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    If you have diagnosed medical conditions it is best you discuss them with professionals who fully understand them and can offer you help. I suppose I can understand if you're only intention was to vent your problems here in our blog space (which is a perfectly fine thing), but if you are looking for help with dealing with serious problems it's not exactly what this site is for. For everyone else reading, please do be wary of the rules. The site rules, which extend to blogs, state that "Controversial topics can and do arise. Remember that you are not obligated to respond to topics that make you uncomfortable." Please be careful about how you choose to respond to a blog entry like this. Even if your intention is to help or show support, do be careful to note that everyone's situation is different before advising anyone about these sorts of matters.
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    We need to make a Quicklime film...Where she's hated and ostracized by her family and neighbors, because she's quick, and they're all slow...And she wishes to be slow! Oh woe! And even begs Luna to 'fix' her, but Luna is too busy being cranky. So she goes to Derpy, but they discover that Nightmare Moon is back and she's going to overthrow her sister, and then there's angst...
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    Snowdrop is a fandom animation that is deliberately poised as an 'emotional experience' but falls flat by adopting the obvious tropes and making far too much of one OC's importance within it...it's just a dull, flavorless animation designed to make people feel sorry for the main character. In some ways, it's comparable to My Little Dashie for being a blatant attempt at emotional manipulation. It's on youtube - if you DO seek it out, watch the Friendship is Witchcraft 'parody' of the animation afterwards...it's far more entertaining than the original.
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    How you gonna get up on that cloud?
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    I don't know if "happy" is the word we're looking for...
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    You forgot Merlots Funeral.
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    Notta problem! I always love answering questions like that, makes me think a bit more, add a bit, take away, make it better as a whole. And thank you for the kind words, it means a lot!
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    That was before an admin of our forums chimed in, who has the authority to overrule RPH and SRPH. Regard Rosewind's mandates as the last and most definitive word on the matter. Don't mention that fact in your app then. It's more important that the users who already know of the prior Haywire are given the choice of how to refer to your OC, so that they can be spared confusion. Addressing the needs of your fellow RPers is an important skill to possess here. An admin has already ruled that action as impermissible, despite what we lower-ranked staff may have previously told you. If you want your OC approved at this stage, you will have to accept the compromise I proposed, of giving users an actual choice on what name to call your pony. When asked to change application names, our other users don't go out of their way to make it impossible for their characters to be referred to by any other name other than the one RPH instructed couldn't be used. This goes against the intent of our rules. You must accept the fact that our userbase has the right to call your character by a name other than the one used by a prior OC, or else your app will remain locked. Any further discussion should be brought into PM.
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    Mmmm, seafooooooooood... Seconding Robikku, then I'm gonna go cry in a corner because I'll never taste this perfection.
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    HAHAHA! XD It would have been hilarious if you said that!
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    Wish my son was like that, he was a massive pain in the butt, and now he probably doesn't even know i exist
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    Honetly, I have no freaking ida, it was just.. pffft
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    Personally, I don't think you'd get burnt out so easily with Breakbeak if you used him in a less dialogue-intensive RP. Namely, everything else besides that Debate thread.
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    I guess Prof. Razorclaw's long-winded replies neutralized Breakbeak as a critic forever. XD
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    Turnabout storm is a true achievement for fan content and a benchmark for this fandom...loved it, absolutely agree.
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    Locked in a treasure chest full of Magi-made cupcakes? This isn't a story, it's a nightmare!
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    yeah i do get the "wtf your a brony" thing from a few of my non brony circle of friends and well I'm like "yeah so what this is not a life changing thing for me i just enjoy the show and and the community behind it" i mean i'm a musician in the indie rock, pop, grunge seen i'm graduating from a trade school here in two weeks so i have an education and I'm 23 turning 24 in Dec i have a normal life outside of ponydom but i enjoy it cause its awesome I'm 98% straight but i'm also a bit bi-sexually ccurious. i have a bit of a girly side to me so what~ i'm sensitive a bit shy around people and pretty (well alot) quite but open me up and i'm a awesome guy..so i understand where your coming from and right back at you if you need anyone to vent to I'll be here for you too bro. /)(\ *brohoof
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    Personally, I can't agree with you choice of Fluttershy for Heavy - and would stick with big Mac - for a sole, rather core reason: Health. The heavy class has far more health points than any other class, which just doesn't suit Flutters at all. I can't really picture her being able to take far more of a beating than, for instance, AJ as the Demoman. The rest of these have reasonably solid reasoning, I'll be looking forward to a part two.
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    Hmm, I thought Raridash was best pony?! Arrgh. This is a nice, thoughtful guide on ways to respect the chat! Nice work!
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    *Singing* Yay! I'm not alone in the reviewing community on Canterlot!
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    It's okay, but kinda boring once you have everything. There was a glitch a while ago that let you duplicate gems/elements/bits, but they patched it -- but not before I got 90k gems!
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    Rainbow Dash approves of this message. What you say is true, and though convincing a friend that they are in fact wrong is difficult, I'm glad that you have that ability to do so. Respect~ *Bro Hoof* Cheers~ Kodokuna Haisha
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    Had to give this post a once-over.
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    It looks like a knock off MLP toy haha
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    You'll only have something to worry about if someone is breaking the rules we have in place. This conversation is quite fine! If for any reason it becomes not-fine, use the report button!
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    [colour=#ffffff]"Invisible" text! This I like.[/colour]
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    Uh...Actaully I'm terrible with most art. I'm just really good at using Pony generator and editing pictures for things...You should have seen the original pic when this was about Equestria girls.
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    what is this "life" you speak of? is it like an achievement? Cuz if it is, i want it. P.S ive been playing starcraft on N64 since i was 4, i beat the zerg and terran campain when i was 5 and protoss came soon after What.
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    Good stuff as always. Trixie and Brian are both awesome.
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    Cool! We can be Youtube gaming channel buddies!
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    You like weird and random stuff? I once had a three hour conversation about a crab with the tongue of a kitten. We decided to call him Citizen Snips, and he lead a movement to recognize Cornwall as a separate country, which we all agreed was a terrible idea. We still haven't forgiven him. I should stress that no illegal substances were involved, this is just the kind of discussion me and my friends have all the time...
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    Im afraid if you ever tried hugging me you would accidentaly intake cyanide
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    I can make this list for you: 1.cyanide 2.cyanide 3.cyanide 4.cyanide 5.cyanide 6.cyanide 7.cyanide 8.cyanide 9.cyanide 10.cyanide
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    this episode is the first one ive ever watched! definately gonna turn up on a few of you guys' livestreams, i will make sure to announce myself, just look for something along the lines of"The Great and Powerful Trixie Browneh Is Here!!!" lol
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    But the question is, where in arizona do I live? >: D
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    lol if i had a computer i would play with yah and we could dual comm and spazz together but alas i dont (first world problems)
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    What parker says is partially true. The actual answer is that when you divide by 0 you don't get a real answer because its impossible to get a real answer. Infinity is an abstract concept, and thus is not a real answer. Many calculators will signify this as infinity due to the fact that you cannot divide something by nothing, and thus the logical result would be the lack of division, which theoretically can move to infinity. Officially it is an undefined answer. Think of it this way... you can divide a number by its equal and get 1. You cannot do this with zero. (there has been some mathematics fun where 0/0=2 though)
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    Its okay, fruity pebbles will go with ANYTHING! Even some jarate.
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    Reminds me of the "he will knock four times" bit from Dr. Who.
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    That's pretty nice. I've already made my ponysona, but he's a bit of a dipsh*t if you ask me. (And yes, that does make me a dipsh*t too, so stay away from me.)
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    Sucks bro. Here, have a Chimicherrychanga I made.
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    hi hi Take that future possibility of the existence of nightmare Arcana!
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