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    The concept of being “fashionably late” had never really made sense to Shining Armor. Being raised in a family that believed in punctuality and politeness, and immediately transitioning into the REA, where lateness was met with swift reprisals, had driven any hope of empathy with such high-society foibles far away. He suspected the first pony to come up with such a concept was merely trying to cover themselves for travel time delays. Much like he and Cady had encountered on the way down from the Crystal Empire. To be fair, it was a far trip down through the Frozen North, and with the weather being what it was, trains were preferable to airships, especially with the recent accident he’d led a rescue team to recover. And, of course, they weren’t technically late, just arriving after most of the others. Still, travel troubles aside, the Captain-turned-Consort was looking forward to this. Any evening that he could spend out with his wife, Princess -turned-Empress Cadence, was a good evening. Especially now, with a new little Princess running around the Crystal Palace; fortunately, the royal Crystaller had made getting somepony to take up babysitting dute much easier, and now the two of them could enjoy a weekend trip back to Shining’s home city, and meet with some old friends. Or, at least, his old friends. “I kind of feel bad about dragging you all the way down here for this.” Shining admitted to his wife, as they walked down the cobblestone streets to where the ball was being hosted. “I don’t know how many of the ponies you’ll know here, and I don’t want you to feel left out. Still, I know you love it when we can dance together, and it’s been a while since we’ve been able to do that since Flurry was born. Not since that nice dance instructor gave us those lessons…” He did have to give the pink alicorn a somewhat cheeky grin at the memory. That had not been the kind of dance they expected to learn, but the couldn’t either of them say that they didn’t enjoy it. “And the food’s going to be good, too.” He remarked, as they handed in their invitations at the door. “Remind you of home any?” He checked himself one last time before entering the grand ballroom. As this was a formal military function, he’d come in his mess dress, a sharp suit of scarlet and cobalt with silver piping. It was similar to the one he’d worn as Captain of the Palace Guard, though this particular one had all the Equestrian sigils replaced with Crystal Empire regalia. New medals and coats of arms. Some of his own new command had come down as well, and he certainly wasn’t going to let down the side!
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    "It's not a button. It's a dial Moto. And there is no off option on it. It simply goes from 'Low' to 'Shut Up Already'." noblepony corrected his fiancee while adding some self-shade. "Well not my kind of relaxing...." Swift grumbled in muted protest. Then again it was probably him. Not many other ponies would find, say, bungee jumping as a refreshing experience. Events like these in comparison, absolutely bored him. "And small talk about what Dear? So far besides you and me there is nopony else that I kno...." Oh thanks Harmony! His prayers were delivered! If only some of his fellow EPIC members could show up, this event would get even more bearable. Than again, EPIC was not an official formation. Did they even count as a, military? A commando unit like Honor Guard perhaps? Come to think of it, most of members were the civilians, even if they had prior experience in REA or REIN, himself included. He needs to talk with Sparkle about this. seeing that soon enough everything will be in her hooves, perhaps she has few ideas to reorganize things a little. "When did she came back? Wasn't Pretzy....a Court Artist for Long Guo Empress?" Swift was asking real questions here.... "Probably they can. Everything counts in large amounts." Swift answered unconsciously. "Wait what am I saying?! And why we are sitting here? Let's join her!" swordpony was so hungry for social activity that he bounced from his seat, pulled Fire from her own and proceeded to move through the crowd while dragging their meals (and his suitcases) through the air. Thankfully his large stature made this easy, with him to move akin to icebreaker through the mass of other guests, allowing Fire to follow him without trouble. "Pretzy it's been....how long exactly? Well, too long the way I see it." he greeted the painter, with a very delicate shoulder punch "Knew you couldn't be tied to one place forever, even if it was nice one like Huangjing's Imperial Palace. Wanderlust always get better of us." noblepony mused before leaning to Fire. "Family trait Dear. In-blood for at least 500 years. Our ancestor married quite an explorer, Miss Chart Smart, and it's from her that we got it." Swift dropped some trivia about his and Presteza shared lineage before taking sip from his glass. Thankfully, Fire Walker knew his habits well and despite the color suggesting otherwise, it contained a simple grape juice. Of non-fermented kind. "And who is this gentstallion that invited yo......Wait, didn't I saw you somewhere? During.....Crystal Fair?" Swift addressed the Flash Sentry. But before he could get his answer the herald had to announce the arrival of the latest guests from Crystal Empire, just like he did when he and Fire came in. His eardrums still ringed a little from that one. "So the Empire strikes back....at least now we know where Celestia's Canterlot Royal Voice goes when she's not using it." Squall commented. "And Cadenza businesses card has to be very long indeed. Or it uses small font, which is low blow to the elderly." noblepony didn't omitted to make a playful jab at Mi Amore long list of titles. "Also Pretzy? You BFF calls you Miss when you can't hear her." he added while pointing at Fire and taking another sip of juice. The snark. It never ends.
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    Panic was written all over the poor farm pony's face. She didn't care if she looked scared anymore, she didn't care if her stone cold face showed any other emotion. Ali just wanted out of the quicksand as fast a possible, but her panicking did no good for her or the deer next to her. It was dark, cold, and the only thing she could really see was her small candle and the group of ponies around her. The only thing the brown and cream earth pony could think was how much she wanted to be saved, even if she didn't trust these ponies. Did she not trust them, though? The small gal kept wiggling, getting deeper and deeper into the gooey sand, which slowly engulfed her in it's wrath. Her heartbeat was faster than a cheetah at this point, and she couldn't stop yelling random words, until the young little Apple Bloom walked right up to her. Before then, Ali watched as Sombra made a large crystal appear in front of her, making her pupils grow smaller. The big 'ol thing protruded right in front of her, making her teal green eyes stare at the odd use of magic. Apple Bloom began to talk to her, and Ali's stubbornness made her move even faster. "Ah'm literally almost neck deep in this goop and you think not movin' will do anythin'? I need out of here!" The little filly kept talking though, which soothed Ali's temperament. She stopped moving all together, which slowed down the sinking immensely. A flash of an idea popped in her head, something that probably wouldn't have happened without the little fillies help. And maybe the little drink she had earlier helped too, but she thought she could trust this ponies. That idea only popped in for a few seconds, but maybe these ponies weren't that bad. Soon the little yellow filly was gone, and the only thing Ali could do was look up at the red captain above her. All four of Ali's legs were stuck in the sand, mainly her back ones, and even with small movements she couldn't get them out. The black crystal was right there to grab, but of course she couldn't reach it. "Just gimme the rope! Just gimme the rope!" She tried to get her front hooves free, as she slowly sunk a little more. Ali was panicking again, as another thump shook the trees. "Please! I really don't wanna die today." She looked around, searching for Apple Bloom and Fluttershy. The sweet Pegasus was tending to the deer, and the filly was no where.
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    Grubber might have gotten to answering the hippogriff’s question had he not spotted his former commander turned designated sponsor. For a moment, the hedgehog felt the tiniest inkling of a storm brewed over his head as Tempest Shadow mumbled something inaudible. Thankfully, that pit in stomach turned out to be a case of the imagination happily running wild, so Grubber obliviously answered the unicorn. “Oh, school’th TOTALLY been doin’ great!!!” He excitedly bragged; “I’m making lotth of new friendth and learning everything I can about Friendthhip! I’m thure the report cardth thay glowing thingth about me, or otherwithe, you’d be giving me the evil eye and dithciplining me with your crazy horn right about now... you know, just like old timeth, eh heh heh heh.....” .....It was perhaps a merciful thing then that Tempest Shadow didn’t know that according to the Friendship School’s mailings, Grubber displayed troubling signs of underachieving and being proud of it. The hippogriff used the slight pause in the conversation to interject with another question. “Yeah, that thoundth like Commander Tempetht alright,” Grubber nodded, glad he didn’t require any boring history book reading to get that right; “Thhe did the Throm King’th evil, evil bidding. Whenever he needed a city thacked or a kingdom enthlaved, Tempetht Thadow’th Air Armada came in and made everything all blow up and thuff! After we nabbed all four pony princesseth, Throm King promithed he’d fix Tempetht’s horn and-” Grubber did a double take; “Wait a thec, why doeth it thill look like you thill got a crackly chipped tooth on the top of your head?” He gasped; “Doeth thith mean you’ll alwayth be thtuck with tharky tharky boom thells FOREVER???”
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    ........................... ................................................................. Sunset Shimmer was at a complete loss of words as Tempest Shadow laid bare her innermost emotions. This went FAR beyond a simple phobia of losing one’s magic. Rather, it sounded like Tempest despised everything about the path her life had taken. Evidently, turning her back on the Storm King had basically did jack all at changing the broken-horned unicorn’s view of the world. And honestly, what could a girl like Sunset SAY to things like what Tempest described? How could anybody who once benefited from Friendship — and then lost it all — ever be persuaded to give it another chance when they’re hyper aware of every possible rotten thing life could throw at you? Miss Shimmer wasn’t even sure if offering her personal friendship would help; Tempest Shadow was a proud unicorn afraid of showing weakness, and the ex-apprentice guessed that any attempt at befriending her counterpart that could be perceived as being done out of pity would be categorically rejected. Unable to immediately form a counter-response to Tempest’s assertions, Sunset merely stood there with a blank stare as the other unicorn started walking off. True, Hanabi attempted to flee from the group several minutes ago... but here she was now attempting to provide gratitude, while Tempest Shadow herself was in the process of retreating from the area after going on a heartfelt tirade. It was doubtful though whether talking to the mare would have any result at this point, but Sunset Shimmer couldn’t bring herself to let her counterpart go without a fight. At the very least, Tempest deserved to know she was worth being chased after. “.....We’ll see you guys in a little bit,” Sunset informed Feng and Hanabi after several moments elapsed. At this juncture, it was probably best if Tempest Shadow didn’t feel surrounded by strangers. Resolving to get through to her on a one-on-one level, Sunset broke into a relaxed but brisk canter in hopes of quietly catching up to Tempest.....
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    Rage was in many ways the most powerful feeling for Tempest. Rage is what allowed her to live where others have fallen. Rage pushed her on past pains that made lesser willed turn back. Yet it was her biggest weakness as well. In times of stress, fear or pain it roared to the top and holding it back was almost pointless. And when she was not in the mindset to hold it at all the feeling blinded her. And that blindness was the opening Feng had as Tempest jumped for Sunset like a hungry wolf. Flailing and kicking out she struggles in his grasp, still trying to reach Sunset like some feral beast. “Traitors!” She screamed in her struggles to break free, pushing at Feng to make him let go. But his hold was strong and he made no move to harm her. None of them did. But his words did the most to reach Tempest. His commands managed to get past the blinding rage as her struggles slowed. Peace by peace everything that happened started to fit together. Details she missed, words blocked out. They all came together to show one thing clear… She bucked up. They were not trying to hurt her. Did her mind make up all of it? She did not know and that was even more horrifying on a truth to swallow. What if Feng did not stop her? How far was her blind fear and rage willing to go? With that she stopped struggling and looked away from all three of them. This. This is why she can’t have friends. And she knew it. “I…” She trails off, the rage in her face and words gone. After a few moments of deep breaths she spoke up again. “Standing down’ Sir.”
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    Well there goes her multilayered plan she had floating around in her skull. The officer should have known better. You could tell young Apple Bloom to sit still, but if there was something interesting ahead, she sure as well wasn't gonna be sitting still! She was an Apple and those apples needed to keep rolling... Mister Gumby knew this as well and let off an "BORF!" before taking after the young filly. He would be able to keep an eye on the farmer and give her just enough time with the others. Fluttershy was next. And zounds. It was probably safer to sneak into a dragon's lair. Steal a bag of gems and then slap him on the backside with a bat while shouting, "I AM STEALING YOUR STUFF. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!" While standing still than it was to bother an cute little fuzzy animal in front of the sweet mare. Fire Walker once heard that Fluttershy once punched a griffon square in the beak when he tried to slash at an helpless little chipmunk. This was probably total bullhonkey, but it made for an interesting visual. Young Alizarin was playing with fire and sometimes when you play with fire, you get burnt! With that, she ran into the darkness. The forest was creepy, but this was not the Everfree, and while it was dark and spooky, it was still a mostly safe bit of woods. The animals were friendly. The weather wasn't crazy. She was safe. But she was still ready for anything. "Hey Apple Bloom! You see anything yet?" Had she found the source of the yelp!?
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    Chatting it up with Commander Tempest started to remind Grubber of the good ole’ times when he got to snatch all the sweets he wanted and Tempest would be there to- WAIT NO, DUCK AND COVER! BAD OLD TIMES INCOMING!!! “EWWWWOOOHHH!!!!!!” It was almost a learned reflex for Grubber at this point, jolting as if a wave of electricity punished him for whatever mistakes he made this time. And yet... there was pain to be experienced. Yelling from Tempest, sure... as well as a light show of fiendish fright. Even some spit on Grubber’s face! But no part of his body had been touched by the scorch of crackling plasma energy. And then, Tempest just... coldly turned away. .....Was this the dawn of a new Tempest Shadow???! Initially dumbfounded, the hedgehog suddenly beamed and rushed back to Tempest’s side; “Oh ohhhh, have you been going to Anger Management therapy? Becauthe I can definitely thenthe you’ve made progreth, Tempetht!” He glanced behind him and gestured towards the frightened hippogriff; “Thee? Thethe guyth can tell, too! They’re not running away from you threaming, anymore!!!” The way Grubber was speaking, one might believe that Tempest just accomplished the most amazing thing in the world.....
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    "Three!? You got it!" Applejack bent down behind the counter so that all was showing was her tied yellow tail. From the abyss that is under the counter, she lifted out two more bushels of apples, one with each leg. She gave a mighty grunt as she thrust the bushels up with as much grace as you'd expect from a strong farmer earth pony. "That's fifteen bits." Coloratura was persistent about dinner, which made Applejack begin to question her fillyfriend's intentions. Although regardless of the motives, she was glad to have the pop star around. But she had no desire to write a schedule or keep dates and her offer was open-ended. "Tell ya what. Any day of the week for the next four years. How's that sound? There may be days where we work longer hours or we may have extended family over for a weekend, but we always make sure to have supper as a family every night, no exceptions." Applejack brought her hoof to her chin and tapped a couple times. "Well, unless the fate of Equestria is in the balance in which case, the family supper will commence when that kind of issue is settled." She countered herself with a smile. "And so, since I have no idea when Tirek is going to try to blow up Ponyville, you might as well show up whenever you are available, and upon walking into our home in the evening, you will see supper being prepared. You are always welcome to join us." Applejack put her hooves on the table and stared into Rara's eyes. "Always." Tempest's explosion of anger caused Silverstream's wings to fold. As she stood observing Grubber getting scolded, she felt her own safety might be at risk. So she softly started backpedaling towards Smolder's place in line. But then, the angry unicorn responded to Silverstream's question. Even though, Tempest's anger had been tucked away, Silverstream was still very cautious about what to say next. So instead of risking a social faux pas of her own, she decided to slowly nod her head in agreement as she looked at Tempest with frightened eyes.
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    The Door to the throne room soon stirred and out poked the head of a what seemed to be a well put together Diamond Dog. He walked slowly up to the table with the artifact, eyes widening at the sight of the relic. Not wanting to breach any etiquette, Hogo-sha bowed deeply to the princess. "Good Afternoon, Princess Twilight. My name is Hogo-sha and I came from the mountains of Neighpon." after straightening himself back out he continued on, "I am a traveler with no recognition from academic institutions... but I have educated myself on many myths and stories from my homeland and beyond it in the east. I believe. At the very heart of my being, that this is the Chintamaney stone." He gave a moment to let the name sink in before speaking up once again, "... The short answer to what you wish to know, is that is a stone that can grant wishes to any who holds it. It was originally a combined effort by an ancient sect of monks of the harmonious path, formed from both Neighpon and Long Guo to create a faster method to attain harmony. Some texts speak of wishing to gain a kirin or longma form of ascension in the way of..." He gestures towards her wings. "I have nothing but speculation to back this up... but I think that the reason you are having such difficulty activating it may be because you have already gotten so close to achieving perfect harmony or at least are quickly on the way to it. If I may approach it?" The 'dog' took a step closer and sniffed a few times at the air. Hm... it was strange. This item's magical scent was both present and absent, "Hmm... curious. I'd heard stories that they may have used the blessings of ancient yokai, hoping that our mythic connection to the one you call Discord would be able to grant them a way to give the jewel a link to a realm beyond to fuel its potent magic." Hogo-sha's knowledge came from a bevy of tomes and parchments he'd read. He'd snuck into many places of learning before to try and get a look at leads on artifacts before. He also had the advantage of being raised by one of the oldest yokai in Neighpon who had many stories he loved to share, for better or worse.
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    What the hanging nail was anthropology? That niggling concern aside, Gallus was satisfied and satiated by what his newest professor said. He didn't really understand why they needed this class. They'd already proven to be basically super perfect at this whole friendship thing. Just look at Smolder moving quick to rectify Yona's worry. Of course it was nice of SMolder to go through it with Yona, seeing as it meant she wasn't reducing that book to cinders too. No, Gallus wasn't bitter or anything. He just had a long memory, and was waiting for his time to get reve- to pull a prank of his own. Ya know, because friends pulled pranks on one another. With their school supplies. During the school year. What it came down to for this class was that it was basically friendship emergency therapy. See somecreature about to turn dark, try to light them up. Or if they have turned dark, how to stop them. Could be fun. Could also be lame. He always imagined what an evil Gallus would be like and then he realized such thoughts could go really dark really fast. He was a meateater after all with sharp talons and claws and teeth. A bad Smolder? Easy enough, lots of fire and hoarding. The longma, Kireina? Gallus didn't know that one well enough to really say. Probably something with poetry. Evil poetry? From his vantage, most poetry was evil. Was there a difference? Yona would probably smash and yell, but aggressively and angrily. So not too big a difference, except angry. The topic of Cozy Glow came up. Yeah, had she turned dark or was she always that way? "Yeah, Cozy Glow. That's a name I won't forget. I wonder if she was always that way or if she turned dark at some point?" He tapped his talons to his beak, then glanced over at the Professor. "So this class teaches us how to, uhh, engage those with dark hearts or...darkening?...hearts, but what do we do about creatures that are already dark as night itself inside?" He asked, sincerely wondering just how three-sixty this class would be. And later he'd need to learn what anthropology meant. And get some cool stories about wild magic and villains from this Professor, who just might be cool enough to hang with them.
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    Blueblood clambered back up to ride on Niilavin again, the Prince not inclined to walk all the way there if he could absolutely help it. Not just from laziness, though; seeing the sphinx being ridden would reassure the public that he was under control. And the public, it would seem, was very much in need of reassuring. "[Nonetheless, consider yourself forbidden from engaging in any games that will result in the death of my subjects. I may in the future permit you to frighten them, if I find it useful or amusing, however.]" There were quite a few stuffed shirts that Blueblood wouldn't mind getting an up close and personal look at Niil's jaws, just to put them back on the straight and narrow. Or at least liven up an interminable soiree. As the quad made their way to the fish markets, the Prince kept in political conversation, somewhat, with Anu. "I still think it fairly naive of you, not to seek out fighting friends if you anticipated conflict over your rule. And if you didn't see it coming... well, that doesn't speak well to your perceptions. Knowledge for next time, I suppose." Honestly, if Hogo-sha hadn't already pledged support, Blueblood might not have been willing to give any more than a good-luck wish and some mercenary contact information. It was a sad story, but was it really worth spending blood and treasure to resolve a tribal dispute? The Fish Market of Canterlot was a testimony to what enough gold given to the right ponies could accomplish. It sat equidistant from the train station and the airship port, where icebox cars and rush airfreight deposited fresh fish for the perusal of the Canterlotian public. Blueblood suspected the whole venture had been made economically possible by crazy cat ladies who wanted to spoil their menagerie, but the establishment was kept up by the griffon minority, as well as the embassies from more obviously omnivorous populations. Not that the Prince didnt' mind a good tilapia now and then, and recent travels had given him a taste for sushi, as well. "They'll give me a tab, Niil. Just point out what you want and I'll sign for it."
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    A new day of worldwide cooperation in the arcane arts draws near! Duchess Silver Belle — Guild Master of the Magic Guild — has been asked to represent Equestria in discussions to establish an interlibrary loan arrangement between Canerlot's School of Magic and Kastrot's legendary College of the Arcane. In the spirit of international goodwill, the ruling unicorns of Kastrot invite the members of the Magic Guild delegation to experience all that the Arcane City has to offer! To sign-up to be part of the Magic Guild delegation, one has to either already be a member of the Magic Guild or is otherwise is highly knowledgeable in the magical arts. It would also be much appreciated if we had Maretonian unicorns for the delegates to interact with! PS: Expect my ever-cheerful unicorn OC Moony to be there! ^_^
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Cast Name: Fluttershy Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye color: Light Blue Coat: Yellow Mane/Tail: Long semi-curly pink mane and tail Physique: Light and dainty Residence: A cottage just outside of Ponyville that is located near the tree line to the Everfree Forest. Occupation: Is head of an animal sanctuary and is a caretaker of all kinds of animals from all places Cutie Mark: Three pink butterflies Unique Traits: Embodies the element of kindness. Uses her ability to show respect to others as a way to gain them as a friend and ally. Can talk to and understand animals. Is a great singer. Excels at care-taking of animals, ponies, and creatures in need. History: Fluttershy grew up in Cloudsdale. She was a slow learner in many subjects and didn't appear to have any special talents or interests. One fateful day, while being defended by Rainbow Dash by way of pegasus race, Fluttershy fell down and was caught by a cloud of butterflies and was introduced to a green wilderness she had never seen before. She immediately fell in love with her surroundings and the beauty of nature. And when a sonic rainboom scared the critters around her, she was able to comfort them using her charm and her voice. It was then she received her cutie mark. When she grew older, she started dedicating her life to protecting animals and providing a place of refuge at her cottage. Some animals, like her best animal friend Angel Bunny, stayed with her and lives in her house. Other animals came and went as they pleased. Over time, Fluttershy noticed the issue of not being able to house as many animals as she felt needed, so she had built an animals sanctuary where the animals had a place where they know they would be safe and if they needed anything. When Fluttershy would go on adventures with her friends, her talent of being able to charm others into agreeability became important in some scenarios where the world needed saving. Especially when dealing with creatures of the unnatural world, Fluttershy would find a way to ease the ferocity of her adversaries by instilling a calmness that no one else could introduce. Today, Fluttershy is mostly maintaining the sanctuary and looking after animals and is in constant determination to create as much harmony among the creatures of Equestria as possible. Character Personality: Fluttershy is extremely introvert and shy. She is hard to become close friends with because of her shyness, but she can learn to trust others against rejection over time. She has learned several lessons of assertiveness that have taught her how to be proactive in her attitude and voice. Fluttershy has a temper that is rarely seen but is generally built on the constant internalization she might incur. Having friends and animals she can relate to allows her to keep this rare temper a well-kept secret. Anything that draws attention to her like her singing or her short-term modeling career will immediately make her uncomfortable and evasive. Also, things meant to scare, even for entertainment purposes, is something she outwardly avoids. Fear and the suspense that fear implies are emotions she does not like to deal with and would therefore prefer to avoid that type of conflict which creates an unfortunate rift between her and her friends who enjoy scares associated with celebration, like Nightmare Night or even a surprise party for her. Character Summary: Fluttershy represents kindness for the current generation of ponies in Equestria. Though she can be overly shy and afraid of confrontation, she is able to counter violent behavior and caustic attitudes with her ability to charm others with kindness and respect. She can talk to animals and has a very understanding relationship with them. She grew up in Cloudsdale where she was born to Mr. and Mrs. Shy, and has a brother named Zephyr Breeze who is most recently employed by the Canterlot guard as an entry level guardpony.
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    Applejack blushed at being called special, her home-bred sense of modesty sticking out like a pink flower in the midst of a brown landscape. She reckoned she was mighty special to a select group of ponies but beyond that, she was just a country mare who loved her family and hard work. Didn't seem anything too far off the beaten path, too intriguing to her. Then again, she couldn't deny that she was technically rather famous. And a heroine, as much as both titles seemed to be an ill-fit for her. "Heh. well, have it yer way, Starlight. Far be it from me ta deny you yer delusions of mah grandeur," she replied playfully before she motioned to the recipe. "Ah hope you like it. Jam ain't so good fer a first time apple cook, requires a certain touch. A nice applesauce though, easy ta make an' somethin' ta learn on. Plus, more applications. Rather nice, right?" She offered helpfully before the kiss happened. And it was good that she got that out of the way, because it was a doozy! It lasted an uncomfortably long time. Well, not uncomfortably, not really. Applejack could tell she sure wasn't the first mare Starlight had ever locked her lips on but still, a full ten seconds wasn't something to commit to so easily. Not that Applejack was cowed by it. She committed herself to the full ten seconds and certainly gave as good as she got. When she pulled back ad Starlight spoke, Applejack used that time to get a drink of water. The unicorn had pretty much dried out the farmer's mouth! "Starlight, if you cook as well as you kiss, you don't need mah help. Though don't overcook it- a ten-second long kiss? Mare, you need ta know yer limits or buy me dinner first," she laughed before she began pondering what had been asked. "Ah might have time. A noble feller wanted ta meet with me after this ta discuss business, but Ah reckon Ah can stop on by after. Have a good'n, Star!" *NewJack* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    It took Applejack an interminable amount of time to commit herself to the action that Rarity knew she would. ******************* She had thought about it for a while the previous night. Pacing to herself. Talking to herself. Running through the myriad possibilities and eliminating them one by one. She felt like a Shadow Spade knock-off by the end and still sought some answers, but she supposed in this stormy land of surprises that all the answers being available were pipe dreams of the hopeless romantic inside of her. Did her friend have such feelings? This one was easy enough for her to parse. The evidence, as little of it had existed before she was given the eyes with which to see, collected itself neatly and nicely in front of her now. The sweet little words shared over the years, the fighting, and the growing attention of her friend. The actions more recently- the inability to do much only added to the sense that Applejack was in a tizzy, and it was over Rarity. Indeed, once she had gotten past the concept of it being patently absurd she found it easy to accept with all of the gathered evidence. Did she share these feelings? Therein lay the real spot of trouble, and the source of her anguish the previous night. She had never seen herself with another mare. She had always told herself she enjoyed the company of stallions. Indeed, while she was easy with the compliments when it came to particularly attractive mares, she had never really looked at them as *romantic* partners. Had she? She supposed, and she had supposed very hard for several hours the night previous, that it depended on how one defined romance. Her mind warred with itself as it ruefully reminded her of past incidents. The Manehattan mare after a show. Her roommate at the Heartland School of Design. Indiscretions at the Watering Hole. She hadn't repressed these memories but she had certainly viewed them in a light less flattering than the sanguine title of romance would have shone on them. She had been young and...experimental in her younger days. Nothing wrong with that. She was certain many ponies used their youth in such a meaningless yet uniquely exciting way. She had her fair of stallions too at that time. Yet...she had always gone back to her roommate, and always found her coltfriends wanting. Indeed, maybe it was than that she started looking for her 'Prince' Charming. She had been a big fan of that mare and her designs, and the stress of the event- well, relief! It had simply been relief and they hadn't even spoken since. Was it a crime to indulge in such recreation when the time came for it? To throw it back at her- how rude! Of course, she could have found a stallion. The designer of the athletic ware was a fine, hulking stallion, and she was sure he had eyes...no, it didn't matter. And the Watering Hole...those were low points, not reasons to question herself. Lost souls swimming in the troughs of cider overflowing from such a rank establishment needed to find something while sunken to such depths. She flirted with far more stallions and- well, she wasn't afraid to admit to walking home early in the morning once or twice. Yet she was always frustrated when she walked back while she could acknowledge the rank satisfaction she received from the mares. She could talk her way around it and she did, even taking a break from her rambling alone to take a shower at three in the morning. Frontier showers were th worst, the water was too cold, but it helped keep her aware. She argued with herself, cried with herself, and fought herself. She had always been looking for Prince Charming, but she had to open her eyes. There was no such thing. The trappings of Equestrian royalty were distinctly and overwhelmingly feminine, after all. Nopony cared about the petty Prince or Duke that used whatever small station they had in some third rate city. They cared for and revered the Princesses. And so did she. So why would this matter? Why, she pondered as she dried off and wept in frustration, did she feel the need to create such a lie? To find the perfect stallion, the one that never existed, to deny and to lie to herself all these long years? Why, she thought as she stepped out into the balcony, a teary eyed mess of a mare, was it so hard to admit the truth? Because she had failed many years ago to be honest with herself, and thus had to live a life of lies. She had tried to pursue Applejack back in their school days. Applejack had been...oblivious and Rarity displeased with her failure. She had shut herself off from her former friend. She had moved away, attended a prestigious school, returned to her hometown embittered deeply in a way she never knew or appreciated. She had been polite but cold, even hostile, to Applejack for some time before Twilight had arrived and forced them all together. She had deluded herself about where her heart lay, where her passions pointed, because she had already failed with the one pony it mattered with. So of course to her it meant that love could not truly blossom with another mare, not for her. If that were the case, then had she not already lost her entire heart, her whole future? Her future had to lay with a stallion. The perfect stallion. The unbelievable and unrealistic expectation of a Prince Charming who never existed, who could make her feel things no other stallion could, who could sweep her off of her hooves and take her away to some fantasy land of delight and privilege. Oh, how absurdly arrogant she was to think that! To think that her feelings could be swayed against themselves by mere fantasy! And how truly awful a life she had designed for herself, a sad pursuit of ash and debris destined to fail when the fruits of her heart's most earnest desire lay in the daily smiles and affections of a friend she had once scorned. The labors and gymnastics required to assert any other truth started to become olympian in their requirements. Like sad, sorry Sissyphus, Rarity was doomed. DOOMED. And yet, in the midst of this eternal Tartarus of her own loneliness that could only ever have chipped away at her, she had been saved by her friend's own torment. Yet what price this savior pays! The burden of knowledge weighed heavily on Applejack, and a thick stone tablet of Rarity's making hung with malice from her neck. How awful a love when it was leading to suffering. To know pain was to know love because only a passionate heart could know such aggressively successful pain. But this was needless! It could be solved if only Rarity had the strength to admit it. It was almost four-thirty when she stumbled back into her room, a shattered and weary mess. She didn't make it to the bed. She collapsed on the floor. And in the dark of the night, sprawled out on the floor of her room, Rarity wept without control. She wept for the time they had lost, the years of their lives burned away in dedication to their delusions. She wept for a friend who was no longer themselves as they struggled under a singular pain. She wept for herself, for having used herself so improperly. And in the end, Rarity wept joyfully because she knew she loved Applejack and searched no longer. She woke up a few hours later, emotionally exhausted. Every inch of her burned with fatigue but she paid them no heed. She trotted into the shower and used her finest products. She did her makeup. She made sure to look her best and do her best, even if her insides screamed for her to rest. She acted on instinct. Not animalistic. Not basic. No, she acted on the instinct of a lover who knew what they needed to do. She was late by some time leaving the room and made sure to act no different. Applejack would need her consistency right before she would need her love- and once given, there would be little to stop it. ******** Applejack's kiss was good, but Rarity knew she could kiss better. heedless of her friend's stammering, she used one hoof and grasped the back of Applejack's head before pulling her back in. The return kiss was deep, passionate, and was likely less suitable for the younger ponies watching. Which they were, considering Rarity made a point of using her magic to remove the hat. No hiding anything from anypony anymore. "We have a lot to talk about dear, but you have to know something," she said before she pulled Applejack in even closer, Rarity's mouth speaking directly into Applejack's ears, "I have very high standards and expectations, and you simply must start living up to them. The Applejack I know- the Applejack I love- is better than what she is doing today!" Rarity whispered with equal parts sweetness, scolding, and intensity. She wasn't settling for less for herself. How could she settle for less from the Apple of her eye?
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    Oooookay. Scratch that apparently. First day within the first hour and somepony was already here. Well that was no trouble, it was what she was here for after all! Starlight smiled as Silverstream made her way in, it was a little strange seeing her without her notebook in tow, but really that was neither here nor there. "Good morning Silverstream, of course! Come right on in." the unicorn's horn would light up and gently slide out one of the seats in front of her desk for the hippogriff to take a seat. The mare herself would set up a little straighter and scoot closer to her desk. Silverstream was certainly what one could call inquisitive, so it was difficult to guess just exactly what sort of friendship question she could have. "Okay, ask away! And if you'd like a cup of tea, just let me know, Applejack sent me several packs." she would reply with a soft laugh as she settled in to hear what Silverstream had to ask.
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    SCOTCHIEEEEEE. I totally agree with you. FiM gave us so much. I have some catching up to do too. I'm slowly slogging through it. I made a lot of friends through this, discovered stuff about myself in watching it, and it gave us not only Lyraplush, but DashJar as well. It's okay for stuff to end and let new stuff come.
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    Alizarin's body tingled when the shy yellow Pegasus told her off about the squirrel. Honestly, the mare wasn't expecting such a harsh reaction. Ali didn't know Fluttershy too well, so it caught her off guard when she yelled at her. Of course though, the mare got defensive quickly and shot back at her. "Like we knew it was some rodent stalkin' us. That thing was creepin' at us, knowin' there's some darn monster in this forest!" After getting that off her chest, the farm pony backed away and rolled her eyes, right before the large thundering sound came about. She held her own, almost falling, as the group stumbled. Their reactions were quick though, but Ali strongly disagreed with their actions. Not because what they're doing was too naïve, but because Ali didn't know exactly what was out there. It was a dark forest, filled with mysterious dangers, apparently, that no pony even had the slightest idea about. Not a shocker that the adventurous ponies took action as fast as possible, and Ali was just there standing, with only Sombra left. She opened her peach mouth to speak, staring right into the deep, dark forest. It felt like there were a million shadows staring at her, wanting her to join in too, like some friendly gathering. This feeling wasn't friendly though. It felt like the forest had malicious intent, like the forest was ready to eat any pony alive. It wanted anything weak to join it's forces and become stronger, something that was easy to persuade.. easy to take over. Ali wasn't that weak thing the forest was looking for. Even though the trees stood over her like intimidating monsters, she wasn't weak enough to bow down to them. And once it clicked, she knew the rest of the group wasn't weak either. "Ah know they seem very dumb right now, but Ah think we gotta check this business out with 'em." She looked at Sombra as she talked, motioning her head towards the darkly lit trees. She couldn't fly like Fire Walker or Fluttershy, but she could catch up with Apple Bloom. "Now, Ah can't see a lickin' thing out there, so we gotta get some light started." With one swift motion, the grumpy mare grabbed a large candle from her tent and brought it over to the fire, quickly lighting it up. "C'mon, let's get goin' fast. Ah trust ya', just follow me." The mare took off into the darkness, hopefully being followed by Sombra, as the duo ran though the dirt path that the loud sound came from. It didn't take long until they met up with Apple Bloom, who seemed to be still running. "Ah got some light. You find anythin' yet?"
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    To hear praise and acknowledgement from the Empress' own lips was like the sweetest of Yanhua's steam buns to Feng; it could fill his entire body with the feeling of light and airy bliss for the better part of a week. And to be so able to share the moment with his good friend Yanhua? That was like two whole steam buns! He'd be on something like a sugar buzz for the forseeable future. That said, an Imperial Watcher grinning like the village troublemaker and vibrating like the wings of a bumblebee would have been... inappropriate in the presence of all the illustrious figures of the Dragon Court. As much of a loose cannon as his superiors thought him now, Feng devoted no small part of his considerable will and energy into binding himself into the disciplinary framework of the Watch. That raised the disturbing specter of what the longma would become if he felt that he no longer had anything to lose by letting himself go... But when or if that day would ever come, it certainly wasn't today. Thus, he took the welcome respite from Yue's attention as she congratulated her chef on her own gold medals to keep his face from splitting in half and his hooves from dancing in delight. By the time the two of them had agreed on a private meeting, he'd managed to straighten out to the point where he was merely smiling, rather than grinning outright. That said, he also caught all the implications of what that 'private conversation' was likely to consist of. The trip they'd taken to Equestria had revealed to Feng Yanhua's true identity, though thankfully not in a way to disturb their friendship! It was just that, well, she wasn't truly a qilin... Thus it was that he sucked in a breath at the sight and implications of the Fenghuang feather. Like most of the court, he found the beauty dazzling; he'd been fortunate himself to befriend one of these magnificent phoenixes by saving one from foreign poachers while on recovery. That had been a harrowing little incident, having to rely almost solely on a bluff to see the lot of them off. He shook off reminisces. This was a delicate situation, one which could turn disastrous if not handled well. He had to interject, but could not supersede Yanhua's decision in the matter. Public confession of her true identity might not be the best tactic here and now, but given how he'd found out about it back in Ponyville, it was unlikely to stay a secret forever. Best the Empress heard it from Yanhua herself rather than a foreign newspaper, or worse, an intelligence briefing... "Knowing Yanhua as well I have come to over my time at the Palace, and the opportunities I have had to observe her over the course of our journey to and from the west, I can absolutely vouch for her worth of character and service." He allowed himself to grin. "I will give my testimony officially if called for!" Though it seemed no more than a manifestation of his normal flippancy towards officiality, in truth it was a bit of theater deliberately engaged in. He wanted to communicate his true confidence in his friend, in a professional as well as personal capacity, without alerting the onlookers that anything was actually amiss with Yanhua, should she choose to remain silent now. They already thought him odd, best let them keep thinking that. Contrary to common misconception about the Watch, it wasn't about being inconspicuous, but simply keeping what didn't need to be known unknown.
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    Arty was starting to like this guy. Like- really like this guy. He wasn't stale like most guards, he was handsome, had a very sweet tone to him, and was rather charming, like a prince. How odd it was that she happened to stumble upon him. It just happened she needed a small break from her painting, and boom, he was right there in the flesh. A guard, who she presumed was quite the lady's man. How was there not a million mares standing in line for him? The artist could strongly relate to that though. She just had that vibe, a really attractive vibe. She wasn't no stranger to romantic encounters, or anything more than that. The sad thing was, she wasn't the type to stick around. The purple unicorn watched his movements, as she raised her eyebrows slightly in amazement. "I dab in a little reading too. Nothing really extraordinary, but nothing bland either." She watched him think for a second, as she stood softly to the side. "I simply talk to everypony, about everything. Whether it's about why the night sky is so gorgeous, or about a little earthworm that crawls in the dirt. Really, everything." Arty paused, thinking for a second about the second question. "Oh- you must have been mistakin', baby. I work throughout the daylight and into the moonlight. I don't stop until my work is to be finished." She finally sat down, looking up at the night. It was quiet for a moment, but it wasn't awkward. It was sweet silence, the kind that was comfortable and just. Just slightly there were crickets in the background, humming and chirping. The sound relaxed the unicorn, and made her smile gently. The she heard the stallion talk again, and she perked up to listen. "I completely understand, sweetheart. It's hard work. Poor handsome stallions like you deserve somepony to talk to." She couldn't help but flirt with him. "Most need social interactions to survive. A couple out there can find a way to be introverts and live, but there's something about talking to somepony that makes their hearts seem full." Suddenly, she heard a pony fly on over to them. The sudden change of atmosphere startled the mare, and she swiftly got up. "Cantorlot is rather astonishing at night." Arty watched as her new friend confronted the other stallion, which made her step back. She then opened her mouth to speak, "No need to be confused. He just wanted to drop in and greet us." She walked over to him with a friendly smile. "Pleased to meet you, baby. I'm Street Art, but you can call me whatever your heart desires." There was a small wink at the end of her sentence, as she confidently stood. "And this here is.." she stopped, realizing she actually never met this fine stallion's name.
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    Fluttershy noticed the hesitation on the griffon's face. It obvious to her that he had probably never had this kind of responsibility before. But it was also obvious to her that he earned a chance to prove he would succeed. She chuckled at his awful nervous joke and when he accepted the opportunity she responded brightly. Underneath the two, Angel was thumping at Fluttershy's hooves trying to get her attention. "Great!" She put a hoof on Gallus' shoulder and started walking him out of the classroom. "I'll go tell Rainbow Dash the good news, she is going to be so thrilled!" When the two got to the door, Gallus asked about how many hours he would be watching the kid. Fluttershy answered quickly but continued to walk his exit due to Angel's desire for attention. "Oh, don't be silly Gallus, it'll be for the whole day." Angel started tugging on her tail. Fluttershy lightly suggested Gallus to move out of the room with her hoof, and continued to explain to him details through the remaining crack of the closing classroom door. "Tomorrow morning after breakfast, just go to Professor Rainbow's house which usually hovers just over Stirrup Street, north of Ponyville. She will fill you in on everything else you need to know and you'll finally meet their son! Okay? I have to go now, Angel is getting cranky because he hasn't had his lunch yet. Good luck!" Fluttershy closed the door, and then proceeded to discipline Angel for his impatience.
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    Another card arrived and the herald picked it up and eyed it, then shrugged and stepped forward. "PRESENTING! SERGEANT LICORICE WHIP OF THE ROYAL GUARD! HE IS ACCOMPANIED THIS EVENING BY ESTEEMED ENTREPENEUR, LEADER OF THE RUBY HEART PACK OF SOLSTICE HEIGHTS, SPARKLES THE JEWELMASTER." It was not as ostentatious as the previous titles had been, but a bribe can only earn one so much. Much like the herald had been, Licorice was not wearing his mess dress, or not merely mess dress. He was wearing the formal uniform with his Sergeants' bars on his shoulder and a sash with every service medal, commendation, rank insignia, pin, patch, and ribbon he'd ever been awarded. He only lacked the cape and ceremonial sword to make the difference between what he was wearing and what would be Parade dress. He was making sure every mare and stallion in the gala knew exactly who he was and what he was capable of. Primarily because it would clarify that the diamond dog perched on his back was someone there by HIS choice, and his stance suggested that he was ready for a fight if one came to him. "That should get their attention, do you think?" The guard said to his plus one in a half joking tone. This was the first impression he was giving the general public of His diamond dog, and he wanted no misunderstandings.
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    Twilight listened to the honorable Hoga-sha. She was aware of him, more so than other yokai. And what he said made a lot of sense as she started to put the pieces together. Why they had failed. Why she had failed. Her ignorance of all the possibilities came crashing down not as disappointment, but relief. "The Chintamaney stone! Of course. How foalish of me!" She said with earnest joy, jumping out of the throne and towards the stone, circling it- and by extension, Hogo-sha. "Now it makes sense. Equestrian aetheric displacement can't have an impact on the stones since the stones are what we refer to as artificer magic, or made magic. Once you isolate the aetheric principles behind auric displacement and separate it, you can create a feedback loop. Issue is, Equestrian magic- indeed, most known magic- can't violate Starswirl's Sixth Law of Magic. But you can! Haha, it all makes sense! Finally! THANK YOU!" She laughed half-maniacally, hugging Hogo-sha. After a moment she realized how uncouth it was, and stood back, rubbing the back of her neck. "Ohh, uhh- sorry about that. A pleasure to meet you, Honorable Hogo-sha, and feel free to approach it. I am Princess Twilight Sparkle, and I thank you for your help. Spike, announce that the problem has been solved. Bits and papers of travel to those who had hardship or expense getting here," she said with a gracious bow before turning back to the artifact. "So, this works off of the Harmonic Principle. Very interesting. I wonder why they would feel the need to create such a thing for such a purpose? Then again, I suppose we did have the Elements of Harmomy so it can't be that strange," she asked, lost in thought. "Wishes, you say. Hmm..." She tapped her chin, then gave a half-frown. "I never trust something that makes such a claim. You rarely get something for nothing and you never get gains without loss. Especially something tied in with Discord. he is a fan of irony, after all. What else do the legends say?"
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    The class erupted in giggles and whinnies. Fluttershy raised an eyebrow. "So you would listen to somepony who intended to do harm to others and embrace them, and then do whatever they needed help with?" Fluttershy asked perplexed. But, then her face evened out and she smiled gleefully. "Exactly! See class, Gallus has properly shown that even when dealing with others who may not have your best interests at heart, it's always best to approach them with kindness so that you can help lead them in the direction where they will change their mischievous ways. Good job, Gallus." Fluttershy softly stomped her front hooves back and forth, prompting the rest of the ponies in the class to do the same on their desks. Angel was in the corner of the room with an unsatisfied frown on his face. He rolled his eyes and shook his head before staring at the griffon with resentment. Fluttershy began speaking again to continue the lesson. "Now, when faced with decisions on two friends that have differing opinions..." The school bell rang indicating a change of class. "Oh!" Fluttershy flew to her desk and picked up a stack of papers. As ponies started to file out of the classroom, Fluttershy hovered by the door to pass out papers to each of her students. "Tonight, I want you to write a small essay about what you would do if you had to confront someone who was trying to steal something from you. And next week, we'll start a new chapter on when to be assertively kind. Have a great weekend everypony!" She noticed Gallus was in line and decided to interrupt his routine to the next class. "Gallus, could you stay here for a moment? I need to speak with you."
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    Gallus enjoyed his time at the School of Friendship well enough but that didn't mean every single day was going to be a showcase of his immense, prodigious talents. Some days you were simply tired, weary from the previous day's activities. He was just so active, ya know? Okay that was all a lie. And he was learning to be more honest lately. Indeed, it was that increasing need to be honest that ensured he was so tired today. He had tried to put his honest feelings into words on paper for what felt like ten hours, the wicker candle burning long into the night as he tore up page after page. He wasn't good at it and he wasn't really prepared to write it, let alone say it. That much was obvious because he kept on failing and failing. Frustrated, he eventually took out the wastebucket of failed letters and tried to go to bed. He tossed and turned for what felt like another ten hours, which made for about twenty hours of emotionally exhausting frustration. Or maybe it had only been most of the night. The effect was the same. He was a tired griffon and tired griffons would generally sleep all day. Blame the cat half for that quirk. Alas, he had school. The school he liked well enough, but not as much as trying to get his rest in. And of all the classes to sleep in, Professor Fluttershy's Kindness class was the best one to sleep in. Not only was she the most forgiving but if something interesting did happen, he would be woken up for it. He liked her a lot. She was the best Professor the school had- and his grade was almost perfect in it! So, yeah, a great one to take a small...little...nap...in... "Ok, Gallus. What would you do in a situation like the one I described?" Gallus woke up in a flash. "Wha-whu-who-" he said as he looked around in a panic, then resettled. She had asked him a question- and he had to answer- what was the scenario? Darnit. The one time he was caught taking a nap this week took a nap, he was caught. How unfair! "Uhhhh-" he tried to think about one that would work. His answer needed to be kind and generic and appeal while not detailing the depth of his nap. He had to be smooth. His arms went wide in a welcoming fashion and he smiled wide. "Well, I would listen to their problems and tell them that I'll be there for them, and then embrace them! You know, in the spirit of kindness," he said, his tone slightly saccharine. "And do what I need to do to help 'em," he said with a snap of his talons and a wink. Because he was smooth, so smooth, so smooth it hurt.
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    Shot was still itching with excitement. She didn't really know what she was the most excited about, watching the fillies pass, or helping the fillies pass. Everything seemed so entertaining to her. Maybe because this all was soccer related and she loved the sport all too much. Either way, she was pumped up. The yellow earth pony grabbed her ball and kicked it towards Thunder's ball. They were probably gonna end up passing there, so she just followed along with her Wonderbolt friend. She sprinted towards the couple of balls, letting all the fillies get their partners and balls. "I know passing is generally a one ball type deal, but we're going to do some juggling and shooting next so make sure everypony has one!" she yelled as her quick hooves chased after her ball. The mare was faster on hoof than most pegasi were in the air. She got her ball, letting the kids regroup and come closer. Thunderlane was standing in front of her, as Shot grabbed her ball and tossed it in the air. As it floated for a quick second, she began to talk. "Passing is one of- or let's say- the most important thing to learn in soccer." The ball landed on her nose, then she flicked it up into the air again. "Passing helps the ball get around the defenders and up the field. You want the ball to do all the work, not you." The white ball landed onto her front hoof, and so she began to juggle it with her front legs and her back legs, which kinda looked really cool. "With enough practice, you can do things like this!" Shot stopped juggling and placed the ball down in front of her. "The main rules are simple, no wings, no magic, and you cannot pick up the ball with you hooves whatsoever. Keep the ball on the ground. These are very important to know throughout the game." She then simply passed the ball to Thunderlane with her front hoof, a perfect pass. The ball went back and forth a few times with ease, and Shot finally stopped it. "Any questions? If not, you guys can start!"
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    "Hee hee!!" Pinkie squealed with delight as she floated along. "Isn't this great Gummy?" She cocked her head to get a peek at the gator that was clinging to the poof that she called her mane. The gator in question blinked his eyes in succession. His mouth opened slowly and then snapped shut once. "Yep! I just knew you'd love ballooning as much as I do!" She twirled her tail for a moment, directing their flight towards the outskirts of Ponyville. "You can see pretty much everything from up here!" Something caught her eye on a hilltop in the distance. "Pretty much everything and every pony!" The party planning wonder reached behind where dozens of balloons were tied about her middle to get at the small backpack she was wearing. She produced a spy glass. "I wonder who'd be waaaaay out there?" She pondered while snapping the copper and glass instrument open. She squinted her eye and peered through. "Ahhh!" She sucked in a breath and her tail twirled in the direction of the lone pony. "Cheeeeese!!" "I can't believe he's back in town already! It seems like I was just visiting him at the factory the other day and now he's here!" Pinkie loved spending time with her party planning friend. It was just too perfect that he'd roamed into town today! The breeze combined with the tail twirling had her directly overhead in no time! "Hey there Cheese! Hi Boneless 2!" She grinned hugely as she untied a couple balloons. Enough that her weight brought her down lower. "I didn't think I'd get to see you again so soon!" She spoke while floating in the air above him. Gummy took the opportunity to crawl from Pinkie's mane to make a small leap onto Cheese's back alongside Boneless 2.
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    A grey ear flicked back towards Heart Shield's voice, pondering the details of Princess Luna's story aloud and about her thousand year banishment. The king had been banished for as long as she had, if not a little longer.. He already knew that detail. Before he could think to tell Heart Shield about the general details behind Princess Luna's banishment, he overheard Heart Shield's thought and Sombra's hoofsteps faltered. I couldn't imagine spending a thousand years completely alone like that. "It's not the least bit fun. I could only imagine what it was like being banished to the moon. I had to endure an icy void," Sombra put in softly with a small twitch of his tail. It was something that bothered him, and while it was still relatively recent by a few months. Not a day went by he wasn't glad he was free of that place, and he never wanted to go back for any reason. Perhaps something had favored him when Celestia changed her mind about him so quickly, although he still wasn't quite sure why she had. "It wasn't so much what Luna did than it was what ponies had done, or rather.. what they failed to do." Picking up a different thread of conversation in the brief silence, the umbrum pushed on, acting as if he hadn't just shared that little tidbit. "All the stories say that ponies failed to appreciate Princess Luna and favored her sister more, all because her sister raised the sun and ponies being a diurnal species.. of course they would adore the princess of the day." Sombra cocked his head. "I imagine, in the details left out of such foal's tale-like stories and legends that Princess Luna was largely nocturnal, and she was likely left isolated and left feeling unappreciated and alone because of it. That, and her sister's failure to listen to her about anything, or perhaps brushing off her concerns and feelings, was what eventually left Princess Luna to grow angry and jealous about being treated so differently. So.. she gave in and had a confrontation with Celestia, and in that it corrupted Luna, turning her into something else. I'm not entirely sure what, but she'd shed her old name and took on a new mantle. Celestia apparently used the Elements of Harmony, and banished her." He frowned in thought, puzzling over Heart Shield's question. Why hadn't Celestia used the Elements to do what they'd later done? Maybe Celestia was in such a panic she hadn't thought to, or simply viewed Luna as another dangerous villain to lock away. They certainly had a habit of doing so, from what he read of old legends and alleged history. Discord, himself, Tirek.. "I can't really say, not knowing any of that personally. Perhaps you could ask Celestia when we're back at the castle," Sombra put in with a proverbial shrug. "As for the ruins, we'll see. It shouldn't be much further now."
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    Come home mamas worried
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    Sunset Shimmer supposed it was nice to know that dodging punitive essays was yet one more skill of Twilight’s. And for now, she would also get to dodge insinuations concerning any attraction to Flash Mangus as Somnambula chose to elaborate a little more on her relationship with the warrior. Quite curious to think there was something going on between the two legendary pegasi..... Who would have known that only several minutes into a museum events, Sunset Shimmer was going to an inspirational speech to convicts? Yet somehow, the unicorn pulled off that spur-of-the-moment accomplishment without much difficulty. Then again, it wasn’t all that different from some other situations Miss Shimmer had been in before... sans the out-of-control troubled souls unwittingly threatening to unleash magic upon hapless bystanders. Everybody could make do with less incidents like those. The time now came for the next exhibit. “Huh,” Sunset gave the Pillar of Hope a teasingly suspicious glance; “So YOUR section is right next to Flash Magnus’s. Seems terribly convenient, doesn’t it Somnambula.....?”
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    The number of hits Hogo-sha landed on her was getting her frustrated. He was fast and reacted at speeds that felt off. She can’t nail it down but he was no diamond dog. That was easy to read… as for what he really was she did not know. But it was powerful. Seeing him make no moves at her she rested, panting as he talked. He wanted a Tie. on one hoof, she hated that. She wanted too win. On the other by the time one of them did win both of them will be extremely tired or very hurt. Something she did not want to risk. As shameful as it was calling it, it was the smart move. Both of them made a very good showing of skill and power. After thinking on it she walked closer to the dog and nodded her head. This was a smart move in the end. She can have another battle with him later. A repeat occurrence as he asked for. Given his skills and speed he’d make for a very good sparring partner. Her head turned around to look at older Bull making his way over. The Manager of this ring was it? He wasted no time getting to them. “[Go to the preparation hall. Now. You both are wanted.]” Was all the old bull had to say before turning and walking away to deal with other matters. Lightning just rolled her shoulders. This was odd news… someone wanted to meet her? Fascinating. Maybe she won the eye of some bull. Wasting no time she trotted away to the rings doorway that leads down to the preparation hall and disappeared down it.
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    The way Tempest spoke about the Timberwolves was a little disquieting, though she tried to hide it- likely failed at least to some extent. She did have a rather honest face. She didn't want to destroy or kill them- the thought made her ill. She knew she might have to do something like that as a Twilight Guard or to save kin, but she would never seek it out. Didn't make her feel right as an Equestrian. She reminded herself that Tempest had a different life in front of her. She had been raised less by family and ponies and more by armies and officers in all the ways that seemed to matter to her. Applejack kept her comments to herself. This was the sort of attitude that would need to be broken over time if she truly wanted to find happiness in Equestria. "Ah'm just happy ta keep mah family safe. Ah'll content mahself with that, hehe. Ah'm sure Ah have maple, thinkin' Ah can..." she responded, noticing that Tempest's tempo slowed down as she seemed to focus in on the foal under Applejack's blanket. Was she this thrown off by a foal? Hard to say unless...Applejack had an idea. Maybe it was a bad one but she was here to help Tempest become the pony she was meant to be, right? She could think of one thing to do right here, right now. Did Applejack trust Tempest? Hard question to ask, the harder question to answer really. Ponies were a forgiving lot by nature and Tempest was trying her damndest to press herself through the grate of her past misdeeds to atone and create something for herself. Applejack didn't doubt for a foggy second that the beating heart within Tempest was wanting desperately to just be like the other ponies. Heck, she figured that was one reason why Tempest helped save Twilight. But this was Applejack's foal, the pride of her life. The light of her heart. She didn't doubt Tempest's intentions but she saw flashes of her temper here or there. How would he be with a creature that, while adorably designed, also came with all sorts of bells and whistles designed to drive you batty? Well, Ponies were a forgiving lot by nature. "Wanna hold him?" She asked with a smile, pulling the foal off of her and then getting the blanket off. She burped him and did so with a smile, then nodded at him as of if to say get to it. "Ah'll get our food."
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    "Well, it isn't that I didn't deserved it...." Swift mused. He had to admit to himself that his obsession with besting Sig...himself get a better at him at times. And when it does, almost all the logic and reason is thrown to the wind. But even then, Fire at least deserved a latter of two didn't she? A simple "I am okay." sent from Long Kong or something. Not that he was IN the Long Kong during those three months, passing through it on the way notwithstanding..... "Dear we been over this. My 'suit' was already a bunch of rags! Lěngfēng Highlands are really not kind for Equestrian clothing...." this was true. When he appeared in Ponyville Squall looked like a hobo. At least he had a little sense to wash himself before getting itto the competitions, but still. He still recalled mare's shriek when she saw his unkempt beard...Of course she ordered him to shave it post haste....although Swift wondered if the groomed one would look good on him? "Well I guess we overdid that a little....." noblepony admitted when crimson mare mentioned the ruined furniture. He was banished to the couch for the few days, but since they really missed each other..... "I have to ask her how she is going to do this. She can't exactly tell everypony in Day and Night Guard 'Whelp, you fired.' does she? Is she going to merge them with Twilight Guard? Does that mean there will be three Captains? Are you going to take shifts?" Swift was quick to ask obvious questions. "But honestly....I don't really believe they 'retiring for good. How can you exactly retire when your life expectancy is measured in geological terms? And Luna wasn't at the job even for a decade since her return! Sure, we might not get to see it, but give it generation or five and they will be back. Their sense of responsibility won't let them lay on their sunbeds forever, no matter how well Sparkle will fare." unicorn mused. Swift however got a wee bit less relaxed when Moto mentioned Sombra. "What do you mean like him but not him? " stallion asked his voice low. Well, lower. "Is he multiplying? Are they now multitudes of him? How many time you have to slay this bastard?!" he asked in frustration. But if anyone knew how to soothe Squall's nerves quickly Fire Walker. Noblepony quickly abandoned his own coach to join his sweetheart's. "Awww that's nice...." he expressed as the cuddled. He didn't gave two bits that they were in public sitting area. "....But if we will be like that forever , we won't get anything done, wold we?" Swift pointed out. "This will be Best. Vacation.Ever!" he annouced, second later however in his eye appeared a glint Fire knew all too well...."And after we get back, I will finally go to Whitescar, so I can finally beat Sig.....!" <DING-DONG!> <"Attention all Passengers. We just now left Equestria air space, and are currently over territory under jurisdiction of Crystal Empire. Due to difficult weather conditions, we will be following alternate flight-path. We apologize for a delays and inconveniences resulting because of it....."> "Splendid....." Squall groaned, ignoring rest of the announcement. "I should've known better and use one of my own airships for the flight. We could easily flew OVER that bad weather." noblepony whinged.
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    Hi guys! I've been on the forum for a couple days now and haven't really had an opportunity to join any threads yet, and I don't really have a plot in mind for anything big, so... I thought I'd start off with meeting people (and the ponies they play) and making friends through slice-of-life RP! The invitation is open to anypony who could reasonably find themselves looking for fun in Ponyville, so... yeah, pretty much anypony! Premise: Hawthorn gets his hooves on some choice ingredients (which, given the location, is probably mostly apples) and with the help of his siblings is able to whip up a feast of mouth-watering treats that are sure to get ponies galloping in from all over town! Depending on who joins, we could specify a location (otherwise he'd just host it outside his house) or even make it a potluck instead! That's all that's set in stone, but I'm open to other ideas if we wanted to maybe introduce conflict of some sort (just off the top of my head, maybe there's a bad apple in the batch or one of Hawthorn's younger siblings accidentally puts something in the food that gets somepony sick?). The main point, though, is just to have fun and make friends so we can already know each other for future threads.
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    Silverstream jumped up and hovered to the chair in front of Starlight's desk, and landed onto it gracefully. She started to explain herself slowly, but as she went into detail of her thoughts, her tone and rate of talking began to escalate involuntarily. "So, I'm so glad that I have friends here at the school. They are the best friends I've ever had and I am so thankful to have them. But, I started realizing that there are some students at the school that are no longer here because they either graduated or they found another purpose in their life that took them somewhere else. And that's when I realized, what if after we graduate we all go our separate ways and never see each other again? What if I have to continue friendship studies in Seaquestria without my friends? Is that a bad thing? Is it bad that I would be learning about things without my friends?" Silverstream thought out loud as she continued her rant. Her concern was that of the future, one she was very well aware of having been involved in several life-altering changes in her life. She was born a seapony, taught about how her kind escaped the tyranny of the Storm King but then accepted transformation into hippogriff culture to help reshape Mount Aris society until she was encouraged by her royal family to attend the academy to learn about friendship. Knowing that things can sometimes rapidly change, she was anticipating the next shift, but this was the first time she had regrets about the possibility of change and it was all because of the time she had spent with her friends she met at the academy. "I know that some things change sometimes, but it doesn't feel right that someone would have to lose friendships." She held out her claws and began counting her talons. "Gallus, Smolder, Yona, Sandbar, Ocellus, even the professors, headmare Twilight... ...you." Silverstream put her claws to her face. "I don't want to lose touch with any of them."
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    Zap was starting to get a little impatient because he could tell that he wasn't doing everything correctly, even though his mother was there to cheer him on. He pensively just did as he was told when she instructed him, but did have the satisfaction of being able to accomplish his own ability, yet. Baby steps. When Rainbow controlled his wings to put them in a stretch, he winced a little and held his breath unnecessarily. He had athletic genes somewhere in him but they hadn't woken up yet, he was still very inexperienced to conditioning his own body for increased mobility, but he was also fairly young, too. He was still far ahead of the curve. "It feels rough," he said in short exhales. He was too young to appreciate joy of flexibility. Perhaps he would value it more when he got older and saw his flexibility wane. After the stretch, she bet on him to fly to a tree as fast as he could. "Yeah!" He angled towards the tree and took off at it. Because one of his wings was primed from stretching, he found it easier to flap it, but his other wing felt average causing him to have to readjust his angle of approach to the tree. In an unfavorable zig-zag, Zap bumblebeed his way to the tree and landed softly at the trunk. He looked back at his mother and smiled. "I did it!"
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    Him? Practice? He made a pointed effort of ensuring that the entire world was certain of his lack of enthusiasm in all facets of life, from study to dance to the studying of dance. Why would he want anypony to know that he sometimes went to the library alone to study in private? Or that he once rewrote an entire essay three times because it didn't sound right? That he paid attention the most when he feigned interest the least- or that he used Yona's preparation for Sandbar as cover for him learning some new tricks? Nah, better they don't. He wouldn't want other creatures to think he was having to work at being as cool and collected as he was, though if he was being honest with himself he was always on the verge of losing it when around Silverstream. A thin veneer of Griffonian confidence was all that separated a lion from a cub, with a briskly beating heart betraying with its warmth- warmth settled in with uneasy jolts of energy across his body and with growing intensity as she held his fins- the detached coldness of his chosen facade. He'd do what was necessary to protect that frail image of strength until, in time, he could no longer deny the churning emotions that sought to unseat it. "Nah. Griffons aren't about dancing. I think I've seen some ponies dance, just picked it up from them," Gallus spoke with a certain air of nonchalance, looking with a laugh. "Ha! It isn't very hard. Just gotta sway a little here and ther, ya know, with everycreature so close I figure its gotta be easy, right?" He said re-assuringly. He had seen her blush like mad and it was hard for him to let the pink on his cheeks die, seeing as it contrasted so readily with the blue. He could control his mind all he wanted but his body was a traitor to his admittedly deceitful cause. Who could blame him? Seapony or Hippogriff, a creature of water and air combined, she had an impact on him. Her presense was as overwhelming as the depths, pressing in on him like he was a pearl being shaped. She also could make him feel lighter than air, dopey and oxygen deprived. Flittering thoughts of happiness danced as readily with a deeply felt sense of pressure inside of him as he danced with her. It was an impossible feeling to fully describe, such were the limitations of his young mind. His body felt differently and he found himself leaning in. He caught himself before his lips puckered pathetically or anything else too forward happened. He continued to lean in though, he had to play it off of course and whispered to her. "You're not bad yourself, you know. Who did you learn from?" He asked as his mind raced to fill in the blanks of what to say as he leaned in. He was still smooth. Smooth as a sly bandit, stealing moments that made him weak and steeling his resolve in equal measure.
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Villain design to take my mind off the heat.
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    Gallus was half dragged and half followed Silverstream to the center of the dancing stage. Truth be told he was just happy that many seaponies were around them. His dancing wouldn't look so awful when he was pressed against so many others. Of course, it was hard to hide when you looked like this. Even harder to hide when you needed to give Silverstream the sort of space she needed when she started dancing the way she danced, the sort of space she evidently thought was optional based on how close she was dancing next to him. Totally uncool, yeah, totally. Not right. He'd say something but he didn't want to ruin hr groove. Yeah, that was it. He was a true gentlegriff. He would let her dance close to him and not make a stink about it. He tried to dance, mimic her movements at least, but it was no use. He was no good at dancing even as a griffon. Now he looked and felt like a blob being crushed by water pressure- well, that was the image his mind completed. He did so with as much energy as he could muster in his embarassment, a growing amount freed of any precondition. Then the record skipped and the slow music began. One for the lovers. He gave a quick, disbelieving laugh as he looked around. What was this, some trashy romance novel? It wasn't like he leafed through one or two that Professor Rarity had left out or anything, but even he could tell that this was a bit much. Especially with how shy Silverstream got, her confidence shattered and momentarily tossed aside in these brilliant waves. He didn't feel entirely confident himself but when did that ever stop him? After a moment of hesitation, of seeing her blush and her eyes lose their sharpness only to be replaced by a faint glimmer of something more, he acted on his instinct. He grasped her hoofins in his and assumed the position he saw others take, a seagriffon lost but not abandoned, acting desperately to forestall the collapse of whatever barrier existed to keep him in control of himself and his own burgeoning feelings. The feelings that grew in looks and in silence, in moments stolen yet never kept, those that were strangely weakened when he could control the motion of the ocean between them. Yeah, he needed to control himself because if he didn't he could make a fool of himself with how close and eager she was, and how he was starting to believe that something was happ- no, no. Can't be. Keep it down, Gallus. You're here with a friend. A friend. Don't be weird. Gallus scoffed at the music. "Pssh. This song is so slow. How do seaponies even dance to this? And with so many around? It's really embarrassing," he said with faux sincerity. He looked at her and smiled and winked. "I'm really embarrassed."
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    Applejack smiled, the sort of half-cocky one that spread on one side of the cheek and not the other. "You gotta love yerself some sweat. That little drip that comes down tha ridge of yer snout, skirts yer eyes, hands in the air before splashing down in tha ground. A lot of ponies, even hard workers, don't much like exertin' themselves. Me?" She looked around, then blushed knowingly. "Ah'm a stubborn mare. No doubt someday Ah'll be diminished and hafta drop somethin'. Maybe Abby an' Big Mac'll have ta do more at tha farm, or Ah'll have ta turn in mah armor an' spears, or Ah'll go half-blind and need ta tend ta my classroom more. Somethin'll happen, sure, someday. But until that day comes, Ah'll sweat and love every moment of it," She said as she took a big bite. She was proud to be a workhouse, darn proud of it. Twi wasn't the same. She loved to work, but she had learned to work smarter, not harder. So maybe she was better? "I'd say its a fair bit of a step up, hehehe. Not sure she looks at it that way though, not anymore. She's real concerned about..." Applejack grew quiet. Then she banished those thoughts and that somewhat awful conversation to somewhere else, deeply locked in her mind. "Well, those are what she thinks anyway. Ah can't do anythin' 'bout it, so no sense worryin'. She'll be great, Ah reckon. You?" She asked, sticking a fork at her Chancellor. Had to make sure this one had all the confident Applejack did in Twi. Otherwise, the judgement was all askew. Talking about their momma's respective cooking education and experience or lack therin certainly brightened her up as the last of those thoughts regarding Twi left. "Hehehe. If you want, Ah could teach you how ta cook. Start with somethin' simple. Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, tha first soup Ah ever made. Momma helped me. Ah wish she had a bit more book learnin', just sometimes though. She was always very hooves on and she'd experiment sometimes. Not a big deal when its a snack but when its dinner, well, you didn't want yer dinner makin' you ill," She said with a shiver, though the bright cheer on her features remained. "She loved ta be in tha kitchen. Why, if you just laid there and let her, she'd just spend tha whole afternoon cookin' and concoctin'. She'd do her share of fieldwork but she wasn't much good at it and didn't have much passion for it. Pa did, that was his way of doin' it. Workin' all day an' in tha field only ta come home to some good home cookin'. Described every day as a perfect day. Reckon he was onto something," She ended with a heavy sigh. She had gotten over their passing years ago, so it was a sigh tinted entirely with the afterglow of her happy memories rather than the spectre of regret. "What about yer pa? He a hard worker or did the whole lot of ya lounge about in high society?" She joshed gently, not meaning much by it. She may have personally found such existence impossible, but sh reckoned there was a good reason why so many ponies valued it and emulated it so much.
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    Rarity had found Applejack's hotel room without much difficulty. It wasn't as there were many options and additionally she had made sure to get them the very best accommodations. She once made a joke that Applejack would be comfortable with a haystack and a blanket and truth be told she didn't think it was far off. Applejack was rough around the edges but not in abad way. Her emotions were worn on her face until it came time to share sadness. She always put on a brave face. Always tried to put her best hoof forward. Rarity had been proud that among her friends it was Applejack who promoted the fewest moments of outright drama or worry. As solid as a stone, as reliable as the sun. A great and good friend for any pony to have, and one she treasured among the rest. A true diamond in the rough. She was in front of the door quickly and went to go and knock on it, but she didn't know what to say. She knew she had to say something, no matter how flailing a response it was in comparison to what was going on between them. Alas, she knew not what to say because she didn't know quite how she felt. How to put it into words even if she did know or allowed the growing sensation of forebodence to overwhelm her. Her hoof raised, and then went down. her mouth opened and then closed. She didn't know what to do. Applejack was her friend, one of her oldest and dearest. She had known her since they were fillies, even before they had their cutie marks. They had a falling out when they had grown older but the absence was clear in both their lives. Now they were in a better place- or were they? If Applejack was in pain, was her presence warranted? She didn't know. Rarity knew nothing. How Applejack felt, how she felt, how to process it all, how to respond. It had happened too fast. She wasn't strong enough for this, not right now. She slowly backed away from the door and, when far enough away, galloped towards her room. --------------------------- Rest had helped Rarity, though it didn't seem to be helping Applejack at all. Rarity had gotten washed and put on the face she always did, one of sublime beauty and confident as she urged her friend on to greater and greater feats. Applejack was pulling through on her end, though. Rarity had seen Applejack participate in the rodeo before and certainly was there to hear about the farmer's success, mostly from Applejack or Apple Bloom. This was going very poorly for Applejack. She looked distracted, lacked focus, and was making mistakes that weren't characteristic of her. Applejack was a minor celebrity and that only magnified the failings. While nopony had the gumption to jeer her- and if they had, Rarity had a death glare waiting for them- it was hard to escape the whispers that had started to circle around. Rarity for her part alongside Applejack's family had been cheering her on this whole time, but alas, it was going so very wrong. "Applejack! Applejack darling, come over here!" Rarity yelled out, her voice even. She was being a great actress. Her tail, twitching and twirling as it was, told another story. A more honest one. When Applejack was nearby, Rarity grasped her friend by the back of her head and pulled her into whispering range. "Dear, something is on your mind. You have at least a few seconds, so out with it before I have to pull it out of you!" Rarity whispered viciously, wanting more than anything for Applejack to be Applejack again.
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    Rosemarey is about to respond to Sweetie Belle's question when she is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Long Shot. "Nice to meet you, Sweetie Belle. Looks like I'll introduce myself in a minute." Recognizing that there isn't much point in introducing herself twice, she follows Shot's instructions. After bringing the ball closest to her to a stop, she clumsily navigates it over to join the circle next to Echo. Listening to the other fillies' introductions, it doesn't seem like any of them are very familiar with soccer. That's a relief. When it is finally her turn, Rosemarey enthusiastically announces her name. "Hi everypony! My name is Rosemarey! I've never played soccer before, but I do love going outside and having fun!" Now the hard part. She has so many fun hobbies and only has the floor for a moment, so she has to choose one. "My favorite thing to do is, umm... planting flowers all over Ponyville!"
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    The evening before had been a rough one for the county mare. After she'd rounded up Applebloom and Strongheart for some eats she just couldn't stomach the idea herself. Nope, food wasn't gonna sit well and she knew it. Her whole stomach had been done up in knots. The traditional pre-rodeo knots that usually made her feel excited and helped her do her best had been double, naw tripled by the knots she felt over her friend. It had been just too much to take and Applejack had ended her evening alone in her hotel room pacing. She had to do something. She had to tell Rarity at some point. She realized that telling the unicorn would be the only way to rid herself of these horrible gut wrenching pangs she had been feeling. It wasn't guilt but it was akin as she felt she was doing herself a disservice by not speaking her truthful mind. It wasn't like her to behave this way and if she kept it up any longer Brae and Abby were liable to ship her off to the doctors and she'd miss the whole rodeo! She'd slipped out in the early morning before anypony was up and made her way to the rodeo grounds. She couldn't sleep so why not pace the arenas where she'd be working tomorrow instead of the confines of her room. The pre dawn air of Appaloosa gave her at least a small amount of relief. It was pleasantly cool and smelt of the dry open desert lands. The ground felt good under her hooves too. Freshly turned and raked for competition. She just needed to focus... ---- Hours later AJ stood in almost the same spot she had earlier that morning. She could hear the crowds cheering off in the distance. The rodeo was in full swing and she'd just made a final bale toss. She'd always been good at balancing the last bale, making her stack the tallest over all. It was generally an easy blue ribbon for the farm mare. She cringed as the stack she had made tettered to one side. It wobbled back and forth and she gasped as the whole thing came crashing down! "Durn it!" She cursed under her breath as the rodeo officials waved their hooves and the score board changed to 'no score' by her name. It was a sorrowful defeat really. This was usually one of her best events. She just couldn't keep her head in the game. She'd looked over to the stands a couple of times already. There was Abby and Strongheart and Brae cheering her on. And, there was Rarity. Just sitting there looking lovely and having a nice time cheering AJ on. AJ'd tried to smile over once but ended up turning away. "All contestants for the barrel weave!" The announcer boomed over the crowds. "All those competin' in the barrel weave make yer way to the side gates!" AJ turned from the bale stacking event and exhaled loudly. "Sheesh!" She tugged her stetson over her eyes. "Can't git any worse can yah?" She trotted over to the start of the barrel weave and began to wait her turn...
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    Roleplay Type: Main rp Name: Shadow Storm Sex: Male Age: Middle aged stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Orange Coat: Gray with a hint of brown tint Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are Brown with white stripes in them. His mane being slightly longer in length, and his tail being short and puffy Physique: Slightly taller with a bit of a muscular build Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Royal guard officer Cutie Mark: A sword crossed over a open book. In his young years, Shadow storm found a talent in offensive type spells, and thoroughly enjoyed trying them out. One day would find Shadow wandering the dark paths of the Everfree forest. He rather much enjoyed exploring the forest looking for hidden things and magic related places. Perhaps maybe he had gotten a bit distracted in his search, as he soon found himself among a pack of timber wolves instead. Panicking a moment he remembered a spell that he had learned from a book that he had borrowed from a library. Charging his horn, he stood his ground as he managed to fend off the pack of timber wolves. Unique Traits: When not obsessing over spells and power. Shadow storm enjoys spending his time searching for valuable items what ever they may be, and has found somewhat of a secondary talent in history, and valuing old items. He can be usually found buying and selling rare and old items to make a few bits. History: Shadow storm was born in Canterlot to a family of Unicorns. Growing up he was always a bit of a trouble maker, But his parents where generally very forgiving. At a young age his parents enrolled him a school for unicorns. Through out his young years, Shadow spent his time reading books for spells, and playing around with new learned spells. Shadow storm picked up spells very quickly. Astonished with his talent in casting spells, They encouraged him to continue his education. Excited to find and try out new spells, It soon snow balled into an obsession. Shadow Storm dreamed one day of joining the Royal guard, and climbing the ranks. He wasn't much at all interested in it to protect ponies tho, but he much rather had his eyes set on gaining a prestigious position in the guard. Setting out one day from his parents home as a young stallion, he made his way to enlist in the Royal guard. His first few years in the guard where slow, But as they began to send him on missions with other guards, his talents in casting spells soon found him as a skilled member of the guard. Now Shadow Storm find himself as an officer in the royal guard. He now has his eyes set on learning as many spells as possibly and gaining a fortune. he is determined to learn even the spells that the princesses have kept locked away, and will stop at nothing to have a peek at them. Even if it means turning on a fellow guard member. Character Personality: Shadow storm is overall a very serious pony. All tho he can at times have a bit of a humor. He is generally nice Around other ponies, and fellow guard members, But don't let that fool you. Deep down inside he is corrupt. Shadow storm has an obsession with power, when let loose he can be very greedy and arrogant. He does thoroughly enjoy reading spell books, and has a hobby in collecting rare and valuable items, especially the ones he has obtained in a questionable manner, and generally dislikes anypony coming in between him and those things. He knows his actions could get him expelled from the guard or worse, and chooses to keep his true self a secret to others, and can be very deceitful at times. Character Summary: Shadow storm is a serious pony with a bit of sense of humor at times. He is generally calm and collected around others, but inwardly lies a Sneaky and Deceitful pony. He has a talent in offensive magic, Combined with an obsession with power. Shadow storm thinks inwardly of himself, and takes any chance he can to better himself. On his free time he enjoys spending a lavish life of expensive items, and thoroughly enjoys finding them even through questionable means.
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    He kinda liked her being concerned about him. Being the center of attention wasn't normally his bag but it helped get over his little tiff with that seapony by having the attention of a friend. It also hurt a lot. That crab was pretty awesomely powerful and he was certain that it never skipped whatever passed for a workout for undersea crabs. More importantly, she liked the necklace. He was still getting used to how everything felt down here so was pleasantly excited to see that his necklace didn't collapse under the weight of expectations. It felt good to have something you made get somecreature you cared about- as a FRIEND- happy. He could do ith that feeling again. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine. Griffon claws are strong," he said, though he did start rubbing it. "I'll be okay." He was a very tough bird, but... Gallus wasn't a great dancer. There wasn't a lot of dancing going on in Griffonstone and he wasn't entirely sure that they'd care to start anytime soon, even with griffons becoming a little friendlier. Indeed, he was happy to report that he had gone most of his life without having to flap around like a loser and had continued this winning streak into the school. Nocreature had tried to force him to dance. He had the excuse of being too cool for it during the Fetloch whatever it was and his desire to never dance with Smolder or see that dragon do her interpretation of dance. And then with everything that happened that night he was able to showcase exactly none of his non-existent talent- the same as everycreature else. It was awesome and something he hoped to repeat exactly zero more times. He wasn't a fan of not being good at something. He was also terrible at admitting he was not good at things. These two things existed in a constant state of conflict. Most of the time, pride won. Like now. He wasn't going to tell Silverstream of all creatures that he sucked at dancing. Besides, he had a great excuse for his failings, and a great excuse always trumped history- especially if that history was hidden. "Yeah, I'm good to go. Cutting a rug or whatever that phrase is, I'm your seagriffon," he said confidently, trailing behind Silverstream towards the electronically impossible soundstage and dance area.
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    From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Twilight Sparkle studies everything, she is the bookworm geek girl in pony form. even she can only read for so many hours before our favorite geek pony has to retire to bed. In case you can't read it, the book says "Da Big Book of Love & Intimacy"

    © Brian McPherson

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