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    CANTERLOT! I! HAVE! RETURNED! Also, Vienna was seriously cool. Only in Prague and Rome I saw so many old landmarks.
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    Fire Walker who is currently part of the Twilight Guard would have to come She would go with Swift Squall...But if for some reason he's not able to attend, I could see her attending the event just to hang around and see friends. The idea of her best buddy Pressy going on a date makes her very very happy. I'll need to hear back from Swift's player before I fill out that form...
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    Grubber might have gotten to answering the hippogriff’s question had he not spotted his former commander turned designated sponsor. For a moment, the hedgehog felt the tiniest inkling of a storm brewed over his head as Tempest Shadow mumbled something inaudible. Thankfully, that pit in stomach turned out to be a case of the imagination happily running wild, so Grubber obliviously answered the unicorn. “Oh, school’th TOTALLY been doin’ great!!!” He excitedly bragged; “I’m making lotth of new friendth and learning everything I can about Friendthhip! I’m thure the report cardth thay glowing thingth about me, or otherwithe, you’d be giving me the evil eye and dithciplining me with your crazy horn right about now... you know, just like old timeth, eh heh heh heh.....” .....It was perhaps a merciful thing then that Tempest Shadow didn’t know that according to the Friendship School’s mailings, Grubber displayed troubling signs of underachieving and being proud of it. The hippogriff used the slight pause in the conversation to interject with another question. “Yeah, that thoundth like Commander Tempetht alright,” Grubber nodded, glad he didn’t require any boring history book reading to get that right; “Thhe did the Throm King’th evil, evil bidding. Whenever he needed a city thacked or a kingdom enthlaved, Tempetht Thadow’th Air Armada came in and made everything all blow up and thuff! After we nabbed all four pony princesseth, Throm King promithed he’d fix Tempetht’s horn and-” Grubber did a double take; “Wait a thec, why doeth it thill look like you thill got a crackly chipped tooth on the top of your head?” He gasped; “Doeth thith mean you’ll alwayth be thtuck with tharky tharky boom thells FOREVER???”
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    "Oh. Hehe. Well, I don't usually buy dinner, ah make it! But if you wanna come over for some real good eatins sometime, we would absolutely love to have ya." Applejack couldn't read other jests from ponies too well, but all the same she would respond with her sincere intentions. Applejack would love to have her old fillyfriend visit more often, even if it meant having to tie Apple Bloom to a chair to prevent the young pony from jumping all over Rara with her obsessive questions. Applejack walked back behind the booth. "I reckon you came here to buy some apples, huh?" Applejack listened with a smile to Rara as she spoke about a proposition but then admitted her curiosity about the apple sale for today. The musical mare seemed hung on the term 'self-respecting'. It wasn't clear to Applejack how long Rara's corrupt manager had a hold of her passionate decisions, but it seemed clear to her that she was still adjusting to the self-managing lifestyle and all of the extra worries of maintaining integrity were causing her to pull her own reins in a little to make sure she was properly processing her intentions. "Don't try so hard, Sugarcube, I know you're one of the most self-respectinest ponies ever!" A slight chuckle and Applejack responded to the singer's apple preferences. "Oh well now, that's easy. All of them. Apples are healthy and nutritious and always do a good job cleaning those air pipes next to yer gullet. Provided you don't have apple skins jammed in between your teeth, they should all be good for when you are about to do a show. Now I don't know what you mean by acidic, but I'm guessing you want something less tart. Sometimes apples with a more tart lean can get you all puckered up! So I would suggest a crisp apple, like uh, gala." Applejack reached back and grabbed a bushel of gala apples and threw it on the counter. "Oh, how many bushels did you say?" What's that? Selling apples at a discount and a surprise along with it? Silverstream beamed at the thought. What could the surprise be? "See ya, Councilor Starlight! See you tomorrow, in your office probably." Silverstream waved goodbye without laughing at her joke knowing full well it was probably the truth. Smolder told Silverstream about the farm and how she was doing research for a paper she had to write. "Oh yeah, this place is huge too, isn't it?" Smolder listed off the names of some of the ponies that lived here. She knew, Applejack of course. "Wait, what!? All of the ponies that live here have apples in their names!? That is so awesome, and kind of confusing. Like, what if they tell someone else to put an apple pie in the oven and then end up cooking a pony instead. And what if I ask for my wagon to fill up with red apples and I end up pulling a red-colored earth pony back to the school for snacks?" Silverstream thought briefly at her exaggerated theoretical problem, but she was seriously concerned about possible confusion. Back on Mount Aris, it took several hours for her family to find a young seapony named Craggy Creek all because they kept looking in the streams that delta'd into the ocean from the mountain tops, instead of searching in the Aris Wood where he was lost. She then noticed Grubber, a hedgehog she once saw in the halls at the academy. Seeing him wiz by to talk to the purple pony in front of her invited her to introduce herself. She flew curious to him and hovered over the two. "I saw you at the school during orientation." She hung a single digit of her claw on her beak. "Um, what are you exactly?" But before she could hear his answer, she had just noticed him mention the name of the unicorn he was talking to who seemed to be in a rather grumpy mood. "Wait, you look familiar. Have you had someone paint a picture of you and put it in a book titled 'Equestrian War History: The Storm King'?" Even if Silverstream could confirm her suspicions of this pony being the same one with the same severed horn, she did not retain the chapters of that text book enough to be able to remember who Commander Tempest Shadow, second-in-command of the Storm King, was.
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    "Yes....And I'm just as bad...", the mare whinnied, "I'm either in my dress uniform, my dress-dress, or my dress armor. All very well and proper...But sometimes you want to be a little risky...", next time she gets her beloved green stallion over to Ponyville, she would need to take him to see Velvet and her little store. If anyone could get an conservative stallion to dress all crazy like, it would be her. She chuckled, "It's not so much the materiel....I believe it was fine Corinthian tissue paper....And it's tor coverage either, it was all about who made it....And as most fashion designers, this one was a bit of a looney....This Whackett Buzzard Stubble had never been seen outside of a small box she lives in...She has ponies who push her box on a wagon about...And she comminutes through birdcalls and box shakings. All very odd. I just hope they had cut holes In her box." Oh bugger. She really needed to not talk politics. Ever. She had heard this all before. "Equestria Nobility?", she sighed, "Not sure there's much left of our old royal family.....I believe Blueblood..Or Bluebelle...is what's left. The others, I'm sure are just sell made millionaires and their hangers on...As for us...Ponies....We've been protected for so long...By heroes...Alicorns....We'll all need to leap into reality one day...Might skin our knees in the process, but we'll have to learn to stand on our own four hooves..", she took a sip from her glass. "I just feel bad for Princess Twilight and her friends....But especially Twilight..Poor girl works so hard....And we're about the same age, and she's never had a date that I know of..Or probably even a day for herself....She was thrust into the toughest school at such an early age and was even given a dragon baby to look after, when she was practically a baby..." She nodded her head as the unicorn spoke of her 'Sombra'. What a weird, weird day that was. "He seemed to be a bit more solid...And I had planned to see if he had a navel...But never could find the time with all the running about. Maybe the 'Blue Fairy' turned him into a real boy?" As she pondered this all, the intercom sparked back to life with an even worse message. That couldn't be the captain. He was a tad bit silly. Maybe they had been hijacked? This thought quickly ended as the ship decided it had enough and parted. The first thing on the mare's mind was her stallion who already felt the lack of breathable oxygen and quickly went under. Pegasus ponies could handle this sort of thing better, but not for long. This was much higher than they tended to fly. But she needed to save him. At any cost. Fire Walker quickly wrapped her legs around the unconscious pony and spread out her wings. She might not be able to hold him for long....Oh dear...She was already out like a light. The Pegasus mare woke up. She did not care that she could not see. Nor did she care that her wings were screaming in agony or she felt warm blood on her body. Not a pleasant feeling...What she did care was...."Swift!", she called out. And good gravy, it was cold outside!
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    ........................... ................................................................. Sunset Shimmer was at a complete loss of words as Tempest Shadow laid bare her innermost emotions. This went FAR beyond a simple phobia of losing one’s magic. Rather, it sounded like Tempest despised everything about the path her life had taken. Evidently, turning her back on the Storm King had basically did jack all at changing the broken-horned unicorn’s view of the world. And honestly, what could a girl like Sunset SAY to things like what Tempest described? How could anybody who once benefited from Friendship — and then lost it all — ever be persuaded to give it another chance when they’re hyper aware of every possible rotten thing life could throw at you? Miss Shimmer wasn’t even sure if offering her personal friendship would help; Tempest Shadow was a proud unicorn afraid of showing weakness, and the ex-apprentice guessed that any attempt at befriending her counterpart that could be perceived as being done out of pity would be categorically rejected. Unable to immediately form a counter-response to Tempest’s assertions, Sunset merely stood there with a blank stare as the other unicorn started walking off. True, Hanabi attempted to flee from the group several minutes ago... but here she was now attempting to provide gratitude, while Tempest Shadow herself was in the process of retreating from the area after going on a heartfelt tirade. It was doubtful though whether talking to the mare would have any result at this point, but Sunset Shimmer couldn’t bring herself to let her counterpart go without a fight. At the very least, Tempest deserved to know she was worth being chased after. “.....We’ll see you guys in a little bit,” Sunset informed Feng and Hanabi after several moments elapsed. At this juncture, it was probably best if Tempest Shadow didn’t feel surrounded by strangers. Resolving to get through to her on a one-on-one level, Sunset broke into a relaxed but brisk canter in hopes of quietly catching up to Tempest.....
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    Tempest hated this. She hated every moment of it. Every single word. Act. breath. And yet it was not their fault. They were helping her. Reaching out in forgiveness to try and understand. Yet they did not understand. None of them can or will. She did not hate them. She hated herself. Her weakness. Her failings. She was never strong enough. She never will be. She will never be whole again. She did so much wrong that can never be forgiven. She wanted them too shut up. Too leave her alone. But so much was belding up inside of her. The dam was braking and she was powerless to stop it. “Do you ever just look back on your life… and ask yourself... where did it all go wrong?” She asked, looking at the three of them, her eyes glaring as much as her words. “Can you? Do you even really know what it is like? I wasn’t always the pissed angry mare I am today. I did not drink myself to sleep or go running off in to danger just to feel alive for a few faint moments all my life. Back in the day I used to be… different. Happy. I had hopes, I had dreams! I had plans for my future! Friends! I was going to be the captain of the guard. Fang is living the dream I had… and yet you act as if is meaningless. In the way you talk and act… you want something you can’t have while having what I can only dream of touching again.” “I had it all laid out. I was ready to work hard, make it big, earn bits and get popular… I’d be the %#$$ Spitfire of unicorns! You know the story. Pretty much what every ambitious pony is dreaming of during their filly days. They’d be the best at whatever there talent was. And then… Well…” She trails off, shutting her eyes. She can hear it again. Smell it. Feel it. That hot breath. The pain. Claws. “The world is not fair. We all live blind. We think peace is forever, hope and dreams come true and friendship is magic. Ask the filly crying underneath a news paper from a thunderstorm how wonderful this world is. Ask the filly running for her life how friendship is magic. Ask the filly eating out of the trash how fair life is. Ask the filly watching a town being sacked how peace lasts forever. Ask the filly that found love, just to learn it was was too use her, how love beats all. They say You can only go up when you hit rock bottom. That may be true but you can fall back down, screaming as everything you worked so hard for falls out from underneath you. You three know nothing. You speak of loss on top of the wall of hope.” With that she opens her eyes, staring at them. Even she was… somewhat taken aback at all of that. It was like a flood of feelings she had no power to stop. It felt good to say it all. To speak about how she felt openly yet she knew it did not matter. They'd just say something about friendship with blank smiling faces. No pony can understand. Sometimes she wondered if she even was a pony. It did not feel like it at times. She sighs standing up. “You two look after the Fox. She’s your friend Fang. She just tried running away. She is the one that needs talking to. Not me.” She then turns away from them, walking away.
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    The Door to the throne room soon stirred and out poked the head of a what seemed to be a well put together Diamond Dog. He walked slowly up to the table with the artifact, eyes widening at the sight of the relic. Not wanting to breach any etiquette, Hogo-sha bowed deeply to the princess. "Good Afternoon, Princess Twilight. My name is Hogo-sha and I came from the mountains of Neighpon." after straightening himself back out he continued on, "I am a traveler with no recognition from academic institutions... but I have educated myself on many myths and stories from my homeland and beyond it in the east. I believe. At the very heart of my being, that this is the Chintamaney stone." He gave a moment to let the name sink in before speaking up once again, "... The short answer to what you wish to know, is that is a stone that can grant wishes to any who holds it. It was originally a combined effort by an ancient sect of monks of the harmonious path, formed from both Neighpon and Long Guo to create a faster method to attain harmony. Some texts speak of wishing to gain a kirin or longma form of ascension in the way of..." He gestures towards her wings. "I have nothing but speculation to back this up... but I think that the reason you are having such difficulty activating it may be because you have already gotten so close to achieving perfect harmony or at least are quickly on the way to it. If I may approach it?" The 'dog' took a step closer and sniffed a few times at the air. Hm... it was strange. This item's magical scent was both present and absent, "Hmm... curious. I'd heard stories that they may have used the blessings of ancient yokai, hoping that our mythic connection to the one you call Discord would be able to grant them a way to give the jewel a link to a realm beyond to fuel its potent magic." Hogo-sha's knowledge came from a bevy of tomes and parchments he'd read. He'd snuck into many places of learning before to try and get a look at leads on artifacts before. He also had the advantage of being raised by one of the oldest yokai in Neighpon who had many stories he loved to share, for better or worse.
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    What the hanging nail was anthropology? That niggling concern aside, Gallus was satisfied and satiated by what his newest professor said. He didn't really understand why they needed this class. They'd already proven to be basically super perfect at this whole friendship thing. Just look at Smolder moving quick to rectify Yona's worry. Of course it was nice of SMolder to go through it with Yona, seeing as it meant she wasn't reducing that book to cinders too. No, Gallus wasn't bitter or anything. He just had a long memory, and was waiting for his time to get reve- to pull a prank of his own. Ya know, because friends pulled pranks on one another. With their school supplies. During the school year. What it came down to for this class was that it was basically friendship emergency therapy. See somecreature about to turn dark, try to light them up. Or if they have turned dark, how to stop them. Could be fun. Could also be lame. He always imagined what an evil Gallus would be like and then he realized such thoughts could go really dark really fast. He was a meateater after all with sharp talons and claws and teeth. A bad Smolder? Easy enough, lots of fire and hoarding. The longma, Kireina? Gallus didn't know that one well enough to really say. Probably something with poetry. Evil poetry? From his vantage, most poetry was evil. Was there a difference? Yona would probably smash and yell, but aggressively and angrily. So not too big a difference, except angry. The topic of Cozy Glow came up. Yeah, had she turned dark or was she always that way? "Yeah, Cozy Glow. That's a name I won't forget. I wonder if she was always that way or if she turned dark at some point?" He tapped his talons to his beak, then glanced over at the Professor. "So this class teaches us how to, uhh, engage those with dark hearts or...darkening?...hearts, but what do we do about creatures that are already dark as night itself inside?" He asked, sincerely wondering just how three-sixty this class would be. And later he'd need to learn what anthropology meant. And get some cool stories about wild magic and villains from this Professor, who just might be cool enough to hang with them.
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    Panic was written all over the poor farm pony's face. She didn't care if she looked scared anymore, she didn't care if her stone cold face showed any other emotion. Ali just wanted out of the quicksand as fast a possible, but her panicking did no good for her or the deer next to her. It was dark, cold, and the only thing she could really see was her small candle and the group of ponies around her. The only thing the brown and cream earth pony could think was how much she wanted to be saved, even if she didn't trust these ponies. Did she not trust them, though? The small gal kept wiggling, getting deeper and deeper into the gooey sand, which slowly engulfed her in it's wrath. Her heartbeat was faster than a cheetah at this point, and she couldn't stop yelling random words, until the young little Apple Bloom walked right up to her. Before then, Ali watched as Sombra made a large crystal appear in front of her, making her pupils grow smaller. The big 'ol thing protruded right in front of her, making her teal green eyes stare at the odd use of magic. Apple Bloom began to talk to her, and Ali's stubbornness made her move even faster. "Ah'm literally almost neck deep in this goop and you think not movin' will do anythin'? I need out of here!" The little filly kept talking though, which soothed Ali's temperament. She stopped moving all together, which slowed down the sinking immensely. A flash of an idea popped in her head, something that probably wouldn't have happened without the little fillies help. And maybe the little drink she had earlier helped too, but she thought she could trust this ponies. That idea only popped in for a few seconds, but maybe these ponies weren't that bad. Soon the little yellow filly was gone, and the only thing Ali could do was look up at the red captain above her. All four of Ali's legs were stuck in the sand, mainly her back ones, and even with small movements she couldn't get them out. The black crystal was right there to grab, but of course she couldn't reach it. "Just gimme the rope! Just gimme the rope!" She tried to get her front hooves free, as she slowly sunk a little more. Ali was panicking again, as another thump shook the trees. "Please! I really don't wanna die today." She looked around, searching for Apple Bloom and Fluttershy. The sweet Pegasus was tending to the deer, and the filly was no where.
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    Blueblood clambered back up to ride on Niilavin again, the Prince not inclined to walk all the way there if he could absolutely help it. Not just from laziness, though; seeing the sphinx being ridden would reassure the public that he was under control. And the public, it would seem, was very much in need of reassuring. "[Nonetheless, consider yourself forbidden from engaging in any games that will result in the death of my subjects. I may in the future permit you to frighten them, if I find it useful or amusing, however.]" There were quite a few stuffed shirts that Blueblood wouldn't mind getting an up close and personal look at Niil's jaws, just to put them back on the straight and narrow. Or at least liven up an interminable soiree. As the quad made their way to the fish markets, the Prince kept in political conversation, somewhat, with Anu. "I still think it fairly naive of you, not to seek out fighting friends if you anticipated conflict over your rule. And if you didn't see it coming... well, that doesn't speak well to your perceptions. Knowledge for next time, I suppose." Honestly, if Hogo-sha hadn't already pledged support, Blueblood might not have been willing to give any more than a good-luck wish and some mercenary contact information. It was a sad story, but was it really worth spending blood and treasure to resolve a tribal dispute? The Fish Market of Canterlot was a testimony to what enough gold given to the right ponies could accomplish. It sat equidistant from the train station and the airship port, where icebox cars and rush airfreight deposited fresh fish for the perusal of the Canterlotian public. Blueblood suspected the whole venture had been made economically possible by crazy cat ladies who wanted to spoil their menagerie, but the establishment was kept up by the griffon minority, as well as the embassies from more obviously omnivorous populations. Not that the Prince didnt' mind a good tilapia now and then, and recent travels had given him a taste for sushi, as well. "They'll give me a tab, Niil. Just point out what you want and I'll sign for it."
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    The little blue Pegasus pony gasped. Her soccer teacher both didn't and wanted to fly! Since that cancled each other out, it meant she didn't want to fly! Why would anypony not want to fly? It would be a terrible nightmare if the filly were to be grounded and never to experience a good part of the world. There were cities one could only get to by flight. She would never be able to experience the delicious ice cream at the 'Cloud Nine' Ice Cream Shoppe in Cloudsdale if she didn't have wings. She would have to endure her entire life being forced to settle with only -good- ice cream. Like the 'Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Parlor' in Canterlot or the 'Scoop-er Stars' in Fillydelphia. The horror! Echo was a very wise filly as she picked clearly the best athlete in the entire park. "Good choice!", she made sure the pony saw her mouth. "I'm thinking...If we're running with the ball and I'm in your blind-spot, I could lightly flex a wing, so you'll feel a little breeze coming your way. That means I'm kicking the ball to you, so you'll be ready.." While she would not be able to hear her calls, she could feel the stomping of her hooves on the ground and the wind would help get them properly coordinated. While her partner was hearing impaired, Echo was a pretty tough little filly. "Hey Mr Gumby!", she called out to her faithful dog. "You bring back any balls that leave the field...Okay?" The dog responded back with an "RAPH!" Once everything was settled, Wind Walker glanced over at their teacher, "I've got my partner, Miss Long Shot!"
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    Kirin - A Lesson in Duality The Kirin are a peculiar species. Although Kirin are considered equine, their physical forms are radically different from those of ponies. Major points of distinction include cloven hooves, bushy lion-like manes and tails, dragon-esque scaling on their muzzles and backs, and a curved horn capable of projecting magic. Although some aspects of the Kirin initially make them seem like close biological relatives of the part-dragon Longma and Qilin, they have no ability to breathe out elemental flames. However, it is true that the Kirin originated from the Far East; from the islands of Neighpon, in fact. Contradictory myths and legends float around as to how exactly the Kirin came to be, but the historical consensus suggests that as Neighpon become more heavily populated, the Kirin collectively believed in the need to isolate themselves from other creatures. To that end, they undertook a great migration westward across vast oceans and strife-torn lands, traveling as far as their hooves could take them. After much toil, the Kirin reached their final destination, a sheltered grove on top of the Peaks of Peril within the northern Tarpans, which they saw as a perfectly isolated oasis to build their new community around. The reason the Kirin undertook this great migration was due to the Nirik, a supposed race of fire creatures raging with fury. In actuality, a Nirik is the form a Kirin takes when overcome by anger; their hair and tufts blaze into an ethereal fire, charring the color right off their coat! In this furious state, a Nirik can effortlessly engage in pyromancy but at a cost of losing self-control. It is not uncommon for everything around a raging Nirik to go up in smoke. Bereft of safe spaces to blow off steam thanks to their isolation, the Kirin were left no other choice than taking out their frustrations on each other. After one particularly nasty incident that resulted in most of the Grove burning down, the Kirin’s leader decreed that all her subjects were to take a Vow of Silence, enchanting a stream with the power to strip a creature of its voice and emotions. While this appeared to be a decisive solution to the Nirik issue, the Kirin grievously lost the ability to nourish their spirits with the joys of song, dance, and laughter. However, one Kirin stumbled upon both the floral cure for the silent oath and the realization that anger wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. With help from pony interventionists, the inhabitants of the Kirin Grove chose to introduce sound and emotion back into their lives. Finally accepting they have the power to channel their negativity into non-harmful ways, the Kirin no longer fear intermingling with the world beyond. ~Canterlor Research Journal (Revised Edition)
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    Thunderlane had to grin when Shot called him by 'Thun'. It was nice to have met a pony he could quickly become friends with. It was true they enjoyed the same kinds of activities and it seemed as natural as brother and sister when they were around each other. As the little circle finished he looked to the leader to see where she'd take this next! Shot explained that they would be the example for the little ponies and Thunder counted himself lucky that he'd had extra time to work on his basic soccer skills. He innately had sports talent which was obvious since he flew with the Wonderbolts. However, kicking a soccer ball and flying in formation were two different beasts! He'd be fine of course. Nothing the grey stallion couldn't handle. "Sounds good Shot!" He rolled a ball backwards and his front hoof, getting it to scoot partway up his front leg. From there he gave it a little kick, sending the ball down the field towards where they would be doing their first drill. "Hey there Rosemarey!" Sweetie Belle called out as she trotted towards the little filly. "You uh want to be partners?" She decided it would be fun to get to know some little ponies she didn't already know. She may not have been that great at soccer but today was going to be lots of fun!
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    “Wow.”, That was kind of dark. Accidentally cooking a pony due to their name. That was a story only her brother or his goofy friends would tell. Almost sounded like the old ‘pony parents can’t get ahold of their usual foal-sitter so they pick a random one who looks a bit odd, but uses her anyway only for the brain-boggled sitter to end up cooking their kid and not the cabbage she was supposed to prepare’. Dark. “Please don’t tell that story to Ocellus...." The poor Changeling was not the biggest fan of spooky stories and was easily creeped and or freaked out by the simplest of horror stories. And considering the sensitive changeling was her bunkmate, the young dragon really did not want to hear the poor creature mutter in her sleep as she had to endure another nightmare. "I seriously doubt any of us could lift or even pull Big Mac.", he was the only large red stallion she knew was nearby. She really really wanted to make a joke about the big guy being a 'snack', but bit her tongue instead. There were waaaaay too many teachers lingering about. and she had just finished a week's worth attention after she got caught telling a rather wicked joke about an donkey. Thankfully the sometimes sea-pony had moved on to other topics. Former invaders of Equestria. The odd mare with the broken horn and whatever a "Grubber' was. They were part of an unsuccessful team of invaders. Their leader lost not only the battle, but also his head. These two jokers were the only ones left, although Smolder pondered whatever happened to the Stormking's minions? Those big, dumb monsters that he had? Were they just sent back home, or did Princess Celestia take them all behind her she-shed and zap 'em with her magic? Ponies were far too forgiving. IF this happened in the Dragonlands, they would have all been kicked into the nearest lava pool. Or Torch would have just stepped on them all.
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    A new day of worldwide cooperation in the arcane arts draws near! Duchess Silver Belle — Guild Master of the Magic Guild — has been asked to represent Equestria in discussions to establish an interlibrary loan arrangement between Canerlot's School of Magic and Kastrot's legendary College of the Arcane. In the spirit of international goodwill, the ruling unicorns of Kastrot invite the members of the Magic Guild delegation to experience all that the Arcane City has to offer! To sign-up to be part of the Magic Guild delegation, one has to either already be a member of the Magic Guild or is otherwise is highly knowledgeable in the magical arts. It would also be much appreciated if we had Maretonian unicorns for the delegates to interact with! PS: Expect my ever-cheerful unicorn OC Moony to be there! ^_^
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Cast Name: Fluttershy Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye color: Light Blue Coat: Yellow Mane/Tail: Long semi-curly pink mane and tail Physique: Light and dainty Residence: A cottage just outside of Ponyville that is located near the tree line to the Everfree Forest. Occupation: Is head of an animal sanctuary and is a caretaker of all kinds of animals from all places Cutie Mark: Three pink butterflies Unique Traits: Embodies the element of kindness. Uses her ability to show respect to others as a way to gain them as a friend and ally. Can talk to and understand animals. Is a great singer. Excels at care-taking of animals, ponies, and creatures in need. History: Fluttershy grew up in Cloudsdale. She was a slow learner in many subjects and didn't appear to have any special talents or interests. One fateful day, while being defended by Rainbow Dash by way of pegasus race, Fluttershy fell down and was caught by a cloud of butterflies and was introduced to a green wilderness she had never seen before. She immediately fell in love with her surroundings and the beauty of nature. And when a sonic rainboom scared the critters around her, she was able to comfort them using her charm and her voice. It was then she received her cutie mark. When she grew older, she started dedicating her life to protecting animals and providing a place of refuge at her cottage. Some animals, like her best animal friend Angel Bunny, stayed with her and lives in her house. Other animals came and went as they pleased. Over time, Fluttershy noticed the issue of not being able to house as many animals as she felt needed, so she had built an animals sanctuary where the animals had a place where they know they would be safe and if they needed anything. When Fluttershy would go on adventures with her friends, her talent of being able to charm others into agreeability became important in some scenarios where the world needed saving. Especially when dealing with creatures of the unnatural world, Fluttershy would find a way to ease the ferocity of her adversaries by instilling a calmness that no one else could introduce. Today, Fluttershy is mostly maintaining the sanctuary and looking after animals and is in constant determination to create as much harmony among the creatures of Equestria as possible. Character Personality: Fluttershy is extremely introvert and shy. She is hard to become close friends with because of her shyness, but she can learn to trust others against rejection over time. She has learned several lessons of assertiveness that have taught her how to be proactive in her attitude and voice. Fluttershy has a temper that is rarely seen but is generally built on the constant internalization she might incur. Having friends and animals she can relate to allows her to keep this rare temper a well-kept secret. Anything that draws attention to her like her singing or her short-term modeling career will immediately make her uncomfortable and evasive. Also, things meant to scare, even for entertainment purposes, is something she outwardly avoids. Fear and the suspense that fear implies are emotions she does not like to deal with and would therefore prefer to avoid that type of conflict which creates an unfortunate rift between her and her friends who enjoy scares associated with celebration, like Nightmare Night or even a surprise party for her. Character Summary: Fluttershy represents kindness for the current generation of ponies in Equestria. Though she can be overly shy and afraid of confrontation, she is able to counter violent behavior and caustic attitudes with her ability to charm others with kindness and respect. She can talk to animals and has a very understanding relationship with them. She grew up in Cloudsdale where she was born to Mr. and Mrs. Shy, and has a brother named Zephyr Breeze who is most recently employed by the Canterlot guard as an entry level guardpony.
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    Tempest's response to their encouraging words left Feng... shaken. Not so much the revelation of what she had gone through, though that was harrowing enough. No, what really got to him was their marked similarities, so much so that Feng and Tempest could have been the "before" and "after" pair of a warning PSA. "You're right... I don't know what that's like. But if I had to give an honest answer to where I saw myself in five years... That would be a real possibility. Everyone who knew me growing up certainly expected that. Probably still do." He didn't know what else to say, besides that. The longma didn't want to let Tempest go, but sensed, similar to Sunset, that a crowd would not help the situation any. All he felt that he could do was sit next to Hanabi, and sigh as the adrenaline energy drained from him.
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    Sunset hopes of quietly catching up to Tempest were dashed as the mare turns back to face her, as if she heard every hoof step in a tiled room with no other sound. But she did not glare or look angry. Tempest just looked tired but she did not stop walking down the road sayiong nothing. letting Sunet catch up more she starts speaking. “Whatever you are selling, I don’t want it. Friendship speech? Seen at least seven so far.” She says with a shake of her head, looking back down the road. She did not have much more to add. She knew Sunset will keep at it. She had the look. That hopefulness. From what it sounded like Sunset was down in the pit… so was Fang. maybe even Foxy… But they all got out. She never got close it feels like. Every time the rim was in reach. One stretched hoof to freedom she slipped and fell down to the bottom. She was never going to get free. She’d never feel happiness again. Not real happiness. How can she ever hope to fit in well missing something key to being a pony? “Tell me about that… thing. The other world was it? With no magic? Tell me about it.” She asked, glancing at Sunset. She needed to distract herself. That was her life. One distraction to the next to stop herself from thinking too much. Why she loved battle so much. Pushing herself. A distraction to shut the past up.
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    Sunset Shimmer attentively nodded as Twilight Sparkle prattled on about Netitus. Ah, so Regalite Maxinimium was the secret ingredient, eh? That sounded about right. Although she had never seen it for herself, Sunset learned a fair amount about it back in her magical studies, as it had been a desired stone to forge magical relics out of. “Yeah...” the unicorn grimly commented; “Too bad all the Regalite Maxinimium mines in Equestria ran dry centuries ago, though.....” Unexpectedly being turned into the focus of Twilight’s gaze made Sunset feel self-conscious about herself. “Barding?” The blushing unicorn asked incredulously; “That’s... sweet of you Twi, but really, what would I need armor for? It’s not like I’ll become a princess who leads troops into battle anytime s-.” Before Sunset’s inquiry could be answered, Twilight got distracted by an old artwork, Flash Magnus and the Dragon, which Sunset Shimmer’s eyes dissected in discerning detail. “For surely being one of the oldest surviving pieces of oil painting,” the unicorn’s inner amateur artist awakened inside of her; “It IS quite detailed. And quite experimental too; assuming art history ‘over there’ progressed similarly to here in Equestria, then oil on painting wouldn’t have caught on for another several centuries.” Sunset rested a hoof on her chin as she scanned the artwork further; “Not quite sure about the painting coming alive bit, but I suppose it’s theoretically possible if Grand Canvas was using enchanted pigments? Then again, how could you tell the difference between sorcery at work and your imagination playing tricks? Maybe with.....” Obliviously rambling to herself, the unicorn clearly fell victim to, uhhhh... something?
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    This fox was... unsure what to make of this. On some level, This unicorn was right about her. She didn't know what Tempest had gone through and the only thing that she could say for sure gave them common ground was having lost the ability to perform magic for a time. Being a yokai, she was never terribly interested in the bits. In fact, if she found herself ever needing to leave the palace she could leave her restaurant in capital in the hands of whatever next up and coming chef was around and go back to her old ways of wandering about and doing whatever she pleased. She did know a thing or two about being vulnerable. The magical power she had wasn't without it's conditions, a clever enough pony could take the focus of it at any time. She'd never quite understood this 'friendship magic' that Equestrians spoke of: as far as she could tell it wasn't very different from the Harmonious path of Long Guo. Even in all her time in that country she never quite cared for the monks. The only follower of the path she recalled fully liking was Prince Hei lian. If anything this told her... how truly different she was from these three. From Feng, himself. Suddenly, she felt worried. Hearing Feng voice that possibility brought up something in her. As Tempest and Sunset walked off, the sullen fox put a paw on Feng's shoulder, "I promised you. That I'd help and cheer you on in every dream you have... I will not let you end up like that, Feng."
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    Standing atop of one of the many green, rolling hills that made up the area of land surrounding Ponyville, a lanky, fedora - sporting, poncho - garbed stallion could just barely be made out by anypony that might have happened to be looking in that particular direction at the time. It was just about to make a joke to his rubber chicken buddy, Boneless Two (one that involved tumbleweeds, shouting, and a cream pie - don’t ask), but thought better of it. The stallion, the one-and-only Cheese Sandwich, sighed in annoyance and boredom, and began pacing, as he had been doing for some time now. Cheese had arrived at Ponyville early, a little after most of the townsfolk had woken up. He had been stalling for a few hours now, just along the outskirts of the little town, reluctant to do what he’d come here to do. This was embarrassing. . . Where did he start? Well, Cheese was in a bit of a doozy. This particular doozy was one that Cheese hadn’t been expecting, and wasn’t prepared for in the slightest (a true insult to anybody as sporadic as he was). It was a doozy regarding a certain party. This party was something that Cheese had known would eventually happen, as it did every year - yet he was no more prepared for it than a balloon being prepared for a popping, or somepony’s face being prepared for a sudden pie. “Oh, wait. Scratch that,” Cheese muttered to himself. He’d already made a pie joke earlier. The curly - haired stallion struggled to focus. The problem was this: He was here at Ponyville on account of a birthday. Not just anyone’s, either - this pair of ponies was by far the most difficult case Cheese had ever worked on. This year, he was drawing blanks on how to plan a party for them. Nothing seemed right. At least, not for Cheese. The stallion paused for a moment, glancing back at Boneless Two, who lay on his back. “This was a mistake,” he murmured. “Party ponies don’t ask other party ponies how to plan parties.” Especially not the particular mare Cheese had come to see. Pinkie Pie was great - one of the most awesome, energetic, and interesting ponies Cheese had ever had the pleasure of interacting with, if not the most awesome, most energetic, most - well, you know. Cheese had secretly been fanboying in his mind one of the more recent times he'd met with her. So, naturally, it was a horrible embarrassment to have to ask her for help planning a party. Not that he couldn't learn a thing or two from her - any newer, ambitious Party Pony should look to Pinkie for advice. Just not Cheese. He had many reasons, the biggest being that he expected that Pinkie might think less of him for running to her for something that was not her problem. Cheese also couldn't deny that his pride would have been dented, having to get pointers in general, from anyone. Cheese continued to stare at Boneless Two for a response. It was silent. "What do you mean, 'incompetent'? I'm not 'incompetent' at planning parties! I'm. . . capable, I guess." The chicken was silent. Cheese huffed. "Well, maybe if a certain someone wasn't such an open pessimist, then I wouldn't be whining!" The chicken was silent. It's head lolled to one side, but was otherwise motionless. "You're the one that convinced me to come all the way out here, and you decide to complain now? Boneless One was never like this." Silence. Cheese sighed. "Sorry, buddy. My bad. I'm just a little stressed out is all. I just. . ." The lanky stallion bit his lower lip. "You know how this time of year can be. For them, I mean. I just wish planning a party for them wasn't so gosh - darn difficult all the time. . ." Boneless Two was, again, silent. With another poorly hidden sigh, Cheese took a seat in the grass, staring out at Ponyville, and beyond. Maybe he'd just sit out here a bit longer - better not to talk with Pinkie with a headache. . . The stallion just wished that something would happen. Anything to take his mind off of his problems. He chuckled weakly. Pinkie would have been perfect for that. Too bad she was the one Cheese was currently avoiding. . .
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    Sombra couldn't tell if there was any guilt in the satisfaction he felt when he discovered that the crystal he'd formed stayed in place, all unwittingly tested by Apple Bloom. He hadn't expected her to nonchalantly walk across it to calm Alizarin, if that was what she was doing, but she had. He only hoped it'd hold his weight, as she was just a filly. Her attempts to calm the earth pony mare aside, Sombra paid some attention to what Apple Bloom said about the quicksand as he briefly glanced up to check on the others. Fluttershy was dealing with the stuck deer, who the umbrum wasn't terribly concerned about, and the Captain who'd gone to land, presumably to get the very rope she mentioned, the same that Alizarin called for. Sombra waited until Apple Bloom had returned to dry land before he approached the edge of the quicksand, and his crystal, though he paused at the edges. "Where do you think you're-.. !" Sombra started to protest when Apple Bloom darted by him and off towards the trees. Investigating? These woods were too dangerous for a-... He stopped his thoughts there, a confused scowl on his face. Obviously there was nothing he could do about Apple Bloom, it wasn't as if he was her caretaker or anything. He would've considered whether he should say something to her if Alizarin's panic hadn't become so apparent, and he chose to focus on the issue at hoof. The filly could handle herself. A foreleg lifted and Sombra hesitated to step out onto the crystal he'd formed. While he'd never suffered from nearly drowning in his life and had never been in anything too deep, he knew he couldn't swim and there was something in Alizarin's panic that bothered him, echoing a little of his own fear. All his bravado and nonchalance hid that he was a coward- the king would do anything to protect his own skin, though he was never beneath fighting somepony or something if a situation came to blows. Sombra forced himself to move and gingerly stride out across the plank of a crystal, hopefully before anypony could notice his hesitation, and he bent down, reaching a foreleg out to the struggling mare to see if he couldn't grab one of her forelegs. If anything, he could at least try to drag her closer to the crystal so she'd have something to hold onto if he just couldn't get her out himself. This was probably where the Captain's rope might come handy; they might both be able to get poor Alizarin out of the quicksand. And probably deal with the deer in a similar fashion, he supposed.
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    Twilight was excited about the prospect of detailing the historical origins of ancient artifacts. It was easy to see, because her face lit up and she made an audible squee. "Oh! It was forged in one of the last active Cloudforges of the Hasufel Mountains, when the Royal Legion of Cloudsdale maintained an alliance with the Forgemares of that range. The materials involved were..." she thought long and hard about it, "bronze, mythril, most importantly one of the last remaining supplies of Regalite Maxinimium. It gets dinged and scratched up but never truly damaged. It can survive everything, from magical attacks to full body blows from the strongest of enemies. See that nick right there? It is where the Axe of the High King struck the Commander of the Royal Legion. The axe was the size of a stallion and the High King was the largest caribou yet recorded. Look at it- just a scratch, where others shattered. Truly a wonder!" She said with a heavy sigh. So much history written in the surface of something so base and simple as a shield. Yet it retained its luster and function after all these years! Something she hoped Sunset would be able to follow up on. "I'll have to get you some nice barding after I'm done working on the barding for the Twilight Guard," Twilight said as she sized Sunset up, her face and voice more focused and lowering as it went along, trailing the end of the sentence even as she did her eye's work. Then did some more, because she needed measurements. Yes, that's it. Then her eyes caught something behind her BBFF (Best Bipedal Friend Forever), and the old spark returned. "Ooh, they did get permission to show this!" She said as she fluttered over Sunset to land in front of a painting depicting Magnus helping a crowd of defenseless ponies to escape from a terrifying dragon, shielding them quite literally, before flying up to engage the dangerous beast himself. "This painting was a work done by the famous painter, Grand Canvas. It depicts the last recorded image of Fash Magnus before he vanished along with the other pillars. The detail is stupendous. It is said that if you stare too long at his works though, you might fall victim to the magic that helps make the painting seem so alive!" She said with a nervous chuckle, though she had to admit that such magic...technically did exist, though it was unlikely Grand knew it.
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    Twilight was at her wit's end. It was an accomplishment because of the many things she had in her life an abundance of wits was often at the forefront of her accounting. It had started several weeks ago when an expedition in the ____ mountains of the Crystal Empire turned up some ancient artifacts. As per usual they immediately came to Twilight who, despite ruling all of Equestria, never stopped herself from experimenting with what new discoveries had the possibility of shaking the world of magic up. Most of the artifacts wre readily identifiable. Enchanted weapons belonging to several cultures. Divining Rods of Pre-Equestrian ponies. Aetheric holding devices. Some of them were more esoteric and required a degree of experimentation, ending with the blank waters of Neighpon- a dangerous substance that wiped personality and memory from a target. Spike had a very close call with that. As she experimented and cataloged the items it became clear that what they had stumbled into was some sort of high-level security vault or collector's room with little in the way of organization or theme. Kind of like the Royal Archives before Twilight went to work on them! Yet one item remained. It was a stone. A simple oblong stone with ancient carvings in it that not even she could identify- and the pile of books she read as she tried to do so spoke to the vastness of that effort. It thrummed with powerful magic. A foreign magic, detached even from the aetheric flow of normal magic that existed across the world. She tried for hours, then days, to penetrate its secrets, yet the dozens of spells and artifacts she used all delivered her nothing but failure and hornache. Yet she continued. Day after day, spell list after spell list, until all she could do was bitterly admit that she was incapable of solving this message. She knew it had to be special. After all, it had been found in a class case at the very center of the room it had been found in, but with no documentation. It was strange and annoying and driving her mad. So she sought help. She sent out a missive to all places of magical learning or interest, and displayed notices across the nation and around embassies internationally. One by one and then five by five, creatures from across the world came to inspect the artifact. Most did a few simple spells or potions, failed, and moved on. Others tried to con her- she saw through them. One strange kirin even tried to eat it, thinking it needed stomach acids to activate. Twilight would ensure she got the help she very clearly needed. One by one and five by five they failed. Hour after hour and day after day passed without success. Twilight lost her excitement after a while, and was left with the stubborn need to succeed at cataloging this damnable artifact. "Next," she said with only a faint hope that the next expert could help solve this problem. She sat on her throne, bored, one hoof holding her head up with the artifact laying on the table at the base of her throne. Hopefully the next individual to take a crack could provide something, anything, to get her excited again!
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    Applejack chuckled, though not dismissively. She took compliments well enough now but she didn't reckon she was anypony special. Just a farmer who loved her family, happened to know some famous ponies and did what she could do to help. She wasn't anything special. Indeed, she found that to be one of her most important traits. Anypony could be like her if they really applied themselves to understanding what mattered about being Equestrian. "Shucks, yer jus' trying' ta make me blush. It won't work on me, ya know," she said with a laugh, then a drink from her cup. It didn't hurt to hear it though. When she was younger she struggled with questions of self-worth, especially after ma and pa passed away. She reoriented back onto the real subject at play here, something the apple farmer felt powerfully about. "Harmony...well it comes from tha heart, and tha heart? Well," she said as she looked away, then back as if an idea struck her, "it's like any other muscle. You didn't get that figure on a lark, right? Y'all had ta work on it. It was within you tha whole time, but you still had ta work it, right?" She said as she pointed at Tempest's impressive physical form. Then she took a few bites to eat and swallowed fast. "Harmony ain't no different. You've got harmony inside ya. Just about every creature does and those that don't have it? They don't walk around mah farm, do some chores, chat, and fall in love with lil' Zappy at first sight," She said- then looked up quizzically, back to her foal, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders. "Well okay, maybe the last one would happen regardless. Point being, you've had a hard life. That don't mean you can't have yer full fill of harmony in yer life. It just means you'll need ta work at it," she spoke from the heart, getting a glass of milk and trotting on over to give it to Tempest- and the mare certainly needed it, based on how much she was scarfing down! "And Ah'll be thar ta help."
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    It was a beautiful day. The birds outside were chirping new songs, the trees in view were shaking their hellos to the refreshing breeze of the first days of Autumn, and the waterfalls of the streams were making their signature ambiance. It was the perfect day for Fluttershy to be indoors. Not exactly against her will, though. Today she was in class teaching her students the next lesson in the Kindness track, a curriculum designed to teach ponies and creatures from all places the meaning of kindness, how to use it, and why it was so important to establish harmony and friendship. And it was thorough. Day one was always about cordial greetings and object lessons about how to treat one another, but in a more advanced class, students would have to prepare several essays and projects showing what they've learned in the department of kindness. Since no one has ever actually graduated from the School of Friendship yet, it was unclear how much about kindness Fluttershy was supposed to teach to her students. But for the sake of striving to bring up students to be the kindest Equestria has ever seen, she would go over everything she knew about the subject and relay it to her students in engaging assignments and lectures. "And so class, that is why we always want to be aware of how others are feeling about..." Fluttershy paused. Along the window side of the classroom, she spotted a unique cerulean griffon who appeared to not be engaged. Now why she could not be absolutely sure, the student's eyes being closed and mouth hung wide open was an indication that they might not be paying close attention to her lesson. She walked over to the student and gave him a soft jostle with her hooves. "Ok, Gallus. What would you do in a situation like the one I described?"
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    Gallus enjoyed his time at the School of Friendship well enough but that didn't mean every single day was going to be a showcase of his immense, prodigious talents. Some days you were simply tired, weary from the previous day's activities. He was just so active, ya know? Okay that was all a lie. And he was learning to be more honest lately. Indeed, it was that increasing need to be honest that ensured he was so tired today. He had tried to put his honest feelings into words on paper for what felt like ten hours, the wicker candle burning long into the night as he tore up page after page. He wasn't good at it and he wasn't really prepared to write it, let alone say it. That much was obvious because he kept on failing and failing. Frustrated, he eventually took out the wastebucket of failed letters and tried to go to bed. He tossed and turned for what felt like another ten hours, which made for about twenty hours of emotionally exhausting frustration. Or maybe it had only been most of the night. The effect was the same. He was a tired griffon and tired griffons would generally sleep all day. Blame the cat half for that quirk. Alas, he had school. The school he liked well enough, but not as much as trying to get his rest in. And of all the classes to sleep in, Professor Fluttershy's Kindness class was the best one to sleep in. Not only was she the most forgiving but if something interesting did happen, he would be woken up for it. He liked her a lot. She was the best Professor the school had- and his grade was almost perfect in it! So, yeah, a great one to take a small...little...nap...in... "Ok, Gallus. What would you do in a situation like the one I described?" Gallus woke up in a flash. "Wha-whu-who-" he said as he looked around in a panic, then resettled. She had asked him a question- and he had to answer- what was the scenario? Darnit. The one time he was caught taking a nap this week took a nap, he was caught. How unfair! "Uhhhh-" he tried to think about one that would work. His answer needed to be kind and generic and appeal while not detailing the depth of his nap. He had to be smooth. His arms went wide in a welcoming fashion and he smiled wide. "Well, I would listen to their problems and tell them that I'll be there for them, and then embrace them! You know, in the spirit of kindness," he said, his tone slightly saccharine. "And do what I need to do to help 'em," he said with a snap of his talons and a wink. Because he was smooth, so smooth, so smooth it hurt.
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    "Hee hee!!" Pinkie squealed with delight as she floated along. "Isn't this great Gummy?" She cocked her head to get a peek at the gator that was clinging to the poof that she called her mane. The gator in question blinked his eyes in succession. His mouth opened slowly and then snapped shut once. "Yep! I just knew you'd love ballooning as much as I do!" She twirled her tail for a moment, directing their flight towards the outskirts of Ponyville. "You can see pretty much everything from up here!" Something caught her eye on a hilltop in the distance. "Pretty much everything and every pony!" The party planning wonder reached behind where dozens of balloons were tied about her middle to get at the small backpack she was wearing. She produced a spy glass. "I wonder who'd be waaaaay out there?" She pondered while snapping the copper and glass instrument open. She squinted her eye and peered through. "Ahhh!" She sucked in a breath and her tail twirled in the direction of the lone pony. "Cheeeeese!!" "I can't believe he's back in town already! It seems like I was just visiting him at the factory the other day and now he's here!" Pinkie loved spending time with her party planning friend. It was just too perfect that he'd roamed into town today! The breeze combined with the tail twirling had her directly overhead in no time! "Hey there Cheese! Hi Boneless 2!" She grinned hugely as she untied a couple balloons. Enough that her weight brought her down lower. "I didn't think I'd get to see you again so soon!" She spoke while floating in the air above him. Gummy took the opportunity to crawl from Pinkie's mane to make a small leap onto Cheese's back alongside Boneless 2.
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    The old castle doors creaking open with the push, almost like they where going to fall off their hinges, but somehow stayed on. Stepping in Heart Shield glanced around the foyer. There where hallways leading in almost every direction. Up ahead was a grand stairway, or once used to be that lead to the upper parts of castle. To be honest from what he could see the upper levels looked a little sketchy. Trotting down the foyer the gray pegasus glanced down each of the long dark hallways , and then up the stairway. He honestly didn't know where to start, and it seemed all to easy to get lost in the castle with its labyrinth of hallways, and rooms. "So where do you suppose we start?" Heart Shield questioned curiously as he stood at the base of the crumbling stairs. "It looks like it would be all to easy to get lost in this place." He commented looking over all the hallways, before noticing Sombra eyeing up the old banners hanging above the foyer. Taking a glance around the room Heart Shield imagined just how lively this had to be at one point in time.
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    Was Rosemarey the reason for the uptick and flower's around Ponyville? Or was she just seeing wrong and they were always there? Once again she hoped it was the first one other wise she'll have to get her eyes checked. Or her brain, might just be that, they're both bad though... Echo watched as the dog made his way up to her and proceeded to boop her nose. She could have easily avoided it, but she chose not to. Let the dog do what they want and they will befriend you forever. That may or may not be a good thing. "That's short way to put it," she commented to Wind Walker as she introduced herself. She thought Wind Walker was a more complicated pony than simply flying fast, probably some other ambitions too, though this wasn't a one-uppance contest. Alright, time to pick a partner. But which one would she choose? Actually that was a dumb question because Sweetie Belle took the initiative first and claimed Rosemarey. Ah well maybe she could do something with her later. Right now it was easy mode as she was effectively given WindWalker. "Hey, Wind, guess I'm with you," She called out as she made her way closer to the other pegasus. When she got there she realised something. They all grabbed a ball, but for the activity they would only need half as many, unless they were doing some sort of juggling, which she doubted they were. She placed her ball to the side. She wanted to kick it into the goal, but then she would have to retrieve.
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    A shadow overhead prompted Sombra to look up and catch a glimpse of Heart Shield soaring over, having crossed the chasm himself and avoiding the rickety rope bridge. His expression was one of mild annoyance as, because of this, Heart Shield had taken the lead, the first to reach the old castle doors; tall, double doors, with metal rings for handles. The wood was faded and worn from age and weather, and the metal on it was rusted. "I'm sure it was pleasing to look at. I still find Equestrian architecture interesting, and what it might've looked like a thousand years ago was likely far better than the eyesore of Canterlot or.." Sombra trailed off with a frown. Well, Canterlot castle wasn't so bad. It'd taken him a while to get used to it, but it wasn't bad. "No, the Crystal Empire's palace is what I was thinking of." He sneered, a lip lifting back from a fang. The expression faded once he strode up the stairs alongside Heart Shield and used a hoof to push the doors open onto a grand foyer, a large hall that was a fair bit longer than Canterlot's with a few doors on each side of it leading off towards various parts of the castle. There were metal brackets mounted on the walls by each where torches would've burned once, and up ahead were stairs. It branched off into two that lead up to the left and right, leading up to the same landing that had possible paths that lead off through the castle's second floor. Sombra wasn't sure where to start on finding the library in this place- whether in its prime or in ruins, it was likely going to be a maze of halls and rooms. "According to some stories, they weren't. Some say Starswirl approached them, as well as the leader of each tribe, thinking that alicorns might rule them indifferently. Ponies couldn't rule themselves because of their racism, so outsiders were a better option to them at the time." He paused, blinking after he realized something. "You know, I've never thought to ask Celestia for the truth of all that happened. I'm around her often enough and yet I never thought to until now." Annoyed with himself, Sombra rolled his eyes and strode into the gloom. The interior wasn't quite as worn as the exterior, but there was visible damage, and chunks of the ceiling were missing. Plants grew up through the cracks in the stone floor, pillars were chipped, and two old fraying banners hung from the arched ceiling. These Sombra eyed with interest.
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    Twilight gave them their privacy, and followed along with Sunset as they went deeper into the exhibit. It had a very different character than Somnambula's exhibit. The colors were bolder and there were a lot more artifacts. A lot of it was only tangentially related to Magnus himself, instead opting in large to promote an understanding of the times he lived in. They were foreign to the ponies of today. Large military conflict, brave soldiers and tales of extreme hardship and woe. The collection interred here spoke to all that and more. Histories written in blood, sweat, and tears, of victories furnished by the efforts of ancient Equestrians and defeats echoing with the sorrow of lives long past. Take, for example, a simple scroll. It was ancient, the pages yellowed beyond reason yet held readable by modern magic. It was an ancient scroll written by a very young Flash Magnus and it didn't have anything profound on it. Instead, it spoke to his earnest desire to join the Royal Legion of Cloudsdale and fight the enemies of his young nation. It was riddled with pathos and words foreign to the soul of a modern Equestrian. "Flash wanted this one preserved and placed here. It isn't anything too grand but that's the point according to him. This was his mindset, his thoughts as he grew up, no different from many others in Cloudsdale. He said we needed to understand his time and those who lived in it before we could truly understand the relics they left behind," she said as she turned to a row of shields and spears, armor and helm. Descriptions of their use were written poetically by the unknowably intelligence Magnus and they read as a hymn to the mighty sung in sparkling notes of burnished rows of alabaster and steel. Then there was a painting made at the time of the first friendly contact between Cloudsdale and the griffons, with Flash Magnus as an enlarged figure with a bright sun behind him. It was a gift, the plaque said, from an ancient descendant of the Razorclaws to the Royal Legion after they helped save their village from a terrible storm at Flash's urging. It was a chasm shrunk down by Magnus himself, where claw and wing could meet without the sharp retort of steel and screeches. It was sitting alongside a menagerie of weapons he used during the many conflicts of the time. "The Spear of the Sun! It was said to be able to direct the full fury of solar power at a target, and it cowed an entire caribou war party into submission. Quitius, the axe that sundered clouds and stopped storms not even a pegasi could stop! And, of course-" "Netitus." A shield whose ancient life was borne proudly on its surface. Scars of claw and sword, axe and the dents of hammers. Ice bristled along the edges under close inspection but the clearer marks of being used around lava overwhelmed it. Yet for all of the damage it remained whole, defiant of all that had stood abreast of it with intent to harm. It shone as bright and clear as the day it was forged, resplendent despite all of its harsh history. It was a symbol of Flash Magnus of course but it spoke to her more clearly of Equestria. Battered but never broken and raging with optimism and life despite the thieving tendrils of disharmony that sought to fracture it. "This is still legally his property, after the dissolution of the RLC. It was so generous of him to give it to this museum!"
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    The sifting of flour and mixing of eggs seemed to be going well enough. Thanks to the cider Twilight found herself feeling more and more loose around her friend. Which was good! No need to be all caught up on stuff that wasn't even happening right? Like, she didn't really like being super close to RD. So close that when they turned to talk their muzzles were inches apart. So close that when she moved towards Rainbow it was super easy to bump into her with shoulder of her flank. There was nothing wrong with that...right? "Heh heh..." *awkward Bookhorse laugh* She finished stirring the eggs and then a thought hit her. She'd not drank any water for waaay too long. That would explain her sudden burst of courage. "So you've got the eggs done and the flour has been sifted. Next up add baking soda to the flour and whip two cups of sugar into the eggs. Can you handle the eggs, I'll take care of the dry ingredients." Once they were working again she quickly trotted over to the sink, levitated glass, filled it with water and gulped it down. There! That would take care of things right? And she'd done it quick so RD might not have even noticed. Well, she could hope at least. She trotted back over to the counter and got to work on adding things to her large mixing bowl. Baking soda, oats, some brown sugar, a a touch of salt. "Ok, this is looking good!" She glanced over to see how RD was doing with her job. Then the pegasus asked her about writing books. Twilight's blush immediately returned and flushed to the point where she had to look away! "I-i've written some things yeah." She wasn't going to lie of course. She had written some things. Recently they might have been short stories. They might have been about her and her friends. Some may have been about a certain athletic pegasus and herself. They may have been romantic in nature. Not that she was going to say any of that. Nope. Not a thing about that! "Short stories!" She blurted out the words and tried to relax. "I've been working on some creative writing. Short stories specifically." There. That would cover it! "H-how about you?" She nudged Rainbow. "I know you like reading Daring Do of course but have you ever tried writing any adventures?" She trotted over to the cabinets, looking for some raisins or chocolate chips. She found both and came back over with them. "How sweet do you like your cookies?" Twi found herself sipping down another half a cup of cider without thinking about it. Maybe tipsy was better than what she was doing right now? Only one way to find out...
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    Niilavin holds a paw up, leaning away from blue fainting a look of shock. “[I was not hunting him master, I was just bored and wished to play! If he lost its just a matter of game rules if his fate is to be eaten.]” He says puting his paw down to look up at the pegasus that was much more far away after hearing what blue shouted. Niilavin gumbled in disappointment but walked back to his master. “[fish market? In this city? You have no close rivers. I’m shocked there’d be demanded to keep a stock of fish in a pony city.]” He says looking sound at the white city. Maybe there will be more fun surprises for him here after all. It was a strange city in a strange land and time. There was much to learn and see.
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    Yona beamed when Professor Sunset said she was BFF's with Twilight! That was really cool! "Wow!" The yak leaned forward. "You are BFF's with Twilight Sparkle! Yona like Twilight a lot so she probably like Professor Sunnyset too!" The yak listened as other questions were answered by the new professor. She seemed to have things all under control. Yona felt herself already wanting to be more like this brightly colored pony. She had it all together and knew how to answer questions even when they were a bit tricky! Then Sunset moved to the topic of students whose hearts had turned dark. She knew of course who was being spoken of. She'd had lots of run in's with the curly maned little pegasus before she seemed to vanish from the school. "Ooooooh," This certainly was interesting. Yona knew she'd like this class. "You talking about little pegasus..." She tried to remember and then her eye lit up! "You talking about ummmm, Cozy Glow!"
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    The water around Silverstream went from being an embarrassing warmth to a positive sign of social encouragement. The energy of the arena the two were dancing in was only hindered by themselves and how far they were willing to take it. And as the two young creatures shrugged off the nervousness by ignoring it, they both grew more and more comfortable of the situation, with each, and most importantly, with themselves. The pink seapony couldn't typically keep up with her own emotions, but if she could, she would need a filing cabinet to sort through the appendixes she was establishing with Gallus. She never realize how interesting he was at times. She always like his fake disposition because she could usually tell when he was being genuine, and it made his honest moments so much more satisfying, even when he would pretend it didn't occur seconds later. But this time, when Gallus told Silverstream he doesn't really do dancing, she could not question the integrity of his words because of a lack of faith in her own. "Oh, well, I was taught by my family, I guess. We have lots of dancing competitions in Seaquestria, so it's harder to grow up without some kind of familiarity." Silverstream pointed a short glance at the seaponies dancing around them, all of them dancing in unison as if they had rehearsed this specific waltz the night before. At this point, Silver was well enveloped in Gallus' talons. She had taken to his style of swim dancing, regardless of how out of sync it was with every other fin in the trench. After she fell silent from the brief conversation for a few seconds, she softly lay her head on the base of Gallus' neck, sporting a small smile. She was content, and she felt very happy to be in the presence of a friend who may have been becoming more than just a friend. Instinctively, she felt the urge to mention it to him. And since, Silverstream was never known to hesitate to speak her mind, she tilted her head up at Gallus, continued to smile, and opened her mouth to speak to him sincerely. "Gallus, I-" "Alright, now its time to get back to the grooves and the moves. Put your fins together for some straight up beats!" The jockey changed songs and the mood had completely changed. Seaponies everywhere diced around to re-position for the next episode of the dancing for the night. Silverstream just floated with Gallus, talon and hoofins still locked and frozen. Silverstream giggled slightly, expressing her humor of what just happened, but was also only a little disappointed she wasn't able to finish her moment the way she had thought it would. But that was old news now, she guessed. "I have to go use the little girls room. I'll be right back." She swam out of Gallus' clutches and off to the side behind a nondescript rock.
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    *Considers who to bring along...* Probably either Magnus or Phobos.
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    Recruit Reckless will be there! She's gonna need a plus one *wink wink*
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    “Pfft, don’t get me started on regret,” Sunset Shimmer commented on Somnambula’s lament; it was not uncommon during times of gloomy reflection for the unicorn to wonder what could have been had she completed her training to Princess Celestia’s satisfaction. “Take it from somebody who was dumb enough once to throw her destiny away,” Sunset shared an encouraging smile and a comforting one-legged hug with the Pillar of Hope; “You and Flash Magnus still have plenty of time to make new plans.....” Speak of that warrior-pony, there he was! Although Sunset Shimmer’s earlier jest about Twilight and stallions named Flash was not meant to be serious, Magnus DID strike the unicorn mare as reminiscent of an older, less flashy, and more rugged version of pony Flash Sentry. Maybe the two stallions were related by ancestry, somehow? “I’m Sunset Shimmer,” the unicorn shook his wing; “Nice to meet you!” That was all Sunset got to say before Somnambula whisked her stallion away, leaving the unicorn alone with Twilight. “Welp..... you heard him Twi,” Miss Shimmer gently tugged her partner in the direction of the Flash Magnus exhibit; “Let’s get busy ourselves and check out this next stop.....”
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    I'll sign-up two characters (or I suppose 4 characters, technically speaking)...... Name: Flash Sentry Role: Guard Branch & Rank: Corporal, Twilight Guard Plus One: Presteza Name: Princess Cadence Role: Plus One Attending with: Shining Armor
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    Hanabi stepped out from the corner and carefully approached the group. Their own tales of powerlessness resonated with the anxious fox... It hadn't been that long ago she'd felt completely powerless. "... I made a selfish mistake a long time ago. As a punishment for my actions I was stripped of my own magic and left alone in a forest for almost a hundred years alone until..." She glanced over to feng, "...Until someone started visiting towards the end of my punishment. Before he came along I was alone for all that time... noone to talk to except random wild animals that couldn't speak. Sometimes the rain was heavy and the thunder got so loud when storms rolled through. I couldn't even go see my family for help." The Fox bowed her head to the group and to Tempest, "... Thank you for Chasing me."
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    Come home mamas worried
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    Feng breathed out a sigh of relief as his instinct was proved sound. He could sometimes let his passion get away from him, but the rigors of discipline and training were like iron bands in his soul. Reliable, as long as one didn't let them rust. And no one could accuse Feng of letting himself rust... Once the rage was fully drained from Tempest's visage, Feng relaxed his hold and slid off the mare, allowing her to stand on her own. Dusting himself off, he gave a reassuring smile to Hanabi as Sunset gave her own perspective on the issue of magic-less-ness. That... wow, that must have been like being grounded. Injuries had made Feng familiar enough with that, but he wasn't quite sure if the parallel really worked. Sure, he'd been unable to fly, but he'd also been safe in an infirmary, rather than in combat. Except on one occasion, in the mountains... "I'm not... sure the worst part is losing access to magic as it is losing access to magic when you're in danger. Or wings, in my case. It's happened before, but what got me through is that I wasn't the only one who was on the mission at the time. It's why solo missions tend to be discouraged... and why I get yelled at every time I go and take one on anyway." He gave a sheepish grin at that. Experience had not quite educated him out of certain gung-ho habits. "But you weren't solo, remember? You don't ever have to be again, if you don't want to. It's not being powerless that kills you, it's being alone." And even during this speech, his thoughts were drifting back home, to a beautiful qilin mare he'd once said the very same thing to...
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    “Says here Canterlot is one of the oldest cities in the world and is the sixth greatest producer of shower curtain hooks in all of Equestria!", the cat read from her pamphlet before sliding it into her pocket. Like a pro, she stepped near the road and waited.....And waited. In a few moments, or two Knife yawns, a cab, pulled by an uniformed mare, Thrilly stood closer to the curb and waved her hand at the taxi, who stopped. “'House of Enchanted Comics, please.", the flying acrobat asked the cabby who started off right away. "So....",she turned her attention back to the pair. 'We're doing horror? Guess we can start off with something spooky. Then maybe a super-hero comics? Maybe a romantic comic?", she could not help but be surprised when the little dragon nodded her head at the thought. "Really? I was kind of joking..You want to be in a romance comic?" The dragon nodded her head once again, "There's nothing wrong with me liking romantic stuff....:People are happy when it's all romantic...", the dragon huffed. It took awhile, but the cab was soon at THE HOUSE OF THE ENCHANTED COMICS shop. Knife was slightly disappointed. "Looks like a regular comic store to me.", she grumbled, "Even has a fake oversized comic book rack and shelves outside in case you don't catch the sign."
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    It took Applejack an interminable amount of time to commit herself to the action that Rarity knew she would. ******************* She had thought about it for a while the previous night. Pacing to herself. Talking to herself. Running through the myriad possibilities and eliminating them one by one. She felt like a Shadow Spade knock-off by the end and still sought some answers, but she supposed in this stormy land of surprises that all the answers being available were pipe dreams of the hopeless romantic inside of her. Did her friend have such feelings? This one was easy enough for her to parse. The evidence, as little of it had existed before she was given the eyes with which to see, collected itself neatly and nicely in front of her now. The sweet little words shared over the years, the fighting, and the growing attention of her friend. The actions more recently- the inability to do much only added to the sense that Applejack was in a tizzy, and it was over Rarity. Indeed, once she had gotten past the concept of it being patently absurd she found it easy to accept with all of the gathered evidence. Did she share these feelings? Therein lay the real spot of trouble, and the source of her anguish the previous night. She had never seen herself with another mare. She had always told herself she enjoyed the company of stallions. Indeed, while she was easy with the compliments when it came to particularly attractive mares, she had never really looked at them as *romantic* partners. Had she? She supposed, and she had supposed very hard for several hours the night previous, that it depended on how one defined romance. Her mind warred with itself as it ruefully reminded her of past incidents. The Manehattan mare after a show. Her roommate at the Heartland School of Design. Indiscretions at the Watering Hole. She hadn't repressed these memories but she had certainly viewed them in a light less flattering than the sanguine title of romance would have shone on them. She had been young and...experimental in her younger days. Nothing wrong with that. She was certain many ponies used their youth in such a meaningless yet uniquely exciting way. She had her fair of stallions too at that time. Yet...she had always gone back to her roommate, and always found her coltfriends wanting. Indeed, maybe it was than that she started looking for her 'Prince' Charming. She had been a big fan of that mare and her designs, and the stress of the event- well, relief! It had simply been relief and they hadn't even spoken since. Was it a crime to indulge in such recreation when the time came for it? To throw it back at her- how rude! Of course, she could have found a stallion. The designer of the athletic ware was a fine, hulking stallion, and she was sure he had eyes...no, it didn't matter. And the Watering Hole...those were low points, not reasons to question herself. Lost souls swimming in the troughs of cider overflowing from such a rank establishment needed to find something while sunken to such depths. She flirted with far more stallions and- well, she wasn't afraid to admit to walking home early in the morning once or twice. Yet she was always frustrated when she walked back while she could acknowledge the rank satisfaction she received from the mares. She could talk her way around it and she did, even taking a break from her rambling alone to take a shower at three in the morning. Frontier showers were th worst, the water was too cold, but it helped keep her aware. She argued with herself, cried with herself, and fought herself. She had always been looking for Prince Charming, but she had to open her eyes. There was no such thing. The trappings of Equestrian royalty were distinctly and overwhelmingly feminine, after all. Nopony cared about the petty Prince or Duke that used whatever small station they had in some third rate city. They cared for and revered the Princesses. And so did she. So why would this matter? Why, she pondered as she dried off and wept in frustration, did she feel the need to create such a lie? To find the perfect stallion, the one that never existed, to deny and to lie to herself all these long years? Why, she thought as she stepped out into the balcony, a teary eyed mess of a mare, was it so hard to admit the truth? Because she had failed many years ago to be honest with herself, and thus had to live a life of lies. She had tried to pursue Applejack back in their school days. Applejack had been...oblivious and Rarity displeased with her failure. She had shut herself off from her former friend. She had moved away, attended a prestigious school, returned to her hometown embittered deeply in a way she never knew or appreciated. She had been polite but cold, even hostile, to Applejack for some time before Twilight had arrived and forced them all together. She had deluded herself about where her heart lay, where her passions pointed, because she had already failed with the one pony it mattered with. So of course to her it meant that love could not truly blossom with another mare, not for her. If that were the case, then had she not already lost her entire heart, her whole future? Her future had to lay with a stallion. The perfect stallion. The unbelievable and unrealistic expectation of a Prince Charming who never existed, who could make her feel things no other stallion could, who could sweep her off of her hooves and take her away to some fantasy land of delight and privilege. Oh, how absurdly arrogant she was to think that! To think that her feelings could be swayed against themselves by mere fantasy! And how truly awful a life she had designed for herself, a sad pursuit of ash and debris destined to fail when the fruits of her heart's most earnest desire lay in the daily smiles and affections of a friend she had once scorned. The labors and gymnastics required to assert any other truth started to become olympian in their requirements. Like sad, sorry Sissyphus, Rarity was doomed. DOOMED. And yet, in the midst of this eternal Tartarus of her own loneliness that could only ever have chipped away at her, she had been saved by her friend's own torment. Yet what price this savior pays! The burden of knowledge weighed heavily on Applejack, and a thick stone tablet of Rarity's making hung with malice from her neck. How awful a love when it was leading to suffering. To know pain was to know love because only a passionate heart could know such aggressively successful pain. But this was needless! It could be solved if only Rarity had the strength to admit it. It was almost four-thirty when she stumbled back into her room, a shattered and weary mess. She didn't make it to the bed. She collapsed on the floor. And in the dark of the night, sprawled out on the floor of her room, Rarity wept without control. She wept for the time they had lost, the years of their lives burned away in dedication to their delusions. She wept for a friend who was no longer themselves as they struggled under a singular pain. She wept for herself, for having used herself so improperly. And in the end, Rarity wept joyfully because she knew she loved Applejack and searched no longer. She woke up a few hours later, emotionally exhausted. Every inch of her burned with fatigue but she paid them no heed. She trotted into the shower and used her finest products. She did her makeup. She made sure to look her best and do her best, even if her insides screamed for her to rest. She acted on instinct. Not animalistic. Not basic. No, she acted on the instinct of a lover who knew what they needed to do. She was late by some time leaving the room and made sure to act no different. Applejack would need her consistency right before she would need her love- and once given, there would be little to stop it. ******** Applejack's kiss was good, but Rarity knew she could kiss better. heedless of her friend's stammering, she used one hoof and grasped the back of Applejack's head before pulling her back in. The return kiss was deep, passionate, and was likely less suitable for the younger ponies watching. Which they were, considering Rarity made a point of using her magic to remove the hat. No hiding anything from anypony anymore. "We have a lot to talk about dear, but you have to know something," she said before she pulled Applejack in even closer, Rarity's mouth speaking directly into Applejack's ears, "I have very high standards and expectations, and you simply must start living up to them. The Applejack I know- the Applejack I love- is better than what she is doing today!" Rarity whispered with equal parts sweetness, scolding, and intensity. She wasn't settling for less for herself. How could she settle for less from the Apple of her eye?
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Villain design to take my mind off the heat.
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    Name: Terramar Sex: Male Age: Young adult Species: Hippogriff/Sea Pony Eye color: Gradient of sky blue to cyan. Coat: His fur and feathers are creamy off white with the furthest extremities (claws, hooves, beak,) being of a yellow gray color. As a sea pony his fins and hooves are sky blue. Mane/Tail: His mane is cropped short on his neck and his feather like forelocks are long and jut out from between his ears. His tail is long as well. Both mane and tail are of cyan and light turquoise shades, in strips through out. As a sea pony his fins are shorter and more rounded and only cyan colored. Residence: He lives with his parents Sky Beak and Ocean Flow either at Mount Aris or in Seaquestria depending on his moods. His father resides at Mount Aris while his mother stays in Seaquestria. He is allowed to travel between the two homes using the fragment of transformation pearl on his necklace. Physique: He has the healthy structure of a young adult. Lots of energy and a strong but light frame. Occupation: A recently enrolled student in Twilight's Friendship School. Cutie Mark: NA History: Terramar grew up in a healthy family with brothers and sisters, and a mom and dad. His young years were spent frolicking at Mount Aris, enjoying life as a young hippogriff. When the hippogriff kingdom fell, Terramar and the rest of his family went to hiding in Seaquestria. Since he had lived in both places he had quite time deciding where was the best place for him to live permanently once the hippogriffs were free to return to their homelands. Through a series of events and encounters with the CMC Terramar became more confused than ever which wasn't righted until his parents told him he could live in both places and visit where ever he felt like going! He has been doing that up until recently. His sister Silversteam was enrolled as a student at the Friendship School and Terramar has heard all of her stories and adventures! He very much wants to join in as a student! Terramar has enrolled and is looking forward to his first semester at the Friendship school this year! It will be new for him but he's really not that nervous. He's been through a lot of situations that have brought him to this moment and he can't wait to spread his wings as a Friendship student! Character Personality: Terramar is excitable and fun! He loves to adventure and explore. He loves to expand his mind through learning. He's fiercely loyal to his family and ever so proud of his sister Silverstream. He can get caught up in situations sometimes and will become anxious when things don't get figured out right away. He's been known to jump to conclusions and over react sometimes. He has the energy of a young creature and the mind to excel in whatever he attempts! Character Summary: Terramar is friendly and fun! He's one handsome hippogriff! This guy's out for a whole new set of adventures at the Friendship school this year!
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