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    Hanabi Followed along behind Feng as she approached, ears still listening to Sunset and Tempest's conversation. The topic soon turned to someone special it seemed. Hanabi recognized that tone of voice. She'd recalled it from when she would talk about her interest in Feng with one of the other trusted friends she had in the castle. It helped that the chef's nose was sharper than a ponies... she could practically smell the love in the air coming off Sunset in waves. Having seen this look on eng before helped, but remembering who he thought about when he had it often made her feel irritated. Sunset's comparison to being next to a blazing fireplace when around them. Hanabi had felt that feeling not long ago when hugged up beside Feng, Stinky wingpit or no. Feng always made her feel warmer. Happier... Even, safer. Like she could actually handle all the workload she often had in the palace arranging things in the kitchen and handling all the orders. Ancestors know, how much of a trial opening up her first restaurant in the capital was. Having Feng to talk to ... made it seem doable. When Feng asked his question Hanabi would smile slightly and poke her head out from behind him, "If It's okay with either of you that is."
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    Bell was loving the attention she got from such a handsome stallion. Something about him made her heart flutter, maybe because she knew he was some kind of royalty. Though she couldn't fit a name onto him, the way he talked seemed higher than normal pony folk. She knew a high class pony when she saw one. She wasn't an idiot, a fraud. She knew who she was talking to. "Why, you're not too shabby yourself." She fluttered her eyes, bringing a small smile across her face. "Ah, yes, that's right. Prince Blueblood. How quaint to meet you." She gave a smile again, noticing the line become more of a blob. "Well, I hope your duties well. Hopefully we can meet again, yes?" Fast forward.. After she got her cider, she looked at the little filly with a sparkle in her eyes. "That sounds very.. appetizing!" Bell grinned, grabbing the cider with her magic. She then hunched over, acting like she dropped something. "If only I could understand this little spec of mud- She sounds like she was raised by farm animals," she whispered to herself under her breathe, very unlikely anypony heard her. "Thank you, again, little one!" The unicorn trotted away with her cider, leaving room for the next ponies up to try some. She looked around, making sure she wasn't just awkwardly standing by herself, and took a quick swig. The cider was very smooth, and very tasty. Bell actually thought it was the best drink she's ever had, and that says a lot. It was sweet, and tasted fresh and homemade. It probably was fresh and homemade. Now, the pink unicorn actually thought this was time well spent, until somepony came up to her. A black blur swooped in next to her, making Bell jump a little in shock. The mare looked incredibly athletic, grey and pink, didn't look 100% pony. Bell scrunched up her nose, trying to hold in the squeal she had in her. She didn't want this thing approaching her. The unicorn was picky with the ponies she talked too, and this was the main reason. The only thought that ran through her head was that some weird dirty half-pony got enough courage to talk to a gorgeous specimen like herself. There were so many ponies around her though, she couldn't be anything but nice. Bell took another sip, looking away then looking back at the grey mare. "Hello, there." Was all she said, as she gulped down another sip. 'Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm'....
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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Foxglove Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth pony Eye Colour: Bright purple Coat: white Mane/tail: Black with purple highlights. the highlights often change color between her appearances. Physique: Foxglove has a build that is rather lithely and impressively built. She’s in good shape but isn’t exceptionally strong. Residence: A fairly large two story cottage in the Hollow Shades. She occasionally leaves to attend booksignings, parties, family get togethers, and other things. Occupation: foxglove is a bestselling horror, fantasy, thriller author, having written hundred of books. The most popular of her books series being called “The Coldblood Chronicles”, a series about a detective who is called in on Equestria’s strangest cases that even the princesses could not explain... Cutie Mark: An eschewed five pointed star with an eye in it’s center. It all began on a trip to summer camp. Foxglove had been sent there by her parents. There had been rumors going around that the colt’s cabin was being haunted by somepony’s ghost… One night, Foxglove snuck under the crawlspace under the cabin and noticed something interesting. There was a small box that once she opened it up revealed a whole bunch of old photos of the camp in it’s beginnings, with a couple of photos of some strange young ponies. Somehow she felt that she should leave this place alone and make sure nopony else did. The next night around the campfire she spun a yarn about a pair of young ponies in love whose wrath would fall upon any who disturbed the resting place of their memories. Once she’d seen at the end of the summer that the place had been left alone and undisturbed she’d noticed a mark on her flank. History: Foxglove was born to a pair of earth pony florists in Canterlot. She gained her name because her eyes matched the color of the foxglove flowers that they grew in their garden. As a filly she seemed to be drawn to horror stories that always seemed to keep herself up at night. Under the covers of her bed, the little filly read of creepy spectres and eerie horrors that crept around in the dark corners of the earth. Dreams that normally might have scared the cutie mark off any normal foal were the things that Foxglove looked forward to every time she went to sleep. Growing up for the filly was rather interesting experience. In her younger days she was always looking around for the unexplainable. Despite her unconventional interests she was always viewed as an exceptional peppy and playful filly who loved to joke around and play with her classmates. Even as a younger filly she seemed drawn to unusual sort of gothic dark styles that she managed to pull off rather well with her color palette. After the filly gained her mark she began to start writing short stories. While she originally wasn’t too confident in them, her parents decided to send a few to a magazine and soon she wound up becoming a published author. Some time after she left Highschool she began to feel she was getting a bad case of writer’s block. In order to remedy that she began to travel all across the globe ,learned all the various obscure non unicorn magics, and supposed hauntings. In her time in all these places she found her inspiration seemed to come from the thrills and chills she got from the increasingly creepy situations. In addition to her experience with all the incredible things she seen, she also made sure to learn all about the various local myths on how to defend oneself from them; all of which she incorporated into an ongoing series of supernatural thriller novels she’d been thinking up… Upon her return she wrote her first book in ‘The Coldblood Chronicles.” A book about a hard nosed detective by the name of Coldblood Trotter who took on Equestria’s strangest cases. The recurring themes in her books were the ideas of ghosts and spectres being creatures who were empowered and given form by the popular consciousness’ thoughts and rumors about them, The hidden thoughts and darker sides of Equine given form, beings from beyond the stars and outside of reality trying to come into the world and driving someponies crazy. Her world building in the secret side of the world that her books often depicted was considered very impressive and the pantheon of entities she created thought of as fascinating. Since she became a bestselling author she has found the constant attention from presses and things is not really where she felt most at home. So to keep those who might spy on her personal life and leave her be when she felt she needed to be on her own, She made a rather controversial decision and decided to move to a cottage in the center of Hollow shades. Anypony, griffin, or otherwise would find this place incredibly difficult to spend very long one with all the mysteries and creepy occurrences there. Currently, Foxglove is living happily in a small two story cottage in the Hollow Shades on her own. The large amount of money that she receives from her books’ sales allows her the opportunity to travel and go to all kinds of places with mysterious and eldritch rumors to them, however she always returns and shortly after she seems to easily pump out an entirely new book in about a month or so. So far, Foxglove is fairly happy with her life. She does occasionally feel slightly lonely and as a result she will often leave her cottage and the Hollow Shades to spend sometime among other ponies and attend book signings. Character Summary: Foxglove is a well reviewed author of horror fiction, with her most popular book series being her Coldblood Trotter series. In addition to her talent as an author she is also fairly athletic, knowledgeable about a lot of paranormal theories, and due to her upbringing knows a great deal about flowers. Some rumors seem to fly around about her constant traveling to various haunting grounds have left their mark on her, as she carries a strange mysterious air about her and has a strange talent for suddenly appearing behind someone when they or noone else is looking. Ghosts, unknown magic, ancient curses, dark relics… all of theses are things that can easily pique Foxglove’s interests. When she is not involved in any of those things for the sake of her work she does in fact other interests to keep her busy. Having grown up around a pair of botanists she has a fairly useful knowledge of flowers and plant life, however she seems to know most about plants that have magical properties to them. Besides botany, Foxglove has a particular love for certain styles of fashion; particularly gothic styles. Her usual outfit with consists of a necklace with her own mark on it, a black camisole, some black boots, and a black umbrella made of various magical materials she’d gathered across the world on her travels. until recently it hasn’t been very often one could catch this elusive author anywhere besides the latest place that’s caught her fancy, but lately it seems she’s been spotted out in public a lot more often. Around other ponies she’s very jovial, witty, and occasionally snarky. The easiest way to tell that she’s shown up in any setting would be to listen for a cry of surprise from the first pony she speaks to due to how most seem not to notice her until she’s right next to them and talking. Despite her rather dark and gothic stylings most find she is very pleasant company to have around. The things that Foxglove often fails at are first impressions. The first time a pony might meet her she may seem a bit odd; with her dark fashion but bright personality seemingly contradicting each other intensely. Another fault is that when she wants to be left alone to write her work… it’s best to leave her alone. If she’s interrupted while writing she has a tendency to be very short and hostile towards anypony who bothers her. There are quite a few things that Foxglove fears, however her love of her craft has caused her to confront these fears at every turn so she can use them better in her books. She still can be afraid, but it’s incredibly hard to get her to show it. In a way, she is a bit afraid of other ponies who can’t relate to her as easily; being scared of offending them in someway. In some ways, Foxglove has begun interacting with the public considerably more so she can not only better write characters she is unfamiliar with more convincingly, but to also better herself. Missing a deadline for her book is something that scares her more than any possible spectre could, as aresult she tends to spend weeks without sleeping and writing nonstop… then collapsing into a tired heap just after she puts her manuscript in the mailbox then re-enters her home.
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