Luckily they were different species, colors, and genders, so she wouldn't get them confused. “Talk about a coincidence! Yer parents named ya Wind too, Kaze? That must be a good'n.What does yer ma an' pa's name mean?” Apple Bloom asked, one question answered just allowing another one to take its place. Then to Wind Walker. “An' do ya speak Neighponese or do y'all just know every word for wind in every language?” She asked with a smirk, imagining that he might just be the type to do that. It would make good conversation starters, she supposed. She couldn't help but think the group was now more than ready to head to the next part. Her brother was going to launch into a big up-sell regarding apples, maybe even Apples, but she felt as if the Prince was too dang smart to commit to anything now. No, he needed a more personal touch, like a candlelight dinner discussion. Or maybe just the stars. Candles sometimes went too waxy and fell down and caused the tablecloth to catch on fire and that was a bad day for anypony in arm's reach. Not to mention in her dreams all waxfires were unstoppable. Almost as unstoppable as the infectious adorable nature of the little hoot-talon over there and Echo gettin' friendly, which was fun. She was gonna talk to them a bit more, likely once they had some time to sit and eat- Kaze mentioned treasure vaults. “What? That sounds so cool!” she said a little too loudly, her eyes excitedly eating up the lie. “Why, when it's all calm an' such we should find it. Adventures can be so much fun!”
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    Well, I'm starting my new job tomorrow. I'm really anxious and nervous and excited... Those basically all mean the same thing but, you know what I mean.. I'm kinda scared and happy and everything... ... Deep breaths... Deep.... Breaths...
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    If you saw my fireworks, you probably saw the blue and red lights that showed up shortly after haha. Actually they didn't have their lights on but HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! I think we won for coldest NYE at -12°.
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    Happy New Year! I celebrated it at work. I did take a break from baking to gaze outside to see Rocky's fireworks. There's usually a town across the field where someone shoots off stuff during holidays. I wasn't disappointed. I did jump up at the stroke of midnight; this caused me to accidentally knock a basket of bread off a table. The significance for the new year for me is that I survived to see another year on this moist dirt rock careening around a giant ball of gas eternally exploding inward on itself. It's a time of reflection; of triumph and defeat, of unexpected windfalls and losses, of a promise to make this year better than the last one. It got colder outside than it was in my freezer. Then it dropped to -10 when it approached morning. I went home, showered, slept for four hours, and it's still -10.
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Night Prophecy Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Kelpie (Dark Shyshark Pattern) Eye colour: Red, with green sclera Coat: Black Mane/Tail: Spines, stripes and tailfin have a deep, olive green coloration Physique: Bulky Residence: Okeanos Occupation: Court Wizard Cutie Mark: A blue book with a red marker Unique Traits: Serrated Teeth: With a carnivorous diet of fish, shellfish and the odd octopus the Kelpie’s serrated teeth help grip his prey and enemies alike. Calcified Skin: Hardly the smooth, slimy skin one would expect of an aquatic: Night Prophecy’s skin is like that of a shark and rough to the touch, even capable of cutting softer skin if not careful. Generalist Predator: He will eat anything, taking opportunity in even the strangest of meals so long as it is able to sustain him. Nictitating Membrane: Otherwise known as the third eyelid. Inside his eyelids he has a third, thin membrane that covers his eye to protect them in silty, dirty water, and other troublesome environmental conditions while still being able to see. Deep Sea Diver: Born and built for the deep sea, Night can dive deeper than most, even into trenches many Seapony and Kelpie alike dare not tread -- or swim as is the case. Geomancy: He can divine fortunes, read the currents and tell the future by reading cracks in sand, soil, and stone. He can also use this power to impose temporary disruptions in terrestrial leylines to essentially sap the latent and active magical abilities of the land and sea born creatures of Equus. History: Night Prophecy was born in a nameless trench in the deeper parts of the ocean East of the Gallopocus Islands. Among the trenches were a variety of underwater volcanoes and other thermal activity that kept his gam’s waters warm and full of life. Living in the tropics was not always easy as storms from the sea often built up in the east before dying out on its way to the west. This sometimes left them following schools of fish to keep their bellies full. His gam were nomads. Unlike their Seapony cousins this gam of Kelpies much preferred the bounty of the open ocean and the security of the trench depths. Night Prophecy aged and was tutored in the beliefs of his gam. Being the dark shadows of the trenches provides food, shelter and a place to lay their eggs they were a center of their system of faith. To them the sun mean nothing and they often lie and wait beneath the sands were creatures blindly lurked for the bounty of shellfish and crustaceans as well as the freshest of kelp. This natural departure from the sun often left his gam detesting it as light often lured away their prey or scattered the more skittish sorts. In adulthood he would never find understanding in the Equestrian worship of a sun pony… Those who feared his skills would demean him with the nickname Nessie, a rather disregarding name given to a mythical creature from fairy tales. He had come to both abhor and relish in the foalish title, often using it to instill a sense of harmlessness, painting the voracious predator as more gentle than he actually was. When, Nessie, was of age his prowess with third sight, as it was called, was trained by his gam’s eldest. With her Night Prophecy excelled in the art of Geomancy in which one reads the soil, sand and stones to read the future and natural ways of the world. He can also read the leylines of the land and impose on a pony strength or weakness in a pony or seapony by temporarily altering or disabling them by shifting the land in a way to corrupt its flow. With these skills he became the first of his gam to master Geomancy by his adulthood. As he aged he continued to study and travel with the gam. On a regular visit to Okeanos, his gam often travelling down to trade, Night Prophecy had learned of the arrival of ponies into the oceanic depths, his curiosity meeting their own. As it was unicorn ponies had.great powers which fes an envy in the shark pony. He had read something of interest in the soil, warning of a great sea storm which what overtook a small settlement. This was what first secured his chance at securing a place in the kingdom and the first move to greater power. This desire drove him to approach the king. Seeking a position in the court the Kelpie played many a underfinned tricks to just the competition even going as far as altering the leylines of power to weaken his opposition. A true predator the aquatic would find ways to chase his opponents far from the kingdom's waters until he was only left. He believes his path isn't he only path that can unite all fins under the king and secure his power over the lands and sea alike with him playing puppeteer. Character Personality: Night is a power hungry perfectionist. His desire to succeed comes from a competitive nature fueled by a subjective view on the law and its makers. Merciless as he was meticulous once you made an enemy of the eloquent shark you made one for life. A purist he detests the idea of standing beneath ponykind, moving aside for their earthborn talents. He is loyal to his king and gam, studious and vengeful. Character Summary: Night Prophecy was born and raised in the deep seas of the coasts of the Gallapocus Islands. Strongly competitive and power hungry he has become focused on gaining power under the force of the king, seeking to gain power over the pretentious and powerful ponies that Lord over the land. Magically inclined he has the ability to read the earth and predict events as well as mute the magical conduits that affect earth ponies and unicorn, as well as other terrestrial and seabound magical beings, for a short amount of time. He seek to use his powers to become even more powerful.
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    There was the slightest hesitation as Kaze required a split-second to recall the Equestrian word for her name, which allowed time for a pegasus filly to jut in with the answer. There was a moment of confusion where the ryuma girl wondered how she shared the same name with the pegasus, but it was all sunshine and smiles once Wind Walker fully introduced herself. Kaze had a good feeling about this apparent counterpart of hers... well honestly, Kaze rarely felt bad feelings toward any kid her age she happened to meet. But that's besides the point... Kaze whispered back to her probable new friend; "...Nice to meet you too, Wind Walker." Predictably, mentions of hidden passages caught the ryuma filly's curious ears. "She is tricking us," Kaze quietly warned Wind Walker and Apple Bloom with smug mischief; "Back home, everyone knows there are... dungeons and treasure vaults beneath here." Such forbidden knowledge Kaze learned from casual gossip and popular light novels, 100% factual! "It is true!!!"
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    It had been quite some time since Bevel last saw Starlight Glimmer. If she recalled correctly the last time was back when she first crash landed in Ponyville and was awaiting assistance to get back to her true home: Aquellia. Several months had passed since then and many things had happened since, the stories about what glimmer had been up to honestly made the inventor hesitant to even bother her with this visit, she should probably keep things short. They hadn't spent much time together since that time the pale purple unicorn helped her clean out her ship's wreckage so long ago. Bevel took a deep breath through her nose outside the door of Starlight's room and knocked on the door, "Bonj-- er um Hello? Starlight It's Bevel gear from a while back."
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    The Spiderman Homecoming sequel already came out. I'll just post it here. (It's got a bad ending tho!) I agree about the forgiving thing, btw!
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    The spirit took delight in Bev-- Gearbox's distress. Schadenfreude! A delightful word best uses in such a situation. He would push to his hind hooves and would attempt to dip the stallion. He could hear Kaze squeal in delight as sunbutt plays gift giver. Honestly with such powerful magic he would think she'd be more creative! Alas… He looked into Gearbox’s eyes and pulled his lips back in a smirk. His sweater would once again alter and change, the caribou depicted on it now rest beneath the tree in the golden, glittering snow of sequins. As the music changes to a slower beat he moved faster around the dark stallion, playing at a somba type dance. It was to be expected. “Well if you're looking for something I think I can help you. Perhaps you'd be willing to accept having an outing with me. A handsome stallion like you? I am sure you have many chasing your tail, but I wouldn't mind spending my New Years with you.” He chuckled deeply. There was something about him.too familiar. Well any foal getting his gift would be in for a surprise! Speaking of surprises and a barrel full of Yaks. In came the prince. The disguised spirit felt it was an opportunity. He canted his head, horn lighting up before a number of the tables treats and remaining sweets began to gather. Armed with spoons full of whipped creme and mugs of marshmallows the Hearthswarming delights would drop from.the table and take positions. What better to greet more royalty than delivering sweet treats right into open muzzles? The professor smirked. “C'est l'heure du dessert.” He mused before opening his mouth and catching an airborne marshmallow. And about went the tiny sweets delivering treats to ponies, yaks and the like to open for the tasty delights!
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    "Apologies Mayor. I know that donation in goods would be way more in spirit of the day. However I must've confess I am not well informed what exactly would be well received. Not to mention so far the range of products that my enterprises produce are rather...limited. As such, I feared any gifts in form of items would be botched. I figured out additional funds would be more fitting instead, especially since I have faith that they will be used wisely." unicorn explained. When Naj explained her lack of being prepared Squall blinked a few times. Was that it? Nobelpon shifted his gaze to his Love for a moment, and after an nod of understanding between the two refocused on his changeling friend. "Spring, how is that an issue exactly?" he started, while taking her leg and gently leading her to nearby bench "For someone who lives among us for long, some things still elude you. I don't want you to give presents because I expect something in return. I do it because you my friend." Swift explained as they sat down, and he gave the changeling a warmth filled smile. "And besides....I think you gave me something already." unicorn added before staring upwards to the cnstelations hanging in the sky. "Let me tell you a story Spring. I always thought myself as open minded pony. Before I moved to Fillydelphia I had so many travels, so many experiences and I met so many species that...well I don't know. I guess I thought I just knew better? I wasn't there when Hive attacked Canterlot. In retrospect I guess it was for the best. If we met back then things would turn...badly. Perhaps we would never be able to speak like this." Squall mused. "My first known contact in changelings was during the Nightmare Night. And....well, to be honest it wasn't much better. But there was one changeling there that prevented me from putting a black mark on your kind. From what I understood in those few words I heard during the struggle, she wasn't raised in the Hive but by the ponies. And she didn't looked famished, or unhappy. What's more important, she was fighting on our side. I didn't had an occasion to speak with her afterwards - Celestia spell evicted her from Ponyville with rest of the changelings. But I hope that one they we will be able to have one long talk, and that I will be able to tell her 'Thank You'. Because without her there wouldn't be that white dot on 'Black & White' view I had on your race." noblepony reminiscent. "Still, while a beginning it wasn't enough. 'She grew up with ponies, basically one of us anyway, but with chitin. An exception that proved the rule.' I reasoned to myself after that events. It made sense. Life gone forward once again for a while and then....and then I meet You and Flux....." Swift finally arrived to a part that he didn't to elaborate on further. "After all this mess with Glass, and after I escorted you to Ponyville I begun to keep my tabs on you, just as I promised. What were you doing. Who you lived with. How you asked the Princess herself to permit your stay. And it...shook me up a little. I had this expectations and imaginations of changelings all already figured out. Chrysalis was the enemy, and so was her Hive. It is easier to think about a foe as a being without any redeeming traits. And then, you waltzed in and smashed that view to pieces. You were no agent, no parasite. You just wanted to...BE." stallion said with emphasis. "And I started to wonder 'How many Spring's could be out there, if circumstances could be different?' " Squall added while taking his eyes off from the stars, and looking Naj into the eyes. "That's what you gave me Spring. The ability to think beyond yourself and your judgments. To second guess your expectations. To ask 'What-If' and 'Maybe There Is More To Her/Him'? Not as a doubt, but a piece of wisdom. And that Spring, that is a gift that is very hard to top." he said reassuringly. After a momentary pause Swift chuckled before speaking again. "But 'Titanic Monologues' wasn't exactly a thing I wanted to present you with today. I guess it's time to move to the essence of things..." Squall said while his hoof reached into inside of his long, winter duster....
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    Oho. Opprotunity knocked! And since the clothing donations were well and truly sorted (aside from a display model of each of Rarity's outfits occupying a place of honour in front of the sleigh with some of the more extravagent gifts, Rutherford's included), the winged stallion picked up a plate from the buffet and wove through aerial fliers until he could land a short distance from the Yak and Princess with a jingle of sleigh-bells. "Prince Ruthorford!" He declared in his best basso. The yaks were notorious for recognizing the loud and boisterous. "Such an amazing and generous gift you brought! We'll be able to put it to great use helping needy ponies. I'm Honeywing, a trade-maker for Prince Blueblood." It was...technically true, but Yakyakistan was next on his list of nations to open trade-routes with. He had a full dossier on it and had done a covert fly-over on his way back from Whitescar a few weeks back. He offered the pie he'd grabbed from the buffet, made with Sweet Apple Acres apples and Appaloosan cinnamon, and continued. "Here, you remember Apple pony? We used some of her apples for this pie. There was another problem we ponies have that we might need help with. Canterlot's stonecutters cut too much stone this year and the city can't use it all. Good, sturdy rock, but we have so much of it in the palace already it would just sit and collect dust. We don't want to send it back and make them mad and I was hoping you might be able to use some of it. In return we could use a few blankets to keep little ponies warm, yak fur is good for that, right?" Flattery and challenge in equal parts, and offer something they need. That was the rule of trade. Granted, there would end up being a tarriff in each direction if this weren't being negotiated on Royal authority, technically, and still would generate one if bits had been involved. But a straight barter between the quarry and Yakyakistan wouldn't. And having the Palace buy up the blankets as a charitable inroad meant everyone won. Granted, his next trick would be selling that idea to the quarry and the Palace, but this was probably the only chance he'd get to talk to Rutherford without needing snow-shoes, and he JUST got back from Whitescar.
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    (( I'm a bit out of the loop with what's happening, feels like so much. )) Having gotten bored of looking at the scenery, she looked at the book of phrases she received like everypony else. A bunch of phrases she definitely weren't going to use, at least seriously. It was safer for her not to use them, she could barely speak Equestrian fluently, why would she even try to speak a totally different language? She jumped slightly as she felt a hoof tap her side. She turned and saw the stallion chaperone, Big Mac and she understood what was happening. It was promised earlier that the tour would be interesting and she would be holding that promise against them. She looked around and saw that the group was bigger a bit. There was a Gryphon there. She had never seen a Gryphon personally before. This one looked different from the pictures, but you could still it was a Gryphon. She had one slight issue with this: Gryphons have beaks. They're like pony muzzles, but not exactly. If Gryphons can speak the same language than it means that there's not that drastic of a difference, but what if the difference is big enough? Can she read beak? Does it matter? She'd have to find out. The Gryphon seemed shy, kind of like herself when she was younger, now she's just selective. She slowly walked over to such Gryphon who was standing next to Big Mac, unsure of how to start a conversation. "Hi, I have never seen a Gree-phen before, you're the first one," She said settling on a simple introductory conversation. "I am Echo and I am hearing impaired, but I use lip-reading to counter it, although I am not sure how that works with Gree-phen beaks."
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    Sounds uh, interesting! I had a great xmas haul. I can be a nicely-scented anime schoolgirl that grinds pepper while listening to music.
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    “Seriously?”, The red mare could not believe her ears. “They’re having a regular old eggnog contest? No rum? No whiskey? No brandy? No nothing? Just milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks?", She glanced over at the Pegasus stallion, "The worst the 'winner' of this contest will get is a slightly bloatly feeling, and maybe a case of salmonellosis if they used the original raw egg flavor." Fire Walker silently wondered what sort of party Applejack and her clan were having? Probably lots of friends, family, moonshine, apple cider and music. A real Hearth's Warming Hootenanny! Still, she would not dare to crash the farmer's party. That would be rude. And speaking of rude, the officer's husband to be was still being a typical stallion. Puffing out his chest and trying to make himself look taller. Would he dare pick a fight on an holiday that celebrated ponies getting together as friends? Rejecting old racial prejudices to side with those you disliked to defeat an greater foe? Thankfully Swift decided to do what the Roamans did, and that was roam. As in away. To thank him for his wise choice, she gave him a quick little kiss on the cheek once he was at her side. Ice Storm got her a gift? As the natives in Gallopocus Islands would say, 'Ah Pappapisshu!', she thought to herself. She would have never known to bring the gal who stole he colt-friend a Hearth's Warming Eve gift! She didn't even have plans originally to wander around Ponyville after the family party! What did she know about this mare? Besides colt-napping, she liked tea. She owned a few ice cream parlors. She was a unicorn. Maybe a gift card? There were a few stores in the area. House of Hats. The Joke Shop. Tricks, Jokes, Fun. Fool your friends. Would Ice appreciate a dribble glass or an whoopie cushion? Or how about Rich's Barnyard Bargains? Also....the mare was trying her luck in Las Pegasus? Hopefully she was familiar with the lay of the land. You couldn't just toss one of her regular old timey ice cream parlors there, she needed to be EXTREME. Crazy flavors like Honey Jalapeño Pickle and Sweet Potato Cashew! Her shop needed to STAND OUT. Maybe put it on an replica volcano? Or one staffed by pony pirates! Arr!
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    Ice Storm was content to let Princess Twilight have the final word on the matter. She let the words of the dragon roll off of her. Petty insults were beneath her and she wouldn't let someone with a lower intelligence get the better of her. If he wanted to believe that she was racist, even though she had made no remarks other than simply addressing him and telling him about how he was expected to behave at their cultures. It's not xenophobic, it was common bucking sense. Apparently that wasn't taught to this young dragon. Still a bit of her felt for him. She knew the pain of being alone in a place that you weren't really wanted in to begin with... or at least felt like you weren't wanted in. She had to deal with that when she came to Canterlot the first time, and perhaps she let it get the better of her at first. Ultimately though, she learned. She moved on from the experience and when she came back she was a completely different mare. In fact, she was one of the wealthier mares in Canterlot now, but she still only partook in very few noble gatherings, and to this day still refuses to attend that anything that Upper Crust is hosting. Spoiled Rich as well. She despised how those two would walk all over somepony else if given the chance just for an extra bit. At that point Fire Walker had extended a simple greeting to her. It sounded a bit more sincere than it had in previous events so she wondered if things had finally settled over from the events past. It had been more than a couple years now since then, and Fire knew that she didn't have to worry about her going after Swift Squall. She was already married for one, and two, they simply wouldn't be compatible with each other. They would always be butting heads over something. Not fighting persay, but griping at the very least. Plus with their work place environment, that could prove to be a bigger danger than an asset. She watched as Twilight made her way over to where the bou's were drinking before turning back as she heard Swift Squall addressing her. His initial question made her giggle a bit. Wondering if the skies and seas had inverted because they had agreed upon something. That he could get used to that warm feeling, and perhaps they were finally starting to see eye to eye on a few things. Ice nodded gently. Truth be told she could always see a bit of the reasoning behind his thought, even if she disagreed with him most of the time. The main thing she felt is that he relied on gadgets too much rather than good old fashioned intuition. He further asked about her wife, which made her smile, though inside a bit ached her. She wished that she could have been here tonight. She actually missed her more a lot. With recent events she barely got to spend any time at home with her because of missions and expeditions and the like... She was hoping that she would have gotten to spend more time with her in the winter, but they both had just been so busy, it's been come home and sleep. They really needed to take a vacation together at some point. The fire between them has never been lost, but the gap is a bit bigger than it's been recently. "Fire Heart is doing well, although we don't get to spend near enough time together as we would like to. I've been wanting to surprise her with something special. I think the Fire ruby neckless with her cutie mark in it that I left in her stocking will help, but it's still insignificant than just having time with her. And don't sell yourself short. We see eye to eye on quite a few things, but somepony has to be rational and plan the escape routes after you charge in," she told him with a playful wink. She was a bit shocked though when she heard Swift say that he had something for her. Or rather two somethings. True she had something for him as well, but she didn't bring it with her! She didn't have any idea who was or wasn't going to be here! So she only brought the gift that she had already donated to the table, ad even then, that would be better suited for Fire Walker anyway. When he mentioned that he had heard that she was planning on expanding to Las Pegasus, she lifted an eyebrow. She didn't think that she had made it that public of knowledge but it was Squall and he confirmed that it was mostly from his resources that he had found this out. What really surprised her was when he pulled out the deed to land and an estate on it in the heart of Las Pegasus. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. That location would easily have to be her biggest store. So much potential hoof-traffic there... "Swift.... I ummm I don't know what to say.... Thank you very much!! It'll actually only be my sixth store, but still more than most ponies have going. I actually have a few things for you and Fire as well! I unfortunately do not have them with me though. I didn't have any idea who was going to be here tonight, so I only brought my donation gift. I'll be in Canterlot though for the next week. I was already planning on making a trip to Las Pegasus to look at some land, but now it will be to do finalizations and hire some architects for the design of the store. It's going to be a much larger project than any of my other stores have been, so will take a bit longer to get prepped." she smiled a bit. When he started describing the last gift though... she felt..... proud? Heavily honored? that Swift would go through that much trouble for her. These feelings intensified when she heard him say that he wouldn't have went through as much trouble as he did for this last gift if it wasn't for the fact that he knew that she was such a phenomenal spellcaster, and would be able to put it to good use. Gosh though, she didn't know what could be so potent that it required so many ponies to make... whatever it was... it had to cost a lot more than what the land in Las Pegasus..... actually perhaps not. That particular plot of land with the location and proximity to the high-bit casinos.... was very high-bit real estate. Still when he asked if she was ready to see what it was, she nodded, her curiosity starting to get to her.
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    Yak are never late, Yaks come when Yaks want to come. And Rutherford saw fit to come this time. Well he has never taken part in a pony celebration before he wanted to this time. Why? Well there was plenty. First he needed to work on "being firends" with the ponies more. So says the handy guide book he got about diplomacy. It was very useful! The pony that made it was smart. Almost smart as Rutherford. And taking a hint from the book he was coming to the celebration with big gift! That was not made from Yaks. He got some diamond dogs to make gold jewelry. Well nothing close to Yak level of jewelry crafting it did look nice and if they hated it... Well he can join in and make fun of stupid dogs as well! It was very cunning. Looking at the large wooden chest tied to his back he nodded, he had this in the bag. Go in, give gift. Greet. Try none pony food! That was key as well. Pony food sucked but so did all none Yak food. So, eat none pony food and make fun of it so pony may join it. Rutherford was so glad he was so smart! Even if the book told the same thing… Whatever. Rutherford came up with it, so says Rutherford. Puting the book away he watched the train come to a stop and got ready for some runing as not to be even more late… “RUTHERFORD HERE, YAK NOT LATE! YAK COME ON YAK TIME!” Was the first thing to leave Rutherford’s muzzle like shot from a cannon as he dashed into the castle with a few guards trying and failing, to slow him down as they were just dragged along. He looked around the inside of the castle… So clean. So white. It was… Not yak. But this was not his home, of course it will be nowhere as good as HIS home. So no need to get getting mad, he has to get use to silly pony buildings. “I have gift for…” He blankes, what was going on? Something about giving gifts was all he really remembered in the letter he found. He wish he did not toss it into the fire so fast. “For the giving of gift! Yak bring good one, Yaks being best of course.” He says smugly before looking at a guard hanging off his fur. “Where do Rutherford put gift?”
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    Ah, the Nieghponese mare was willing to accept the dance! The Prince was quite glad to see that, and accepted her hoof with grace, leading her to the dance floor at a relaxed pace. "Naturally. I didn't commission musicians that would lead anypony to, ah, 'tear up the dance floor,' as they say." He chuckled at his statement, though his laughter rather significantly dissipated once he spotted a certain DJ enter the ballroom. Not that Blueblood had any objection to Vinyl Scratch as a guest, but some instinct told him that she wouldn't stay as a mere audience member... Well, that would be a problem for his dance with Rarity. For now, it was the elegant melodies of Octavia that guided his and Medo's hooves. Although, it seemed that they were the only pair on the dance floor currently following the beat; the two mares had accelerated the tempo almost threefold, and the pair of stallions seemed to be dancing to a different tune altogether! *And if that's the most discordant thing that happens tonight, I'll eat my Santa Pony Hat!* Easy Bluey, put your hosting worries aside. Give Medo a good first dance, let her know something of the joys of the season, and joys of the dance. Let her forget for a moment that she was far from home, and feel that a second home might yet be made here... The notes ran their course to finish, and Blueblood stepped back to bow, strategically leaving the unicorn mare right next to where Ishi and Niradana had finished their own dance. "Enchanted. And I do believe you have another stallion who wishes to dance with you!" He turned, hoping he hadn't taken himself too far from Rarity. Well, at least not on the other side of the dance floor. Unfortunately, he found that he had to make a less than dignified trotting pace to make it over to her before the next dance started. "Ah, there you are! While I would be shocked if you were left available, I still do have your name on my dance card."
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    ~~~Niradaña~~~ The pony that had the accent seemed to be of no threat, and was merely asking for a certain pony. This put Nira at ease a bit. She heard the stallion introduce Himself as Gearbox, although there was a long hesitation between the two words. Perhaps it was because of the thick accent he was trying to get the pronunciation down. Perhaps Equestrian was not his native language so trying to translate his name was a bit difficult. She knew that to be common in Neighponese. There were certain things that was difficult for most in Neighpon to be able to pronounce. The 'L' sound being one of them as they didn't have any sound like that in Neighponese to base it off of or any symbol to represent it. It was... just odd. Of course, she herself was forced to learn the sounds and the languages fluently. It was important that she know many languages so that she could pick up threats or possible dangers from others in events like this one. It was then that Ishi spoken to her, pulling his attention from the little filly that had been speaking with him. It was one thing that never changed between cultures. The little ones were always cute and always found a way to bring a smile to her face. This one... reminded her a lot of the friend that she had when she was younger. She then remembered what Kaze had mentioned and that they normally reserve this type of celebration for new years. This really put her in a state of unease. The possibility of there even remotely being fireworks at this event made her wholeheartedly not want to be here. She knew all too well of the dangers of what can happen when they don't work as planned. However, Ishi's words rang to her, stating that it was okay for her to have some fun once on a while. That she didn't have to be his shadow, and that he would even be happy to share the first dance with her. Upon hearing those words, she could feel her heart skip a beat and her eyes light up. Try as she may to maintain a professional pose, she felt her entire demeanor change. She blushed a bit and smiled. "{It would be an honor to have the first dance with you, Ishi-sama,}" she replied also in native tongue. Medo gave a respectful nod to Ishi as he commented on the introduction, adding that she should save a dance for him later. Her? of all the ponies that he would be able to dance with tonight, he would choose her? she wasn't sure if she heard him correctly at first, but there really couldn't be any mistaking it. She also heard him mention to his guard that she could have some fun as well and that he'd even have the first dance with her, albeit in their native tongue, but she was able to understand them. HE also took the time to address a filly that had come up to them. Truthfully he was much more laid back than what she had expected a member of the royal family to be. She was okay with this development. The other unicorn that had addressed her, and seemed to be the host of the party also extended a typical greeting of sorts before he extended his hoof to her and offered her a dance. She couldn't help but blush a bit before placing a hoof on his with a smile. "I would love to.... although.... I've never really danced before.... so um..... go slow... please?" she said blushing a bit more letting the unicorn lead her to the dance floor.
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    It was gratifying for Halvard to see Calder down the whole mug in one smooth motion; an accomplishment of no small worth to caribou. Had the eggnog actually been spiked, that would only store up trouble for later, but from the first taste of the sweet holiday beverage, Halvard knew that only stomach capacity would be the test today. That gave an edge to... honestly, probably to Kojo. Dragons might be able to burn off stomach contents in flaming belches, or something. Hadn't he heard something about that? Ah well, it was all in good fun anyhow, as the round of betting beginning to start indicated. Slamming down his third mug, the blue Bull grinned and raised the stakes to his own level. "Well said, all! I accept your offer, Windwright, and if anyone here outdrinks me, I'll fill everyone's mugs with bits and donate them to the efforts of the local Mayor! Drink now for the honor of your lands!" No insubstantial sum, that. Still, it had been a good trading year, no small thanks to having Calder's help around the shop, and the goodwill it would buy could prove to be worth more than it's weight in gold! And it may well have been a bet he'd have to honor, given the possible joining of a dragon... were it not for the dispute unfolding in front of him. He sighed internally; this was not how one dealt with the rowdy at parties. You beat them at their own games, true, and were allowed to gloat a bit more than would usually be acceptable. But spoiling the game? That sort of thing led to blades being drawn. He'd have pointed this out if his mouth wasn't full, but fortunately, Twilight Sparkle was on the job! He was impressed, even more so at the lineup of mugs she'd taken. Sixteen would instantly put her in contention! "Well, we have a new challenger! Have you drunk the mead of the Yaks as well, your majesty?"
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    It never really seemed to fail that at every part there was always somepony trying to stir up drama. In this particular instance, it was a dragon that was the culprit. Ice Storm really wasn't sure about what was going through his mind. She had noticed him before when she had approached the group making his way from Twilight over to a central area. She at first paid him little mind while she was waiting for Sigrin and the others to respond to her greeting. However, before anypony really had a chance to, a loud boasting came from the dragon talking about livening up the party. Apparently this dragon had no idea what the real meaning behind Hearth's Warming Eve was, and had somehow gotten the impression that this was a bash. Sure there was drinking. There was alcohol at every major party or event for those old enough to partake in it. Parading through a tightly packed town square though that was already trodden with snow, however, is not something that could even be fathomed. She hoped that no pony would actually take him up on the offer. She didn't have to wait too long though before Squall was well.... Squall and rather bluntly told the dragon off. Telling him that if wanted to boast and brag that he came here for the wrong holiday, and if he needed his ego boosted he needed to come back for Iron Pony and that some ponies just wanted to spend time with ponies that they cared about. At this point Ice would have remained content to hold her tongue still, but her instincts and training were kicking in. She saw him start to move and within an instant he was right next to Sqift and..... threatening him? This wasn't going to stand at all. A beam of magic shot between them putting a thin, yet strong wall of ice in between Swift Squall and the dragon with pinpoint accuracy. She approached the dragon. "You think that because you're a dragon that we are afraid of you? Or because of your speed? What Swift said is right. This is not a Holiday bash. It is a Holiday celebration so that ponies may be able to put aside their differences and come together. A celebration for ponies to spend time with whom they cherish. This is not an event for you to run around like a Cutie Mark Crusader performing reckless stunts and possibly injuring somepony else or causing damage to somepony's store that they've worked their entire lives for. I understand that you might be bored, and that our pony holiday might be a bit underwhelming for you, but this is what we do at events like this. We get together, we mingle, and we dance. If you don't like it, don't come. It's as simple as that. Also, Do not threaten anypony else. For your sake. Princess Luna and Princess Twilight are right over there and they don't take kindly to somepony threatening to kill their subjects," Ice Storm replied just as another pegasi chimed in, offering to compete with him. She sighed. She didn't want to support the pegasi. However, it did give her a way to get them to leave the square if they were going to be rowdy, or in the situation with this dragon, potentially dangerous. "Just be warned, you both will be held accountable for all injuries and damages associated with your competition. If you absolutely must, please do so outside of the town square where you aren't going to disturb the ponies that want to spend time with families." ~~~~Wind Dancer~~~~ When she heard the pony mention that he could guess that his name would travel but he never had enough bits to go see one of her shows, she gave a soft smile. When she heard him say that he was from the Ground District. It was no wonder why she had at least seen him from time to time. She frequented the Ground District. AT least she did before she got full use of her wing back. He said that his name was Lensblot. When she heard it, she recognized it immediately. "Ah, the detective. I can't say that I've ponysially ever needed a detective for anything. But I've heard some good things," she smiled to him as he mentioned the quietness of Ponyville and then address that he hadn't seen many posters for her recently. "Ah yes. I went on a small performance hiatus while I was undergoing some therapy. When I was very little, I suffered a massive compound fracture in my wing," she said showing him the scar. "I tore every ligament in the wing knee and couldn't afford the proper therapy at the time. So I had limited use of it for a while. I could still fly, but short distances and not very high. Now that everything is working as it should, My routines have become a bit too robust for any indoor amphitheater. You see when I dance, I alter wind currents. I control the winds simply by dancing. I would love to do a small perfamce here tonight, but I am genuinely afraid that if I tried, I might inadvertently cause a blizzard with the snow that's already on the ground." she responded to his inquiry.
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    You might wanna host that. Might I suggest imgur? Just got my schedule today, it's insane. Triple split shifted with working Christmas and I still gotta do my holiday baking. I'm also working left handed right now since I had a box of muffins smash my wrist and I can't grip at the moment. Let's do this.
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    "Certainly!" Heartened that Ejaz was going to join in the party at last, Halvard tossed him an appropriately-sized mug. The bull also grinned at Calder's catching of his own tankard via antlers; it was a bit of luck, sure, but now the young bull was giving lady luck a chance to act in his favor. Calder had dropped out of the habit, and Halvard liked to see him pick it up again. On the way to the table, he stopped to greet Ice Storm, laughing like the jolly spirit of the holiday itself. "They have indeed, and this looks to be no different!" As the contestants took their places, he heard of the raffle. Hm, wouldn't hurt to drop a nice, generous gift in the donation bucket on the way out. The raffle prize he could take or leave; it was a long journey back home, and he didn't want to over-burden himself. Smirking at the Alchemist's joke, he set down the tankards, and saw that they were all filled, "Let's see... this is me, Calder, Kojo, Ejaz, and you all competing-" Their start was interrupted by Bolt, a dragon who simply seemed to want attention. He honestly didn't think anypony here would take him up on his contest, as it was clearly an opportunity for the dragon to show off with easy victories. Unless... Perhaps Sigrun might take him up on, say, hoof-wrestling. That would be worth seeing; take him down a peg or two. "Anyway, now that we're all here, begin!" And with that, he clashed cups with his neighbor, and began to down the first mugful of the sweet, thick holiday beverage!
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    Twilight had been busier than normal but that wasn't a bad thing, not after all the recent events. It was rare for a series of events to cascade as they had and give her such cause to stand back and re-evaluate the procedures that she operated by with such an exciting and prosperous future as the prize. Personal issues and setbacks had fallen by the wayside as the torrent of possibilities and circumstances breathed new life into old topics and re-arranged the order of things. That wasn't say to that it had all been a joy to experience in the flesh in a moment to moment way. It had been terrifying and awful but after you've endured crisis after crisis you've learned to look at the bright side of life. Otherwise, existence could be pretty dreary. If all things went the way she wanted to now then all of the heartache would be worth it and she was confident that it could happen. Much of that came from the invasion of the Storm King and Tempest Shadow. Equestria's defenses were bypassed entirely. Their early warning detection systems in the northeast were good, but centuries of what could only be described as laziness had taken their toll. What few messages were sent out by the system were smothered by agents Tempest had placed in Equestrian civil service in the area. The armada moved through underpopulated regions and a forest and through the mountains, striking when the capital was undefended. What REA units were in the area were primarily concerned with rumors of Changelings in the mountains. When they responded to the attack the Princesses had already been captured. Faced with threats upon the Princesses, REA forces in the local area had been forced to give up their arms. But Friendship had won in the end. Twilight now had free reign to design Equestria's newest early warning systems as well as work with her brother for new deployment patterns. They had defeated a tyrant and gained a new and powerful friend and asset in Tempest Shadow. Relations with Klugetown and the Areas Outside had improved, while the Hippogriffs were a friendly player on the world stage. The defeat of the Storm King had gigantic global impact of course, and much of it was positive. Meanwhile, EPIC had been dispersed and away from the action, meaning some of Equestria's best and finest assets weren't threatened. Should the situation have gone south, they ere the exact ponies she would want leading any sort of counter-charge. The Keepers weren't suited for such tasks- unless the fabric of reality and arcane existence relied upon it, they were to keep to their task. Speaking of EPIC, one of its agents had contacted her, desiring help in the identification and understanding of a gift she had been given. Ice Storm was a powerful and talented unicorn whose abilities and control of the elemental forces of ice were considerable. Twilight always loved helping out and that went doubly so for an agent of EPIC, and Ice was a mare whose interests and abilities were of note enough to make the occasion definitely interesting. When she heard that Discord would be there her curiosity was piqued even further. For all of his banality Discord was a creature of nearly unfathomable strength and ability. His insight, when focused, was always great. She approached the magic hall alone, having sent off her guards to help others in the slight rebuilding of Canterlot needed after the attack. She caught the tail end- literally- of Discord as they entered. She trotted behind, catching only the tail end- this time was a metaphor- of the conversation. “I hope it isn't tied too directly. That isn't healthy for you or for the magic you use...” that brief moment of sobriety over, she trotted closer and tried to give Ice a hug. “Ice Storm! I'm so happy to see you. Discord, Fluttershy sent me a list of things you might tr getting in Canterlot for your next tea party at her place?” She asked quizzically, hoofing over a note before turning back to Ice and trotting deeper in. “So! This is the gift?”
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    The little repairpony was delighted to be in line, mainly because it was his second go around! All the kisses. He giggled, tongue poking out over his bucked teeth. With flap-happy little wings and a gangly trot the lanky stallion would crawl his way back to the front of the line. Hopefully Applejack would be none the wiser until it was too late. "Hoo yes!" He hopped and dropped into the front spot in line. "Apples please!" He lisped through those teeth. Oh, bits. Right. What was it with ponies and bits?! He didn't really have bits of his own, chaos noodles didn't work. Even Cappy didn't seem to charge for his services. Wholly odd. He patted his hoof on his chest. Clearly no luck finding bits there. After a moment of thought he had a eureka moment! Pushing his hoof under his wings, twisting oddly to reach -- he'd circle around in place twice before finally extracting a bag of bits. Dropped it on the table the disguised noodle would lick his lips dramatically and push to stance. He leaned his head forward and closed his eyes before pointing to his cheek. "Ah kiss please!" Something was off about the little fellow... More so than usual for the Ponyville residents. Oh well apples and kisses!
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    Ishi smiled at Nira’s acceptance, gently taking her hoof and leading her onto the dance floor. The music was slow at the moment, which honestly was probably perfect for loosening Nira up, so he led her in a slow gentle dance in time with the music. “{That was wonderful, Nira. Thank you for this opportunity.}” He said quietly in their native tongue, smiling at her a bit as he slowed them to a stop and let her go. “{Now, please go enjoy yourself.}” He motioned for her to get going, to meet new ponies. With that complete though, he turned his attention to Medo and Blueblood as they finished their own dance nearby. “{Indeed, Ms. Medo. Would you care to join me for a dance?}” Ishi smiled, extending a hoof in invitation. Once the Yak showed up though, he kinda drew attention. The kirin blinked slightly at the loud announcement, looking over at the Yak and chuckling slightly before looking back to Medo.
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