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    Earth Writer, still unwilling to let go of the last bit of bitterness in his heart, snorted at Fire Walker's reassurance. "Do I now? Well, that's nice. I wish you would inform certain newspaper editors of that fact." He did admittedly feel a little bit of regret after saying that, so his expression softened. "But as they're not offering, I'll take up yours. At least, if a more generous patron doesn't miraculously show up. Artist's dilemma, you understand." He perhaps didn't have the right to invoke the angst of choosing between art and compensation, having already sold out, as it were. Still, things were looking up. "Changelings?" He tilted his head back to look at Opal. "Mm, I don't think so. I mean, the magic might be the same, but from what I was told, their natural form was that of an animal." The thought caused him to take another look at the 'dog' that just walked in, but again the mare took his attention. "And I'm Earth Writer. Nice to meet ya."
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    It was good that Opal liked surprises because Pinkie loved surprises and was planning on surprising Opal, so it was good that she was hopefully gonna like it because oh boy did some ponies NOT like getting surprised! "Noted and NOTED! Your party is going to be s much fun! It is always so nice to have new friends move into town. You're gonna love it! Parties can be a great place to not only meet and greet and mingle and jingle but to smooze and make all sorts of connections. What do you do for a living, Opal? Are you in some sort of gem business?" Pinkie asked, excited to know what she could about Opal. Even if it didn't seem like she was looking for important pieces of the party puzzle, she was always hunting down every little tidbit she could find. Not only was this useful now but it would help build the tapestry that was Opal Frost, a mystery that Pinkie would like to solve! Speaking of mysteries. Drinks! Berry Punch had a knack for creating the best punch in town. Bits on the table. She was the best when it came to creating the best flavors around. Pinkie downed the drink in one giant gulp, lifting the cup on high with her mouth. She tossed the cup and caught it with a hoof. "Wowie! Berry, you're getting better and better and better and better every day!" She said with a giggle. "That reminds me, I've gotta get several barrels of punch. You wouldn't believe it but my punch stockpile is getting looooooooow-" she motioned to the floor, coiling like a cat, "-and I need them HIGH!" She ended with a great leap from her position straight up several pony lengths into the sky. She landed with a softer than expected clop on her four hooves and a laugh. "Your punch may not give me wings but it certainly makes me feel that way!" Not that making Pinkie feel lighter than air was very hard. Her body was eighty percent sugar by concentration normally anyway. Her normal hyperactive behavior was only being curtailed by her relentless seeking of friend-related knowledge about the newcomers. Tiger Blood, what a name THAT was, seemed to like it rough and tumble. She liked it soft and marshmallowy, so different strokes for different folks. The mare from Neighpon known as Toboe was looking to start a business and had the...neighpon bits...to do it, it sounds like. "Nice to meet both of you!" Pinkie said as she pronked in place due to the sugar rush. "Ooh, I have an idea! Maybe Toboe can build a bar that is also a gym that acts like a fight club for Tiger Blood to join!" She giggled, "beyond that, I think you'll find some gyms but not enough fight clubs! I wouldn't know much about those. You aren't so supposed to talk about them, duh!" She continued her pronking, this time moving in a circle around everypony. "Another bar would be nice. The Watering Hole is always a little hard to get to and its always so overcrowded. Whatcha gonna have at your bar thats special and makes it all Toboey, Toboe? I like saying your name! Toboe, Toboe, Toboe!"
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    With a grin, Berry Punch took up Pinkie's order. "Right you are! One SOGS punch, coming up!" She almost always named her punches after the initials of the fruits involved, though they didn't always make sense, or sound appetizing. Perhaps a sharper marketing mind might have taken her business farther, but then, that might have taken her too far away from this lovely town, and she couldn't have that! All ten of the requested cups of juice were poured into a mixing bowl, stirred in with a few cubes of ice, and then the whole thing was put in front of Pinkie, who in all likelihood would drink straight from the bowl. Berry didn't mind so much; the sweetness-loving pink pony rarely let so much as a drop spill. "There we go. And yes, Miss Toboe, I am her mother. I was with her for most of the night, so I saw to it that she wasn't taken by any ghost or ghoulie!" She giggled, the afterknowledge that all had been a harmless prank let her view the whole incident with amusement. "Anyway, I heard orders for two glasses of wine. Coming up! I think you'll like this one..." Reaching under the counter, she got out a glass decanter holding a dark purple liquid, pulling over the two exquisite crystal glasses that Opal had brought over. "This one is called Mountain Midnight, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a bit of Cabernet Franc grapes. Very strong and flavorful, but you have to decant it from the bottle first and let it get a little air; if you just drink it straight off, it's a little rough and bitter. Should be nice and smooth now..." With all the care of a practiced bartender, she filled the two goblets, the room filling with the scent of dark fruits, before pushing them over to Toboe and Tiger. Upon sipping the drink, each would find it to be like smooth velvet sliding over their tongue, bringing an intense, precisely balanced taste of fruit and spice with it.
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    Once Earth Writer caught a glimpse of that "dog" peering at him, some inner sense of certainty clicked into place. He knew, he knew that Taira wasn't a real dog... or, at any rate, a normal dog. But, what exactly could he do with that information? It wasn't as if he could prove anything. *I could sell a rumor piece to a trashy tabloid. Not as if I have any pride anymore, and neither do they.* Smiling a little at the prospect of affording groceries at someone else's expense, he got out his notebook to write the outline of his article. "You might meet them sooner than you think." The stallion remarked elliptically to Opal as he wrote.
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    "Trouble?", the officer was a tad bit ignorant of what the stallion had done in the past that got him into trouble. "Thankfully you live in a land that believes in second or even third chances." There had been a few ponies that she had been aware of that had done some not-so-nice things in their past, either by trying to send the entire planet into an enteral darkness or whatever Starlight Glimmer had done. Something about time travel. But those two were not tossed into the wastebaskets of Ponydon. They were given second chances, and she was pretty sure they would do the same with Earth Writer. She really did not want to lecture the poor guy any further. He was bound to get back on his hooves. "Righto!", the mare took the order. Fire Walker smiled as the adorable unicorn quickly fixed her slightly disheveled mane. Was she using the library to hook up with somepony? Due to the village's 'newness', Ponyville had a rather poor selection of pubs, so the castle library was probably the next best thing to an bar. That shy-cute routine was bound to alert all of those who were looking... Good Grief! Fire Walker KNEW this guy was up to no good! Still, she trusted in the castle's defenses, and if she caught him doing anything illegal, she could toss him in the dungeon. Of course, she would need somepony to build a dungeon first. "Thank you kind sir..", the mare politely and not at all sarcastically said as she meandered into the kitchen for the next round of cocoa.
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    “Pffft.”, the mare whinnied. “I’m not sure I could take the word of an ancient, evil vampiric centaur if he did say he was being manipulated...Although I did encounter Cozy Glow during an training session a few weeks ago and that kid kind of creeped me out." , the mare shivered as she spoke, "Reminded me of someone who only knew about fillies from watching very old movies. Surely Trample movies....I would also say children cannot be evil and cannot be tried for crimes as an adult." she added. "And they did place her in Tartarus, so there's probably something about her that the higher ups don't want to share with us...Which might be for the best.", Fire Walker had dealt with beasties that seemed harmless due to their size or 'cuteness' from vampiric jackalopes, Pukwudgies to Parasprites. Not to mention the Winterchilla attack on the castle during Hearth's Warming Eve. So Swift was probably correct there. "Well, you could say that, but you're also not the one who will be holding a rapidly growing creature inside you that eventually will learn to kick and has hooves..And will need to pass through an exit far smaller than he or she is." Thankfully the stallion knew he only need to wave an cute little foal at the mare and she was ready for some babies! Still, it would be three hundred and eighty days it normally took....She would have to stop enjoying her favorite adult beverages...And eventually would be confined to office duty for a bit. But they would end up with...A sweet little filly or colt.. The officer let out a sigh. Also, Fire was rather surprised the fan-filly had not already pre-purchased the newest Daring Do book. She seemed to be the type who would have already preordered the next twenty novels ahead of time..The deluxe signature versions..With the gold tip pages and added commentary. The red mare had enjoyed the initial trilogy, but the books started to get a little silly after that. At least it made a reader out of her little sister Wind. And what? Swift mentioned something the hyper pony had said was....plausible? Ha! And he said he never drank! Surprised to see another pony enter Swift's little meeting, the officer nodded at the mare, "Nice to see you Miss Rose....", she waved. "Also, if any of you want something to drink, just ask...We have tea...orange juice...purple stuff...whatever the heck Miss Pinkie Pie brought over in the pitcher..."
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    Cute Rarity Short:
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    "Haha, alright Ms. Pie." Opal says. Thinking to herself, she heeds Berry's advice, 'This will be good for this one very excited pony and the whole town if its been a while since they've had a nice party.' "Other than this... please surprise me. I do like surprises, other than the day and time and place I would like to know a head of time. However, thank you for taking my preferences into consideration." Going back to her normal listening self, Opal finds amusement in the following conversation. At the mention of a "fight club" she tilts her head, unsure of what to think of it. Why would ponies join a club about fighting? This is Ponyville, wasn't this supposed to be a friendship filled peaceful community other than the random mishap? When Berry went to get one of the goblets from under the counter, Opal couldn't hold back a small smile. She hoped that Berry would find them. Opal poofed them in when Berry wasn't looking as a thank you present, for being kind and ordering such a large number of glasses earlier. "Um, Berry?" Opal starts when she believes it is okay to speak. " 'SOGS' ?"
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    Why were they talking about turtles? She didn't mind turtles. They sometimes had spikes on their shells and flew around trying to getcha with them. But her mind raced as she tried to understand why they were talking about turtles. Turtles. Why turtles? It dawned on her slowly as she listened to them talk about how many foals they were gonna have. She didn't need to think on that one. She knew the number was between zero and a hundred, no plan needed. As long as she could adventure Pathfinder was happy! But turtles- for some reason when she had said the Razorclaw tortures they had heard the Razorclaw turtles? Ahhh. That made...sense, she guessed? It didn't but hey, ears were ears. "Oh, I didn't say turtles. I said tortures, as in whips and chains and very not kinky things, including wing-muscle destroying chemicals. I wish they had turtles instead, turtles are fun. The shells look super comfy! But yeah, the Razorclaw family is waaaaaaaaay worse than WRAITH. I'd bet my bottom bit that they're in bed with one another, too. I'd rather deal with WRAITH than the Razorclaws any day of the week...unless Sachadara is there. Then they're about even," she ended lowly, then perked up. "Wow, this takes place BEFORE Daring Do and the Rays of the Ruby! Oh, water would be fine. I am kinda sorta maybe a lot thirsty!" She said with a chipper attitude to the offer of the Captain. Was she also the Mess Captain? What a mare! Swift was lucky to have her, especially with all of his histrionics. Count on him to be brought information that was decidedly positive and decide to concoct some sort of weird story. Then again, his mind was kinda funky. Endlessly bold statements that sustained themselves in a world of imagined need of them. He was amongst those who put hoof to flank against WRAITH all the time, why he felt any of it was needed was beyond Pathfinder. Then again, that was why she liked him. No matter how silly he could be he wore his emotions on his well-made sleeve. Pathfinder didn't stop reading as she responded. "No, you silly little stage actor come to life, I don't think we stop hunting them. But I remember what our mission actually is: To protect Equestria from all threats, not just WRAITH. That organization is scattered and hurting and sure, we should kick them while they're down some more. Once down, you always apply pressure to their special spots until they squirm and crack and the goo comes out, like sentient slave slugs under the crust of the earth. But obsessing over one threat...its like when you're in an old ruin, right? Everypony is always on the lookout for traps. What few ponies actually realize is that the best kind of trap is the trap that relies on your own vigilance. Figure out a pressure plate riddle, only to miss that the first few hooves lengths at the end is a hidden pressure plate itself. You're so intent on solving the trap and getting through it that you don't even see the next plate and bam, you're done, son," she said before flipping a page, her tail still swishing excitedly as she read on her back. "Don't let WRAITH be a riddle that blinds you to new threats," she said in a sing-songy voice. Silly, serious Swifty. Rose came in. Rose wasn't the most talkative of EPIC agents but she was still a darn good one. Besides, she didn't need to talk. Pathfinder was here for that. "Hey Rose! Rose! Guess what Nifty Swifty got me?" She said as she gently waved the book by rolling slightly on her back in Rose's direction, "the next Daring Do book! Oh my Celestia, right? RIGHT? Whatcha been up to, by the by the by-by?"
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    E.P.I.C. That was an acronym Rose hadn't heard from in a long time. Since she'd resumed her studies and befriended Blueblood, it honestly seemed as though things had calmed down immensely. Then she got the most curious summons to the castle in Ponyville by none other than a fellow member of the E.P.I.C. Organization. It must have been important if they went through all the trouble of contacting her. Probably something desperate since Rose was basically a fairly strong civilian unicorn with a useful set of skills and not a trained warrior or guard of the royal variety. When Rose finally made it all the way to the castle she found herself lost in the corridors for a while. If she hadn't heard the sound of familiar voices she might have just resorted to trying to tunnel her way through walls of crystal to find her way out then hoping the princess would be lenient later. She recognized Squall's voice and that of Fire walkers. "Um... Hello?" She asked in her usual listless tone, "I got the notification and... wanted to help."
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    I like the Desu-saurus
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    Back. On my ipad for now, using an itty bitty bluetooth keyboard...but soon...SOON I shall have my glorious new $1400 laptop and then I shall use and abuse the internet SO HARD. But I can totally start RPing now. ipad Pro does the trick with the keyboard for tippa typing! Hit me up if you want to plot some plots or think some thoughts together!
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    Happy Hearts And Hooves Day!~ May Cadance's favour find you all.
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    Roleplay Type: Main Rp Name: Dream Wanderer Sex: maleAge: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: PurpleCoat: Orange Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail are a bit darker in Orange color than his coat with white stripes in them. His mane is medium in length, and is usually messy most of the time. His tail is also slightly long in length and puffy with matching stripes in them. Physique: Very slightly taller, with a pretty average build Residence: Mostly travels around, but calls Cloudsdale homeOccupation: Dream mostly travels around exploring equestria, but He also does search around for temporary jobs, and errands he can do for others ponies for a few bits. Cutie Mark: A cloud, and a compass overlapping with a swirly breeze effect to the side of the cloud. As a colt Dream Wanderer would spend most of time flying around, and would often use clouds to help him navigate around. Pushing clouds around wherever he went, and arranged them in a sort of a line behind him every so often. All most like leaving a bread crumb trail behind him so he didn't get lost. Most of the time it worked very well for Dream Wanderer, and he would be able to use the clouds he moved around to help him get back home. So long as another pegasus hadn't moved them after he did. He got his Cutie mark one day as a colt when he was out flying around with some other pegasus friends. While the bunch where out flying around, They had gotten distracted by exploring things they found interesting and playing. It had gotten late when it started to storm out. Scrambling to find their way back home, They realized that hey had not remembered the way back home again. Panicking Dream Wandered remembered the clouds which he had left behind every so often, and was able to use those to guide the group back to safety, which earned him his cutie mark. Unique Traits: Dream Wanderer Has always been a bit of a fast learner, and can usually pick stuff up quickly. he kind of describes himself as a jack of all trades. As a wanderer He usually does all kind of odd jobs around equestria. Most of the stuff he learned he was able to teach himself from watching others, or by simply taking the time to figure things out History: Dream Wanderer was born in Cloudsdale to his caring parents. His life was a pretty easy one growing up. Much to his parents concern spent most of his childhood wandering about by himself exploring, and looking for fun things to do. His Parents both being Pegasuses where also born in Cloudsdale. His parents cared for him a lot and tried to always keep him within their sight, which they found to be an endless job. Having reached stallion age, Dream Wanderer moved out of his parents little place in Cloudsdale, and set off to live his dream of wandering around Equestria. Now Dream Wanderer finds himself in and out of a lot of Equestria cities and towns looking for temporary work, or for somepony to help for a few bits. Most of the time He finds a cloud to sleep in on his travels, or he heads back to Cloudsdale to his parents place for a visit. Dream Wanderer hopes to one day be able to have explored all of equestria and its outlaying lands. He plans to settle down and start his own family after he is through with his travels . Character Personality: Dream wanderer is a very easy going stallion, and always enjoys helping others when ever he can. Among his favorite things to do are delving into his own imagination and coming up with ideas, He also loves creating things, and thoroughly enjoys baking as well. Most of the times he can be found reading books in the library, or wandering the streets looking for places to explore and new things to see. He has a fascination with nature, and loves exploring the forest looking for the most serene lake or river, Or the most interesting piece of landscape. Character Summary: Dream Wanderer was born in Cloudsdale. Now a days he travels around equestria exploring. He is a very calm and easy going pony, and is a fast learner. He enjoys tinkering around with things, and reading books, or wandering about Equestria's cities or forests. He hopes that one day he can say that he has seen all of Equestria and its outlaying lands, and perhaps settle down and start his own family.
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    We had a bunch of good food last night and then I went to my room to not watch it at all
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    “But if you don’t talk about them, how would they get any fresh meat in there? Gotta spice things up with new challengers sometimes.” Tiger responded to Pinkie before taking the glass and drinking from it. It was pretty clear he didn’t put much stock in the protocol of drinking wine, as he simply gulped down part of the liquid and set the rest back down for now. “Mmm, I guess that means I’ll be seeking you out later. Always enjoy a friendly match.” He said, giving Toboe a wink before Berry’s little show caught his eye. He smiled and gave a small whistle of appreciation before turning back to Toboe. “Drinking contest? You may own a bar, but I doubt there’d be much of a contest there.” He added, giving a small laugh to punctuate the banter.
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    We are all one big Famime.
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    "For a living?" Opal asked confused for Pinkie had visited her shop before. "I have my shop. I love to make all sorts of things out of crystal and glass. My mother and father are in the gem business, however. Berry is using one of my pieces of art as we speak." Opal motions to the goblet that berry is using for one of her customers. "Haha, as you can see its very detailed work. Its quite fun. I can show you how I make the glasses that Berry has ordered, if you'd like, Ms. Pie."
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    Keep it together! AJ muttered to herself and tapped her front hoof nervously on the table top. She tried to keep her breathing calm. Twilight knew what she was doing. There was no way her friend was going to let her down. The Princess of Friendship trotted into the tea room at the castle. "Applejack! I'm so glad you made it! Everything is going smoothly," She sat down at the table next to her friend. "You look nervous," She smiled, trying to instill confidence in the usually overly confident farm mare. "Ha!" AJ dropped her hoof back under the table and smirked. "Me? Nervous? No way! I'm as cool as an apple core in blizzard!" This was followed by her regular stream of half hearted laughter. "Well, everything is all planned out! And don't worry, I didn't tell the other girls anything!" Twilight prided herself on following details and not just telling everypony was a big detail! "Thank yah Twi, I don't know how I'd ever get up the nerve ta do this without yer help!" ----- The summer sun was sinking fast and the solstice would soon begin! Ponies lined the streets of Canterlot to watch the spectacle while enjoying the warm summer air. Ponies with special invite also lined the rails of the castle though the promenade deck had been reserved for only the most special of friends. All of the Mane 6 had been invited to the promenade to watch the event in style! "Wee!" Pinkie gave off a happy squeal as she bounded forward towards Twilight. "Thank you soooo much for the invite Twilight! It's Summer Solstice party time!" "Oh, I just hope all our little friends can enjoy this as much as we do," Fluttershy lilted as she made her way out onto the deck with a collection of birds and bats flitting around her. AJ trotted out too though she didn't have as much to say. She was super preoccupied with what she was going to do later. "I'm so glad you all could make it!" Twilight hugged her friends tight. "It just seems harder and harder for us girls to get any time together lately!" "Seriously! It's gonna be so cool to just kick back and relax with you guys like the good old days!" Rainbow exclaimed as she dove in to land from somewhere above. "Yep!" AJ tried to shake off the nervous energy building inside her. "Let the good times roll huh?"
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    Applejack was labored with regret as she galloped home. Guess getting all cleaned up was for a waste with how quickly she was moving back home, sending dirt and sweat flying as her tired body ignored the negative coronations of being unduly tired. She needed to get home. She needed to get home, and she needed to get home fast. She didn't know what she planned on doing or why she was going to do it, she just knew she needed to do something and it needed to be fast. Her head was swimming with the myriad possibilities, tinged with a bit of angst at the unbelievability of any of this happening at all. It was a hurricane of emotions that swallowed up the serenity of the sea and spit them all out, tangled and ruined in the tumult by forces barely understood by the ponies going through it. She was still mad as hell at Rainbow Dash. This was to be a good night out. A night for them to be together and alone with another couple and able to enjoy one another's company without the incessant demands of work or family. Rainbow had decided to ruin it for no good reason other than she wanted to fight about it. But she wasn't the one who went for the throat, now was she? No, that Applejack. She hadn't let her mare off very easily, not at all. And while Rainbow had been the one who wanted to fight, it was Applejack who laid her harshest criticism out for all to see. She felt like an idiot. Rainbow was a sensitive mare behind all that bluster and she had went for some bruising commentary. Seeing Rainbow Dash well up and tear up was never easy in the best of circumstances and Applejack had ensured that it happened in public. How awful was that? Pretty awful she reckoned. But Rainbow hadn't wanted it any other way. She didn't want to wait until they were alone to have it out. She wanted it public, she wanted it mean, she wanted it personal. Applejack felt awful...but being honest, she didn't really blame herself. Rainbow had made her bed and had to lay in it. Applejack had to be there to help her out of it so they could move on. Such were the roles they had today. In almost no time at all, Applejack found herself rounding into the Orchards. Rainbow was somewhere in the Western Orchard. She could tell, the way the clouds above had been shorn in half and tossed about by tricks in its direction. She continued galloping but in due time started to slow, hearing Rainbow's sobs as she drew in. Soon she was at a treeline looking in on Rainbow and Zap, together. Rainbow looked like a mess. Zap Apple looked like he had made a mess, though Rainbow hadn't yet noticed. Applejack leaned against a tree and looked on in silence, allowing Rainbow to have her moments with Zap Apple- even tinged with sadness as they were now. Even then, such moments were beyond precious.
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    "I completely understand dear, my job can been tiring at times too. The important matter is you have finished today, and you can relax now." Night Breeze said as she relaxed him. As she did she could smell a sweet aroma coming from him. It smelled almost like gingerbread and bubblegum, It had been a rather pleasant smell for her. Night Breeze listened to Cain as he talked to her. "There is no need to apologize dear. You are perfectly fine, no ones going to think poorly of you just because you aren't the same onstage. I enjoy very much talking to you, and i am always happy to help you relax." She said reassuring him with a smile. "I'm glad you are here as well, and you can talk to me for as long as you like dear." Night Breeze smiled as he seemed to be comfortable from her relaxation magic. "I do fine i guess." She giggled finally releasing him for her magic. As she slipped her hooves around his neck hugging him for a moment, before settling down herself. Laying down close beside him She joined him in staring up at the stars. Sitting in silence for a while Cain spoke up by asking her a question. "Well.... Not really." She started pondering in thought for a moment. "I have my acquaints in my line of work, and they are all nice enough, But none of them i would really call best friends or anything." Night breeze said thinking to herself, a smile rose on her face. "But i get to spend my time here with you tho." She said with a wink returning her gaze to the stars again. Happy that she had someone to spend her time with now.
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    "You could say I'm a bit like you. I like traveling around looking for ideas to incorporate into my very own spa that i hope to open up when i have the bits." Night Breeze thought for a moment she wasn't sure if he knew he didn't own a spa yet. "The one I'm working at now is owned by some other mare, But i hope to have my own some day." She explained as she wondered what her own spa might look like. Night Breeze gave Cain reassuring look when he thanked her for not being annoyed. "Oh, I don't think its a childish dream, and you certainly aren't a annoyance to me dear." She smiled looking directly at Cain. "There is nothing wrong with wandering a little." She smiled "Besides I enjoy listening to what ever it is you have to say." Night breeze gave off a little bit of a giggle when he mention that he was going delirious. "I don't think you are delirious, Say what ever you feel like you need to." Night breeze reassured him. "Now, why don't you rest and relax a little?" She said scooting over closer to reach him. "I would mind having a little company myself, It would be nice to have some pony to talk with, and share the things i find interesting with." She said in an enthusiastic tone a slight blush growing on her cheeks. "Oh, you have no idea what you are missing. You won't regret stopping by." Night Breeze said with smile facing Cain. Having cast her relaxation spell again, She rubbed his neck for a while, stopping for a moment when he went to say something. "Hmmm?" Night breeze hummed giving him a curious look for a moment. Sitting in amazement that he had said that for a moment "Why thank you!" She said in a surprised voice placing one of her hoofs on her chest for a moment. "It flatters me for you to say that." Night Breeze said scrambling trying to think of what to say, Her face heating up again. "I must say, You are a handsome stallion yourself." She said returning the compliment.
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    "Unfortunately, as proven time and time again, I am talking too much." Swift replied, remembering all the times his big mouth only inflamed the situation. "I...didn't had friends until I moved to Fillydelphia. Even now I don't know what to say." "I probably am." Swift agreed when Fire mentioned that he was way beyond high school hi-jinks age-wise. "Perhaps Sparkle should think about working out university level curriculum." "Wrong." noblepony objected, hearing his fiancee getting the details wrong. "The kid used Him, putting into practice what she learned from correspondence with the centaur." he explained =although Swift chose to omit from where he got all that information. Seeing the clear surprise on both mare's faces he felt compelled to add "Monster's come in all shapes and sizes." Squall pointed out, solemnly. Pathfinder reaction was kind of expected. She was very predictable in her fangirlismm so it was no surprise tha... "GACK!" Squall squeaked when hyperactive pegasus snatched him in bear-like embrace. "A-Air...." he managed to gasp while she flew around with him in tow. Thankfuly after a few moments Pathfinder released the noblepony, being too excited to maintain her grip. ".....Gahhhh.....you seriously making me reconsider any future potential presents." Squall muttered massaging his neck, while Pathfinder kept bouncing around the room. Swift got quite irritated when Fire didn't agreed on the number of their potential scions. The stallion could only roll his eyes before he reminded his fiancee. "Dear, I am the last Squallcoast. And let me tell you, holding that burden can be....lonely. Not to mention my social class is pretty.....spoiled. If we were to improve it, we have to add to it. And besides...." he added with a smirk "It's not You who will have to 'Go through that again' , is it? Besides, I am rich. It's hardly the same." noblepony pointed out. "Turtles....ummm turtles are...errr..." Swift slurred as he tried to wrap his head around the fact how sound Pathfinder suddenly got. When exactly did she started to do logic?! Was that a result of receiving her 'fix'? Questions for later. "A....Anyway....What are you saying is very plausible Pathfinder...." he started, his expression getting more steely with each moment as he walked towards the adventurous pegasus. "But it change anything. Split or not, intentional or not, we came together and swore to stop them. To punish them for their crimes. How many did they hurt? Crystal Empire, Askr...denizens of those are just the top of the list and they all cry out for justice! This isn't just about me, you or anypony else Pathfinder. I saw what atrocities they were capable off, and so did you! Are you saying you ready to stop just because you....bored? To turn you gaze away and wash your hooves? Do? You?" Swift asked. his voice was quite , bud demanding the answer.
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    Oh, Earth was never going to give up writing itself; it was both in his name and in his bones, not to mention the only marketable skill he could use to put food on his table. What he'd lost was any pride in his product, or shame for that matter. Hence, why Fire Walker's attempt at encouragement drew out a laugh bitter as black coffee from the bottom of the pot. "Oh, I did. That's what got me in trouble. There's surprisingly little demand for a freelance propagandist, if you can't fool anypony into thinking you're a real journalist anymore." That was as close as he'd come in a while to a public admission of guilt; much of it was externalized into a resentment of the powerful, telling himself he'd been hard done by everypony involved, from the noble who'd entrapped him to the editor who fired him. But with destitution looming, one had to discard grudges like so much ballast to keep afloat. Sighing, he settled back in the chair with the cup of cocoa. "Anyway, thanks. I'll see her with a manuscript once I've got it finished." His eyes wandered back to Taira as he took a sip. Going off to greet the Kirin... who greeted back, apparently. Once again, buried reporter senses were tingling. "You know, I heard a story once, or read it, about creatures that could disguise themselves as animals... or, perhaps, were animals that could disguise themselves as ponies. Who are also animals, I suppose. Anypony ever wondered why that distinction doesn't seem weird?" He addressed his question to Opal, as she'd just come up to the rest of the group.
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    Berry had been about to nod and pack it up once again, but then she heard the little dingle of the bell over her front door. Customers! "Hold that thought for now, I've got ponies to take care of." Smiling at Opal, she was positively beaming at the shaggy-maned newcomer. "Yep, that's me! Come on in, ain't seen you 'round these parts before, I think?" She tilted her head, trying to place Toboe on the rather vague memories she had of a similar-looking mare. "Or weren't you here for Nightmare Night? Yeah, I think I remember seeing you there." Not just that, but another customer was coming in right behind! Ooh, an exotic-looking earth pony; mama like. "Well there, handsome, the nice thing about wine is that it comes in so many varieties, you can find one for any taste! Whether you like them sweet and fruity, bright and zesty, smooth and elegant, or dark and rich, I got one for all, and even more! And if you don't know what you like yet, I'll give you a sampler tasting for 5 bits! You won't find a better deal this side of Canterlot."