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    The heck? I don't know anyone in this community that would willingly wish illness on someone else. You've got the wrong idea all around. To me it sounds like a simple biopsy kind of thing, not something crazy like open heart surgery where your life really is on the line. Either way I hope you will one day figure out that not everyone (whoever you think the haters are) is out to get you or wish bad fortune on you because you think you have unpopular opinions on the internet. Good luck on the surgery! I'm sure you'll be fine when this is all over.
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    Who are the Old Mods? There were quite a few old moderators when the board originally opened up- many of them did not post more than once or twice. They were friends of the original Administrators, Tam and Ashi, who co-ran the board together. The names of the old moderators even I have forgotten. The first active Moderators which quickly replaced the inactive original hires were myself, Meow, and Willowisp. Down the road a ways Skye and MyLittlePonyTales were added to that mix, as well as Dio and Dessa. All four of them are long time members from when the board originated. Why was Canterlot.com not G rated for a while and who made the change? When Artax and myself realized our site was attracting not only bronies and veteran MLP lovers from previous generations, but children and youth interested in the show, we decided to make Canterlot a safe place for all ages. Since our site is about a show for little girls, we think this is the safest course of action for those visiting, our users, and us as Admins. Is the anypony higher than Artax? Artax and I are co-admins, we share equal amounts of responsibility over the forum. There is no authority on the board higher than Artax or Myself. In a lot of ways, the board is our adopted foal to raise together. Why can I not grasp the true power of a moderator? You need all nine pieces of the tri-force first. Only when you have wisdom and courage together, will you be able to wield power responsibly. Keep searching, and you will someday find your goal within grasp! Where do all the Help Staff, Mods, Admins, etc. fit into the Canterlot.com story? That is a very long story- most of them have been hired on after I took over the board- but the names I mentioned above have a history here before the move. I would ask each one of them individually If Manestream is "Celestia's Adviser" then who is "Celestia?" Why, Celestia herself of course! When Artax agreed to join me and become my co-admin, he gave me this title. It makes me sound all wise and stuff, but i'm actually pretty derpy in reality :3 Whats with the weird Princess Celestia Admin Bot? We like to have an automated Princess Celestia to wander around Canterlot. Makes the place feel a little bit more homey. She makes killer waffles, too. You should try some sometime. What's the story with some of the banned users, like Angie Cakes? I prefer to respect the privacy of others when it comes to issues like these; the best way to find out would be to ask the person themselves. Canterlot. Y U SO ADDICTIVE? I'm very glad to hear you are enjoying the community Who the heck is Tam?! Tam is one of the founding Administrators of the board. When Ashi and he decided to move on to different projects in their life, they agreed to entrust the board into my hands. Tam made that happen, and played a very large role in saving the board. He and I still talk to this day. What was Old Canterlot like? The old Canterlot was an electronook site with a basic forum skin and colour set- it was charming when I stumbled across it, and the community was small but passionate. Ashi and Tam set many roots down for the board that eventually evolved into Mane RP, our application process, and some of our other forums on the board. The board had its own set of problems back then, but it saw its way through them and has grown from 80 users, to thousands. I remember my first post on the board was an application for Applejack- things were very different back then. Who as the first member of Canterlot? Who was the first RP Helper, etc? Aside from Ashi, Tam, and the handful of moderators that made accounts (but didnt stick around), i'm not positive. When the board first launched, EqD mentioned it in one of their posts, and a landslide of members signed up the day after its creation- some of those members including Tales, Quicklime, and myself. When did Canterlot begin? Technically, March 8th 2011 is when the board first was created, known as Equestria- it was after I inherited the board a couple months later (sometimes around May 24th) and brought the previous staff and Artax onboard that it became "Canterlot". Hope that helps
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    If you have diagnosed medical conditions it is best you discuss them with professionals who fully understand them and can offer you help. I suppose I can understand if you're only intention was to vent your problems here in our blog space (which is a perfectly fine thing), but if you are looking for help with dealing with serious problems it's not exactly what this site is for. For everyone else reading, please do be wary of the rules. The site rules, which extend to blogs, state that "Controversial topics can and do arise. Remember that you are not obligated to respond to topics that make you uncomfortable." Please be careful about how you choose to respond to a blog entry like this. Even if your intention is to help or show support, do be careful to note that everyone's situation is different before advising anyone about these sorts of matters.
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    Hiya, thanks for the feedback! This sort of event was a test to see how things would go if we had some kind of invasion or villain introduced into what has been -- up to now -- a very vanilla, pretty safe and stationary roleplay environment. Dio and I had a rough idea of what might happen, but we really wanted to see how things would pan out. This event was invaluable as an information resource on how we can build a better event, not to mention how we can properly implement villains for play in Chronicles. I understand some parts were frustrating, especially considering we have dozens of players of different skill levels all playing in the same space. I hope everyone overall had fun with something new. We'll have an idea for next time when we decide to do something like this again -- probably with more warning and guidance on what is acceptable for play.
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    In other news Steel is a smarty buttface
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    I can't have been yelling at you too recently. I haven't spoken to you since December 8th, my last open office...when I blocked you.
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    The main issue is that you, and some others, are looking at as a competitive story- one in which we are trying to defeat you, or you are trying to defeat us. That there are winners and losers. There is not- there is only the story, and the reason Nightmare Night is used is simply because it isn't supposed to be, well, fair to the ponies. It isn't supposed to be a winner/loser event. It's supposed to be your ponies in a terrible situation and how they respond. "But, I would feel that I was letting down the team if I didn't contribute, and I also would feel frustrated that others weren't either, even if it made in-character sense that they wouldn't. Again, this was because I was used to the idea that not making an effort would actually mean losing (even though that probably doesn't hold true here). " - Is not the right way of looking at this, from my point of view, when we discuss freeform rp. From NationStates, if a Gholgothian cult launches a terrorist attack on a high school in Ixania, Ixanian high school students are not suddenly going to become proficient because the roleplay calls for it. The fact their inability to fight is a detriment in story to any possible military or police response does not harm the story, it helps because it raises the stakes for those who can fight and seems natural. In NMN, if the ponies who couldn't fight didn't fight and allowed those who could fight *to* fight, then it would have solved all problems that cropped up from an organizational standpoint. Individual posts from ponies who were fighting or trying to escape would have had *more* of an impact if there weren't a freakin' dozen of them that we had to counter or have the whole point of the thread(s) come undone in a few days. That would have given those who were fighting more of an impact, would have been easier for us, and we wouldn't have the sheer number of godmodding and OP complaints. So for future reference- make sure your characters act as they would act rather than act for plot convenience, and work in service of a story rather than in service of a fictional victory. There is no winning in freeform combat roleplay except the winning that comes from a good story told by those who participated. Plus, this isn't an adventure or even combat designated roleplay...has more to do with horror. At least in my view.
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    While I am not your biggest fan and we've butted heads, I would NEVER wish cancer upon you or anyone else, and I only hope you recover quickly and that your surgery goes well.
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    I don't want to engage in a debate or anything, but it isn't that easy. It's not just like something that can be controlled, it's something inside of you. It's like your feelings-sure, you can take anti-depressants or take drugs and be happy all the time; but you can't force yourself to truly be happy or "make" your self happy. It just doesn't work that way. And I'm sure CandyStar made his best effort-it's just not something that can be easily tamed like a stray piece of hair.
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    I don't think it's as easy as that ShatteredCrown...many things are easier said than done.
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    We need to make a Quicklime film...Where she's hated and ostracized by her family and neighbors, because she's quick, and they're all slow...And she wishes to be slow! Oh woe! And even begs Luna to 'fix' her, but Luna is too busy being cranky. So she goes to Derpy, but they discover that Nightmare Moon is back and she's going to overthrow her sister, and then there's angst...
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    I had figured that life had been rough for you; let me offer whatever support I can. Really, though, I think people in general have more of a right to sympathy from their fellow human beings that they dare to ask for these days. All this anger about "calls for attention" is nonsense; it is not fair to expect a person to suffer alone.
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    Very nice. I do believe that there is magic in places that we often overlook like friendship and love among other things. The trick is knowing it's there and then showing it to others. I too have a connection to Twilight as I feel my life is similar. I had friends in high school but almost all of them left after graduation. I regret not keeping them near me. While in college I was much like Twilight, focused on studies and feeling like i didn't really have time for studies. Then I met four great friends and it was like a spark ignited. We've been friends and fellow MLP fans ever since and watching Twilight I realize how her personality for research, friendship, magic, and yes even overreacting is similar. I suppose I identify much with her just as I do with Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter.
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    Thank you Sam! ^^ I just want to tey my hardest, ya know?
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    Sister...I love you for this! *hugs you tightly*. For Luna's sake, you're so friendly! You're the kindest little Pegasus I know! I would love to help you with this if you ever need it!
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    Snowdrop is a fandom animation that is deliberately poised as an 'emotional experience' but falls flat by adopting the obvious tropes and making far too much of one OC's importance within it...it's just a dull, flavorless animation designed to make people feel sorry for the main character. In some ways, it's comparable to My Little Dashie for being a blatant attempt at emotional manipulation. It's on youtube - if you DO seek it out, watch the Friendship is Witchcraft 'parody' of the animation afterwards...it's far more entertaining than the original.
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    Alright, so you got turned down for a band spot.... I used to gig for years as a drummer (mostly sitting in for friend's bands and not actually joining any band despite being asked on multiple occasions, because it was more work than I was willing to put in and was able to at the time). And I work in a music store currently and know many more gigging musicians in bands or who work for fun or professionally in a band or multiple bands, even some as stagehands... So I'm going to impart a bit of wisdom that I have gained in my many years of being a musician and knowing musicians. First off... Not every band will hire every musician that auditions for them. Some bands are looking for something very specific. I've been told, personally, that I wasn't right for a spot in a band despite being perfectly competent and having experience and it came down to my style not meshing with their style. Was I bummed? Sure, but in the end it was probably for the best for that band. Likewise I've known people who weren't that good that made band spots because they worked well with the band they auditioned for. It happens and is part of the music biz. Secondly... No band I know, nay, no musician I know will hire anyone who doesn't know the basics, and for a guitarist that is the scales and chords. LEARN THEM. I'm not sure how you never did if you have been playing for 10 years. To be honest, that boggles my mind, however, even if that is the case, you probably have at least decent fingering fretboard technique and picking technique and can probably pick those things up easily if you give a bit of effort. And if you are looking for a band they want to SEE that effort. Not knowing chords or scales shows that you don't care. Which brings me to the last thing you need to realize about bands who wish to gig (you know the ones who are looking for a position to fill). They only want SERIOUS musicians, ones dedicated to their instrument. Clearly you are not. Please stop this pity party and choose if you want to be part of a band or not. If you do, pick up your guitar, get a chord book and scales progression book, AND LEARN THE GUITAR. If I walked into an audition for any band not knowing my rudiments I'd be laughed out the door, and it would be my fault, this is probably what happened with you. People whom are experienced can tell who has the training (or put in proper practice) and who doesn't (or hasn't), or who even has the chops to play their instrument without formal training. Unfortunately not all of us can be Frank Zappa or Jimi Hendrix. However with enough hard work you CAN become more like Steve Vai, or John Petrucci. See what I'm getting at here is the problem isn't really people sucking.... it's you. I apologize for being blunt but you have to hear it from someone, and it might as well be another musician, one who has played at least semi-professionally and knows MANY professional musicians. And FWIW, you don't need to learn covers to get accepted to a band, you just need to show off your chops. If you can walk into an audition and knock out a killer improv solo in the style they are looking for, will show the band more of what you are worth than playing something someone else wrote. They might ask you to learn certain songs to play that is similar in their style but they'd let you know that before your audition and give you time to prepare, and if you know how to read Tabs, for a guitarist that is immensely easy. And always remember "Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect." Don't blame others for your own unwillingness to properly learn your instrument, just learn your instrument and you'll eventually find a band that you can join.
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    The most important thing to remember is your post is just one part of an overall story. The goal is not to win, it is never to win- you can't really win. The goal is to tell a good story. So think to yourself, "How does this help tell a good story?" Also, take stock of the odds. If there are ten posters postin' on the side of 'good' and only one on the side of bad, it makes the RP very boring if every 'good' character starts kicking butt, or has this plan that has promise, or if they all work towards something and before the 'bad' player can respond they're already on the cusp of victory. It doesn't help the story. In fact, it makes the story worse- there isn't much interesting about watching a bunch of heroes be awesome and facing no real challenge along the way because everything the bad guys do is drowned out in a sea of heroics and victory.
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    But before friends comes family. They should be diamonds to you.
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    For the Pony Confession, I don't think it's exactly good to use MLP as way to escape troubles. (No offense, but I don't like escapists.) I believe that it's better to just attempt to resolve or to deal with it. Plus, not everyone will have the same interest as you. I have three friends who are really bronies (I even joined the forum they're in.), and one of them, Albert, once made a reference to MLP in his Geometry class, and got some seriously negative feedback. Too bad we're not in the same period. And if they don't like you because of your interest, it's probably because they aren't your real friends. Leave them behind.
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    Yep. Love all your pings, except that 111th one.
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    I treat playing a top tiered cast character, in this case for me, Applejack, as if I'm putting on a costume at an amusement park. It's fun to be THAT guy in the suit that walks around and makes all the kids happy and gets to act like the character and be silly. But it's also a responsibility. I take it upon myself to not just play the characters because I enjoy it, but also because others can enjoy it too. The moment I fail to represent a presence of the character for other people, not just myself, then I have ceased the fruitfulness of that character entirely. It's important to have fun, it doesn't need to be a job. But important characters can't afford to be small scale. Who knows? If you're playing an important character of fan favorite, some visitor to this site might base their entire interest in this based on how their favorite character is being portrayed and how often. I know it has happened before.
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    It's frustrating to see how some high tier cast chars are not used to their full potential. Here's hoping things will get better in the future. Cast characters deserve to be played to their full potential!
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    This is way cool! And what a great interview ...I lol'd reading that Tales finds Dash to be best pony!
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    Another great entry! Well done! Gotta love Princess Luna!!!
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    This is no longer a discussion. Post locked.
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    And just make sure it fits within the official rules of the forum. Your best bet is to always ask a helpstaffer!
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    Heh. I'm pretty sure the community appreciates what you guys do too. Keep up the good work.
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    "thank you so much for your comments!" I completly derailed everything ;_____;
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    How you gonna get up on that cloud?
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    [colour=#282828]"ok so i hope you have enjoyed ,and dont forget to like, comment and subscribe"[/colour] [colour=#282828]"and dont forget to like, comment and subscribe"[/colour] [colour=#282828]" like, comment and subscribe"[/colour] [colour=#800000]" like, comment and subscribe"[/colour] [colour=#800000]O_o[/colour]
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    By the way this is my 40th, which makes me officially old.
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    I woke up and just expected to see that the rp's I'm in still haven't moved, instead i get this! thanks Drew this one mah self :3
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    Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips
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    You forgot Merlots Funeral.
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    That was before an admin of our forums chimed in, who has the authority to overrule RPH and SRPH. Regard Rosewind's mandates as the last and most definitive word on the matter. Don't mention that fact in your app then. It's more important that the users who already know of the prior Haywire are given the choice of how to refer to your OC, so that they can be spared confusion. Addressing the needs of your fellow RPers is an important skill to possess here. An admin has already ruled that action as impermissible, despite what we lower-ranked staff may have previously told you. If you want your OC approved at this stage, you will have to accept the compromise I proposed, of giving users an actual choice on what name to call your pony. When asked to change application names, our other users don't go out of their way to make it impossible for their characters to be referred to by any other name other than the one RPH instructed couldn't be used. This goes against the intent of our rules. You must accept the fact that our userbase has the right to call your character by a name other than the one used by a prior OC, or else your app will remain locked. Any further discussion should be brought into PM.
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    I guess Prof. Razorclaw's long-winded replies neutralized Breakbeak as a critic forever. XD
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    Templar, I treat you exactly as I do difficult co-workers at my actual job in an HR-approved manner. Have I ever called you a name? Have I ever threatened you? Have I ever disparaged your writing or characters? Have I ever bullied you beyond your opinion that asking you to stop talking about things in chat (when you are dominating a public space with conversation that should be taken to PM) is bullying? Nope. I have been stern with you, yes, but that is neither unprofessional nor "treating you as a moral inferior". It is because you like to push buttons and try to put yourself above the rules and the people on this forum who are trying to uphold them by confronting them in a manner like this. If I was behaving the way you have been in regards to the moderating team and the RP rules of this site, I would expect someone to be stern with me while I modified my behavior in a more community-minded manner. And that is pretty much all I am going to say further on this matter. EDIT: Note that I sent you a PM before I posted this.
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    I had to put a face on him and since he is in the background alone I put that on him
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    Ooo, what forum did you create?
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