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    Just look at all those cuties! ^-^
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    Just because she's not in the mane 6 doesn't mean that she aint got no tricks.
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    She looks more 'round' in that art-style..... .........Swift isn't exactly....displeased with this.
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    Squall: "Thank you Sir, can I have another?" He wants that 'sass' all week long!
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    Certainly brand new friend no previous knowledge
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    It is the best ship, even if it didn't result in the best colt.
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    Remington is enjoying his brand new friend he's never met before.
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    Zap Apple hears a knock on the door. He goes to it and opens it. Standing there is a large stallion. "Hello, son, is your mother home? I need to talk to her about a pie order." Zap looks up only slightly intimidated but speaks confidently. "Uh, no. Mommy and Dashie are picking apples in the back yard. I would go get her but she said not to bother her."
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    So.......Jack took Squall's line about multiplying seriously I see.....
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    Luvbird and luvhowrse
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    What a silly pony!
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    Ah yes, the mating habits of pegasi-earth pony couples seen for the first time.
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    She has a goofy side. She has every side. Da best. Great art!
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    I love seeing my Remington drawn <3
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    This is #29 in today's drawfriend on EQD! https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/04/drawfriend-stuff-pony-art-gallery-3320.html?m=1
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