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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    It's been a long time since I played this pony but I'm trying to get back into the habit of playing her. Since she's found a new job recently and it's been so long, she needed a new look.
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    "Well....She was..", the dragon huffed, "But when she said the word 'apple'. I sort of freaked out when I remembered that I needed to finish a report, and it involved me being here..Checking things out..", feeling like an down-on-her-luck detective with a hunch, Smolder whispered to the farmer. "Thinking about calling it 'Sweet Apple Acres: The In-Cider Information'", she really thought this was clever as she waggled her eyebrows up and down as she said the name of her report. She turned to Silverstream who handed over her voucher. She didn't think it would have worked, but it was worth the try. "I'll catch up and drop these off on your wagon once I'm done....I need....Oh.", she turned to the pony with many a job. "I need to wander around your farm and take some observation type notes...As long as you don't mind...I won't touch anything...Promise...", she winked at the mare. "I also have answers to these questions I need to fill out on my form here....They're not the kind of answers you can find in any book....Need to be at an actual farm...." The young dragon REALLY needed to pace herself a little better. Enough with the procrastination! Thankfully one thing she wasn't going to delay was payment. "Here you go.", she pulled out the needed bits. Now it was time for der-smooching! Or at least a smooch. From her teacher. Hopefully no creature had a camera with them. She waited patiently and wondered what it was going to feel like.
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    The nausea that Swift felt diminished for a moment. Long enough that he felt like someone tried to body search him using arcane. Instinctively, noblepony pushed those attempts away, with magic of his own. "That's...it's...." Squall mumbled, once again stubbornly trying to raise onto his legs. "Not friend...she...she's everything...." stallion half-succeeded, getting himself on the knees, trying to process what the yokai was speaking to him. He tried to say, how dear his Moto was to him, but nagging at the back of his hurting head, was a voice that told him there was something more important he should pass to him. "Three....three chests. Close by. With emblem.....'TEMPEST' logo...the 'T'. You need to find....green one." unicorn instructed, putting great effort into the words. Suddenly Nensho could feel something small squeezing into his paw. A key? "Need this....turn...four times right....one...left....two...two times right....inside...Inside..." noblepony took a deep breath Not good. This really was a concussion. He needed for this yokai-wolf to find him cure, and fast. "...inside...elixir...r-red and..s...silver waves. Will...fix...m-me...." Squall mumbled...his speech getting more broken as he kept going. But as yokai darted to search for the healing concoctions, he could feel yanking on his tail. Swordpony wasn't finished yet. "W-wait. The...lid....Open...fo....frrom..b-behind. Not. Front. N-n-n-ooot sides. B-B......back. T-t.....trap...." With those final directives, Count's eyes rolled upwards and he feel on his side, unconscious.
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    Foxglove smiled as Tempest looked back to her home. It had a worn down but sturdy look to it. It had some local history and spooky stories attached to it, but Foxglove confirmed for herself there was no horror lurking these halls. Well, unless you were scared of dust bunnies and the occasional creak in the night. "Well, since It has been so long since I've had company... and nopony really wants to come so far out here." Foxglove gestured to her home's front door, "Would you like to stay a while and look around? I've never given a tour before." " To answer your question though, I am a writer. A fairly competent one... I mostly write horror, dark and gothic fantasies." She didn't like to toot her own horn. If Her friend wanted to get a feel from her work she did have a few manuscripts laying around in her study, "...and if you're looking for 'removed' it doesn't get further removed from Pony civilization as this." Indeed it didn't. Hollow shades was an old and ominous place. While not as dangerous as Everfree, it held a dastardly reputation as Equestria's most haunted spot. Long ago some very special trees grew here. An industrious pony of the past harvested them down to next to nothing and since then, this swathe of land produced tale after tale of horror stories and ominous folktales. Perhaps it wouldn't be one day, thanks to the efforts of a certain driven unicorn named Moondancer. Since that little party saved this author's life, foxglove had taken care of the Lumi tree in a special room in her manor. "I have a very important duty to take care of here now and again, so sadly I won't be selling it anytime soon."
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    "A griffon?" Zap curiously questioned. Zap had seen flashes of griffons before and he saw them as very interesting-looking creatures. He loved their wings but was intimidated by the lack of hooves. One day he encountered Gabby in Ponyville, his first impression of griffons was one of excitement and energy. But he had always wondered why there weren't as many of them, and hadn't gotten a good explanation as to why. Gallus entered the home and stooped down to Zap Apple to give his salutations. With a talon stretched out, Zap was not eager to place his hoof in his grasp, but was all-too interested in the creature anyway. He only paused and stared at him, for longer than would normally be appropriate. "You're a griffon? Where did you come from?" Zap asked him, while looking at Gallus' unusual features like his feline hind quarters and his tipped feathers on his head. In the corner of his eye, he could see Rainbow Dash preparing to leave. "No, I wanna go with you, I don't want to be watched by Gallus. He smells funny."
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    Zap was enamored of the stranger pegasi that greeted him as they approached the grassy plateau. They all seemed really proficient in flying, more so than other pegasus ponies Zap had seen around Ponyville, like Fluttershy or Derpy Hooves. Rainbow Dash guided Zap to the surface and once they got close enough, Zap fluttered himself to a landing with only as much of a half step of re-balancing and not falling over as he would sometimes do. His eyes glistened as he looked at all the features of the headquarters. "Whoa!" Zap turned and looked at Rainbow Dash with excitement. He knew that for whatever reason, he was not necessarily allowed to be here, but today was the day he finally got to see the place for himself. "Am I going to become a Wonderbolt today?" Zap's understanding of what it meant to be a Wonderbolt was limited. He hadn't even been to or heard of regular pegasus pony flight camp, something he would probably experience at some point in the next few years. But he knew that his mother was cool enough to be a Wonderbolt. As so he wanted to be one, too.
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    This land is so hot! Rin knew from the stories she read about how hard the sun could beat down on a pony, but now she could feel it first-hoof. In all the comics about outlaws and marshalls, Rin imagined of one day trotting down these paths. Having finally made it to the west she had to admit she needed time to get used to this. She could feel sweat in so many places. Her persistence in her long walk did eventually pay off. The gray ryuma wiped the sweat from her brow and turned around to retrieve a canteen from her wagon. "Maybe I can get a hat while I'm here... That'd be so useful." She took a heavy gulp of water, "So much to see... I actually made it to the west." Just being able to hear herself say those words filled Rin's body with renewed vigor as her excitement grew. No need to worry about all that mess back home. She could make a new living for herself out here! All she really had to do was make sure she got the parts for her wing's maintenance now and then. She could meet real settler ponies, Live off the land, get all tough and have singalongs at the saloon. Maybe she could make some ramen for some of the ponies here. Maybe if she brought along her water bottle she'd be good on energy for the rest of the day. She'd only just made it to Appleloosa: Seeing the sights was an absolute must. One sight in the immediate area caught her attention. Was that a kirin? One of group of the past who migrated to the west to isolate themselves? That needed some investigation. Experimentally, Rin called out the kirin bolting down the path. She called out in Neighponese to try and get her attention, "[Hello! Are you visiting too?]"
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    The alicon looked excited when Rex offered a demonstration, then when he did, her wing went to her face out of exasperation... and embarrassment... oh she was glad a certain one of her friends wasn't there... in her mind she could clearly hear Dash's voice laughing at her saying 'Oh he got you good!' She sighed, lowering her wing and taking a deep breath "I deserved that..." she said "always getting too wrapped up in research and possible new discoveries that I often completely miss the little things in life" she admitted, returning the parchment, quill and ink to her saddlebags "Sorry I got carried away and harassed you so much" It was at this time that there was a green flash above the cloaked pony and a dozen sheets of neatly-bound parchment fell on her head... followed by two bottles of ink (which she thankfully caught in her horn's glow before they hit the floor and broke) as well as several extra quills. She let out an awkward laugh "I guess I wont be needing these after all... I better just send them back with a note" she explained as she scribbled something on the top of the parchment, and in a similar green flash all the instruments of research documentation vanished "I'd like to make it up to you, how about since we're already here how about we get some icecream, my treat" she offered
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    ‘Twas early in the morning as the sun began to peak over the rolling hills of apple trees. A midnight blue alicorn gleefully trotted the winding dirt roads that lead to Sweet Apple Archers. She would begin humming to help pass the distance and time till she was at the familiar farm. “There’s a lot of little thing mmm mmm mm mm mmmm. Mmmm m mm mmmm mmmm....” she would stop humming as she passed the first few tents along the road as her glee turned to a growing worry. “I know Pinkie Pie said that the Apple Family’s cider season was popular but I hand no ideas it would bring this many ponies.” She would say aloud to herself. “Many still seem to be asleep. Hopefully some will sleep in.” As the soon to be retired princess neared where she assumes the counter to be she got her first glimpse of the mob. Her happy trot soon turned into a frantic sprint as she could hear the sound of tents unzipping. Reaching the swarm of ponies, she would being her wait, waiving friendly at Applejack and Apple Bloom.
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    As the title states, I have yet to RP with two of my characters: Sea F. Salt (More Commonly Finnie) And Nebulous Moon I'm up to anything with them! Neb and Finnie could use a little romance, or just some chill friends. I can put them up to random adventures too. Though I can be a little busy and take a little time to respond, I promise I'll get to it eventually! I just want to write my girls a little. To sum the two up if y'all don't wanna read their apps: Finnie: A very kind and quiet hippie who loves the ocean and what's in it. She's more commonly out in nature, or at the beach, taking in the view. Neb: A cocky, lazy bat who loves to flirt and have a little fun. She is a royal night guard, but secretly leaves her position to box in her underground seller.
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    Funny. Few years ago slight that Empire's Princess did to him would make him boil in anger in an instant. First her husband speaks about lack of funds, and then Cadence gives noblepony a cold shoulder when he offered to help in that regard? Not that didn't angered him, Swift was quite peeved actually. But countless business meetings he had to suffer through since he returned from his staged 'demise' tough him bottle up his anger. Well, that and Fire's disproving looks. As such, he only turned away from the pretty pink princess, focusing on his juice instead. Yes there were other difficulties if Crystal Empire was to acquire suitable port, but it was not his job doing that. That's was for it it's rulers to seek solution from this dilemma. He could only help by providing tools to assist with that. While Squall could understand Mi Amore desire to relax from strain of leadership, he couldn't help but question if her time wasn't spent similarly in Empire. Gushing over kids, exchanging marriage gossips and caring for her own child. "....I can see why it had to be Twilight then....." he mused before taking another sip of his drink. After all Sparkle understood that you can't take vacation from the crown. . Perhaps he was too hard? After all, Cadence was Princess of Love, and Swift had yet to experience whats it was to be a parent. Judgung withiout taking that into consideration wasn't exactly fair. He should be more optimistic and nice, like his Sweetheart was, trying to lift Princess spirits. They all knew that what she said wasn't true. After all, they all been there at Crystal Heart, and Squall himself slew three viking in first few seconds of the battle - but it was intent that mattered. Which Squall approved by sending his mare a warm smile. "Yeah...." Swift agreed when Fire said how their wedding preparations were going. "We really should sit down and deal with them. We can't really afford to wait till the last minute. We need to have to get all of this sorted. And then make backup preparations. And then backup backup preparations." swordpony explained. "I take that bet Miss Applejack...." Swift answered with a friendly smirk and hoof pointing. "...although I doubt I will have an actual castle at our disposal....hmmm...but maybe in Trotscania.....I am yet to acquire a big estate in Itaily...." Swift mused. All this talk, and the musical situation didn't improved in the slightest. Who could have guessed? But one had to give it to the Count Squallcoast, he waited patiently until the band on stage finished scrapping the fiddle and and left behind the curitains. "....Well you know what they say. if you want something to be done right, you have to do that yourself." Swift said as he put his glass and juice bottle on the table. Just as Fire was opening her mouth to protest - no doubt worried that her coltfriend was about to do something stupid - he preventively silenced her with a smooch. "Trust me. Just this once, alright Moto? We only live once. As you said, ponies came here to relax, and this stiffness in the air has to be axed." unicorn announced - after which, he picked up his suitcases and made his way through the crowd - straight towards the stage. He quickly was barred entry by the security. "I am sorry but this place is for performers only. if you not one of the...." "My grandfather owns this hotel. And besides, performers aren't using it, don't they? Think about that as pro bono performance...." noblepony said with a shrug before jumping on stage. As soon as he did that, his cases opened revealing....axes....well, two of them. Along with the keyboard and drums. All magically shrunk until now. Before anypony could say anything, Squall has already grabbed the mic and addressed the - undoubtedly confused audience. Security ponies too were astonished, unsure if they should intervene or not. After all Celestia was known to pull pranks like that, even if she wasn't present. Latest Grand Galloping Galas came to mind. And if grandfather of this crazy stallion really was the owner...... "Fillies and gentlecolts. Once again thank you for your presence! For every one of you!" Swift effortlessly slid into showpony persona. His gaze glided along gathered soldiers and their extras, as if he dared anypony to join him in what he was planning. "Because of this year record attendance, here's special - out of schedule - performance...." Count announced while taking all the instruments into his magical grasp. "With the first song dedicated to YOU! Brave mares and stallions diligently serving Equestria year after year. I hope you will enjoy yourself!" With that said, the instruments spoke instead, with first notes and words of familiar song heard from the speakers across the room.
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    Aw geez, maybe some Echo art will make me come back. Still going for lucky week seven so look out for a post on thursday or something. I blame D&D for taking all my imagination. Name: Echo Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Appearance: Cutie Mark: Swear I had a ref or something, but it's just a buckball with wings. Personality: Physically energetic, but socially insecure, a by product of her condition. Type of Request: Digital
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    Welcome to the herd! Cute character and a solid app Have fun!!
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    Earth Writer was a little taken aback by Sugar Apple's blatant dismissal of what had been his longtime watering hole, even during his student days. "I never thought it gentrified that much." He said, leaning slightly back as her words forced him to look back and try to re-contextualize his experiences. "I was welcomed even when I was broke student. Didn't even have to pay for my drinks half the time. Everypony always tried to encourage me, said I might make it on the wall of greats who hung out there-" He struck the table with his hoof as realization struck him. "Darnit, that must have been it! They were aiming to use me as much as Heart Stopper was! And once my career as a journalist went down in flames..." He slumped in his chair, one more set of false friendships made clear to him. "Sorry, I didn't mean to... go on like that." He drew himself back up to listen, attentive as he was to any interviewee. Honestly, from what Sugar was beginning to tell him, here was a little slice of life that not many ponies knew about, but would likely be interested in. Very much worthy of a story in the Chronicle. It was a pity that only he would hear it, but that made it no less worth listening to. Perhaps more so, in fact. "Huh, yeah, I remember hearing about that from some of my relatives in the southern Strand, but I know it had to be worse up here." He pursed his lips a bit at her wording. "Hurricanter? Is that the term for your team... or is there a tropical equivalent of a Windigo that you have to battle every summer?"
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    Rex chuckled some more as the mare did not slow down at all, and seemed to misunderstand his responses. Just as well, he could’ve meant many things by mimicry. The avian listened patiently until the mare teleported in a dragon, Spike, apparently, then teleported him away again. Perhaps he should end this before she started teleporting other creatures in to demand more writing materials. “Ah, well, I do have a better memory than most, but I’m sure most of the others could do it too if they learned how. As for your other questions, I have not exactly studied magic, so I’m not sure.” He shrugged before he got a mischievous glint in his eye and leaned in closer to her. “How about a demonstration? I bet you’d like that.” Chuckling a bit, he cleared his throat again and once again let loose the teleportation noise he had heard from her. He let silence reign for a few moments afterwards before he began laughing, stepping back from her to give a wave of greeting to the two newcomers, though they seemed a bit focused on Ice Storm at the moment.
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    Kay Dreamer looked for all the world like somepony had told her that Hearths Warming Eve had come early. "You make it from scratch? Truly?! That sounds amazing! Do you have chocolate? Or… or, um… bubbly-gums! You know, that rainbow flavour. Could you please make that?" She fished some bits from her saddlebag, checking them to make sure she wasn't trying to pay with random antique coins again (for the third time that week) before levitating them excitedly onto the counter. "Oh," she added, almost as an afterthought. "Would you mind terribly if I sit in the corner and paint? It's so much nicer in here than it is outside. Also, you have very…" Kay looked around, as if noticing the chaos around her for the first time. A tall bird person the like of which she'd never seen, a mysterious mare in a cloak and a few other interesting looking ponies, and all of them crowded into an unassuming ice cream parlour. "Very… unique patrons." @IceStorm
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    Sugar Apple had been to the Veiled Garden on several occasions back in the day; it had been Earthy’s favorite hangout, after all. He even convinced Sugar once or twice to let her travelogue photos be put on display during the pub’s amateur nights. That was all fine and dandy, but the blue-collar mare with the country accent and weather factory job had always felt uncomfortably out of place whenever she went to that establishment, although she lacked the heart then to tell Earthy that. Like the classic stereotypical depiction of Canterlot, Sugar found the so-called “Bohemian Club” to be filled mostly with snobs who looked down on everypony they deemed too pedestrian... although without vast sums of riches to back up their elitism, such clientele weren’t much more in the grand scheme of things other than impotent hipsters. “...Wif it makes ya’ feel any better hon,” the pegasus offered in sympathy, and the need to get the morbid vision of Earthy in a ditch out of her system; “Ah never did like thet snotty club, anyway.” And now it was Sugar Apple’s turn to play the role of sorrowful storyteller. “Ya’ can say thet again,” she wearily commented as she chugged down a large amount of hot coffee, somehow not scalding her throat in the process; “When ah first took this jerb down hyar, ah thought it’d be all be sunshine an’ loungin’ around on th’ beach at th’ end of ev’ry workday! Boy howdy was ah wrong; well, it was paradise for th’ first several months... before mah first Hurricanter Center rolled ‘round..... Funny thing about late summer near th’ Equator; thar’s no need t’ keep VaporDep online this time of year ‘cause Mother Nature will stir up a storm for ya. Dozens of them in fact, including hurricanes! When Hurricanter Season comes, it’s all hooves on deck ‘cause when hurricanes come, the hurricanters tend t’ follow.....”
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    Bravo let out a proof smoke as he watched a passing car, long fancy and screaming power and riches. All of this place did that. It was so different, so alien and unbelievable. Yet there it was. And maybe that was what was most hard… or was it letting go? He did not know, it seemed to change every day. But he was a hunter of the Enclave, he lived years in the wasteland. He can make it. Turning to look at the door as it opens he saw Blue. His eyes looking up and down a few times as he looks over the details and after a moment's time speaks up. “%@#$.” He mutters the swear on smokey air. “You really are him. Just like the postcard… Nice to meet you sir.” With that he stands tall, wings close and tall up tall as he clicks his four hovers together, bows a head than looks up well shooting one giant wing up skyward. One can not underset how large his wings were to a normal pegasus. “SSgt Castle Bravo, Hunter 6th squad of the 5th fleet, Raptor, Frozen Skys.” He spoke fast as he held that pose and did not move for a few more moments before dropping it, standing like a normal pony. Well, normal as one can in his getup and with a scorpion tail behind him. “Java has done his best. It seems we all know him. He did not tell me this… Not shocking. I know him well… and know his great, great grandson from my timeline. It helps us break the ice more easily. Luna bless him, insane as he is he’s done all he can to make this %#@$ %@#$@ #@$@#$ of a deal more easy.” He says with all the charm of a wastelander. He takes in one more deep pull on a cigarette. “No smoking inside?” He asked with a frown, none vocally showing how much he did not care for how many hated smoking.
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    Lol Honestly, I don't even know. o3o Windward Breeze is a sailor pony who spends most of his time as a fisherpony, but is also known for being a spectacular freelance sailor. I just saw she was related with the sea, and thought "cool. I have one of those, too." Lol
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    *slides Aegis towards the fellow night guard bat.*
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    The stallion almost spit out the muzzle full of tea he had sipped right after giving permission for entrance. Professor Shimmer certainly made an entrance! She had charm, he couldn't deny it. He couldn't help but smile as he scooted off his armchair and trotted over to the mare casually leaning on his desk. "Well, th-this is a pleasant surprise!" He took a moment to compose himself, brushing his shaggy forelocks back over his horn. Of course the mess he called a mane sprung right back where it had been. He cleared his throat, shifting his glasses over his eyes. "Good to see you Sunset!" He laughed nervously, wondering why she'd chosen to make an appearance in his office. "Oh that!" He gestured towards his smoldering pipe. "Not air freshen per say, allium flower. Imported from the east where it grows sweet." The allium flower one was used to in their region would have distinctly smelled of onion. "G-glad you noticed though, of course-" He'd jumped over something very important in that previous sentence. Artifacts...Trixie...oh my! "O-oh! uhhhh, artifacts you say?" He got no further as Trixie made her way inside. "Hello there Trixie!" He greeted the mare as she set down the box. "Artifacts from Starswirl you say?" His eyes grew large at the prospect. Sifting through trinkets and such, some of which may be old and all of which were mysterious at this point. "Let's uhhh, take a look!" He took the sphere from Tixie's magic into his own. "This one I'll save for later then. I can see it has an incantation on it to say the least!" As he made his way towards the box, his magic aura already opening it he paused. "Can I offer either of you a cup of tea? I've got a very nice blend from Maretonia right now," He nodded towards the kettle and mugs not far away. Soon the box was opened and an item was levitating in front of him. It appeared to be a brass horn ring. "Hmmm, now this..." He sent a small burst of magic into the item just to make sure. "This is an ordinary horn ring. Well, let me rephrase that. It's an antique f-for sure. Probably from I'd say..." He levitated a magnifying glass over and peered closely at the inside of the ring. "Ah!" He squinted. "From this inscription mark it appears to be from at least the beginning of this century! A-a very nice treasure, but not a magical item." He levitated his cape from behind the door and settled it over himself. "This is probably going to take a bit of time," He nodded to the couch and various chairs in the room. "P-please make yourselves comfortable." As he worked he questioned them off and on. "So Trixie, where did you say you came across these items?" He spoke while moving items from the box and onto his desk. "Have either of you tried to activate any of these?"
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    早上好 ! • Good Morning ! You can call me Funky Fungi, but simply Funky or Fungi is good as a short alternative. I am currently a student who has a soft spot for science and hope to pursue a career revolving around such. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese, both the language and writing, and like to incorporate it in my virtual life as a way to further memorize and study them. I have been roleplaying for nearly six years now and I like to look back at my progress. I have experienced several scenarios and fandom roleplays with a number of individuals, and can safely say my skills have improved significantly. It has been a while since I roleplayed within the pony-universe, and I feel with the revival of my love for the show it is time I revisit this fandom for new memories. This is not my first time here on canterlot.com, in fact, I have been meaning to revive my old account. The past two years, almost three, that I have been exploring other roleplaying websites and fandoms, I grew distant from this one. I have progressed as both a person, and a roleplayer. Recently, I thought to log into my old profile and completely redesign it, but I decided to leave it as a reminder of my progress and instead start fresh. I have been a fan of My Little Pony for years, my childhood focusing on Generation 3 more than others. I remember when Generation 4 came to light, I was amazed by the complete redesign. The ponies were so much more animated than previous generations, I was on the fence for it but eventually grew on the show. My relationship with the Friendship Is Magic series was on and off, and only recently with the closing of the story, I have decided it is time to revisit the old memories. I cannot say I have a favorite pony in particular, but I've always had a place for Zecora in my heart... though if I had to choose, Rarity's dramatic personality never fails to give me a laugh or two. I cannot wait to finally get through the series entirely, rather than watch little snippets, and to fully understand the new species and ponies they have introduced in my absence from the fandom. Looking back on what I remember, the style of the show has improved and opened a door for endless possibilities in the fandom. I am especially excited about learning more on the Kirin species. That being said, I cannot wait to create improved original characters and blow the dust off the part of my mind that roleplayed in the pony-universe. It is great to be back, I hope to make an impact within this community and find the time to get to know others once again! 再联系 ! • Let's stay in touch !
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    What a cutie. Love the colors. :3
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    Oh, Canterlot.com has their own map of Equestria (and others) that they use to establish the canon for this site. On this map, the southeast is the Seasaddle Bay area. Anywho, if you upload a copy of your map, I wouldn't mind going by it, instead, for the purposes of an rp with Salty. [edit] There is a bay between Itaily and Prance that isn't labeled. That could be Horseshoe.
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    She looks older then in her prior pictures. Which makes sense I guess? She's much more experienced mare after all. To be honest, it will take me a long time to think about her with that mane color, but at the same time, I approve how much more like her mother she now looks. Overall, high quality, as always.
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    Such a cutie. Great work as always, Pressy!
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    really well done arts here!
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    Once the comic was in it’s place, an assortment of magical lights appeared and disappeared. In moments, the three were no longer in the room, but they were staring at the first page of the comic with the “Blood Death Manor 2” logo and the image of a creepy old house. Both the dragon and cat’s eyes light up as they saw the home. “Oooh!”, Knife was the first to react. “I know this place! Oooh!”, the dragon bounced up and down. “This is the creepy Haunted Stables ride at Whinny World!”, this caused the cat to react in surprise. “My big brother Dagon and I rode it a bunch of times.....”, she was very happy to see the old house, “Mom and Dad took us to Coltifornia for one of their conventions, and let us go to the nearby theme park...And while they had Sploosh Mountain which was fun, we kept coming back to the creepy old house.", There was a small set of instructions by the flat image of the house. "This is really cool. This couple move into this big mansion and one finds out.....", she was quickly cut off by the cat. "Hey!", she growled. "Don't ruin it..", she pointed at the rules. "Not sure if Daze has been on the ride yet....So don't spoil it.", she pointed to the board. "This is one of the comics that gives us extra points for playing our parts as this isn't just us going to a haunted house, we are playing characters from the original, family-un-friendly version of the ride that Claude Goats wanted...Spooky, but they watered it down a bit to make it suitable for every creature", she sighed. "Claude later published his original story in both book and comic book form." The three were now wearing different clothing than before. Daze was now wearing an horizontally striped yellow and blue t-shirt and blue short-pants, with white socks and red horse-shoes along with an red cap with a blue bill. "You're now Golly Hooves. An happy-go-lucky teen with a dream of playing it big at Hoof-Ball. You're super brave and more than ready to take on a bully and give him 'what-for'." The dragon started to chuckle. "Heh. Golly Hooves." The cat continued, "Knife, you're his little brother, Bratty Hooves.", this caused the dragon to let out a groan. She was wearing similar clothes to her 'big brother', except her shirt was white and red. She also wore her cap backwards! "You're an rambunctious kid who is kind of er....", she was trying to find the right word. "Er. Dumb. You're more than happy to blunder into trouble, which only your big brother can pull you out of." "I am.", she glanced down at her clothing. She wore an plaid pleated skirt, with a pair of white bobby socks, a pair of Penny Loafers and an nice dress shirt. "Just says I'm the girl...Ugh. Golly Hooves' number one girl.", she cringed as the name was read. "Boopsy Belle. Oh sweet mercy.", after giving the dragon a horrible glare, DARING her to laugh, the cat continued to read the instructions. "We get more points if we act like this characters. And this story was written years ago..Back then when ponies would attend sock-hops and said "Gee-Whiz" a lot. So Golly. You're a hero.", she turned to the Pegasus pony. "You're always saving our useless behinds from all kinds of danger and you're full of Pep and Vinegar. Whatever that means. While, I'm the 'Girl'. I'm actually a good deal more useless than Bratty...Everything scares me, and I have to whine constantly....Bratty.", she looked over at Knife. "You're not afraid of anything and will constantly go running towards spooky sounds, creaky doors and squeaky floors. If you see a ghost or other monster, you have to charge towards it while shouting, "Let me at 'em" "To win this comic, we have to survive the house till sunrise. We loose a ton of points if Bratty or Boopsy dies...But if all three of us die, we lose. Got it?" Once Daze was ready, they entered through the first page and into the comic.....
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    Eternal rest doesn't sound too bad at this very moment.. Impulsions 2:24
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    Name: Rex Aurea Caelo Sex: Male Species: Bird people from the movie (Dunno their name.) Gray parrot. Age: Adult Eye Color: Golden yellow Character Color: Gray, mixed with white in small dots over his body Mane/Tail: His mane, as it were, is a short mohawk that flops over towards his right side, the back half being a pale yellow and the front being a dark red. Physique: He is a very well-muscled bird, indicative of someone who works out a lot and keeps himself in shape. He is of average height for his kind. Residence: Roam Occupation: Actor and painter, occasional sailor to find new subjects for his art. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Mimicry; He is able to mimic many different sounds, on top of voices, making him very good at voice-acting or sounding different when acting in general. Memory; To compliment his mimicry is his great memory that allows him to store the different sights and sounds in his brain for later use whether that is mimicking the sound or painting a picture. Agility; He is deceptively agile, despite his musculature, enough that he is an effective member of a ship's crew, which is often how he pays his way. Combat Training; He has trained in hands-free combat, as well as utilizing knives or, his favorite, a gladius in one hand with the other empty. He mostly trained to make combat scenes more realistic and to protect himself and those around him. History: Growing up was a rather pleasant experience for him, with two loving parents in a peaceful town. He found his love for art early on, often drawing pictures of the surrounding landscapes and the people around them. Unfortunately that meant he started running out of subjects as he grew up, which drove him to explore wider and wider areas in search of more subjects for his art. At the same time, his growing knowledge of sounds made him start to explore his abilities in mimicry. The crowds he sometimes drew would awaken his desire to become an actor, and he continued to expand outwards until he hit the sea. The only way he could keep going was to become a sailor, and so he did. Life on the sea was actually pretty nice, and he enjoyed it until he found Roam. Inspired by the city and its architecture, he made his home there. He explored still from time to time, but now he always returned to Roam eventually. Personality: He is generally a very nice person, donating extra proceeds from his work to those in need and keeping only enough to keep himself living comfortably with a safety savings to fall back on. He'll often play small pranks using his mimicry, though he kept it small in most cases so they were seen as jokes. He is very patient, rather slow to anger and only really fighting when it’s necessary. Summary: An artistic bird that enjoys helping those in need.
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    Taira listened curiously as Blueblood explained the situation with the feline scent clinging to him. It was such an old scent, the type that you'd think to find in some musty old tomb. The old dog brightened up as he heard some details. Nilaavin must be a sphinx: How incredible! Taira may be almost as old as the last sun princess, but there were many things he'd never gotten to see. A Sphinx was one of those very things. When he was a pup his traveling uncle used to share stories of all the creatures that lived across the seas: Such stories were what inspired him to want to travel in his old age now! The revelation of Blueblood's new position as archancellor of the school brightened the yokai even further. "It's a shame I don't have a mug in my paw or I'd raise a drink to you. Maybe once I get some time off we can celebrate! ... And as for your students and friends." The wolf smiled over to Dunnie and Zelda. In the case of the former creature he noticed the stare. "Wonderful to meet more of a friend's Friends! " The wolf rubbed at his muzzle once in case some bit of suds might be clinging to the end of his nose, "As For your students I can tell they must be fun to work with! The pink one isn't lacking in energy and the Blue looks like the sort who thinks often ... and may work himself up with such thoughts." He snickered as he caught the bluebirdcat sneaking another look at the fluff of Zelda's chest. While a certain prim and proper pony not far off was looking rather stressed, Taira offered his hoof to the griffin and pegasus. "Again, wonderful to make your acquaintances. I'm Taira of the Northern Neighponese Misty mountains. I hope that the both of you are enjoying this cider season!"
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    Oh, wow. That was a very, very large dog working the treadmill on that machine. Not only very large, but also enveloped in an aura of smoky clouds that blended in with illuminated markings across his body. As the creature responded to Blueblood's wisecrack, Dunnie could only watch in awe as the creature moved legs and jaw. Only after a familiar voice entered her ears, did she realize that she was staring. Her cheeks flushed red as she took a deep breath. Her reaction can't be that bad, can it? She smiled as she laid eyes on the black griffoness. "Hey." Dunnie said back, then paused a moment, "Hay is for horses." "I haven't seen you in a while. I think you've gotten a lot taller." Dunnie grinned at the black catbird. While Blueblood was distracted, she dropped a bit of her own cider into his mug to give him a little more. He had saved her a spot, afterall, and he was the one excited about all of this. On time with Zelda's cheer, she took a sip. After a gulp she was starting to realize why ponies lined up for this stuff. The flavor, apple, acidity, smooth. All with the zing of fermentation at the end.
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    Cool! You'll have infinity days off!
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    Apple Bloom fell back from the counter, wiping the hard-earned sweat off of her brow. A few customers were getting a bit antsy with their words, saying how it wasn't right how some ponies got cider and others didn't and what a waste of time it was. Yet they'd be back tomorrow and Apple Bloom'd serve 'em all the same. The Apples well knew the passions their products could easily inflame in the hearts of others and didn't hold against them the flowing filth that screeched out of some mouths. If you were denied a taste of heaven, wouldn't you be cranky? Speaking of cranky, Apple Bloom had to roll her shoulder once or twice to get some soreness out of it. Talk about a workout! "Wooo-wee Applejack, that was a good first day! Mah crank-hoof's gonna feel it once tha season's over. Whatcha want me ta do now?" the filly asked as she approached her sis, ready and willing to take some additional orders. Hours had passed and the day grew long but her energy had yet to be fully spent. -------------------------------------------------- Somecreature whose willpower for the day had been spent was Gallus, whose mouth was agape at the knowledge that the day's cider had been sold. They had all year to prepare for this and they ran out this quickly? It was busier than it had any reason to be yeah but did they really just prepare a few hours worth of cider and then pump more for the next day? That was absurd. This as absurd. Everything was absurd because he didn't have a mug of cider and he could smell it and it smelled good. Damnit! "Oh what, really? You're out already!? I thought the Apples were supposed to be good at preparing for this event!" He yelled, though it would be hard to be heard over the din. It died down quickly enough- ponies held their anger so briefly. Good on them. Good for him. That meant he'd be the one to get cider at some point. Forcing his anger to evaporate was Silverstream's excited report about a new type of pony and how excited she was to know that this line provided for something else other than fuel for Gallus' frustrations. It, for example, gave him fuel for another idea. "Yeah...well I guess we'll have to come even earlier tomorrow. Hey, Silverstream- wanna camp out here together? You might need to go and get a tent or a bag though. I don't have a lot of room," he offered, happy to spend time with a friend rather than alone. Especially with that black griffoness and her indecent floof.
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    Zap loved spending time in his airborne mother's house. It was a change of pace. Farm living was what shaped his bring-up the most, but his pegasus nature could not be overlooked and a place that was basically a floating cloud appealed to the young winged pony's internal instincts. As a plus, there was no high chair! Zap was starting to grow, much to the surprise of all the older ponies around him. They always commented on how much he had done so. He was ready to move on though. Move on from the high chairs, and the strollers, and the leash. A makeshift leash made from traditional rope Applejack made in order to keep her flighty son from getting away on what she deemed mandatory walks. Emphasis on the walk. "Hm-hmm!" Zap agreed, as he finished the last of his applesauce and stepped off his cloud chair to walk around the kitchen. Zap knew his mothers had big plans for today, but he had always assumed that he would join them. He always did. Why would they have someone watch him? And who was this him? "Who is watching me?" As Rainbow Dash continued to quickly throw some of Zap's things in the living room for activities, she mentioned his name was Gallus. "Gallus?" Zap tilted his head and spoke with a little adolescent sass. "Is that one of the Wonderbolt reserves?" In truth he was thinking about Soarin, who had been a professional Wonderbolt for many years, but always appeared to Zap as much less competent than his mother. He had met him once during a Wonderbolt social event. As Dash flew around the rooms to gather material for him, he quickly got the feeling that he would be left out, and he did not like the idea of having somepony he didn't know watch him for an entire day, while his parents had fun without him. "But, Dashie." Zap knew Applejack as mom. And Rainbow Dash had gotten regulated to the cute shorter version of her name. But sometimes a Momdash would slip. "I don't want to stay here and be foalsat. I wanna go with you and Mommy." Suddenly he heard with his mother the descending flapping of wings followed by a confident knock on the front door. It didn't have the same familiar pound that usually would come from the hard surface of a horseshoe.
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    The indignation Sugar Apple felt on his behalf couldn't help but buck Earth up just a little, enough to lift his head up and give a little smile, as well as take a little food. The food seemed to help, too; poor stallion had probably been getting a little low on his blood sugar. But with nourishment came equanimity, and despite the soiling of his reputation, Earth Writer was still enough of a journalist to be able to see both sides of a story. "To be perfectly fair, at least to the editors, it's hard to argue that I deserve a second chance when so many hungry writers with potential haven't even gotten their first yet. Especially when all I've got to show for my recent work are stub articles in trashy tabloids. The things I do to eat..." He let out a breath that tried and failed to be a laugh. Even if he was being a fair critic of himself, he still felt hard done by. "So, I don't blame them so much. But being barred from the Veiled Garden? I don't know if I did anything to upset the proprietor personally or what, but whatever happened there, so many half-truths and lies sprung out of that situation that it's pretty much killed most of my social connections. Which, for someone trying to make a living as a writer already precariously, is pretty much career-killing." He sighed again, returning to his food briefly before looking up again. This time, able to meet the mare's eyes. "It's let me know who my real friends are at least. Didn't have as many of them as I first thought, but I still have some. It's why I'm not dead in a ditch right now, frankly." Even though, if he was honest with himself, he sometimes wished he was- No, shake that thought. Sugar didn't deserve to deal with that baggage. "So... how have you been doing? I don't want to take whatever time you have just for my troubles; you don't look as if you've had much for yourself lately."
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     Rainbow flew close to her little guy, proud as she could be! He was already a strong flier for his age. Yep! He was probably better than she'd been at his age! He would definitely make a great flier someday. Her heart soared with the possibilities. He could be more than she ever was and that was all she could hope for. Of course she also wanted him to follow his dreams. She'd share her' dreams with him slowly over time and in the end, he was free to choose what was best for himself one day. Of course she did hope in flight tournament trophies and Wonderbolt colors but she'd let him have his own choice when it was time. Up, up, up they went. A little at a time until they past the roof lines. Wow! He didn't start to slow down until they had almost gone above all the trees! When she could see he was beginning to flag she flew under him and bolstered upwards. This would make him feel like he was climbing higher on his own but also he'd know she was right under him in case anything happened. This way they'd be able to progress safely and at a good rate. The pair continued on, into the brightness of day and towards a very special place Rainbow had in mind. It wasn't long until the outlines of that place came into view...the Wonderbolt training academy! "Almost there Zap! You still feeling good? You're flying is great!"
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    Seaquestria? Seriously? That sounded so made up. And she mentioned -dry- ground? Did her kind escape that bloated snow-baboon by hiding in the clouds? Or did she mean she lived under the sea? Like a sea-pony? But she was an.... Ugh, it was far too early to be thinking so much. She just needed to be patient and wait in line like a good little birdie and soon she would have her fancy pony apple juice and then her friends would shud-up about it already! It was like this every year! Did you go to the opening day of cider season? No. I had to work. Did you go to the opening day of cider season? No, I want to sleep in that morning! This was supposed to be the best of the best! Something to make your feathers stick up! The black griffon did roll her eyes up a little when the pink gal mentioned something about vampires. Oye. A somewhat familiar voice called out to her. She turned. "Oh.". Yep. Fire Walker wasn't messing with her. What was his...her name now? Donnie? Dander? Danny? Dunnie? Drander? Flanders? Oh crap. The big griffon gave her old friend a hug. "Hey...Haven't seen you in ages....", she purred. It took her a moment to figure out what she was doing with Blueblood, when she remembered the little job he..she...Fire and Muggo went with him all those years ago. She wanted to say a few more things, but someone, or somepony was trying to get her attention. "Oh. Last mug?", were the others going to have to wait until the next day to have their cider? Holy Moley! "Thanks kid.", she handed over the bits and took the glass. "Hey Brownie...If you want half my glass, just ask...Feel odd drinking this right in front of you.." She took her sip. "Mazel tov!"
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    Taira kept up his run on the mill, "I understand." he said with a nod of his head. He kept the response short since he wanted to save his breath for this sustained sprint. The wolf was mildly miffed knowing he'd be on longer than usual, but he gave his word and there was no way he was going to break it. If he was in this for the long haul there was no use crying about it... At least the scenery was nice. In the crowd he saw Blueblood looking his way and gave the prince a smile from the distance. He could also see quite a few interesting faces. That blue Griffin was interesting to watch awkwardly talk with that admittedly attractive member of his species. It was almost like watching himself as a pup talking to the rest of the pack on the mountain. The rest in the line that caught his attention were so fascinating looking. Was that a griffin with the hindquarters of a pony and a stallion with bat wings?There were so many he'd need to make sure to pester... someday he'd have to sneak into that school and see what the fuss was about.
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    Apple Bloom served others as she spoke with the Chancellor. Would Bluebelle get an extra mug today? Hmm, the thinking cap had to go on for Apple Bloom to ponder that question. Would Bluebelle count as a different pony, or were Bluebelle and Blueblood the same person when it came to what mattered most? Which, today, was a mug of cider. The sound of a barrel changing behind her told her what the answer was. “Heh, sorry ta say but nope! Bluebelle or Blueblood, yer still Blue ta me! Now come on by tomorrow, yer gonna be able ta get yerself another mug regardless,” she said with a wink. And soon after she said that it was as if the swarm continued, and Apple Bloom could scarcely say a goodbye to the noblepony before she was working the cider as quickly as possible. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Yep! It's a new blend!” Two bits, mug. “Hehehe, well, there'll be more tomorrow!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Ah'm movin' as fast as Ah can.” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Stop yer pushin' and pullin' back thar!” Two bits, mug. This here is a REAL workout! It went on for a very long time, it felt like. Mug after mug, customer after customer. As Apple Bloom pumped the cider and continued the sales she could feel the contraption knocking around some empty barrels, a number that grew and grew. She didn't know how long it all went on but it certainly felt like a while. She wasn't sure how much cider they had left but she was sure they had enough to make another batch or two of Sweet Apple Acre's sweetest customers satisfied. Like the next one, Midnight Oil. Apple Bloom didn't see many batponies around Ponyville. They weren't unheard of mind you, but they certainly were a rare breed apart from the others in the more rural parts of the land. His wings were really different from pegasi wings and a different coloration to boot. His eyes were super pretty too! “Howdy there! Nice ta see y'all makin' it out. Ain't seen you before! What's yer name, stranger?” Apple Bloom asked as she poured out a nice mug, this one flowing over so slightly with the foam, sending it across the table with energy as she collected the bits. @Skycoaster
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    Zap was born in a barn to earth ponies. He spent a great deal of time inhaling the rustic air that blew through and around the apple orchard. And mother Dash was there, too. But almost like a visitor. Zap understood that his pegasus mom did not live where he lived, but he never knew why. His imagination might have brought him to conclude that Rainbow Dash never sleeps and thus never needs a place to lay her head. But that would be proven incorrect as a few times he saw her napping on a cloud, the same way Granny Smith did in a rocking chair, albeit with a little less grace. So the excitement in Zap Apple rose as he realized he was going to visit the place where she lived. Was this house a place where he could sleep? Where there toys there? "Oh. Kay." Zap muttered as he tried to ready himself for a high flight. He knew how hard this was for him, but he only needed to trust his mother to help him get to the destination. He started to flap his wings quickly, at first with irregularity and then consistently. He hovered slowly up and attempted to increase his speed upwards. He dared not look down, knowing that even if he doesn't fear heights, that he gets distracted by how excitingly far away the earth had become. He was able to flap his wings without strain by the time he could see the tops of all the buildings in Ponyville. Zap Apple started to grimace as he started noticing the tops of trees underneath him. His ascent would continue but at a slower rate.
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    RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Reckless was a liiiiitle late getting herself up and outta her tent. "Whew! What in Celestia happen-..." Her exclamation cut off as she realized she wasn't the only pony around. It was true though, Celestia only knew what she'd gotten into last night. She was, in fact, in a line... a very long line. "Why was I here again?" She tapped chin thoughtfully for a moment before the commotion further up the line drifted down to her. "Ah! Sweet Apple Acres cider!" She trotted in place for a moment, excited to taste some of that amazing golden goodness! She just wished she didn't have to wait in this dang line! The hybrid bat checked out the scene. Lots of ponies, yep, looooots of ponies. Most were run of the mill regular Ponyville ponies, bleh. Boring. Some were a bit more flooty and snooty, and some were ahha! Some were famous! She spied the pretty no, beautiful pink unicorn up at the front of the line. "Well, if I'm gonna do this I better do it right!" She ran a hoof through her mussed up hot pink mane to "fix it" as best she could. The bat pone trotted up like she owned the place, ignoring the ponies along that way that gave her stares of irritation for cutting the line. "What?" She smirked at one such fussy bottomed pony. "I'm just gonna go say hi to my friend!" A little closer and she could see that that same beautiful unicorn, who just happened to be fairly famous too, was hoofed over a mug of the good stuff! "Perfect timing!" She slowed to a calm walked and sidled up next to the fancy mare. "Hey there sweetness." Her words issued silky smooth like the feel of that perfect cider.
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    Apple Bloom had to stop herself from giving a bit of an impish squeal. Why, Stella was even prettier and nicer inpony than she had imagined! She even hooved over her bits with grace as Apple Bloom talked up the cider she now held in her hooves. “Oh, its real good! This year's vintage got tha intense passionfruit-like aroma of freshly picked and pressed Jonagold and Porter’s Perfection apples, flourishin' all nice like! Try it, you'll be hooked,” she said confidently before the rush of customers once more stole her attention. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “See ya!” Two bits, mug. “Chiao!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Ahriivahderchi!” Two bits, mug. This is really hectic...but kinda fun! Another customer, a more regal sort. Apple Bloom knew this fella well enough. He was Prince Blueblood after all, and anypony who knew anything knew about the little side nobility that didn't much matter to anypony but themselves. Blueblood had a poor reputation at one point but his work with IMAGINE had turned that around pretty well, and everypony liked Princess Bluebelle! She was the Chancellor of the big school after all. So was Blueblood. Bluebloodbelle? It was hard to get it all right. She reckoned she'd just be as simple-minded about it as possible. If she got it wrong how could anypony be angry at her? “Hey there, Chancellor Blueblood! Fancy seein' yer fancy self this mornin'. Ah forgot, was it cold or hot drinks that did all the magical thingamajig?” She asked as she took his bits and sent over a foaming mug of ice-cold cider his way. So that was Silverstream's excuse? Well, knowing her, he could safely file that as a reason and less of an excuse. She rarely needed good cause to do anything at all as simple flights of fancy were things that well suited her on any given day. Still, she had better things to do than waste her time on this 'line'. “For all this? The cider better beat the expectations. I mean, its just an fruit drink. How big of a deal could it possibly be?” He said, looking around. “I guess a big deal. Maybe ponies in these parts are just really bored. It is a farming village, after all,” he said, turning around to catch Silverstream. He was deafened as she saw a batpony and flew up to it, touching it and being very invasive. Silverstream and her curiosity was almost as powerful as his desire to get his way through the line. Almost as powerful, anyway. He knew enough about batponies to know they were ponies with some bat features and were the rarest of the tribes. Maybe if he had his 'Stamp Once For Every New Creature You See And Befriend' Diversity Card for a free lunch in Canterlot he'd bother but he also figured that joke was played out. He turned his head back towards the crowd and tried to find a way through it, the noise of the crowd drowning out Zelda's rabid defense of the Lunar Guard as Gallus looked at the counter and saw some sloshing cider and felt a thirst that was different from the thirst he had felt just a minute or so ago start to build within him. @PrinceBlueblood
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    The gorgeous mare was fixated on her mane when she heard a deep, confident voice. The voice was rather familiar, something she's heard before. Her eyes caught him curiously, his tall stature barely taller than her own. He was muscular, with a beautifully flowy mane that she really admired. He was blonde, which really came off as a normal royal color, as with his bright white coat. The mare was fascinated by him, even just from the first look. He probably had a million mares all over him. She could completely understand that, but she did have a little self control. She looked at him with a glint of curiousness in her eyes, "Ah- why yes! You've probably seen me before. I'm the one and only, Bellissima Stella." She went and bowed traditionally, like a normal sophisticated mare would. Bell was proper, and respectful, only at first though. "You look familiar yourself, yes?" She looked ahead, as the line in front of her started moving. Everypony seemed to be enjoying each other on the farm, as Bell would expect in Ponyville, or close to Ponyville. This seemed to be the friendliest place in Equestria after all, or so she's heard. She wasn't keen on such positivity, as she grew up solo and only knew how to rely on herself. Bell was used to all the conversation around her though, as everywhere she went there seemed to be a group of ponies around her. The pink unicorn was keen on attention. Anyhow, the line was moving rather quickly, and faster than she was aware, she was already in the front of the line. Then there stood a little yellow earth pony, who looked to be rather excited to see her. Bell shrugged at her optimism, then smiled at herself for the sudden attention she was receiving. The little filly began talking, which made Bell nod her head. "Hello, there. I'm glad to be here!" The unicorn then put on the fakest, largest smile she could muster. "I couldn't dare not show up for this cider! I heard it was the best in Equestria, anyhow." The slender unicorn went for her bag, pulling out four bits: two for the cider, and two as a tip to the little filly. Surely the tip would keep the little filly satisfied with how amazing Bell is, surely. She used her magic to levitate the bits into the pile, and she looked at Apple Bloom with a smile. "That will be enough, yes? Surely it shall."
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    Magnus simply returned the female griffon’s nod, looking around at the rest of the line. Was that Blueblood back there? Huh, well that’s fine. When the line devolved into a mob, he growled in annoyance before starting to fight his way to the front. If they wanted to play this way, he was more than willing to reciprocate as he pushed through the crowd.
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     Not wanting to push the little guy too far on his lessons, Dash figured she would take him to see something that had inspired her as a budding flyer back in the days of her youth. It would involve a trip up to Cloudsdale but that wouldn't be a problem. Zappers had been up there quite a few times before, and had even been baby sat at her house one time. She blanched at the thought of getting her mess of a cloud house ready to accept not only her son but a babysitter too! Thankfully today it would just be her little guy and he didn't mind a mess. "Ok! We're gonna go up to Cloudsdale. Got something for you at my house and then..." She winked. "There's something super awesome to want to show you!" She would allow him to buzz as far up as he wanted and when he started to show signs of getting tired she'd bolster him up the rest of the way. "Let's get going!" She flexed her wings and did a few flaps, letting him move at his own rate. Someday he'd be able to make the trip all by himself but that would be a while still. Rainbow watched him with loving eyes, not wanting to miss a minute of time with her special little guy.
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    After spending a short minute with her customers who were all collecting themselves and coming out of their tents, Applejack trotted back to the business side of the selling booth and greeted her little sister's excited attitude. "Heh heh. Alright, AB. I want you on sellin' and pourin' duty. You can make sure the bits are being collected properly and you can be in charge of the cider pump. No one gets a drink without your permission." Applejack relayed to her the responsibility she was to hold, knowing full well she would take control of it like she owned the place. In several ways though, Apple Bloom did own a piece of what was going on. "I don't expect anyone to get irate today, but in case they do, you just let them know that you control the flow. Ain't nobody gonna get impatient with a strong cute little filly who delivers the goods!" Applejack glanced at Granny Smith's pocket watch and saw the clock within striking distance of the beginning of the sale. She knew that the first day was always the most hectic, but she was sure that they made enough cider for the first day to make several customers happy. The only worry is how many would be soured that they weren't able to try the first batch. Applejack leaned towards the megaphone and started speaking to everyone standing in the road. "Alright, ya'll. It's that time you've been waiting for all year. It's officially cider season!" Almost immediately, the booth was crowded by excited ponies and creatures reaching for a taste. Hooves, talons, wings, and claws all shoved for their chance to be allowed to drop two golden bits into the coffer on the table. What looked like a neat line of four-legged civilians was quickly turned into a mob of customers who were more keenly aware of the number of barrels waiting to be emptied more than their place in line. A line? This was no line. This was a free-for-all. Applejack quickly guarded the space by the keg so that Apple Bloom would have space to work. "Take it easy, everypo-, I mean, everyone. Be patient, and there will be enough cider for all." Current fresh cider supply: 100% They weren't kidding. Silverstream thought it strange that so many would camp out in order to drink a single cup of cider. To be fair, a lot of common things were peculiar to the hippogriff, but this was definitely an oddity on many scales. Silverstream decided to head over to the farm to see what the fuss was about, and well, she still wasn't sure. She could barely make out the words on the signage by the farm because she was standing so far back in what she guessed was the back of the line. Squinting, she looked ahead to see if she could recognize any students from the academy who decided to get up so early. She saw a lot of ponies she had never seen before. They may have not been from Ponyville. And she also saw non-ponies as well. And was that Gallus? It was! Positioned a few hundred meters from where she was standing, she could just make out his signature bright blue coloration. "Gallus!" She impatiently yelled, much to the detriment of those standing around her. It didn't appear that Gallus heard her, so she decided to fly up to where he was. A short minute later, she arrived hovering over her griffon friend and yelled again. "Gallus! This is absolutely insane! How long have you been in line?"
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    Waking up at the crack of dawn was not something that Dunnie was used to. At least, not anymore. However, camping was an exception no matter how close to civilization the camping was. These were also unusual circumstances for the mare, it seemed that Blueblood's collection of expensive drink would not be complete without some of that famous Ponyville cider, made by none other than the Apple family. Dunnie knew well enough that this was a popular enough occasion for the locals and some out-of-towners to break out the tents, so this had better be some good cider! She was trotting back along the endless stream of tents. Ponies waking up, milling about, preparing food or drink to start the day of waiting in line. Fortunately for her, she had a spot saved for her closer to the front of the line. Surprisingly so, since she had just arrived yesterday to find that her quarry had been camping early enough for him to get a good spot. Fresher cider, or something like that. As she trotted back up, she noticed that Blueblood was already awake and talking to a neighbor. She smiled and trotted past the pale pink pony and took a spot up next to Blueblood, where she would plant a kiss on the side of his muzzle. "Good morning." She opened up her wing to reveal a paper bag. "Got us some breakfast! For some reason, though, the only place open was the fast food restaurant." Guess they couldn't ditch work to snatch up some limited time cider. "Is this your friend?" She certainly was pretty, and definitely did not look like a local. A Canterlot native would not be far fetched.
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