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    "I said...er...", the griffon gasped, "We're all cabin and no engine." They were in the last cabin and apparently the Crystal Empire train did not have a caboose. They were going backwards and soon would hit one of those bad tracks. Without an powerful engine to pull it straight, they would probably tip over. Could they simply fly away? Not likely as the wind was really powerful. It almost reminded her of the cliffs near Griffonstone. "Ah crap.", she had her small travel bag with her art stuff, and an carry-on that contained most of her other stuff. She also had an larger bag that contained a few special outfits for certain occasions, but that bag was with the rest of the train and was still heading off to the Crystal Empire. They were going to need to jump. This she could see herself doing, along with the fit Pegasus mares, but the sight impaired little pony? Loose Cannon! She would require assistance! But the black bird would also need her bags. While her supplies were not intended to help her survive in the middle off the frozen wilderness, it would still be of use. A few bottled waters. Some salmon jerky. Once Golden Daze found her way out of the train, the griffon grabbed her one bag, "Bag overboard!", she called out. Or was it over-train? She wanted to make sure the ejected mare knew what would soon be coming her way. "Er, Miss Cannon? I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I'm going to help you get off this train..", Zelda made her way near the mare, "Get your bag if you have one, and I'll get you out of here nice and safe." After she gave the pony a moment to collect her things, the large bird quickly lifted up the mare and went towards the exit, "Just try to curl into a little ball...These clothes I'm wearing are thick enough to protect us both...." Once she found the right timing, Zelda leaped off of the train with her 'passenger'....Into the cold, white, fluffy stuff....
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    Right after she spoke her words felt like she might have gone out for a moment there because she felt a skip in her hearing. As strong as one could be there are still ways to get a concussion. Luckily this one wasn't so bad. "Hey... is that the light?" She joked to herself, that was the expression right? She was aided by the forces of the two pegasi as they pulled the rubble off of her. "Yeah, yeah... yeah... yeah... everything's fine. Not dead at all. Thanks. Yeah... yeah." She probably didn't sound alright, but she definitely was. Honest! "Is this stuff all yours? I didn't put anything up there. Just my luck to be standing under there." She wasn't really in the condition to investigate but she said she would. She got up off the ground and stumbled her way over to the door for a moment. Yeah, it was cold, in comparison to the indoor temperature, no big deal, for the moment. She could definitely hear the sounds louder. Sounded a lot like the connection. But she couldn't really tell in her current state, the wind was messing up her accuracy. She almost reached down to touch when she heard Daze's observation. She jerked her hoof back. No, she wasn't messing with it anymore. She went back inside. "So my random arbitrary knowledge has made me the expert in this situation? Man, you must totally be relying on my excellent observation skills. My conclusion? We might be hanging on barely. But maybe we'll be ok-" Wait, that didn't feel right. Were they slowing down? That might be a good thing actually if they're stopping to fix the connection. Although how would they know. Unless... wait, what two cabins? "Wait, what did you say?" She asked the Griffon.
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    "Since there were no griffons in the 'Empire' after it was returned to the erm. Present time, I can probably assume those who lived there might have left before it was conquered.." There was another bump. This put an quick end to her sketching. Still, she would have plenty of time for her art. For now, she would enjoy the new company.. "I hope we all manage to learn a few things while here...The art...history...And even your racing event..", she returned her pat and sketch pencil back into her pack. "As for the settlement, he said it was just some random tower, so it was probably really hard to find..." Brrr. It was starting to feel a little colder. Did their cabin's heater break? Zelda scooped up her jacket and slid it on. Much better. With her gloves on, she was fully dressed to be outside. Combined with her natural fur coat, she should be able to handle the outside, even away from the kingdom itself. But this was something she had no desire to try out. She let out a painful squawk as a rather heavy bag fell upon her. "Yow!" Was someone attending a bowling competition? Was someone studying to become a blacksmith and brought their anvil along? She could almost see stars. Oh, there was Songbird Serenade....Sapphire Shores....Baby Snooks...And now a word from our sponsor...Terrible Headache. "Thank you...", She smiled weakly as the heavy bags were removed. Nothing worse than starting a vacation with an bruised beak and an damaged head. She slowly got up from her seat and followed the others. "I may have some brain damage, but I'm pretty sure our train consisted of more than two cabins." While the next cabin was still barely connected, the griffon pointed out that there was no cabin connected to that one! And they were slowly starting to go backwards......
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    The train was shaking violently, as the clinking started getting more loud and kinda annoying, to Daze at least. Everyone was suffering the attacks of the shaking, like they were all in the middle of an earthquake or something. Daze wasn't feeling it, like actually. She was kind of getting sick from the sudden jolts the train made. Good thing she had wings, or she'd be left on the ground like the others, who seemed to be suffering more. Especially when luggage piled on top of them like a Jenga game. "Okay, now I think the outside is much safer." She flew over to the pile of creatures and helped get the heavy suitcases off the ground. "Everyone alright? No one's dead? Bleeding?" Daze was going a little excessive with the questions, but she felt it was necessary to add a little humor to the commotion inside the train. Everything seemed tense to the gold mare, especially from the shaking, which was still going on. It was really hard to keep her balance. As everyone struggled with the shaking, Daze finally went to the door which led to the outside. "We gotta check this stuff out, because I honestly don't think any of this drama is normal." She then blinked. "Well, I know none of this is normal- You know what I'm saying." She then slowly opened the cabin door, wind rushing into the room immediately. The wind was so strong, it sent Daze back a little. The one thing the bandaged mare noticed though, was that the clinking got even louder. "You all here that?" Daze's ears twitched as she looked down at the two hooks that connected the two cabins together. The hook that was connected to their cabin, was barely hanging on. "Um, guys?" The mare turned around, with a confused but scared look on her face. Daze's anxiety was off the roof. "Is this type of thing normal? Like the hook things. Ours is barely hangin' on." She looked back outside, then two the other three. She then looked at Loose, pointing her head towards the open door. "You know a lot about trains, you go see if that thing is normal."
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    Fire Walker could not help but feel she needed to say something, but she was not there to argue with her beloved. She was there simply to open the door and serve some refreshing beverages. Most kingdoms outside of Equestria generally preferred to solve their own problems, and many would actually react rather negatively to offers of help. This almost felt like what she was doing with the whole ‘Twilight Guard’ thing. She was not only helping to protect Ponyville, but also train its residents on how not to become victims. On how to defend themselves and others from harm. And while the mare had once considered herself an member of Swift’s team, she simply no longer had the time to dedicate herself to his cause. She would be more than happy to help if needed. But for now, she needed to get her flank to bed. There was a rather lengthy scroll she needed to go through. There was also a need to see if she could convince the purple princess to see if she can switch to notepads or notebooks for her plans...As it was much easier to flip open a book as opposed to unrolling out a long scroll..... After taking a final sip from her cup, the mare slowly stood up, “I need to get up early tomorrow, so if you don’t mind, I will see myself out....Well, at least to my room..”, She gave her very special stallion a quick kiss on the cheek. “If you need anything of me, just leave me a little note on my door or in my mailbox. Which is by the entrance.”, There was a few boxes marked with an assortment of names of those who resided in the castle. “Good night dear Swift...And ladies..”, she gave a slightly sleepy smile to the trio, before she headed off to her room for some much needed shut-eye.
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    "Ah gotcha. My random knowledge came helpful for once," she replied to Khamsa, (or Fiver, she honestly preferred Khamsa in this situation). Her mother was the type to often learn about and remember arbitrary facts that got passed down. "Well, more than once, this isn't the first time, but whatever." She shrugged. "I want to say it's Griffon's integrated into pony society, but that's just judging from my own knowledge. There's still much more for me to learn about Crystal Empire lore," she said to Zelda. "I didn't hear much about the griffon settlement you talked about, but maybe I did and I just forgot about it." She could feel a chill go through herself. The air from the outside seemed to be seeping through inside now. She wanted to trust the authority of the train service. There's no way they would travel in these conditions. However, it felt like the conditions were very borderline. She went through her bag again. A bunch of winter gear including a blindfold for the potential weather. Her eyes were not completely dead, they still had feeling, a bit too much feeling if you would ask her and that would not pair well with her habit of keeping her eyes open. No problem with sunlight, but in cold weather, the wind and frost can suck. "Right, well, it seems you better get used to it because I don't think they're gonna end anytime soon," she replied to the flying pegasus. She thought for a moment. "I think there may be a pattern to the turbulence. Haven't quite figured it out yet..." "I think the clicking is coming from outside. I'll go check it out. I don't see what could be so scary about going outside for a moment, not like you're going to fall off, and as if that would be much of a problem for you." She pulled on her blindfold and got up from her seat moving into the aisle. A moment not too later, the train started shaking and she went down flat onto the floor. It was not the shaking, but the sudden barrage of items on top of her. "It... would seem... that the inside is more deadly... yeah."
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    Once the luggage issue was well and sorted out, Fiver let out a sigh of relief. It was still a shaky sigh, however given this very unusual situation. Fiver smiled at atLoose as she got back up, "Somehow I think we've all got a bit of bad luck tonight. Let's hope it doesn't last." She stretched her wings a moment, "... and Sorry about the luggage I think the shaking knocked mine loose. I don't think it's all mine." Now that she had her bag, Fiver may as well tote it with her on the way to the front of car. FIver's jaw dropped as she say the outside. "Um... Yeah... it uh did." The flyer took a deep breath and took note of the speed of the train. They were definitely slowing down. Cold winds were howling around the cabin. Visibility was low, so it was nearly impossible for her to tell just how far away their train had gotten from them. "Uhh... Well... if we've been detached from the train then... hangon. We're... goin backwards..." Wheels started clicking in her head and the Color drained from her face a moment. They must be on a incline, "Does anyone know if we were going up a hill... and how far we got? If we go backwards and keep gaining speed we might need to jump off this car."
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    Name: Braeburn Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth pony Pelt Color: Golden Mane/Tail Color & Style: Peach and golden/tan in large swaths in his mane and tail. Being a rough and tumble kind of pony has lead to his mane and tail being somewhat of a huge mess. Mostly he can hide the mane do under his Stetson but his tail is left to tangle in the breeze. Eye Color: A gradient of granny apple green. Cutie Mark: A red and ripe braeburn apple a'course! Physique: He's a bit on the lean side but muscled well enough to get the job done! He's determined and tough to the core which makes up for the fact that he might be a bit more willowy than some ponies with his occupation. Residence: Braeburn lives in the same farm house that he did when his parents first brought him to Appaloosa. He keeps it up as his parents retired and moved to Ponyville for a more clement environment. Occupation: Braeburn works on one of the oldest apple farms around. An original fixture from which Appaloosa sprung. History: Braeburn came with his family to AAAaaaapaloosa when he was just a little colt. His ma and pa brought him with them when they took the offer to help settle the lands out west. They were offered a sum of bits and their pick of land on which to farm. Since both his parents had been struggling to make ends meet they quickly jumped on the train as soon as the tracks were laid to this new settlement! Little Brae was soooo excited to get to his new home! He loved the dust, and the cactus, and the ranges and plains. So much more room than the little apartment he had been raised in in Vanhoover! This was going to be such an amazing adventure. He took to his new life like a duck to water as did his parents. Brae worked the apple farm with his parents, planting trees from seedlings of the first apple trees planted out west. He worked hard and became quite strong in the physical sense and in his nature. His pride for his work grew as their farm grew and soon they were exporting far and wide with the the sweet braeburn variety their farm was known for! His parents are now retired and Braeburn is the full heir to the farm! He hires ponies when needed to care for the modest orchards. Braeburn loves his family and his farm and hopes to someday have a family of his own! He's been known to give various ponies the eye but so far he hasn't found the stallion of his dreams... Character Personality: Brae is a fairly laid back pony unless e's crossed on anything to do with family or farm in that order. He's is loyal and true once his loyalty is won. His is an Apple so family ties run deep and true. He is fiercely protective of his farm and his way of life and can get rather ornery if anypony disagrees with him on pertaining issues. Brae loves to have a good time and can often be found at the cider saloon in his home town. He also has something of a singing voice and is a regular at song and dance nights. This stallion is not afraid to be up front of a crowd or to champion a good cause. He's up for adventures and though he'd hate to be gone for too long he does wonder what it would be like to get away from Appaloosa jut for a while and explore a bit more of Equestria. Character Summary: Loyal and true to the core Brae is a good son and a good friend. He puts others before himself and at the same time has great pride in his accomplishments as an apple farmer and resident of Appaloosa! He's got that wild west spirit inside and in most situations he's ready to willing to do his part to make his friends and family proud!
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    Slowly working on posts...slowly..
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    Some things can't be fixed, Rocky. Look at your virginity, for example.
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    Hiya! I'm up for somethin' if you're willing! I got my new character Alizarin Fruits who actually travels a lot to sell her fruits, or make fruit deliveries on hoof whenever she get's the call to do so. I think a journey based RP would be a great place to start! She's a little grump, but I think the idea of a journey type plot fits the deal.
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    Soz for the big delays. Can't say when I'll start posting again. Might do something small.
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    All cabin and no engine... who would have thought that choosing the last one would probably be a bad thing? Was this train cursed? It would seem awfully weird and strange for the train to just split like that and have no one notice. Supposedly. Maybe someone from the other side noticed? Sooner they noticed sooner they could come back for them? Although as far as she was aware the train wasn't designed to stay in this environment for longer than it needed to. It was probably safer for the train to continue and than send back help. From a selfless standpoint, she would go with that. From a 'she didn't want to die in this extreme moment' standpoint she hoped not. "Alright, yes jump. Yeah totally." She wasn't particularly sure if she leaving was any better than staying here. Sure there was turbulence and that, but she stood her ground, right? It seemed with no time to think, the group already made up their mind. "Make sure to roll when you land." She said out loud to no one in particular. It just went through her mind at that moment, probably wouldn't matter anyway because it's just snow. Unless it's ice. She hoped not. She would need to grab her stuff first. She didn't bring much with her, just one set of bags. She was not intending on spending a lot of time at her destination anyway. It was a good thing she didn't have to carry much through here. "Er, thanks I appreciate the concern, but, I'm sure I can take care of myself," She replied to the griffon while she was retrieving her bag. The Griffon probably didn't listen to her anyway. It took her a bit longer than she wanted to grab her stuff because it was a bit mixed up in the rummage and she couldn't really tell the difference. "Alright got it- hey!" she was yanked off the ground by the griffon who carried her towards the exit. She wanted to complain but in this situation any interruptions were ill-advised. Yeah, the train was totally cursed. The air outside was cold, she could feel it from the parts of her that weren't pressed up against the Gryphon. For a moment she thought it wasn't going to happen but it did and they landed on the ground a moment later. "Hey, uh Zelda... You can stop holding on to me now." Who would have thought she would be the one getting "rescued?"
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    Applejack seemed apprehensive or unnerved. Not unnerved exactly. Flustered? yes, Flustered. She didn't sit close. She scooted about awkwardly. Had some trouble starting up her speech. The situation seemed to put her into some strange spirit. One of Rarity's brows raised and her face was less than impassively concerned. Was there something wrong? Was she not comfortable? She opened her mouth to speak when Applejack started speaking herself, and the momentary uplift in Applejack's spirit was plain enough to see without interruption. She instead allowed herself to be transported to a better frame of mind, a better frame of time. Apple family traditions always put Rarity at ease. They had grown up in the same town but may as well have grown up in polar opposite worlds. Her parents were well to do and while her father was from Mustangia and carried along some traditions of the native Mustangs, neither were much for old familial traditions and the warmth and comforts of years gone by. They didn't disdain the past, not at all! Instead, they were forward facing to a fault. They were small-town wealthy and spent their money on luxuries. The Apple family was secretly incredibly wealthy, but also put that wealth into business nationwide. They revered the past and carried on traditions and customs that lived long in memory and would survive the passage of time. What they lacked for in immediate wealth they made up for in wealth of memory. Everything Applejack was and would be was tied up in the long and storied traditions and customs of her family. There was far more to their customs than harvesting apples and making pie, she knew that much- but the aforementioned fluster and bluster was masking it behind a veil of confusion that was striking her friend. Curious, no? "Oh, I am a bit chilly, I suppose," she replied evenly, her slight concern more noticeable than she would have otherwise meant. Her voice always carried a dramatic rise to it that was at times almost impossible to circumvent, her emotions equally worn and embellished on sleeves as embellished and stark as they were. Still, a blanket was welcome in all cases. She was about to ask if everything was alright when the show started, and her eyes were attracted to the lightshow on display. While in no way as much a fan of the art of the firework as Pinkie Pie, whose wild exclamations could barely be hard from where the Ponyville natives were stations, she certainly appreciated the intricate patterns of fire and light on display. Everypony was a weaver of some kind. Once you accepted that, you accepted so much more. "Oooh, what a show. You're right- she has pulled out all the stops this year," she said and then laughed, giving her friend a sideye smile, "makes me think she is trying to impress somepony. Who do you think the lucky stallion is?"
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    Welcome to the Explorers Society! The pub was founded many years ago by an adventurer named Bounder O’ Adventure and his fearless group of like-minded friends. They wanted a place they could hang out and talk about the adventures they had either been on or were about to start. They hoped to create a place they could hang photos and paintings of their adventures and friends. And where they could display mementos of their epic feats. The actual society held monthly meetings in an hidden room on property, but with the disbandment of the actual Society, the room had been unopened for decades. For all intent and purposes, the ‘ES’ was now basically a well themed pub. This pub still allowed story-tellers to sit by the fire and spin their tall-tales. Grateful pub-patrons had been know to send a few drinks towards the narrator, as long as he or she had a good yarn to spin. Two ponies slowly made their way through the pub, only stopping to admire the many paintings of adventurers of the past. The older pony, a red Pegasus coated mare let out a sigh as her eyes fell upon a particular painting. This one consisted of a rather heavy looking stallion adorned with an oversized white mustache that look up nearly half of his face and made him look like an elderly walrus. An neat little monocle and pith helmet completed the scarlet cheeked earth pony's 'uniform'. "This is grandpa and dad's old friend. Merry old 'Colonel Critchlow.", her voice was filled with respect and awe. "Once in a blue moon, we would pop over here and I would listen to the good Colonel's stories while dad would play cards or darts with his officer friends...And while I was told some of his stories were real, he generally liked to 'enhance' his tales....For the listener's sake." The younger pony nodded her head. Hopefully somepony would have a tale of their own to tell.
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    Grey had a feeling that in-fact his apology didn't truly reach her, but what could he do? Apologise again? That wouldn't work, would it? And it was the truth that Grey was a rather... curious pony, sniffing where he could, however he could. Knowlage was power, after all! But, it was also interesting, and this aspect of it was more appealing to Grey. So she had a close relationship with her father and they are running a farm togheter.... Grey started to take mental notes of this mare. An aspiring farmer mare seemed like she was truly made for this job, maybe not physcially but defenietly mentaly. "I see! It must be quite a lot of work to do when you two are working alone." He remarked, thinking for a bit. Probably hiring someone to help them would be a good idea, but Grey could guess from the part of her personality that she showed, that this wasn't a probable option for her. When the mare started to rather agressivly tell him that she was doing those walks of the time, Grey nodded, showing that he understands "Well, that doesn't mean that it is an easy or in any way efficient way..." It was rather a risky response but Grey hoped that maybe she won't react so harshly. Hearing the mare almost immidietly reject with an angry expression visible through her body, Grey took a step back and nodded "Well, if you don't want my help, I can so go..." He said before slowly turning to his side. But then, she seemed to start and think about it, which made the grey sallion smirk a bit. Two apples was a steal for such travel, and even more so in such rain. "Aye. Two apples, no less, no more." He said with a proud tone. Ha! So she did accept this deal. Great! It was going to be quite a trip. When the mare requested no magic to touch her precious fruits, Grey placed his hoof on his chest, around the place where his heart was "I promise that my magic will not touch your apples unless compleatly necessary" The tone was both playful and serious at the same time. He did really mean it, but it seemed a bit absurd to him to swear such thing. It was kinda funny, though. "Don't worry. I have my own stuff. I will go grab them. Just give me a second" His voice was now full of excitment. He traveled many, many times, but travelling with someone else was always exciting. And so, he quickly turned around before starting to jogg towards the tavern. He just bearly cought onto her name and quickly responded, by briefly turning around "The name is Grey Shield!" He shouted and ran into the tavern. It didn't tak him long to join her once again, this time with saddlebags on his sides, filled to the brim with all sorts of items "I'm ready"
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    The roar at first sent Valen stuttering back hoof over hoof into the statue in fear before the more rational side took over and made him pay attention to the actual voice. The voice behind teh roar. Confirmed not a moment later, it was his cousin, Applejack. Of course that didn't help entirely too much at first. Peaches had taken her form during the early part of the attack, and even Applejack's accent seemed...off. Heavier, thicker, like an actress almost. But the other voice came in clear as white wine and it was far more soothing. While all of the town's leading citizens had been replaced during that attack, Valen doubted that both the Changeling that took Applejack's form and the other one who took Rarity's were planning to meet up at this time, in this town, in their old forms, having such unusually simple banter. By the time Rarity's head poked around to give Valen a look, he had calmed down. Mostly. There was still the question of where he was and how he got there, but if he had suddenly fallen asleep due to some magical accident or something else alike, there was nothing he could do in this state to stop it. The two sauntered up to Valen and their presence helped soothe him, almost unnaturally so. Rarity's calm demeanor and kindness certainly played its role while Applejack's warmth and heart bled out of her, even if something about her accent still seemed odd. The scarf swiftly found a home around his neck and he breathed deep, his nerves calmed. Indeed, he was even forgetting his worry about how he got there. It was easy to forget about your worries when caught between the rocks of Rarity and Applejack. "Thank You, Miss Rarity. Truth be told I've been a little concerned on account-" he began easily before something happened. Rarity happened, to be exact. She gasped as she looked at him and implied something was DRAMATICALLY wrong. His nerves, so briefly set calmly down, blazed anew in the fires of Rarity's emphatic declaration. He moved in place with quick, terrified steps as he looked around himself, on himself, and soon backed up against the statue again with a panicked thunk, staring at both mares to and fro with hardly concealed panic. "What's wrong?! Applejack, Rarity, what's wrong?!"
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    “Well, hopefully not too dirty.”, the cat groaned, “Thankfully I have one of those Jachoovski™ type tubs in my room.", Hopefully once they snatched their thief, they could go back and soak for a bit in the nice, hot water. This also caused her to wonder about another thing. Once they pounced on their hoot-hooved hooligan, what could they do to him? They were not the police. Maybe this was an international super-crook? Wanted in five countries! They catch this pony perpetrator and end up with not only her necklace back, but an great big reward! Which would be split down the middle. Thrilly let out a chuckle, "If my brother heard that, he'd probably bust a gut laughing....Says I'm a dumb kit.....", she paused as the pony gave her a friendly petting. The flying acrobat turned a dark shade of red, that she hoped the Pegasus would not see with her light. As she was given the quick pet, she let out a purr. Thrilly was a cat after all and she really enjoyed a little affection. Before she could thank her friend, the rushing sound of water caught up with them. Once again, the cat was saved by her hero. "I think...", her red cheeks shifted to green, "Someone might have flushed.." Thankfully, this was an Canterlot sewer, so there was some room to fly, but not all the time. "You can fly, but please be careful and not too quick, as it appears the 'ceiling' drops...Our thief took a bad turn when he first entered the sewer and got caught on a pipe...He probably injured himself in the process." Would they be able to catch up with their crook before it was too late?
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    “Our thief must really think my necklace is something special to go through all this.”, normally, a thief would simply toss away his prize when it wasn’t deemed to be ‘worth it’, if his victims were this persistent. This would allow the horrible ne'er-do-well to get away while the others look for their item. Oh, if he dared to toss her grandmother’s necklace into the sewer. That would be horrible! She decided not to think of such things. The crook had it in his little white bag. Probably marked with an Canterlot Bit symbol. Thrilly smiled back at the adorable pony as she posed with her new helmet. “You look like you’re ready to go crawling through a nasty old sewer like a pro.”, she glanced down at the ground. If she had planned to visiting the famous Canterlot underground, she would have at least brought some boots. Oh, how she hated how her big feline nose could pick up every single scent down here. And from where she was standing, she was pretty sure they were not that far from an Mexicolt restaurant. “If I were you, I’d try my best to not get wet.”, she muttered as she checked for clues. “You sure have a lot of bandages on and if you get any nasty water in there....Oooh...” speaking of nasty, there was a bit of cloth....red cloth...Attached to the side of a rusty pipe...And an dent.. “I think our thief must have slipped into this pipe..Or maybe even clipped it and got snagged on this rusty pipe....nail...hatch thing...” No coin needed! “Let’s go this way!”, she pointed to one direction and quickly made her way down into the darkness.....
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    Hi! Call me Wisteria or Wis! I'm a freelance artist with a degree in animation and when I'm not drawing, I'm usually writing! I'm mostly here because I'm interested in RPing in the MLP universe, but I'd love to chat and make new friends, too. 😄
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    Back again after 3 years. I’ve missed...so much. I’m sorry to those I never replied to or never gave closure. I’m so sorry.
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    Aw sweet, fresh, meat minds. You will not hesitate your stay here. Unless you do. Please stay. Show me what you've got. @Kahoot we summon you. You are needed.
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    Smolder smiled to herself as she walked along the pony. She was rather surprised how much she liked this Valen. She originally had felt some ‘weird nerd’ vibes coming from him when they first met. And that might be slightly true as he was a bit of a nerd, but weird he was not. Just a talented little earth pony with big dreams. And she would soon have a fellow ‘knit-wit’* at her school. “Yeah. We recently learned our resident Yak really could have done without an low hanging skirt as their kind tend to be a bit...er...” Nice word. Nice word. Think of one. “Ungainly.." 'Word A Day' Calendar for the win! Spike's Hearth Warming gift actually wasn't so horrible after all. Hopefully she'll be able to use today's word, which was tergiversation. "And our school auditorium suffered for it." Silence and darkness. It sure was much colder than it was just a moment ago. The young earth pony was also now outside and very alone. An very old statue of Nightmare Night stood in the background. A word could be heard in the background as if the statue was speaking in a hushed tone. It spoke 'Peaches'. Peaches is here.' With the exception of ponies with an birch-pollen allergy, this word would not be considered very 'scary', well, maybe to a certain orange coated colt, it was absolutely horrifying!
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    I always go for the throat, Rocky. That's what wolves do. ALSO I LOVE IT PEMBY OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Colored I'm sure it'll be amazing
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    Despite the looming cloud of darkness hanging over the place, Blueblood couldn't help but feel a little lighter in his heart. It always happened like this, whenever he changed from a bystander to an adventurer. It was addicting, in its own way, which is why he kept doing it, even after so many harrowing and life-threatening experiences. Facing darkness with good fighting companions was just... right, in some fundamental way. Perhaps this is what Twilight meant, when she kept talking about the magic of friendship? "Excellent! Glad to see our little party gelling well." Yokai disguised as diamond dogs wouldn't necessarily be an easy sell with everypony, but it looked like Auntie Celestia was wise enough with her choice of lovers, at least in so far as the circle around him went. "I'll cede leadership to you, Sombra. This is, after all, more your house than mine." While a common sight around the palace, the Prince had his own manor to call home. "Now that we're all together... where do you suppose we'd start? Where does it feel the worst?"
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    Applejack poured another cup and gave it to Rainbow. It was a good blend, a strong one to boot. She wasn't one for waiting around for the next year's batch to experiment a little and always made small alterations with every barrel. That way when cider season really hit she could go into it with a good idea on what that year's stock would be like. Every year produced something slightly different and she was sure that this year would prove to be another success. She took a lot of pride in her work. Baking, cider, apple harvest, motherhood, day in, day out. It wasn't worth doing if it wasn't worth doing well and if it was worth doing well it was worth investing your pride in it. She knew that Rainbow Dash took pride in things as well. Their shared sense of pride in the things they cared about was one of many things that brought them closer together. Perfection? Impossible. But they were close enough in their pursuit of it that it was always disquieting when one of them seemed less than keen on it. Of course they had their differences. Both worked hard towards their goals but Applejack never shied away from doing more. More work, more responsibilities, more duties. From birth she had been raised to work and love the feeling of a warm sun on her back, covered in sweat, weary but fulfilled as she looked out over what she had done. She sometimes overreached, she knew that, but she couldn't really help it. The thought of work never scared her. Rainbow Dash seemed to like work if it aligned with hobbies or if there was a competitive element to it. Getting her to want to work outside of that, however, proved frustrating. It wasn't that she was lazy, though she loved her naps. It wasn't that she didn't love Applejack or Zap, though tonight made Applejack think thoughts she didn't want to. Applejack wished she could just chalk it up to fear of failure, but just as Applejack had learned to let her stubbornness not control her, she believed the same held true for Rainbow Dash. She wished she knew what the problem was but she didn't. She did know that it would be discovered and worked through eventually. But she didn't have the answers now, so to the drink she went. She sat on her bed, body against the wall with the window open next to her, allowing a gentle evening breeze to roll the curtains up and over themselves. It was then that Rainbow gave her a kiss across the broadside. She responded with a side hug, pulling Rainbow in closer while still looking at her mug. "Cheers, RD," she whispered before taking a big gulp. It had a nice cinnamon aftertaste, a slight hint at bitterness at the end. How accurate. "Tastes good to me. You?"
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    Hello! It's been a while since I last visited this site, but here I am again, with everything sorted out so I can start something anew! And so, I would like to know if anyone is up for some RP. I don't have any specific setting/scene I want to play out, but I do have some loose ideas on what kind of genre I would be up to! Now, it's not just one, so here is the list! Journey Just your basic tale of traveling. It doesn't need to have a great reason, some noble tale and a lot stakes. It's not the goal that matters, it's the journey. And so, I would like to RP a bit of traveling from place to place with someone who enjoys wandering as much as Gray does. Or maybe someone wants to try it out? Story sharing A first meeting somewhere. Just a bit of chat, maybe a bit of walk and talk. Gray has a lot of interesting stories to tell and strangers are the best listeners. So if you are willing to lend your ear or share your adventures, Gray will gladly speak to you. Action As much as I enjoy casual and lazy fun, sometimes a shot of adrenaline is what keeps me going. A good, old fight in an alleyway, chase through the streets or maybe something completely else? If you would like to get some blood pumpin quick, you found the right pony If you enjoy any of those, please say so! I would love to set something up together. That being said, I can do roleplays outside of those lines. Casual Slice-Of-Life is always a great option to pass some time and get to know someone!
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    Applejack laughed, though it didn't have the warmth it normally did. "Of course, Rainbow. Yer always welcome," the mare replied, her voice trying and failing to inflect with the full measure of her kindness. She was still angry. Less so, and less directly, but that didn't mean it was gone. They'd have to work through this tiff they were having. She knew for a fact they would get through it but that didn't mean at this moment she was willing to overlook her own emotions. They worked their way through the farm and towards the house, breaching the door and the warmth that was inside. It brightened her mood being inside of here once more. She could never bring too many of her problems from outside into this, her most hallowed ground. "You can put tha little stinker ta bed," she replied as Rainbow asked to help put Zap to bed. Dash could do it herself while she got their room ready. She gave her big stallion a hug and a kiss, and the little bugger's crying was by now to simple sniffles. She got a cloth and wiped his face before giving him a kiss. "Mama loves you, sunflower. Goodnight," she said and gave him a little eskimo kiss before setting him on top of Rainbow. She patted Rainbow on the top of the flank and trotted off towards their room. She took her stetson off and tossed it on a chair in the corner. She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror- a mess, with worried lines creasing her face and red around the eyes, however light it was. She went to her closet and pulled out a small keg of cider. She wasn't the heaviest of drinkers but she kept a small keg in her room as a sort of private stash away from the family's cellar space. Besides, Rainbow liked some cider and what better place to do their best drinking than in private? She pulled out their two mugs, cleaned in the morning after every use, and poured herself a drink from the tap. When she though Rainbow had entered, Applejack grabbed the other glass and prepared to end the night the only way she could right now: Warm, a little drunk, and hopefully in a better mood all things told. "Want a drink?"
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    Rainbow's ears were finely tuned and she allowed herself to hear Twilight's increasing gasps for breath. When they had finished the twenty laps Twilight was right where Rainbow had wanted her, where Rainbow needed her, where little could be done but confront the situation at hoof. And by that she meant the training, not any hints of romance that danced like devilish sugar plums over her head. She slowed down and then hovered next to Twilight, smiling wide. She had done well so far, she had to know that. "Okay, here's some water and take a breather for a moment. We got a light flight to the training field. It isn't far, so drink up," Rainbow said as she got out a canteen of water, hooved it over, and then started flying lazily past Sweet Apple Acres and to a few fields beyond until they got to a clearing that was mostly bare save for a few trees, one of which was her focus. The tree had multiple branches, and at the end of the branches was a target connected by string and chains. The area around it was marked by buckball impacts and parts of the targets were broken off, likewise by buckball impacts. Rainbow drew close and then turned around to speak with her shockingly sturdy friend. "This is a buckball training ground AJ and I used to use before...anyway, this is a good place to train. You cannot land, okay? You're hurt, you're not feeling so good, your wings are on fire, and now you're going to have to put yourself through a more intense sort of training. That all sucks, but trust me, if you find yourself needing any of this then you'll thank yourself for pushing," Rainbow said with a hoarse left as she flew up and out a little bit, perhaps thirty or so yards away from the tree and maybe twenty off the ground. "Take a few breaths. Take a minute even if you need to, but don't try to settle too much. Your adrenaline is needed or else you're going to have a harder time," she said as she looked around. Luckily, nopony was around. "When you're ready, try to hit each target with a magic blast of some kind. Do a quarter loop and a spin before you fire. You don't have to hit them all in a certain time, you just need to do a quarter loop and spin before you fire each time," she said before showing off the quarter loop and spin, finishing with a mimic'd magical blast. She settled back into position. "Accuracy and control, not speed at first," she said with increasing confidence. Twi had this, right? of course she did. Time passed. When Twilight indicated she was ready, Rainbow clapped her hooves once. "All right, time to defend Equestria! Ready? Set? Go!"
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    AJ had a knot in her guts the size of a raccoon after a night in a corn field...or somethin' like that... She wished fervently that she could just relax and have fun like her closest friends were all doing. They chatted, sipped fancy drinks, munched yummy foods from the Canterlot Castle kitchens. Yet Applejack found herself still standing, hooves up on the railing gazing out over the city. She just had to get these feeling wrangled! The only way she knew how was to just let it all out....but she couldn't! Deep inside she felt ashamed. Twilight had done so much to arrange all this for her to do what needed to be done and she just couldn't get herself to do it! The earth mare had achieved so many wonderful goals in her life. But this one, telling the mare of her dreams what she really thought.... it was different. Of course there was always the looming fact that Rarity wouldn't feel the same way. AJ wasn't even sure if the unicorn would even want to be with a mare. She thought perhaps she would considering the heart melting looks AJ had spied Rarity give to stallion and mare alike. But perhaps that was just Rarity being well, being nice? A sigh escaped AJ's muzzle as she thought of a night with just herself and Rarity with all the truth out on the table. She'd romance the unicorn something wonderful that much was for sure. Nopony would treat Rarity the way Applejack would! AJ was more than genial with friends and family alike...but with the mare of her heart's dersire? Well... it made her heart speed up just to think of it. Applejack, dear, come here. I think I spot an apple merchant down there. I wasn't aware your family had been contracted for the festivities tonight!" The farm mare's blush deepened as Rarity suddenly appeared just down the balcony from her. She sucked in a breath and adjusted her stetson betwixt her ears. Time to be regular Applejack. Calm Applejack. Level headed Applejack... anything but the mushy mess she could feel herself becoming even as she tossed her hooves up next to the unicorn's. "An apple merchant yah say?" She squinted and tried to find where Rarity was gesturing to. "Oh! Ha ha yep!" How could she be so silly to forget about cousin Apple Bonnet! "That's cousin Apple Bonnet alright. She's spendin' a few days gettin' used to the apple sellin' buisness. Came into Canterlot two days ago to get used to the big city." She glanced again and smiled as the mare she was speaking of hoofed a small bag of apples to an eager client. "Looks like she's doin' jus' fine! Even these city ponies can't deny themselves good honest apples..." She glanced over at Rarity, feeling better to be talking about something she knew all about. It felt good to have a little confidence back since she'd spend the past day in nothing but worrying and mulling over areas of her life she had no practice in and no control of. "How's the food?" AJ asked freely. Suddenly feeling more like her usual self. "That oat bake looks right delicious!" Oh, an' don't forget to throw in something Rarity felt good talking about! "I-i like yer uh outfit Rares. Looks really nice on yah!" The sun finished setting in fire red glory as AJ enjoyed spending time with her friends but particularly Rarity on this evening. It wouldn't be long before the show would begin!
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    Rainbow Dash flew ahead of Twilight, trying to put a respectable distance between her and her unathletic....friend. Friend, yeah. That was it. Though Rainbow Dash felt some small flitters in her sternum when she ran over the way Twilight had been acting, unable to really compound the word friend with whatever it was those looks were implying between them. Luckily she had work, physical at that, to focus on and if there was one thing Rainbow knew it was how to work yourself tired of any lingering questions. She flew nowhere near her top as Twilight gained on her, the ALicorn straining herself to reach closer to her rainbow comrade. Twi was in for a long day! Rainbow air-braked and then banked to close in with Twilight, catching herself at wingtip from her friend. "Ha! Not bad, Twilight. Do you feel the blood pumping? Are your wings tired? Feeling a bit breathless?" She laughed and then flipped her mane, doing a barrel roll for good measure. "Well, that's good. You should feel that way. You gotta feel the burn to really know you're ready to do some real training. Training when you're sitting comfortably? That doesn't do anything. So you better be ready. First off, we're going to do a few laps around town. Twenty, to be exact. And by the whole town, I mean the city limits," She said with a hungry, playful smile. More hungry than playful, because she loved a good workout. First, Rainbow set the pace. She increased her speed to what she thought was just below top speed for Twilight. Straining, hard, but doable. It was going to hurt and that was good. Once Twilight was weary they could get to the real work. Rainbow's mind was settling on what exactly she was going to do with Twilight and also her training, but that was for then. Now was for the fun part. "Come on, Sparkle. I wanna see you SWEAT!"
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    I rise once more. Shoutouts to Rose and the LPW crew!
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    <Cracks neck> Alright, back in business.
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    Don’t worry Rocky! If you keep your V-card by the time you’re 30, you become a wizard! ... ... Only five more years for me!
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    Rainy days like this were quite something to Grey. They didn't happen very often but when they did, this grey unicorn would often find himself delaying his plans. Not only because of the weather, but also to just chill out in one of the bars, admire the view and listen to the most relaxing sound in the world, which is the raindrops hitting the roof. And so, this was the exact thing he was doing right now. He had his plans to go to Canterlot and visit his family for the first time in a while, but now... now, he was sitting in the pub, next to a window with a glass of water on his table and his packed saddlebags laid down on the bench beside him. Grey was staring out the window, looking around the drenched Ponyville, stopping from time to time to observe the kids playing around. It brought him waaay back, to his younger times, seeing kids playing around like that. But there was someone else in the streets and it caught Grey's attention. A rather big cart with a rather small mare standing next to it. What was she doing in this rain? The roads will be muddy, no way she will be able to move this thing far. But still, she seemed quite determined to get it moving... Oh, she seemed a bit angry, now walking to the back of the cart... Yeah, she is definitely stuck... Grey lifted the cover from his saddlebags and as his horn lit up a light grey rain-coat flew out of it. If he could offer assistance, then why wouldn't he. And so, he started to make his way towards the door, putting on his raincoat and pulling the hood down to cover his head. As soon as he opened the doors he saw that the situation... escalated a bit, one can say. Everything was laying on the ground, next to the now tipped over cart. But where was the mare? It took him a good while to spot the brown coat and red mane with this mud and apples laying around, but he finally saw it. Grey, without thinking much ran up to the cart, his hooves splashing the muddy water everywhere. Once there, he started to asses a situation "Are you alright?" He asked, while his eyes went to the mare for a second, then back to the cart. Now, without all of those things on it, maybe Grey could lift it, but well... He wasn't really strong himself. Being a traveler maybe trained your hooves, but the lack of steady nourishment definitely wasn't helping with building muscles. Well... Worth a shot. Grey bent down his knees and found a good place to stick his head in and rest the cart on his shoulders "Push on three" He muttered to the mare "One, two... Three!" His muscles tensed up as he put all of his strength into his hooves, trying to lift the cart at least a tiny bit.
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    Introductions completed all around, Blueblood nodded. It was slightly disappointing that Sobmra couldn't immediately recognize what exactly was going on, but these things were hardly as easy as all that in any case. It was the nature of dark magic to be tricky like that, and no competent wielder would allow themselves to be sussed out at the first go, even posthumously. "Mmm, nothing specific? It feels like a curse more than an active enchantment, the sort of thing that lingers around an artifact or grave rather than something done by a living caster, but I've really only dealt with curses before, so I'm not the best judge of such things." He sighed. With no leads, the only thing to do was hunt them down. "Alright then, Raven, if you don't have anything on your plate for today, I propose we start hunting it down immediately. Not straight to the source, but at least dig up enough to prepare to face... whatever it is. We may have to bring in reinforcements before the end; I know a few who I trust to do an exorcism if necessary."
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    “Yes, I grew up over there, and I plan to return some day. For now, I am traveling in search of new experiences and hopefully some souvenirs.” Anu responded, nodding to the two of them as he answered Blueblood’s question. With that out of the way, it was time to address Hogo-sha. “What was taken from me is not as easily returned as you may think. It is no simple matter, retaking my throne from those that have defeated me in the past.” He said simply, watching the other dog. Hogo-sha could be useful in that, but it was not time for that yet. “Yes, perhaps we should move and stop blocking the road.”
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    It wasn't exactly reassuring to have his suspicions confirmed; whatever it said about his sanity, Prince Blueblood would most certainly have preferred to be wrong about an evil presence in the capital building of Equestria. If there was any comfort to be taken, it was in the power and competence of his companion. Considering Hogo-sha's questions, he pursed his lips. "No, but then, this isn't exactly my palace; somepony else may well have. It is somewhat similar to the feeling I got in my summer home, and that came from great-great grandfather Bluebeard bringing home cursed treasure." Clicking his tongue at the memory, he caught a sour taste in the air and grimaced. "Bleah... I think I'll definitely want you at your full power when we run up against... whatever's causing this." Taking a few more steps as he considered their options, he finally nodded. "We'll need to consult an expert. Fortunately, Auntie does keep one around, though not for that exact purpose..." It didn't take long for the pair to find Sombra, accompanied by Raven. Smiling in greeting, he turned to the Umbrum. "Yes, I just came back from another trip. I say, there's something in the air here, something not right. I daresay you know more about it than I do, so how about it, old chap?"
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    “Huh?”, the dragon was curious to see what the young pony considered fun. Was it gorge surfing classes? Or maybe buckball? Those both were fun. But it wasn't sports Valen was interested in, but fashion! "I learned how to cross-stich last year. And even how to do Prench knots and three-quarter stitch for detail...It's probably a little easier for me considering I got these.", she waved her claws about. Unicorns could easily manipulate material and needles with their telekinesis magic and Smolder watched as an Pegasus pony was able to use the tips of their wings to make a shirt. Earth ponies had their teeth to work with. Ouch. She also agreed with the stallion. Uniforms would have been nice. Maybe not blue. She preferred the traditional black uniforms she had seen up in Canterlot. Nice skirt to enhance her already awesome hips. Dark jacket. And maybe a little color in an bow that would match her fin. And Valen was interested in Roaman wear? Wasn't that mostly togas? There would be a chance to wear one of those when in collage. Smolder could not wait till she was old enough for that! The sports were better, and the parties were longer and far more involved. As for clothes? She rather preferred Prench rural clothing. Easy, breezy and utterly gorgeous. "Yeah, I have a feeling half of us would get 'em drenched trying to cross the little path to the school." Smolder usually took the flyer's entrance located over the front doors, but sometimes she would use the regular doors when she was with an non-flyer. And that path could be a pain especially when it rained. The crash really bothered her. But could she say anything? Would Valen make a run for the hills if she told him the truth? That the "Tree Of Harmony' while killed by Sombra was not actually really dead and was now a tree house? And it also projected illusions, usually that of Headmare Twilight? "Er, we had a problem with rabbits....raccoons....Rabbits and raccoons..Sneaking in the library and making a mess of things." If one of the grates had opened up, she would simply fix it. Unless the tree had something to say. Maybe she was going to welcome Valen? How would he react to such a thing? Hopefully it would not involve another test. The dragon still had dreams about those creepy mares and their tea kind of sucked. Herbal always tasted too much like medicine for her. It only took a moment before the pair were at the library's door. The dragon tried her VERY best not to look nervous, but something obviously was bothering her. "Just going to poke my head in the doorway..."
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    “I am rather surprised you stuck with an Diamond Dog form...As they’re not...Er, I mean they are a bit...” The unicorn tried his very best to find an proper and polite word to use. “Addlepated....You might want to act a little less refined, educated and well spoken around strangers as the first time I met you, I was pretty sure something was a bit odd about you...But I understand your need to conserve magic..” He could see why the poor creature needed to hide away as his real form was rather intense. "Thankfully Equestria has become a bit more open nowadays, so you should be safe...safer to show your true self." Someone wanted to kill and skin him so they could have his coat? That sounded like something from the very old and very bad days. One would simply have to be cruel beyond belief to do such a thing. And while the pup's coat was beautiful, nowadays, clothing makers could make a fur coat that matched his companion's and was also dry clean safe. "The hearts? Oh.", let loose a chuckle, "It's just all very silly. When I think of my beloved...My Moony.....Her beauty....mind....body...everything...I instantly cast little heart illusions....They're not even proper spells. Just what we call 'cantrips'. Probably the same thing a unicorn does when he or she is attacked...They would quickly throw up a shield....Or even teleport...Which I have finally mastered, thanks to my Moony...", he let out a sigh. Thankfully no hearts appeared. "They tend to be released if I don't think about them." Curse was a good word! He hoped this would be one of those life-time curses. Forever in love with his sweet matchless marvelous mare. Pocket Change levitated the map from the dog's bag and let it float over into view. "Since vegetation is usually drastically changed near a temple while its occupied, the sudden change in flora will be a good sign of previous civilization...The nearby trees will also be shorter and younger than those that surround them." The pony waited patiently as his partner checked out his map.
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    Raven frowned, then smiled. "Of course, I'd be willing to help you." She said, something causing a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. She could feel something about the palace was off, but couldn't quite put a hoof on it. Now that she thought about it, the guards did seem slightly weary, scared even... She frowned at this, though she smiled a bit as she saw the new arrivals. "Blue! It's been a bit... Whose your friend?"
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    Dear Princess Celestia, Today, I learned that pencils never were made with lead, at least in the human world. They called the graphite lead because chemistry was a fairly new science back then, and it was thought graphite was a form of lead. Well, to be fair, the paint on the wood around the core did contain lead, but the actual "lead" has always been graphite.
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    I've got game night tonight, but I'll see if I can write an intro for Bluey into here tomorrow.
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    No judgment Pemby, only love. Unless you're Rocky, then it's just judgment.
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    After her drink was poured by Pathfinder, Rose offered the explorerer a smile and a nod of her head: her reserved way of saying 'Thank you!" She scoured her mind for a few seconds to dredge up the information, "... Well I've learned that The magic I create is a sort of field of destabilizing energy that take breaks down other forms of energy. I've been trying to learn other ways to apply it and the effects it can have. Some experimental for the most part, I've been hoping to create a spell that could be useful for mining operations." She took a sip of her drink... that was possibly the longest explanation she'd ever given. Squall's speech was certainly a stirring one. More than Rose could ever say she'd feel comfortable saying, She could always appreciate the stallion's gumption in taking the lead of most situations. At first she was going to ask what "Non sufficit" meant but it seemed that Pathfinder was ready and able to better explain what Squall was getting at. Getting more perspectives in general was very useful in a variety of subjects. Now with the world opening up, perhaps they should aim for the truly exotic. She liked Pathfinder's suggestion of somepony from Acroneighos, but militant as that city was it was still very much a pony perspective... "I think I have an idea that would be interesting to pursue if challenging after the beginning. Neighpon has an interesting history behind it and many aspects of it's culture might be unusual to us... but I as thinking that if we are looking for unique perspectives than maybe we should look into the Yokai. They have a strange way of living and seem to be fairly knowledgeable. I understand they have rocky histories with the ponies and kirin of Neighpon in many parts. It seems like an interesting opportunity... and if we need a lead, apparently a yokai whose lived long enough that he was around before the events of Nightmare moon is working on Applejack's farm for a while: he seems fairly talkative." Rose had been around for the Running of the leaves and was in the stands when this yokai revealed himself... it was startling but in the end the day seemed to end in good spirits.
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    Zap was firmly saddled onto Applejack's back. His front hooves bracing over her shoulders, his back legs anchored against the saddlebag, and his head reclining her neck. Zap could sense the uneasiness in his mother's attitude. But he also saw her resilience to stay firm and focused. Zap never saw his mother be actively afraid of anything, but it was always Applejack's reaction that he paid the most attention to. Seeing her relaxed stance and hearing her calming voice seeded in him courage to continue staying serene himself. Approaching the water, he knew to hold on a little tighter as it would be easier to slip out off of his mother's haunches. When she stepped in, the water level rose to Zap's underside, wetting all four of his hooves and giving him a chilling sensation at his core. He did his best not to speak out, but could not avoid a small whimper as a reaction to the cold water. "Hm. It's cold," he whispered loudly. He started to involuntarily shiver but was also dramatizing the temperature he was experiencing. "Burruruuruuururur."
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    Well I carry my gym clothes in this so it's kind of a purse...?
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    posting ponies monday. sweepy now.
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